and so watch as i go and search out lovely pictures

look I ain’t even seen moonlight yet (going to see it tonight!) and I know just by the concept and the beautiful gif sets I’ve seen that it deserves to win best picture over fuckin la la land, which I have seen, and did actually enjoy a lot (or hidden figures should win—is hidden figures nominated for best picture? It should be because it was so good)

but I just wanna share that la la land is an incredibly peaceful thing to watch while ace, because the love story just has no overt sexual references…at all. they did not make out against a wall, or tumble into a bed before a fade to black. no side characters talked about how “hot” one of the mains is. no sex jokes. mia and sebastian’s instant chemistry and connection is shown not through a sexual attraction, but through them being able to dance in sync so soon after knowing each other. they cuddle on a bed and they kiss gently and they dance. they dance among the stars together. and it felt beautiful.

i guess I’m just used to fiction reminding me at every turn that love is inevitably sexual, that that is a natural part of Every Single romantic relationship. it took me a while to realize why it was so relaxing to watch la la land—because I didn’t have to have that little ugly moment of “oh right. I won’t ever have a relationship as nice as the one in this story”. the movie didn’t make me have that feeling.

it’s a tiny thing, and definitely not purposeful on the part of the writers, as I’m sure neither character was ace, but it’s something nice, and I felt nice watching it.

I don’t want my future loves to be dependant on sex, but god, do I ever want to dance among the stars with someone

When I Finally Discovered The Man Of My Dreams...OBJ lol

I walked in my living room to find my brothers watching football highlights. Nothing was out of the norm until I saw this guy dancing on the football field and at that moment nothing was the same lol.

Me: Who that guy dancing on tv?

Brothers just ignored me as usually! 



They finally got irritated enough to tell me.

Odell Beckham Jr. so I started my search and found this…

If you know me, I love me some Drake. This picture was my phone wallpaper for 3 months and I change my wallpaper every two weeks but I couldn’t come around to change it. I now follow one of the best fan base Odell pages, @o-dellbeckham for my highly needed updates lol. Which ultimately ends with me  feeling like…

Ok, I’m going to end my rant/obsession with OBJ has officially dethroned Drake on my Future Husband’s Who Don’t Even Know Me List.

If anybody was wondering….

 Future Husband’s Who Don’t Even Know Me List

Top 5

1. Drake         Odell Beckham Jr. 

2. Vic Mensa

3. Drake

4. A$AP Rocky

5. Michael B Jordan

The Thirst is real… lol

DISCLAIMER: I’m just joking around and having a little fun. So please don’t say anything negative or 

And that being said…

Finished it. I like how it came out, only a few problems and things I dislike in this picture, such as Mika’s chest, Angelo’s hands…God I can go on XD

But oh well, failure art is up XP

Thanks so much for those who watched me make this, means a lot x3 I always never think anyone on Tumblr is going to watch me draw, but I am always wrong and that makes me happy. 

Mika’s cat Clause also appears in this picture. He is so fluffy and cute x3 Mika loves him so much since she is more of a cat person.

Also, ANGELO’S EYES!!! I was going to make them yellow, cause my Angelo buddy makes her Angelo’s eyes yellow, but when I saw the red, I enjoyed it. Also, the scar I gave him in my perspective of his face, his has a blind eye cause of the scaring. 

Angelo and Mirabelle belong to the lovely @tamarinfrog @searching-for-bananaflies

Mika and Clause belong to me.