and so my relationship can be legal

So, I just received an ask I never thought I’d get.  I deleted it because I don’t want to fuel the troll’s madness, but I thought I’d address it here all the same. 

*inhale* So, person just sent me something to the effect of, “You really need to ease up on the nymphophile culture because there are plenty of healthy relationships between adults and not-of-agers.  You can’t pick and choose which LGBT cultures you support.”

First of all, nymphophile?  Not-of-agers?  Did you take a course on “Using Pretty Sounding Words to Excuse Pedophilia: Sarcastically Narrated by Vladimir Nabokov”?  

Second, where the hell are these people coming from?  For years, my mom (a hardcore Democrat, by the way) warned me that, as soon as they legalized gay marriage, weirdos would start coming out of the woodwork crying “discrimination” against pedophilia and bestiality.  I always thought she was being paranoid and maybe a bit homophobic, but, no, apparently she was right - these assholes do exist.  

oswald is just so fucking Dramatic that i absolutely 1000% can see him deciding, once he figures out he’s in love with ed, that the best course of action is just. locking that shit down. and convincing him that they need to get married (in a purely practical and platonic fashion) in order to legally protect themselves against having to testify against each other and tHEN starting in on wooing him after that’s all done. marrying him before he even knows they’re in a relationship: oswald cobblepot style

okay so like, I have about 4,000 questions about Nicky and Andrew’s relationship (no really I have so. many. questions.) and they drive me crazy on a day to day basis but lately I can’t stop thinking about One Thing. And that thing is this: 

Nicky was the first male adult Andrew could trust. 

It is super easy to forget that Nicky is (at least?) 3 years older than the twins. Or something like that. Anyway the point stands that he was legally an adult when he came back from Germany to take care of them. And a good chunk of my questions are about that but mostly I get lost in the idea of how SAFE Nicky must have been for them? 

Like okay. He flies back on the day of the funeral and by some miracle Andrew doesn’t put up a fuss about it. (maybe he saw him as a better option then Luther idk) and Nicky buys a house. And he gets a full time job. and he puts the boys in school. And life just…… goes on??????

Like we all know Nicky. We know he’s bright and loud and happy and has a lot of heart. He said he tried to get the boys to talk to each other all the time. And I’m positive that when he realized he wasn’t going to get anywhere like that he just… kept talking. So please imagine our dear sweet Nicky talking about work, talking about whatever trash tv he’s watching, talking about Erik. 

Imagine Nicky making dinner and listening to music and humming. Him picking up the twins from school and asking how their day went, how practice was. Imagine Nicky suggesting they do things together, or complaining about laundry and dishes. Making a chore chart. 

Please think about Nicky talking openly and without shame about his favorite celebrity crush (who was popular back then??? Orlando Bloom??) and only ever getting silence or the occasional annoyed quip from Aaron. Him talking about Erik, about missing him or even him talking on the phone to him, laughing over skype. 

I want you to think about Andrew being around all that. Having his own room and for once getting restful sleep. Think about Aaron too, who always felt so alone and who was so angry with Andrew at that time but here was cousin Nicky. Loud, obnoxious cousin Nicky who wouldn’t stop checking in and wouldn’t stop trying to get him and his brother to get along. 

Think about the fact that Nicky got them jobs in the kitchens of Eden’s so they can earn some cash (and maybe so that he wouldn’t have to leave them alone at home so late without him) and how that job led to meeting Roland which lead to Andrew really getting to try and figure himself out in a slower pace. 

Just. Nicky gets such a hard time in the books and he isn’t perfect but he never stopped trying or hoping that his little family would work things out. That they would be okay. And maybe that’s why Aaron his so close to him. And maybe that’s why he has a spot in Andrew’s group while being the only one without a deal. 

And maybe he did help in some way. Maybe he was the first step. Maybe he was the first exhale after such a long held breathe. Maybe he was the locked door. The quite place. The safe spot. 

He didn’t get to put the pieces back together, but he kept them all in the same place and safe until someone came along to fix it. 

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Are you a mom? If you are, can you tell me your thoughts on regal believer? Do you like it? How do you see their evolution from almost broken for good to bonded for life?

*glances at the six children I have spawned with my soulmate, one of which is now a legal adult* Mmm. Yeah. I guess you could say that I’m a mom. ;P

Seriously, though. I am a fan of Regal Believer. And here’s why: because all relationships evolve over time–for good or bad–even the parent/child dynamic. Also, people are so much more complex than we allow them to be, even fictional characters. (Quick disclaimer: I am not one of the major OUAT meta folks, so you’re just getting what I remember from watching the series as it aired.) And from my personal experience, the parent/child dynamic is one of the most complex there is. Especially when there is a history of dysfunction in more than one generation of the family.

Regina comes from that kind of dysfunction. Cora was abusive and controlling. The woman killed Regina’s True Love right in front of her in order to get Regina to comply with her wishes–which was being sold into marriage at a tender age. Regina’s father was a coward, pure and simple. I think he was, at his core, a decent guy, but he had no backbone. He couldn’t stand up to Cora. He couldn’t stand up to Regina during her heyday as the Evil Queen. And the only other parental figure in Regina’s life? Rumplestiltskin. The Dark One who, like Cora, manipulated Regina to his own ends.

These are the examples of parenting that Regina has had. She adopted Henry, what?, 18 years into the Curse. She’d already mellowed a bit (because the Curse did exactly what she wanted it to do–steal everyone’s happy endings). We don’t have a lot of data as to what was going on in the Mills home before Henry ran off to find his bio-mom, but I’m guessing that Regina was probably not Cora-level abusive. She was probably controlling and a bit cold. Enough to make Henry believe she was actually the Evil Queen. I’m guessing that Regina probably thought she was doing much better than her mom did. Which is literally what every half-way okay parent who had dysfunctional parents goes through. (Myself included.) Things were probably not great. But they probably weren’t bad. There was probably some pre-adolescent angst on Henry’s part, too. (Because all children think that their parents are the worst at some point, no matter how good those parents are. No lie.)

Things went from maybe-not-great to very-bad after Emma’s arrival. That’s when Regina’s authority was threatened, and ultimately her Curse was threatened. Regina resorted to what she had learned best from the two strong role-models in her life: Cora and Rumple. And also years of darkness as the EQ. Regina does Very Bad Things. And that’s when her relationship with Henry is shattered. She begins to realize what she is becoming during the second season. That scene when David comes to pick up Henry from her place? That’s huge. Because she realizes that she has, in effect, become her mother. And she remembers what it was like to be parented that way. She doesn’t want that for Henry because she does love him. That’s when the healing begins in her relationship with her son.

Season three, we get the Neverland Arc where Henry’s two mommies finally and truly come together for his good. Then Regina’s great sacrifice at the town line in letting him go–and not only that, but giving Emma and Henry the memories of Emma raising him from birth. That’s such an underrated moment for Regina’s character development. That she loves her son more than her own happiness. Something that NO ADULT IN HER CHILDHOOD EVER DID FOR HER. This is a Very Big Deal.

And Henry’s faith in her is completely restored. (I say “restored,” because when he was a young boy, he probably thought she hung the moon simply because she was his mommy.) He believes that she is no longer the villain in a fairy-tale-turned-reality. He believes in her as a hero. My memory is a tad fuzzy on the finer points, but I feel that the fourth and fifth and thus-far sixth seasons (barring stupid plot devices conjured up by the writers of this show for the sake of “shock and awe”), Regina and Henry have a very, very solid relationship.

She will do anything for him. ANYTHING. She changed for him–started changing faster when he believed in her. She became a better person–the person that she was before Daniel died. Young Regina was full of hope and love and faith and light. Had she been able to run away, I think she would have been one of those incredible stories of overcoming an abusive childhood to lead a good, happy life (even though the baggage would always be there). Heck, I’d say that if Regina never, ever found out that Snow spilled the beans to Cora about Daniel, she might not have become the Evil Queen. Unhappily married, yes. But she would have embraced being Snow’s stepmom. She clearly had an affection for kid-Snow–despite losing Daniel. Right up until the moment that Snow mentioned her little chat with Cora. That was the moment, in my mind, that Regina snapped.

But I’m getting off topic. Henry, these past few seasons, has continued to have faith in Regina. (Again, I’m fuzzy on the finer points, so I’m sure that someone more knowledgeable can direct me to any moments during season 4, 5 & 6 where he didn’t have faith in Regina.) This is very normal for children, too–this loving a parent despite said parent’s mistakes, even ones that are doozies, especially when that parent is doing his or her level best to change for the better. Henry is young enough that while things were very broken between him and Regina for a while, it wasn’t too late for it to be repaired. Henry clearly loves Regina.

I’m not woobifying Regina’s behavior from her dark days. She was truly the Evil Queen. She has to keep that old darkness at bay (now literally thanks to splitting herself in two). She did Terrible Awful Things. Unforgivable things. Things she will never be able to take back. Henry loving and forgiving her doesn’t suddenly erase the past. Her loving Henry doesn’t, either. But it changes the future. And that’s everything.

This was just a bunch of disjointed thoughts. But I believe that the evolution of Regina’s relationship with Henry has been authentic. As a person who comes from a less-than-stellar childhood, who has parents who had even worse childhoods, I understand what it is to love and forgive someone who is very flawed. I understand that the parent/child bond is far more complicated than we recognize. And I think some of those themes have played out beautifully with Henry and Regina.

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This might amuse you, I got hate on my page - an anon said I was a gross, racist, anti-gay pedophile for loving Shallura because my fetish is I love to see a white man dominate a black child for my own sexual crisis. I can't even

Now THIS one is something for the ages! Wow, I’ve never seen so much bullshit in one ask! Well, I have, but this one is almost poetic in its sheer amount of wtfuckery.

Shiro isn’t even white. Allura isn’t a child (she’s most likely 18+, which MAKES HER A LEGAL ADULT). They have a perfectly equal and respectful relationship with no power imbalance whatsoever (if anything, Allura is in a position of power). And let’s not address the “homophobia” (why would an alien be straight? Why would Shiro be straight? Bisexual and pansexual people exist!).

Just… wow. How much does that anon hate themselves and their own sexuality? How negatively do they view sex that a consensual relationship between two legal adults who happen to be, ostensibly, a cisgender male and a cisgender female is something wrong to them?


I have a klance related username so I am legally obligated to post klance sorry I don’t make the rules.

Anyway I just want to see their relationship develop? Like we’ve already seen them at odds and hating each other, so now BRING ON THE TRUST. 

I want to see the trope where Keith is fighting off a bunch of bad guys and when he’s done he turns around to talk to Lance, only to see Lance aiming his gun at him. Before Keith can react, Lance fires- and a droid just about to strike Keith from behind falls. “Thanks,” Keith says a little breathlessly, and Lance gives him a cocky thumbs-up.

I want the team to be brainstorming up a plan right before a mission, when Lance offers his own suggestion. The others are hesitant. “Lance, no offense, but your plans can be pretty bad,” Pidge points out. Before Lance can respond, Keith steps up to his side and places a hand on his shoulder. “I trust Lance’s plan,” Keith tells the group, and that’s that.

I want to see these silly boys messing around with each other, starting prank wars that are lighthearted and so, so different from the tense arguments at the beginning. I want them to make an alliance just so they can successfully prank the others. I want them to run away from a furious Coran together, laughing and genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

I want to see Lance and Keith caught in an earthquake on some alien planet and separated by a widening gulch. The side of the gap Lance is on is unstable, and he’s struggling to keep his footing. From his side Keith leans out as far as he dares and stretches out a hand. 

“Jump!” Keith shouts over the sound of ground tearing apart. “I’ll catch you!” 

“And if you don’t?” Lance retorts out of habit, distracted by the ground falling around him.

“C’mon, don’t you trust me?” Keith asks, a mix of sarcasm and desperation, just as the ground underneath Lance gives out. For a single moment the other boy disappears from sight, and Keith’s heart stops. And then he’s nearly pulled off balance as Lance grabs his hand and dangles over a one hundred foot drop.

It’s close, but Keith manages to pull Lance up and they roll to more stable ground. For a moment neither speaks, both winded and surprised they managed to survive. Eventually Lance rolls onto his side to look at Keith and says, “Obviously.”

Keith frowns over at Lance, confused. “What?”

“Of course I trust you. What kind of question is that?”

Oh. Something warm nestles in Keith’s chest. He should probably have Allura check that.

“Obviously,” Keith echoes, and Lance slides a little closer before lying back down. For a moment, the two just bask in the sun on this alien planet light years away from Earth. Their hands find each other.

Life is good. They’re good.

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my gabe and i are from a divergent canon. base still got blown up, but we made it out alive together. reaper was never a thing. we spent the years before recall mending our relationship and being vigilantes. turns out nearly being blown to pieces and being declared legally dead can do wonders for your marriage. i know it's highly unlikely but if anyone out there remembers this, like this post so we can get in touch. (especially jesse. we miss you a lot, kiddo.) - jack.

So long as marriage is a legal institution, I favor poly marriage being legal. […] However, getting some experience in family court has convinced me to be against legal marriage in general. So far as I can tell, marriage laws are designed to reward people for forming stable relationships and punish people for breaking up. That’s the entire goal of the system. Recent reforms have added some protections for vulnerable people, but the same thing could easily be done without the marriage institution, and it would be way easier to expand those protections if they weren’t marriage-dependent.

I can’t support legal marriage because my entire model of healthy relationships requires an understanding that breaking up is the best option if it’s what either party wants. Legal marriage makes relationships coercive because it throws up artificial barriers in the way of the exits. You can’t give undiluted consent to stay in a relationship if there are unnecessary punishments for leaving.

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I just want to say that, as someone who has been avoiding the otayuri tag because of all of the 'yuri is legal now so you can all hush!' posts, your post on power balance was really refreshing. It's nice to see someone post about the otayuri RELATIONSHIP instead of just the sexual aspect. I don't necessarily ship them because 'omg they're hot,' but instead because I think they could have a healthy, happy relationship. So thank you. ♥

Thank you for your nice message! I'm  happy that you like my post.
Yes, both sides of the argument have been quite annoying with the constant “its legal now”“no its not" and only really bringing up arguments for the sexual aspects.
I just want to see Yuri and Otabek being happy together and hopefully turning their supportive friendship into a beautiful, healthy relationship


***note: you and Derek are keeping your relationship a secret because no one really approves or thinks that you’ll last

“Alright, we have got movies, blankets, ice cream, popcorn…” Your boyfriend went down the list, pushing the cart through Walmart and you couldn’t help but laugh.
“What?” He paused in the middle of the isle.
“Nothing, nothing at all…”
“Alright….pizza, video games…why are you still laughing?”
“Because you’ve put so much effort into this, it’s cute. You picked all my favorite movies too. But you can’t honestly say you really want to watch Clueless, Legally Blonde, and Mean Girls…”
“If you want to, I do too. Look, I realize we’re taking more serious steps in our relationship and I just want to make you feel at home. I know it hasn’t been easy lately with your parents not approving and the pack…”
“Derek,” you pushed the cart out of the way of frustrated customers, “thank you, really.” You leaned up to peck his nose, he never pulled out all the stops like this.


“You want to make cookies?” It was well past midnight and you paused the movie just as Elle was about to get Babbet’s dog back.
He winced, “you can if you’d like.”
“Come on, come with me,” you sauntered into the kitchen and pulled out the simple ingredients, Derek watched from the corner.
“Too manly for the kitchen?” You stirred the bowl and he walked over, un crossing his arms.
“It’s so late, why don’t we head off to bed?” He wrapped his arms around you but you continued to mix the ingredients anyway.
“Alright, what do you need me to do?” He sighed, resting his chin on your shoulder.
“Spray that pan down,” you beamed.
“What now?” He rubbed his eyes.
“Take some dough and lay out small circles of it on the pan.” You both began to prep the big batch when you felt something cold and slimed hit your face.
“What was that?!” White powder hit your face as you turned around.
“Oh that’s how you wanna play?” You laughed throwing as much dough as you could, not even looking, trying to dodge the flying powder and sprinkles. The ingredients still laid on the counter and as Derek reached for more ammo, he knocked over the carton of eggs, causing them to splatter on the floor. You tried gaining any balance as you tripped through the runny yoke, but you ended up crashing, bringing Derek down with you.
“Oh my God, babe are you ok?” He immediately grew serious.
He reached out a hand for you to grab, but you took him down with you.
“I should’ve seen that coming,” he laughed, “what?” He asked in response to you staring at him.
“These are the best times. When we can just be ourselves, no act, no guard put up because of the pack or my parents. When it’s just you and me,” Derek placed a hand on your cheek and you gently grabbed his wrist, “it’s the little things that create the best memories, you know? I don’t ever want this to end.”
He kissed your forehead, “I know…one day we won’t have to hide anything. Screw them all. But right now, it’s just you and me, just you and me…come on, let’s go wash up,” he scooped you up and carried you off.


I wrote this in like five minutes so I hope it wasn’t as terrible as I think lol

Bloodline - Preliminary Thoughts

I’m in the final stretch of Bloodline now (I haven’t read this fast since Deathly Hallows!) and it really is quite something. I have never read a Claudia Gray book before, but I’m in love with what she has pulled off - the best thing is that she keeps everything centred around the characters and their emotions. While the writing is very good and the action is engaging and well described, the book has held my interest because it’s so focused on the characters’ emotions and inter-relationships - you understand everyone’s perspective, and one of the best and most sympathetic characters collects the SW equivalent of Nazi memorabilia (i.e. Imperial artefacts). It’s straight-up impressive.

Since I now legally own the book and can judge it for myself, I’m open to answering questions about it and engaging with discussion. I also have every intention of getting back to the questions I got when the #Bloodgate drama was first unleashed. (For anyone avoiding Bloodline spoilers, all posts on the subject will be tagged with #Bloodline, #bloodline spoilers and #sw spoilers - blacklist those tags if you want to stay clear.)

I dive into spoilers beneath the cut (I’ll do a much more thorough breakdown at a later stage), so don’t go below if you don’t want to have key moments spoilt for you:

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A cmbyn anti on Twitter tried to use my dirty dancing post negatively and of course failed miserably. First of all Oliver is 24 people need to quit putting the wrong info out there. Second of all, cmbyn is also set in the eighties just like dirty dancing, when that kind of age difference was more socially acceptable. Lastly, I don’t think that Elio and Oliver’s relationship is acceptable just because it’s gay. Just because I like this story doesn’t mean I advocate for 17/24 relationships in all circumstances. There is a lot of context and factors that go into Elio and Oliver’s connection and I never got the vibe that Elio was being taken advantage of or exploited. Having read the book and done my research I can assure you that this relationship is 100% legal, healthy, and equal.

Also I don’t understand why this account is wasting so much time on this. If you don’t like it or it makes you uncomfortable just quit posting about it and blacklist and move on with your life.

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Speaking of the CASAR... my girlfriend is finalizing her divorce with her wife, and wants to know if the memory module of their Meido 'bot is considered a joint work and thus protected by Copyright Espionage Act, or if she can just purge it as "intimate information" under the Personal Information Privacy Act. Also, could her wife sue for damages later? And if so, could they take those damages out on me? We already filed for T3 Joint Tax Relationship Status through FB.

I am not a lawyer and cannot provide legal advice

FACT- Advil isn’t addictive

TRUTH- I don’t understand how something that takes the pain away could be non-addictive. It’s happiness in a legal pill.

FACT- Melatonin in the form of medicine is non-habit forming.

TRUTH- That’s impossible, you’d get so used to falling asleep with an aide that you couldn’t sleep alone anymore. You wouldn’t know how.

FACT- I took more than double the amount of sleeping meds I should’ve last night under the guise of having sleeping problems.

TRUTH- I just wanted less time to think of what your body looked like under your clothes.

FACT- Medicines can improve patients health.

TRUTH- The placebo effect is responsible for some of the improvements patients may experience. Think of that next time you think you’re over him.

FACT- You think I’m in love with you.

TRUTH- I’ve never been in love with you. I love myself too much for that.

FACT- Advil isn’t addictive.

TRUTH- Neither are you.

—  Sometimes the truth behind a fact isn’t quite what you’d expect– Lily Rain

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🌯 (8uccaneer)

Send 🌯 to find my muse wrapped in a blanket burrito

> You’re a legally grown troll, old enough to vote in the subpolitics that take place beneath the Empress’s rule, old enough to drink, old enough for real relationships, old enough to be attending higher education to get a degree in a field you like. But darn it, you’re a wriggler at heart and you’re cold, so now you’re wrapped up tightly in a blanket and happy with your life choices. Even if you can’t free your arms without unrolling entirely. Whoops.

> You don’t know how Bonnie found you (though you guess Fonz told her, maybe), and you should really lock your door more even when Rhalph is out for classes, but suddenly there she is. You smile up at her from the sofa and wish you could wave but alas you’re too warm and comfortable to unroll again to be fully polite.

“Hi, Bonnie!”

     “You can’t change the past, but I’ve had many a time to realize what went wrong, and how I ended up on the streets after almost 20 years of legally being married and then 10 years on and off separated. The relationship I had with my ex-wife was one-sided, so to speak. Mine was a little bit of abuse by a woman, which sounds bizarre, but it was verbal, and I just kept putting up with it until I had enough.”
     “Would you like to have your own place?”
     “Eventually. And now that I’m talking to you, it makes me think. It’s not so much having my own place. That’s just bricks and stone, and it’s cool and everything. I had my own apartment, and I lived indoors. I think what I would like is to keep traveling, if I just had the money. Once I hit retirement age, I should get about $1,000 a month from Social Security—just from retirement, not disability. I’m not disabled…that I know of. I’m over 62, I have an ID, I’m an American citizen, I’m not in any trouble—real trouble. There’s always some stupid arraignment for a parking ticket you missed or something, but other than that I’m clean. I’ve traveled the country the last five years, old-school—hitchhiking style, buses, walking. But I haven’t traveled in a while, and I’m ready to go. I just don’t know where yet.”  


Dear Anon,

Franziska… is and was Franziska.

I suppose it was much like any sibling relationship with its ups and downs, though most don’t have to worry about a whip, I’ll wager.  Her personality can be abrasive and short tempered, but by living with her I know she means well.  You just have to tread lightly.

However, I did not “leave her behind”.  I’m seven years her senior, so naturally, as an adult I ventured forth to begin my life on my own before her.  Now that she is legally an adult, she is doing the same.

There is quite the reputation weighing on her shoulders and she is holding up admirably.  I look forward to seeing what the Von Karma name means in the future.

-Miles Edgeworth


Let’s discuss things a bit.

You all keep saying “highschool girl”, “underage”, etc., which is true, she’s in her senior year, but do you know how old is Lydia Martin?

Remember season 1 when Lydia drove with Jackson to the video store? That means Lydia was 16 years old at the time and she had a provisional driver’s license. In season two, in 2x09, it’s her birthday, which means she turned 17 in season 2. 

I’m sure she turned 18, maybe even 19 during season 3 and 4.

My logic may be lacking (or maybe it’s the writers), but in my opinion, if Jordan Parrish and Lydia Martin decide to be in a relationship, they can do it, because Lydia Martin is legally an adult (regarding consent) in all of the U.S. states.

And even so, Jordan Parrish hasn’t made any nasty moves on Lydia (or called her soulless for not returning his feelings), and he certainly didn’t do anything she didn’t enjoy. As a matter of fact, you can clearly see that Lydia is the one flirting with him in 5x02. As for the new trailer, we shall wait and see.

My opinion stays the same though. Lydia Martin can give legal consent and her relationship with Jordan Parrish, if she decides to have one, is completely fine. Jordan Parrish isn’t guilty of anything. I actually think he might be the best option for her. Don’t shit on a pairing just because you ship something else. I’ve seen a lot of rudeness directed at Marrish shippers while they were trying to enjoy their scenes together.