and so on


Supernatural Cisswap! I will admit that I probably went a bit overboard with the amount of characters I chose, but it was really, really fun. Especially Metatron. Hehehe…

Samantha/Sam - Crystal Reed
Castiel - Antje Traue
Deanna/Dean - Amber Heard
Gabriel - Drew Barrymore
Balthazar - Scarlett Johansson
Lucifer - Alex Kingston
Keira/Kevin - Gemma Chan
Crowley - Katie Mcgrath
Bobbie/Bobby - Margo Martindale
Addison/Adam - Jennifer Lawrence
Charlie - Rupert Grint
Liam/Lisa - Taylor Lautner
Mark/Mary - Simon Baker
Allan/Ellen - Sean Bean
Joe/Jo - Tom Felton
Anthony/Anna - Seth Green
Bill/Bela - Chris Pine
Rupert/Ruby - Ben Barnes
Jesse/Jess - Bradley James
Reg/Meg - David Tennant
Metatron (the little shit) - Umbridge (not Imelda Staunton. Actually Umbridge)


sony uploaded an instructional video on how to lend games to your friends, oh my fucking god


“do you ever have that sense of being an outsider? do you love performing still? what’s your earliest memory of a female body? what do you fear the most?” these and many more questions plus nick cave eating pizza plus cars honking at nick cave while he’s chatting behind the wheel plus warren ellis being as sassy as ever in 20,000 days on earth, i guess

“The proper ending for any story about people it seems to me, since life is now a polymer in which the earth is wrapped so tightly, should be that same abbreviation: etc. - which means sameness without an end.

And it is in order to acknowledge the continuity of this polymer that I begin so many sentences with "and” and “so,” and end so many paragraphs with “…and so on.”

And so on.“

- Kurt Vonnegut