and some how this story was born in the midst of it


On the Coastal Tip of Jamaica, actress Candice Patton stands barefoot in a sheer yellow dress before settling turquoise waters. Her arms sway back and forth as the Caribbean air billows through the thigh-high slit. She gives the camera a small smile as the sun radiates off her skin and the tide tiptoes towards the shore. The Instagram boomerang I’m glancing at has now been viewed over 200,000 times by her 1.2 million-user following.

It’s mid-June; a median between two milestones in Candice’s life - two weeks before her 29th birthday, and two weeks after the Season 3 finale of The Flash aired in homes nationwide. The superhero fiction show, based on the DC Comics character of the same name, stars Candice as Iris West, opposite Grant Gustin as the titular hero, Barry Allen. In the last three years, The Flash has garnered over 15 awards, with Candice herself most recently winning a Saturn Award for “Best Supporting Actress on Television”. It makes sense that CBS Watch! Magazine would send her over to the Caribbean for a photoshoot. 

The CW star calls me from her residence in Los Angeles on a Friday afternoon, after her trip in Jamaica. I expect her to sound exhausted from her jet setting, but she’s not. To my astoundment, there’s a lot on her mind. I come to realize that, unlike Iris West, Candice Patton is equipped with a power of her own.

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Birthday King

Lance Week Day Six: Birthday

Ok, I’m going to admit that this took a completely different turn than I was expecting it to, but I like the outcome and I hope you will too.

He should be fighting. Lance should be in Blue, besides everyone fighting the Galra and helping to liberate this planet. What if they needed Voltron and Lance couldn’t make it in time? Allura was out of commission and Coran needed to man the ship’s defenses, so they chose Lance to watch over the planet’s Royal Family and citizens while they handled everything else. They would’ve sent Keith seeing as though he’s the best at close range combat, but after what happened the last time they let Keith near a royal he held them hostage. So, that was not an option for them. They needed Shiro’s leadership, Yellow’s strength, and just felt Pidge was too young to be left alone. Lance was the next best option, especially since he had great skills when it came to diplomacy. No one said it out loud, but not only were they depending on him to keep everyone safe, they were also hoping that Lance would be able to talk them into an alliance with Voltron.

Lance wanted to try, he really did, but he couldn’t help but think of the date. Before they left and before all the fighting Lance saw the calendar Pidge managed to whip up and saw that it was July 28. His birthday. He knows since they’re in the middle of a war he shouldn’t expect anyone to notice or plan a surprise party for him, but it still hurt when no one wished him a happy birthday, not even Hunk. He was used to waking up to chocolate chip pancakes in bed that his mom made. It was the only time he could get away with eating on the bed without his mom catching a fit. If he took too long to eat, his nieces and nephews would barge in telling him to hurry up or ask if the reason he’s taking too long is that he’s getting old. Every year like clockwork, his family made sure that Lance knew he was loved, and that they were grateful that he could be in their lives for yet another year.

He wondered briefly what they were doing now. Was his mother making pancakes out of habit? Did they mourn for him, not knowing where he is or if he’s alive? Were they sad that they couldn’t have him for another year? Honestly, all Lance would ever ask is to be with them for one day so that they know he’s alive. So, that his family can finally have closure and know that he didn’t just abandon them or whatever stupid story the Garrison decided to go with. Lance knows this isn’t the time to be having these thoughts, but he couldn’t help it. Maybe if he hadn’t looked at the colander this morning he could’ve pretended that this was just any other day. Just another regular day fighting a 10,000-year-old war with big metal cats. It’s saddening to think that this has become the norm for him. Normal used to be fighting with brothers, playing with young ones, shopping with sister, or sneaking out of the Garrison. Things Lance dared to call boring or annoying, but now he craves.

The King, Dragdox he believes, must have noticed his dampened mood because he decided to bring it up.

“What bothers you young one? I know that we are currently in the midst of battle, but I sense there is something else that weighs down your heart.”

Something about the king’s concern made it impossible for Lance to lie. “It’s just that, it’s my birthday today, and I guess I just didn’t expect to celebrate it by fighting the Galra this year.”

“Birthday, huh? I’m curious to know how your species celebrate the day of birth. I’m sure my people would like to know as well. Won’t you share it with us and take our minds off the battle that rages on the outside?”

“It’s not really that easy. Everyone has a different way of celebrating it. Whether based on religion or tradition, no two households do it the same.”

“Fine, tell us how you are celebrated on your birthday.”

So, Lance did just that. He explained to King Dragdox and the citizens the usual routine in his home. It was essentially a day celebrating the fact that he was alive, that he was Lance. He told them of the endless gifts and money relatives showered him with. How basically everything he said was law, even if just for that day… and within reason of course. Lance tended to get a little carried away with that one. There was a time when he was younger he ordered his brothers to carry him, his feet never allowed to touch the ground. He also used it to cheat at Monopoly, but who cares. He was king from the moment he woke up, to the second he lies down. His family refused to let him think for even a moment that he was anything but royalty. Even the younger ones played along. They had fun announcing Lance’s presence for some reason.

The party at the end of the day was the greatest. They would set up the pool, bring out the grill to cook all of Lance’s favorites, and just have a blast. There was a display board they’d set up with pictures of Lance to show a timeline of growth. Each year adding more and more pictures. Once everyone had a plate of food, they’d go around sharing their favorite memories of Lance. Most were embarrassing since Lance had a tendency to be very spontaneous in his youth and had a very vivid imagination. But each memory was filled with love and care that Lance couldn’t possibly be mad at them for sharing such an uncool moment of him. Usually, around the time the stories are done, everyone’s ready for cake, so they sing happy birthday to him. At the end of the day when everyone went home and most of the mess was cleaned up, his parents would set up a tent for him outside, so that he could sleep beneath the stars. It was always the perfect end, to the perfect day. Once every year, Lance had the best day ever. Seems he’ll just have to skip it this year, and who knows how much more.

Once he was done recapping his usual birthday events, he realized he’d manage to capture the attention of everyone in the room. He was starting to feel a little bashful with all eyes on him, but at least they were no longer concerned about the fighting going on outside.

“I wasn’t aware that I was in the presence of fellow royalty. You must excuse me if I said anything inappropriate earlier,” King Dragdox said at the end of the tale.

“Oh no, I think you got it wrong your kingliness-”

“I most certainly do not. Royalty is royalty, even if for a day. The battle may be over long after the day, but I assure you that once it’s won we shall have a celebration in your honor, worthy of a king. Though I know not of my people’s ability to share tales of you since we have only just met.”

“That’s alright, and thank you. I appreciate the thought King Dragdox.”

“Not a problem, King Lance.”

The King was right to assume that the battle would last longer than a day. So while Lance’s birthday was technically over, Dragdox still insisted on having the party. Allura had recovered after some rest and was pleased to hear that the king was more than happy to form an alliance with Voltron. They were concerned however when he wouldn’t release Lance until it was time for the celebration. Hunk’s concern went through the roof thinking that maybe they were planning on using Lance as a sacrifice. This caused everyone else to worry a bit since they weren’t aware of any of the people’s traditions. Shiro warned everyone to be ready just in case they needed to save Lance.

When the party began and everyone was mingling in the crowd still wondering where Lance was, two young kids grabbed everyone’s attention to make an announcement.

“Now presenting, his majesty the King. Lance the Blue Paladin of Voltron, Pilot of the mighty Blue Lion, and Teller of Tales.”

The doors opened slowly to reveal Lance dressed in royal blue robes and garments completed with a crown. To say everyone was shocked would be an understatement. Lance walked with his head held high and exquisite posture as though he was born to wear those clothes and that crown. Everyone thought it was a prank at first, but when the room erupted with cheers and applauds as Lance took the throne next to King Dragdox, they realized that the boy had somehow convinced an entire planet that he was royalty. Allura was furious thinking that Lance took advantage of the situation and had lied to everyone. She was about to storm up there and demand Lance to tell the truth until the King started to speak.

“A toast to King Lance’s birth! May he live long and prosper for many years to come, and that he be returned to his family so that they won’t have to wait too long for their King’s return. To King Lance!!”

“To King Lance!!”

How could he have not told anyone that it was his birthday? How is it that an entire planet, not even the one he was born on, know that it was his birthday before them? Feeling a little guilty for not knowing or remembering, everyone made a promise to do something special for Lance the moment they got some down time.

The party carried on well into the night, everyone celebrating both Lance and the fact that they get to see another sunrise. Lance found that he had fun talking with all the people he had spent time with in the underground bunker. They taught him a dance they do for parties, gave him gifts, and literally tried to shower him with money. He should probably learn to start being specific because man did some of those coins hurt. Lance was about to retire for the night when he saw King Dragdox and stopped him.

“Your majesty, this was amazing, thank you. I promise I’ll return the clothes before I leave. You don’t understand how much this meant. Even if it’s not what I’m used to, I really appreciate the effort put into everything.”

“Not a problem King Lance! Keep the clothes. Wear them every year around the time of your birth to remind everyone, including yourself, that you are a mighty king, and you will return to your people. Feel free to keep the crown as well, I have plenty. I can’t even begin to explain the amount of times I’ve lost this thing.”

Lance laughed at the mental picture of a closet filled with completely identical crowns. He thanked the king one last time before going to bed. When he woke up, Lance would no longer be a king, but that didn’t matter. He could always wait until next year.

You, Me, Him, and the Universe

Description: The universe won’t be any kinder to our children than it was to us if we aren’t kinder than our own fathers were.

Or… the reader and Spencer Reid have a child together. Spencer is desperate not to make the same mistakes that his father made.

Word Count: 1948 words (this got so long, sorry)

A/N: Haha ok so I wrote and deleted and rewrote the whole thing several times. At this point it goes in an entirely different direction from my original idea. Also. This is a Reid x Reader kid fic, but the reader isn’t actually the main focus of the story. It’s mostly Reid and, later, your kid. You make like, a guest appearance basically. Furthermore, I have no idea why nebulizers became so central in this fic. I don’t even know if they had the same kind in the 80s. If you don’t know what a nebulizer is, give it a quick google. Finally, part 1 of this is kind of stream of consciousness-esque and a little vague. I styled it this way because part 1 describes one of Reid’s early memories. Some readers might find it a tad annoying, and I apologize in advance if that is true for you. All of that said, it would be really great if you could give this story a try anyway. I’m actually pretty proud of it.


“I can’t breathe, mommy!” Spencer’s four-year-old body shook with sobs, making it even more difficult for him to inhale oxygen in the midst of an asthma attack.

Normally, his mother would have brought out the nebulizer, helped him get the mask over his face, and gently rubbed his back and read to him as the medicine slowly opened his airways. But she was having one of her “bad days” and was convinced that the medicine had been tampered with and would hurt her son. So the nebulizer had been placed in a cupboard far out of Spencer’s reach, and he was left to cry and wheeze and beg his mother for his medication.

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Run Away With Me // Jung Hoseok, Princess+TutorAU!

Originally posted by sugaa

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader (OC name: Hari)

Genre: Princess x TutorAU!, Fluff, Angst, Historical

Summary; You’re the Princess of a great Kingdom, but you’ve been in love with your ballroom dance Tutor, Hoseok, from the moment you laid eyes on him. The King, your father, plans to send you away to marry into another royal family to join together two Kingdoms in holy matrimony. Can you accept your royal duty and leave Hoseok behind, locking him away forever in your memories?

Authors note: This scenario was written for @screaming-hoseok as she won second place in my giveaway! This is the first time I’ve used a name other than (Y/N) for the reader, so I hope you will all enjoy this oneshot AU! (especially you, Hari!!) This story is loosely inspired by a little otome game I play called ‘Midnight Cinderella’.

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✧ Literary Excerpts ✧

Aries ↓

“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.” – Jack Kerouac, On The Road

Taurus ↓

“He allowed himself to be swayed by his conviction that human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but that life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves.” - Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez, Love in the Time of Cholera

Gemini ↓

“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.” – H.P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu

Cancer ↓

"When I was a girl, my life was music that was always getting louder. Everything moved me. A dog following a stranger. That made me feel so much. A calendar that showed the wrong month. I could have cried over it. I did. Where the smoke from a chimney ended. How an overturned bottle rested at the edge of a table. I spent my life learning to feel less. Every day I felt less. Is that growing old? Or is it something worse? You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.” – Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything Is Illuminated

Leo ↓

"There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me, only an entity, something illusory, and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable: I simply am not there.” – Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho

Virgo ↓

"Try to imagine a life without timekeeping. You probably can’t. You know the month, the year, the day of the week. There is a clock on your wall or the dashboard of your car. You have a schedule, a calendar, a time for dinner or a movie. Yet all around you, timekeeping is ignored. Birds are not late. A dog does not check its watch. Deer do not fret over passing birthdays. Man alone measures time. Man alone chimes the hour. And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures. A fear of time running out.” – Mitch Albom, The Time Keeper

Libra ↓

"I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do. Mrs Dubose won, all ninety-eight pounds of her. According to her views, she died beholden to nothing and nobody. She was the bravest person I ever knew.” - Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Scorpio ↓

“Usually we walk around constantly believing ourselves. “I’m okay” we say. “I’m alright”. But sometimes the truth arrives on you and you can’t get it off. That’s when you realize that sometimes it isn’t even an answer–it’s a question. Even now, I wonder how much of my life is convinced.” - Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

Sagittarius ↓

"It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself; if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul; if you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy.” - Oriah Mountain Dreamer, The Invitation

Capricorn ↓

“I don’t have any problem understanding why people flunk out of college or quit their jobs or cheat on each other or break the law or spray-paint walls. A little bit outside of things is where some people feel each other. We do it to replace the frame of family. We do it to erase and remake our origins in their own images. To say, I too was here.” – Lidia Yuknavitch, The Chronology of Water

Aquarius ↓

"If people bring so much courage to this world the world has to kill them to break them, so of course it kills them. The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry.” - Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

Pisces ↓

"Just remember that the things you put into your head are there forever, he said. You might want to think about that. You forget some things, dont you? Yes. You forget what you want to remember and you remember what you want to forget.” – Cormac McCarthy, The Road


JRR Tolkien, master of modern fantasy, held a deep, undying dislike for the Bard of England. Let’s talk about why and how it impacted his writing.


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7 Magical YA Romances You Can’t Miss

Falling in love and magic often feel like one and the same, but when both elements are present in a story, it’s impossible to resist the spell. From elaborate fantasy worlds to familiar places with secret charms, prepare to be swept away by these ten magical YA romances!

1. Night of Cake & Puppets by Laini Taylor, illustrated by Jim Di Bartolo

In Night of Cake & Puppets, Laini Taylor takes readers back to the Daughter of Smoke & Bone universe to experience Zuzana and Mik’s magical first date. Zuzana has a handful of wishes and the perfect plan to entice Mik on a scavenger hunt through the city…if he’s willing. It turns out that Mik is more than willing—and he has a surprise for her, as well. This adorably fierce novella is whimsically illustrated by Jim Di Bartolo, and proves that life and first dates don’t need magic to be magical—but it certainly makes everything sweeter!

2. Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

In Born Wicked, Jessica Spotswood transports readers to an alternate 19th century, where three witchy sisters must hide their magic from a fanatical Brotherhood that has outlawed witchcraft. Cate is determined to protect her younger sisters and maintain their façade of normalcy, but when the kind and charming Finn Belastra comes along, he becomes a snag in her best-laid plans. Not only could Finn betray them if he knew their secret, but his life could be in danger as Cate and her sisters grapple with a magical destiny beyond their control.

3. The Finishing School Series by Gail Carriger

In the steampunk Finishing School Series, Gail Carriger takes readers to new heights when 14-year-old Sophronia is sent to Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality—an espionage school masked as a finishing school for young ladies…aboard a dirigible. Sophronia acquires a delightful assortment of new skills, involves herself in all sorts of conspiracies, and is curiously never far from a certain boy who works below deck. Their romance is star-crossed and not without its trials, but Sophronia is never one to let etiquette dictate how she lives her life.

4. When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore

In When the Moon Was Ours, Anna-Marie McLemore creates magic in the mundane—a world where pumpkin fields are menacing, water towers hold secrets, and roses bloom in the most unlikely places. The novel follows best friends Miel, who is searching for answers about her past, and Sam, who wants to leave the past behind to forge his own daring future. In each other the teens find love, but they must fight for it—and their true selves—against all odds.

5. Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

In Strange the Dreamer, Laini Taylor spins a new fantasy world of libraries, lost cities, gods, and dreams. Lazlo has been fascinated by the lost city of Weep since childhood but he never dreams he’ll actually get to see it. Everything changes when he is given the opportunity of a lifetime—a chance to journey to Weep. As Lazlo learns of Weep’s mysterious past, he also discovers that some of his wildest dreams—including a mysterious blue-skinned girl—are real.

6. Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

In Wintersong. S. Jae-Jones plunges readers into the underworld. When Liesl agrees to marry the Goblin King in exchange for his sparing of her sister’s life, she finds herself ensnared in a dark world ruled by ancient laws and customs. To her surprise, she’s actually drawn to the mysterious Goblin King, who at times seems to be just as much a prisoner as she is. Liesl must rely on her own strength if she’s ever to escape the Goblin King’s domain, but leaving behind the husband she’s beginning to love may prove to be her most difficult challenge yet.

7. The Hearts We Sold by Emily Lloyd-Jones 

In The Hearts We Sold, Emily Lloyd-Jones sends readers to boarding school, where Dee will do anything to avoid her home life—including giving her heart to a demon in exchange for tuition. Her bargain aligns her with other “heartless” teens, including the charming but secretive James Lancer. In the midst of doing the demon’s dangerous bidding, Dee finds herself falling for James in this delicious slow burn romance.

Tirzah Price is a librarian, YA writer, and lover of cold weather and knitwear. She holds an MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and is a contributor to Book Riot. Find her on Twitter: @tirzahprice

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Out of the Egg. (Jungkook x Reader) Part 6 FINALE

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world.” – Demian by Hermann Hesse

Jungkook x Reader; (with the rest of the BTS members here and there)

Fluff, Suspense, Angst; mentions of violence, death, sexual harassment (briefly), and warfare

War/ Rebellion Au

Summary: The world you had once known is now bare and rotting with evil. Families were torn, houses were burned, and businesses were shattered by the Oppressors. In your world, there were only two possibilities – if you weren’t working with them, you were owned by them. However, a new faction arises that sings of hope and taking back the world that was once for the people, calling themselves “The Changers”. Although you tried to go unnoticed by either of them, out of fear of being killed or captured, you soon find yourself deep in the middle of the rebellion after an unexpected encounter.

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (Finale)

A/N: Thank you everyone for the support and love for this story ~ honestly it was a different genre that I hadn’t really tried before so I’m so happy you all enjoyed it x) !! <3  

Originally posted by jjks

          Jungkook grabbed your hand tightly as he supervised Hoseok, who was using Namjoon’s gadget to melt down the iron bars making up the entrance of the prison camp.

           You were weary and numb. Yoongi had patched up your wounded arm roughly and Jungkook had thrown his clothes on top of you, but you felt neither cold nor pain. You clutched Tae’s name tag in your free hand firmly, not wanting to come to terms that he was really gone.

           Jungkook was most likely keeping you close because he knew you weren’t stable at the moment, and you were thankful for his considerate, subtle actions. He had always been that way. He knew when to speak and when to just act. He gave your hand a little squeeze, causing you to look up just in time to see the prisoners’ faces as they were finally freed.

           Some of the soldiers dropped to their knees as they were reunited with their family members and friends. The other soldiers glowingly watched the visible happiness and relief that overwhelmed the prisoners of this war.

           "We saved them, Y/N.“ Jungkook smiled sadly.

           And you knew exactly what he was feeling in that moment.

           You gripped his hand tighter and leaned your face into his shoulder. Because you knew that this meant everything was truly over. The fighting, the hiding, the living in fear. And while that was something to celebrate, you both couldn’t help but feet empty in the midst of people rejoicing. For while you fought to regain freedom, you had lost so many in the process. You both no longer had any family to come home to. Your parents, Jungkook’s brother, his parents, B, Taehyung…none of them could be returned. And most of all, the people you had once been before the war would never surface again. The scars were too deep and the price of victory steep.

           You wept into his shoulder, even though you thought you had no more tears left to cry. Jungkook turned and pulled you into his chest warmly.

           "You saved me, you saved us all.” he whispered into your hair, and his words had you sobbing even harder.

           "Is he–“ Jimin’s voice cut into your crying.

           You heard his ragged breathing, figuring that he had run right over once he made sure everything was taken care of at the entrance of Capitol City. You pulled away from Jungkook sluggishly and stared at Jimin devastated, knowing your face would reveal it all.

           "Is he…is Tae really…”

           You watched Jimin’s face contort into one of undeniable pain and sorrow. His knees buckled and he fell to the ground. Wailing, you lunged down and enveloped him in your arms. He gripped you tightly and you both cried together, finding comfort in each other, in the memory of your friendship with Tae, because you two had been the closest to him.

           "I’m so sorry…so sorry.“ Your voice trembled.

           Hoseok and Jin soon joined you two in the embrace, all mourning the loss of one of your family members.

           Yoongi frowned as he slid beside Jungkook. The Leader knew exactly what he was thinking from the little wrinkle knit between his brows.

           "I know.” Jungkook hummed. “But it’s not the time and place to discuss it.”

           Yoongi nodded understandably. “What do you want me to do?”

           "Call Namjoon hyung. We have a lot of work to do and he’s probably worried as heck.“

           Yoongi chuckled and hurried off to follow his orders.

           Deciding you were in good hands with the other guys, Jungkook went over to tend to the malnourished and weak prisoners with the rest of his soldiers. But the atmosphere of positivity was soon broken when loud, angry voices were heard from a distance. Jungkook stood up, peering over to see what the commotion was about. A few of his soldiers were returning from the Capitol, dragging bounded and clearly wounded bodies of surviving Oppressor soldiers. He walked over to you and the other guys, gently laying a hand on your shoulder.

           "All of you get back.” he instructed in a serious tone.

           Jimin and Hoseok grabbed your hand obediently, pulling you away to the safety of the other soldiers and freed prisoners of war.

           "What’s going on here?“ Jungkook questioned sternly.

           "We caught them, roughed them up a bit, and figured we’d put on a show while killing them.” One of the soldiers grinned maniacally.  

           Jungkook furrowed his brow. “What were my orders?”

           "Capture any Oppressors, disarm them, and bring them straight to you.“

           "Nowhere in my statement did I tell you to torture them.”

           "But…weren’t we just rounding them up to slaughter them in front of the prisoners?“ another soldier spoke up.

           Jungkook shook his head. "That’s not what we’re going to do.”

           "LEADER. WHY?“ Another soldier stepped forward, distraught. "After everything they put us through? And how many people they killed? They were going to massacre those prisoners too! We NEED to show them who has the power here!”

           "We don’t NEED to do anything with them.“ Jungkook frowned. "Why do you feel the need the kill? It won’t make anyone feel better.”

           "They could just rise up to power again! We need to kill all of them before they get to us!“ the soldiers complained.

           One of the soldiers shoved his way up to the front, holding his gun tightly and dragging an Oppressor into view.

           "If the Leader is too much of a coward to do it, then I’ll shoot them all myself!”

           The Oppressor soldier winced and shut his eyes in fright, but no gun shot was fired.

           "Did you just call the Leader a coward?“ a rough, dangerous voice resounded in the silence.

           Everyone was waiting with bated breath for the events to unfold.

           You gripped your friends’ hands tightly as you watched Min Yoongi holding a knife against that soldier’s throat.

           "Move that gun, and this knife slices across your neck.” Yoongi threatened.

           "What’re you guys? Are you secret Oppressors, huh?“ the soldier chuckled at Yoongi and Jungkook in disbelief.

           "I should be asking you that. Why are you all so eager to kill them? Afraid they’ll blow your cover?” Yoongi smirked.

           "Yoongi.“ Jungkook stated seriously, giving him a firm look.

           Yoongi exhaled and stepped away from the soldier, irritated. "I swear I leave for a few minutes and there’s another attempt at a turn over.”

           Jungkook sighed and stepped forward, addressing everyone.

           "Massacre. Destruction. Unfair judgment. Fear. Bloodlust. Distrust. This is exactly what brought the Oppressors to power. I witness firsthand that these things were their driving force. Even amongst the highest ranks of Oppressors, they plotted assassinations. They killed for pleasure and for their own selfish needs. They didn’t believe in anyone else but themselves. They were secretive, manipulative, and used their power and authority to make people act against their will.“

           He turned to the Changer soldiers who were slowly loosening their hold on the captives.

           "If we succumb to that and let vengeance and the need to display our power and control through murder and torture take over, we wouldn’t be any different from the very people we were trying to get rid of a few hours ago.

           Do you think those you are seeking revenge for would be happy watching you kill these men? Do you think they sacrificed themselves for you to massacre Oppressors instead? I, for one, do not believe that any of the loved ones we’ve lost wanted that from us. I, for one, am not stooping down to their level. I didn’t put my life on the line countless of times just to become exactly what we fought against. I’m not starting this New World with more unnecessary deaths. Anyone who has a problem with that can step forward and speak up.”

           The soldiers placed their guns down in shame. Jungkook glanced at Yoongi, who pouted and forcibly put his knife away too.

           "We’ll leave it to the Security team and the Scholars to interrogate the Oppressors with our lie detector system. They will fairly enact punishments accordingly. But first and foremost, we have to take care of our own. These prisoners have faced far worst conditions than we have.“  

           Jungkook turned and locked eyes with you, as if seeking your approval. You smiled proudly. He truly was a fantastic leader and had grown up to be such an admirable man.

           But suddenly, your image of him became blurred, and your body seemed to have realized that it was running on no sleep and food, and solely on emotional energy. No longer having control over your limbs, you watched the world turn upside down and fade to black.

           You woke up in the fairly familiar setting of Namjoon’s hospital room. But being there made you wonder if you had dreamt the entire ending of the war or if it had, in fact, taken place.

           "Oh, you’re awake.”

           Namjoon waltzed in with a gentle smile. “Feeling better?”

           You glanced down at your arms; one had an IV drip inserted into it, and the other was professionally bandaged. You returned his smile and nodded.

           "Much.“ You hesitated. "Um…what happened?”

           He sat down and rolled his chair over to your bedside.

           "Well, we won the war thanks to you. We freed the prisoners, and then you fainted because you pushed your body to its limit, especially in your condition. Not many pregnant women can say they singlehandedly infiltrated enemy territory and bravely lured the main leader of the evil forces into an ambush.“

           Namjoon winked at you playfully. You chuckled briefly then your face fell as the events that had taken place flooded back to you. After a few seconds of silence, you finally managed to ask the question on your mind.

           "And is Tae…?” You bit your lip.

           Namjoon smiled sadly, “I buried him next to his flower, as per his request.”

           Your eyes watered and you clutched your blanket. He really was gone.

           "Before you all left, he asked me to give you something.“ Namjoon stood up and walked into his little office inside the room.

           When he came out, he was holding a small pot holding the same kind of flower that Tae had showed you before. Namjoon placed it by your bedside and sat down. With your hands shaking, you reached out to touch its beautiful petals.

           "He had another seed in his pocket when he came to the city, but he was saving it to plant after the war was over.” Namjoon explained. “But when he found out you were pregnant, he immediately asked me to help him grow it. He wanted to gift it to you whenever the child was born. But when your unit was called forth, he requested that, if anything should happen to him and he didn’t come back, I give it to you.”

           Then he pulled an envelope out of his pocket and handed it to you. “He also wrote a letter for each of you.”

           You pressed it against your chest warmly. Taehyung had left so many pieces of himself behind.

           "I’ll read it when I’m ready to.“ You hummed and Namjoon nodded, understanding that you weren’t ready to confront the fresh scars just yet.

           He simply switched topics to get your mind off of Taehyung considerately.

           "I assumed you haven’t told Jungkook about his child yet.” Namjoon rolled his chair to grab your files on the counter and returned to you. “He kept asking all sorts of questions about your well-being and what you had been up to during his absence.”

           You smiled, blushing. “Well we didn’t exactly get to catch up with everything…”

           "No, I suppose not.“ Namjoon grinned.

           "How is the baby?” You glanced at him worriedly, fear crawling up your skin. “Did I push it too far? Did I…”

           Namjoon reached for your hand to compose you. “The baby is actually, and impressively, quite healthy and strong. It’s growing well without any complications. It seems to have really taken after you and Jungkook.”

           You breathed out in relief. “Oh thank goodness.”

           "Y/N.“ Namjoon smiled happily. "Would you like to know the baby’s gender?”

            Jungkook exhaled as he fixed his hair in front of the mirror. Namjoon had moved him into a room in HQ, knowing he’d want to be as close to the hospital rooms as possible. But the room was far too spacious for his taste. There was a large space between his closet, his mirror, his table, and the bed. Though, he shouldn’t really be complaining about having too much space – that was just ungrateful. Deep down he knew it only really felt empty because you weren’t around. He wanted to hurry up and see you, to hold you soon.

           But another day of tending to the wounded and hearing about their strife awaited him. Not that he minded all too much, but it was more of Namjoon’s thing. He would rather be out with the other soldiers building new houses or doing some sort of physical labor. But he knew he was the Leader of the Changers, and it was one of his duties.

           Suddenly, there was a gentle knock on his door.

           "Come in.“ he called as he threw on a white t-shirt.

           The eldest Council member slowly entered his room. Jungkook bowed deeply and offered him a seat. The old man exhaled as he settled into the chair.

           "Well done young Leader.” he smiled. “We both know I had my reservations about you, but you truly have proved me wrong.”

           Jungkook bowed his head shyly. “No, I even doubted myself. Do not worry about the past.”

           The old man chuckled, “And luckily, I see the rest of the Council members returned as well, except for one.”

           Jungkook looked down sadly, “He died in the final battle inside the Capitol.”

           After a brief pause, the old man exhaled, “Well it seems he didn’t carry out his mission in the end.”

           Jungkook’s eyes widened in realization, and his head immediately shot up. He inhaled sharply as a gun was quickly pressed into his forehead.

           "What…“ he exhaled.

           "You weren’t supposed to live after the victory was guaranteed you see.” the old man smirked. “You would’ve been remembered as a valiant Leader had you died during the battle, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to spin you into a traitor.”

           "What’s the meaning of this?“ Jungkook frowned.

           His hands subtly glided down his pants, but he had no weapons on his person. He was in a pinch.

           "We never intended you or D to gain leadership of the New World.” the old man explained. His facade of being weak and frail had quickly been cast aside. Jungkook realized that he was actually spritely for his wrinkled, aged appearance. “We merely used both of you as pawns. Regardless of who won, we would’ve gotten rid of both of you, so that we could rise to power in the end.”

           "And what makes you so fit for power?“

           "You’re both fools who trusted people so easily. You and D. If you hadn’t killed him, he would’ve gotten assassinated or spun as a traitor by his own officials, just like you’re going to be. And I will set this New World into a New Age. Everyone will live under my absolute reign. They’ll have enough to live on, but they shall be in such fear that they will do whatever I order. Everyone will live of course, as long as they follow what I say. I mean, isn’t that what it means to be a ruler? To rule over the people. To have the highest power over others. I will be both revered and feared!”

           "No one will worship you.“ Jungkook spat.

           "Well, you won’t be alive to find out.” the old man cackled. “Because you’re the only one standing in my way.”

           Jungkook stared at him defiantly, watching his finger locked around the trigger. But before he could press it, the old man collapsed to the ground with a loud thud. Jungkook’s eyes widened as he noticed the clean bullet hole lodged in the old man’s forehead. He whipped his head around in time to see Yoongi hop out of the vent in his room. Exhaling in both terrified amusement and relief, he melted in his chair. He didn’t even realize he had been holding his breath.

           "Holy shit.“ he lay a hand on his chest, his heart still racing.

           Yoongi grinned cheekily as he stood in front of Jungkook. "That’s like the billionth time I saved you, Mr. Leader. Who’s truly the most superior of us two?”

           "How did you–?“ Jungkook questioned.

           "It wasn’t me.” Yoongi waved his hand and slung his gun proudly over his shoulder. “Namjoon warned me to keep an eye out for the old man too. And luckily, I made it here in time to save your ass.”

           Jungkook grinned. “Do you actually love me, hyung?”

           Yoongi rolled his eyes and huffed, “Don’t flatter yourself. It was your brother’s last wish, and I’m sure B would come back and haunt me if I let you die by the gun of that wrinkled prune.”

           Jungkook lunged forward to hug Yoongi tightly, while the latter flailed to get away from his embrace.

           "I swear! You and your girlfriend keep attacking me with affection! Just go hug each other and leave me out of it!“ he protested but Jungkook smiled and held on gratefully.

           "It’s cause you’re so cute, hyung. You’ll for sure be the godfather of our children!”

           Yoongi raised an eyebrow at Jungkook and the younger tilted his head curiously. “What?”

           Yoongi snorted and shook his head. “Nothing. I’ll dispose of this body. You need to go greet your people.”

           Jungkook groaned. “Oh man…”

           "Some Leader you are.“ Yoongi chuckled as he shoved Jungkook towards the door.

           Jungkook turned and grinned at Yoongi. "Hyung.”


           "I’m glad I trusted you all those years ago.”

           Yoongi chuckled. “You should be, you brat.”

           “Thank you.” Jungkook’s brother smiled. His hand limply reached out for B’s. Jungkook shut his eyes, trying not to break down, and helped them intertwine fingers.

           "I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you hyung.“ Jungkook whispered as he turned B’s face towards his brother’s so it would be the last thing he saw.

           Jungkook wept as he continued to press B’s and his brother’s hands together, covering them with his own. But in the midst of his sobbing, he felt a piece of paper stuck inside B’s lifeless hand.

           "Kook, we have to get out of here.” Yoongi placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

           Grabbing the paper as he continued weeping, he stuffed it into his pocket and let Yoongi drag him away.

           It wasn’t until a week or two later that he rediscovered B’s note in his uniform pocket. Upon reading its content, he hurried over to Yoongi’s room and dragged him all the way to Namjoon’s lab.

           "What the hell, Kook?“ Yoongi growled and shoved him away. "What’s your problem?”

           Jungkook glanced at Namjoon and Yoongi seriously. “I’m trusting you two.”

           Yoongi raised an eyebrow. “A pretty terrible idea, considering I don’t like you very much.”

           "That’s exactly why I’m trusting you.“ Jungkook stated firmly while smiling. "You’re not one for underhanded deceptions and lying, hyung.”

           Yoongi furrowed his brow at his answer.  

           "Well, what are you trusting us with exactly?“ Namjoon questioned nervously.

           "Your lab has no cameras or anything right?”

           "No.“ Namjoon chuckled. "I designed it as such.”

           "Good.“ Jungkook pulled the paper out of his pocket.

           The other two scooted closer.

           "When we went on the rescue mission, I found this in B’s hand.” Jungkook breathed. “I was such a mess back then and when I got back that I had forgotten about it until now.”

           "A piece of paper?“ Yoongi was skeptical.

           "She wrote something in it.” Jungkook continued as he unfolded it. “Read it.”

           Yoongi and Namjoon scanned the paper and their eyes widened.

           "Jungkook, what…“ Namjoon exhaled, shocked.

           "It’s her handwriting right?” Jungkook looked to confirm it with Yoongi, who nodded, still staring at the familiar cursive.

           "It’s hers alright.“ Yoongi stated. "But this is just…”

           Jungkook grabbed the paper and held it over one of Namjoon’s candles.

           "What’re you doing?!“ Yoongi bellowed.

           "No one else can know but us three, okay?” Jungkook frowned. “If what it says is true, which it has to be considering B protected this information with her life, then we can’t trust anyone else readily. I need to get rid of this evidence. It has to stay between us three.”

           Namjoon nodded, “I agree.”

           Yoongi clenched his fist angrily, realizing exactly what the message meant. He glanced at the other two with a fiery look. “What do we do?”

           "I have a crazy plan.“ Jungkook smiled weakly. "But it’s going to require us to be at the top; we need power and authority.”

           Yoongi scoffed half-heartedly and crossed his arms, “Well, that was my aim all along anyway.”

           "What’s the plan?“ Namjoon asked.

           "We all get on the Council. If one of us becomes Leader, it’ll be even better.”

           Yoongi smiled as he recalled that exact day. On that very day, he had been contemplating some dark, harmful thoughts in his room. The pain that came with the loss of the only person he had considered a friend and family at the time was overwhelming, and he no longer felt that he had any motivation, desire, or purpose left to live.

           In one fell swoop though, Jungkook had literally dragged him out of his room, figuratively out of his thoughts, and unknowingly embraced him as a close trusted friend, despite everything. Jungkook had saved him from throwing away his life, gave him a new purpose and a place to belong– beside him and Namjoon.

           Once Jungkook left the room, Yoongi kicked the lifeless corpse in front of him.

           "It was you wasn’t it, old man? The one who betrayed B and gave her false information?“

           He exhaled and looked up at the ceiling sadly, remembering the last words he had seen from B.

           Scribbled on the paper that had saved both his and Jungkook’s lives, and in turn, salvaged the future of the New World, read:

           There’s a third party within the Changers. Beware my loves.  

           "You knew we’d find you, huh?” Yoongi chuckled to himself. “Truly a genius strategist until the very end.”  

           You were trying to draw Tae’s flower to pass the time when Jungkook peeked his head into your hospital room. It had been a few days since the war ended and you were beginning to wonder if you were going to see him in any time soon. So without a second thought, you chucked your pencil and paper to the side at the sight of him, and outstretched your arms welcomingly. You knew he had been going through so much lately. He still had to carry a heavy burden, despite the war being over. He easily slipped into your embrace and settled his face into the crook of your neck. You heard him sigh and relax into you.    

           "I’m so, so proud of you, Jungkook.“ You whispered as you stroked his hair.

           "I’m so sorry.” he wrapped his arms tighter around you. “I’m sorry I left you like that. I’m sorry I made you cry and worry.”

           You shut your eyes and inhaled, letting his familiar scent invade your senses. “I missed you.”

           "I missed you so much.“ He pulled back a little so he could study your face intently.

           You cupped his face lovingly and smiled. You two were finally together, and nothing was going to separate you again.  

           He traced your arms carefully, and you knew he was scanning your body for injuries.

           "He didn’t touch me.” You answered knowingly. “I know you’re worried whether the official had his way with me or–”

           You couldn’t finish your statement because he crashed his lips onto yours roughly. You gasped for air as you heatedly returned his fervor. Carefully, he pushed your body down onto your bed as he climbed over you, lips still locked.

           "Don’t remind me of that.“ he growled, his breath ghosting your face. "I was about to go insane at the thought of someone else touching you.”

           You nodded as you pulled him down to continue your make-out. His hands made their way down to your waist, and you suddenly remembered that you had been keeping something quite important from him.

           Gently, you placed your hands on his chest and pushed him back. Panting and flushed, he looked at you worriedly.

           "Are you okay? Does something hurt?“ he frowned.

           You smiled and shook your head. You shimmied your way to sit up and he did the same, bringing your legs up to rest over his thighs. Although you were sure he was puzzled by your actions, he patiently waited for your explanation.


           "Hm?“ his eyes landed on you curiously.

           "Don’t freak out okay?” You reached out for his hand and he held on obediently.

           "Um it depends what you’re going to tell me…“ he hummed as he drew circles into the back of your hand with his thumb.

           "So you remember the night you left?”

           He smiled dreamily and nodded. “Of course. How could I forget?”

           He leaned over and kissed your cheek. “It was amazing.”

           You blushed shyly. “Well…there’s something you should know about that night…”

           He furrowed his brow, not catching on. As quick-witted Jungkook was on the battlefield, he was always fairly oblivious when it came to women and relationships. You took a deep breath and squeezed his hand gently before finally confessing,

           "Jungkook, I’m pregnant.“

           He stared at you dumbfounded, probably waiting for you to tell him that you were kidding or something. But you watched him intently, waiting for the news to truly sink in. He blinked a couple of times then gasped.


           You rolled your eyes. “Seriously? THAT’S the first thing you say?!”

           Jungkook stared at the empty space in front of him clearly flabbergasted. “Well I - what –what– WHAT?”

           You chuckled, holding onto his hand, figuring you should give him some time to process the information before expecting him to be coherent. So you answered his question in the meanwhile, “I wanted to guarantee a better future for our child…I couldn’t give birth, only to have them suffer or trained to be a soldier…you know. So that’s why I knew I had to go into battle.”

           Jungkook laughed loudly, the news finally processing, and then exhaled in awe, “Oh my god. I’m going to be a father? We’re going to be parents?!”

           Your lips curled up, happy that he had taken it positively. You were worried he wasn’t going to want the responsibility when he had so much on his plate already.

           "I know you have a lot to do as Leader, so don’t worry too much about me. I have it planned out and the boys will be there if anything. I know you’re going to be busy and –“

           He pulled you onto his lap and hugged you tightly, kissing the top of your head repeatedly.

           "No way, Y/N. I’m going to be there with you two every step of the way!” he breathed and tightened his hold on you, as if he wanted your bodies to meld into one. You smiled in amusement. You could feel the genuine emotion behind his voice and his actions, and soon, you felt his tears trickle down against your cheek. “I’m so happy, Y/N. I’m so, so happy. That’s our child. Our child. Our little Jeon.”

           Then he pulled your bodies apart hurriedly. You watched his brows knit together curiously.

           "But that was so dangerous, going into battle! You both could’ve been in serious danger! No, you WERE in danger! What were Yoongi and Namjoon thinking?!“

           You pinched his cheeks and wiped his tears away, chuckling. "Pick an emotion Jungkook. Are you happy, sad, or angry?”

           "Ugh, I’m all three.“ he sniffled. "Why do you always make me so soft?”

           You laughed as you kissed him sweetly. You truly loved this man so much.

           A few weeks later, with the resemblance of a bustling town finally forming on the surface, the day came to inaugurate the leader of the New World.

           You were discharged a day or two after Jungkook’s visit, and had immediately taken to helping out with building rapport with the people, trying to hear out their complaints, their suggestions, and their requests with Namjoon. In the meanwhile Jungkook, Yoongi, and the other soldiers were helping out with the manual labor and protection of the city. So it wasn’t odd that when Inauguration Day came, you were greeting people easily by name. And while walking away, you made sure to remind Jungkook about their names and details about them.

           "A good leader needs to know his people’s names, Jungkook.“ You scolded as you two made your way into his waiting room for the big day.

           "Y/N. There is no way I’m going to remember everyone’s name. I’ve been their Leader for a year or two now, and I honestly don’t recall half their faces.” Jungkook groaned as you fixed his tie.

           "Alright, well at least remember SOMETHING about them. Like their hair color, their eyes, so they can see that you actually like them and care for them.“

           He exhaled. "How about I just say hi to them for now? I’ll work on it. I’m not too good with people yet.”

           You chuckled as you straightened out his bangs gently. “Deal. Since I know you’re fairly shy and introverted.”

           "Thank you.“ He kissed you lightly and stepped back, buttoning up his sleek black suit jacket. "Well? How do I look? I haven’t worn one of these…ever…actually. This is fancy.”

           You smiled. “Handsome. As always.”

           A faint blush dusted his cheeks and he shied away at your straight forward compliment. His moments of rare vulnerability and shyness always made your heart flutter. You would’ve attacked him right then and there, was he not about to go on stage in front of thousands of people. You didn’t want to dishevel the appearance you had been straightening out in the first place. You giggled to yourself; that would have to wait until later.


           Jungkook grabbed your hand and shook his head. "Not really.”

           "Do you have a speech planned or did Namjoon write it for you?“

           He chuckled, "I wrote it myself this time.”

           "Wowww.“ You nudged. "I’m impressed.”

           He rolled his eyes. “No faith in me.”

           You laughed, “Well the last time I saw you making a speech was in school, and you were so shy that you had to present facing the chalkboard.”

           "No.“ He tucked your hair behind your ear and rubbed your shoulders warmly as he grinned. "The last time you saw me make a speech was the day we were reunited, and you thought I was so chic and manly, you immediately fell in love with me at the podium.”

           You squinted your eyes. “Are you sure we’re thinking of the same moment? I don’t recall that ever happening.”

           He wrapped his arms around your waist and scrunched his face. “So you didn’t fall in love with me when I saved you and then when I was addressing people coolly?”

           You shook your head as you slipped your arms under his, encircling his body too. “No, I’m pretty sure I was already in love with you when we were kids.”

           Jungkook chuckled and kissed your forehead. “Then why didn’t you say anything, silly?”

           "You didn’t say anything either.“ You pouted and blushed. "How was I supposed to know when you started seeing me as a lover instead of a friend?”

           Jungkook’s lips curled up, “Do you remember when you cried to me the first time?”

           You looked to the ceiling, giving it serious thought. “When you found me on the swing after I got scolded badly?”

           Jungkook nodded.

           "Was that when you fell in love with me?“

           "Hmm…” Jungkook hummed. “Who knows?”

           You raised an eyebrow. “Then why bring it up?”

           He swayed your bodies side to side slowly. “You remember the conversation we had?”

           You smiled and nodded.

           “Y/N!” Jungkook panted as he hurried over to your lonely figure on the swing. “You can’t be out alone so late! It’s dangerous! And everyone’s so worried.”

           He knelt in front of you because you were staring intently down at the ground, trying to hold back your tears. You twisted the swing, not wanting him to see you and clearly wanting to be by yourself.

           But Jungkook had no intention of leaving you alone; he walked around and squatted in front of you again. He was determined to find out what happened. You were usually such an obedient child and you were always close and loving with your parents. This type of behavior was so unexpected that your parents had enlisted his help to find you. When he heard that you had run out of the house after yelling at and arguing with your parents, he stumbled out of his apartment hurriedly, not worrying about putting on proper shoes or a jacket.

           "Hey. What happened?“ he asked gently, hugging his knees to keep warm as he looked up at you intently, trying to catch a glimpse of your face.

           You sniffled. "I don’t want to talk about it.”

           Jungkook nodded and waddled over, tilting his head to peek up at you. “Can I at least see that you’re really Y/N?”

           You lifted your head and furrowed your brows at him, irritated. “I don’t need your teasing right now, Jungkook.”

           He frowned, seeing you weren’t in the best mood. “Well what do you need from me right now? I’ll give it to you.”

           He watched you stare at him for a few seconds, contemplating. Then he blinked as you untwisted your swing, your back now facing him, and outstretched your hand. His lips curled up understandably. He sat in the adjacent swing and grabbed your hand silently. You both sat in the stillness of that night for a few minutes without saying a word.

           "Kookie…“ He turned to you, finally hearing your voice.

           "Hm?” he hummed as he watched your side profile.

           "I said some bad things to people.“ You admitted.

           "Define bad?”

           "When I was shopping for groceries earlier, I heard some people making fun of my parents. And I don’t know…“ He felt you squeeze his hand tighter and he spotted your eyes glistening. "It just hurt to hear that. They always work so hard for me, and they didn’t deserve to be looked down on. And I just started saying bad things back to them and if my parents didn’t drag me away, I would’ve fought someone.”

           Jungkook smiled and stood in front of you. “And? Why did you run out of the house?”

           "Because my parents scolded me and I was so frustrated. I was only defending them! Why were they getting mad at me, but they didn’t budge at the other people? Why was it so wrong to speak up? Why do people have to judge others like that?“ Tears streamed down your face as you broke down. "Then I started wondering why people at school bullied me and I got sad because I thought if I was so mad at my parents for this one time, you were probably so fed up with me. Because you’re always defending me but I tell you to stop because I was so worried they’d target you next or you’d get hurt cause of me. Then I was like ‘ah that’s exactly what my parents were thinking’. And I just–”

           You leaned forward and sobbed into his stomach. Jungkook stroked your hair gently.

           "You’re not wrong, Y/N. No one but those people who degraded you and your parents without knowing you was wrong. Anybody who makes assumptions without knowing the person is definitely wrong.“

           "I’m just so frustrated, Jungkook. I’m so angry and I feel so upset.” You clutched at his shirt.

           He pried your hands off of his waist and squatted in front of you so he could see your tear-stricken face clearly.

           "Well, what kind of place do you want the world to be Y/N?“ he smiled gently.

           He caressed your face warmly as you stared up at him lovingly.

           "It was thanks to you that I didn’t get corrupted as a Leader.”

           You looked at him inquisitively.

           "Because I always remembered your answer, and I always told myself that regardless of where you were and what happened to you, I wanted you to be proud of me. I wanted to gift you the kind of world that you wanted to see when we were kids.“

           Your eyes watered as you saw the pure expression of gentleness and love displayed on his face.

           "Y/N.” he blushed shyly and averted his gaze.


           "I know…you might’ve wanted something fancy…and you probably wanted a ring…and stuff…” he fumbled, and your heart raced as you realized what he was getting at. “And right now may not be the best time…ah maybe I should’ve done it later…but then again, it’s weird going back on it now…”

           You grabbed his lapel and pulled him down roughly, capturing his lips with yours. He tensed up at first, surprised by your aggressive attack, but he soon eased into the kiss, tilting his head to deepen it.

           Breathing heavily, he rested his forehead against yours, “Will you marry me, Y/N?”

           You beamed and nodded fervently. “Yes, Jeon Jungkook. Yes. Of course I’ll marry you.”

           Jungkook laughed happily, relieved.

           "You gave me a New World.“ You wrapped your arms around his neck. "That’s more than I deserve.”

           He shook his head. “No, Y/N. You deserve the world.”

           Your lips curled up. You didn’t think it was fair for you to be so irreparably happy in this moment, but you were. And it only served to fill you with hope for what was to come.

           "Alright. If you lovebirds are finished sucking face.“ Yoongi lazily knocked on the already open door of the waiting room as he leaned against the door frame. "We have an inauguration to do.”

           "She said yes Yoongi!!“ Jungkook beamed ecstatically.

           Yoongi rolled his eyes. "Like she really was going to say no? She literally moped for a week when you left, then risked her life and your child’s to save your ass from the Capitol.” Then he paused. “No, actually I can see why she would say no. You’re a pain to handle. You have my permission to reject him, Y/N. Don’t answer too hastily. Think about it first.”

           You giggled as Jungkook pulled his hyung into a playful headlock and they began rough housing. The fighting hurriedly stopped though when Namjoon entered the room.

           "Everyone’s waiting Jungkook.“

           Jungkook grinned as he patted Namjoon’s shoulder. "Ready?”

           Namjoon smiled warmly, “Of course.”

           Yoongi grinned and you furrowed your brows, wondering what the three were silently communicating to each other.

           "I’ll be back wifey!“ Jungkook called out cheekily, causing you to roll your eyes. "Watch your cool fiancee on the podium!”

           Yoongi shoved him out the door, “Yeah, yeah. Just go. I’ll make sure your precious fiancee is watching.”

           Jungkook giggled and soon disappeared with Namjoon.    

           "Ready, shortie?“ Yoongi called out to you and you scurried to him.

           Jungkook exhaled deeply as he rolled his shoulders, waiting backstage.

           "You sure you don’t want my emergency speech?” Namjoon teased.

           Jungkook nudged him. “No hyung. I should at least do this much on my own.”

           "Ohhh~“ Namjoon cooed. "You’ve grown up, Jungkook.”

           Jungkook chuckled as the lights flashed onto the podium. “Well, wish me luck, hyung.”

           Namjoon shook his head. “You don’t need luck, you rascal.”

           "Probably not.“ Jungkook grinned cheekily as he stepped onto the stage.

           The entire congregation stood up. Applause and cheers erupted as he stepped up to the podium. He glanced down and spotted you beside Yoongi in the front row. He winked at you playfully, and it eased his nerves to see you flustered because of it. Raising his head confidently, he looked out towards the sea of people staring at him with bright eyes.

           Taking a deep breath, he began,

           "As many of you know, I’m Jeon Jungkook, Leader of the Changers. While many of you have rested our victory on my shoulders, I’m afraid that I cannot take the credit at all. While I may have been the face and some of the power behind the Changers, I did not do it alone. I would not be standing here before you and you in front of me, without each other, for every class in the City played an essential and significant role in this war. You all fought for your rights and freedom that you have regained by using your skills and talents. You all fought bravely and stood tall in the face of utter darkness and oppression.

           As one who has been there with you through it all, as one who has seen countless of battles these past few years, and as the last Leader of the Changers, I understand exactly the kind of person the people need to bring them forward into the New World. And what the people need from here on out is someone…not like me.”

           People murmured worriedly, and Jungkook smiled as he saw your puzzled expression.

           "From here on out, we will no longer be in a state of war. So what the people need is someone who understands peace, someone who is of the people, someone who has been with the people rather than on the battlefield. Someone who values life above all. While I will be the right-hand man who protects that value, I will not be the right man to lead you into the New World of Change.

           So with my remaining powers as Leader of the Changers, I bestow this position to someone I know will inarguably take this power with dignified class and a good heart. The person I believe will best suit this position is none other than my Advisor–the mind, heart and soul of the City– Kim Namjoon. The very man who instilled hope and fire in all of us through the dark times, who has insurmountable knowledge and has and will use it to bring out the best in all of us, for all of us.

           Everyone, I’d like you to welcome the Leader of the New World, Kim Namjoon.“

           "Namjoon-hyung. Yoongi-hyung.” Jungkook stated seriously in his room, a week or two after claiming the title of Leader. “I have another crazy plan. Will you listen?”

           "Well the first crazy plan did actually come true.“ Yoongi snorted. "What is it this time?”

           "If…“ Jungkook bit his lip. "If we really win during my reign or if Yoongi hyung, you end up stepping up to be Leader in my place, I want Namjoon hyung to take over once the war ends.”

           "What?“ Namjoon gasped. "ME? A leader? Oh no, no, no. I’m not a leader.”

           Jungkook laughed, “I think you’re more a leader than I am, hyung. And I believe that you’re our best chance at peace.”

           Yoongi nodded and smiled. “I agree.”

           Namjoon blushed. “I’m flattered but honestly, I don’t know the first thing about being a leader…”

           Jungkook laid a hand on his shoulder and smiled, “Just be yourself hyung. Yoongi hyung and I believe in you so until you see it inside yourself, we’ll keep reminding you.”

           Namjoon glanced at the two timidly. He was grateful for the confidence, but would he really be what was best for the world?

           "Tell you what, hyung.“ Jungkook grinned. "If Yoongi hyung and I really triumph over the Oppressors, then you’ll become Leader, okay?”

           Namjoon raised an eyebrow. “How does that work?”

           "Well you thought something along the lines that it would be 'impossible’ for you to be a good leader, right?“ Jungkook laughed. "If we accomplish something people thought would be 'impossible’ for us youngsters, then it wouldn’t really be impossible now would it?”

           Namjoon burst out laughing. “I get what you’re saying, but it’s ridiculous.”

           "So it’s a promise, okay?“ Jungkook grinned.

           "Alright.” Namjoon hooked his pinky around Jungkook’s. “Show me the impossible, kid.”

           Namjoon’s lips curled up. Jungkook and Yoongi really had showed him, and it was now his turn to live up to his end of the promise. If they had faith in him enough to win the war, then he really felt like he could do the impossible for them in return. Jungkook hugged him warmly as they passed each other on stage.

           "Now you could finally say your own speech.“ Jungkook winked teasingly.

           Namjoon chuckled as he walked to the podium.

           "Hello everyone. As Jungkook said, I’m Kim Namjoon. I’ve met so many of you and had the pleasure of conversing with you already, so it seems odd to be standing so far from you when I’m used to being face-to-face.” He laughed. “But as leader, I hope to continue being someone who will stand level with you all rather than above.”

           There was surprised and excited murmuring throughout the place.

           "We are at the crossroad between innocence & knowledge. It is not what has happened but what we will do, moving forward that will define us. For now we see before us, a blank canvas, but inside us, hide a wide array of textbooks. For our individual experiences, our memory of these tragic times will spur us into action, so that this will never happen to our children or our children’s children and so on and so forth. For remembrance is key, for if we forget, we will not take caution, and if do not take caution, history will be doomed to repeat itself at a much greater cost. For while we progress, so too does the darkness that we triumphed. For as we rebuild and gain more, greed and jealousy are fed, ungratefulness surfaces, and we no longer will appreciate the things that we were limited and denied these past few years.

           Remember these times and let the future know of it as well. Of the times when we had to ration, when we had to hide, when we were discriminated unjustly, when we had no place to call home; when our young men and women had to take up arms and fight, giving up their dreams to lend their bodies to warfare.

           Everyone, we may be surrounded by destruction right now, but it is simply the beginning foundation for rebirth and reform. For without destroying the things that had bounded us for so long, we have no hope of progressing towards a better, brighter future.

           One thing is for certain, we will continue to shed different aspects of ourselves as children emerging into adulthood and as adults continuing the thorny path into the unforeseeable, unknown future. We will naturally fall into temptation as part of our human nature, but we have the ability to choose, to not let those times of ill judgment define us, to rise above it as we have over the Oppressors. We have a chance to be reborn now that we have shattered our preconceptions, our limitations, and narrow view of the world.

           And as the new Leader, I want to first abolish the belief that a leader is someone who rules absolute over everyone, for I do not believe that the people serve the Leader, but the Leader should serve its people. I want to build our foundations on the trust that the Oppressors lacked. Trust between the leader and its people. Trust in effective communication, and trust in relationships. Just as Jungkook said that he couldn’t win this war without you all, I can’t build the New World without everyone here, so I ask you to trust in me for I have absolute faith in you. That you will not let me stray, that you will not cower in fear when there is something to be said.“

           Namjoon glanced over at you and Yoongi then to the side of the stage where Jungkook was grinning widely. He chuckled and continued,  

           "May we remain humble and grateful so that the darkness cannot consume us, but may we not delude ourselves and remain vigilant to the signs of corruption and evil. May we not give in to fear as we once did and let someone trample over us like we are worthless. May we have the strength to stand up and question, instead of blindly accepting. Together, let us create a stronger, better, and more admirable world than before! Thank you and please look after me.”

           Namjoon stepped away from the podium and bowed deeply to everyone.

           Immediately, thunderous applause filled the place. Namjoon began to tear up at everyone’s immense support happily.

           A few weeks after the inauguration, Jungkook dragged you out of your still underground room like an excited puppy.

           "What’s going on, Jungkook?“ You chuckled. You could practically see him wagging his tail while he led you to the surface.

           "It’s a surprise!” he sang as he continued to grip your hand tightly.

           You smiled as you let him lead you wherever this surprise was.

           "Close your eyes. We’re almost there.“

           You glanced at him skeptically, but did as he said. He placed his hands on your shoulders and maneuvered you forward for a few minutes, checking every so often whether you were peeking or not. Finally, he came to a stop and hugged you from behind.

           "Open your eyes.”

           Your eyes fluttered open and you gasped. In front of you was a small little cottage with a white fence and a small garden at front. It was a replica of the dream house you used to draw when you were little. It was absolutely beautiful.

           "Jungkook…“ You breathed, touched beyond belief.

           "Welcome home, Y/N.” he kissed your cheek as he continued to hold you.

           "This is really ours?“

           "Mhm. I’ve been working on it with the other guys. That’s why I haven’t been able to see you as often.”

           You stared at it in awe. Your home. Yours and Jungkook’s home. Your heart welled up with emotion.

           "You like?“ Jimin giggled as he stepped out of the house adjacent to yours happily. "I helped with the garden. Oh and I live here with Hoseok and Jin. We’ll be neighbors!”

           You laughed, extremely touched and trying not to cry. Jimin smiled knowingly, and waved as he walked away, leaving you two alone again. You glanced at the house on the other side of yours, wondering.

           "Is that…?“

           "Yoongi’s and Namjoon’s.” Jungkook answered knowingly. “Can’t have the godfathers of our child too far from us.”

           You smiled blissfully with tears in your eyes, turning around to face your fiancée.



           "I have a name for our child already.“

           He looked at you for a few seconds before asking, "What’s the name?”

           You stepped back, looking up at the sun that, for the first time in years, was peeking out through the clouds. Its embrace on your skin filled you with a familiar sense of warmth that had once coursed through your body whenever a certain person had grinned brightly during the days of darkness. You smiled sadly at the memory then turned your attention back to Jungkook.

           Jungkook cupped your face lovingly and rested his forehead onto yours as tears finally streamed down your cheeks. He smiled as he peppered your face and lips with gentle, chaste kisses as you fought to compose yourself.

           After a long exchange of locked lips, expressing how much he truly loved you and you, him, you finally replied,

           "Taehyung.“ You stared into his eyes intently. "I want to name him Taehyung. So Taehyung can see and experience the sunshine, the ground with bare feet, the garden of flowers we’re going to plant, the bright blue skies, and the New World… the future we’re going to build.”

My Favorite Aphrodite Epithets and Why

Happy Aphrodite April, my magnificent swans! Today I’m going to discuss some of my favorite epithets of Aphrodite! I figured this would be nice since I see a lot of posts listing the epithets but not really going into much detail about them. These are ones that I prefer using when I talk to Aphrodite but of course you may choose to find ones that you personally like using! A wonderful list of epithets and titles can be found on Aphrodite’s page on! 

Urania (Ourania) - Heavenly, Divine: This is a common epithet and think because it’s so common it’s one that just FITS Aphrodite. It’s natural to use this when referring to her and it’s one of the first ones that pop into my head when I do an impromptu ritual. And I mean come on, heavenly? Divine? That’s totally our girl, Aphrodite!

Aphrogeneia - Foam Born: As my URL would indicate I am partial to Aphrodite’s foam born creation myth. To me, it just seems way more fitting for such a magnificently beautiful Goddess of many attributes to have risen straight from the sea being like “bitches, i’m here!”.

Pandemos - Common to ALL people: This one is probably my favorite of all her epithets. I call it the “shut down” epithet. When someone tries to come at you saying that Aphrodite only represents one standard of beauty, one kind of love, one gender, one sexuality, you throw this epithet at them and they are SHUT DOWN! Aphrodite is a goddess for ALL people, end of story!

Melaenis (Melainis) - Black of Night: You can discover a lot of interesting things about deities by looking at their epithets. Aphrodite especially has a lot of interesting ones. Like this one! When people think of Aphrodite usually visions of the beach and fields of bright colored flowers, pinks, pale blues and greens,  are among the first images. But this epithet indicates that there’s a lot more to Aphrodite! Theres a darker side, a side that exists when the sun leaves the sky. I tend to use this epithet in the fall and winter. I find Aphrodite’s darker sides show more when the land is dead and the sun is gone. Its why I prefer to celebrate Adonia in the fall. 

Morpho - Of Shapely Form: I enjoy this epithet because for me it indicates that Aphrodite could be seen as a big girl. And i’m not just talking about the “acceptable” fat girl shape. I’m talking big soft bellies, thighs that could crush a skull, arms that jiggle jiggle, and asses so big and round you HAVE to take a moment to thank Aphrodite for such beauty in the world! So yeah, don’t let anyone tell you Aphrodite can’t be a fat girl or that she doesnt support fat girls!

Areia - Warlike; Nikêphoros - Bringer of Victory; Hôplismenê (Hoplismena) - Armed: I grouped these 3 together because I like them for all the same reasons. They point towards Aphrodite’s role as a possible War Goddess. How freakin AWESOME is that? I feel like it makes more sense because we like to pretend that love and war are opposites, which is why Aphrodite and Ares’s relationship seemed so romantic. Yet the truth is love and war actually go hand in hand, wars begin because of love, love blossoms in the midst of war, love can be the fuel to continue a war. I find it way more likely that Aphrodite, being a war goddess,understands Ares bloodthirst for war and battle, and loves him for it not despite it. They both can appreciate the beauty of a battle and the deep relationships formed between the soldiers, something no one can even begin to understand, except Aphrodite and Ares.



Chicago seems to be in the midst of another musical renaissance these days as young, raw talent such as Chance The Rapper and NONAME are breaking into the music scene with an unwavering force. Part of the new school Chicago pack comes rapper, Saba, who quickly caught our eyes (and ears) this past spring while dominating the House Of Vans stage at SXSW. This young tenacious ball of talent has some major chops to work with, not to mention a contagious amount of energy that fires up the crowd like no other, so you can imagine how excited we were to catch up with him before he took the House Of Vans Brooklyn stage. We’re talking about everything from his humble beginnings mumbling unintelligible lyrics into old cassette tapes, to his first car that inspired an entire album. Get to know Saba after the jump..

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|| American Dreams ||

{summary: “you’ll always be my american dream.”}

american dreams by cartel is a+++++

dedicated to @siqnificances

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @ghostedwolf , @tmrhollandkay , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine.**


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Paper Planes - Epilogue (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You and Lin have very special memories all centered around paper planes.

Word Count: 1,329

Warnings: Ridiculous fluff.

A/N: I wasn’t gonna post this until Friday but I ended up having a really shitty end to my night last night and I wanted to make sure your day ends up being better than mine was yesterday.

This is the epilogue to Paper Planes, which is my pride and joy. Here’s to hoping I did it a little justice with this ending. If you’re still looking for more content I can offer you this post of headcannons or my open inbox. Yell at me, send me your own headcannons, whatever you want.

You stopped having to launch paper planes out of your window years ago but there was something you both clung to when it came to putting words down on paper. It wasn’t really necessary for you to do when you first started dating - you and Lin had exchanged phone numbers and when he wasn’t at the Richard Rogers he was with you - but you continued to do so because of the romance of it all. You couldn’t help but be sentimental about the notion.

After you moved in with him you had decided to exchange paper planes for good morning kisses. Lin, however, persisted. He’d leave you neatly folded paper planes in various places; your purse, your bedside table, taped to the bathroom mirror once or twice. You could never do words justice like Lin could so you’d respond to each one in the form of a conversation, a kiss, or a phone call. It was a quirky dynamic to have one person continuing to write letters while the other professed their love verbally but it was yours and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Love Happens by LoveActually-rps

[Yuri on Ice, Otayuri, Soulmates AU] Read on AO3 


“Your soulmate is dead, Otabek.”

The boy barked right in his face and Otabek watched him with furious eyes, clenching his fingers into a fist, shaking.

He didn’t exactly understand the meaning of the word - dead, he was only four, but when it was getting thrown at you in the middle of a fight, like some stone, then it definitely wasn’t going to be something good.

Before Otabek could get his senses back and act on his instincts, he was dragged away from the bullying boy by his class teacher. As teacher Lilia soothed him with calm words and then warned him in a firm tone, Otabek could only stare at the tan skin of his wrist, unconsciously rubbing a thumb against his pathetically blank wrist.

When your soulmate’s first words to you were supposed to be tattooed on your wrist, a blank wrist was quite intriguing and an open invitation to be teased.

Otabek’s wrist was missing a soulband.

Every single person in his acquaintance had a soulband, God, even JJ had a soulband, then why not him? Otabek wondered.

Otabek’s mom tried to convince him by suggesting a few possibilities. One of them sounded quite convincing - maybe, his soulmate was yet to be born.

When Otabek didn’t budge, his mother tried diverting his mind with some poetic stories about how our loved ones would turn into stars after life, always shining in the sky, always readily available when you missed them the most.

It was a lie. He understood two years later when his grandma passed away and he couldn’t find solace in the midst of the gloomy, dark sky. He’d cried his eyes out for three days straight. He missed his grandma. He missed his non existent soulmate even more.

When he turned fourteen and still didn’t have the soulband, the ‘soulmate was yet to be born’ option was almost completely ruled out. He was sure he wasn’t going to meet his soulmate. Ever.

As the years passed he witnessed Mila chewing his ear off, screaming about meeting her soulmate in summer camp. He watched with amused eyes while his baby sister recognized her soulmate when his friend Phichit addressed her - “Hello Tia” instead of Mia.

The elders of the family always shared funny, mesmerizing stories about meeting their other halves. Of course, Otabek liked listening to those, even when he’d heard them before. He was happy for every single person around him, but sometimes he felt lonely…and hollow, as if he was missing his soul and not just some stupid mark of his wrist.

He met Yuuri Katsuki when he turned eighteen.

Yuuri was the sweetest person he’d ever come across. He had the heart of a cupcake and the charm of a fox. And most importantly, his wrist was blank.

They both immediately clicked over their non-soulband bond. It was Yuuri who showed him the other side of life, the not so pathetic side.

“Everyone can’t have a dreamy romance, Otabek,” he had said. “But that doesn’t mean you have to stop dreaming.”

Over a year Otabek watched him silently blush at the slightest mention of Viktor’s name, who apparently shared a soul bond with Christophe.

Otabek’s heart twisted in his chest for his best friend. But the smile on Yuuri’s face never faded. He was perfectly okay having Viktor as just-a-friend. He was glad having him in his life in some way, Otabek knew that.

Then one day he heard the news about Christophe moving to Switzerland, leaving permanently, never to return.

Otabek couldn’t make up his mind whether to feel happy for Yuuri or to feel bad for Viktor.

Otabek watched Viktor sulking over his soulmate’s absence for years and for the first time, Otabek felt lucky for having a blank wrist. He’d rather that than looking at a soulband everyday, every single minute and breaking piece by piece over what he could never have. It was Yuuri who helped the silver haired man to heal his shattered heart.

Otabek was the happiest person when, finally, Viktor asked him on a date, even happier than Yuuri was. Otabek felt as if something might have mended in his own heart.

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Wynonna Earp 2X09 Thoughts and Faves

This week on Wynonna Earp, everything was super fine, there were no creepy dolls or paintings from right out of my nightmares, and all the girlfriends in Purgatory recognized what an amazing, special thing they have together, laying to rest their current conflict before anyone could do anything impulsive and ill-advised…J/K, this week was feelings hell.

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A/N: Hello everyone! This is the beginning of my new series and I hope y’all would enjoy it! Just some side notes, my OC is heavily inspired by Evangeline Samos of the ‘Red Queen’ series by @vaveyard , one of my most favourite authors, as well as the ‘MAMA’ MV by Exo themselves! This dystopian series has a heavy theme of feminism and gender equality, a topic which I felt needs more exposure! Enjoy, my babies, and remember to leave feedback when you’re done reading! x

Genre: Dystopian/Supernatural/Action/Smut in later parts

Word Count: 8825

Synopsis: In the land of Exotica, thirteen kingdoms reign. Thirteen different types of bestowed powers, thirteen different types of abilities, thirteen different types of gifts. In this world, everybody is bestowed with only one ability. So what happens when The Chosen One is discovered to possess all thirteen powers at once?

Originally posted by exoxoolf

‘Survival isn’t a race. It’s a dance’.

I, Princess Kwon Syona, was born with the bestowed gift of being able to manipulate metal. It’s a deadly power and I wasn’t always a master at it; in fact, I’d always struggled to accept it when I was younger, unable to comprehend the fact that such an unassuming young girl like me was gifted with such power.

Over the years, I’d observed with wide-eyed awe as metal pieces bent to my every will, creaking and groaning with a mere flick of my wrist. Steel knives slice through air whenever I command them to, aluminium foils twisting and turning into dangerous daggers and harmless silver jewellery morphing into weapons of my choice.

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Monsta X reaction in finding the tattoos that you’ve been hiding because of work

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Shownu; You were too preoccupied with the music blasting through the speakers of your phone to notice Shownu coming in the room while you were changing. Hearing a loud gasp, you turned around to see Shownu staring at your buddhist pali incantation tattoo on the small of your back. Shownu was flustered to see you remove your clothes in front of him but he couldn’t rip his eyes off of your tattoo. You knew that one day you had to tell him and that day was today. You explained to him what the tattoo really meant and that you had to hide it because of work. You were expecting him to give a negative response to it but would be surprised when he breaks into a loving smile. He’d pull you into a hug and plant a kiss on your forehead before saying,

Your tattoo’s pretty amazing, jagi. And you’ve also became 10x hotter with those!” 

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Wonho; You were in your room when Wonho decided to barge in and annoy you. After multiple times of asking you to give him some chocolate, you gave up and walked up to your closet. By the moment your camisole went up when you stretched out your arm to reach the box of chocolate, Wonho would literally squeal in delight. You’d be taken aback by his sudden outburst but would be literally be shook when he grabs you by the waist and study the tattooed numbers on your hips. It was the birthdays of your parents and this thrilled Wonho. Before you could even react, he’d start blabbering stuff like you are so good at hiding these stuff and etc. and etc.  Shin Hoseok would then burst out laughing, running out of the room while telling the members about your tattoo. You’d literally facepalm yourself and go out the room to calm down an enthusiastic Shin Hoseok.

Guys! You won’t believe this! [Y/N], MY BABE, HAS A TATTOO ON HER HIPS!!!!!!!”

“Wonho, calm down–”


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Minhyuk; Lee Minhyuk was in the midst of playing with your fingers when his eyes landed on your ring finger. There was something hidden under the ring he gave you. He’d casually play with the ring while making sure that you were engrossed with the tv show. Once he sees your inked ring finger, his eyes would widen and a big teasing smile would appear on his face. By the second you notice his smile, you sighed and told him what the tattoo was about. It was the date of your engagement written in Roman Numerals. Minhyuk would be really touched by the thought of having that day written in your ring finger. Without further notice, he’d engulf you to a tight hug before showering you kisses. 

Aww, you’re so sweet babe! Should I also get my ring finger tattooed? But instead of our engagement date, it would be the date of our marriage!”


“Oh oh! I know, we should get both of our inked! That’d be great, right? Let’s have it inked this Friday!”

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Kihyun; You were busy moping the floor when Kihyun walked pass you. His eyes were busy wandering when it landed on a specific spot on your wrist. There was a semicolon on the side of your wrist and this was something that he just noticed. He’d stop his tracks and immediately call your attention. Yoo Kihyun would flash a smile smile and would beat around the bush. When he’ll finally gather up the courage to ask you about the semicolon on your wrist, you’d casually explain to him what it means and how you really wanted to show the people that you cared for them. After knowing the meaning to it, he’d nod his head and smile to himself. He’d be totally touched by your story and would be really giddy about it the whole day. Yoo Kihyun would NOT be able to stop himself from asking you questions about it.

So, babe, when did you get it?

“Last year.”

“Was it painful?” “Was the tattoo artist a dude? Man, if that person was a dude….” “Wait, what made you decided to have that inked on your wrist?”

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Hyungwon; Chae Hyungwon happily listening to you blabbering about how your day was and how the kids gave you flowers and etc. when he noticed the tattoo on your collarbone. You were about to reach for your cup when your loose shirt moved, revealing the tattoo about your mother. His smile would be erased in a snap and his eyes would literally be glued onto your right collarbone. You’d immediately notice where he’s looking at, to which you you’d embarrassingly explain to him how your mom is a big part of your life and you decided to have something about her tattooed on your body to keep you going and whatnots. Hyungwon would be shook for a couple of minute before breaking into a smile. His fingertips would caress the tattoo and he’d be quiet for a couple of minutes.

That’s really… thoughtful of you babe.. I don’t know why but you’re really something…”

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Jooheon; Jooheon volunteered to help you wash up since you were sick and could even barely lift yourself up. Having you stripped off of your clothes, he starts to shampoo you then proceeds in washing you body. In the midst of washing you back, he notices the tattoo on your shoulder blade. He’d stop his tracks and would casually ask you about it. Jooheon wouldn’t be able to rip his eyes off of your tattoo. You told him that it was the moon on the day you were born and the other moon was his. He’d break into a big grin before cupping you by the cheek. He’d be so fascinated and touched by your tattoo. 

Aigoo, you’re so cute jagi. You never fail to amaze me!”

“Babe, can you please continue washing my back?

“I never thought that you’d have the guts to have a tattoo with that kind of job of yours.”

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I.M; Changkyun was busy playing with your hair when he sees the tattoo at the back of your ear. It was an inguz or viking symbol. He’d literally be lost in his thoughts that he’d stop running his fingers on your hair. You’d turn your head and look at him, asking him what’s wrong. He wouldn’t be able to tell you what was bothering him. He’d stutter while finding the right words to say. You would furrow your eyebrows and realize that he saw the tattoo that you’ve always hid. You’d explain him what it means and how much the meaning really inspired you. He’d nod his head and would be silent for a couple of minutes since he’d be busy thinking about it. When he’s out of his own thought, he’d nod and would smile at you, telling you that it really is inspiring.

Babe, it means that where there is a will, there is a way. I got it when I was in my last year of College.”


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A scenario where Revali and his hylian s/o has a kid? Like a hybrid of the two? How would that look like?

[A/N: Alright, I went overboard and this kept me up til like 3 am last night, I was thinking of this in a semi-realistic manner. It was difficult for a bit because the persona I used to pair Revali with is basically an empty slate. I adorn them in clothes if I do draw them so I don’t have specific features to write, and others can incorporate themselves in it. But I figured to write this I used the persona I nicknamed, Yeurni, for reference. I am sorry it’s a lengthy read, but it’s just how I see this hybrid happening. Considered this an AU of Flock Together. You can thank Admin Quincy for the goblin nickname above in the picture. Admin Quincy loves them regardless. ] 

When Revali and you decided that it was time to start a family the probability of having a child was extremely low. Neither you nor Revali knew how you could conceive given the difference in species and more. Thus you two sought out many shamans, healers and all turned up with nothing. You were beginning to think that perhaps adopting would suffice, but deep down you and Revali wanted to have an actual child together. At least, in hopes to see what your genes could create. However, the research was turning up empty and hard as you tried not to; you were beginning to lose hope.

It wasn’t until one day King Rhoam came to you with an offer.. He heard of your plights, and given that Revali was making his way to be Champion, he would one day want the Rito to protect his future child.  In turn for Revali’s service, King Rhoam wanted to present the two of you with a gift, and the gift was at a chance of an actual child. Even though Revali made his concerns and was highly skeptical, he eventually conceded for this last chance. King Rhoam took you to his castle and there introduced you to Marin, a kooky scientist and shaman. Marin was ecstatic with the opportunity and when her child, Purah, ran to her side, was more than happy to go the extra mile.

Marin, for a few days straight, took hair follicles, feathers, DNA, and what have you; all the while teaching her daughter science and magical properties. It was amazing to say the least as you watch Marin be a wonderful, if not weird, mother. You hope that if a child came from this you could be as good as parent as she was.

As the days went by you and Revali were talking about what your child would possibly look like. Each of you thought they would be a perfect combination of you two, and strongly hoped that there wasn’t any scorn between your hybrid of a child. However, Revali had some days where he would scare himself, and talk himself into thinking that their child would be a freak of nature. He would tell you his fears at night, and would cry at the prospect of the child possibly dying from the mix genetics. As hard as it was, you tried to stay strong for the two of you while waiting for the results.

The day finally came when a tired Marin, and her daughter, Purah, came out from their lab. Within Marin’s hand was a large soft egg encased within a sapphire orb. “We did it!” Marin, exclaimed and handed you the delicate egg. It took every ounce of strength not to burst into tears and Revali was completely overwhelmed, he had to go outside for a bit.  

Marin knelt beside you and placed her hand on your shoulder, “Now, I was able to combine you two the best of my ability, but this is also magic infused. I used particles from an ancient relic that was said to be once touched by Hylia. I do not know how this will fair, but I can guarantee you have a child in there.” She smiled sweetly while you tried to find the words to thank her, but she knew from your look alone what you wanted to say. “Congratulations.” Was all she said.

In your shared home the egg was placed on a pillow, the sapphire orb around it glowing brightly. It was hard to believe, but you and Revali were going to be parents. Excitement bubbled in your stomach and you would spend hours staring at the incubating egg. Revali would often scold you, “Darling, penetrating the egg with your stare is not going to have them hatch faster.”

“You don’t know that. Maybe they can feel it.”

He only shook his head and laughed under his breath, “Yes, instill our child with peer pressure already. I am sure that will work wonders in our favor.”


Several months had pass and your precious egg hadn’t hatch, but it certainly was enlarging. The sapphire orb around it was beginning to diminish, and it was just an indescribable feeling knowing your child would soon be born. The only issue is that neither of you had decided upon a name, and the days until your baby would hatched were closing in. Revali picked up the egg and gently caressed it all the while murmuring sweet nothings to it. You smiled from your spot at the fire, preparing dinner.

Revali was pacing around the home mindlessly telling the baby stories of his feats and, of course, how you two met. It was in the midst of his sentence when he suddenly paused and let out a sound of eureka. “Skali!” He exclaimed and you only looked at him puzzled. He whirled around and gestured to the egg, “How does Skali sound?”

You blinked in question, “What does it mean?”

“I haven’t a clue.”

“….And you want to name our child that because?”

“….It sounds nice.”

So, Skali it was for a very simplistic reason, if not a tad odd.

And the eve of morning, you and Revali noticed that the blue orb was gone. For a moment panic arose between both of you, fearing the worse had happened. However, before Revali could grabbed Skali to take them to Marin, the egg began to wiggle about. Revali made incoherent sounds in excitement and you were frantically pacing the room.

“Is it happening?!” You yelled.

“Possibly?!” He squawked.

With great anticipation you two watched Skali break through the shell. Little by little the baby exposed itself and broke free; remaining shell clung to them as the peeped. A cry clogged your throat as you gently picked your baby up. They were completely featherless, but you could tell that Skali would later developed them. Your baby girl was a sight to see with a top beak and normal bottom lip. Her skin was tough, bumpy and a deep mocha. She did not have a tail stub, and Revali figured she would not develop tail feathers. She was odd looking, but to you she was the most beautiful thing you ever laid eyes on.

The first few years was a struggle learning how to take care of a child of mix breeds, but eventually you learned what made her tick. Also, the wonderful Marin and her daughter were there to help.

Her feathers were sporadic, mostly lining her under arms and her ring finger and pinky were merged together and covered in feathers. Her facial feathers collected under her chin, and three large, powder blue feathers adorned her head. She was lanky with long arms, a small torso, and an odd mixture of human feet and bird claws.

Skali wore hoods and cloaks to cover herself, not at all comfortable with her appearance since she was the only one in existence. Although Revali and you loved her to the end of the Earth and back, you could not protect her from the prejudice you both had feared. You two did the best you could to make sure she was well loved even if the world didn’t see the beauty you saw in her.

Revali did his best to be the best father he could be for her, and taught her all she knew about archery and fighting. Her flight skills were nonexistent given her torso and wings were too small to carry her, but she had the ability to glide short distances. Skali did her best to please her father in all sorts of fighting techniques, and had become formidable with throwing knives. Her long arm were perfect in projecting small weapons.  

Skali didn’t make many friends as she was too shy and nervous around other children. However, she did find solace in King’s Rhoam’s daughter, Zelda, who was just a few years younger than her. They became close friends and spent a lot of time together. Zelda protected Skali from the other children and encouraged her. It warmed yours and Revali’s heart seeing Skali breaking out of her bubble. Zelda gave Skali the confidence she had trouble seeing in herself and you knew those two would be best friends for life.

But it was not easy for Skali growing up despite all the support she had. As she was reaching early adulthood it became abundantly clear that she could not bare children. It was hard to hear at first, but she came to understand she could still become a mother by adopting.

Which brings us to the crisis of Revali and you having a hybrid for a child. Skali struggled silently for years accepting what she is. It was also difficult understanding the limitations and issues that she would not have if she was a full-blooded species. She never wanted to trouble anyone and embarrassed by her odd speech impediment, Skali choose to not speak. It was concerning as parents, but you two did not want to force her. You had to come to your own conclusion she was fighting a war within herself, but it was hard to choose whether or not to interfere.

This would, in her teenage years when she was experiencing growth spurts, caused her to lash out.  And with her having to deal with some prejudice at the same time made her withdraw into herself. Eventually, now in currently being nineteen, she had learned to find peace within herself and to love what she is. She knows she is a product of love even though people have whispered her parents were playing Goddesses, she felt blessed to be given the opportunity to experience life.


Request: Hello there!! I’ve been craving some spooky themed stuff and I was wondering if you could do something where the reader moves into a house that’s really old yet really cheap only to find it is haunted by the ghost of the original owners’ son, Kylo?? :)

A/N: I’ve had this done for a while and wanted to post it today because why not its Friday the 13th; it came out a lot longer than expected so I split it into two parts! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 5.6K+

Standing under the blazing early afternoon sun, watching movers walk in and out of the home in front of you as they brought your furniture in, you let out a small breath. This was your first real home. You had been living in an apartment before and you were growing tired of sharing walls with others. It was about time you bought your first place.

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CEO!YOONGI   ▊ ▏I Have Listened To Every Lie : Chapter 2

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The oak doors to Yoongi’s office are pulled open, the heavy wood making a soft shoop-ing sound against the dark blue herringbone tiles. Yoongi stands courteously as Jin strolls in, but forgoes the formal bow given that Jin’s such a familiar face. Doesn’t he usually have briefcase? Yoongi thinks. He gives the man a brief smile and leads him towards the sitting area. His assistant pours them both some herbal tea.

“Jin, thanks for coming.” They are way past honorifics at this point. “No briefcase, I see.”

Jin rolls his eyes and kicks up a foot on the table. “I heard through the grapevine that you’ve done something incredibly stupid once again, and I was prepared to haul your ass out of whatever hole you’ve dug yourself long before you asked for me.”

“I guess this ‘grapevine’ goes by the name Kim Namjoon?”

Jin laughs, and unbuttons his suit jacket. “Of course.” Then his face grows serious and he takes his leg off the table.

“What’s this I hear about you divorcing Nara?”

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