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Just a friendly reminder, because I’m sick of people reducing others to mere thirsty yaoi/yuri fans (“you are all in this for the hot sex”) because they cherish the interactions and the development of the relationship of a same sex pairing, which (if it isn’t canonically confirmed) could easily be interpreted as love.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me getting an idea for my first fanvid:</b> this has never been done before omg I'm a fucking genius spielberg you loser see the marvelous thing I'm gonna make<p/><b>Me actually making the fanvid:</b> how does this EVEN work oh god the scene is not in time with the music also this is so boring and predictable i am done with this shit s l a y m e<p/></p><p/></p>

ah i have such a massive musical crush on salvador. his voice is so fucking pure and timeless and he’s such a darling i just want to give him a cuddle and i could listen to him sing for hours and hours. swoon*


You simply need to drop out of hyperspace between blockade and Boz Pity.

Sure Obi-Wan, what it is for Anakin to just simply drop out of hyperspace between blockade and planet. Who cares the timing must be perfect or otherwise everyone is going to die either thanks to CIS ships or planet’s mass shadow? No pressure at all.

imagine a kingdom keepers tv show tho

the plots of the books wouldnt be the entire main focus, theyd be more like… yknow how seasons of shows have like story arcs n stuff? like that, so wed get a few Story episodes pertaining to the events of the books, but wed get filler episodes in between where stuff happens that we dont see in the books

the DHIs solving puzzles, battling overtakers, hanging out on the outside and strengthening their friendships as well as dealing with non believer parents, VMK stuff

stuff like willa and philby studying together, finn and amanda hanging out, “behind the scenes’ with the overtakers plot stuff, etc

itd add even more depth to the universe and flesh it out even more and i want it so bad