and some of my teachers even had high expectations

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I have many health issues. And this is my first semester taking gym at this school. The teacher won't accept my ailments (some even legal disabilities!) As an excuse not to participate and give as much effort as the sports kids in my class. I've never had this issue, he won't even speak to my mom. Now I have to go to my expensive GP to get a note saying my body's fucked just so I don't fail gym. I wouldn't care but I'm expected to maintain a high GPA. (Bonus, once nice, now the nurse won't help)

gym teachers aren’t really…real…teachers…

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what was your first day of high school like? i'm a freshman now and going into high school and i'm just wondering what it was like.

honestly, it was a bit of a blur. i was preoccupied with running from class to class since my high school was much bigger than my middle school. i made the mistake of bringing all of my school supplies that i had prepared because i didn’t even have to use them + some classes required different things.

in terms of classwork, it wasn’t very difficult since almost every teacher just went through classroom rules and expectations and their syllabus and whatnot.

i saw old friends and i forced myself to introduce myself to new people in my class that i hadn’t met. it was awkward, but tbh, my current group of friends is almost completely different than who i had hung out with in middle school + they’re kinder, more accepting, lovable people that i’m grateful to have met.

don’t stress about your first day too much. just enjoy it and let the day carry you along. even if something goes wrong, you can settle it. the future is in front of you; seize it and enjoy it to the last drop.

Just a candle

Today at school I had philosophy; our teacher gave each of us a candle and told us to light it up and stare at it for 10 minutes. 

I did what I was told to, however, around halfway I started to tear up. I looked up only to face my teacher, with my social phobia kicking in, I wound up plastering that same fake smile on my face and told him I had forgotten to blink. However, it wasn’t the truth. In all actuality I had managed to cry even over something as small as a candle. 

I proceeded to stare at the weak flame standing tall, as the cord slowly was burnt down getting weaker and weaker for each passing moment. And for some reason I just couldn’t stop thinking of how much this small candle reminded me of myself. A weak girl, with nothing but high expectations and life goals I most likely would never complete. I watched the flame standing tall, proudly showing itself, sucking the life out of the cord until there’s nothing left and the candle dies. And I wouldn’t help but question myself; is my dream really going to kill me someday? Am I going to die trying to live up to the standards and expectations I’ve put upon myself? What is the point of a dream if it eventually winds up killing you?

Apparently, I’ve had managed to think all those things through in roughly ten minutes, and have started to cry over it. 

After the ten minutes mark had passed, our teacher handed out a piece of paper to us, and asked us to write our thoughts down, and I wrote everything. I was sad and frustrated, I had attempted to ask myself a ton of questions and I just needed to get them out of my head, before my next plan would be to evacuate the classroom and find a corner to cry in. 

Thankfully our teacher didn’t ask for our papers, however, when the lesson ended I had to get out. I felt suffocated and I just needed to get out before exploding amids my classmates. I quickly went out without uttering a single word and darted towards the girls bathroom, in which I stayed for roughly five minutes just to cool down. However, when I returned I was greeted with one of my friend’s faces. She looked at me seriously, with eyes filled with concern. She took me aside and asked me if I was all right, apparently she had read a few lines of my paper and thought something was wrong. 

And for a split second, a big lump formed in my throat. I froze, I couldn’t just simply tell her I was feeling that my hopes are killing me. And so I looked at her with my pathetic face filled with lies and gave her that assuring smile. “I’m fine” I told her. “It’s just a candle”.

Fuck ok lemme just

I know I usually talk only little about *serious*, non-internet topics, but I feel like nobody on my dash is talking about the Germanwings crash this morning and I just want to change that because this is my place to rant. 

For those of you who don’t know, this morning a passenger plane from the Airline Germanwings crashed on its way from Barcelona, Spain to Düsseldorf, Germany. It became rather clear rather quickly that there would be no survivors. 144 passengers and 6 crew members are dead, and it’s taking ages to retrieve the bodies and the wreckage because the area of the crash in the mountains of South France is so hard to get to. 

Three of the people on that plane went to my school. I didn’t know them personally, and I’m not going to pretend I know in the slightest what their families and friends must be feeling right now. The only thing I know is that this whole thing is making me insanely sad, angry and just… it’s making me realise that when you hear these things on the news, they are real. They are actually happening, not just on the screen, but in real life to real people, and there are families out there right now grieving for loved ones whom they sent off a week ago, expecting to have them back a week later, all happy and tan from their holiday. 

There was a group of high school students on that plane, 16 students and two teachers, who had been in Barcelona on a school exchange. They were all around 15-16 years old. And their school is grieving, their friends, their parents, ALL OF THEM. This is just so insane. Those were good people, young people, and because of some crappy technical or human error they will never even finish high school. Those people from my school will never finish uni. THIS IS SO WRONG. 

I know that all these things have been said time and time again whenever something happens, and I know that I’m having this reaction because it hit so close to home and I probably wouldn’t be having it had it happened on the other side of the world. Still, Tumblr talks about things that happen in the US all the time and there’s always lots of sympathy and support, and given that, I just really felt like getting this out there. So there you go. 

My thoughts go out to the loved ones of the victims and to those of my friends who were close to them. 

Update: Corrected the age of the students. Thanks to everyone who told me.