and so strangely intimate

Jungkook caresses Jimin’s chest like he’s made of glass, like he’s the most lovable, precious thing in the whole world. It’s so soft and strangely intimate, it’s difficult to watch without feeling like you’re intruding on something private.

Meanwhile, Jimin has two attack moves against JK’s chest:

  1. the “stop it!” shove: used whenever Jungkook does anything to tease or otherwise annoy him, and
  2. the “middle school girl with a crush” slap: no further explanation needed.
I originally auditioned for Andrey. In the audition room we were asked to play a song on an instrument if we could, so I played a strange version of “[The Private and Intimate Life of the House]” on my ukulele, then sang James Blake’s version of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You” at the piano. I think I confused Dave and Rachel because when I came for the callback I sang some Dolokhov, Balaga, and Andrey. I didn’t know anything about Dave, or that he was playing Pierre, and wondered wh the composer as singing along with me when I sang “Pierre and Andrey.” But we just looked at each other for a good bit at the end, and it ended up being a surprisingly emotional experience for me. “Pierre and Andrey” is still one of my favorite songs in the show. I’m so happy I get to play along on the guitar as Dolokhov, but I’ll always cherish that one time I got to sing with Dave.
—  Nick Choksi, on auditioning for the initial run of Great Comet in the new Great Comet book
Strange Magic FanFic – “Sins of the Father”, Part 1

Dawn steals over the Forest, bringing a new day and a new world, and Marianne must prepare for battle she never wanted…

A follow up fanfic for the events in Once Shattered, Twice Shy and To Bloom In Darkness. Part 11 for my Strange Hearts & Wild Things timeline, and the Final Part to the Three Part Arc that began with Once Shattered, Twice Shy. 


Gosh, all my love to you guys for your support and encouragement - you are all the loveliest, and I am so lucky to have you as readers <3

It was a belief borne of legend and lore, furling out of fearful whispers at a Border that crawled with soft primroses and snarling vines, that Light could not pass into the realm of the Goblins.

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Why Reylo is important to me

The most interesting and riveting thing about Reylo for me is the fact how strangely intimate their relationship is.

In fact, it is so intimate that not only other characters but we, the viewers, no next to nothing about what was truly going on between these two.

Their scenes are the only one which are filled with long stares and meaningful silence. They feel so different from all the stuff that is going on in TFA - it’s like we are watching the different movie. Nobody explains things, nobody jokes or shoots something.

Nothing interferes.

Every time I rewatch Reylo scenes I have a feeling that I am an outsider. Someone who is not welcome here. Someone who can not understand what these two are going through.

And this feeling is so… amazing!!!

Nowadays big-office hits are so fast-paced and simple. There is no ambiguity, no mystery. Everything is black and white, everything is explained to a viewer (cause God forbid if you did not explain something and made viewers think about your film too much). And I thought TFA will be like one of these blockbusters.

Until suddenly “the villain” became extremely interested in “the heroine”, and their relationship became too close, too personal, too strange for a simple modern action flick that I was expecting.

Basically Reylo made me excited about Star Wars again and for that I will be forever grateful.

There’s something so strangely intimate about watching their audition tape. I can’t explain it, but it was probably the closest thing we’ll have to actually being in the room with them. I’m amazed that that was their first read through. 

They are truly captivating to watch. 

I love that Jed pointed out that there were many who auditioned who were fantastic but they were best when paired with Iain or Elizabeth, and then putting those two together…


My darling girl,

Every night I go out on stage and sing the songs I wrote for you in front of millions of people.  It’s a strange feeling really, sharing such intimate feelings with so many people.  But I would sing those songs over and over again for the rest of my life just so you always know the place you hold in my heart.  

Loving you,