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Supernatural Cisswap! I will admit that I probably went a bit overboard with the amount of characters I chose, but it was really, really fun. Especially Metatron. Hehehe…

Samantha/Sam - Crystal Reed
Castiel - Antje Traue
Deanna/Dean - Amber Heard
Gabriel - Drew Barrymore
Balthazar - Scarlett Johansson
Lucifer - Alex Kingston
Keira/Kevin - Gemma Chan
Crowley - Katie Mcgrath
Bobbie/Bobby - Margo Martindale
Addison/Adam - Jennifer Lawrence
Charlie - Rupert Grint
Liam/Lisa - Taylor Lautner
Mark/Mary - Simon Baker
Allan/Ellen - Sean Bean
Joe/Jo - Tom Felton
Anthony/Anna - Seth Green
Bill/Bela - Chris Pine
Rupert/Ruby - Ben Barnes
Jesse/Jess - Bradley James
Reg/Meg - David Tennant
Metatron (the little shit) - Umbridge (not Imelda Staunton. Actually Umbridge)

i was at model united nations today and yesterday...

and oh my god it was like i’d walked into a hetalia world meeting

russia kept talking about the ‘poisonous western influence’, ‘stupid capitalists’, and that everyone should support ‘mother russia’

people kept talking over canada, to the point that the chair (the leader of the comittee) had to literally get up and say ‘CANADA IS TRYING TO TALK STOP IGNORING CANADA’

and my personal favourite was when we were doing role-call and when it got to denmark no-one replied, so the chair was like “denmark? denmark? is denmark here?” but really denmark was on the other side of the room talking to norway, and then norway was like “shut up they’re calling your name” but denmark just kept talking to norway so the committee chair got up and shouted “DENMARK STOP ANNOYING NORWAY AND PAY ATTENTION” 

i was wheezing in my seat

i was representing england, and i spent like 90% of the time trying to prevent another cold war

it was definitely an experience