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Take a Ride with Me, Baby

Take a Ride with Me, Baby by evansrogerskitten

Dean Winchester x Reader 

Dean has rebuilt a  cherry red 1954 pickup. He convinces his girl to take a ride with him one summer evening. 

Warnings: Smut, of course. Language. Fluff. Dean being way too adorable and sexy. WC: 1610 On AO3 Photo credit: Clif Kosterman ig

Happy Galentines Day! ♥

The loud, repetitive honking made me laugh, as I looked through the living room window. I was surprised to see a classic red truck parked out front, Dean hanging out of the door.

“C'mon, baby. Get in the truck.” Dean hollered at me through the open window. The light of a summer sunset was fading  behind the houses across the street.

I walked down the driveway to the 1954 pickup, it’s cherry red paint shiny from the recent wax Dean had applied.

“Sweetheart, I only have her tonight. Take a ride with me.” Dean pleaded, his hand beckoning me.

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Klaine one-shot - “Gift with Purchase” (Rated PG13)

To prepare for a big audition, Tina takes Blaine to Sephora for a little freshening up, where Blaine meets the sales associate of his dreams. (2277 words)

Written for @hkvoyage, because I don’t think I ever thanked her enough for “writing me into” her big fic, Butterfly Wings :D

Read on AO3.

“I don’t know why I let you talk me into this,” Blaine says, turning on his heel and walking down the street the way they came. “This is ridiculous.”

“No, it’s not! It’s brilliant!” Tina grabs Blaine by the shoulders and spins him back around with surprising strength. “I’m not saying get a full glam makeover, just a little touch up. You want to look your best for your audition, don’t you?”

“I guess. It’s just … I haven’t worn makeup in so long. I feel kind of silly putting it on now.” Blaine can’t help feeling a bit self-conscious. He’s been cultivating a new image since high school – a more macho image. It hasn’t exactly been working for him the way he’d hoped, but one thing it doesn’t include is makeup.

“Nonsense.” Tina turns him slightly, directing him to Sephora. “BuzzFeed says that men these days get touchups all the time. Everybody from baristas to CEOs drops in on their lunch hour to get freshened up.”

“You know, you can’t trust everything you see on BuzzFeed, Tina.” Blaine puts his hands out and pulls open the door before Tina can push him straight through the glass. “Besides, I don’t think that plumper lips or the perfect smoky eye is going to help me get this part.”

Tina shrugs. “You never know. This is a Broadway role you’re going for.”

“You might have a point.”

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Didn’t Know They Were Dating

We know that Gabriel was a big basketball and football fan, right? So what if Jack keeps getting him tickets to games and stuff, and Gabriel just thinks it’s a ‘bro’ thing?

“No, no. It’s on me,” Jack assures him.

“Oh, okay. I’ll get tickets the next time,” Gabe says, not really knowing why Jack looks so pleased at the words “Next time.”


Jack’s like, “Hey. You wanna go fishing or something this weekend? There’s this place I know that’s pretty secluded. Pretty nice looking too.”

“You want to share your secret fishing hole with me? Does this mean we’re going steady, Morrison?” Gabe tries not to laugh at the embarrassed look that comes across Jack’s face.


Jack asks Gabe to come classic car shopping with him because, “I thought we’d work on it together, you know? It’ll be an investment in our future.”

And Gabe is touched because Jack has the best ideas about how to keep them going even during the uncertainty of all the Omnic battles.

And then:

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You headed out of your door slowly, closing it behind you gently. You looked into the living room and saw Sam lightly snoring in the couch. You relaxed a little and walked over to Hayes’ room. You grabbed the doorknob when you heard a voice behind you. “What are you doing?” You turned around quickly to be met with a pair of hazel eyes. “Nate, you fucker, I thought you were sammy.” You hit his bare chest. “Getting some 1:00 o'clock nookie?” He smirked. “No, you dumbass. I’m getting my 1:00 o'clock secret cuddles. So, if we’re done here.” You say as you turn back around and begin to open Hayes’ door once again. “Make sure young 2k wraps the snake before y'all shake.” He giggled before turning back around heading down the hallway. You walked in and slowly closed the door. “Hey baby!” A whisper came from behind you as a pair of warm arms wrapped around your waist. “Hey baby, you ready for the best cuddles of your life?” You ask as you turn around and slowly kiss his soft lips. He picked you up as you lightly put your legs around his hips. He laid you in his soft bad as he hovered over you, never breaking the sweet kiss you two shared. “I love you so much (y/n).” He whispered as he pulled away. You looked up at him and ran your cold fingers through his fluffy hair. He shivered as you giggled to your self. He rolled over so you were slightly on top of him, pulling the fluffy blanket over the both of your cold bodies. You laid your head on his chest as he ran his fingers through your hair and drawing designs in your shoulder blades. You begin to fall asleep, him doing the same. As you both whispered how much you love each other. As you both started to fall into a peaceful sleep, his door open. You lifted your body quickly and looked at the figure. Hayes’ eyes adjusted as his jaw dropped. “S-Sam?”

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Discuss pleaee on what type of noises Aaron and Robert make. Are they loud? Or silent but whimpers?





anyway im off to eat some cake

Magnus & Madzie

For the first time since she was six, Madzie was hesitant about knocking on Magnus’ door.

“You going to stand there all day, kiddo? These groceries are heavy.”

Madzie jumped a foot in the air but calmed down immediately when she saw Alec in front of her. It had been fourteen years since she first met him but he looked basically the same with the exception of fine lines that appeared around his eyes. She was immediately filled with a sense of comfort, and she smiled at him allowing him to pass her. The door opened for him magically, clearly sensing his hands were occupied.

Once his groceries were on the table he turned to her, “so what’cha doing here?”

She bit her lip, “I’m going to ask Magnus to oversee my continued training.”

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Alright, so my crew and I started out our first Pathfinder campaign with Feast of Ravenmoor, and we’re inside of a creepy town in the swamp full of cultists and dark secrets. Long story short, our alchemist got caught by the cultists after he went for some nookie with the blacksmith’s daughter in the fields after the feast, and it turns out she was in on all of it. Last night at the feast, they served flay leaf, which all of the villagers and our shadowcaller ate, knocking them out for the rest of the night once they went home. Our cleric received a divine message from Ra that our friend was in danger, and we ran out of the mayor’s manor where we staying to rescue our alchemist, (I’m playing a Dwarf fighter, btw) after killing a giant deformed monster sent to kill us by the cultists, to go find our friend. On our way there, we ran into the first farmer we met, Viorec, who was running to try and warn us, after he started suspecting weird things in the village, and didn’t eat the flay leaf at the feast. After asking a few questions about the village which Viorec always just thought of as the odd but normal customs around Ravenmoor, I cut to the chase:

Me: “There’s some creepy cultist bullshit goin’ on in yer’ village, that’s what! You remember that parasite that fockin’ burst out of the pig at the festival?”

Viorec: “The pig thing happens all the time.”

Me: “Wha - that ain’t normal! What’s this festival for?! Who is this woman and her druids from generations back?”

Viorec: “The townsfolk have always just done the festival for Desna!”

Cleric: “Whatever they’re worshiping sure as hell ain’t Desna.”

Me: “Alright, tell me about Shelly (The blacksmith’s daughter), what happens to her being the Lady of the Festival, and what happens the winners of the festival’s events.”

Viorec: “Well, everyone just has the feast, has a good time, we head home and we have vivid dreams until tomorrow. I mean, yeah, the winners usually leave town or get sick, but -”

Me: “The winners leave town or get sick?” (Said more as a statement than as a question).

(DM rolls for perception/wisdom)

Viorec: “OH MY GOD.”

Sleeping Together AUs/Headcanons (involving actual sleeping)

Okay so everyone does the whole ‘one of them steals the covers’, 'one snores/kicks/takes over the bed in their sleep’. But what about this. Imagine one half of your OTP: 

  • Being confused to find on their first night of sleeping together that the other half of said OTP is the type of person that has to lull themselves into slumber by lying on their side and gently rocking to sleep. 
  • Or having a mild case of restless leg syndrome and driving their partner up the wall with their leg shaking. 
  • Not snoring. No. Being almost completely silent except for the high pitched whistling their nose makes. Some people can’t even make it out. Their partner can hear it with startling clarity.
  • Having the body temperature of a furnace when asleep making it near impossible to cuddle at night without ending up drenched in sweat. 
  • Waking up to their partner’s face directly next to their ear and “snoring” in that loud, mouth breather way that people do when their congested.
  • Dreaming about spiders or bugs and waking up their partner as they proceed to jump out of bed and attempt to smash the nonexistent pests in the blankets. Their partner is startled but unsurprised, making it clear this has happened before. 
  • Making those weird little sucking noises in the back of their throat. Instead of being confused, their partner finds it incredibly endearing bc they 'sound like a little piggy’. This is not as complimentary a comment as they seem to think it is.  
  • Having full and engaging sleep conversations that are so coherent that their partner doesn’t even know they weren’t conscious and expects them to remember it in the morning. They do not. 
  • Saying something so random in their sleep that their partner has to cover their own mouth to contain the loud snorting laughter that comes out of them for at least five minutes. 
  • Trying to wake their partner up in the morning for some nookie only to find that the other person has had a very vivid dream about them being an absolute ass and is still mad about it. 
Rude Interruptions

Happy birthday @fuckyeahladynoir!  I wrote you some aged up nerds.  The idea came from @gusenitsaa, who said I should write a revelation where Marinette/Adrien are adults and together and still don’t know the other’s secret.  The result was very, very fluffy.  Like, sickeningly sweet.

She was married.

              Adrien slid next to her in the limo that would take them to their reception and grinned down at her, his green eyes alight with joy.  

              Adrien in a tux?  It was a dream come true.  Adrien in a tux and happy?  Marinette sort of wanted to skip over the reception and go right to… other activities.

              “Well, there’s no running away for you now,” he said to her, entwining their fingers and lifting her hand so he could admire the ring that adorned her third finger.  “You’re well and truly entangled, Mrs. Agreste.”

              Mrs. Marinette Agreste. God, she could remember doodling that on her notebooks in tenth grade like a kid with their first crush.  Back then, this day was just a dream that she had never really believed would come true.

              “I like being entangled,” Marinette responded, reaching up to run her fingers through his hair that had been tamed for the ceremony. She knew that when he walked into the reception with mussed hair it would raise a few brows, but Marinette didn’t care.

              She tugged him down for a kiss.  She had kissed him a hundred times since they had begun dating three years previous, but somehow today – their wedding day! – made the kisses taste different.

              The only dark spot on the day was that a very important person was missing.  But Marinette Dupain-Cheng could hardly invite Chat Noir to her wedding.  Not without raising some questions from the other guests, and the superhero himself.  

              Eight years of partnership made Chat her best friend (next to Alya, the maid of honor, of course!), but they still didn’t know one another behind the mask.  At first, it had been for safety’s sake.  Later, once Marinette had begun to date Adrien and Chat had begun to wax poetic about the most amazing girl ever, it had simply seemed easier to keep their civilian and super hero identities as separate as possible.

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Murder Husbands’ Roadtrip.

Mutant...Part 14

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21)

You didn’t know what you were going to find at her cabin, but you knew it wasn’t her body.  You knew her corpse was locked up in that lab somewhere, waiting to be found by Emily or Morgan…

…but you couldn’t be there to see it, and Spencer knew that.

“You know it’s not your fault, right?” he asks as you run your hand along the back of her couch, “You couldn’t have possibly known.”

“Had I broken my self-imposed boundaries I would have,” you mumble.

“But those boundaries make up who you are.  We all have them,” Spencer says as he watches you mindlessly walk across her room.

“She had no family, you know.  She was adopted, then cast out when they found her mutant abilities emerging.”

Spencer’s heart began to ache for a woman he realizes he had never really met.

“She worked and struggled for everything she had, and she was damn proud of it,” you choke.

Spencer was watching you intently now.

“You knew her much better than you let us on, didn’t you?” Spencer asks as he approaches you slowly from behind.

“I guess,” you breathe, trying desperately to keep your tears at bay as the pour down your cheeks without your permission.

“How did you know her?” Spencer asks lightly, his body heat radiating onto your back as you will yourself not to back into him for comfort.

“She was my childhood best friend,” you tremble as a light whimper escapes from between your lips.

And as Spencer whirls you around, throwing all boundaries of strangers’ germs out the window, he wraps his arms around you tight as you cry into the chest of one of the most beautiful men your eyes had ever seen.

A man that you had only known a mere two and a half days.

The cases continued to pour in, and your team continued to solve them with mind-blowing speed.  Hotch’s strong walls slowly began to turn to jello the more he found that he could trust you, and after a mere three months of being on the team, he was inviting you to dinners over at his house so that his son, Jack, could be “exposed” to mutants and their abilities early.

He was essentially relinquishing his parental skills to you, leaving someone with mutant knowledge to teach his son about such things.

And you made sure to never take his time, or graciousness, for granted.

But the holidays came and went, and as Valentine’s Day began to creep up, everyone on the team started talking about their plans.

“Hotch and I are gonna get together.  I’m gonna cook him and Jack dinner,” Rossi muses.

“I got a baby girl expectin’ some serious plans: romantic dinner, candle-lights, a nice fire…maybe some nooky nooky,” he laughs as he rubs his hands together.

“Yeah, just make sure to get that nooky nooky groomed before you stick it anywhere,” Emily muses as you laugh and shake your head.

“Oh, trust me.  I got it all under control,” Derek muses.

“Gross,” J.J. rolls her eyes.

“What are your plans, Y/N?” Spencer asks.

As you stop writing and look over at your colleague, you pause for a brief second before answering.

“Got a date with Mack,” you muse.

“Ooooooooo, who’s Mack?” J.J. muses as she begins walking over to your desk.

“Mack?  Someone’s got a Mack?  Is Mack handsome?  Is he muscular?  Is he luscious?” Garcia begins.

But you were too busy studying the way Spencer’s face fell when you had thrown out the name.

“Don’t get too excited,” Emily smiles, “Sin to Win is my weekend in Atlantic City like Mack is to her Magic Wand.”

And as everyone begins to roar with laughter, Garcis slaps you playfully on your shoulder as you giggle and turn your attention back to your paperwork.

“So you-…don’t have a boyfriend?” Spencer asks.

“Not unless you’re askin’, hot stuff,” you muse.

The sentiment tumbled from your lips before you could even catch it, and your eyes widened broadly as the entire room stopped to look over at you.

“What was that, Angel?” Derek muses playfully.

“Nothing,” you mumble as you begin scrawling on your papers yet again.

Spencer’s eyes were wide with wonder and happiness as he finally gets the courage to ask you what he has been wanting to for weeks.

“Well, if you don’t have plans,” Spencer begins as you dart your eyes over to him quickly, “then maybe you should come over Saturday.”

“Ooooooh, Pretty Boy’s got some confidence!” Morgan says as he claps in entertainment.

“Well, she did just call him hot stuff,” J.J. muses as she begins to smirk in your direction.

“I’ll cook the food?” Spencer asks.

“I’ll bring the wine,” you muse lowly as your eyes continue to dart over your paperwork.

“And Mack!  Take Mack, too!” Garcia shouts before barreling out of the glass doors of the BAU bullpen.

She missed the pen you threw at her head by only a fraction of a second.

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Do you think you can update the serial killer tag or the body swap tag? Either one is fine, thank you for all the work you guys do <3

bodyswap is coming right up

Why Didn’t You Call? by Moosey (1/1 | 3,804 | PG13)

Stiles wakes up somewhere unfamiliar, as someone very familiar.

Revelations by bonemeal (1/1 | 4,340 | PG13)

There’s a reason why John Stilinski gets elected as the Sherfiff three years consecutively, and it’s not just because he’s supremely well at target practice, which he is by the way. He’s also well versed in physical combat, which is why he’s able to aim a straight elbow to the solar plexus of the body trying to smother him in his bed in under ten seconds of regaining full consciousness. Except it feel more like elbowing a brick wall more than a human body, and all he gets in response is a grunt and an alarming tightening of the arm wrapped around his torso accompanied with little hip grinding action.

Best Man by planiforidjit (1/1 | 1,982 | PG13)

Derek climbs in through Stiles window for some late night nookie and Stiles is not Stiles.

Serious Case of tbe Body Snatchers by SlitheredFromEden (1/1 | 2,641 | PG13)

Both Stiles and Dean woke up not feeling entirely like themselves.

Bodies by Marishna (3/3 | 7,293 | R)

Stiles was staring at himself in Derek’s loft, the still-smouldering remains of a spell that did not work as stated in the book drifting between them. 

S1E9: The Reckoning, A Recap

And so it begins. Eight more episodes of the most wonderful, badass show in the world. If we all can think back six months ago, we had left off with Claire in a rather precarious position and then Jamie bursting through the door, gun at the ready and pointed at the redcoated bastard Black Jack Randall. “Get yer hands off my wife…” and then boom. A six month break of Jamie sitting in a window, Claire bunked over a table half naked and Black Jack Randall holding a knife to her nipple. So, now that we’re all caught up. Let’s start the recap for this wonderful new episode.

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Thinking Out Loud

A/N: Fluffy Cas song fic!!! I repeat, fluffy Cas song fic! 

Thinking Out Loud // Cas x Reader

Words: 1699

Warnings: None! I’m awesome. 

Request:  Castiel and reader story based on song “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran?


– – – – – – – – –

Sweltering heat poured in through the open windows of the Impala despite it being dusk. Faded pinks and oranges stretched out across the horizon, darkness overtaking the last rays of the sun as it said its last goodbyes.

Dean’s music was blaring but you were in the backseat with Cas, your iPod blaring even louder in your ears, and your eyes were focused on the first sprinkles of stars coming out to say hello. It was peaceful and Cas had kept you grounded, kept you from reaching out to the sky, by holding your hand gently.

You lurched forward violently when the Impala came to a screeching halt, however, and you yanked your earbuds out in time to hear Dean groan and cuss.

“Come on, Baby. Don’t do this now!” he pleaded to his car, running his hands over the steering wheel frantically. “Dammit!”

He and Sam were outside in a flash to check under the hood, which left you alone with Cas.

“Looks like we’re going to be here a while,” you sighed, snuggling up next to Cas. He relaxed into your warmth and you felt him nod.

Judging from the indistinct albeit concerned sounds Sam and Dean were making outside and under the hood, your statement was holding true. It was only a matter of time before they would make you go out with them and help.

“Hey,” you whispered, shaking Cas gently. “Let’s go for a little walk and stretch our legs.”

Cas smiled knowingly, a hand reaching over to cup your cheek. “You don’t want to help them, do you?”

“You don’t, either,” you shot back with a smile. It never took much convincing on your part to make Cas do something with you. The two of you never got opportunities like this anymore, to just walk around and enjoy each other’s company, and it just felt nice to be outside in the humid summer air with him holding your hand.

If Sam and Dean had noticed you guys creeping out of the car and slinking away into the thick trees lining the road, they didn’t say anything to you, and you kept quiet until you knew you were out of earshot.

“Y/N,” Cas piped up after a long silence between the two of you. Your eyes were still glancing up above you at the sky, more stars swirling into view now that the sun was down for the night. You turned your head at the mention of your name and raised your eyebrows in curiosity.


“What did that demon say to you tonight? Before you exorcised it?”

Just the mention of the damn thing was enough for you to cringe a little, every word coming back and hitting you straight in the heart. It hadn’t been anything terrible, just something you’d never thought about before.

“He just…brought up some iffy subjects,” you answered vaguely, averting your gaze now. Cas was still looking at you, though, still curious about what had happened, and he finally stopped you by planting his feet firmly into the ground and tugging at your hand to keep you from going any further.

“Tell me more,” he urged. You sighed in response and shrugged half-heartedly; it wouldn’t kill you to bring it up with him face to face.

“What does our future look like?” you asked, voice barely above a whisper, and it took Cas by surprise. Just like you, he’d never thought about that kind of stuff before, but now he knew how the demon had tried to get under your skin.

Cas didn’t answer right away in words but he did give you an immediate response in his actions. He was moving to sit down, tugging you along with him, and you followed his lead slowly. It wasn’t long before the two of you were laying in the middle of the dirt path you’d been following, shoulder to shoulder, hands intertwined.

“Our future looks about as infinite as the stars,” he said, eyes directed at the very things he was talking about. “I’m ready to spend my whole life with you.”

Your heart was beating fast now and your smile was an automatic response to his words. Your worry was starting to ease now, the demon’s words a little farther away in your mind now, and you found yourself snuggling a little closer to Cas.

“So even when I’m all old and wrinkly, you’ll still love me?” you continue, trying to pry Cas’s thoughts out of him.

“I’ll love you even longer than that,” he confirmed. He was still too quiet, though, and you had to shake him a little to get him to snap out of it.

“What are you thinking about?” you asked him, genuinely curious about what he had to say. Cas shrugged shyly, a little half-smile gracing his lips as his blue eyes locked in on yours.

“Human emotions are still new to me, but they’re strong and can come from anything. I’m thinking about how people fall in love in such mysterious ways…like we did. Just a simple touch and someone could be in love,” Cas mused. He looked so innocent, eyes wide and bluer than ever even in the dark, and you fell into them like they were made of deep oceans.

“I guess you’re right,” you smiled, laying on your side now, no longer in pain from the hard earth beneath you. Cas was forever distracting you from your surroundings. “People can fall in love pretty easily.”

Cas was looking directly into your eyes now but you could see the blush on his face, the touch of vulnerability hidden behind his baby blues. “I still fall in love with you. I fall in love with you every single day. All over again.”

Suddenly you were swimming in blue and melting into his touch; everything was Cas and nothing else even mattered as long as he was there. There was no way you could respond to that. His words were so immense and made your heart nearly burst with how full of love it was, so you settled for pulling him into your arms to have him even closer, lifting your chin to place a delicate kiss to his lips that was only witnessed by the thousands of twinkling lights above you. The kiss told him everything you wanted to say but couldn’t find the words to, and when you pulled away, you shifted to rest your head on his chest.

Cas was always warm and comfortable and tonight was no exception. His beating heart was booming right in your ear, still racing from your kiss, and it made you bite your lip to hide your grin.

“I love you,” you said softly. “Thanks in advance for looking past my old lady looks when that day comes around.”

His hands were in your hair, stroking it gently, and he was serious when he answered you.

“Y/N, I’m not in love with your looks, though you’re certainly lovely to look at. However, this is just some physical body that will eventually give out. I’m in love with your soul and your soul will never grow old or be different.” It was profound and something you’d never thought of fully before. Cas knew the real you beneath all your layers, the real you, and he loved it beyond your comprehension.

“You sure have a way with words,” you teased, but the mood was still blissful and soothing and you couldn’t lighten it with a joke. You didn’t even really want to, you just didn’t know how to convey your feelings for Cas like he conveyed his to you.

Silence overcame you again and you both just held each other, enjoying the vastness above you, until Cas spoke up again.

“Your smile is lovely,” he blurted out. Your head automatically lifted up to look at him, watching in amusement as a blush rose to his cheeks. “It brings out some of the light from your soul. I’ll always remember your smile.”

“Cheeseball,” you beamed, showing off the very thing he loved most about you. Cas just shrugged again, his shy little shrug that you adored, and you were leaning in to kiss him again when you heard some whoops and hollers and then the familiar roar of the Impala.

You rolled off of Cas and brushed yourself off, combing some specks of dirt from Cas’s hair before taking his hand and walking back towards the car. His hand had found yours again like it always did when he was n16ext to you and you squeezed his palm as Sam and Dean came into view, celebrating the running engine with some leftover beers.

“Don’t drink and drive,” you remarked sarcastically, stealing Dean’s beer from him to take a large gulp out of it. He rolled his eyes but clapped you on the back, a teasing smile on his face.

“Did you get some nookie while the men did man things?” he asked you. Cas blushed as hard as you, which only convinced Dean further, even though nothing close to that had happened.

“Get in the car, butthead,” you mumbled, climbing into the backseat once more with Cas following close behind. Dean nearly cackled at your reaction but did as told, with Sam sliding into the passenger’s seat as well. He sped off instantly back onto the road and you turned your iPod back on when Dean’s tapes blasted through the car again. This time, though, you offered an earbud to Cas, who accepted graciously.

To your surprise, Cas took the initiative in shifting your bodies so that he was laying on the backseat of the Impala, with you on top of him, but you settled in comfortably without a fuss. You were both tired and in need of each other’s touch, and with your music floating around the two of you and your hands intertwined, you thought back to what Cas had said about love.

You suddenly understood what Cas had meant by falling in love in mysterious ways.

You’d fallen even more for him that night along those dirt paths and winding roads. You’d found love right there with him, in the simplest of places. 

when she invite you over without telling you shes on her period and you gotta sit through a notebook and titanic marathon while u rub her feet when you thought you was getting some nookie

titanic alone is like 9 hours b