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Wonho 생일축하해요 ✨
I want to thank you for always taking care of monbebes and loving us unconditionally, i hope you have a fantastic birthday and you receive truck loads of love and warmth. I hope you feel the love we have for you to! And thank you for just being you! You have a heart of gold, you always work so hard for monsta x, monbebes and yourself and you are truly an big inspiration.
have a lovely day and celebrate with all ur loved ones!

If you have things you need to do, I strongly suggest you go and do them now, ‘cause Divide is about to come out and it’s just a fact that we’ll stop properly functioning for a good couple of days, so, you know, just saying :)

anonymous asked:

I'm a bisexual female, that makes me a part-time homosexual, right? So sometimes I'll joke and call my girlfriend gay or if one of my female friends says something that's legitimately gay (as a joke) I'll call them gay; however, I'm worried that people will be upset with me for this and I was wondering if you think gay jokes are okay - as long as they're used in a situation where someone is actually acting gay? (I worry about being offensive when it comes to certain topics)

But yes, of course! It’s totally fine for us non-straights to joke about being gay! We can joke about it, talk about it proudly, and find comfort in it because it’s who we are. There is nothing more beautiful than two friends who joke about how super gay they are to one another. You can be a, as you put it, “part time homosexual”, a “full time homosexual” lol or just any type of same sex attraction, (sexuality is more complex than it being that way but that’s not the point) the point being though, is that your sexual orientation is valid.

What I do have a problem is when the straights™ say it. Especially when they apparently have no other words in their short list of vocabulary and use it in place to describe something being “stupid” or “lame”
They are the problem, not you, love.

anonymous asked:

what do you think its gonna happen with malec in 2x10?considering the fact they said matt is gonna break our hearts and alec scene with izzy you think is possible that he is going to take a step back with magnus in order to make things right with izzy?we know he feels guilty so its a possibility,it could create (sexual) tension between malec and with the hiatus coming they want to keep the audience hanging

Not sure, Anon. But I somehow can’t shake off the thought that—and you said it yourself—Alec might kinda “sacrifice” himself because he still feels guilty after “responsible” for Jocelyn’s death? I don’t know how or when or if…. I just have this feeling. Because true, he kinda nodded when he had that talk with Magnus on the balcony but he never gave a real answer to that.

We know, or well we expect, that Alec and Izzy are at the institute while Magnus is back at the loft dealing with Clary, Jace while Dot is on his couch and there is still the issue of getting Simon and Madzie back from Valentine and all. So a lot is probably happening in that episode. And we know also from the pics that Magnus looked worried af. Plus, after seeing that Malec kiss in the trailer… Magnus looked really, really relieved when kissing Alec. At least to me. So maybe this is a “thank God you are alive and I am sorry that we had this fight and all” kiss? I hope so. Because I really can’t deal with them throwing an awful Malec related cliffhanger at us at this point. That’s why I hope my babies will be fine and figure their stuff out. All I want actually.


I wish that there was a way that I could convey to kaisoo personally how deeply in love I am with what they create together.💖