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What is the "boyfriend's jacket story"??

In the eruri fandom it’s the theory that the black jacket Levi sometimes wears over his shoulders belongs to Erwin. This idea comes from some fans’ observations:
1) the size of the jacket appears to be too big for him, and that’s why he wears it that way
2) in chapter 57 there’s a panel where Erwin needs to leave in a hurry and picks up his Survey corps jacket, although he is not wearing his uniform, but a pair of smart black trousers that some people believe be paired up with the “missing” jacket. That panel looks particularly irrelevant to the story, and since Isayama never draws anything without a reason, some fans think he wanted to give us a hint
3) Isayama himself admitted in an interview about the jacket that “it was something belonging to someone else, that was picked up because it was nearby” (this is how I remember the translation).
4) it’s canon that Erwin already gifted a white suit to Levi.
So there you go, eruri conspiracy theory for you explained poorly. If you need any source I’ll go scavenging around for you, these are just from memory

Fans Of "Produce 101 Season 2" Contestant Kang Daniel Donate To Protect Cats

Fans Of “Produce 101 Season 2” Contestant Kang Daniel Donate To Protect Cats

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“Produce 101 Season 2” contestant Kang Daniel has some sweet fans!

On June 1, Kang Daniel’s fan cafe announced that they have donated 2.5 million won (approximately $2,230) to the Korean Organization for the Protection of Cats. They presented a certificate showing that the donation was made in Kang Daniel’s name.

The Korean Organization for the Protection of Cats rescues stray cats and gives…

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Harry Potter Tag!

This is for fun you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Just answer the questions and tag some fellow HP Fans!

1. Favorite Female Character: Hermione Granger, she is always going to be my favorite. I love to read and she’s a strong character.

2. Favorite Male Character: Remus Lupin, I can relate to him about feeling like an outsider. I have a small group of friends that don’t treat me any different. Plus I do carry chocolate around often!

3. Favorite Book: Prisoner of Azkaban, I loved this book so much it introduced us to Remus and Sirius, It told us about the Marauders.

4. Favorite Movie: Goblet of Fire, I loved the tournament action plus David Tenant was in it even if he was a villain and only appeared in it for a few minutes.

5. Least Favorite Character: Umbridge, or how my best friend and I call her Umbitch.

6. Hogwarts House: Gryffindor, I took the Pottermore quiz multiple times and only got Hufflepuff once otherwise it is always Gryffindor.

7. Favourite Gryffindor: Ginny Weasley

8. Favourite Slytherin: Draco Malfoy

9. Favourite Ravenclaw: Luna Lovegood

10. Favourite Hufflepuff: It’s a tie between Tonks and Newt Scamander

11. Favorite Magical Creature: Niffler

12. Hogwarts class you want to take the most: It’s a tie between Care of Magical Creatures and Defense against the Dark Arts

13. Which magical item (Not a Wand) do you wish you have: The Marauders Map

14. If you could bring one character back who would it be: Fred Weasley, I need the twins to be together again! 😭

15. Owl, Cat, or Toad: Owl

16. Favorite Hogwarts Professor: Minerva McGongall

17. What do you think your Patronus is: Mine probably would be a Wolf, it’s my favorite animal. Pottermore said Dolphin though…

18. Favorite Marauder: Sirius Black

19. Favorite quote: I solemly swear that I’m up to no good

20. What Quidditch position do you think you would have: Keeper or Seeker, I’m not that great at Offense but I’m good at Defense. I just don’t play sports to be honest.

21. Candy from Honeydukes: Chocolate Frogs

22. Visit Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley: Both!

23. If you were an Animagni what animal do you think you’ll turn into: I think some sort of cat not sure which breed.

I tag: @spnfangirlforeversammyrules @grellaofasguard @timelordsandroses @assbutt-still-in-hell @fallenangelwithashotgunkaz-2y5 @hunter-of-sorts @hunter-avenger-demigod-wizard @frenchhotmess

suggestions on what i should draw today

// Theres alotta stuff i need to do but ya’ll know im indicisive. So heres some options:

1.) Fan art/ a snippit from a stream i went to yesterday

2.) A follow up on this pic because im so proud that its my first peice with 100+ notes

3.) Fanart for one of my followers/ a game

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Hey! Do you know the book 'Carry on' by Rainbow Rowell? If yes, how hot are 1) Baz and 2) Simon? 😊


1. Baz: Pretty
2. Simon: P r e t t y

Thanks for asking! Sorry I don’t know these characters personally, but I still tried to answer.

Andrew getting annoyed with Kevin always walking in on him and Neil making out so ends up just locking him out of the dorm.

- Okay so after practice they are always horny come on they are both sweaty and sexual tension when training is always high
- Andrew didn’t have a chance to join Neil in the shower lt bc god damnit Kevin he doesn’t care about your strategies
- so back at the dorm Nicky and Kevin are watching some old exy game on tv
- Cut to Andrew and Neil in the bedroom
- Mumbled ‘yes or no?’ And the response gets lost in kisses
- Andrews hands trail up under Neil’s shirt
- Then fucking Kevin decides to walk in
- This happens to often, he is literally the only one and the other foxes wouldn’t believe him bc they never show pda
- Neil flushes red, Andrew is about to kill Kevin and poor Kevin is about to die
- So Andrew stops straddling Neil and hops on other to Kevin who is slowing backing out the room
- grabs him by the collar and pushes him out the door
- Nicky put the pieces together and is laughing his ass off
- Andrew waves Nicky in the back of the head forging his off the couch and also out the door locking it behind them
- (both Nicky and Kevin have left the keys in the dorm)
- Kevin still in shock bc he is sick of that shit and all of his stuff in in his room
- I mean he can’t even go play exy cuz the keys are inside
- course Nicky finds this fuking hilarious
- Bc his cousin is gonna get some (#1 andreil fan)
- meanwhile inside the dorm Neil is smiling at his angry little bf
- so he comes up and asks ‘yes or no?’
- 250%
- They start to make their way back to the bedroom
- Neil’s shirt was discarded along the way
- and mr ‘your neck fetish is not attractive’ minyard has hickeys all down his neck
- he left some on Neil’s hip
- and his chest over his scars
- replacing the bad memories with better ones
- while that’s all happening Kevin and Nicky have retreated to the girls room
- Nicky is fine with it but Kevin is calling Neil’s phone
- Allison starts a bet on how long they get locked out for
- (imagine grumpy Kevin day in the corner trying not to think of what is happening in the dorm)
- like half an hour later Neil picks up
- 'hey Kevin what’s up’
- 'have you two stopped messing around yet we should go to practice stop wasting time’
- Kevin has a one track mind
- Andrew here’s the convo and picks the phone out from Neil’s grip
- 'sorry he’s busy rn’
- They don’t let back on the dorm for another 2 hours

Dear (some) kpop fans,

1. Stop with the percentages. (Ex. EXO’s fandom consists 99% stupid fans, 57% of Winner’s fans like them because they’re from YG, etc.) Did you take a survey? Did you talk to every single fan in that fandom? I don’t think so.

2. There’s no rule book that says that new kpop fans must know about older groups.

3. Don’t talk about a fandom or group/idol if you aren’t in it or if you don’t put in the time to get to know a group/soloist. It bothers me when people make these long rants about idols they know nothing about. You just come across as very ignorant.

4. Awards: Why does the length of time in the industry matter? Why must we judge the deserving based on how much they suffered? Is this a pity award? Last time I heard this was a music award, not an award given to the most hardworking or longest running singer. It measure impact.

5. “Groups from the big three don’t go through the same hardships that others from small companies do. Small company groups have it harder.” I disagree. Both have it equally tough. Small company groups have it tough because they have to work really hard to get their name known. But there is something they will never experience and that is the pressure that a big company group has to go through; everyone expects greatness from them. A lot of people fail to realize that if one of these groups (ex. Big Bang, SNSD, EXO) were to just step out of line (scandal) it would blow way out of proportion and I can guarantee that they would get 10X more hate than if they were to have come from a smaller company.

6. “_____ doesn’t deserve that award/popularity.” Who are you to say that? These type of comments aren’t cute. Don’t degrade someone’s work.

7. There is absolutely no need to bring in other groups to make you’re bias group look “better”. It’s pathetic.

Lastly, the day the kpop fandom as a whole stops hating on a group/soloist for their fandom instead of enjoying the performances/music is the day that the kpop fandom stops being a little bit less ridiculous.

P.S. There’s a difference between an opinion and just being an asshole.

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I'm dying for a dodgeball syndra tbh ;-;

All of us are, sweetie! I am fond of fun skins. This is one of the most supported community ideas, so maybe we can dream about Riot granting our wish someday, just like they did for DJ Sona, Popstar Ahri, Void Fizz etc. Who knows? ;) Until then, enjoy some amazing fan arts (sources : 1, 2).

Some facts about Normily fans:

1) Some people ship them to get together

2) Some people are fans of their adorable friendship 

3) Some people are fans of their adorable friendship while secretly hoping they get together.

4) I can’t speak for all of us obviously about this but the ones that I know don’t think Norman was miserable without Emily.  Not at all.  We think he was very disappointed in what happened with her and her character and the story-line that he thought was coming their way.

Some SK fans believe that:

1) Sasuke stabbing karin is a good thing- shows how important she was to get stabbed by him > sakura almost getting stabbed

2) Karin doesn’t openly fawn over him like fan girl sakura

3) Sakura is fake (inner sakura) while bipolar Karin is real with her feelings

4) SK doesn’t have memories like SS BUT that is good since Jugo and Suigetsu pointing it out is better

5) Sasuke never smiled at sakura like he did that one time when he saved karin

6) All of sakura’s memories of sasuke are of him with a serious face 

7) He has given karin full acknowledgement but not sakura. 

8) He doesn’t avoid and push karin away like he does sakura

9) Women being tender to their loves is applicable to Karin AND NOT SAKURA.

10) Suigetsu pointing out karin’s crush > Karin, Sakura, Kakashi, Naruto, Sai, ino, shikamaru, tsunade pointing out or confirming sakura’s love

11) Sakura likes sasuke for his coolness and looks

12) Sakura thinking that sasuke doesn’t like her shows how weak their bond is.

I have no words! If they were any more wrong they would probably be right. :/

I am not making this up. Someone actually tried to get my opinion about a ‘good’ SK post and sent the link to me. This is what was in the post (only a few f the points), i am not lying or twisting anything. You may not believe but people actually typed this out. Naruto manga readers said this.


An Open Letter to Nick Lang, Matt Lang, and the Starkid fandom

(The video didn’t work out so I’m doing this instead.)

Disclaimer: Obviously I don’t know everything about how Starkid operates, and the opinions I say I believe to be of “the fandom” are based on what I’ve seen/heard from other fans during my time as a Starkid fan and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of every single person in the fandom or myself unless explicitly stated. I deeply respect the Starkids and this is not meant to insult them and how they’re running things (I certainly hope I don’t come across that way) but to share my insight on the fandom and what I personally think may bring Starkid success in the future.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone for the support! Nick ended up reading himself and we discussed it. He said he liked and agreed with it, and is very appreciative of the fandom’s support of Starkid!

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Weekly Recap, October 19 - 25, 2014

I am really working to get caught up.

These are tagged weekly recap. Please reblog as a link because they wreak havoc on mobile. More likely to be errors or omissions this week because I got behind, so if you see something please let me know! I’m never offended, I appreciate any corrections.

I am omitting lots of tweets because there are so many and most of them don’t really add anything.

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