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My Top 5 Hopes For New Gems

I would like to discuss my top 5 Gems that I hope will get introduced into Steven Universe. Feel free to comment your own, it’s definitely fun to think of new Gems and stuff! If you have an OC or Gemsona that is one of these minerals, feel free to message me them through my ask box! I’d love to see them!

Number 5- Fluorite

I’ve had a low-key fascination with fluorite as it relates to a certain set of 8d8 die (yes, I do enjoy Homestuck, and yes I am talking about the Fluorite Octet), but the colors of fluorite are what fascinate me the most. 

Fluorite almost seems to glow neon, even in dim or artificial light. It’s something about the structure or shape of the crystal that cause this, but honestly I don’t care. It’s so pretttyyyy. Fluorite most commonly comes in electric blue, deep green, or pale purple, but I managed to find this cool deep purple variety!

Fluoride is used as a flux in metallurgy and smithing. A flux is a mineral added to molten metal to purify it of any stray minerals not meant to belong there. As well as this, fluoride is very commonly used as a window lens to the ultraviolet or infrared spectrum due to it’s unique refractive properties.

Because of this, it’d be cool if Fluorite in Steven Universe had invisibility and intangibility powers (when used as a flux, Fluorite flows through the molten metal, “flux” is actually Latin for “flow through”).

Number 4- Chalcanthite 

Holy crap look at how jagged it is! The fact that Chalcanthite appears to be folding into itself and poking through itself at the same time always fascinated me (it actually reminds me of Ramiel from Evangelion hehe)

But anyway, Chalcanthite is actually incredibly toxic. It’s made out of copper with some impurities, which means that it dissolves very easily in water. Any plants or animals that absorb or drink this water suffer some really serious side effects due to copper poisoning, and often die from it. 

Chalcanthite in Steven Universe should have toxin-related powers, sort of like Centipeetle but not as corrosive. She could actually be a fusion of Lapis and Centipeetle in the very slim case that that happens.

Number 3- Cinnabar

As if Chalcanthite wasn’t bad enough, Cinnabar (mercury sulfide) is literally the most toxic mineral on the planet. People who mined cinnabar in ancient times often died due to mercury exposure, but fortunately today the handling of cinnabar is strictly regulated. Cinnabar is the Persian word for “dragon’s blood”.

I really want a Gem with dragon-esque traits for this one. She could be extremely destructive without meaning to (think Sugilite but less mindless). I mean, come on. Cinnabar, the most deadly mineral on the planet, can be made cute and sympathetic in Steven Universe.

Number 2- Coral

Coral has always been one of my absolute favorites! That pink color is just so pleasing to the eye, right? Coral is one of the few living materials classified as a gemstone (along with Jet, Pearl, and Ivory), and when polished reveals hidden patterns and striations formed by the once-living coral polyps inside.

I really really really want a coral character in Steven Universe. She could be aquatic, at one with the ocean. I’d love it if she had coral-like accents on her body, like the Pokemon Corsola.

Coral is also just a really pretty name. Everything about coral is just so soothing and pleasant, and just great. I’d name my daughter Coral (but I’m already naming her Opal, not kidding).

Number 1- Labradorite

So many layeeers! My inner artist is just screaming in joy at this thing! It’s layers are so reflractive and pretty that it has it’s own word for the unique reflection it has: Labradorescence.

Did you get chills? I got chills. In mythology, Labradorite is the gem of strengthening others and lending support. In the show, it’d be cool if Labradorite was a kind of support gem, able to buff the other Gems with increased strength or stamina. But look at it! Look how cool it is! Gaaaah I can’t take it!

I hope you liked this! Tell me what your most wanted Gems are!