and so talented too

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Just wanted to say Happy B-Day one last time and tell you how amazing you are. It’s always hard for me to talk to people who I really admire, so I'll just write it here, eheh~ I’m super impressed and in love with your artwork, gurl! I’m always amazed by all of the clothing designs, and omg all the really colorful color schemes that I love so muchh~ Everything about your artwork is super expressive and just so detailed. It has such a distinct style that I can’t help but be attracted to it. <3

Omg Syn!! ;A;

I’m sobbing while I’m reading this. Damn I don’t feel like I deserve so much praise but it sure slaps my heart with sugar and makes me feel so special. *keeps sobbing*


You know you’re amazing to me aswell, so friendly and also really talented. Your color scheme are powerful too, I always love them! and so is your artstyle in general. *hugs* I admire you too. I’m just like, quiet typed so I don’t say much but I don’t think less.

Anyway, I really do feel special with all you have said, and i could never thank you enough for that. I’ll just awkwardly virtually hugs and licks you. 

*hugs and licks Syn*

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did you know Mark voiced fire lord Ozai in Avatar??????????? I just found out about this... I knew he did the Joker but Ozai too?????? he's so talented!!! he better get an oscar for TLJ

this is what i’ve been sayin

lovely moon sign things

aries: a reckless romantic! big hearts and funny minds. lovessss to play it cool and give away as little as possible about their funny little selves. 

taurus: remembers so many little details about people. so exceptionally clever, but in a psychological way as well as an academic way. an aMaZiNG pal

gemini: wants to tell you every detail about their day. wants the world to laugh alongside them. people fascinate them. they have a way with words

cancer: sees romance in buildings and nature. stylish & genius. want the best for everyone around them. protective hearts

leo: is always there to protect & care for those when they need it. so much wit. a talented mind. they bring a lot of light when you’re around them.

virgo: just wants to create art. a gentleman or lady. organic souls. consumes knowledge & loves learning. kind beings

libra: very forgiving, just wants to make everyone laugh. the softest being & very romantic. stands up what & who they believe in

scorpio: colorful & eccentric minds. always go for what they want & usually get it! loved by many, beautiful smiley people.

sagittarius: change EXCITES them. playful & creative. loves meeting new people & sticks by the ones they love. so much LIFE in them

capricorn: so MucH tAlent!!! beautiful minds! stubborn & sarcastic & have too many interests at once. big dreamers & chance takers

aquarius: is embarrassed about the quirks that the world loves them for. absolutely unique, you’ve never met anyone like them. beautiful in & out

pisces: just wants to save the world really. picturesque & arty, the sweetest of souls. they experience romance in every aspect they can


“I was planning on being super cute and blow you all kisses with Boomerang, but instead I look like a grandma holding an iPhone for the first time. Cute. ANYWAY! Thank you for following me, 1 MILLION?? Whaaaat that’s crazy. Know that I see all of your comments, pictures, messages and drawings. You’re so cute and talented and kind. This is getting too long. I’ll stop. GROUP HUG<3333″

no flex zone - jeon wonwoo (ft. a very excited kim mingyu)
aka the best 49 seconds of your life

This is one of my FAVOURITE undertale aus of ALL time! Plus, your art style and your attention to detail and your- just- ability- to even- do this much of an amazing comic is just- aaaaaaaaaaa-
Sorry I’m fangirling too hard >3< Bottom line: You’re awesome and so is this lil’ bean!

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What would you do if someone cosplayed/made one of your poncho designs?

this probably

like if someone were to take the time and effort to turn my goofy drawing into a piece of cosplay art, i would cry like a small Child

fanart n cosplay stuff is a huge honor for me I WOULDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO OR SAY EXCEPT CRY,,

me and @undercovermcdfan were talking about travis n katie babysitting abby and she brought in an aquarium scene and 8′) take me by the hand o cean ma n

p much abbys got her face to the glass n katie n travis r having a moment

ijust rly wanted to draw lovestruck travis i m sorry

i went a lil overboard on this but yk what

thats the seb aesthetic




the 2 sides of Kang Chani  ♡ ♡

Drawing is not my thing, obvi
But anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this adorable & psychopathic creature❤

Thank you for the inspiration, fun and making me falling in love with every single piece of comics of yours

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I think this looks amazing! :D His expression is great, the text is great, and I’m really digging that cake in the background, haha! Thank you so much hon!

Isn’t it just amazing to know how Jun Fukuyama can shift roles like it’s nothing?

I mean… how the heck did he went from these…

…to these…

…then these…

…also these…

…and also these…


Goddammit. He’s a god.

A visual guide to @chronicolicity‘s ‘Resistance is built on hope’ - Virginie ‘Jyn’ Erso.

i wanted to make something cool and accurate but i made this instead (with dumb princess diaries and deadpool references i know forgive me)

anyway this fic is superflicious wonderful amazing and everybody needs to read it and send love to the author (also much love to @runakvaed and this flawless edit without whom id never have discovered it)