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The Doctor Falls, a summary

the Master gave themself a boner

the lesbian was saved by her all powerful star girlfriend and they kissed and it was gay

said lesbian made sure her last words to her best friend were “ok so you know I’m a lesbian right wanted to make sure you never forgot that for a moment”

the Master laughed manically with themself after having killed each other like an idiot

a lady was actively chasing some robot dick

the Doctor said “fuck this” to his regeneration

Here’s an idea.
Fill up Litchfield with guards like Nicole Haught, Maggie Sawyer, and Gail Peck.

You promise? I promise. part three!

Note: GUYS I THINK THIS IS THE LAST PART!! im finishing this here BUT i am still open to any ideas you guys have of what you might want to happen, I HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

Warning: angst, mild smut, reunion!!

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You don’t know how long it’d been. A couple months, maybe even a couple of years since the last time you saw your old group. That night you left the prison, covering up your tracks so that no one could find you. You didn’t want to be found. After a couple weeks of being alone, you were starting to go crazy, talking to the trees and the sometimes even the walkers. You decided to go back to the prison, maybe the group would accept you back. That’s not what happened. When you arrived back you were greeted by mounds of dead bodies that were scattered across the yard. Trucks and tanks lay abandoned outside the gates. You cautiously checked every walker to identify anyone from your group. You could only pick out one though, the sweet old man who had taken the group in back on the farm. Oh, how you missed those days. Your mind flashed images of Daryl in front of your eyes. Your heart hurt to think of him. There were so many things that could have happened to him. You pushed your thoughts aside as you picked up any remaining guns with ammo and you left the prison for good.

Daryl thought about you every day. When he woke up in the morning, his first thoughts were about you, whether you were alive or dead. The group had just found a community, Alexandria. He wasn’t comfortable there, the people had no idea what they were doing, they weren’t prepared to survive out there. It pissed him off how the group was settling in, going to the parties Deanna would throw and actually making themselves comfortable in their own house. He wished you were with him. You were the only one who understood him and actually helped him to feel wanted.

You had met a guy a few weeks ago. He seemed shady at first, but as he stuck around you got to know him. His name was James. There wasn’t much to tell about him really. You guys didn’t speak too often. You shared a relationship that was based purely on guessing what the other was thinking, and after time you two were experts at reading each other. He would help keep watch when you went to raid a store, or when you were exhausted he would take watch for the night. You two had each other’s backs and it was nice to finally have someone with you after so long on your own.

“I’m gonna go find some lunch or something” you said, getting up from the floor and grabbing your knife which was lodged in the tree.

“You want me to come?” James asked, looking up at you questioningly.

“I’m good, I won’t be too long”

He nodded his head as you turned and walked through the trees. You kept your eye open for anything that moved quickly across the ground. So far you had seen nothing, until you came to an open space. The grass was tall, but through it you were able to see something move. As you squinted your eyes, a smile spread across your face when you realised it was a horse. As cruel as it was to kill it, you were hungry for something more than just berries and cold canned beans. You put your knife in its holder as you grabbed your gun from the back of your jeans. You slowly creeped closer, it wasn’t facing you but any slight sound or movement could scare it away. You were close now, you aimed the gun at its head and let off a shot. It echoed through the air and the horse dropped to the ground, dead. You internally screamed with joy as you ran towards it and pulled out your knife. Just as you were about to start cutting into its flesh you heard a click behind you. You stopped moving immediately and you lifted your hands in the air. You were kneeled down on the floor with your back facing whoever it was, this was not a good situation.

“Drop the knife” the voice mumbled.

You hesitated for a minute but you dropped it to the ground, not wanting to make things any worse.

“Put the weapon down”

You heard another click and you recognised that voice. It was James. Thank god, he was here. You turned your head a little to see the man had dropped his weapon, and your heart nearly stopped when you saw it was a crossbow. It looked identical to Daryl’s, but it was impossible. The chances of that happening were like zero. You quickly stood up, grabbing the gun from your pocket as you turned around and aimed it right at Daryl Dixon.

You froze when you saw him. Your eyes locked together and you could tell he was just as shocked as you were by the way he squinted his eyes. You couldn’t move or think. There was no way he was here right now. You were 100% crazy.

“Shoot him and let’s go (y/n)” James said, shifting from foot to foot, clearly uncomfortable with the situation.

You felt tears start to burn behind your eyes but you blinked them away, standing strong. You lowered your gun and looked at James. “I can’t”

“Fine. I’ll do it”

James took a step back and it took you a second to register what he had just said. “No!” you shouted as James raised his gun. Everything happened in slow motion. James let off a shot but you quickly shot him right in the head. You watched his body slowly drop to the ground, the life had left his eyes as he stared blankly up at the sky. The tears had come back and dropped down your face. You kneeled down next to him and closed his eyes with your hand, saying goodbye to him. You turned back around to see Daryl kneeling next to someone.

“Are you hurt, did he hit you?” you asked, running over to him and the other person.

“Na, he hit Aaron, come on we gotta get him back” He said, grabbing both of Aarons ankles.

“Back where?” you asked, not thinking as you grabbed the man’s wrists and you both hauled him up.



“Stop asking me damn questions and move fast, he’s losing a lot of blood” Daryl snapped.

You looked down at the man who now had a stained shirt, blood drenching his neck and hands.

“Open up, quickly!” Daryl shouted as you approached a gated community. Tall walls blocked out the inside, all you could see was a man standing by the gate.

“Eugene open up the damn gates, now!”

“I can’t, we don’t know her” he said, pointing at you.

“We do, you don’t. Don’t make me ask again”

He hesitated before sliding the gates open and letting you in. You viewed your surroundings as you followed Daryl to wherever he was taking Aaron. You were losing your grip on his wrists but you were approaching a small house. Daryl kicked the door open and you both laid Aaron down on the sofa.

“Olivia?” Daryl shouted. He got no answer. “You wait here, I’m gonna go get Olivia” Daryl said, rushing off before you could even protest.

You awkwardly stood in the middle of the room, your eyes on the door. It seemed like there was no one around but you could never be sure. You kept your hand on the gun in your pocket, just in case.

“He’s in here”

You heard voices outside and you backed up against the wall as Daryl walked in with some lady you didn’t recognise, she was probably the doctor or something. She bent down next to Aaron and ordered Daryl to grab some stuff from her room. Daryl eyed you before going up the stairs, taking them two at a time. You realised that Olivia hadn’t seen you, so you used this opportunity to try and sneak out.

“What the hell is going on?”

You were just about to open the door when someone on the other side burst through it, almost knocking you to your feet. You stared at the familiar faces that crowded outside the house. Rick, Maggie, Glenn, Carol, Carl and Sasha.


Rick spoke first as everyone looked at you with confused and shocked looks on their faces. This was overwhelming. You were starting to panic. You weren’t used to being around so many people, even if you did know them. But that’s the thing, you didn’t know them, not anymore. They definitely must have changed over time, just like you. You started to back away but you bumped into someone. Turning around you saw Daryl, he had just given the supplies to Olivia and now he was staring at you. You turned around again but this time more of the group had walked inside, even some new faces had appeared. Your breathing grew heavy and you were getting hot flushes. You started shaking your head. “I need to go” you choked out, walking to push past the group but Rick placed a hand on your shoulder.

“You’re in no shape to go anywhere.”

“Rick please” you took in a deep breath but that was it. Your airways started to close and you wheezed as you breathed in. The next thing you knew you dropped to the ground and everything went black.

Daryl bit his thumbnail as he stared at you. You lay asleep on a mattress on the floor in his house. He had offered to let you stay with him so that you wouldn’t feel so trapped when you woke up. He always loved watching you sleep, not in a creepy way, but the fact that you were peaceful and vulnerable to the world around you.

You let out a small groan and you turned on your side to see Daryl crouched down and leaning against the wall. You both stared at each other for a minute, unsure of what to say. It was awkward, you had to admit. You guys didn’t exactly leave on a good note and you hadn’t seen each other for ages, you had both definitely changed. You started to sit up but Daryl put his hand on you and slowly pushed you back down.

“You need to rest, your body’s weak”

“I’m fine”

“(Y/n)” there was a warning tone in his voice, one that wasn’t to be messed with. “Olivia checked you over. You haven’t eaten in days and you’re dehydrated, not to mention shocked about what happened to your friend”

He paused for a moment, waiting to see if you’d reply but you didn’t.

“Thanks for that by the way” he added.

“There’s no need to thank me. I’d do it again if I had to” you said coldly.

You both looked at each other but you averted your eyes to the floor, half of you wanting him to go away but the other half wanting to just hug him and embrace him, you wanted it to go back to before.

“I tried lookin’ for ya” he said suddenly, making you raise your eyes to meet his. “Back at the prison, I came back that same day I left, but Rick told me you had gone.”

“I needed to cool off-”

“For a couple of years?” he cut you off, raising his voice a little, making your heart race. “I mean you clearly didn’t wanna be found, you covered your tracks well”

“If I knew I would have gone back sooner!” you tried to defend yourself. You sat up now and you were both at the same level. “You went off with your no-good brother and id had enough!”

“Don’t talk about him like that” he said, his voice was low and he dropped his head, his eyes breaking away from yours.

You wondered why he reacted like that but then you understood. Merle was dead. You dropped your head as well, sad that Daryl had lost his brother but at the same time you knew it was for the best.

“I’m sorry, how did it happen?”

“The Governor. Then I found him, walking around and munching on other people. I had to put him down myself”

You stayed silent, not knowing what to say. Daryl knew how you felt towards Merle and the awkwardness in the room thickened.

“You can say it you know” Daryl spoke up.

“Say what?”

“Everything. That he deserved to die, that he was scum. That even though he was my goddamn brother he was still a bastard!” Daryl’s voice rose and you jumped at his sudden anger.

“I wasn’t even thinking that Daryl!”

“Na I know what you were thinking. You’re glad he’s gone so now I can ‘concentrate on me’! Well screw that (y/n), we aint living in the past no more. He changed!” He said, standing up and you followed him.

“I’m sorry you’re hurting but I wasn’t gonna say that!” you touched his shoulder but he brushed your hand off. He turned away from you, facing the kitchen counter. You moved to the other side of it so you could face him.

“Look at me” you said calmly, your voice soft as to not startle him. “Daryl” you said, this time making him look up. You saw the tears in his eyes that threatened to spill, and for the first time in a long-time Daryl let them roll down his face. The one thing he could never understand was how vulnerable you made him feel. Whenever he was around you he could always let out his deepest and darkest emotions. Even though you both had changed, that’s the one thing that never would. You walked back around and hugged him from the back. You knew how he felt in these moments, weak and defenceless. You wrapped your arms tighter around his body and all his pent-up pain and sadness over Merle washed away, allowing a heavy burden to be lifted from his shoulders.

When Daryl finished letting all his emotions out he turned around to finally face you. “I missed you so damn much”

His words brought tears to your own eyes and you smiled at him. You saw him hesitate before slowly pressing his lips to yours. The sensation took over your whole body. You hadn’t had human contact like this in years, and having it with Daryl made the experience much more pleasurable and emotional. He scooped you up in his arms, bridal style, before bringing you up to his room and he laid you down on the bed. You smiled at him as he slowly kissed up your arm and neck until he reached your lips. You opened your mouth against his and he slid his tongue in, dancing together with yours. As you two were going at it, Daryl was slowly undoing your jeans, sliding them off your body before taking your shirt off as well, leaving you completely naked. Daryl broke away from the kiss to remove his clothing but his lips were soon back on yours and he pulled the covers over you.

Daryl grabbed himself in his hand before sliding his tip against your wet folds, using your juices for lubrication before pushing completely into you. You both moaned at the contact and Daryl kept up a steady pace while he kissed your neck and you pulled at his hair. After a while, you were both nearing your highs. He could feel your walls tightening around him which sent you both into your release, forgetting about all the problems of reality and just enjoying the moment in your bubble together.

Daryl pulled out of you when he was done and he lay besides you, wrapping an arm behind you as you curled up against his body, draping an arm around his chest.

“Never leave me again” he whispered.

“I won’t” you replied, nuzzling your head into his neck.

“You promise?

“I promise.”

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Honestly the new Doctor had better be either a woman or a non-white guy, genuinely don’t care which, if it is a woc I will be incredulously delighted and if it is Richard Ayoade I may scream


Fans: Moffat gave us black characters and turned them into cybermen he’s so horrible.

  • Had a companion who kept constantly dying to save the doctor because she jumped into his time stream, resulting in her to constantly be born and die multiple times
  • Same character’s echo got turned into a Dalek and made her own dream place so she wouldn’t have to cope with the cold truth
  • Same character whom a villain told her to be inside a dalek
  • Where the Doctor rendered a girl trapped as an immortal with no consent
  • Where an ordinary nurse died and somehow appeared as some Roman Auton and got sent back in time by the weeping angels
  • Where a baby hybrid got kidnapped by some salty eye patch lady with a hate-boner against the Doctor and then got raised with a purpose to kill said doctor 

But nooo…it’s only PeeOhSees getting skewered and not just Moffat’s writing towards making companions in general suffer, what with angst being the typical thing to happen when the Doctor travels with companions. Nope. He clearly has an agenda against PeeOhSees

Sorry, was inspired by that Doctor Who ask too much it seems. And with the racism stuff going on i might as well add this untagged post. That being said,  I didn’t even touch RTD. 

abby appreciation week | day seven: anything goes - lady space doctors 

Being an example

“Hi, I’m Dr. Aspdocs, I’m going to be helping take care if you tonight. Tell me about what brought you in to the ER.”

I have said that line probably 100 times. Almost every shift there will be a patient with a little kid with them. And every time one of the adults in the room will say at some point, “See? She is a doctor. A lady who is a doctor.” If the kiddo is a little girl the adult almost always adds, “You could be a doctor like her.” Wide eyes regard me, my blonde hair and glasses and purple stethoscope and blue scrubs.

It always chokes me up a little when that happens in this small community ER surrounded by so much poverty and violence. What examples of female ambition do these kids see?

One time I brought a little girl a stuffed animal- the ER keeps some to give to kids. She took it and said cheerfully, “I want to be a nurse!” Meanwhile the RN was placing an IV in the patient, she was listening. I said, “That is so wonderful! Nurses do very important jobs and the hospital would not work if we didn’t have such great nurses helping take care of patients.” And then we took turns making zoo animal noises.

I hope the nurses hear, “See? She is a nurse. Someday you could be a nurse like her.”


The Soul Mate by Kendall Ryan

4/5 stars

Official Synopsis:

From New York Times Bestseller Kendall Ryan comes a sexy new stand-alone novel in her Roommates series.

The smoking-hot one-night stand I was never supposed to see agaiN?Yeah, well, I might be pregnant, and he’s my OB-GYN.

Get ready to fall head over heels madly in love with the hottest OBGYN doctor you have ever met! This full-length standalone contains the most hilariously awkward lady-doctor visit, lots of playful banter and some good ol’ fashioned baby-makin’! One-click now for this summer’s swooniest read.

My thoughts:

Oh Man. Another home run from Kendall Ryan!!!

As a long time fan of all things KR, I was beyond excited when asked if I was interested in reviewing her latest release, The Soul Mate. Of course I tried to play it cool and agree to review, but inside I was JUMPING UP AND DOWN WITH EXCITEMENT!! Anyway, ON TO THE REVIEW!!!

I started The Soul Mate almost immediately after it synced to my kindle, because HELLO, YOU DONT SLEEP ON KENDALL!!! As I started reading, the familiar feeling of Kendall’s writing felt like putting on your coziest sweater. After the first 60 pages I knew that cozy sweater feeling was going to stay with me till the very end (also - I need to mention that Cozy Sweaters can also be HOT, which this book most definitely was.) 

The hilarity of the situation with the “lady doctor” was my favorite part. All of us have had awkward obgyn visits so imagining mine being one of my hot hookups was SO CRINGEY hahaha. It made the entire situation real and also hilarious for me. I cant say enough good things about this book and how much I want everyone to read it! 

If you are a fan of Kennedy Fox or Penelope Ward, READ THIS!!!!!

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Im not a big Who fan - my strongest Doctor Who fan experience will always be the grainy video tapes of 4 my mom watched with me, and like maybe some 9 - but holy cow they actually chose a lady doctor

whathappensinthewoods  asked:

In honor of Matryoshka, I'm re-reading Cagebird. So, what was up with Yuri's papa and Mishka's mat? 'Cause something was definitely up there. Yuri's mom liked her not very much and Yuri's dad seemed a little to close. Also, it can be justified that Mishka needed to get to a doctor fast, but who grabs some other lady and her kid when their home is being bombed and not their own? If it weren't for Mishka's dad mentioned as on station, I'd have had suspicions about paternity... anyway, verdict?

That’s pretty straightforward. It was my intention to imply - albeit from a child’s point-of-view - that Yuri’s father was having an affair. And that was underlying in some of Yuri’s conflict and distance from his father as a child (even if the bottom line was he loved his father.) Adult relationships are complicated…

My therapist is like ‘wow you’re so emotionally divorced from everything that’s ever happened to you’ and I’m like ‘yeah i guess’ but then I go out with friends and realize I’m screaming at the top of my lungs in the car over some tiny stupid irritation and it’s like “yes? hello? doctor therapist lady? good news - i found my feelings. they’re all unbridled rage.”

Doctor Who, on Gender

“Doctor Who”, Season 10 Episode 11

I just got back into the show and binged (and skipped a lot tbh) to get to the end of the 12th Doctor’s run, because I was excited about the Lady Doctor. And then this happened. Some background for those who don’t know, “Bill” is the latest companion, and is a biracial lesbian. Aside from Bill, it seems, going by this late-season conversation, the entire 10th Season was set up for the Lady Doctor’s appearance, also calling for acceptance and representation in a few other facets, and I’m all for that.

The Doctor: She was my man crush.

Bill: I’m sorry?

The Doctor: Yeah, I think she was a man back then. I’m fairly sure that I was, too. It was a long time ago, though.

Bill: So, the Time Lords, bit flexible on the whole man-woman thing, then, yeah?

The Doctor: We’re the most civilized civilization in the universe. We’re billions of years beyond your petty human obsession with gender and its associated stereotypes.

Bill: But you still call yourselves Time Lords?

The Doctor: Yeah. Shut up.