and so people on their phones can send them easily

BTS having a crush on you~


  • bold and obvious, everyone and their uncle knows he likes you
  • denies liking you though smh
  • acts confident but his heart is always beating out of his chest whenever he’s around you
  • probably practices talking to you in the mirror
  • never lets you see his phone because youre his lock/homescreen


  • teases you a lot
  • but always looks for an excuse to hug you: finished your assignment?hug. won a game?hug. ate the last slice of pizza?hug.
  • calls you stuff like ’loser’’dork’’idiot’
  • wrote a love/confession letter for you but WILL NEVER tell you
  • takes you out on dates without you knowing


  • always smiling around you
  • a lil clingy and lovey dovey but come on you love it
  • the biggest sweetheart omg
  • lays in bed smiling like an idiot just thinking about you
  • probably buys you a dozen roses or something randomly on such a casual day


  • pretty obvious too
  • called you ‘babe’or’baby’ by accident but now just does it casually 
  • fights the urge to kiss you 25/8
  • treats you like his own
  • probably arranges something with the boys so that you guys are the only ones who can go out for a movie and dinner


  • a shy baby omg
  • everyone already thinks that you guys are dating
  • when people ask he gets all flustered and cute probably says “not yet”
  • forever on edge when he’s around you
  • low-key asks the boys to take secret pictures of you together so that they can send them to him


  • spends a little extra time to look good for you
  • talks about you to everyone
  • completely whipped
  • gets super embarrassed easily over the smallest things 
  • probably already tells people that you’re dating but would absolutely die if you found out he likes you


  • he blushes sooooo much
  • always too nervous to say anything to you
  • won’t text you first because he is always waiting by his phone for you 
  • tries to keep it cool around you but you and literally everyone else can tell just how.nervous he is 
  • takes secret pictures of you
Send some magic anons.
  • 24 hours by default, or a time specified by the M!A.
  • Invisible: All OTHER people (clothes and all) are invisible to the character.
  • Hate: The character looks exactly like the person they hate the most.
  • Love: The character looks exactly like the person they love the most.
  • Back: The character believes they are from 100 years before their current time period.
  • Forward: The character believes they are from 100 years after their current time period.
  • Tech: The character has the technology opposite of their current time period. (Ex. Current-time or future characters would have no electricity/cell phones/etc whether they need it or not, characters from the past would have what we have now, whether they know how to use it or not.)
  • Child: The character is now physically a child, with their regular mind.
  • Adult: The character is now mentally a child, with their regular body.
  • Super: The character has one sense of the anon's choice amplified.
  • Dampen: The character has one sense of the anon's choice removed.
  • Charades: The character can hear, but loses their ability to understand languages (spoken AND written) and must communicate through body language/charades/drawings/etc.
  • Wild: The character is NOT physically an animal of anon's choice, but believes they are.
  • Switch: The character is convinced they have switched bodies with someone else of anon's choosing, though they have NOT actually done so.
  • Impostor: The character is convinced that someone (of the anon's choosing) close to the character has been replaced with a body double spy.
  • In a world... : -- The character must narrate their moves like they're in an action movie trailer.
  • Game: -- The character is convinced they're in a video game, complete with save points, dialogue options, power-ups, etc.
  • Points: -- The character is convinced they are competing and being judged, complete with being timed on a stopwatch and given points. (Anons or other characters can help out by giving them points, too!)
  • Lava: -- The character is convinced the floor/ground is lava.
  • Meta: -- The character creates an RP character of their own, and RPs as them. Your OOC posts will now be IC as the regular character. You'll be ((((OO-OOC)))). We must go deeper...