and so so competitive and hard on themselves


P&G Product Special Interview (April 2017):

(This month’s P&G interview with Yuzuru is a product promotion.  But it’s still interesting, so I translated part of it.)

“I am rather sensitive to smells. When I travel, there are times when I am bothered by the smell of the room, so recently I have been bringing along a room fragrance spray and eye masks with a nice smell. I like calming scents like lavender and chamomile. Being surrounded by a nice scent before sleeping, I can relax and the quality of sleep is also improved. Sleep is ‘maintenance time’ for healing body and mind. It is very important to restore the mood/feeling, so scents help with that.”

“When I participate in ice shows, I am very much indebted to 'Febreze’. (laughs) The temperature at ice show venues are set higher than at competitions, so that customers do not have to protect themselves from the cold and it would be more comfortable for them. But it is hard for the performers as we perspire a lot more compared to competitions.
Our costumes are delicate and need to be hand washed, but sometimes there are 2 shows in one day and there is not enough time (for washing and drying). At those times, I will spray Febreze, 'shu’, directly on the costume. It can remove smells and germs. Plus, it has a nice fragrance, so I can go for the next show with a good feeling.”

Source: P&G,

For my previous translations of Yuzu’s interviews in P&G, see HERE.

It honestly sucks

Being a white, straight and asexual, female who can’t say anything online because they are “privileged” according to the majority of tumblr.

Why do I say this? Because no one cares to listen to what we have to say. Because we are “privileged” and we don’t need people to pity us… But wait? Why would I need someone to pity me? To rack up the points with feminists and POC? Be one of them?

No. I’m proud of who I am, and people can go and try to shut me down for how I feel about myself, but I will still be proud. Just as a black women should be proud, an autistic person, a gay person, trans person. Even a white make should be proud of who they are.

No one is you because of their skin color. Nobody is inherently bad because of their skin color. Nobody is inherently homophobic or transphobic or aphobic just because they like sex, being the gender they were born, or liking the opposite gender.

Why is it a competition to see how many pity points we can get? Why does that decide how good of a person we are?

Why not saving a life? Getting a diploma? A job? Living another day? Being proud of yourself? Why can’t those get you points of RESPECT from other people?

I’m tired of seeing people at one another’s throats over pity points, telling one another to kill themselves, to shut up, to do something harmful to themselves.

Why is giving another person your respect so hard? Cause you had a bad experience? If so, I’m sorry that that happened, whatever it may be, but you shouldn’t condemn an entire group cause of a few douches. The world isn’t a hive mind, not every person in a group thinks the same. Maybe give them a chance to prove to you that they might actually be your new best friend?

Character Flaws: List #8

Need to add depth to a character? Try any of these:

  • Attempts to carry their burdens alone, which not only makes them guarded and cold, but also distracts them from teamwork and cooperation.
  • Is so detail-oriented and organized that they can never see the bigger picture, and acts accordingly.
  • So happy and upbeat that this makes them an incredibly naive person.
  • Is so preoccupied with how others view them that they never express who they really are.
  • Tries too hard to please their family and sacrifices their own dreams, desires, and goals to do so.
  • Always compares themselves to others, and is never happy because they are always living in other people’s shadows.
  • Filled with so much pride at their strength that they love to start fights or competitions; personal relationships suffer because of this.
  • Is so concerned with helping or protecting others that their own life no longer holds meaning for them.
  • Will never, ever ask for help, no matter how desperately they need it.
  • Is so pessimistic and life and/or the human race that they no longer find value and/or purpose in life.

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Now the grade system has been scrapped the show has become more enjoyable to watch. It's so nice seeing the trainees working in teams. It seems like a fairer way of judging the contestants as well. I'm really proud of our Nu'est boys too, they had a rough start but they've seemed to pick themselves up and have been interacting with the other trainees instead of just sticking to themselves. JR was so worried about being leader but everyone encouraged him. Continued.

Cont. It feels like they had lost all of their confidence in the beginning but it makes me so happy that the other trainees are actually supporting them and I was so happy Ren and Baekho were also picked for teams, I was scared they would be leftover but the other trainees do recognise their talent. There are so many talented guys in this show, it sucks we can’t vote, but I’m cheering on more contestants every week not just nu'est. I have so much respect for how hard everyone is working.

Oh, I’ve definitely picked up a few of my own favorites (including spiderboy, he won my heart over pretty quickly just by being so quirky in his introduction clip). A good chunk of these kids are total sweethearts and I hope they all meet with success by the end of the show. 

The grading system is really there just to divide them all and humiliate them. If there’s one thing Korea is super good at, it’s competitive culture and making people constantly compare themselves to their peers. It’s one of the few aspects of the culture I don’t care for in the slightest (but also don’t misunderstand me, I love Korea and respect their culture, but every culture also has its flaws). Though that aspect of the show is basically gone now, that doesn’t mean things will get easier. It just means now everything will be based on Korean voting rank, unfortunately. 

It also doesn’t mean Mnet isn’t going to edit the show in very deliberate ways to try to undermine certain trainees or bring advantage to their favorites. What’s important is that the audience is vigilant in paying attention to what’s going on and that we continue to support our boys until the end. 

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im lowkey hoping that one day one of them will bring up videogames and the other will be like ’!!!!!!!!!! you play too??’ and then they’ll start talking about them, and at one point guan shan will apologise for hitting zheng xi with a rock, and zheng xi will tell him that all is forgiven, and after that they’ll begin to bond and eventually become really good friends!!

i’ve been wanting a friendship between them for a while by now tbh, especially since zheng xi was the first one to realise that guan shan didn’t seem so bad, and im still a bit sad that he didn’t have a bigger role in helping clearing guan shan’s name, i really wanted to see them interacting again in more friendly circumstances. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE the thought of a strong friendship between guan shan and jian yi, it would be incredibly good and hilarious, but at the same time i think that zheng xi and guan shan would get along pretty well, and i feel like zheng xi really needs someone else in his life other than jian yi, mostly because he doesn’t get along with he tian like jian yi does (….did we even ever see him interacting with he tian………..i don't….think so??), so without jian yi he’d be alone, which is very sad in my opinion

a friendship between zheng xi and guan shan makes sense to me, and i think it would also be very beautiful. please consider!!!!

  • the two of them getting excited about a new game and pulling an all nighter together to play it, arriving at school the next day looking like zombies but very satisfied with themselves for having defeated a particularly hard boss
  • being very competitive, trying to destroy each other at multiplayer games and to defeat their records all the time, but also cheering each other on and being proud of their achievements
  • zheng xi lending guan shan’s his notes and helping him study, tutoring him on the subjects he finds more difficult
  • guan shan making sure zheng xi doesn’t forget to eat when he is too concentrated on doing his homeworks, always bringing him healthy snacks he can chew on as he studies and teaching him how to cook some cheap and quick recipes
  • having so many inside jokes to the point where somebody says something and the two of them will look at each other from across the room and start laughing hysterically
  • helping each other figure out and deal with their developing feelings for jian yi and he tian
  • zheng xi defending guan shan to people who talk ill of him at school
  • guan shan being there for zheng xi when jian yi eventually disappears, assuring him that it wasn’t his fault and that they are going to find him
  • long-suffering friends complaining about how ridiculous their respective boyfriends are and yet how they can’t live without them
  • basically just zheng xi and guan shan being very supporting and protective of each other and having a great time together and making each other smile (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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How about Viktor finding out his S/O isn't feeling well after a competition and he takes them home to take care of them while they're sick? Thank you!

I wasn’t quite sure if you meant one of Viktor’s competitions or his S/O’s competition so I’ll just do S/O’s? And I’ll assume its an ice skating competition. I also wrote headcanons just cuz they’re faster  ^^. ~ Mod Mew

+ Viktor would be able to tell right away if you weren’t feeling well while you were skating.

+He’d immediately think: Why is S/O pushing themselves so hard? Shouldn’t they think more of their health? 

+ Regardless, he’d admire your resilience as you constantly tried your hardest to perform your best.

+Once you were finished, he’d quickly rush onto the ice and practically drag you away - waiting impatiently for the score.

+ He might seem a little frustrated because you were neglecting your health and that really hurts him as he wants to see you happy and healthy - not pushing yourself to your absolute limit.

+Once the competition was done and over with, he’d hurry to take you home, scolding you about your choice and how you should’ve went to him if you weren’t feeling well but softening once he saw your tired eyes.

+At your home, Viktor would be pretty fluffy and considerate. Cold? He’ll bring you blankets. Hungry? Warm soup is on the way. He’d do this until you were feeling yourself again and even a little afterwards, claiming that you shouldn’t strain yourself.

+All in all, Viktor would choose to cuddle with his S/O while they were sick and stuck in bed- not carrying if they could potentially get them sick as he simply wants to be with them.

the fake married in suburbia au
  • shaw’s cover is personal trainer laura winters. her wife, devon, is an up-and-coming architect
  • shaw’s not about it
  • she hates the suburbs
  • she hates pta moms
  • she sure as hell isn’t looking forward to spending the week married to /root/
  • but also, too many white people assuming she’s not root’s wife
  • she’s bizarrely offended
  • do they think root’s straight?
  • root’s the gayest thing she’s ever seen
  • and YET
  • “oh, is this your friend? are you sisters? will your husbands be home later?”
  • cue shaw hooking her arm around root’s waist possessively.
  • “my WIFE, actually”
  • she does not have /feelings/ for root. they just can’t have their covers blown this early
  • as soon as they’re alone, she’s back to rolling her eyes and pushing root away
  • around people, however, she’s the Perfect Doting Wife
  • the neighbors aren’t super homophobic, just intensely heteronormative
  • they’re friendly, though
  • unfortunately
  • within their first 6 hours in the neighborhood they’re invited to 3 brunches and 2 dinner parties, all of them excruciating
  • “so which of you will be staying home to look after the kids?”
  • shaw drops a glass
  • “oh, im so sorry, was that offensive? we just werent sure how it worked with the lesbians”
  • cue root’s VERY forced smile. “my laura’s not a lesbian. and uh, just personal preference. children aren’t really our area of expertise”
  • “ohhhhhhh”
  • the straight couples stare at each other knowingly
  • someone asks root to hold their baby while they grab another glass of wine
  • she locks eyes with shaw across the room
  • shaw just shrugs and smirks and enjoys the show
  • the baby’s slipping out of root’s arms. she’s trying to hold it lion king style
  • the baby’s cooing at her and she’s trying to hide the sheer disdain
  • “laura, HONEY, come look at this ADORABLE child”
  • “that’s okay, dev, i can see just fine from here. you’re doing great”
  • “laura”
  • “great job, babe”
  • “laura. it’s telling me it wants to talk to you. it has a message”
  • “that’s a 4 month-old infant. it can’t talk. nice try, though. im getting more wine"
  • the sleeping arrangement in their covers’ house is interesting
  • there are three bedrooms, but only one is furnished
  • (trouble with the moving van)
  • “im bunking with bear”
  • “dont be like that, sameen. the bed is big enough for two”
  •  there’s a chaise in the room too, so shaw insists she’ll be fine there. bear can sleep by her side
  • its expensive as hell but unbelievably uncomfortable. this is the last time they let finch pick furnishings
  • she waits until she’s positive root is asleep before relenting and very carefully crawling into bed
  • root, fortunately, is a heavy sleeper
  • but also an early riser. by the time shaw wakes up, root’s already in the kitchen making breakfast
  • “not a word. not one single word” shaw warns
  • root sets a plate of pancakes in front of her. “i dont know what you mean, dear”
  • unbeknownst to them, the dinner party they have that night (hosted by the number) is a Couples Game Night
  • one of those how-well-do-you-know-your-spouse kinda deals
  • root and shaw are both intensely competitive people
  • they kick ass
  • they cheat, lbr, bc they’re playing as their covers rather than themselves, so they’re faking answers left and right
  • they tap out their answers on each other’s thighs in morse code so they always match up
  • everyone thinks they’re just VERY touchy. “still in the honeymoon stage, huh?”
  • insert giant fake hearteyes
  • ( “”””fake”””””)
  • shaw puts an arm around root’s shoulder. squeezes the back of her neck a little. root tries very hard to keep a straight face despite the chills running up her spine. “i just. can’t get enough of her!”
  • later they’re in the number’s home office, having snuck away in the middle of the party while she’s distracted with entertaining guests
  • root’s transferring everything from her computer onto a hard drive for her and finch to analyze
  • they hear the number coming upstairs
  • “just let me grab it out of the office, it’s a great pic—“
  • root doesn’t even give shaw a heads’ up on the plan. there’s not enough time. she just snags the hard drive, grabs her and goes in for the kiss
  • the door opens approximately 2 seconds later
  • the resulting moan is unholy
  • there’s a lot of pent up tension there. it’s been awhile since the safehouse
  • most of it is stifled by root’s mouth, but there’s only so much a gal can do. it’s still audible
  • super audible
  • the number and 2 guests with her clear their throats uncomfortably
  • root pulls away
  • “oh my goodness, we’re SO sorry! must be the wine”
  • shaw, still caught in the moment, has her eyes locked on root’s lips
  • “honey,” root giggles in mock embarrassment “we should go”
  • “mmhm. i mean, right. yeah”
  • root drags her by the hand, shaw stumbles out behind her
  • shaw’s barely shut the door to their own house before root’s got her pressed up against it
  • “you play up a /very/ convincing diversion, sameen”
  • “im good at what i do”
  • “oh, i recall”
  • it’s shaw that pulls her into the kiss this time
  • they don’t even make it upstairs to the bedroom
  • the kitchen table is sufficient
  • and surprisingly sturdy, fortunately. shaw reconsiders her stance on finch and home furnishings
  • boy was prepared. he knew what leaving those two alone in a nice-ass house for a week was going to result in
  • mama didn’t raise no fool

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im here to spread the gospel of bokuoi,,,, they would be either perfect for each other or the literal worst because they're both eccentric and energetic and they push themselves ridiculously hard so they'd get along well but they're also both very volatile so there's the chance that they'd accidentally fuck each other up without meaning to but,,, they probably understand each other super well because of that too, so they can help snap each other out of their bad moods jUST,,, BOKUOI KILLS ME OK

I am slain tbh oh my god

Oikawa is super observant so he could easily tell whenever Bokuto’s hit a low point, he probably just drags out Bo’s competitiveness until he gets back up again. And Bo usually gets really worried whenever Oikawa pushes himself too hard bc of his injury. They fight a bit about it but they’re always ok in the end

Okay, I’ve seen a few posts asking why Yuuri slapped Minami’s back so hard (and it is his back, not his butt guys, lol), and I think I know why?

I also watch the Japanese obstacle course/competition show called Sasuke (not to be confused with the ninja from Naruto ;P), the American version of which is called Ninja Warrior… And I recall a couple of competitors slapping each other on the back hard once before starting the course, and the commentator explaining that this was to fire themselves up before competing.

So I believe that’s exactly what Yuuri was trying to do, although he caught Minami off guard doing so. XD (If anyone is more familiar with Japanese culture though, feel free correct me on this. :)

I’m hoping McHastings happens this season. Like, really bad. Season 3 was such a great set up for some beautiful and competitive bromance, then it didn’t really go anywhere.

Paige tried so hard to prove herself to Spencer who didn’t trust her because she was one of Emily’s best friends. They used to play field hockey together, so they must have known each other to an extent before Paige ever even started dating Emily. From Spencer’s quip of “we named a penalty after her” you can tell that there’s always been a little tension between them.

Spencer and Paige are actually very similar to one another. Stubborn, bold, overprotective, extremely competitive and refuse to back down from a challenge. Neither one is above threatening someone when they themselves feel threatened. They both have lied to and gone behind Emily’s back because they believe they were protecting her (both instances also had to do with Alison and resulted in a fight).

Mona tried recruiting Paige who refused and was about to leave until she saw Melissa Hastings joining in the little meeting. She stared at her, obviously confused, and had to stay to see what Melissa was doing there. Paige knew what Mona’s game was, and I’m sure it shocked her to know that Spencer’s sister was in on it.

It’d be great if this nags at her enough to approach Spencer about it to warn her. Spencer would be irritable because of the whole Emison thing that’s happening and probably fighting with Emily at this point. Paige would be awkwardly standing on her front porch trying to be a good person and worried that Spencer will either still hate her for telling the cops about Alison or not believe her about Melissa.

There would be heated words expected of a Hastings which causes Paige to defend her actions that Spencer begrudgingly acknowledges as logical and showing her care for Emily. Melissa had been acting strange… And her friendship with Emily and Alison a bit rocky at the moment… I could see her teaming up with Paige for stake outs and following leads.

Oh, it would be the best thing to me. They would bicker all the time and Spencer would begin to realize why Emily liked Paige so much. She’s actually a huge dork and a sweetheart underneath it all. Spencer would tease her endlessly. Paige would learn a ton of Spencer’s odd little quirks like how much coffee she drinks and that she becomes like an irritable baby when she’s hungry and tease her just as severely.

Then there’s their competitiveness. I could see them making bets all the time and constantly owing each other sodas and dumb crap like that. Playing card games while on a stake out like their life depended on it. Insisting that the other one must have cheated in order to win, but it never getting out of hand.

I imagine both of them would sit around worrying about Emily and making like a pact to do whatever it takes to keep Emily safe. Just becoming total bros and wanting to hang out more.

You don’t understand how badly I want this.

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What was so shameful about your old OCT days? I always found them incredibly entertaining and introduced me to the work of so many amazing artists. Honestly, I wouldn't have found your comic or this amazing Tumblr of yours if I hadn't first found you in the SDL

Eh I didn’t mean to diss OCTs(original character tournaments) themselves too hard. They were honestly a really nice source of practice and deadlines back when I had almost no experience drawing comics.

I’m just a super competitive person, so they were a very frustrating venue for me. Half the time, my opponent didn’t finish their entry (an inherent problem with any OCT obviously, thanks to young artists sucking at time management), and the other half I just lost. I whined a lot about it thanks to being a teenager. I know for a fact that some people STILL think of me as a huge ass for how I acted about ‘em.

That said, Steffi and the rest of the KB world wouldn’t exist without OCTs, and I still have lotsa people informing me that they found me through said OCTs (which WOW, thank you for following me that long and through so much art crap!!). So I’ll always be grateful for that!

My Finnish friends like to say the following:

In America, if your neighbor has a nicer house than you, then you wish you had a house like that.  In Finland, if your neighbor has a nicer house than you, then you wish he didn’t have that house.

The American half of that stereotype might be true in general, but it’s not true on Tumblr.  On Tumblr, I see an overwhelming resentment for people who are better off.  I see people who want to create equality not by raising everyone up to the level of the highest in our society, but by dragging everyone down to the least common denominator.  I see a hatred of “privilege” and all of the people who have it.  I see an implicit moral framework where only the poor and downtrodden are good and deserving.

What do you get in such a framework?  What do you get when the low are risen high, and the high are beaten and stepped on until they are low?

You get a culture of people who aspire to be low, who aspire to be weak and powerless and pitiable, so that they can reap the moral bounty that comes with those traits.  You get a culture of people who are ashamed of their successes, who glorify their problems and incapacities but hide their accomplishments.

On Tumblr I see people write things like “How dare people talk about succeeding at <thing>.  I am disabled, and can never do <thing>, and reading about other people doing <thing> makes me feel bad.”

And I think to myself, “Oh shit, if I succeed at grad school, or I climb a mountain, or I do anything I can feel proud of… then I am going to make someone else, who couldn’t do all those things, feel bad.”

And I look at grad school, and I think to myself, “Grad school is a zero-sum game.  Only one person can be at the top.  And there are only so many faculty jobs available.  If I do well, and I get one of those faculty jobs… then I am crowding out someone else who might have wanted it.  And then that person would experience unbearable sadness, at having their hopes and dreams crushed.  So I better not try in grad school.  I better not even try to succeed.  Or else I will hurt people.  It’s better for me to make this sacrifice than to force it on them.”

This is wrong.  But I have this thought a lot, and it keeps me from trying at grad school.  It keeps me from trying because I feel inherently unworthy of success.  So let me see if I can argue against it.

Argument 1: this strategy is not universalizable.  If everyone followed it, there would be a competition to see who could be the worst at grad school.  Everyone would be continually abasing themselves for the sake of one another.  And then the same finite number of students would receive the faculty positions, so it’s not like it would actually reduce the number of people who got hurt.

Thus this strategy is clearly wrong if it’s universalized.  It’s much, much better for everyone to try as hard as they can, and let success go to the best students.

Argument 2: There are things that matter more than students being happy.  The point of grad school is not just to give us an ego-boost for success; it’s to create the next generation of scientists, who will then go out and do good science.  Thus, for the sake of science, it is best if everyone strives to succeed, instead of everyone striving to abase themselves as much as possible.  That way, it’s the people who are best at science who actually end up doing the science.

Outside of grad school, the same argument holds.  Why is it good for me to strive and succeed at life in general?  Why is it good for me to eat good food and live a happy life and generally embrace my privilege?  Because in many relevant senses, life is a Darwinian competition for strength (in a particular environmental context), and whoever wins gets to pass down his genes to the next generation.  For the good of the species, then, I should strive to succeed.

I want science to be high quality.  I want the species to get stronger.  So I should strive to succeed at grad school and at life.  And I should feel no guilt, because I am doing this for the collective good, and for some emergent structure greater than individual human lives.

But… it’s more than that.  These two arguments I gave, they refute the claim that people should try to fail, for each other’s sakes.  But they still adopt the faulty premise of the original claim: namely that success is a zero-sum game, and you succeeding will drag other people down.

Like, I feel bad bragging about my skills or accomplishments, for fear of dragging everyone down.  When I succeed at acts of self-discipline, or I do something I’m proud of, I don’t talk about it, because I don’t want to make other people feel bad.  But… when other people talk about their successes, I do not feel dragged down; I feel inspired!  When other people treat self-discipline as the norm, and talk about its importance, I don’t feel criticized and helpless… I feel inspired!  Talking to people who are succeeding is one of the most strengthening things I ever experience.

This suggests to me that… if we want individuals to be happy, what we need is not a contest to abase ourselves, but a new cultural framework where other people’s success is inspiring rather than intimidating.

I see people talk about “growth mindset” vs. “fixed mindset” a lot here, and that’s an important instance of what I’m talking about.  If you have the fixed mindset, other people’s success is just discouraging, because you feel like you’ll never be that good.  But if you have the growth mindset, other people’s success will be inspiring, because it shows you what humans can accomplish, and what you can maybe be if you keep trying.

So that’s one example, but there are many others.  Rejoicing in the journey but not the destination, learning to love the struggle more than the success itself, and so on.  Being proud of your rivals when they succeed, being proud of the larger collective entity for succeeding, etc.  All of these make success less zero-sum.

I want there to be joy in trying as hard as you possibly can, and then, if you win, you celebrate, and if you lose, you can at least be proud that you tried so hard and made it so far.

I want success to be something I take pride in, and not something I feel like I have to hide.  I want success to be good and permitted for all people, not just for oppressed people who have managed to overcome adversity.  I want to say “I worked hard, and I did well” without feeling guilty for my successes.