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Do you know what the best thing about Shadowhunters is? It’s that we get to see Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood slowly fall in love with each other. People don’t realise how beautiful that is, we get to see a gay man accept his sexuality and a bisexual character of colour embrace every aspect of himself and feel unashamed. We get to see them lock eyes for the first time, and unlike the usual tv tropes it’s slow and easy with how real it is. It’s so good to see it be portrayed in such a dynamic that allows us to see the cute-meet, the angst pour out, the obstacles they face, the communication which lacks in so many other stories told on tv, we get to see that first time, that first kiss, the first I love yous, the first fight and argument, the first make up after the argument, and we have so much to look forward to. It’s so gently and leisurely that I honestly feel so blessed to be watching it. 

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Hawker I have to apologise for some extremely rude anons *glares at the anons who were being jerks to you* anyway I love your comic and I hope that other anons don't put you down.. again I'm sorry about the rude anons

Eh…honestly I do admit I’ve been kind of an asshole lately, I just haven’t been in the best emotional state for a while, just trying to keep goin’ .3.;;

 but yeah idk where all of these people come from, I’m not usually a person who gets hate often so it surprised me that so many people did the past week XD 

either way, don’t need to apologize! I am sorry if sometimes I’m moody and stuff due to stress and other stuff going on, and I thank everyone who is still around me despite my crap XD 

I’m just thinking about this fandom now, and we’re a part of history in so many ways, like. Being a part of this fandom is already iconic in itself because of how powerful and forceful we are, and how much work we get done, but being a larrie is going to be iconic too because we take that diehard + drive to other levels. I mean, the larry conspiracy has ballooned so much over the past few years, that when it all comes out one way or another, it’s going to come back to the fact that we were here, more or less through it all. And blogs are public forums, right? So when people do their digging and compile all their evidence and we finally get the respect and recognition we deserve lol, they’re gonna see the masterposts, and the predictions, how right we were, how wrong we were, and just how freaking intelligent we are to be such a random and diverse cluster of people. They’re going to see everything, I mean dang… The larries are top notch tbh. 

So…apparently I hit 520+ followers and I don’t know how because I’m trash and I really can’t believe I have so many people following me like I’m amazed! Thank you guys so much! In honor of this, I would like to point out some of my amazing mutuals and to tell you guys how much I love you all!!

This is also in a completely random order just fyi

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I know that I have more mutuals than what I listed but I wanted to give you guys a special shout-out because, well, you guys are amazing! Whether you’ve been following me for a year or a week, I treasure each and every one of you and I want to thank you all for being such amazing people! Stay awesome my loves!!!


When you worry about people “attacking” Mark S on twitter, but then you see his replies to things and the fact many others storm to his aid (which is not needed, but I think he still appreciates it) and you just sit there with a strong urge for some popcorn to watch it unfold.

Guys… chill. I doubt Seb wanted or allowed that picture to be taken, but he brought his family to Monaco knowing that was something that could happen, yet it was more important to have them there than protect their privacy at all costs. The F1 fandom on tumblr is quite small and I often see stuff here that never makes their way to twitter or somewhere bigger, and actually I’ve seen quite a few people there not wanting to spread the pics, which is a nice attitude. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong for us to talk about it, we love Seb and we’re so happy he’s in such a good place right now both professionally and personally. What IS wrong is the tendency so many people have here of tearing others down and trying to act like a better fan

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What do you guys think about a possible crossover between GSNK and Tanaka-kun? Can you imagine Nozaki bros v.s Oota and Tanaka XD And Mikorin and Ecchan? So many parallels!


the two lazy butts can nap together under the tree (alternatively on the seats at WcDonalds), Nozaki can charm his fellow manly bro Oota by making sweets, Ecchan would scare the shit out of Mikorin, also Sakura/Miyano can be qt little shorties together

(for anyone who hasn’t seen or read Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge, please do! Hilarious series, a little similar to GSNK with the whole playing with stereotypes, humour and all)

After thinking it over these past few months, I’ve decided that I would like to call myself a feminist again after abandoning the label for a couple of years - BUT I am officially adopting the title of “critical feminist”. Don’t worry folks, I’m still the same person. I haven’t fallen down the rabbit hole.

What was the straw that broke the camel’s back? There were two. One was Linda Sarsour. I’ll be damned if some random woman is going to tell me that I can’t be a feminist because I believe that Israel has a right to exist. The other factor was seeing posts here by certain people (such as a person whose name rhymes with Blister Napa Scotia) that have only served to remind me that misogyny is still a big problem. Too many so-called “anti-sjws” have gone off the deep end.

So to wrap this up, I have reclaimed the feminist label, but will continue to be critical of feminism and feminists, just as I’m critical of the left, despite being on the left myself. Nothing on this blog is going to change.

Hamilsquad x Reader (Relationship Headcannons)

Requested by: Anonymous


- Dating these nerds is interesting, that’s for sure.

- They all have such a strange dynamic to them and all together it’s hard to know where to stand in the relationship.

- You all share a closeness, but some of you have a closer bond to the others, that’s not to say you like anyone less though. You loved each of your boys with all your heart.

- Living together is kind of a mess, there’s so much washing to do and so many people with different tastes and dietary requirements to cook for, but you manage

- There’s also one car, which you can all fit into, sure, but not comfortably. Someone has to squeeze into the middle, and annoyingly that someone is often times you.

- Cuddles are pretty damn amazing, even if it can get quite overheated in your one big bed. Summertime is a nightmare, and often times you’ll fall asleep together and wake up strewn around the room with all the windows open.

- During winter and autumn it’s fantastic though, bundled up together you’d never felt safer than in the arms of any single one of your boyfriends. Sometimes you’ll bring your blankets through and cuddle up on the couch with hot cocoa, watching a movie

- You also have a lot more people who have your back. No guy wants to cross someone with 4 well built and strong boyfriends, especially when you get into the mix. If someone is giving one of your boyfriends shit for whatever, you will not hesitate to kick their ass. Anytime, anywhere.

- It’s a strange relationship, that’s for sure, but you wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than with your boys, life without them would suck, and you’re thankful for every day you get to spend with them

a message for jack

jack’s connection with his fans is just so amazing. he cares so much about each and every single one of us. he wants his videos to help us when we are feeling down, to make us smile and laugh. if his videos could make us smile for however long, when nothing else could, then thats the biggest compliment he could ever get. and through all the ways he helped us, through all the lives he saved, through all the times he made us happy, hes one of the most sweetest youtubers i know. he is happy no matter how many subscribers he has; not once did he let fame get into his head. its so easy to make clickbaity videos and do this for money and fame. but, jack does youtube to make other people happy, thats all he ever wanted to do. little did young jack know that he would have 15 million subscribers, that he saved so many lives, that he made so many of us smile every single day. remember, we make him happy just as much as he makes us happy. he spends most of his days making videos and interacting with fans, not many people would do that, not many people would spend that much time for us. jack loves us just as much as we love him. i cant thank him enough. he made me happier as a person. hes the reason why i got to meet so many of my internet friends i have today, he started off my 2017 amazing; its my dream to meet and hug him in person one day. he always stayed positive, he always cared for us, through thick and thin, he was there for us. hes our friend, hes our role model. hes our hero. hes just so amazing. thank you so much jack for everything youve done for us. i know me writing these messages is a way of me saying thank you, but nothing i could do could ever repay for things you have done for us. we love you jack.

I send prayers to anyone that cannot handle stress which goes for myself. There’s so many different ways to deal with stress and handling situations, everything is all in your head how you coupe with taking things. It’s hard and i see certain people i know that don’t know how to handle it. My aunt was recently diagnosed with pituitary tumor, she cannot handle stress, she takes it very badly and it causes you to sweat, break down, have headaches, hot flashes, cold sweats, and most importantly gives you the most anxiety. It’s so heartbreaking, but everyone deals with this but some worse than others. Their really isn’t any cure to this but you can relive it by doing things that relax you like therapy, yoga, hot baths (anything you find relaxing) because that’s when you are not thinking and relaxed the most. Don’t ever feel like you have to get things done on time, or please other people. your main concern should be your health and how to coupe with yourself. Learning to stay relaxed and handle situations without having anxiety may seem like it’s the impossible but you can do it and you deserve relaxation because life is short and stress can kill you. You don’t always have to be on your toes 24/7, take the time out your day to really sit and think and Chill for a bit until you are ready to do what you have to do. Don’t rush, take your time, go at your own pace. I do hope that those dealing with this pain goes to a Doctor to have tests done to see if everything is okay and what they recommend you doing it could be more serious than you think, cause you just never how things can turn out. Be safe, pray, HEAL, Relax, self medicate, Do things on your time, RELAX, Stay calm, see a doctor, go to therapy, do things that relax you, Don’t stress xo

I feel so happy in a quiet way… it’s raining softly outside and I hear the train passing by in the distance. like… how lucky am I to have such darling people all around me, even if there’s enormous distance between us? I’ve met so many lovely, amazing people on here. I’m only acquaintances with some, and friends with others on various levels of friendship. Even if I’ve grown somewhat apart from most of you, it’s so comforting to know that I’m still loved silently as I, too, quietly love each one of you who have ever reached out to me, and smile fondly when I see you in my dashboard and read your life updates and weep with you when I read about your pain. how many times my entire day was saved by a “hey, I’m here, I see you and I see your pain. Count on me anytime. I love you.” or a “please don’t leave this world, I’d miss you terribly, there are many great things to come” and many more - from people from thousands of kilometres away, even an entire ocean between us at times, who could easily have ignored my existence. I know I’m not as active on here anymore, but it’s funny because I truly feel like home on here. Thank you all for following me in this wild, great journey. I’ll always be here for you, too. You can count on me. Thank you for all the love you’ve given me all these years.

i just finished watching a mini drama called “Individualist Ms. Jiyoung” and let me tell you what,

its the best mini drama i have ever watched kjrefbfkasjdfakb

its only 2 episodes (1 hour each) but it will make you feel like youre watching a 16 episodes drama, SO MANY FEELS.

so basically this is about a girl who is very cold towards other people, while the guy is really affectionate.

i recommend you all to watch this and suffer with me.

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Hey this is a really good Undertale blog and your work is absolutely amazing! I just wanted to say that not everyone in the Undertale fandom is amazing and there is a few of them that are really bad and have done really mean things for stupid reasons. Thanks for being amazing and if you see this side of the fandom I hope it doesn't ruin it for you, but if you need to leave it like so many other content creators please do, don't worry about it we'll be fine, I just hope you'll be too. ❀

Ah!!! Oh my geez!!💦

 Thank you so so much!! I’m happy that you like my silly Undertale garbage.

I haven’t personally experienced the nasty end of the fandom, but I have friends who have and have seen it happen. I’ve been so fortunate to have collected a base of positive, supportive people who give me ridiculous and funny requests and spread my work to all corners of this place. I absolutely love sharing my work with the lot of you, and hearing that I’m making a difference like this makes me happy. I hope I never get harassed by the unkind side of this fandom and can continue to appreciate this powerful game in peace.
And…if they do come knocking, I’ll stand up to them and stand up for myself and everyone with all the determination I can muster.
(cheesy reference, I know, but I thought it fit there.)

Thank you for your kind words, my mysterious anon friend.
And to everyone who creates content for this game we all so love, keep doing what you’re doing, regardless of your ideas, and if anyone comes to harass and belittle you for making your unique mark in this beautiful fanbase, remember that they don’t matter. Someone out there loves your work, and as long as YOU love your work nothing else should matter.

Keep at it everyone, and stay determined!✨

I really can’t shake the feeling that once Aqua sees Riku using darkness in battle, maybe to rescue her, she won’t trust him.

She’s been through so much because of people being corrupted because of the darkness, and she (like Terra and many other characters) was pretty much raised to believe that it’s nothing but pure evil- nothing but hate and rage.

I think it’s going to take her a while to see things aren’t so black and white.


I’m finally back home from London Comic Con and gosh again I have to say that this convention is the best of all. There is not even one which can top this. I met so many lovely people and had a wonderful time. It’s sad that it’s already over but on the other hand I’m also happy to be back again in Germany XD.

Two days of work and then I have holidays again for the Dokomi. I’m looking foreward to everything.

Creature Appreciation: The Reputation of Smaug

Here’s another Creature Appreciation, and already I’m doing something a little different! You see, Smaug is extremely well known as the main antagonist of The Hobbit, one of the most influential pieces of fantasy media ever, along with Lord of the Rings, both done by J.R.R. Tolkien. These two works alone have pretty much cemented fantasy as it is today, for better or worse. Smaug himself influenced the dragons of D&D, which then influenced dragon portrayals in other media and so on and so forth, even though he’s actually based on at least two very specific mythological dragons, Fafnir and the Firedrake of Beowulf fame.

As someone who loves dragons, dragon related creatures, is writing a book about kaiju with a dragon inspired main kaiju, and follows many people well versed in the history behind various portrayals of dragons you’d think I’d be well versed in Smaug’s source material, but you would actually be very wrong. I have never read or seen any iteration of The Hobbit, or Lord of the Rings, aside from the old Rankin Bass Hobbit film as a child, which I hold practically no memory of, especially not of how Smaug was portrayed.

With that aside, this is going to be my appreciation of the reputation that Smaug holds, from people who have read, seen, and analyzed his various portrayals over the years. Most of it will be influenced by @tyrantisterror and @theload who have talked about him the most, so therefore have influenced my own opinion of the dragon more than any other media. With all that info aside, onto my appreciation of the Reputation of Smaug!

I’m gonna get this right out of the way, my favorite design I’ve seen for Smaug comes from the sketches by J.R.R. Tolkien himself! They depict Smaug with a face that very much reminds me of a fox, with a long serpentine body. The colors of his scales are also very nice, being predominantly shades of red, with some green thrown in for his lovely ears and claws. His stomach also appears to be white, without the coat of gold he covers it in. Of the pictures drawn by Tolkien, the one that has him lounging in his pile of gold is probably the best, and is the one that made me fall in love with the design. He just seems so relaxed, unthreatened amongst his hoard of riches, and from what I’ve heard about his personality, he deserves to be.

Smaug sounds like an excellent antagonist to his story, absolutely unstoppable aside from the weakness of the softer scales on his belly. However, Smaug is more than just an immensely strong dragon, though he is definitely that, he is also a very clever one. He is fully aware of his only weakness, and to compensate, he covers it with the very gold he hoards, therefore negating it. It sounds like a brilliant move, fitting for such an influential creature. He’s not only brawn, he’s also brains, which he proves by not only covering his only weakness, but by having a verbal battle with the protagonist of the story, who had already proven his own wit, one that I still have no idea how he fails! He sounds like such a memorable villain, one of the ones that really deserves the dread he builds up in the characters. He is as dangerous as everyone fears, perhaps even more so. He isn’t just a dragon. He’s Smaug.

If a character can leave such an impression on me purely through his reputation alone, then that says a lot about the father of the modern dragon.


I started to do this on twitter but then I realized I didn’t have everyone’s twitter, but also that 140 characters wasn’t cutting it for me. I’m making this post to love and appreciate every member of the Ezekiel Jones Group chat. Be prepared for a rather long post…

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