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Who gives a donkey's cock if you're a conservative? Different opinions are fine. This is why I hate tumblr.

An ass’s cock, eh? That’s new.

And I know. I have plenty of friends with diverse beliefs. I’m friends with feminists and anti-feminists, liberals and conservatives, socialists and anarchists, Muslims and Christians (and atheists).

I cherish diversity of thought above any other kind of diversity and I take pride in my efforts to learn what other people believe in. I’m not so petty that I would write someone off as undeserving of respect just because I don’t agree with their opinions. That’s just childish.

If you’re respectful to me, I’ll be respectful to you. That’s all I ask from others. It’s astounding how some people can’t understand such a simple concept.

I know what I think about the sending of American troops specifically to other countries as a way to offer aid (bad, because generally it is to put bandaids on issues we caused with our foreign policy and military issues, it is often less about aid and more about propping up American interests in an area, etc, even though there have been instances where it provided great help it does not change the character of our military) but I need to do some reading on the ethics of sending troops and arms and supplies somewhere when you can. I’m not going to dig up conversations about the Soviet Union (it’s done, not about to have it tonight) but certainly, I think that their model of arming other revolutions made sense, even if it wasn’t always for cute and wonderful and pure socialist reasons- if there are socialist efforts somewhere which need arms and troops, then perhaps it is best to send them, though I do think you cannot expect a public to support sending their own children to die in order to build socialism elsewhere or defend people elsewhere. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need- I think we are obligated to help in any ways we can. It’s a sophisticated ethical question that isn’t going to get solved tonight, just musing. I have a book called “Marxism and Warfare” or something like that on its way, about the Marxist perspective on war. I’m assuming it is addressed in there and I look forward to reading other Marxists talk about it some.

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wait so if im understanding this correctly, the ussr was just state capitalist and not "true" communism? (not sure if there is one true definition but how u defined it sounds about how i would) ahh i rly dont understand/wrap my head around why people would associate 1 type of communism to communism as a whole?? makes no sense ,,

That’s basically correct, yeah. It wasn’t socialist/communist (both Marx and a lot of leftists don’t really make a distinction), and it’s become associated with communism because of equal parts Cold War and bourgies not wanting people to realize that communism kicks ass.


Trevor Hill is the gay socialist revolutionary we need right now.

On why I support the punching of white surpremacist leaders:

1. These people are not unneducated. They are not simply ignorant people being manipulated into this. They know exactly what they are saying, and they are saying it anyway.
2. Their message kills people. It supports oppressive systems that kill people every day. Words can be just as violent as punches.
3. These people can’t be reasoned with. They can’t. They already know what you’re gonna say and they don’t care. They firmly believe they are superior. They are scum because they chose to be.
4. Not every opinion deserves respect or a platform. In a world in which proggressist views are increasingly villified and where nationalism is becoming the new normal, it’s important to stand up for what’s right, however we can.
5. It’s important to send the world a message: we will not go quietly. We will not let racism, sexism, lgbtq-phobia go unchecked, we will not let you win so easily.

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blue collar labor force socialist and or communist, union, gay, major sub here. family was in the socialist movement around the mccarthy era. not into degradation or humiliation but I like getting ordered around which is probably pretty on point with my politics now that I think on it.

It’s weird that my first thought after reading this was “is this my stepmom”???

An economy that bases prices in scarcity will have a perverse incentive to deplete any resource. This is how capitalism functions. It is not only economically sound, but economically profitable to generate crisis. For example, look at the crops that get burned due to over-abundance, look at how diamonds are price gouged, look at how clothing is liquidated because of overstocking. It is disgusting. We destroy our excess in order to make profit. Not donate, destroy. The compassionate route is blocked off by greed. We have enough housing, clothing, and food to keep our entire society off the streets and fed, yet because we worship the dollar over morality, we prefer to allow and encourage suffering.

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If I stood in the middle of the street and yelled “let’s burn a building down” I could go to jail for inciting a riot but if I stood in the middle of the street and yelled “let’s kill every single black person” I’m just exercising my first amendment rights.

Welcome to liberal democracy, where property is of more value to our government than actual living people.

tbh its important to popularize shit like “beat up/kill fascists” because you know damn well they’re willing to use violence and ppl have to be psychologically prepared for that…it’s not even necessarily about me hating them So Got Dang Much (even tho i do lol) it’s about wanting ppl to know it is acceptable and even noble to punch them in the fucking face for saying racist, bigoted shit and otherwise trying to assert their power over ppl and terrorize them into silence and complicance