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mikael and yousef are the chillest couple. like, there’s isak and even, who people look at as having this…cosmic kind of love. like the type that transcends universes and everyone notices just how soft they are around each other but also there is a lot of DRAMA and heartache and it’s very up and down. and then there’s magnus and vilde who are just that weird couple everyone kind of looks at like “?????? o…kay.” but then there’s mikael and yousef. and they’re just. chill. like they’re always smiling, and you’ll see them either walking with their arms around each other or yousef resting his head on mikael’s shoulder or mikael lying with his head in yousef’s lap while yousef plays with mikael’s hair. and they’re nearly always laughing or wearing lazy grins or content little smiles. because that’s what they are. content. content and happy and relaxed and comfortable in each other’s presence. and mikael and yousef find it kind of hilarious that people always go to them for relationship advice. because their advice is never really that helpful, actually. it’s always, “just talk to them.” “just tell them how you feel.” “just take it easy.” “just chill.”. because sure, they have their issues - every couple does - but the two of them have always, always, found their relationship something that is natural and easy for the two of them. they just go with the flow, and everyone is consistently baffled as to how the two of them make being in a relationship look so bloody easy.

I’ll be going out of town for a few days and don’t know how often I’ll have internet access but I have some posts queued! See you in the weekend. :)

Voyage of the Damned

I may have made this more shippy then I should have. But I honestly couldn’t help it. I happened to find the perfect secret life pictures of Billie to go along and I just had to make it as shippy as possible. Especially with a fantastic kiss!

Sun Goddess

The Sun Goddess. Known to her numerous worshippers as Karma. She is called by many names in many cultures, however, most often known as;

TONALNAN: referring to her as the “mother of light.” It’s one of the names she answers to the most.

AALONA: the “light-bringer.” Usually called this when taking the form of a serpent or man.

Legends speak of her birth timing at the beginning of the universe, where she wandered in the darkness before coming across the early humans, the dark crawlers, and observed how they struggled blindly in the black world. She pitied the people, and came to them in the guise of a young girl, where she first showed the dark crawlers the light.

However. These people were frightened by the idea of the light, especially when it was proposed by a child. In their ignorance and to the deity’s shock, they would cast her into the black abyss. In a fit of rage, she would smite down the world that had not the capacity to know her love for it.

However, she would fashion from her hands a new world, a light world, full of life and opportunity, and spun the sun from the twine of her magicks. But this was just the beginning of her work. The first made were the animals, fashioned from pieces of her own being, but the second creatures she made, she cherished the most. Humans. Her children. Each and every one she loved. Karma taught them wisdom and humility, how to protect themselves, and told them that should they need her, they would know she silently observed them, just by feeling their heart beating.

Is She the only Divine? No. But she will always answer to your call.