and so were his faces

BTW❣ Guess who saw the moon and rubbed a kitty’s face today

Look at Arya’s final scene in the House of Black and White, the one where she goes blind. In outline form, it works fine: Arya, unable to let go of her personal vendettas, killed someone she wasn’t supposed to kill, and the Faceless Men punish her by taking her vision.

The problem is in the details. Think about when the Waif turns into Jaqen H’ghar—since when can the Faceless Men grow their bodies? And how is fake Jaqen wearing an Arya mask under his other dozen or so faces? We were led to believe that the Faceless Men can only wear the faces of people they’d treated after their deaths. My bet is that the writers were focused on coming up with shocking moments (“Jaqen’ll have Arya’s face—that’ll be creepy!”) and didn’t stop to think if they made sense. The unintended consequence is that, instead of being floored, the audience is just confused.

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Connor instantly went stiff from his head to his toes, and his face flushed so red you were worried he was going to faint soon. Someone loved him? But love was something so special, and this person really loved him? He was surprised.

He was silent for a while before the words, “Are you sure?” came tumbling out of his mouth, and he mentally slapped his forehead for asking such a question.

“Good job Connor.” Sara teased while patting his shoulder.

Am I oblivious when it comes to guys or over thinking I’ll probably never know someone halp

Ethan nodded his head in agreement. An easy silence soon fell, filling the cafe with its overbearing presence. In the quiet, Ethan pretended to look at the menu while. gazing anywhere but at the freckles that splattered across Luke’s cheeks. They were painted across the bridge of his nose, all the way to the start of his ears.

Were the cosmos always scattered so delicately across his face?
—  excerpt number ????, for @cedricdiggery

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Your opinion in Shinkiro art

It’s great, especially his early stuff.

I like Patty too much but I couldn’t stop myself from doing this 😁😹😜

One shot: AU Patty were Barry’s friend with a secret crush with him

She came to visit him as they were doing the last few weeks; excluding night visits to watch netflix together and kind of “flirting”,
Barry thought he might have a better chance than Jay a couple months ago, and he felt no more guilt.
2 weeks ago they started to walk hand in hand when they were close to Cait’s apartment or his, yesterday he rubbed his fingers on her hands and she accommodated her head on his shoulder and walked some blocks as they were a real couple.
“Why did I have this immeasurable need to kiss her?” Barry thought
At that moment he was surprised, Cait came very close to him to see what was on the monitor and suddenly his eyes were face to face.
“This is the sign!”
Barry put his face so close that their noses were touching, giggles surfaced of both of them,
“Why is she wearing that blue dress so tight that her curves are driving me crazy? Since she cross the door,  I just want to make her mine, I don’t care if the door is wide open!” a dirty Barry thought on his mind.
"Hey, get a grip! Just kiss her and..." and that was when She approached her lips, Cait moved closer and he...

"HEY CAITLIN" was heard, it was Patty -we automatically separated as springs-
“We were about to kiss! Fuck! Change of face, idiot!” 
“Hi”, Caitlin said.
“Well, you're likely not to see netflix tonight.” last Barry’s thought.

Sorry about my english.. xD I really tried my best.


At this, Hermione successfully broke the effects of Crabbe’s curse and started fighting tooth and nail to break the stronger wizard’s grip. Crabbe was caught between trying to recast his curse and restraining her when Hermione heard a voice that instantly chilled her.

“Granger?” came the surprised question. Hermione froze as she turned to face her nemesis, the betrayer that caused the school to be overrun with Death Eaters in the first place, the cowardly man that stood idly by as her classmates were being tortured and killed—Draco Malfoy.

“Malfoy,” she spat, her voice husky from disuse. Hermione had to catch her breath as she took in Draco Malfoy—there was no question he had grown as well. Like Nott, he cut a striking figure in his finely tailored suit and robes. And his face…his face, Hermione was hit with a sudden onslaught of feelings when she looked at his face. There were so many and so much at once, Hermione could not distinguish one from another and quickly became overwhelmed. She chose one feeling above them all to grasp onto, the strongest of all, hate.

Chapter 2 of A Past Erased is up! What will transpire in Part 2 after the Obliviation in Part 1? Read more here.

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once i was sucking this guy's dick and he's hot but his moaning faces were so funny i had to refrain rly hard from laughing

i love this 

Chapter 3


Everything was a massive chaos in my head. I knew what I was about to do was very much  unlady-like. That’s why I wanted the dress off of me, and just run in my willies home, to my son, to hide in a bunnie hole.

But instead, I pursed my lips, attempting to fight back. Oh, I had loads of things on my tongue that needed to be let out. There certainly wasn’t anything that could stop me by now.

“If you just cannot take the fact that a simple girl achieved nothing in her life – yet – is amongst you, then it is my pleasure to tell you that there are far more important things in life!” I shouted. Niall was looking up at me but there were no signs of disappointment or disgust on his face. His eyes were ever so sparkly, the icy blue shining through the dipped lighting of the chandeliers like the far stars in the night skies that could be hardly spotted.

“I did not come here to fit in. No,” I shook my head and smiled bitterly. “I just came here to accompany my friend because friendship is what matters. And all of these contracts that are going to be signed are going to eventually lose their importance and one of the investors is going to lose a great amount of money. Or someone is going to get cheated on. Life is unfair, but that is not unfair that I am here. So, first of all, let me introduce you to the 21st century, and second, I am a proud farm girl and even a prouder mother. I am not ashamed. You should be for judging me.”

I felt the anger simmer down in my chest and I picked up my long skirt so I could step down from the chair, Niall immediately assisting me. “Everyone can finally see those cool willies of yours,” he said as his eyes were scanning the soft murmurs in the hall.

I giggled. “Good. Let them.”

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nightmare post pt 2


Ibarra gasped, clutching the shoulders of the man who was slowly kissing his way down his stomach. "Elias, stop.“ 

Elias paused, looking up at Ibarra through his lashes, "Señor?" He questioned. "Did I do something wrong?" Elias felt Ibarra tense, and for a second he thought he fucked up. Maybe Crisostomo didn’t like being kissed there, didn’t like his pace, the way his lips moved, the way he held him, or maybe he didn’t like Elias at all and– 

"What? No. That’s not it." Crisostomo said, cutting off Elias’ train of thought. "Just stop for a second." 

Elias frowned but nodded, crawling up Ibarra’s body so they were face to face, weight resting on his hands and knees. "Why did you ask me to stop?" 

Ibarra shrugged, reaching up to run his hair through Elias’ dark locks. "I just thought that maybe you’d like me to," he paused, meeting the other man’s eyes, "reciprocate for last time we…did this." 

Elias felt himself smile, relieved that he wasn’t upsetting Ibarra, happy that Ibarra cared enough about him to worry about something as trivial as who gets to come first. "You don’t have to do that, Señor Ibarra. I am indebted to you and whatever you ask of me, I promise to–” Two fingers pressed against his lips, silencing him. Elias blinked, confusion evident on his face. Didn’t Ibarra want to hear how dedicated he was to him? 

Ibarra sighed, lowering his gaze to Elias’ mouth. "Stop that. I don’t want to hear another speech about how I saved your life and how you owe everything to me. Because you don’t. You’re my friend, Elias. You’re my…“ He swallowed. "My lover. Not my servant. I wish you understood that." Ibarra met Elias’ eyes and took in the surprise written on his face. He saw that as an opportunity to flip them over. 

Ibarra straddled the boatman’s hips, leaning down to whisper in his ear, "Please, just let me make you feel good."  Without waiting for a response, he mouthed lazily at the boatman’s throat, nipping and sucking gently. Elias hissed when Ibarra bit a particularly sensitive part. 

"Ah…" Elias tipped his head back, exposing more of his throat. He ran his hands up Ibarra’s torso, wrapping his arms around the aristocrat’s neck.  He felt Ibarra moving against him, rhythmically grinding into him. He let out a breathy moan. "God, that feels good." 

Ibarra smirked against his skin. He kissed his way up his lover’s neck, along his jaw, then his mouth. He licked at those closed lips, insisting that they open up. But Elias was always coy about kissing (which was both endearing and frustrating) so he refused, turning his head away, cheeks flushing. "Elias,” Crisostomo promted, "let me kiss you.“ 

Elias shook his head no. Ibarra gave him a measured look then shifted slightly on the boatman’s lap, aligning their hips. He pushed against Elias, hard, earning a gasp from the man. Ibarra seized his mouth, shoving his tongue inside. Licking. Tasting. 

Elias was kissing back, hesitantly at first. Their mouths moving against each other, soft and pliant. As he weaved his fingers through Ibarra’s hair, the latter continued rolling his hips, drawing out soft moans from Elias who was growing painfully hard. 

It was the boatman who pulled back first, panting. Ibarra only latched on to Elias’ neck again, marking up the skin, bruising, biting. Elias bucked his hips at the feeling of teeth sinking into his skin. "A-ah. Easy there.”

Ibarra grinned at the sounds coming from the boatman, whimpers and moans uncharacteristically submissive coming from him. 

Elias closed his eyes relishing the feel on Crisostomo’s hair between his fingers, his lips on his hot skin, peppering it with red marks, his hand on his… “Ohh." He arched his back, seeking friction against the scholar’s nimble fingers, which were fiddling with the waistband of his pants. 

Ibarra’s other hand started unbuttoning Elias’ shirt, kissing his way down. He pressed one more kiss above his navel before asking, "What do you want me to do, love?" 

Unfocused, lust-blown, brown eyes met his. "What–" 

Ibarra reached down, squeezing Elias through the fabric of his pants.  "What do you want me to do?" He asked again. 

Elias let out a groan. Pushing his hips against Ibarra’s hand, needing the friction. "Please." 

Ibarra smirked, his hand dipping into Elias’ pants. "Please what? What do you want?" 

Elias frowned, shifting beneath him. He bucked his hips again, trying to coax Ibarra. "Touch me. Please." 

Ibarra’s smirked turned into a grin, wolfish and eager. "Really now?" He licked his lips as he palmed Elias. "Where?" 

"You know where." Elias gulped. "Señor–" 

Ibarra wrapped his hand firmly around the boatman’s shaft. "Cut the damned formalities," he hissed, as he slowly, painstakingly, moved his hand up and down. 

Elias moaned. "F-faster.” But the request only made Ibarra slow his ministrations even further. 

“Is that what you want me to do?" Ibarra’s mouth was at Elias’ ear, breath hot, voice low and rough. "You want me to violate you, sweet Elias? Touch you where you’re too timid to? Make you come? Force you to spill your seed and stain my fingers?" 

Elias was panting. Cheeks flushed. Drenched in sweat. Mouth open in a silent ah. He loved it when Ibarra talked to him that way. Filthy and without shame. "M-more." 

"More? Greedy little thing, aren’t we?" He sped up his movements, giving the length a good squeeze every now and then. The moans were coming unbidden from his lover’s mouth now. It was a sight to behold. Elias writhed and bucked beneath him, rutting against his hand, thrusting, getting as much friction as he could. Elias tugged roughly on Ibarra’s hair, pulling him in for a sloppy kiss. Ibarra delighted in the opportunity of getting to explore every crevice of the boatman’s mouth with his tongue, hungry for it’s taste. 

"Ah. I-I’m so…close.”  Elias could feel his gut tightening, coiling, begging for release. He closed his eyes, groaning, ready for his orgasm. And just when he thought he would come, Ibarra stilled all movements. 

Ibarra laughed at the look of disbelief Elias gave him. And his lover’s pout only made him laugh more. 

“That wasn’t funny. At all." Elias whined, arms crossing protectively over his bare chest. 

"Wasn’t it, though?" Ibarra eyes danced with amusement. He placed his ass directly on top off Elias crotch, and started rocking against it. "Would this make you feel better?" 


Ibarra snatched Elias’ hands and pinned them above his head, and ground against him. The boatman’s mouth fell open, panting. "Let me come." 

"Only if you say my name." Crisostomo murmured as he placed small and sweet kisses on his chest. 


"Say. My. Name." Ibarra’s voice was a low rumble against his skin. 

"Um, Ibarra plea-”  He gasped, words forgotten as Crisostomo tugged his pants off completely, leaving him naked. 

Ibarra glared at him. "Wrong.“ His voice broke at the end, breath ragged, as he shuddered at the feeling of Elias’ hard length against his own. "Try again." 

Silence fell upon them, interrupted only by gasps and moans, creaks from the bed, and the slap of skin against skin. After a few moments Elias spoke, ”Please.“ He begged. " Please, Crisostomo." 

As soon as those syllables fell from Elias’ mouth, something snapped inside Crisostomo. He ducked, scraping his teeth against the boatman’s stomach. He mouthed at the muscles lining it. He then licked a stripe, down, down towards his navel, along his happy trail and paused. Ibarra glanced up, locking eyes with Elias, as he grasped his cock and positioned its head on his lips. 

He gave it a tentative lick earning a whimper from Elias. 

He slowly took in the shaft inside his mouth. "Oh God." Elias bucked into the wet heat, desperation and need driving him to fuck Ibarra’s throat. His fingers found the scholar’s hair again, pulling on it, wanting to thrust deeper. "Ah, Crisostomo, ah, ahhh.." 

Ibarra worked his tongue around it, swirling around the impressive length. He moaned, vibrating Elias’ cock. He sucked and licked. Slurping noises and muffled moans left those lips unchecked. He knew Elias was close. He could taste it. 

Elias mewled and whimpered, body strung tight and begging for release. 

"Crisostomo!" Elias buried his shaft deep inside Ibarra’s waiting throat, shooting hot jets of seed into him. His eyes fluttered closed. A bead of sweat rolled down his temple. 

Ibarra’s mouth was still around Elias’ cock, but not engorging it entirely, swallowing his seed, sucking at his softening cock, making him wince at the stimulation. He finally pulled off and licked his lips. "You taste so good, sweet Elias." 

Elias inhaled sharply. "I love you." 

Ibarra’s eyes widened. A small smile played on his cum stained lips. "I love you, too." 

f2f: carine

Carter turned into the cafe, a little late than when he said he’d meet Blaine but his swim practice ran a little over. His hair was still slightly damp and he hadn’t had time to put his contacts back in so, glasses were on his face. A little disheveled but he made it here–thought that counted right? He scanned the room for a curly haired boy who had a slightly bit more gel than necessarily before he spotted him towards the back. He smiled softly as he approached  the table, “This seat taken?” 

Darling... I’m sorry pt 1 (Eddie Gluskin x Reader)

(cover credited to owner)

Warnings for pt 1: Language

Notes: This story will be set AFTER the tests were done on Eddie (so his face is messed up) BUT Mount Massive hasn’t gone bezerk yet (meaning patients are still in cells etc.)  Your character is a female worker at Mount Massive (a therapist so to speak) and she had been assigned to Eddie

P.S. (Eddie’s face isn’t messed up until the next part) 

Oh how you honestly dreaded working here...

And believe it or not, it wasn’t even because of the patients. It was because of the staff, especially the fuckhead Jeremy Blaire that took every opportunity he had to insult you or belittle you for being literally the only female worker still working at Mount Massive. All the other female’s quit after hearing that one of the faculty members ended up pregnant and then mysteriously ‘miscarried’, they were scared out of their minds that they all just left; not you though, no you had little-to-no problems with the patients at Mount Massive so you weren’t going to let one issue like that make you quit your job. 

Of course though, that meant discrimination from the other workers since you were the only woman there and there were many vulgar things said to you on a daily basis, but you’ve learned to ignore them and focus on your patients, well patient.

You were an actual faculty member at the asylum, but you’d become a sort of therapist to the patients but once you were the only female left, your patients went from multiples to one: Eddie Gluskin. 

After reading his case, you found it funny that you were paired with a misogynist. It didn’t surprise you though, they’d try anything to get you out of that place. You didn’t see Eddie as a challenge though, you saw him as a learning block. You figured that maybe you could help him fight his hate for women and perhaps change him. 

Although on the fist day with him, he had to be restrained because as soon as he looked at you, you could tell he wanted you gone. He had some rather… vulgar things to say to you and to call you but you didn’t hold it against him. You couldn’t let yourself get angry and lash out on him, because the goal was to change him and in order to get a child to listen to you, you need to teach them right.

Your sessions with him weren’t on a daily basis, they were twice a week and about an hour long depending on how willingly he’s willing to corporate, It’s been really hard, extremely hard if you could even give it that much, but Eddie was different than the other patients and you were quite intrigued by him so you just kept trying and little by little you could tell you were making some sort of progress. 

Kind of… 

“Hello Eddie, how are you today?” You smile at him, tucking y/h/c hair behind your ear and taking out your notepad. 

He lets out a grunt as he attempts to remove his hands from the restraints on his chair. 

“Have you been getting along with the other patients?” You ask, trying not to break your smile although you shift uncomfortably in your seat. 

He stares at you, his piercing blue eyes piercing daggers into your y/e/c ones. You couldn’t even imagine the millions ways of killing you that goes on in his head. 

You look back at him, waiting for him to say something…

But he doesn’t

He just stares

As if he’s testing you…

“Why Darling,” he finally chirps, his clean accent sounding delightful to your ears, “you look magnificent today.” He smiles, causing you to flinch. 

Did he actually compliment you? This is the first kind thing he’s said to you, definitely have to write this down. 

“You know, you’d look even better in the grave I’m preparing for you.” 

You hear the lead on your pencil break as you press down on the paper once that sentence comes out of his mouth, should’ve known it was too good to be true.

“You know Eddie, it’s been a couple months since we’ve started talking. May I ask you what exactly you have against me?” 

“You’re a woman.” His eyes narrow. 

“Yes, but what do you have against me. If I was a guy?” 

“If you were of the male gender, then I’d… make you beautiful.” His eyes seem to light up at the though. 

You sigh as you put your notebook away, you weren’t about ready to go searching for another pencil at the moment, (and yes believe it or not, you have to go searching for one because all yours get taken) so you just decide that it’d be best to just talk to him and not write anything down. 

“So ae you calling me ugly Mr. Gluskin?” You chuckle, shaking your head. 

“Yes, as a female. If you were a male all I’d do is remove anything… vulgar, dear and you’d be the perfect bride!” He exclaims. 

You hold up your hand, revealing a diamond wedding ring. “Already married.” 

His shoulders sink as he huffs in annoyance. “I’m awfully sorry for your husband then.” 

You cock your head at him, just gotta keep telling yourself ‘little by little, he’ll come around eventually’. 

“You’re so disrespectful towards me Eddie, but yet I’m so kind to you.” You click your tongue and shake your head. “Perchance you need some time to think, yes?” 

His eyes go wide, knowing exactly what you’re going to do to him. 

“No, no don’t. They’ll- they’ll rape me!” He shouts leaning forward as if he’s going to lunge at you, but his restraints are preventing him from doing so. “You filthy slut, don’t you dare put me in that damned room!” 

“I think that’s what you need Eddie.” You remain calm as you stand up.

As you do so, Eddie somehow manages to get loose from the restraints and he knocks the chair over, but he doesn’t lunge at you. 

He just stands there…

You glance at how close you are to the door, you figured you wouldn’t get to the door in time before he’d probably hurt you or possibly kill you. Your heart was racing, for you were unbelievably nervous, never has this happened before with a patient. 

“Eddie now listen to me- 

“SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU ARE FILTHY WHORES BUT YOU- YOU ARE THE BIGGEST WHORE OF THEM ALL!” He moves towards you, but you don’t have the chance to even defend yourself before his fist comes in contact, hard, with your face. 

“AHHH!” You whimper as you fall to the floor, putting your hand over your eye as his foot comes into contact with your head before everything goes black.

The last thing you remember is the door being flung open and Eddie shouting whilst being carried away by some faculty members.