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Disciple of Fen’Harel necklaces

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the response to my necklaces, I am just blown away, really.

I have opened up a limited number of preorders for the necklace if anyone is interested.

I have a few new Dragon Age related pendants that I am working on too and am very excited to get them done and up in the shop!


Someone asked to see an art progression post from me (I think that was you, @heysales?) 

I will always be thankful for this game for getting me back into artwork and drawing consistently again. 

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve been writing my post-Trespasser fic for so long I’ve forgotten that some of the early events in that story aren’t canon? It’s because I remember them, but they’re so far away in my mind that they almost feel like I didn’t think them up.

But then of course I look over the videos from the Solas romance in Trespasser and remember that it all ended with that kiss. In canon at least. And it’ll be year until we get more canon material - if we even do!


incase you don’t follow me on twitter or instagram, I’m cosplaying Fen'Harel (well, Solas too)! I’ve been working on the cosplay since 6am (it’s 11:20pm right now). progress photos will be on my snapchat 💕
I finished the makeup test and I’m pretty satisfied with the results. I have to do heavy contouring and I’m not good at it, so hopefully by the time I’m done the entire cosplay the contouring will be mastered! I also will have hair, I ain’t wearing a bald cap LOL.

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7, 9, 19 for Logan? :o

Good shit!!!

7. What do they usually say when SS asks for their thoughts?

answered here <3

9. What perk do they have once SS has the highest affinity with them?

Oh man this is my favourite question because I worked so hard on her companion perk. I even made an animation for it and everything. 

Anyway, you get more XP for crafting since that is how she rolls. And you also get the ability to hack robots in combat, which is pretty useless if you already have robotics expert fully upgraded but who can be asked to do that tbh (me. thank god. do you know how useful this shit is in Automatron???)

It’s called Hack N’ Slash. Because. You hack. The robots. And it’s….nvm. 

19. What’s their dialogue when speaking to SS after the ending? (You can decide which faction SS goes with.)

I imagine if you side with either the MM or RR she’ll be pretty damn pleased. If you side with the BoS? Whole different story. You probably get shouted at. She’ll say she thought you understood each other but guess not. She’ll seem slightly more hostile than with the other factions. 

If it’s Not With The Institute then she’ll comment on the fact that all that tech’s gone to waste, and wonder if there was a different way, but at the end of the day at least the problem is Solved. She’ll wish she could at least see the place though.  If you side with the institute she’ll say she understands why you’d be enticed by all the advanced tech they have, but also state that from now on she’s going to be a lot more wary of you, confused and disappointed at why you would choose that ending. She’ll sound disappointed and yet obviously curious about the institute. 

‘’if I have to live knowing they’re still out there, you at least owe me one trip. and a distraction. don’t ask why.’’

Sole Survivor OC As Companion Ask Game

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That part where she stuck it in his butt >3 jk, my seriously favorite thing is in Constellations when she bites through Solas' barrier *___*


To be fair it was a pretty great moment, though. 

But yes, that was one of my favorite parts too! Silly Solas, you keep telling yourself not to underestimate the Dalish Witch, and then you go and let her bite your cheek off and then escape. 

favorite fanfic moment

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i was gonna say “solas is probably one too” but then i saw your tags

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(solas voice) this is almost as bad as the time i created the veil

How could the Dread Wolf take away editable reblogs and custom themes???? What is this update?? What has Fen’harel done???

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What's your favorite prank that you've ever pulled, Sera? I remember getting into pranking wars with my friends back home. Those pranks were certainly fun!

Ahhh, shite. Dunno, yeah? All good ones. Anything that really gets a laugh, right?

Wait! No. Andraste on Solas’ desk. (snorts.) That one was grand. Solas thought so, too. Pretty sure.