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How did you create your art style? I'm having a hard time finding my own so any tips?

Honestly Its been a mixture of so many people’s other styles and influences growing up, subconsciously! The way I draw eyes are influenced from Saturday morning cartoons. The colors are inspired by Benjamin Zhang’s amazing work and my inability to see 3d space (I have super lazy eye so I use color to compensate for shades apparently??). A lot of line and anatomy is inspired by Xavier Houssin’s and Hyung-Tae Kim’s way of drawing. The drive to keep drawing is from seeing beautiful worlds created in JRPGs. So, “style” just comes naturally and will just keep morphing based on things you like, more or less c:

Tl;dr: Style is a mishmash of things that you steal from other artists or things and peg them into your own hole in some way or another

Omg I’m such a dipshit. I’ve been in such a feminist rage this evening that I totally spaced on the fact that exactly one week from this exact minute I will be in Atlanta, probably having drinks with my fucking faves @carol-on and @faith5by5-1013 (and missing the actual fuck out of @alannastara, why world why).

I am like:

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isn’t it cool and fun how…. we’re all friends. because of taylor. like she created this community on tumblr without even knowing it. i love that she has brought so many different people in my life, some that i talk to just on here, some on other social medias, some i’ve met in real life even though we live thousands of miles away from each other, some of my best friends that i will keep for my whole life i met on here all because of taylor and …… IT’S JUST SO COOL THAT WE ARE ALL IN EACH OTHER’S LIVES BECAUSE OF ONE THING (TAYLOR) AND WHETHER IT’S BEEN A MONTH OR 5 YEARS WE ARE FRIENDS BECAUSE OF HER AND THAT’S SO COOL!!!!!

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But she loves you so much baby? Why haven't she invited you? Where are you from?

she does love me lots and that’s all the matters. so many other people deserve the opportunity more and honestly seeing my friends get to live their dreams has made my heart flutter so much lately and that’s all i could ask for! i live in los angelesssssss

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I saw your tag for the ask on eri and your right izuku makes me wanna cry because he's such a good boy, sees the best in everyone, and he throws away his own safety for anyone in trouble and that part makes me cry like izuku you have so many people who love and care for you, please don't be exactly like all might

I would fucking die for Midoriya Izuku and his safety and happiness. He is such a good protagonist, he’s so sweet and compassionate but also so fierce when defending the things he cares for. Also here’s a quick summary of the series:

Recovery Girl: Don’t be like All Might

Aizawa: Don’t be like All Might

Gran Torino: Don’t be like All Might

All Might: For the love of freedom Young Midoriya, don’t make my mistakes

Izuku: Right! *literally anything happens* I’M GONNA BE LIKE ALL MIGHT *Detroit Smashes his limbs into oblivion*

Just to be clear, I’m totally ok with sex workers following me and I usually tolerate most soft-core sex blogs, especially if they are run by a woman/NB person (I know, I’m a terrible misandrist). The things I hate are gross fetish blogs, stolen porn blogs and crude comments left on my posts. I try to keep this place as un-sexual as possible so as to make it safe for as many people as possible. If you want to share your kinks, there are many places other than this blog where you can do so.

Why is Lance a Popular Character?

Everywhere, Lance is a really popular character.

Amongst everyone, Lance mostly gets love despite nothing reallt happening to him in the series.

So, why?

Why does Lance get so much love?

Every character gets love from everyone.

Though, most everything is Lance-centric.

Let me explain.

Lance was introduced as a narcissistic person, so that keeps you wondering, who would like someone like him?

Well, it’s because of his insecurities.

Lance’s insecurities makes him connect to so many people.

People can relate to Lance’s insecurities.

While, we have the other characters.

Keith is half galra.

Shiro has PTSD.

Allura and Coran lost her whole planet.

Pidge lost her family while they were adventuring in space.

Hunk, we aren’t sure.

But, as you can see, you can’t relate to those problems.

Are you half galra?

Do you have PTSD like Shiro does?

Did you lose your whole planet because of the galra?

Did you lose your family while they were adventuring in space?

No, and that’s what makes Lance relatable.

Sometimes you feel that you are a third, or possibly seventh wheel.

You feel that you don’t belong somewhere.

You feel empty, and you feel useless like you can’t do anything.

That’s why Lance is so popular with angst.

We can relate to him in someway.

I end my explanation :>

Just a friendly reminder to the Inazuma Eleven fandom, the first episode of Inazuma Eleven Ares will be coming out today (tomorrow for many of you) 21st October 20:00 JST

Please remember that not everyone will be able to see the episode the moment it goes live/ while the stream is happening (whether you’re at school/work/ sleeping because of timezone) so please tag your spoilers!

I’m asking please use the tags #iespoilers, #iearesspoilers, #aresspoilers, #inaaresspoilers or #inazumaelevenaresspoilers so that anyone who wishes to avoid spoilers can do so properly.

 Consider other people who want to see the first episode fresh the first time they see the episode so tag your spoilers and don’t be lazy! 

Note that for this blog and my other three inazuma eleven related blogs (@zappyspiker, @inazumaelevenmoments and @inazuma-hpau) I will be using the tag #iearesspoilers and #aresspoilers.

but anyway, happy things that are going on in my life

My bio sister is having a baby in Dec and I think I’m going to be able to sock away enough cash to send her something which makes me happy. I also am sewing some wee clothing for the soon to be baby.

I get to go to an event I thought I wasn’t going to get to attend! And I only have to daytrip it, which means the dog doesn’t need to go to my parent’s for the weekend. I’ll be gone long enough that I do need to get a dog sitter, but even paying for that plus gas money is going to work out cheaper than what I was going to do. I get to see so many great people, I’m super happy.

And I found out that there is a direct bus route to where one of my “sisters” (other students of my teachers) lives, so I could conceivably go visit her at some point, which we are both very excited about.

My @otayuriwczine came today and I can’t believe it’s finally here! It’s been such an honour to be involved in this project with so many other talented people taking part in it. Special thanks to @eclair for collaborating with me and doing the art for my piece, I love what you’ve done so much! I’m going to go and read it now, I’m really looking forward to to reading everyone’s stories and looking at all the art! 💕

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Hello! I just want to say your OC is amazing and I wanted to know if there's others you could recommend?

!!! OH MY GOSH !! I’m glad to hear it!!! this made my day asdfgh honestly tumblr is full of so many incredible ocs that I’m just going to be naming them off the top of my head as I go!!! 

@sacrosanctbijou @enlumaria @edencursed @warcrowned @angxis @alivepassing @gamenu @healersigned @jvdicatum @likeglory @lenfantterribles @lupustarot @lunaaris @garcemechanic @cantuscorvi @vainstrife @falseread @believinghxpe @babybcts @nesufuratu @iintricacies @universebuilt (not letting me @ the main blog asdf) @geniekiltou @leadrebirth

like i said!!!! a lot of these are incredibly top of head so i most certainly missed people!! but i hope this is a good starter pack

And now I´m crying again. AHHH I´M SO THANKFUL TO TAYLOR. October 13 2017 was the most magical day, and it´s made me realise something that I´m positive will change me for the better: when someone I´ve looked up to for years can treat me with such kindness, I deserve to learn how to treat myself with kindness too. 

Taylor, you´ve said that “other people are mean, but the voices inside our own heads can be so much more cruel” and in my case that´s so true, and it´s been going on for years (for too many years). But I´ve hereby decided that October 13th 2017 will mark a turning point. I´m going to learn how to be kinder to myself. It will take time I know, but I want to be someone who´s more unapologetically herself, someone who´s more fearless and someone who´s kind to herself. Thank you for helping me realise this, thank you for trusting me and inviting me, thank you for everything you´ve done for me and thank you for all the ways in which you inspire me every single day. Thank you for being YOU. I love you so much. 


Do you remember how much I freaked out when I hit 50 followers not too long ago? Well, now I somehow managed to reach the double of that and I don’t know what to say. Nah, that’s a lie. I have a lot to say!

This tumblr has become an outlet for me where my otherwise compressed creativity can blossom through a passion that I share with so many other people who have been nothing but kind and amazing to me. My biggest aim is to create a place of positivity and happiness on here - for me, but especially for you. If you come here, you see happy families where nothing extremely bad happens - and I think sometimes, that’s exactly what we need. 

You make this website a joyful place for me. Every single one of you who reads this and follows me. I see you, and I value you. You matter to me, okay? Even if I might not interact with you frequently, I still know you are there, supporting me. And that means you’re doing something meaningful. Your help makes my small simming den such a beautiful place to be for me.

During the last weeks I have somehow been followed by all of my biggest inspirations on here and I couldn’t be happier about that. The people I mean probably noticed because I sent them a fangirl message and freaked out in a good way. I’m scared to tag because I’m sure to miss someone, but just be sure that every single one of you made me gush to my boyfriend about how “XYZ has followed me AAAAAGH”. 

So, tldr; Thank you. You mean a lot. And if you think that you’ve done nothing right today or ever or maybe you’re feeling down or overwhelmed, maybe it helps you to know that you put a big smile on my face everyday. Simply by being you.  😘

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Although I no longer identify as ace, I just want to say thank you to you and all of the other wonderful people in the ace community for helping me feel comfortable and welcome. Even though it turned out not the be the right label for me, I will cherish the time in which I was part of this community. Keep on rocking!:)

Hello, thank you so much. I appreciate hearing that. There are so many great people in the community that helped me find my way to doing this. I’m happy for you too by the way, to find the right label for you. You’re still an ace friend though, even if you don’t claim the ace label anymore. Best of luck to you. 😄

@radicalpinkfloof fuck anyone who would have an issue with that honestly. Your identity is yours to define however you choose, and anyone who has a problem with that is clearly an asshole.

Autism is a really big part of my gender identity, in so many ways. And frankly other people’s opinions on it are worthless. It’s ridiculous that so many people feel entitled to tell us how we should feel about who we are.

You know what pisses me off

People making fun of other people’s art because it’s super stylized and kind of cartoony

They aren’t following actual human anatomy and they know this they don’t need you to tell them because it’s on purpose they are literally exaggerating parts because it fits their style. They don’t need you making rude memes about their art. They’re here having fun drawing and some people are being mean as fuck to them for no reason.

It makes me so mad and sad that these posts that make fun of their art have so many notes while the artists original stuff has a fraction of the notes.

And if the artist does some shitty stuff, critique what they do and the specific problematic material, not their art style because there’s probably some artist out there with a similar style that sees all of these jokes and feels like shit because of it. They have nothing to do with the artist but is being put down anyway.

Just. Idk it’s super annoying and I had to get it off my chest.

this might seem a bit odd, but when i was temporarily deleted by tumblr (before they gave it back to me realizing their error), i was in a position where i realized that i would have to start from scratch. To a degree, i long ago came to terms with the idea of losing the blog - along with many other things that change in one’s life. What I found bothered me the most about losing this blog was that if i restarted a new blog, i probably wouldn’t remember the 200 or so people who seem to come to my page, read my stuff and whathaveyou I lost my mutuals essentially. I might think i have all these urls straight and memorized, but it turns out that i don’t. Sure, i would eventually find really great blogs to follow again, but it wouldn’t be the same somehow. So this probably is a little odd, but i have made a list of the blogs that i feel like they matter to me in case I was ever put in that situation again and i had to start from scratch. This isn’t so much a list of my favorite blogs aesthetically, as much as it feels like these blogs are friends with my blog. And sure, having been on this site for five years now, i would say that 80% of my blog-buddies seem to have disappeared from tumblr, leaving only an inactive husk or their former selves (kind of like civilizations of history in a sense), but as long as you we are still around reblogging each other, i see no reason why this should end. I thought for a moment that i would post this list, but i felt that it would be a little bit weird or possibly intrusive, redundant and making a bigger deal out of it than it is, so my better judgment voted against it. However, if someone wants to be on my list - so that if i ever get deleted again let me know and i would most certainly add you. :)

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Hiya! I saw a post of yours just now about christians toning it down in some work situations, particularly in a medical setting, and i super agree! Im a christian lesbian whos out to everyone but my family and my church and if anyone in any medical field mentions theyre a christian to me i panic because i grew up around so many shitty people. Idk i just wanted to say that post was really validating to read and phrased very well, and i hope you have a really nice day <3

Thank you!

That’s really awesome to hear!

Much love to you. That has to suck, and I’m sorry that people have made it so difficult.  You and other LGBT Christians should have the full support of others of your faith, and it’s sad and scary that that isn’t the case.

You’re valuable, and even though I don’t share it, your faith is beautiful.

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I know they are tring to fill up spaces with higher end performers to make better matches since its a pay per view, but having aj styles there seems a bit weird i mean hes on smackdown and is showing up on a raw exclusive show like ??? They could have put so many other people that he has fueds with there: elias, jason jordan, goldust. Its gonna be a sick match but i mean ...

The problem is they aren’t gonna sell PPV’s or make people sub to the network, Angle’s return is and so is having Styles on PPV. TLC was built on the fact the shield was returning and with Roman out they need someone who’s gonna put butts in seats and get people buying the show. Those guys just dont do that, hence why they picked AJ. God knows why they picked Angle, I cant think of a legit replacement for him that would work on any level from the currently not sick roster.