and so on

“the internet is making you antisocial”

Well yeah it’s also told me that who I am and my identity in not a joke or unnatural I’ve met supportive people, and made great friends that made me loathe myself less and be more confident generally but why the fuck should that matter when the internet is the source of all evil™ right?


Just a friendly reminder, because I’m sick of people reducing others to mere thirsty yaoi/yuri fans (“you are all in this for the hot sex”) because they cherish the interactions and the development of the relationship of a same sex pairing, which (if it isn’t canonically confirmed) could easily be interpreted as love.

That SoulMate AU where people become magic when they meet their soulmate.

EXCEPT for Alfred and Matthew it’s the reverse. And they’re both afflicted with magical curses that can only be cured by their soulmate. 

Alfred has fire control but he’s slowly burning alive. He’s getting hotter every year and one year it’ll kill him. And Matthew is the opposite. He’s ice but he’s freezing slowly and losing his emotions as his heart freezes. 

I’m going to crosstag only this once, because this issue needs to be addressed by both sides. To avoid upsetting anyone, I will be keeping this post neutral.

antis, stop posting anti things in the ship or main tags.

shippers, stop posting ship things in the anti or main tags.

everyone, suicide baiting is never okay under any circumstances.

there’s a reason shippers ship things and there’s a reason antis hate certain ships. we need to remain respectful of this and NOT go out of our way to trigger others.

crosstagging, especially with the intent to upset or harm someone is unacceptable and needs to fucking stop. if you catch someone doing it, even if they’re on your side, please call them out. I and many other have been greatly upset by seeing ship/anti posts in the anti/ship tags. Not to be guilt trippy or anything but I’ve been tearing at my skin all day since I saw that shit.