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HI Lady Kay! I'm a huge fan of your blog! When you were in your third year of medical school, did people constantly try to convince you to pursue pretty much any other field besides surgery? I'm a woman interested in gen surg residency, but I seem receive discouragement from almost any non-surgeon I talk to. I want to pursue what I love the most, but it's definitely unsettling when so many people are basically telling me that I will be a lifelong workaholic with a bad home life. Thoughts?



It’s something that makes me so angry that people still think about surgery. Women in surgery can be anything they want. They can be moms and wives. They can rescue puppies or climb mountains. They can be cardiothoracic surgeons and pediatric surgeons and oncologic surgeons. They can have two XX chromosomes or not. They can like to own fancy shoes or like to wear nothing but jeans. They can wear lipstick to work every single day or never wear makeup any day of their lives. 

Women in surgery are amazing and can do anything they want. 

People on the outside don’t get that. 

But as someone on the inside – let me tell you – I am going to get everything. 

I am a surgery intern. One of the years that is notorious for being the hardest. And yet… I’m buying a house and getting married. I find time to go for a run a couple times a week and I cook meals for myself. I manage to read about one book a month that’s not about medicine. I’m writing on this blog right now. 

I am going to get everything that matters to me. 

I won’t say that there haven’t been compromises and sacrifices. I don’t do quite as many different things as I used to before I was a resident. I’m sure you’ve noticed I don’t blog as much anymore. I read fewer books. Sometimes I decide I don’t care if my hair was washed two days ago because dry shampoo exists and it’s pulled back all day anyway. 

About a year ago - I had an ampersand tattooed on my ankle to remind me of the word “and”. I will always have a lot of “and”s involved in who I am. 

I am a surgeon AND a wife-to-be AND a cook AND a writer AND a friend AND a daughter AND a sister AND a runner. 

And I’m only adding to those things. If I’m lucky, soon I’ll get to add AND a mother, AND a researcher AND a teacher AND a whole lot of other things. 

Being a surgeon is one thing I do – sure it’s a really incredible thing I do – but it’s only one thing I do. I do a whole lot of other things and being a surgeon is not the only thing that defines me. 

Women in medicine and women in surgery are amazing. We are a great many things – and backwards ideas that we have to “give something up” are sexist and antiquated. Ideas that say we can’t be all we want should be shut down. 


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I know Jamie and Claire are soulmates and best friends. I know they share something incredibly unique. But how after after so many years are they able to still be so in lust with each other? You hear about how couples want sex to be over with so quickly nowadays. You hear things about how it becomes mechanical and routine. Is this just part of their special connection?

They love literally EVERYTHING about each other. Every personality quirk, every freckle, every scar, every shared experience. They have literally crossed time for each other. They have killed for each other. They have given their bodies to other people so that the other can be spared pain or indignity. They have fought wars - large-scale ones, and small-scale ones. They have conceived - and lost - children. They have supported each other in times of highest joy and deepest pain.

They never expected to have another chance at a life together. So every day they have is a gift. Every second is literally the stuff of dreams.

They also have 20 years of separation to make up for.

And remember, making love has *always* been the most profound way that they communicate, since the very first night of their marriage. It’s not just a sharing of bodies - it’s a sharing of souls.

Taking all of this together, I can’t see how they *wouldn’t* be so in awe -  in love - in lust with each other. Because of these deeply-held feelings, under no circumstances would it *ever* begin to get remotely mechanical or boring between them. There is nothing - and will never be nothing - routine about their lives. And they know that, and cherish the knowledge of just how rare that is.


I hope things get better, you’re a wonderful person and deserve so much more!
I love watching your dubs, and I’m sorry that there are people like this in the fandom.
But me and I’m sure many other fans will always be there to love and support you!

I’m crying now

This is so sweet thank you so much


The non-sexual physical affection that Robert and Aaron show each other is incredibly important. By this I mean cheek kisses, arm around shoulders, hand-holding etc. We get a lot of stuff about Robert and Aaron running “upstairs” and that’s fine, because it normalises sexual relationships between people of the same gender. But so often same-gender relationships get reduced just that. This is especially the case for wlw, but mlm also experience it, especially within fandom culture. People take issue with Aaron and Robert having meaningful conversations while metres away from each other for good reason. The casual physical affection that is often forgotten by a lot of the writers/directors normalises Aaron and Robert as a couple who act like a couple, and that is so important. Because it says LGBT people love. We don’t just have sex with each other, we love each other and we show it in so many different ways.


Wiishu hit 200k and I just wanted to say that I believe that she deserves every single subscriber. She’s the person that inspired me to start making gifs and edits for YouTube. I love her videos and her art is beautiful and seeing her branch out made me want to show my support for not only her but every other channel I watch on YouTube.. I wouldn’t be where I am on tumblr without Signe. And I want to thank her. 

So.. Thank you so much @wiishu for inspiring me to create. I would have never met the friends I have on here now without you. There are so many people that I know who support and love everything you do. I can’t properly express how much you have changed my life.  I look forward to seeing how your channel progresses in the future and wish you all the best in the world. 

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Hey Matty :) Questions about the Predator (if you don't mind answering ofc ^^: How will Oliver interact with Felicity in private once they embrace their feelings for each other ? Will he be gentle and demonstrate his feelings? Or will he continue to maintain a cold and intense posture?Btw how can he be so teasing in texts and not face to face?xD that confuses me lol Did Oliver ever fall in love in his past? Or is this new territory for him?Thx for your time :)

Good lord, so many questions, anon! 

Forget been in love, Oliver Queen has never loved anybody in The Predator. For twenty years, he’s been surrounded with people - people who trained him, people who fear him, people whom he is loyal to - but he’s never let anyone get even slightly close to him. His isolation has been on choice (maybe a form of punishment or what he thinks he deserves…) 

Dante and Amara, while can be considered closest to him in a lot of ways, are still not close to him. They know of his past, they know of his growing up, but it’s never been something he’s shared with them. Oliver Queen does not share feelings (which is what makes that rainy night against the glass window and his “did I hurt you?” so very unique…) They learned what they did from other sources. But they know he considers them good only by the fact that he allows them to be by his side, allows them to show him some form of affection if they wish, allows them into his house - a place that is sacrosanct to him. 

He’s isolated himself completely from any emotional interaction. He’s withdrawn himself into a tight ball of pain and self-hatred that he never allows to unravel. All he lets out, only to a known few, is the rage. Keeping up his mask, his facade, has become first nature to him. His instinct is to not feel, to not let it show, to never let anybody guess that he’s capable of not only feeling but he also has a weak spot. 

Her name is Felicity Smoak.

From the moment she smiled her toothless grin at him to the moment she looked at him with fire in her eyes and curses on her lips, Oliver Queen has known deep inside that she is his one weak spot. And he’s worked very, very hard to hide it because if she finds out, she could exploit it - the same way every person who’s known a weakness in him has exploited it. 

I won’t say much about what happens next, except enjoy the ride because it will be bumpy and messy and real. When they do come together (which will take time because Oliver has to prove he’s not manipulating her and Felicity has to prove that she won’t exploit his weakness - trust comes very, very, very hard to both of them and while they may have taken baby steps, there’s still a long way to go), it will be… interesting.

I don’t think this Oliver can ever be anything less than intense, even when he’s truly, madly, absolutely, I-ll-fucking-move-heaven-and-earth-to-make-her-smile-that-smile, I-ll-kill-anyone-who-ever-threatens-to-take-her-from-me, I-ll-make-her-feel-safe-and-free-and-so-love-she-ll-never-be-alone-again love.

He’ll be gentle in a lot of ways when they’re in private, but the intensity of his personality will not diminish. Nor would Felicity want it to. She’ll fall in love with him, intensity and all, and she’ll want that. By that point, she’ll want the wild bites on her neck that are natural to him - but she’ll know he loves her when he licks them softly afterward, a simple gesture he’d never do otherwise. She’ll want the mindless fucking against that window - but she’ll know he loves her when he picks her up and carries her to his bed and ravishes her softly the whole night. She’ll want heated fights - but she’ll know he loves her when he’ll quietly sit behind her on the floor in the dark, watching the rain as she’ll lean into him, nuzzling her hair and whispering, “Did I hurt you?”

He’ll never be flowery or sweet, maybe. But she doesn’t need that. She knows him, even now, better than anyone. She reads him better than anyone. He knows that. While he will give her overt words at some point, mostly, his gestures, his actions will tell her, and that’s how she’ll know they’re true. 

She wants it all. She wants him.

Just as he wants her. He wants her to be grumpy with him like she’s never been allowed to be with anyone else. He wants her to threaten to kick his ass while planting his face with kisses. He wants her to moan in delight when he cooks something good for her, and then kiss that moan off her lips. He wants her soft body cuddled next to his at night even as he sleeps with a gun. 

Oliver will never be mushy. The world he lives in, even in their private bubble, will never allow him to let himself be that soft. That’s just not who he is. Felicity will be, after a point. Because she wants to be. She wants someone with whom she can be completely herself, be all soft and cute and adorable, and still feel safe and protected and completely loved.   

And love and cherish and protect her he will.

You can check out more of my thoughts about Oliver in love under The Predator tag.

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Sometimes I feel bad for cc creators like you, because people are always rushing you to release cc and forget that you're a real person and that you have to take care of yourself too. Love your content. <3 G'day!

Well this is understandable. I release cc for sims 4 because that’s the most playable game right now. And some people still play sims 3 and almost no one already releases new stuff for it.
But at the other hand you’re right, I am a human and I need to focus on many more stuff. So I just need a little bit of patience ^^
Thank you so much for understanding 😌😊

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hi raine! could you tell me some of your favorite shadowhunters blogs? i need more in my life and your content is so good that i trust you follow awesome blogs. 💜

COURTNEY! you’re asking for the impossible…. I follow so many awesome blogs– 

TOP 5:

@abloodneed - Izsak kills with his writing, I’m in love tbh
@harry-daddario - Swancy makes killer edits, like seriously (also is super pretty??)
@softdaddario - Ceci… my god her sh au tag is to die for
@softshumjr - Marta is everything and is on top of everything
@izzylightwood - Jasmine’s edits are amazing and I aspire to be at her level


@amorverus @fyesaleclightwood @smolbane @dammitdaddario @darquebane @magnusizzy @lightwoodsdaily @lightwoodsdaddario @eternal-malec @malec @harry-shum @shumdario @alecblushed @alexanderbanes @banemagic @brooklynhighwarlock @fraywoodbane @clarystele @hoteldumorts @lookingforalicante

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You know if Sam + MM are dating , doesn't make them bad people . Just makes them normal ! . But anyway hang in there for the ,' long wait ' 😉

Of course they’re not bad people. I truly wish them the best if they are together. I just think the games need to stop. Sam knows we read into every single thing. He’s clued in to the fandom. If both him and Cait are going to engage in behaviour that makes people ship them then I think they should be honest about their SO’s and treat them with respect in public. They can still have their privacy, but everyone knows who these people are so why not show them some affection? If they can act lovey dovey with each other then I don’t see why they can’t do the same with them. This mess could have been avoided if there wasn’t so many mixed messages.

Cannon, not cannon

First, I don’t want to cause hurt feels or arguments but I honestly don’t understand some of the hatred and negativity I’m seeing to rtte s4. I remember people complaining they wanted more Hictrid, we got. I remember people asking for character building, we got it. People asked for more dragons, we got it. Other people wanted it to be more mature, folks, we got it. We got bonding between friends, family, dragons and so forth. Just because you didn’t get specifically what you wanted doesn’t make it a bad show. To each their own. If you don’t like, don’t watch. Personally, I loved it. My son loves it, and so do many of his friends and cousins.

Whether you thinks the series is cannon or not doesn’t matter. Hell, the movies don’t follow the books whatsoever so are they cannon or the books? It doesn’t matter. It’s a show meant to entertain. Like it or not, I’m excited for the next two seasons and the 3rd movie, just as I have been for every previous season, movies, and each and every book. If it wasn’t for httyd as well as rotg I never would have got back into writing or have managed to finish my new series of novels.

Everyone has their own opinions and I respect them but can we all cut back on the negativity because believe it or not it does affect the writers and actors who may be curious enough to see what fans think.

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I love you for sharing so many people's art and leaving so many kind tags <3 It's really pure and adorable

Listen if they draw for the au how can I not share them I GOTTA OK
Id never imagine myself to be at a place like this and I’m so honoured to be able to see things from other people and to have people wanting to share things with me in the first place.

IV. Drunk and not-quite-married

{Read on Ao3}

“I don’t know why I married him.”

The statement is thrown so lightly and carefree, that Raven doesn’t know what Abby is talking about at first, so it takes her a few seconds to realize the actual meaning of the words. She is silent for a moment, not knowing how to react or answer to that piece of information. And, more importantly, not understanding why is Abby telling her this now.

It is a cold night despite being spring, and the fire pit is full of people drinking and just enjoying each other’s company. Clearly, Abby has had way too many mugs of moonshine, not only because of her red cheeks and the way she’s slurring her words, but also because she’s not used to openly talk about her feelings. Even less to talk about Jake.

“Abby…” she mumbles, not comfortable at all with the situation she’s in. She turns around searching for Clarke, because if she learns that her mother is drunkenly regretting marrying her deceased father, all hell will break loose. But Abby’s daughter doesn’t seem to be around, and Raven sighs. “Why the hell are you telling me…?” The girl doesn’t have the chance to finish her sentence, because Abby interrupts her as if she hadn’t realized someone was speaking to her.

“It’s just like I don’t exist anymore…”

Just when Raven follows her eyes and realizes she had been looking at Marcus, she relaxes a little and smiles. But still, something inside her stomach turns in regret: of course Abby wasn’t talking about Jake. She kept wearing his ring around her neck for a long time, and hers will probably never be forgotten; that kind commitment is not from a woman who wishes she had never been married.

“Abby,” in Raven’s face there is now a wide smile, “you do realize you’re not actually married to Kane, don’t you?”

Abby doesn’t seem to listen, staring at Marcus. He’s on patrol that night, and is now walking around the fence with David Miller by his side; even though he has a gun on his arms, he seems almost relaxed, enjoying the night and the conversation. But he doesn’t realize Abby is there, so he isn’t able to see the way she’s glaring at him.

“But what’s the point of having a husband if he’s barely there?” Abby doesn’t really mean it, and she realizes it even in her drunken state. Regardless, she doesn’t take it back.

“He’s not really your husband,” Raven insists, but she’s ignored once again.

“I miss him, you know? I’m working all day, and lately all his shifts are at night, and I…”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Raven groans, interrupting her, “please tell me this is not about sex.”

That is enough to make Abby come back to Earth.

“What? No!” she shakes her head and immediately regrets it, the whole camp blurrying around her. “But he seems happy, not spending time with me, without us really seeing each other at all. What if…?” But she doesn’t have the chance to finish her question.

They both see Marcus coming closer, and while Raven hopes Abby doesn’t make a fool of herself, part of her is actually counting on it. She smirks when he finally stops in front of them.

“Goodnight, ladies,” he says, smiling to Raven and bending down to press a kiss on Abby’s hair. But, to the surprise of everyone watching ⎯Raven and some of the people around them⎯, Abby moves her head aside and casts him a reproachful glance. “What the…? Is everything okay?”

She avoids answering because doesn’t have any rational thing to say, so she promptly ignores him in hopes he stops asking.

Then she tries to stand up, reclutanctly letting Marcus grab her arm in order not to fall when the world starts moving around her, and tries to leave for her room immediately. After taking a few shaky steps, Abby stabilizes herself and Marcus releases her arm, not following despite Raven’s arched eyebrow.

He’s definitely not fighting with a drunk Abby tonight, so whatever the problem is, it will have to wait until the morning… Even if it means sleeping alone in the Chancellor’s office couch.

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You seem to have a lot of people supporting you here and you do the same for them. I'm having a hard time gaining followers and finding people to encourage me so I thought I'd come to the expert for advice on what to do to fix my problem. 😊 Help?

Hello new friend :) Thanks for reaching out and thanks for agreeing to let me reply in public, as I am sure others have the same question. 

You are right, I am blessed with many fine friends and supporters. It has taken me several years and many dead ends to get to this point. So I will try to answer this in detail for everyone - so parts of this may or may not apply you.

My first recommendation is to always start with blogging for yourself. This will ensure your blog represents you and it will also attract the right kind of people to it. For example, If you like Harry Potter and like seeing it on your dash, by all means reblog HP posts and engage with the HP community.

I also recommend you blog about yourself and your journey. This will ensure your blog is unique. I know not everyone is comfortable with this and this is not for everyone but in my experience this will help you build real connections with other real people. Be vulnerable and be real. I know when I look at a new blog - the number one thing I look for is does this person share their journey with us? If so, I keep looking but if not - well, I move on. 

From there you need to be proactive and make some connections. You can do this several ways. Here are some I like.

  1. Get involved in monthly challenges / support groups.  These are more focused and smaller than the fitblr community and can lead to strong connections.
  2. Take part in promos, especially ones that encourage you to share info about you (pictures, goals etc.)
  3. Keep an eye out for posts that invite you to interact. That say something like “reblog this if you want people to come to you and just vent, rant or be friends.” These come up all the time and every time they do, I try to reach out to one new person. It is a fun way to meet new people. I did this twice in the past week and have two new friends. :) 
  4. Use tags on your posts. Tags will help you organise your blog and help others find it too. This is especially true now that you can follow tags as well as blogs. For example I follow several tags including “weight loss, Weight loss journey, WLS and others. Tumblr presents posts from these tags in my dash and that leads me to new blogs to follow.
  5. Reach out to people - see someone you want to talk with? Say hi. Some will be receptive and some may not but I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
  6. Create content - Over time you may see some things you can do to add to the community. If you see a gap you can fill, go do it. :) This adds to the unique value you add to the community.

I also have some suggestions on what not to do to gain followers. In my experience these are counterproductive and should be avoided.

  1. Don’t play games. I generally advise against using the follow for follow schemes or sites that specialize in growing your followers. In my experience, they work in that you will gain followers but it is temporary because most of them are only doing it to gain followers and don’t really care about you or your blog and will leave eventually. (I also immediately unfollow pretty much anyone that does this as I just don’t want their spam on my dash.)
  2. Don’t ask for promos. Not everyone will agree with me, but I think it’s bad form to ask someone to promo you. I get this numerous times a week and almost never do it. I promote blogs I think are doing great things and or blogs that ask great questions. I see a promo, especially an individual shout out as my personal endorsement of a blog and I don’t take that lightly. (However, please participate in the other things I do to promote blogs like self promos, blog reviews, and BOTM promos and promos targeted at smaller blogs.)
  3. Don’t change. As mentioned above, I recommend you are careful about changing your blog to please any specific request. There are thousands of different opinions on what is appropriate to blog. At the end of the day, it is your blog and your rules. People can either chose to follow you or not, but the day you change your blog every time you get a complaint is the day you will go crazy trying to balance all the opinions.

Long story short - it is tough to get started and you have to take action if you want to change things, but if it can work for a 40 year old oddball like me, it can work for you. :)

P.S. - I hope you count me as a new friend :)

P.P.S. - open offer to anyone. If you want to get my attention on any personal post, feel free and tag fatmaninalittlesuit. I follow this tag and try to see everything posted and I end up reblogging some of these posts.

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What deamons do you think clamp characters would have?

This is such a deep questions with so many great potential answers! So much so that I am completely convinced I can’t give any good answers here. Because like, there are so many nuances to these characters that I’m not even fully aware of yet, and I’m sure those would tie very heavily into their daemons and what form they would take. 

HOWEVER. While other people could give some amazing insight into this question (and I completely encourage this), I will instead just give the first thing that pops into my head. 

Syaoran: A dog. But like, a really fluffy dog.

Sakura: Deer

Kurogane: DRAGON

Fai: Big Gay Peacock

Mokona: Mokona

TWD Spoiler Comments

Season 7 Episode 10

I have read the spoilers, and I have analyzed the scene between Carol and Daryl, which many viewers ship. 

I think that Carol is more of a sister/best friend for Daryl. Both have been through abuse and both have issues expressing their feelings, so their reunion in the cabin will be a relief since they both trust and care about each other so much. I don’t think they’ll be a couple, though. I think she’s his “older sister”, while Rick is his “brother”. That’s it. There is no need to pair two people just because one is a guy and the other a girl (or any gender)…. there can be platonic relationships! 

I am a Daryl/Jesus shipper, and I do think that they will become a couple. I predicted Richonne, ha. Maybe some people will say Daryl is too aggressive, but remember, he is very reserved and rarely expresses his feelings–let alone to someone he is just getting to know (Jesus). Of course Daryl will be stand-offish and skeptical since he has already lost Glenn and Abraham–he wants to protect himself and the group. I think we all know that Daryl has been the “tough guy”, letting in a few people only. 

As for being too aggressive with Paul–Daryl needs to be extra cautious…you never know who will snitch, who might be watching, etc… as seen with Gabriel and his sudden departure. 

Maybe Carol will help Daryl open up to Paul, and Rick will encourage him as well. (remember the car scene with Paul and Daryl?) 

That’s just my opinion. I know a lot of hardcore Caryl shipppers will bash, but hey, we all have our own views, and here’s mine. I don’t mind “Caryl”, but I’m just sharing my views on the relationship between them so far. 

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I don't have many friends (literally 2 and we're not that close) and on the weekends I constantly feel like a loser for not having plans but I just have to remember that 1) I'm not the only person who's in a situation like this. 2) It won't be like this forever. & 3) I have to stop comparing myself to other people. But it's so difficult and not helpful for my self esteem to not have friends :/

Whoever this is message me off anon please because we are now friends!!!!!! But honestly this is so relatable, the few friends I have are not from around here & I also NEVER have plans on the weekends or ever. Yes, it sucks sometimes!!!! It can be lonely and frustrating. But it’s okay you really are not alone. Try to find things that you enjoy doing by yourself on the weekends!!!! Find things that you can look forward to doing. Start talking to more people on the internet, making long distance friendships helps a lot!!!

Little shadows nosy thoughts;

Bouncing around, and munching on a cookie, she would wiggle now in one place happily.” I have made many friends now, all are so different, some secretive, some open,  this will be so fun!!” pointing the cookie, and closing one eye as she held it out, looking to it.

” I think I need to follow Vel around more, I wanna see the guy with horns up close, and touch them!” giggling she would open her eye again and quickly eat the cookie now.” Oh, I do need to report back to Killian again, tell him a few things, Hmmm.” 

Teetering from heal to toe, and pressing her lips together, hands behind her back locking.” So many questions, so many people, I need more of me, one to keep to the row, one to Vel…. And one to the captain… Lots of other people too… Hmmm.”

Eyes narrowing now, as she was soon lost in thought, only to soon shake it off, and skip her way back to the row, a bright smile on her face.

@velerodra, @zaderick @kurel-andiel -Mentions

I haven’t really talked about this a lot because I’ve been distracted BUT I’ve now been to two meetings with other young trans people and it has been SO refreshing like. After the whole situation with the T and the Gender Lady I’ve been so frustrated and I felt like everything had just Paused and stopped working, but now I feel like I got a boost like!! I’m ready to move on and become a better version of myself & all that. It’s good and I’m very glad

I know there has been many posts about the incident of Mini and Jay. I feel horrible,I am crying but I know that they will be okay.
I scrolled through twitter to keep myself updated and just. The amount of love and support fans,friends and other youtubers provided is honestly mindblowing. I find it awful that something like this needs to happen so people relaize how important love is.

I know they will both manage and get much support from their friends. Let’s make this something big,so when they can finally look at social media the only thing they see is love. Because we love them. Because we look up to them. Because they are important to us.

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So I did some reading up on the Mafia from Italy, it originated in Sicily and was mainly, as you've and the other annon explained, used as a means for protection. Sicily was overtaken many times, changed hands too frequently which lead to the people becoming their own protection and eventually that became corrupt and lead to the Mafia we know today. I mean, that's the short version, I studied this cause I had a Hetalia OC Sicily. I just wanted to throw my knowledge in. o-o

Organized crime is just so fascinating to read about and study. 

I used to roleplayed Mello from Death Note, and I did an AU where he was involved with the Russian bratva and a few gangs in Los Angeles. Before that I was also in the Baccano! fandom where I roleplayed a bunch of the individuals who were involved in the crime families from that world.

Yes hello, I used to be in the Hetalia fandom.

I think I have a muse type:

Gang leaders and murderous sociopaths.