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omfg y’all. It seriously just now occurred to me… that the running joke in Daesung’s Dome Tour earlier this year was “Show me something!” So now he’s gone and done it and named his next tour the D Show. The D Show.

What’s he gonna show us? His D? We gonna see One Night D-LITE come out to play?

Why. Why is he like thisssss

3 Billion Dollars [Part 7] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Just swearing for this one

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A/N: SORRY! I always seem to post my work at like 10 at night. Well, here you go! This one is more fluff and not as eventful as others are, but the next one shit happens.

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You looked at Mr. Kwon with confusion. He looked at you expectantly. You sat up on your bed, crossing your legs. Ji’s cat, Ai, quickly moved from off your side and onto your lap. Ai curled up in between your legs. Ai looked at Mr. Kwon with a sideways glance before settling into his new spot.

“Princess, I don’t have all day, and you know I won’t beg.” He seemed so casual. It always sent chills down your spine. You started to wonder if Ji Yong does it too.

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise, but you might want to change out of those shorts.” You looked down at your legs. Your shorts stopped at the bottom of your butt. Mr. Kwon smiled, although it was anything but comforting. “In this community who knows what people would do to you in those pants.”

You got up quickly, not wanting to irritate him. Ai gives you a look before curling up in a ball where you sat. Mr. Kwon smiled at you and then left the room. The boys follow behind him leaving you alone with Ai. You quickly went to your closet, which now has clothes hung and folded in it. You quickly put on a pair of leggings and leave the room. Mr. Kwon waited outside, both Seunghyun’s waiting as well.

“Let’s get going. I’m sure you have other plans for today.” You looked at Mr. Kwon confused, but he had already started walking. You followed him, both Seunghyun’s behind you on either side of you. Once again as you get further from your room, you start to hear people talking. Again as you walk through the living room and hallways you pass people, but this time it was different. Everybody moved and made a path for Mr. Kwon and his guests. They parted like the Red Sea, giving their leader a clear path. Once again you got looks. Although they were the same if not harsher looks compared to last time. Some people glared as you walk pass them, other gave you sympathetic looks.

“So, are you enjoying your stay?” Mr. Kwon asked. Everything always seemed so casual when he did it. Although you knew how cunning he can be, which always lead for you to have your guard up when you’re around him.

“I guess. A little lonely.” You admitted. Mr. Kwon looked down at you, nodding his head.

“I can understand that, especially in your predicament.” You nodded your head at your words. “You do have friends here, though. And I know my Ji Yong will do anything for you.”

“Yeah, I’m not exactly happy with him.” Mr. Kwon chuckled. Honestly, you knew about all the things Mr. Kwon could do to ruin your life, but he wasn’t always the bad guy. Mr. Kwon nodded his head. He continued to lead you down another hallway, the mass of people disappearing.

“I also can understand that. Trust me when I say that Ji Yong isn’t the easiest kid to raise.” Mr. Kwon said, a smile on his face. You laugh and you hear both Seunghyun’s snicker behind you. “Don’t tell him I said that though. That includes you, boys, too.”

“I won’t. I promise.” Mr. Kwon gave you a smile, one that you didn’t feel like had an alternative motive. You gave him a smile in return. Mr. Kwon stopped in front of a door and opening it for you.

“Here you go princess,” Mr. Kwon said, putting a hand on your back leading you inside. The room was long length wise. Nobody else was in there, just you four. There was a long desk that went across the room, with big dividers that broke the room into sections.

“Princess, we are going to teach you how to defend yourself.”

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Daesung singing his member’s solos.

*bigbang as ed sheeran tweets*
  • Jiyong: just walked by rihanna and stopped for a chat. Said I was going for a snack then she reaches into her dress and pulls out a packet of M&M's
  • Youngbae: I beat a 9 year old in monopoly today
  • Seungri: pizza is a circle. pizza is life. pizza is the circle of life.
  • Seunghyun: getting emotional now, gonna eat some nachos
  • Daesung: watching shrek for the 13th time
Dinner with friends

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Rated ~Smut

Pairing ~T.O.P x Jiyong x reader

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The chatter in the room became a low murmur as you swayed in your seat to the smooth jazz and sipped on a glass of red wine. you could feel your entire body pulsating as the alcohol made its way through your veins.

You were brought out of your trance when you felt a hand gently skim across your knee and come to rest on your exposed thigh. you lifted your heavy eyelids to see your boyfriend Seung Hyun smirking back at you. He slowly leaned in nuzzling his face into your hair.

“You’re drunk” Seung Hyun chuckled.

“No you’re drunk” you slurred back poking an accusing finger in his chest causing him to chuckle again.

“You’re so drunk that i bet i could do this…” Seung Hyun whispered as his hand caressed its way up your thigh under your skirt stopping before your panty line.

You looked up at him shooting him a warning look only to have him chuckle once again before turning to the conversation of the dinner table as if nothing had happened.

His hand moved further down your inner thigh and a knot formed in the pit of your abdomen. why was this turning you on? you knew it was wrong to do this in front of your friends and Seung Hyun ’s band mates but you couldn’t bring yourself to deny this man.

Feeling flustered you looked around the table making sure no one could see what was happening. luckily everyone was to engaged in chatter to notice.

You took another sip on your wine when Seung Hyun’s pinky brushed against your panties causing you to cough as you choked on the wine.

“Are you ok noona?” you heard Jiyong ask from across the table.

You looked up to see everyone looking back at you. you instantly felt your cheeks heat up with the intensity of a wild fire.

“I’m fine, the wine just went down the wrong way” you replied with a squeaky voice. the entire room erupted into laughter. you noticed Seung hyun laughing particularly hard so you elbowed him in his side.

“Yah! i’m sorry jagi, did we upset you?” Seung hyun asked as he leaned in and firmly pressed his lips against yours. he pulled away and stared longingly into your eyes. he did it on purpose, he knew it drove you crazy.

“So _____-ah when will your next exhibition be open?” Taeyang asked.

“Well I’m still not decided on all the pieces yet…” you paused as you felt Seung hyuns pinky slowly moving up and down your clothed slit.

“Why is that?” Jiyong chimed in.

“Umm…. I’m ah… not entirely convinced by them.” you couldn’t concentrate, Seung hyun knew exactly how your body worked and took full advantage of it.

“What do you mean?” Taeyang asked again.

You could feel the cloth of your panties getting slicker and slicker with each stroke his pinky made. you could barely think but you knew you had to answer soon or they would start to get suspicious.

“I guess….. you could say that I’m…… just being a typical artist….. never happy with my work” you giggled nervously, thankfully the other diners all laughed with you.

You flinched as a rush of cold air hit your warm core where Seung hyuns large hand used to be. you swore you saw Jiyongs eyes narrow at you for a moment but your suspicions were swept under the rug when you felt Seung hyuns hand once again.

He hooked his fingers under your panties and gently pulled them to the side and you bit your bottom lip in anticipation. he ran his index finger up and down your wet slit.

Everyone seemed to go back to talking amongst themselves and you couldn’t help but let out a small sigh in relief, but just as you did Seung hyun stuck his index finger inside you. you had to grip the table just so you wouldn’t let out the moan that was hanging in the back of your throat.

Seung hyun picked up the momentum of his finger gliding in and out of you, your breathing became erratic and to no avail you sucked on your bottom lip to try and calm yourself. you were sure that you two would be caught at any moment, but as your eyes darted between the other diners no one seemed to notice, until you saw Jiyong.

Sitting back in his chair with his arms crossed he smirked at you with a glimmer in his eyes. there was no doubt that he knew what was going on under that table.

Seung hyun slowly lent into you. “I can tell you like him watching you jagi, i felt you clench around my finger as soon as you noticed him. I want you to keep eye contact with him” Seung hyun said breathing down your neck.

Seung hyun then placed his thumb on your clit and started to draw circles around it while his index finger continued to move in and out of you. You did as he said and kept eye contact with the man sitting across from you. His cat like eyes boring holes right through you.

Seung hyun started to speed up his fingers and you let out a whimper, Jiyong bit his bottom lip at the sound. He looked around at the other dinners, they were all to busy giggling at another one Seungri’s stories. Jiyong then uncrossed his arms and picked up his fork from dinner, he looked up at you and winked as he threw the fork under the table. keeping his eye contact with you he slowly slid under the table. you could feel yourself get wetter with the thoughts of him watching you down there.

Seung hyun used his free hand to grab your chin to face him, he stared into your eyes for a moment before he pulled you into his lips. just as Seung hyun pushed his tongue through your lips and against your own tongue he removed his fingers from you and slowly slid his hand down to your knee, opening your legs wider.

hot air rhythmically danced its way over the skin of your inner thigh, making its way towards your core painfully slow. you grasped Seung hyuns shirt in anticipation and he chuckled into your mouth.

Suddenly Jiyong put his lips against your swollen clit, you moaned into Seung hyun and gripped tighter into his shirt. you felt jiyong’s hands caress your thighs as he sucked and lightly nibbled on you. you began to lose control as the knot in your abdomen got tighter.

You moved your hands to Seung hyuns face so you could pull him deeper in to the kiss earning yourself a low growl from him. Jiyong stopped for a moment and you pulled away from Seung hyun, you looked up at him panting in a hot mess, Seung hyun smirking back at you.

Just when you felt you were safe from the two mens desire to make you squirm, Jiyong used his thumbs to spread your lips open, then ran his tongue up your slit and flicked your clit. your mouth dropped open, before you could make a sound Seung hyun captured your mouth with his and quickly rammed his tongue down your throat.

Your head was starting to spin from the attention from both men. you knew it wouldn’t be long before you completely lost yourself in all the stimulation. Jiyong picked up his pace flicking your clit with his tongue. you ran your hands up Seung hyuns pecks, over his shoulders, to his back, clawing at him through his shirt. Seung hyun moaned, returning your rough kisses.

You felt a finger push through your folds, into your hot core. he curled it up slightly, hitting just the right spot. your body began to shake as you felt your release getting closer. you pushed your nails harder into Seung hyuns back causing him to growl.

“Oh get a room you two” Seungri shouted. you quickly pulled away from Seung hyun and felt Jiyong slowly slide his hands down your thighs.

“What? you dare talk to your hyung like that?” Seung hyun growled back at him.

“Hey where did Jiyong go?” Taeyang asked looking around the room.

Suddenly Jiyong popped up from under the table, holding his fork high in the air.

“I found it” he proclaimed as he sat back in his seat. not taking his eyes off of you he slowly reached down to pick up his napkin and slowly dabbed the corners of his mouth.

“Hey hyung, i’m hungry. is there anything for dessert?” Daesung asked.

“There’s some ice cream in the freezer, help yourself" Jiyong replied.

“Thanks. would you like some hyung?” Daesung asked walking past you into the kitchen.

“No thanks, i’m full” Jiyong purred smirking at you.

-To be continued-