and so on jfc

Please give me a fic where the Legends are there for the Music Meister  crossover and Mick (and Len!?!) are A) absolutely furious with how this bottom feeding white bread alien jackass treats Kara and her boundaries and B) how no one seems to notice there are major issues here

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Woaaaahh pesos??? Idk what kind of pesos you're talking about bc if they're argentine 1000 for a mattress is like the seriously best offer you could get, a normal one would be around 5-10,000 pesos (everything is super expensive jfc)

It’s Philippine pesos! So 45-50 pesos = 1 USD! I looked up the fancier king size mattress here and it’s like 10k pesos….. why is life Hard what to heck.. I remember I had a mattress that cost only 700 pesos..


I mean. I’m just saying. It’s not like I was stalking anyone or anything. I only check like, ONCE a day okay maybe more than over the weekend but. I was literally just about to go capslock tonight and say something along the lines of “FOR FUCK’S SAKE PHICHIT UPDATE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS”, but I figured I’d check one more time before I throw a tantrum in my blog.

Right. So there we go. I’m chill now. OUR BOY’S IN HELSINKI! (Lmao, that is pretty much the only useful thing about this post I am so sorry.)

To my fellow countrymen whom I thought to rely on during this period wherein we lacked news – really? We are still not over his abs? It’s effing 2017 guys, can you tell me where the boy is first before I get assailed by your thirst in social media jfc I feel so harassed

Bonus! MCM’s planned program for Worlds. Omg good luuuuuuuuck! That 4Lo is haunting me in my sleep is2g, but we’re rooting for you no matter what! 💙💛❤

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if we sign up to join harry's website, do you think it will link him back to our tumblr's in someway since the site is a tumblr? i'm nervous bc i just really don't want him to find mine

I don’t think so (jfc I hope not), but my Tumblr has a e-mail address specifically for this Tumblr… so if you’re SUPER nervous, that’s what I’d do, and then just change the e-mail for the account. 

As I’ve told B, though, he probably already knows (his team at least), and we’ve probably been watched for months, and I’m going to disappear off the face of this fucking planet, and if he or anyone thinks that’s funny, they are kindly allowed to come fight me. 

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Omg I'm trying to get through this interview but I legit cant, I want to punch her in the throat skzodmdksls all I can process is laughter and the words "leave these men alone" LMAO

same dsgiljdkg jfc it’s so bad SO BAD. interviewers need to start doing better research before they do this

Today is the day, Oilers fans! TODAY WE CAN CLINCH A PLAYOFF SPOT!

I’m SO READY BUT NOT READY AT THE SAME TIME JA FEEL?? We may or may not win tonight, but that’s okay! Because we’re still gonna make it! 👏🏽😭

Idk what to do with myself, I’m have so many feelings about this 😭 we’ve waited so long, I thought we would never get out of this slump when we had Eakins for a coach, and finally!! FINALLY! After 10 long years, rebuild after rebuild, coach after coach, GM after GM…

Here’s to you guys 🍻 for sticking with the team and for never jumping off the beat up, old wagon through the tough times! Remember, we’re in this shit together!

(I’m sorry this is so cheesy but I’m so emotional jfc)



Because I have it up to HERE with all the people on this fucking trash site that keep shitting on YOI the anime and its staff because the ending didn’t meet their WESTERN’s expectation of how a “real gay relationship should be represented”

@ People that STILL say YOI is queerbaiting and the staff are silencing YOU just because they didn’t show the final with a wedding or ANOTHER kiss: Read


oh. oh.

Let me make one thing clear:

We’re not into KS because of the ‘yaoi’.

We’re into this manga because of well-written and developed story which is interesting and creates fear and suspense greatly, nice art style and well-written characters.

We’re not promoting abusive relationship. We’re perfectly aware how fucked up both of them are, and we do not ship them. So stop insulting the fandom for it.