and some boys but mainly girls

OK but seriously, Bitty and Jack’s public coming out/proposal...

I have this headcanon/idea that if they come out publicly they decide, “Fuck it. If we’re doing this we’re gonna go hard.” AKA some kind of flash mob or performance proposal. So Jack and George come up with this genius idea to announce Zimbits at a game.

  • George just wanted to slip it in at the end of the game but JACK… 
  • Jack talks to Bitty and they decide to do something a little bit….different
    • The planning took FOREVER. It was originally just going to be a way for them to come out. 
    • Zimms decides about 10 seconds in that this would be a perfect way to propose. He gets some of the guys in on it. He has Tater and Shitty help him pick out the ring and gets Georgia to work out the logistics for everything.
    • Don’t even get me started on when Jack tells Bob and Alicia/Suzanne and Coach bc you know they absolutely LOST it
  • Bitty used to be a figure skater. Jack plays pro hockey. So what better way than to do it than on the ice at a Falconer’s home game?
  • It’s halftime/intermission/whatever and the announcer welcomes a surprise performance
  • Enter Bitty. He’s not in a fancy costume or anything, just a shirt and some pants. The crowd’s all types of confused. 
  • “I came here for hockey and there’s some ice skater taking over the ice?! What in the hell is going on?”
  • He’s skating to Death of a Bachelor (AKA I’m taken. He’s taken. Leave my BF alone you fucking piranhas)
  • It’s a pretty standard routine until right before the chorus
  • Enter Jack “Cannot do anything less than 110%” Zimmermann. 
  • He’s changed out of the main bulk of his gear. Mainly just wearing the sweater so people know it’s him.
  • Insert Yuri on Ice-style exhibition/pairs skate shit here. I’m thinking something Battle of the Blades-ish, maybe.
  • At some point, Jack THROWS Bitty into a fucking jump or spin. (Because you know that boy is ripped as hell and has the strength to do it and Bitty might never have skated pairs but he used to goof off with the girls that practiced at his rink sometimes and is DETERMINED.) 
  • They practiced it over and over and over and almost cut it altogether. But bc Jack is HARDCORE you know he went whole fucking hog and told Bits when they were practicing, “I can do this. One more time. I’m going to get this right” about 1000 times (Bitty had a massive bruise on his butt despite the butt pads for like, 2-3 weeks because of Jack’s determined attitude/ Bitty’s need to be a little extra. Which Jack took advantage of but Bits didn’t exactly mind)
  • The entire routine is full of lingering touches and cheek caressing. It’s tasteful tho bc Bitty is a Southern boy dammit it and his momma is watching.
  • THEN
  • Right at the end, Bitty’s doing some fancy spin (He hears the crowd hollering) and when he finishes there’s Jack.
  • HOLDING A FUCKING RING BOX. DOWN ON ONE KNEE. IDK how but he got his hands on a mic, probs Marty or somebody chucks it at him with a “Go get ‘im kiddo”, and asks Bits to marry him
  • Bitty’s losing it. The crowd is losing it. 
  • Bitty says YES! about a hundred times and it’s beautiful.
Every izuocha scene in bnha and other izuocha stuff

Despite this fanbase being so small, they actually have a lot of scenes together… so lemme start from the very beginning

Uraraka stopping Izuku from falling from falling on his face as well as saving from 5-6 seconds of utter embarassment.

Look at how happy he is to talk to a girl, and a cute girl for that matter, and it just so happens that she is actually the first girl Izuku has actually ‘talked’ to. It’s not like Izuku has never spoken to a female in his life before (I mean he has his mom, and I’m sure he’s talked to other girls in his past classes but you get the point), but this was like the first time according to Izuku that he had a real conversation with a girl.

Izuku is a hella nervous for the entrance exam and he sees Uraraka as a source of comfort, well at least someone to talk to for him calm him down a little before Iida stopped him. This isn’t like an actual romantic moment or whatever so don’t hate me for this please, but at least it’s something right?

Izuku saving Uraraka from the robot, this scene is what triggered their friendship. He could have chosen to run away like everyone else did, he had zero points but he still chose to sacrifice his chances of getting into U.A just to save her.

Uraraka going out of her way to beg them to let Izuku at least have some of her points, no normal person would do that… no one would go out of their way to make sure a complete stranger passed, I mean it’s an exam so it’s every man for themselves. And look at how touched Izuku is here… with the kind of shitty people around him (bakugou, his middle school classmates, his middle school teacher, that doctor) he never would’ve imagined anyone going out of their way to do something like this for him. They actually both made an impact on each other after the entrance exam. And I know for a fact that people are gonna argue with this and say that she was just being nice and shit

You’re telling me that you’re just gonna ignore this?!!! He indirectly said this girl was attractive.

Here he is acting like a normal socially awkward teenager who’s too shy to talk to a cute girl, and we’re just gonna ignore this??? I mean he can’t even look her in the eye, doesn’t that mean something?

Uraraka cheering for Izuku in the backgorund…

Uraraka being worried about Izuku’s swollen finger…

Izuku finds Uraraka to be very attractive again, twice.

Izuku blushing like crazy because he’s on the same team with a cute girl who just happens to be his first real friend, who’s a cute girl.

And this is probably the most important moment. Izuku easily accepted the new meaning that Uraraka gave to the the demeaning name Deku. We all know that it’s impossible to change the meaning of the word, especially a word that a lot of people already know the meaning of. I’m sure Izuku knew that. He probably would have accepted the name of it was someone else who changed the meaning but I don’t think he would’ve accepted it as quickly as he did for Uraraka, because it really touched him when she said that.

At first you’d think Izuku just felt super flattered for what Uraraka did to his name, but he took it to heart. Look at him confidently declaring the ‘new meaning of his name’, this surprised Uraraka too because… well she didn’t think he’d take it seriously.

Bakugou has zero chill XD

Izuku treasures the new meaning of his name so much that he even decides to make it his hero name, aka the hero name he’ll be using for the rest of his life, the name that he’ll forever be known as, and the name that sounds so demeaning… good luck with that my son…

Uraraka voting for Izuku knowing fully well that she could have voted for herself, but she voted for Izuku because of her admiration for him.

Uraraka being the only person to notice Izuku wasn’t in his costume. Izuku blushing, or getting excited… or blushing I can’t really explain what was going on here between these two but they were definitely having a moment.

Uraraka teaming up with Izuku when he was all alone which brought Izuku to tears. She teamed up with him because she’s most comfortable with him, they’re both really good friends, and because she admires him so much. Izuku is surprised too, because if she teamed up with anyone else it would give her a better chance for her to win. So once again, Izuku’s touched by Uraraka’s affection towards him.

Uraraka getting jealous of Hatsume because she’s getting all of Izuku’s attention. It’s not like Uraraka wanted to be the center of izuku’s llife 24/7 or anything but how can I say it… it’s kinda annoying to be really good friends with a boy and then some other girl just swoops in from nowhere and grabs his attention, I mean I know I’d feel a little ‘ish’ if that happened to me, because Uraraka was basically like the third wheel throughout the cavalry battle, and no one likes being a third wheel.

Uraraka admiring Izuku’s strategic mind once again, although she mainly said this because she was feeling uneasy.

Izuku knew Uraraka felt uneasy about going against Bakugou, so he went out of his way to make a plan for her to win. It’s funny because this is exactly how Izuku felt before his first fight with Bakugou, and Uraraka was the one comforting him and trying to help him feel better, and now the roles have been reversed. 

Although I’m glad Uraraka rejected his help, because it helped her realize that she couldn’t always rely on others for her success.

Izuku was rooting for her throughout the whole  Kacchako battle (and jeez, have I ever said how much I love Bakugou and Uraraka in this fight) and he was concerned for her safety. Izuku was Uraraka’s motivational drive here, her motivation to win.

Izuku was rooting for her before the match even started, sure he felt nervous but at least he didn’t immediately think he she was gonna lose like EVERYONE else did.

Izuku feeling bad for not being able to do anything for her…

He’s the only one that goes out of his way to check up on her, not even Iida, or Tsuyu.

Izuku saw right through Uraraka and she obviously knew she was lying about being totally fine. He felt guilty that he wasn’t able to do anything to help her win… even though there was really nothing he could do.

Uraraka’s helped Izuku out so many times, so the only thing he wants to do for her, what he needs to do for her is return the favor.

This was part was pretty sweet on both ends.. although I’m still not sure if Bakugou was pissed off at Izuku because he thought he let Uraraka use her quirk carelessly and throw him off guard (gonna wait for the anime to clear that up, afterall this episode is gonna air in about 2 weeks or so…) 

Anyway, Izuku is defending Uraraka here by saying she’s completely capable of devising strategic plans on her own.

Izuku getting super flustered after having a real conversation on a phone with a girl… who just happened to be Uraraka. Uraraka getting teased about being in love…. she could have called Iida too, but she decided to call Izuku instead.

Uraraka using Izuku as a source of motivation, again.

I think we’re all familiar with this scene. This is the moment Uraraka realized that she may in fact have a crush on Izuku.

And this is the moment when she sorta confirmed it, and she even said “probably”

This. This is just adorable.

My buddy @happycloude-91 pointed out in this post. This was probably one of the sweetest things Uraraka’s ever done. She did a little first-aid thing for Izuku to at least try and reduce the pain even though she knew it wouldn’t do much. She didn’t try and stop him and say “there’s no way I’ll let you go! Not with those injuries and blah blah blah”, because she understood the weight of the situtation and she understood Izuku’s feelings, plus Izuku probably wouldn’t have listened to her anyway.

Hell she even tore her shirt in half to help Izuku and seemed like it worked pretty well. We all know that Uraraka doesn’t have a lot of money, and she probably doesn’t have the best clothes either, yet she still sacrificed to help Izuku.

 Hatsume is a trigger to Uraraka’s jealousy, since it mostly pops up when she’s around. Her face here, she obviously doesn’t like what she’s seeing, because not only was Izuku almost explodo-killed, he came chest-to-chest with another girl!

Uraraka getting a little more jealous here because Hatsume’s getting Izuku’s attention, but she mostly feels like she’s getting left behind and she wants to walk side by side with Izuku.

Uraraka’s feelings for Izuku confirmed. The fact that she was thinking about the whole thing with Hatsume all day shows something.

Uraraka noticing and admiring Izuku’s strength again.These pages just say it all…

In the hero license exam, even though ‘Uraraka’ came out of nowhere with absolutely no plan at all, which could have led to her failing right there…

Izuku still jumped in to save her, jeopardizing his own chances of passing the exam.

adding this because the way he carried her was just…PERFECT.

This is probably one of my favorite scenes in this arc. Izuku knew Uraraka wasn’t that careless, he knew that she was much more stronger than that.

This line has a lot of depth in it guys. Izuku knew Uraraka was a lot smarter than to come out without any sort of plan.

Uraraka believing in Izuku’s strength.Uraraka sees Izuku as an image of victory, that’s why she always thinks about him when she’s in a pinch or is she wants to win (let that be a reminder for those who think she’s ‘obsessed’).

Izuku is to Uraraka what Kacchan is to him, an image of victory. (but we don’t go ahead and call Izuku obsessed whenever he thinks about Kacchan, which he does A LOT, do we???) It’s not that she’s obsessed with being like him but she has the same feelings that Izuku has for Kacchan.

Uraraka getting jealous again and contemplating her feelings.

Uraraka’s feelings getting in the way of her focus.

Chapter 109 says it all, at least in Uraraka’s side, she knows that she has feelings for Izuku. I’m not gonna say the word love because this is a fan translation so it’s not 100% accurate, also the word love is pretty strong in Japan, so I think Horikoshi must have used a… how can I say it? a less serious word in the second panel… I could be completely wrong though.

We know that she ‘shut down her feelings’ but that doesn’t mean they’re completely gone right?

Uraraka notices things about Izuku, and you can read all about that in my other buddy @rex101111‘s post here

Also, have I mentioned that they are ALWAYS together??!

And there are a lot more screencaps of them standing together and that includes the panels I used for this post too, but we know that I can’t fit all those screencaps in this post XD

The omake. I can already feel all of the kacchako shippers glaring daggers at me XD.

But anyway, many misinterpret this as a Kacchako scene… but it’s actually not. The reason is because, Uraraka came to talk to Bakugou about Izuku, not her, or heir fight, but Izuku. I know people are gonna be like “she sees through Bakugou!” or “Bakugou called her by her name!”, but let’s be honest, what Uraraka was saying here was: you either make up with Izuku or just stop being mean to him. Overall her primary concern was Izuku, because nobody likes to see their friend/love interest constantly get bullied right?

Another thing is the drama CD 7. The drama CD 7, the drama CD 7, the drama CD!!! I freaking love the drama CD 7, because it is a safe haven for us izuocha  shippers.

  • Izuku and Uraraka eating lunch together, Uraraka teasing Izuku for nerding about heroes… well she didn’t exactly tease him, she giggled and he blushed!
  • Izuku and Uraraka chatting near Izuku’s desk before Bakugou came and interrupted them XD
  • Izuku saved Uraraka from the sludge villain and he happened to hold hands with her for a very long time, and Bakugou himself had to point it out!
  • Izuku stuttering and blushing after he realized just how long he held Uraraka’s hand and how good it felt. Then he starts to remember how he had to do a folk dance with a guy when he was in middle school because there weren’t enough girls… and I love how my son is such a loveable nerd/dork omg XD
  • Uraraka mistook Izuku’s flustered face as some kind of adrenaline rush which was adorable.

There were other good scenes in the drama cd, but these are like the cutest ones, and mind you the drama CD was written by HORIKOSHI KOUHEI!

So it’s technically canon :p

I know I said that the wiki is about 98% accurate, but if people can believe Jirou is a lesbian from reading the wiki then I can believe this right? I know the love is one sided for now, but Izuku has shown a lot of signs in the beginning of the series, he obviously won’t show any now because of where the series is going… but it’s gonna come back…soon.

and one more thing…


There are only like two posts under this tag and one of them just happens to be someone answering my ask, and if you’re wondering why I like that post if you ever see it, it’s because I like all posts that answer my asks just to let the person know that I’ve seen their answer.

But still it hurts to see this tag ya know?

Anyway @cake-ademia, @zakamore1, @rex101111, @hatefilledpoptarts, @eriboook and my other fellow izuocha shippers even though our fanbase is small, lets not forget the ship that’s CLOSEST to becoming CANON.


This show is gonna have 101 boys fighting to win just like ioi. And I get it ioi was iconic and it was a great chance for girl groups. But being bitter and hateful isn’t going to change anything. Don’t judge these boys before they’ve been given a chance.

I know many fans are angry as their fave groups may be on hiatus for 18 months if one of the groups members win. Also ppl may be annoyed by the amount of idols partcipating (so am I) but I’m not badmouthing the boys and hoping they flop. Cause guess what you’re not just hoping this show flops you’re hoping these boys flop too. Imagine how nervous and embarrased some of these trainees and idols are. Especially those that have failed to debut or aren’t popular. It probably sucks enough for them already.

Whether you support it and want to give it a chance or not. Don’t be cruel. I’ve honestly had enough of these hateful girl stans (mainly ioi fans). You have a reason to be upset but you’re acting just as bad as the boy group stans you constantly criticise.

✨ H.A.T.E  ✨

Peter Pan Imagine

Author: Joi A. Wade

Tagged: @tmrhollandkay

Requested: Yes,  Hi, can I get one where Pan & the reader are in HS and they don’t really get along but Pan always trys ti seduce her. Pan and the lost boys have a costume party and the reader dresses up as a sexy maid and Pan takes her to go to his room and smut.

Warnings: Swearing | smut | long | greaser!Pan | soc!reader

Summary: H.A.T.E = Having All These Emotions.

The word hate is a very well known word in the English language. Some say it’s rather strong, some say it’s something unnecessary to express. It’s avoidable; it’s easy to spread like a disease, it’s also just another four letter word that is shared among people. For this situation, it’s mainly between two.

Y/n L/n was one of the richest girls in town. 17 year old honors student, with a 4.0 average, and killer good looks next to her fabulous brain. Almost every girl wanted to be her friend, and for those who didn’t just bathed in their pool of, you guessed it, hatred.

Peter Pan was one of the baddest greasers in town. 18 going on 19, still a junior in high school, holding on to his 3.0 average for deal life (not really) and also killer good looks that could get any girl below his grade to swoon over him. 

The senior girls that he was supposed to be in the same grade with, didn’t want anything to do with him or his gang.

Including Y/n. 

But, that didn’t stop this greaser from flirting with her any chance he got. Every guy wanted nothing to do with him, thanks to his reputation, and for those who did? Good luck to them.

Y/n and Peter never got along since the day they met. The first day of high school, an awkward year for the both of them all started off with their orientation in the school’s gym. 

It was going fine, until a certain someone who was still on his childish side, decided to pull another certain someone’s skirt down right in front of everyone after the ceremony. Showing off her white, virgin panties. In front of every freshman. 

Just think about it.

Picture it in your head.

Prepubescent boys. E V E R Y W H E R E.  All witnessing the vulnerability of young Y/n in the start of the year.

“Why can’t you just grow up, you dumb hood!” 

“Maybe, I don’t want to grow up! Why can’t you just take a joke!”

“I hate you, Peter Pan! Till the day I die, you’re nothing but gum underneath my shoe!” 

“Right back atcha, princess.” 

And thus, the hatred grew from that day on to three years today. 

Now coming back to the present, on a Friday evening in October, we find our main characters to be sitting on opposite sides of their study hall classroom, waiting for the day to finally end and be free for the weekend. The class room was already divided into their own cliques, from Socs, to Greasers, to Middle class, you name it. Everyone was where they belonged. But, of course, this wasn’t just any day. It happened to be October 31, Halloween night. And guess who just so happens to be planing a stellar party, for all to those willing to come? I’ll give you one guess.

“So, as you all may know, tonight is the night where the dead roam the streets.” Peter starts, rubbing his hands together, as he scanned the classroom. “And I’m also sure you know I am cautious of your safety, so everyone is welcome to crash and have shelter at my place this Halloween night.”

Snickers are heard from the greaser side, partly of what Peter said, and the other being because of their passed out study hall teacher, drooling all over his desk and papers. With a roll of her eyes, Y/n responds.

“Why would anyone wanna go to your dump of a house? If I wanted to spend my Friday night with trash, I’d spend my hours standing in Wendy’s closet.”

Said girl starts to laugh at the insult, only to then realize she was just insulted. “Hey!”

Peter chuckles at the witty tongue he hates so much. Every time she opens her mouth, it’s an endless cycle of sarcasm and bitchiness. Leaning on a desk, he places his hands in his leather jacket, resting them just below his armpits.

“No one said you had to come, princess. I’m sure mommy and daddy don’t want you out past eight anyways. Wouldn’t want you damaging that pretty grade of yours, right next to that pretty face.”  Now the whole greaser side howled with laughter and ‘oohs’. Y/n scowls in anger, rolling her eyes yet again, ignoring his comment. “Aw, what’s the matter? Run out of things to say?”

“No. Just thought I’d give your brain a break, I mean, this is probably the most words I’ve ever heard you speak without stuttering like an idiot, or shrinking your vocabulary to one of a kindergartner’s. Tell me, grease, can you spell ‘damaging’?” Getting no response this time, Y/n only smirks, this time her side of the room laughing at his. “Just to humor you, because I guarantee no Socs are going if I’m not, I’ll come to your little party tonight.”

With a raise of his eyebrow, Peter licks his lips slowly, relaxing his hands and walking over to their side of the room. Two Socs that sat next to Y/n were quick to stand, blocking him from getting any closer. Having a silent stare down, Y/n places hands on their shoulders, smiling sweetly as she told them she could handle herself. Oh, the curve of her lips only made his blood boil. Not to mention how easily she could coax any man with just one curl of them, as they sat back down without protest.

“You sure a pretty little thing like you, can handle a party like mine? There are no rules, no limitations.”

“Ooh, big word, Pan,” He rolls his eyes at her comment, already bored with the conversation. “But, you’d be surprised what a ‘pretty little thing’, like me, can handle.”

“Care to give me an example, princess?” He asks, taking only a small step closer to her, his eyelids falling slightly as well as his voice. This sent chills through her body, but she’d rather die than let him see that it did. Never breaking eye contact, everyone around them waited for someone to make the next move. 

Until the bell rang. 

Everyone got up from their seats, the teacher practically falling out of his chair at the sudden wake up call, as the school day was finally over.

Inhaling sharply, Y/n drops eye contact first, taking her bag that Wendy held out for her, looking up at the tall boy one last time. “In your dreams, grease.”

“Rich girl.”



“Oh, real mature.” She glares, turning with her chin high in the air as if she won that fight. With a slight shake of his head, he signals his gang that it was time to leave, heading out to maybe steal some beers and cigs on the way back to his house. While walking, the youngest of the group spoke up to his leader.

“Why’re you and her always fighting,” Henry asks. “She’s a real nice girl, why you gotta pick at her all the time, man?”

“Simple. We hate each other.” Peter shrugs, adjusting the collar of his jacket.

“Now y’all don’t, it’s obvious you wanna fuck each other. Just both of your prides are too big for one of you to go for it. It’s cliche, Pan. The rich girl wanting to be with the bad boy because her parents are against it. She wants you, she’s just making you work for it.” Tiger Lily nudges him with her elbow, while twirling her switch blade in the other hand.

“And what makes you so sure?”

“Tiger’s middle class, Pan, and yet she hangs with us all the time instead of them. Because…” Felix drew out, inquiring for Pan to finish his sentence for him.

“I ain’t stupid, I know what you mean. But, you’re different, Tiger Lily. You’re like one of the guys, it’s easy for you to adapt and be like us. But, Y/n? A whole different story.”

“Hm. Well, plus I’m a girl. I can see the signs of want from a mile away, and she is dripping for you.”

“Okay, now you’re just being weird.” Peter shoves her playfully, Henry shaking his head, not satisfied with his answer. “Look, tonight if she drops her attitude with me, then so will I. But, until then, I hate her fucking guts.” 

Meanwhile, on the richer side of town, Y/n wandered around the costume store, in a dilemma with ‘which outfit would be perfect’ for this said occasion. Not just any Halloween costume will do, she needed something that will really catch…a certain someone’s attention.

“No. No. No. God, this is a definite no. This is so stupid, how hard could it be to find a decent costume?” Y/n groans loudly, Wendy only giggling at her frustration.

“Well, you are looking on the day of Halloween. You’re a little late on getting decent, let alone anything at all. I’m just going as a cat; drawing whiskers on my face and buying this tail and cat ears. See? Simple and I don’t have to spend a lot.”

“Uh, you’re so cheap.”

Wendy glares at her head, grumbling to herself while her arms were crossed like a child would do. “At least I’m not trying to impress a greaser.”

“Excuse me? Who says I’m trying to impress that delinquent?”

“It’s so obvious! The sexual tension between you two is so suffocating, I can barely stand it any longer! One day I’m gonna get you drunk off your ass and lock you in a room with him-”

“[Gasp] This is perfect!” She exclaims, finally finding an outfit she likes in the very back of a rack. “Sexy maid! It’s ironic because his place will most likely be filthy. Now what were you saying about a room and ass or something?”

Sighing heavily, Wendy just grabs Y/n’s arm, dragging her to the register. 

“You’re so oblivious, it hurts.”

The sun was finally setting, and the street lights had finally cut on. Halloween night was something the troublemakers all over the town looked forward to, that and Pan’s parties. Halloween and end of the year parties were his specialties, filled with one night stands, hangovers, and wild memories to tell your grand-babies someday. Once the clock hit 10, everyone was piling into Peter’s place, for those who don’t get to be inside due to space, had most of the party outside, the backyard or on his neighbors lawn instead. Luckily where he lived, everyone was cool with everyone on the block, so there were no worries on horny teenagers grinding on each other on their front lawn. As long as it stopped by 2 AM.

Y/n and her large group of Socs make there way inside, all dressed up in their costumes, ready to have a good time. Readjusting the tight costume that felt like it was covering not a damn thing, Y/n took a look around. The music was blasting, the room already reeking of alcohol, and bodies upon bodies were pressed up against one another. Wendy tugs on her arm, pointing to the dance floor.

“Let’s go dance, this is my song!”

“I am not dancing up on greaser trash!” She shouts over the music, “You go ahead, find a guy, hook up, I don’t care! I’m going to get a drink!”

Giving her a thumbs up in response, Wendy disappears into the crowd. Y/n finally makes her way over to the drink table, filling her red cup with what she suspected to be just beer. Taking a huge gulp of the liquid, the burning in her throat confirmed her suspicion. It went down horribly the first time, but after her third cup, she was starting to loosen up and bob to the beat of the song.

Swaying her hips from side to side, she barely noticed a mixed group of middle class and greaser boys staring in her direction. One being bold enough to approach her came up from behind her, pressing his front to her back, helping her sway to the motion a little better. Turning her head to see who it was, she sneered.

“Get your hands off me.” 

“Aw come on, baby, let’s just have a little fun~”

“I’ll give you to the count of three. Last warning.” 

The stranger leans in to whisper in her ear, only getting half of his sentence out until he was dragged away by a couple of Peter’s friends. Not too long, Peter replaced his spot, his hands gripping her waist tightly, keeping her pressed against him, holding her still.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Y/n growls slightly, the sound sending a pleasant feeling straight down to his manhood, but the anger of seeing another guy touch her was clouding over that feeling. Turning herself around, she was quick to push him off. 

“Fuck off, Pan. I’m here to have a good time, not waste it fighting with you.”

“Well then stop the search, because the ‘good time’ is right in front of you. What’s more fun then spending the night with the host of this sick party?”

“Avoiding him.” 

Y/n was about to walk away, only for her arm to be tugged right back. Groaning inwardly, she was about to give him another snarky comeback, only for the look on his face to wipe that idea completely. He looked troubled, almost uncertain of something. 

“Follow me.” 

“What part of ‘avoiding him’ did you not understand-”

“Please, love.” 

Now this caught her off guard. Him, Peter Pan, the ruthless greaser that didn’t ask nicely, and took what he wanted, was begging her? Oh, she was definitely about to use this against him later. But, for now. 


SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 6

A/N: Once again thank you guys for all of the wonderful feedback, and I’m so glad that you all like it. This was kind of just a quick lil filler until the next chapter which I’mma probably start working on tomorrow. I’m taking Saturday off to binge watch the whole 13 Reasons Why series so if it’s not up in time you know why. Hope you all enjoy! 💕                                          

**Warning** Nothing at all, just cute fluffiness kind of?

Parts: One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/

“Y/N! I lost Connor.” Felix groaned as he made his way over to you.

“How long ago?”

“I dunno, like five to ten.” He sighed, knowing that the fashion guru could practically be anywhere in the mall at this point. You’d be surprised at how fast the sun kissed boy could move.“ He said something about a fifty percent off sale.”

“No telling where that boy ran off to. Here, help me with this.” You then held up a dress and a skirt.“Which one?”

“Uh…I wanna say the skirt because this is a pretty peach color, but the dress is gorgeous.”

“Cute gorgeous or thotish gorgeous?”

“Thotish, definitely.”

“Exactly what I’m looking for.” You smiled and Felix let out a laugh, shaking his head at you.

“Trying to purposely look like a hoe?”

“Nah, but Connor told me to buy something slutty for tonight.”

“Ah, I see.” He began to scan through the clothing rack, a smile on his face as he thought about what a mess his lover was. “Connor is insane.”

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Okay, I’m glad Kokona is here to stay. I’ve always liked her, mainly because she’s a pretty interesting character. However, the solutions YanDev had for making Kizana and Kokona differ were…not the greatest.

I still strongly believe that Kizana should have a different hairstyle, mainly because I think twin-drills aren’t fancy or himedere-like. They seem too tacky and too unoriginal for someone like Kizana who wants to stand out and be original. I also think that her color palette should change. Though I do find the albino design quite pleasing to the eye, I feel that Kizana should have a palette that has a mix of the albino design and her current design. Perhaps give her ombré hair, where it starts of a darkish purple and blends into a silvery whitish-purple? Or simply give her light purple hair? Maybe make her eyes a soft shade of lavender or lilac? Just any of those would still keep her purple color palette while also making her look less like Kokona’s sister or cousin.

Also, I’m strongly against having club members look similar to each other. Unpopular opinion, but I never really liked the designs for the Occult Club members. The only ones that I think should look similar are Oka and Shin, mainly due to the fact that I headcanon them to be cousins or half-siblings. Each of the club members should look unique, but have certain visual qualities that make it obvious they’re in the same club. Like, perhaps for the Drama Club, the girls could have roses in their hair and/or wear some kind of jewelry that incorporates the masks of comedy and tragedy, while the boys could wear some kind of jewelry too that incorporates roses and/or the masks of comedy and tragedy.

Lastly, I didn’t like how YanDev made it look like Kizana was some sort of shallow bitch. I don’t think she’s the type of person who forces someone to change their appearance because it clashes with hers. Yeah, Kizana is arrogant and egotistical, but stuff like that is beneath her. I would’ve been fine if YanDev just said that Kizana is the type of person to constantly change their hairstyle. But, nope! He just HAD to throw that one in their!

TL:DR - Kokona is here to stay, Kizana should have a new hairstyle and color palette, club members should have different visuals qualities that make it obvious they’re in the same club while not making them look like they’re related/clones of each other, and YanDev shouldn’t make Kizana a shallow bitch because that trope has been done to death.

Skittles (sour taste on my lips)

Taehyung x reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: swearing (just accept it, I always swear), smooches!

Rated: T

A/n: I’m horrible at fluff tbh, I had to look at cute pictures of animals to get this right. Also like, why are baby-owls and otters so adorable? I die.

While reading try listening to Ed Sheeran’s “How Would You Feel”. - I mainly used this as a kind of prompt so yeah, that’s what.

When Taehyung was 5 years old a new family moved in next to him and his parents. A married couple with a 3 year old girl. She always wore colorful dresses and had her hair in to braids framing her face. Taehyung and Y/n became best friends from their very first meeting; once some guys made fun of Taehyung’s hair and she walked over and kicked one of them in the shin screaming for them to get away from your neighbor. The boys got scared and ran away. Taehyung and Y/n laughed at them and he invited her to his house. They spent the day talking about how her parents had divorced and she had moved with her mom, Taehyung held her smaller body as she cried and since then she decided she always wanted to be with him.

When Taehyung was a teenager his father told him to find the very best girl. Taehyung curiously asked how he would know she was the very best and his father simply said “I foyu can spend the rest of your life falling deeper in love with her, she’s the one” Taehyung couldn’t help but think of Y/n and how she always seemed to be eating those skittles that she only ever shared with him and none of her other friends.

When he went to Seoul to become a singer they lost contact for two years before Y/n graduated and went to University in Seoul. When they met again it was as if nothing had changed except Taehyung noticed Y/n had gotten more mature, her  hair was longer and she always wore tight fitting dresses whenever they went out. Y/n had noticed his shoulders had gotten broader and he was tall. He had gotten more confident and carried himself differently. He was still her best friends Taehyung though and It didn’t take long until they saw each other at least once a week and the rest of Bangtan loved her. She was one of them.

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“The snow won’t stop falling, so Dad said he’d stay here with me until it stops. He’ll probably leave again when it does, so I kinda hope it snows forever. ”

NieR is a peculiar little game that came out in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was published by Square Enix and developed by now defunct Cavia Inc. NieR is what most would consider a flawed gem and a cult classic. In this guide, I’ll tell you what NieR is about, why I think it deserves your time, and I’ll briefly go over Drakengard, the series that ties into NieR, and the “sequel”, NieR: Automata.

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Headcanons for Being Steve’s Sister and Dating Soda

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted! I considered having Steve be angry in the end, but ultimately settled for a different ending :)

Word Count: 308

Headcanon Count: 25

Warnings: None

Pairing: Soda Curtis x Reader (romantic), Steve Randle x Reader (sibling)

- You had had a crush on Soda since the first grade
- Steve, your twin brother, had found out pretty quickly, mainly because you weren’t all that subtle
- As you got older, you tried to find some other boy to admire
- But, for some reason, you just couldn’t
- You instead wrote “Mrs. Y/N Curtis” and “Y/N + Sodapop = Love Forever” on random papers before throwing them away
- You also began to get jealous of the girls he went out with and the girlfriends he had
- You basically dealt with these annoying feelings until you were 17
- Soda came over to your and Steve’s house when Steve wasn’t home
- You were about to tell him it was just you at home when he kissed you with those soft, pink lips
- “I’m sorry,” he mumbles when he pulled away
- You were too shocked to say anything at first
- “I can’t stop thinking about you,” he confessed
- You pulled him inside and kissed him again
- Needless to say, you two started dating that day
- All was perfect, except you were sneaking around and avoiding Steve like the plague
- You just couldn’t figure out how to tell your brother
- You both finally decided to tell Steve after you got out of school one day
- You and Steve walked to the DX so he could start his shift with Soda
- When Steve was all situated, Soda walked over to him with you
- “Stevie,” you began nervously, “Soda and I are dating”
- You couldn’t remember the last time you had been so nervous
- Steve started laughing
- “You really think I don’t know that? I knew you liked him and helped him realize he likes you!”
- Steve hugged you and lightly punched Soda’s arm
- “Just keep it PG around me, or I’ll skin you both!”

Ride of My Life

I didn’t have much choice in accepting the ride; I’d been walking for hours and this was the first person to even slow down. A young british guy like me hitchhiking around the southern states of America had seemed like a wild adventure at the time but I had to admit it had been a lot tougher than I thought. So when the scuffed up window rolled down and I saw the young but built redneck looking back at me I didn’t have much choice. Not that I had a problem with hicks per say, but my university education and hipster hair and clothes screamed that I came from a different world and I was worried we’d have nothing in common and be forced to make awkward conversation. Plus I was worried he’d realise I was gay and though I didn’t want to generalise I thought it was best to keep it on the downlow while I was travelling in these parts.

Still though a few minutes later we were making basic chit chat in the front of his beat-up pick up truck, just the usual stuff, where I was from, where I was going. He seemed friendly enough as he spoke through his thick southern drawl, but it was obvious we were the type of people whose paths would never normally cross. He didn’t seem very educated or wordly, I doubt he even had a passport. In fact he told me he literally lived in a trailer not far from where I was headed (talk about your stereotypes) but at least he didn’t seem dangerous. Definitely a bit of a backcountry slob though. The place didn’t smell great for a start, the air was stale and every breath clung with the scent of old sweat and smoke, maybe weed too I thought. And no sooner had I thought it, he produced a prerolled joint from behind his ear (gross) and proceeded to light it as he drove, it hanging out of his mouth. A few puffs and he offered it to me, it was his “home grown special stuff” he said and I was grateful for a chance to maybe bond over something, plus I hadn’t had a smoke for a few weeks anyway. So I toked it down, the thick smoke making me splutter embarrasingly at first, he laughed at my attempt and I felt myself growing red at the thought of emasculating myself in front of this “man’s man”. Still it was strong shit and after a few more tokes a heavy stupor lay across my thoughts, taking the edge off. The conversation dropped as I fell into a quiet daze. We finished the joint between us as I stared at the long highway stretching into the distance in front of us, only looking away when a movement of his hand distracted me. He was itching himself, right in his crotch. Big, clumsy fingers loudly scratched across the mesh of his flimsy red shorts. No class, part of me thought, but for some reason I couldn’t look away as a huge lump began to form under his course fingers. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t my type at all, I liked well-dressed smart guys to be honest, the sort of people I could talk about books and theatre with whereas this guy was clearly a brute; his broad features, slightly bust up nose, gym clothes in the middle of the day. Nice but dim probably. He even had one of his front teeth missing giving him a gap toothed smile whenever he leered towards me, just like he was doing now. The lump in his shorts got bigger. Was he getting a hard on? I bet he had a giant cock though, I thought licking my lips, a thick, meaty one. In my stoned state I didn’t even realise I was staring at that growing monster in his shorts but unfortunetly for me he noticed where my eyes were fixated. Still pawing at his rapidly inflating tool he asked me if I was “a little faggot” and again humiliated I turned away blaming my heavily stoned state. Here he was this alpha male, macho fucker and I had come across like some desperate little fag. He wouldn’t let it go either though, continuing to call me a faggot, a pussyboi, a bitch, a cockslut. He didn’t sound angry just kind mocking, a little contemptuous but mainly teasing. I started to try to protest but he silenced me with the force of his voice, the words slowly staining my mind. What must he see me as? Just some slut who couldn’t say no to trying to get dick in him, sucking off strangers for rides… I felt my own cock getting weirdly hard at that embarrasing thought though, him seeing me like that, degrading me. He said it was okay, he understood and that his cock was such a monster most girls couldn’t handle it but really slutty boys couldn’t say no to it. They would seek him out and beg him to fuck their empty, hungry holes with that beast. He told me to see myself and I didn’t want to, I was so stoned and the strangely erotic situation was scaring me slightly but I was also so curious to see just what was down there, what a real, masculine, american cock looked like. So I looked.

Even through the shorts I could see that it must have been at full mast now, and what a monster it truly was. A thick pole the width of my wrist and at least 9 inches. No wonder the girls were afraid of it, he could split me in half. And yeah, I knew some guys had a real thing for getting big cocks inti them, filling them up to the limit; I bet they would have had a field day with this. I was more of a top with my previous boyfriends anyway but none of them were anything like this guy, they didn’t have that unapologetic sleaziness, stroking his cock in front of me. It was a bold move, asserting his dominance. Part of me wondered if I could take it, was I as good at sex as those slutbois who threw themselves at real butch men like this. While I stared he just grinned at me, chuckling deeply, “I knew you liked it you little faggot. Want a closer look?” A heavy hand landed against the back of my shaggy hair and pushed my face into his crotch, he was so strong I couldn’t have fought back even if I wasn’t as stoned as I was right now. My nose crushed against the monstrous dick through the thin material of the shorts  and I couldn’t just feel it’s musky heat but I could also actually feel the veins throbbing against my face, sending my own heartrate racing. His hands stroked my head but kept me there as I breathed more and more of that masculine scent. Old cum, sweat, dried up piss. It was all so removed from my normal world it almost felt exotic; and that became erotic. I’d never been that promiscious; I didn’t use Grindr or have sex with people I met online. I was respectable, decent, responsible. I had always been sensible but right now a voice in the back of my mind was telling me to just do it, let myself go, try something new, try being a slut. And that’s why I’d come on this trip anyway right? That’s why we all go travelling? To try new things. To discover who I really was outside the confines of my own life back home. And maybe I was just a little faggot slut after all.  Smiling against his cock at the freedom of the idea, I started to think of porn I had seen, of the slutty twinky guys and filthy depraved sex pigs and started to try and emulate what I had seen.

I began moaning in pleasure then quickly jerking my head back and forth, rubbing as much as I could of my face into his crotch, coating myself in his macho scent and making grunting noises. It was so slutty and dirty I could feel a wetpatch start to form in my own boxers. He roughly jerked my face a few inches back from his dick and with the other hand he tightly grabbed at the shorts until they gave way, ripping a large hole that sent the huge cock springing up a slapping me into the face, smearing sticky precum on my cheek. The way he did it, he didn’t even care about ripping his shorts, he didn’t give a fuck about anything other than his own cock and pleasuring it. I admired it and part of me couldn’t help imagining those broad hands ripping a hole in the back of my own underwear…
I got a quick look at the veiny, delicious but slightly crooked cock before he shoved my face back against it so I could slurp all over it. He wasn’t cut and I quickly began to suckle on the loose forskin, slimy with precum. Sure I had tasted cum before but never like this, even that had a strong flavour that I couldn’t place. Wanting more, wanting to really let myself be the slut I have never dared to be before, I impaled my mouth around that fat juicy alpha-cock, my lips being stretched to their limit trying to fit it all in my mouth. He whispered words of encouragment telling me how hot my fag mouth was, how good I was at sucking a man’s cock, it made me feel dirty and proud at the same time and I increased my efforts until my mouth started to turn red with the strain of it’s stretching. He jerked my head back to face his; he had another joint in hand and we took turns passing the hazy smoke between our mouths, feeling the scratch of his raspy unshaved jaw against mine. He wasn’t a good kisser by my old standards; he just agressively mashed our mouths against each other and stuck his tongue to the back of my throat but again the man’s lack of skill and delicacy put into perspective how much I was debasing myself to him. It felt amazing, but then we did something else even dirtier. He lifted up his arm, exposing the unkempt, damp patch of hair under his arm then told me to “taste a real man”. This was another first for me, I would never normally do that stuff it’s way too gross but here I was now; hip, british yuppie sticking my face into some sleazy dumb rednecks pits and drinking up the sweat for all I was worth. The smell of musk, of that masculine mix of sweat and cheap deodrant invaded my head just like the pot had done. Nobody had ever treated me like this in the bedroom, so focused on their own pleasure and treating me like a toy - so roughly with such little respect just like the faggot I was becoming. He pulled my hair back again, looking me in the face, the face covered with his own scent, marking me as his. He spat in my open mouth, it made me feel so low and dirty that I tried to beg him to do it again, to dominate me in every way but I could barely talk. My eyes were rolling back into my head in pleasure. He laughed and told me he knew I was a slut the moment he stopped and that faggots only wanted one thing, to milk strong, dominant men with their boypussies. We pulled over to the side of the empty road and I unstrapped by belt. Big hands ripped and pulled at my jeans until they were thrown into a heap behind his seat and I wasted no time in straddling him. The juicy fat monster he had for a cock slipped up and down the crack of my underwear as I gyrated my ass on his crotch sending pulses of cum leaking from my own pathetic dick into the material. I stuck my hand in, scooping out a load of cum which I then used to slick that big throbbing club dick up, so it was ready to go into my waiting hole. What was left on my fingers I sucked off. I didn’t even take off my underwear off in the end, I just pulled one leg hole to the side so that my own hole was left exposed then slid my body down his cock. Man it hurt at first, but as soon as that god like organ finally popped into my hole and I suddenly dropped down to the hilt, it felt better than anything I had ever experienced. Getting fucked in a car by the side of the street by some rough sleazy stranger…. but that dumb hicks cock filling up my insides made me feel more like a man than I had ever felt before. Only a real man knows how to be a good cock slut. He continued to tell me how much fun I was having, how fun and easy it was to be such a slut and let superiour, stronger men like him own me and my hole. I giggled then started bouncing up and down in pleasure, hearing the slap of skin against skin until the brute started to moan, less than a minute in and warm wet seed started to fill my insides, spurting out my hole an down his own cock. He’d cum in me so fast, just abused my hole as a quick cum dump. It left me wanting more - more loads in me that was.  

He drove back to his trailer in the end and I came with him. A dirty, messy little shithole, the place looked and smelt like all he did was watch porn and jackoff in there but it was perfect. And as he kept telling me, that’s all I wanted to do now too, just embrace my inner slutpig and see just how much I could degrade myself to him. And you know what would be really really slutty and really really fun? Staying there full time as his dumb little bitch, smoking weed and then sucking his cock, eating out his pits, licking his feet, drinking his piss. Forever, or at least until the brute tired of me or my hole got too stretched out to milk his cock properly. I could even start an online blog, with photos and videos showing the world what a slut I had become. Yeah, become an exhibitionist slut, because faggots like me, all we want is cock. Maybe he could even make some money from whoring out my tight British ass to other fucking sleazy backcountry rednecks. It sounded so hot, after we spoke about it I begged him to fuck me stupid again, lifting my legs up and showing him my hole, I begged him to put his monstercock in me and fill my belly with thug cum. Fuck me on the floor amongst the unwashed clothes and dirty plates where I belonged. 

The next day, sore but happier, dumber and hornier than I had ever felt before, we burnt my passport and old clothes (I wouldn’t need them anymore) in the fire pit before he sat on the beat up old armchair smoking a joint while I lapped at his naked hairy balls and thought about how lucky I was that he found me and how lucky I found myself.          

It really annoys me when people think SasuNaruSasu only exists to be the “hot yaoi pairing” in Naruto. It just proves that they haven’t even considered Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship and instead just pass the ship off as crack because for some reason two males fated to reincarnate together over and over again, are the embodiment of yin and yang and complimentary battle partners is only “hot yaoi.”

I can guarantee you that I and 95% of SNS shippers would still LOVE this ship if one of them was a girl. It has nothing to do with them both being boys and everything to do with the fact that the entire story was about them. Neither boy took interested in their current wife during the actual story and instead the focus was mainly on each other and fixing the problems caused by their previous ‘incarnation’ Madara.

Kinda brings up the question: Would NaruHina and SasuSaku shippers still ship NH/SS if Hinata and Sakura were boys? Or do they just like it for the hot hentai ship? ;P

can we just talk about lgbtq+ latinx people for a sec?? like our culture has religion, mainly Roman Catholic religion, deeply rooted into it. our culture is phenomenally sexist and young girls are always expected to dress well and act politely so they can get a husband. young boys are taught to never cry and that they have to support their families and be dominant and strong young men and some of them never even learn how to make their fucking bed’s because they’re told their wives will do that for them.

shout out to the Latina girls that don’t want to act a certain way to lock down a husband by age 20 and instead they realize that they love girls the way they’re expected to love boys. they go through so much homophobia and sexism in the world in general, but it’s astounding in our culture

shout out to the mlm that are gonna have to learn how to cook and clean later in life because they were never taught because their parents expected they’d marry a girl who would do it for them

shout out to the trans and non-binary latinx people that are disowned from their families because they go against their faith. the trans boys who have to deal with their mothers scoffing in anger when they tell them they don’t even want a quince and to the trans girls who wish for one but know they won’t get one because they were born with a penis and go the non-binary latinx people that have to deal with gendered everything in our culture and will constantly be shamed and mocked

I love all of my lgbtq latinx family.

los amo

Your Destiny

Summary: At school, you feel something’s off and you can’t seem to figure out what’s making you feel so uneasy. The cute mystery boy you’ve been crushing on may be the reason (College AU). 

Word Count: 1,772

A/N: This story is inspired by a post I saw here and took a life of its own. 

Originally posted by raven-bellamy

Something felt off when you got to campus that morning. You couldn’t ignore the feeling of uneasiness surging through you and the sensation grew as the day went on. At first, you thought it was the project you had to do for U.S. History. You and your partner Steve had to gather information and prepare a PowerPoint on the Howling Commandos. While the both of you were prepared for the presentation, you despised speaking in front of the class and feared that you would mess up your end of the project. However, the presentation went off without a hitch and the both of you aced the assignment. Nonetheless, the anxiety within you never dissipated.

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Haikyuu Band Au

• Kuroo, Kenma, Tsukishima, and Hinata are in a pop punk band together. 

• Hinata is the lead singer, Kuroo is on drums, Kenma on bass guitar, and Kei is lead guitar and backup vocals. 

• Bokuto, Akaashi, Iwaizumi, and Ushijima have a heavy metal band. 

• Bokuto is on drums, Akaashi is the lead singer, Iwaizumi is the bassist, and Ushijima is the lead guitarist. 

• Yamaguchi, Daichi, Nishinoya, and Asahi sometimes collab to make  digital/electronic music used for stoner raves. Mostly remixes, but some original club music. They’re internet famous but they mostly try to keep anonymous.

• Matsukawa and Hanamaki are amateur rappers with a joint YouTube account. 

• Oikawa, Kageyama, and Sugawara are in a boy band. 

• Each has a specific personality type that makes them more appealing to their fans.

• Oikawa is the super ~~charming~~ and flirtatious one. He likes to play around with the fans a lot, especially when performing, like going down to the edge of the stage to grab their hands or take pictures with them or give them kisses on their hands (though he has to generally be pulled back by the other two before he’s mauled; you can hear Kags call him a complete dumbass, even if he moved his mic away some). Sometimes during music breaks, he likes to pose around to give his fans a chance at some choice pics. Sometimes he gets a bit “frisky” with the microphone stand to rile the girls in the front up or strip layers of his sparkly clothes off.

• Kageyama is the “tall, dark, and handsome” one of the group. He’s kinda seen as a bad boy, of sorts. Maybe even a sad, broody type. His voice is gentle and melodic so he mainly sings the love songs. One time, he brought a fan up on stage and sang happy birthday to her. He lost his favorite lip ring that night. She had to be escorted out of the arena and he had to be carried away with a towel over his face.

• Sugawara is the funny, playful, and fashionable one of the three. And quite honestly the most sensible. He knows to play and interact with his fans to keep them interested, but he also knows that they’re like feeding piranhas and to keep his distance. He’s usually the one to answer fan messages on their joined social media sites or posts about upcoming tour dates and changes to schedules. He has the pretty/innocent boy complex about him. He also has the most male fans!

• Kiyoko and Yachi as idols. Kiyoko influenced Yachi to join her, despite her being nervous (Yachi has the sweetest voice ever and can hit some serious high notes) and helped her push past it and made her discover how much she loved performing. The screams from the audience make her feel more confident. 

•Kiyoko is the gorgeous, sexy one and is super social because of how popular she is. She is effortlessly talented, but she doesn’t rely on her natural ability. Yachi admires how hardworking she is and that is one of the main reasons she joined Kiyoko in the first place.

•A lot of fans ship Kiyoyachi ;)

• Kuroo and Bokuto have completely opposite musical visions. Kuroo is into alternative, scene kid, pop punk, “get out of this town” fun music and Bokuto likes classic rock and heavy metal, especially old British bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Metallica. Because of their varying artistic visions they clash… a lot. And their fans eat this shit up. They start off with a lowkey rivalry that turns into social media wars (tagging each other in shit posts about the other’s band), then they move to actual verbal arguments, until it escalates even more.

• Kuroo (about Bo’s band): “this shit isn’t even music, he’s just gutturally roaring in a microphone and smashing his head on a table” 

• Bokuto (about Kuroo’s band): “lol look at these fucking pussies. their music is about as real as those clip-on piercings”. 

• Their war escalated to an on-stage fight. It started out with a typical concert. Bokuto was ending a song and taking a quick break to get some water and ask the fans if they want one more song. Then Kuroo struts out with a microphone and says “to the dumbass owl who talked pure shit all last week behind his twitter handle, Bokuto what’s good son?!” They end the entire performance with a fist fight, which involves security separating them and sending everyone home. Right before they get all cleaned up (and stitched, in Kuroo’s case - right above his left eye), they take a picture together and laugh it off. It’s posted on Bokuto’s instagram with the caption “homie for life tho. #Tetsubro” 

• Oikawa’s group gets involved with them too because their label wants them to take on more of a bad boy persona; Oikawa gets distracted by Hajime’s arms though and they’re both annoyed that Ushijima falls for him.

• Sugawara, Yamaguchi, Tsukishima, and Daichi all sit back and watch the chaos unfold. 

• Yamaguchi supplies the drugs and they pass it around. Tadashi and Kei shotgun it.

• Daichi barks out for Tsukishima to cut it out and save that shit for the hotel, to which Kei replies with a middle finger behind Tadashi’s head. 

• Kageyama and Hinata figure out that their voices sound angelic together. 

•Kenma convincing Kei to dye his hair with him. Kenma goes with soft pink hair and Tsukishima with punk-blue tips. Suga and Oikawa get matching mint highlights. Nishinoya changes the color of his fringe.

• Tsukishima has lots of piercings. Literally everywhere. Tongue, nipples, lip, hips, ears, and bridge. Hinata has piercings all up one of his ears. Kageyama has a lip ring. Bokuto has an eyebrow ring. Kuroo has a little stud in his nose. Akaashi has a bellybutton piercing, as well as a tongue ring.

• His fans found out about his nipple rings, because Kenma is a literal troll. He loves pranking the others cause they’re so easy. He especially loves messing with Kei and riling him up. He just makes it so easy! He managed to catch a picture of Kei coming out of the shower and zoomed in hella close and posted it to his insta, with the caption “nice nipple rods bro #whysocoldlmao” and RIP Kei.

• Akaashi likes to torture his fans and take pics with Kenma (close friends, sometimes have been known to collab on softer songs together) with his tongue always out to show off the new tongue piercings he buys. 

• Kuroo has a dick piercing. enough said.

– Punk and Pastel

anonymous asked:

Can you rate the batfamily on whose more skilled in flirting? Pretty please? I wanna say Bruce and Dick are pretty high up on the list.

(This post is rated PG+ for some slightly risqué headcanons… I guess?

Oh my word. Okay. 

I would place Dick, Barbara and Bruce pretty high up on the list. 

I trust I don’t have to say much about Dick other than mentioning that he definitely sings and dances to R. Kelly’s “I’m a Flirt” in the shower. Dick is just a natural. He was born with the natural charisma that enables flirting to come easily to him. He usually knows exactly what to say, and genuinely means it, which of course always helps.

Barbara is the queen of innuendos. It’s all in her voice, her intonation, the sultry look in her eyes. It’s in her endearing nicknames and lighthearted scolding. She’s bold in all the right ways… or at least according to Dick. 

Now I have to admit I’m a bit torn with Bruce… mostly because, yes, Bruce “Brucie” Wayne has perfected the art of flirting and wooed many a Gotham socialite out of necessity. But ask Selina Kyle, and she will tell you without hesitation that the man is completely inept and she doesn’t know why she even tries. But ask her again on a good day, and she will probably tell you with a coy smile that: “for a man of few words, he’s very good with his hands”. And before you all go crazy, she’s talking about the little things. Intertwining fingers, face caresses, gentle kisses on the back of the neck… Bruce knows his stuff.

In the middle, I would put Jason, Duke and Stephanie.

Jason isn’t much of a flirt, but when he loves someone, he shows it in his actions. Even doing little things like, cleaning a kitchen, or buying flowers and leaving them somewhere obvious… that is how Jason flirts. (And poetry. No, listen. This boy is a damn romantic at heart but you’d never know it unless you read his poems.)

Duke… is the geekiest flirt there ever was. Mainly because he throws out Star Wars quotes and cheesy pick-up lines like there’s no tomorrow usually with a stupidly adorable grin on his face that just makes you want to give him a smooch. But I mean that works for some people, so it’s all about finding the right ones. 

Steph. Oh lord, this girl. Go and read Stephanie’s run as Batgirl if you want to die of laughter watching her try to flirt and failing miserably. The problem with Stephanie is that she isn’t exactly the best at being able to assess situations and evaluate when it’s okay or appropriate for certain inside thoughts to come out. But she makes up for any awkwardness with her light-hearted humour and self-mockery. 

And I would put Damian and Tim together at the bottom.

Undoubtedly, these two boys don’t have a flirtatious bone in their body. 

One of them will likely say in in a stiff voice that “you look acceptable tonight” (though he will of course say this while blushing)… and the other can’t even get two coherent words together to form a compliment, firstly, and secondly this boy is so lost when it comes to flirting, he might not even think to say anything in the first place.  

But we love them both, so we forgive them. 

Growing up in a predominantly white area was, and still is, hellish for me.

Growing up in a mainly white area was, and still is, hellish for me.

At the age of 5 I moved from a place where there were lots of boys and girls like me but then i moved school to the south west of England. People were mainly from England, and it’s very difficult because in my old school people came from all over the world! Some people don’t make me feel comfortable where I am now, and this makes me feel really very sad. When I think about it, maybe they just don’t know much about different people, cultures and communities! My old home was quite different.

From the age of 5 onward my friends call me racist names and made hurtful comments towards me. I have just moved to an all-white, farmer-dominated primary school, and the hateful mindset that some of them live in causes me to feel unwanted. I am compared to animal feces, told to go back to my own country, and that I should be pleased that at least some of me is white. I do not think that all of them meant to say the things they did, to deliberately make me feel isolated and afraid, but their lack of experience with talking to, and being with, people even remotely different from themselves really makes an impact when it comes to talking to someone from a Mixed Race background like myself. I’m receiving comments like “you’re an outsider” ” The coloured one” ”you’re kind of pretty for a brown girl” ”you’re the same colour as shit.” All of these types of comments from an early age all through to the age of 11, made me feel like less of a person than I really am; it was my racial background that made me feel like this.

At the age of 10 I’m waiting on a fairy godmother to come down and cast a spell so I can be white, so I can be the same as everyone else. My peers and my predominantly white surroundings make me feel unbelievably uncomfortable. I started to become aware that it was my appearance that attracted unwanted attention with other people, but it’s my complex heritage that is my monster to fight. I feel like I don’t know my own heritage and this has always made me feel disconnected to where I could possibly belong.  I am not BiRacial or anything as easy to explain as that. I am a true mix of hundreds of different nationalities and my family before me are also like this. Somehow, I still can’t get over the confusion I feel every day about it and if I can’t understand it, how can I expect other people to understand and respect me? I don’t think it is seen as a good thing right now, it just makes me different.

  At the age of 11 I’ve just moved up to a senior school in Dorset. I’m afraid and different to the rest of my year. Everyone is white. I feel like loneliness is eating me alive, swallowing every ounce of hope I have yet to spare. It feasts upon any confidence and self love I have left, leaving behind this empty carcass; I’m full of so much despair and self-loathing that I can’t seem to hold onto anything positive anymore. The people I share my education with take my heart into their claws, squeezing out all the life I can muster that morning. I have somehow created a monster within my mind and it only ever wants me to feel cold and useless. I have no power over it. I feel like I shouldn’t be the colour I am and I feel like I shouldn’t be accepted into their society because I’m not like them.

At the age of 14 I’ve moved again, this time to Cornwall. The very end of England. I think that as I’ve moved around, I’ve had to fight the same battles each time. Meeting new people and each time having to explain my genetic makeup, something I, myself, don’t even fully understand yet.

Whilst being down here, not only have I, personally, been the receiver of discriminatory comments and the punch line to jokes because of my skin colour, but I have played witness to countless islamophobic jokes and Donald Trump-like views being openly preached.

Being told that “racism doesn’t exist anymore” will never fail to make me re-evaluate what I should and shouldn’t be offended at.  The fact that these people, some of which are racist to me and to other people, think that it it is okay to say that infuriates me.I can’t help but think “they don’t know a damn thing!” and then this in turn makes me question “Do I know a damn thing?”. Sometimes it’ll be for five minutes.  An hour. A day. A week. But looking back on it now I understand that I am allowed to feel however I want to about discriminative comments said to me or that affect me.

“There’s no such thing as white privilege” says the white man. Having people deny the product of their history because they don’t like it will always seem ridiculous to me; being told this in the aggressive way that it was,just makes me angry and upset. I remember thinking “How dare he? How dare he deny something that will forever affect me and vast amount of people in the world?” I think that part of me is jealous because it will never affect his life in a negative way, and this infuriates me. It infuriates me that I have no control over how such a medieval concept as white privilege can tragically still be a major issue today!

And to top it all off: “ Mixed race people are just products of a dirty love.”  To those of you that are reading this and are mixed race, do I really need to explain why this was one of the most devastatingly catastrophic few seconds of my life? My life, my family, and other people in the mixed race community were just being insulted and shunned. I remember receiving the comment and I felt like my heart skipped a beat. The feelings that rushed through me where unearthly and tortuous, and if I was to explain how I feel about it, it would take me millenia.

At the age of 15 I frequently think about what culture and what background suits me the most. I come from a multi cultural background that holds a phenomenal mix of races. Am I Indian? Am I Irish? I’ve never really felt like I fit in with the communities that I have roots in because of how frail each root is. I can find myself thinking that I haven’t ever got anyone to talk about this kind of mixed race exclusive issue.

However, when I am with other people who feel the same as I do about this kind of situation, I feel like I am accepted and that I do matter. When feeling down about all this, the best thing is to talk to someone that might understand and be able to relate about this situation as it provides a sense of comfort and community.

To those of you that have just read what I have had to say:
If you are in the lucky position to not be in the situation that I am in, I beg of you to learn from the mistakes that I have spoke of. Don’t be that person that is clueless about what they are saying.
If you are in a similar position to myself then just remember that you are never alone.

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hello hello! what other groups do you stan? also do you stan tvxq? i'm getting a lot of tvxq feels since yunho is out of the military and i can't wait for a comeback. i was wondering if you could recommend me some, if you knew any, of course ^^ thank you for your time and i really love your works!

Thank you. Ah I used to listen to TVXQ a little bit waaay back in the day! Nowadays, I mainly listen to rap or solo Korean artists, so I will incorporate them into the list too:

Boy Groups

  • Highlight
  • NCT U
  • 2PM
  • Monsta X
  • VIXX
  • Block B
  • Winner
  • Seventeen
  • EXO
  • SHINee
  • Super Junior

Girl Groups

  • Brown Eyed Girls
  • Miss A
  • 4Minute
  • 2NE1
  • f(x)
  • Brave Girls
  • AOA
  • Wonder Girls
  • Dal Shabet
  • Girl’s Day
  • Red Velvet
  • Ladies’ Code
  • After School

Co-Ed Groups

  • Triple H
  • K.A.R.D

Rap / Solo Artists

  • DPR Live
  • Dean
  • Heize
  • Crush
  • Beenzino
  • Giriboy
  • Zion.T
  • Glowingdog
  • Zico
  • Jay Park
  • Primary
  • Hyukoh
  • Suran
  • Hoody
  • Lovewave
Taehyung Scenario: Against All Odds.

Request:  can u make an angst scenario with taehyung where u guys are forced to get married u really love him but he hate u and have a girlfriend, and his girlfriend really evil like she slap herself and said it was u who slap her fluff ending pls i❤ur blog

Genre: Romance / Drama

Waiting in the cold room with your hands intertwined over your lap, you released a tired, anxious sigh.  The series of events that caused your current situation were already accepted by you since a long time now, it was just the absence of the person you were waiting for what was making you feel so nervous.

Whenever Taehyung came to your mind you wondered what made him change so much towards you, the bright giggly boy who sneaked into your play room whenever his parents where meeting with yours and played silly pranks on you only to soothe you after and tell you that you looked best when smiling wasn’t there anymore. You understood people changed over the years, but Taehyung truly evolved into something you almost couldn’t recognize. He became careless, cold, cocky, not minding anyone else and not even the commitment your parents had settled for both of you.

You knew about the things he did, his rebellion, the women he saw and it wasn’t like you were really in a relationship, you never were and you couldn’t blame him, you had also made a life apart from him but it was about time that ended, both of you knew there wasn’t really escaping from it.

There was a knock on your office’s door and you told whoever it was to come in, only to be surprised when Taehyung came into view. He smirked, taking off his leather jacket that had a few droplets from the light rain outside.

–You look as if you just saw a ghost Y/N– Taehyung shook his hair a little, your eyes were always captivated by the rich brown of it and then he smirked, walking closer to you. –Weren’t you expecting me? –

You stood up, trying not to let his presence affect you but it was really hard, you’d always had a weakness for Taehyung, you liked him maybe more than you should and you always wondered if he ever cared to notice.

–Not really, actually– you shrugged nonchalantly and calmed your racing mind and heart. –But thanks for coming, we need to talk–

–Talk, yeah right…– Taehyung laughed wryly while you walked to the desk at your right. –Everything has been talked already Y/N, there’s nothing on us in this subject who are you trying to fool?–

He couldn’t help but practically spit the words, you knew he wasn’t happy with the arrangement your parents had settled, you just liked to ignore that, but every time Taehyung spoke as if marrying you was the most repulsive thing ever you couldn’t help but feel your heart sink down to your feet.

–Look, I need you to drop your attitude for a moment so we can get things clear– you snapped, and instantly took a deep breath to control yourself. –Please–

He looked at you with a bigger smirk this time and sat at the corner of the desk, invading your space and you refused to back off from him. –I’ve been told that attitude, how you call it, can turn girls on–

You weren’t sure about that though, but that smirk did really do funny things to you. You smiled and shook your head. –Taehyung, we aren’t little kids so stop playing around, you know why we are here–

–To talk about our marriage – he answered with a serious tone this time, holding your gaze and you nodded softly under the weight of his eyes on you.

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Paintings and Ramblings

Word Count: 3k (you’re welcome)

Author’s Note: thanks to my lovely friend @galaxayy for giving me this great idea for a Peter fic. at first i thought i could nail it but i couldn’t. until earlier throughout the week i wrote a little bit each day until finally my mind suddenly bursted with ideas and couldn’t keep track with the amount of words i was writing. i really hope you enjoy! i loved writing this one out.

Summary: In which you thoroughly enjoy art and Peter keeps that in mind before asking you out.

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And hey boys..ever wonder what a girl like me does on a typical sunday night like this? well I’ll spill the details for free ;)

I basically watch old live alice in chains performances and thrash around in my bed whilst headbanging my hair around violently as I try to whisper shout the lyrics because it’s 4am in the morning

then afterwards..there is where it gets hot but mainly cold because I’ll just straight up eat a bowl of cereal, take some ambien and call it a very late but accomplished night.

Sexy, right? pft, I already know.