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I love you [1/?]

Cedric Diggory x Reader
Summary: Cedric is a popular kid in Hogwarts and you’re a nobody. You overhear him talking some rude things about you that he didn’t really mean and it shatters his heart knowing that he broke yours.


You didn’t believe in magic. You had to admit weird things happened around you every since you could remember, but it was a lot easier to call them coincidences. It was working just fine until, one morning, an owl (yes, an OWL) hit your kitchen’s window carrying a god damn letter. It was your invitation to Hogwarts.

At first, your parents were skeptical and ready to deny it. It sounded like a joke some lunatic would do to confuse or even kidnap children. The owl thing might have been impressive, but it wasn’t enough to make your family believe there was a whole wizarding world out there. Then, Minerva McGonagall herself showed up at your house to convince them to “send you somewhere your powers and true self could be embraced”. She literally appeared in your living room out of nowhere, almost giving your mom a heart attack, and talked her way into your parents’ heart.

Next thing you knew, you were in a magic train heading towards that place you didn’t even want to go. And that trip was worst than hell.

To clear things up, you had nobody to warn you about forbidden zones, friendly zones, what to avoid and what to do. So, clueless, you sat right into the so called “Slytherin Area”.

“You’re kinda pretty” said a tall guy with green and silver clothes sitting across the wagon. He appeared to be at least three years older than you. “What’s your name?”

"Y/N” you said, simply.

"I’m Gregor Black. We might even date when you’re older” he said, joking.

"I don’t think so” you answered, mirroring his tone. Everybody laughed. He thought it was funny how you seemed to believe it was an option, and suddenly everybody was all smiles and having an amusing time.

"Did you guys hear how many mudbloods are coming along this time?” one of the girls said, suddenly.

"What’s a mudblood?” You asked.

"Someone whose parents or relatives aren’t wizards. We don’t like them. They are supposed to stay in their stupid muggle world, away from us. Do not talk to any of them, Y/N. They’re gross and nobody likes them” Gregor answered, disgusted by the mere thought of that. You felt scared and embarrassed, and excused yourself. You felt like crying. You had no idea that the other kids didn’t had a regular family, or that you were so different that people would hate you so much.

You looked for an empty wagon, and succeeded. All you wanted was to go back home, until a nice older girl found you and asked what’s wrong. She was wearing clothes very similar to Gregor’s, except they were golden and red. Later, you would find out her name was Florence.

"I don’t think I’ll fit in” you said, afraid to tell her you were a mudblood. She seemed to think for a little while.

“Well” she finally said “I assume you’re coming from a muggle family. Am I right?”

You gasped. When you didn’t answer, she took it as a confirmation.

"It’s okay, a lot of people do. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You look extremely concerned about it. Did anyone say something mean?”

You told her all about Gregor and his friends, and she comforted you. Apparently, it was only some elitist bullshit some kids would spread, but no decent wizard would ever talk about muggle born wizards like that. Those comments were reserved to purely wicked and rude people, like Lord Voldemort’s (the big bad wizard wolf who died a few years earlier) followers.

You had a nice day after that, and hung out with Florence and her Gryffindor friends. She explained about the houses and said you would be selected to one, hopefully hers, so that we could be together in class and dorms. It was a huge disappointment when you got selected to Hufflepuff, at least at first. You got used through the first days, and soon started to love your house.

Your first four years were cool. You studied hard and got really good with your magic. You were a little reserved, and had only a couple friends among the Hufflepuff people. Most of your squad were on Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, and that planted a stupid idea on your dorm mates that you felt like you were “too good for your own house”.

One day on the library two guys talked about that matter. One of them was Cedric Diggory, a Hufflepuff guy from fifth year, and James, one of the few Slytherin kids you didn’t actually hated… yet.

- Cedric’s Point of View -

"You know what? I never saw that kid over there talking to anybody from your house” James pointed with his chin to Y/N, who was sitting in a table near them.

“She’s friends with Florence, the Gryffindor girl who’s graduating next year” Cedric said, pretending to be indifferent. He was searching for something in the bookshelves, and wouldn’t look away from his task for even a second.

“Yeah, but I mean, does she ever talks to anybody in the dorm?” James wanted to know.

“No. She keeps it to herself”

“I think Y/N a bitch” the Slytherin one said, looking to the now empty chair she was sitting on. “One gorgeous little bitch”

“Don’t talk about her like that” Cedric looked away from his books for a second, then remembered he wasn’t supposed to show he cared. He started to go through the bookshelf again. “I mean, she might be a bitch, but not that gorgeous”

He regretted his words the minute he said them. He had to keep his affection to himself, considering she would never see him the way he saw her, but there was no need to humiliate Y/N.

“She’s too self absorbed to be in your house” James said. “I mean, aren’t you Hufflepeople supposed to be all joyful, nice and helpful to others?”

"The hat chose her, so I won’t argue” Cedric answered, still a little bitter about his own words.

"Maybe it was wrong” James insisted. “It could happen, right?”

"I don’t know. I never talked to that ‘self absorbed bitch’ in my life. Why don’t you ask her, if you’re so interested?” he was a little bit rude while quoting his friend, but still looking between the books for something specific and playing it cool.

"Damn, man. What if she kills me?”

Cedric rolled his eyes.

“She won’t kill you, but I didn’t really meant you should actually go talk to her. I was being ironic” he said.

"Yeah, but on second thought, I think it’s a good idea. I mean, I might get my doubts answered and even get inside her pants” James said, and Cedric immediately dropped his books and looked at his friend.

"What?” he almost yelled. Then, lowered his voice, realizing he was on a library. “What the hell, Jay?”

“You Hufflepeople are friendly. She won’t mind me asking if she’s really all that selfish or if it’s just a mask, and her Hufflesillyness will melt her heart when I ask her out on a date or something like that” the Slytherin kid said, without a worry in the world.

Cedric looked at him like he was the most stupid and disgusting human being to ever step a foot on this earth.

“Man, enough with the ‘Hufflepeople’ bullshit. It’s all stereotypes. We do get angry and we do mind getting asked about rude stuff. And you’re not good enough to get in Y/N’s pants or anything related. She deserves way better"

James didn’t really cared. He was going to ask Y/N anyway. Cedric grabbed his arm.

“James. Do NOT bother Y/N. I’m warning you”

The other guy exploded in laughs.

“Why are you so mad? You got a crush on her or something?” Cedric’s face turned bright red. James started teasing. “Come on brother, no reason to be ashamed. I mean, I’ve seen her in physical combat class wearing tiny shorts and tank tops… she has a VERY nice ass and don’t get me started on the boo…” James didn’t even got to finish his sentence. Cedric jumped at him and nearly threw a punch at his friend’s nose, but got interrupted by Winona, the librarian lady.

“What the hell is wrong with you, mister Diggory?” Winona asked, furious.

“I’m sorry, Winona. James here just said some…” Cedric began to explain, but was quickly cut off by the older woman.

“I don’t give a damn about him! You two fight like dogs all the freaking time, I stopped caring a long time ago! Now about miss Y/L/N I do mind!”

Cedric froze just by the mention of her name.

“What?” he looked to the empty chair, because he hadn’t noticed yet that Y/N was gone.

“She was here a while ago and overheard your sorry ass calling her 'self absorbed’, 'bitch’ and, for Merlin!, 'not that gorgeous’! How blind and stupid do you have to be to…”

Cedric didn’t stay to hear another word. He ran away from the library, running through the castle and looking for Y/N. He felt like he was stabbed in the throat and stomach multiple times. His sweet Y/N thought he actually meant those repulsive words, and that he felt that way about her. He wanted to hit a wall. Or himself.

- Y/N’s Point of View -

You were lying down in your bed, playing with your hair. Your eyes were red from crying, and your whole body felt as heavy as a rock. You had a small room inside the regular dorm all for yourself - the house always respected the needs of the Hufflepuff students, and it recognized your need for privacy. It served you well right now, because you would hate to cry in front of all these kids who clearly hated you. It felt like your first time in the train all over again.

You didn’t thought of yourself as self absorbed. You just couldn’t make friends so easily, not when people didn’t approached you first. You got lucky with Florence and, frankly, the Hufflepuff people always seemed to reach out for everybody but you. It felt personal since the beginning. But it never occurred to you that they thought so low of you, like you heard Cedric and James say.

Cedric, of all people, who always seemed so sweet and caring. It was awful for you to admit, but you had a crush on him for a few months now. He was the most popular guy on your house, and everybody adored him. Just because you were an excluded girl, it didn’t meant you didn’t adore him too. He was way too handsome and gentle, and was the only one who would say hello, 'morning and 'night to you. Cedric seemed incapable of hating or mocking someone, or so you thought until you went near him and James to pick up a book.

“…keeps it to herself” Cedric was saying something when you approached. None of them saw you.

“I think Y/N a bitch. One gorgeous little bitch” You heard James’ voice, and your heart sunk when you processed his mean words.

“Don’t talk about her like that. I mean, she might be a bitch, but not that gorgeous” Cedric managed to shatter your heart even more. You could hear his bitterness, as if he hated you deeply.

“She’s too self absorbed to be in your house” James kept going. “I mean, aren’t you Hufflepeople supposed to be all joyful, nice and helpful to others?”

"The hat chose her, so I won’t argue”

"Maybe it was wrong. It could happen, right?”

"I don’t know. I never talked to that self absorbed bitch in my life. Why don’t you ask her, if you’re so interested?” Cedric seemed to despise you so much that he couldn’t wait to get that conversation finished.

You couldn’t hear it anymore. It was too painful. You grabbed your books and ran away, trying to keep the tears from falling down, and Winona managed to stop you long enough so you could tell her a summary of what you heard Cedric saying. Then, you came to your room on the Hufflepuff dorm and cried your eyes out.

You heard a knock on your door. A blond head appeared, shyly, and you remembered that girl from the common room. Her name was Tayla, or something like that.

"Hello, Y/N. I’m sorry to bother, but there is a boy outside and he wishes to talk to you. Can I let him in?” she asked, gentle and polite, with her doll voice. Tayla looked a little concerned by the evident tears all over your face, but you cleaned them up with your sweater and gave her a tiny smile.

“Who is it?” you figured it would be Rory, the only one of Florence’s friends besides yourself from Hufflepuff.

“Cedric Diggory” she answered.

“No” you answered immediately. Tayla seemed a little disappointed. She asked if you were sure and you confirmed. You turned your back to the door and opened up your drawing notebook/journal. You picked up a pen and started some random sketches.

Seconds later, the door opened again. Two times in a day! That must be a record. You didn’t even look at Tayla.

“Sweetheart, I said no. Tell him I don’t want him here” you said, softly.

“I’m sorry. He couldn’t take no for an answer” a male voice responded. You turned around to see Cedric standing beside of your bed.


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Is a reference to Love

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Is a reference to Commitment

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Is a reference to Security

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Is a reference to First Relationships

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Is a reference to Consent

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Is a reference to Trust

Yes, there is a bit of sexual subtext that we adults can pick up on, but the purpose of ‘fusions’ in Steven Universe is to teach the children who watch it about relationships. It teaches children about how relationships are sacred and mean the world to some people, and can just be fun and pleasurable to others. It teaches children that new relationships are confusing but can also be exciting. It teaches children that some people engage in relationships because it makes them feel stronger, and that some people only do it because they find it fun. It teaches children that these relationships are all fine, but that you shouldn’t impose your own views of relationships on somebody else. It teaches children that consent is key in any relationship, and if the consent is lacking, or if the personalities involved are way too different, that the relationship could crumble at any moment. 

Tonight’s look into the relationship between Garnet and Pearl shows that by tricking someone into an intimate act that’s very special for them, just to satisfy your own cravings, you can ruin your relationship with that person. This is a reference that can be built out of many variables, but the point was to teach children about respect and boundaries. 

Fusions are an incredibly deep message that reference many different aspects about relationships- not just one. Sure, you can pick up on some sexual themes but that’s really not the point.

Someone got defensive today because I called Adventure Time a children’s cartoon. I assume there must be some confusion, so I want to walk you through these facts to make sure everything is clear.

Adventure Time is a children’s cartoon.

My Little Pony is a children’s cartoon.

Steven Universe is a children’s cartoon.

Regular Show is a children’s cartoon.

Over the Garden Wall is a children’s cartoon.

There is nothing wrong with these indisputable, undeniable facts about these shows. The fact you are watching a children’s cartoon as an adult is not a reflection on your character and maturity level; your unbearable defensiveness and asinine denial of reality is far more telling.

Want to get this off my chest (not 5sos related sorry)

So bloody pissed off. Some people are so f**king horrible it’s unbelievable. I was walking my dog (a German Shepherd) and some little brats started winding him up by pretending to bark and make silly noise and he’s only a puppy, not just that they then turn around and say there’s two dogs and one’s a fat bitch, I then turned around a said what a great way to wind up a dog you idiots and called them dickheads. My poor dog had no idea what was going on and he got to confused because of some stupid little children.