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Guess what, if the anonymity on the internet removes your humanity, you probably didn’t have much to start with. Wish some people would just grow up and get on with their lives instead of muddling in others.

Just blows me away to hear stories about ppl showing up at these dude’s doors and it’s like “they were a totally nice guy” like no, they’re not, not if they can do shit like this in ANY form.

Lack of inhibition or consequences doesn’t lead someone to do something bad, it just means they always had that in them.

@freezer-bunnyy inspired me : meet ariella berry 

the love child of newfound enemies - Antonia Rodriguez (aka. ‘the sex lady’) and good ol’ Em

like LOOK AT THOSE GENES?!!??! Yes I added some face overlays n lashes but the rest was just the GENES DAMN

too bad this is only me messing around in cas  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Squabbling Mystrade

Myc: Gregory, I have no intention of getting involved in a quarrel at the moment.

Greg: You should have thought about that before you bugged my phone.

Myc: For the last time, I did that for your own safety!

Greg: Safety? Sounds more like stalking to me, you professional stalker!

Myc: Excuse me?

Greg: Hi, I’m Mycroft Holmes, nice to stalk you. Oops, I mean meet you.

Myc: Oh for fuck’s sake!

Greg: Oh, I’m sorry, am I making you upset?

Myc: *Snarls*. Gregory Lestrade, you can kiss my arse!

Greg: *Exasperated sigh*. Fine, all right. Turn around.


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Greg: You heard me. Trousers. Off.


Two views of the same pies. Pumpkin and apple crumb. David’s cameras is better, but I like to colors in mine more. Featuring the Cracked Slate coffee mug @kyrieanne gave me.