and so was silas character!


Oh my god.

Jakob’s like 

“Dad. Dad, please. Dad you uncultured man how dare you call tea “stuff” shut up here drink my tea” 


Okay it’s finally done! I said it like ten thousand times but thank you again @purplegillybeans for helping me be less anxious about this support!

The alternate Nina paralogue ending will come separately! Hopefully in the near future!

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white-rainbowff  asked:

Do you have any headcannons for Silas and Mender? I want to know more! I love the artwork!

Well I rp with them both so quite a bit. Silas was first with my other character Asher… the very complicated relationship with all of them ended with Mender, Asher and Silas soon becoming a threesome. After Asher died Silas and Mender continued being a thing and they married. They helped raise Mender’s adoptive daughter, La'Leyna (belongs to sweetfinjadrawings), a young force sensitive togrutan. They spent years as scavengers to always be on the move for her sake, living on a modified Gozanti class transport with the rest of their family (which is how they refer to their brothers and their lovers).

So yeah… lots of battles and sadness and joy and kinky stuff.


Finished! So, a few things.

First, so we are clear, Silas is a character in the Asylum fic, and he was created by Daemon of Decay.

Cirrus and Periwinkle have been created for the tumblr. I just didn’t want there to be any confusion as to who was where.

There are quite a few references in this one, and the characters being mentioned will show up in the future! Some characters are/will be nods to other franchises.

Anyway, this was fun to do. I had wanted to bring Silas in to the tumblr for a while now, and coming up with the two new characters was enjoyable as well.

Say hi to my new OCs:

“Not enough screentime” and “Author Insert™”

“Totally not the monkey guy”

“Hot Choir & Math Tutor” (now 50% less Hydrophobic!) and the “Greek Studies disaster squad”

And “Nosy Matchmaker Hairstylist with the British Accent”

and more to come


Damon in Season 5 Appreciation Week
Day 1: Best Character Moment

“So the only way for Silas to trade in his life for Bonnie’s is if he’s a witch. But the only way to become a witch is to have the cure.” “Yup.”

In which Damon is able to kill Katherine Pierce, a woman who he once spent 145 years chasing after, in order to bring back Elena’s best friend. Talk about character growth.

#TSIB 1st Anniversary Meme Day 1: Talk about the story

Dapat kagabi ko ‘to ipopost kaso ang epal ng internet namin kaya.. here you go! :)

Hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan yung araw na naisip ko ang storyline ng The Spaces in Between (na wala pang title that time). Nasa barko kami nun pauwi ng Marinduque (January 2011) para sa kasal ng pinsan ko. Nagsusulat ako ng isang chapter ng TDG Book 1 (hindi ko na matandaan kung ano) nang biglang pumasok sa isip ko yung name na Scheherazade. Matagal ko na kasi talagang trip yung name na 'yon, and sabi ko sa sarili ko na gagamitin ko ang name na 'yon if ever magkakaroon ako ng bagong story. Dapat nga Scheherazade ang name ni Trine sa Battle of the Exes since sinusulat ko rin 'yon that time. Buti na lang pinalitan ko, 'di kasi fit sa personality ni Trine ang name na “Zade”.

Matagal ko nang gustong magsulat ng isang kwent na may bidang celebrity. Drive ko kasi ang showbiz at Hollywood noon, at dala na rin ng kaadikan ko sa wrestling fan fictions nung high school. Uso rin kasi sa Wattpad yung mga artista ang bida that time kaya sinubukan ko na rin. Nung una nga, dapat si Zade ang artista kaso hindi ko maworkout yung idea and plot kaya nagstick ako sa norm na lalaki ang bida.. at ordinaryong tao ang girl. Yeah, I know. It sucks and a very worn out cliche lol

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