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The answer is no. Absolutely no. If she thought she could win this fight why would she be offering to sell the victory to us even for a fortune? Trust me.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent 5 seconds around me ever: yes, you love caryl, we know, you love caryl so much, caryl is the light of your life, you love caryl so much, you just love caryl, we KNOW, you love caryl you fucking love caryl ok we know we get it, YOU LOVE CARYL. WE GET IT.

anonymous asked:

Posting hate and threats in a religious tag is a hate crime in your state and federally. Your isp has been reported to both tumblr, as well as your provider and local authorities. You are free to your religion but you are federally prohibited from bullying other religions by posting your hate directly at them. Please refrain in the future. You will be watched and reported.

Hi friend,

I’ve never posted hate or threats on this blog, and would never, so I’m extremely curious as to what post you’re referring to? I’m assuming it’s the ask I answered recently about witchcraft, in which case I suggested to someone to steer clear of it and posted a quote from Scripture.

One of my best friends is pagan. I would never ever say anything hateful or threatening towards her, let alone anyone else.

All my love,


I could definitely go on about the betrayal by Joelle of Callen. (Oh, look, I did! Oops.)  I knew it was coming, but then they had to throw in that: 

  1. He was so sorry she got caught up in this, probably seeing some of his fears about having loved ones in this job – things he’s seen happen with Sam – be realized. He was SORRY! (Screw you, Joelle.)
  2. He remembered she liked Nutella.  (Screw. You. Joelle.)
  3. Mr. No Possessions felt sentimental about the table she gave him. (Screw you, Joelle.)
  4. He was so worried about her coming in and seeing her on the floor. (SCREW. YOU. JOELLE.)  (On this note, let’s remember that H – the person G was closest to for the longest time who has probably also thrown of his trust senses, despite what she feels are good intentions, knew Jo was CIA before now.  She also LET HIM GET TO JOELLE ON THE FLOOR AND STILL WAITED TO REVEAL HER IDENTITY. She literally waited until the last possible second.  Come on, show.  You want us to stay mad at Hetty, don’t you?)

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Please don’t make constant rude comparison comments between people’s work or harass them. The world is vast, there’s a lot of similar ideas out there. Even more so, please don’t go to degrading people with really disgusting comments. It’s okay to dislike a thing, but it’s horrible to actively target and bully people over having work that you aren’t a fan of.

I’ve just realized/remembered that:

-I was an hardcore Natza Shipper during Phantom Arc
-I was an hardcore Nali Shipper during Edolas Arc
-I was an hardcore Nalu Shipper during Eclipse Arc
-I’m an hardcore Gratsu Shipper now

And nothing… now I like everyone of those cute pairings! (*´꒳`*)

Young Justice fic: chasing a memory

Snaibsel Week Day 6: Magic (A Million Years Late)

Rating: T
Pairing: Snaibsel, past Spitfire
Wordcount: 4.2k
Additional Tags: AU - Canon Divergence, AU - Supervillains, post-s2, Grief/Mourning, Canonical Character Death, Developing Relationship, Magic

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After Wally West dies in the line of duty, Artemis Crock disappears off the face of the earth. No one knows where she’s gone, until a team of villains resurfaces, led by none other than Tigress. Zatanna must track down her former teammate and turn her back to the light - and confront the feelings that she’s tried to keep buried for years.

note: I am SO SORRY for how long this took but hey, it’s part of Femslash February now…

@queenxolivier replied to your post “i tried to break my cycle of repeatedly re-watching my favorite fmab…”

never break the cycle just roll with it hahah

i should not have been so arrogant as to assume i could get my mind off fma by watching something new…now i’m just crying about a new ship AND crying about royai and the suffering continues on

hiatus + blog change?

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, i’ve been very inactive lately and i deeply apologize for that. lately i just kinda felt obligated to run this blog instead of doing it because i want to. so i’m just gonna take a while to stop writing and stuff. now about the blog change, my interests aren’t fully focused on marvel anymore, i still like it, and i won’t stop making original content or anything like that, i just have been taking a liking to other shows and films. (the hundred, elementary, asoue, riverdale, supergirl). so i was thinking of becoming a multifandom blog, so i’m not limited to the things i enjoy. i hope y’all are okay with this.

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pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3