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hey guys, im gonna be moving blogs so i wont be around here anymore which is so weird (ive had this blog for like 5 years). however, this account will be left up as there are certain things i need to keep 

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비처럼 음악처럼 (Like Rain Like Music)
Luhan x Baekhyun
비처럼 음악처럼 (Like Rain Like Music)

when the rain comes and the music flows, i think of you
the night you left it rained like this

because it’s already been two years, and i missed hearing their voices together

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Can I just say how proud I am of you?? Cause I'm proud. I've been following you since March and I was there when your best friends fought with you (Tyler?) and I just want to say how happy that you have moved on. You seem so much more happier and I love that

Ugh now I feel guilty tbh. You see I’m not over Tyler at all, I miss him everyday and I’m still falling part… I’ve just been using my acting skills to not show it. I don’t want anyone to worry or have my blog be filled with negativity. 

Sorry you’re proud of me when I haven’t really recovered…

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I remember when I first followed you, your life was going pretty rough, but now I get to see you celebrating and loving yourself, and, honestly, that makes me so happy because, I'm so glad, you seem so much happier and more at peace now. ☺️❤️💛💚💙💜🖤

bless this anon tbh

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Wtf is warden 😂 honestly will you were so much happier with Alexa. Wilexa forever tbh. I mean if you guys get back together I will jump for joy. Honestly cutest couple ever.

First of all. You do not know the details of my relationships. Please do not think just because you’ve seen a small glimpse of my previous relationship, it entitles you to an opinion on my happiness. Me and Alexa broke up for a reason. It didn’t work. We will not get back together. Life doesn’t work that way. Some people you’re compatible with, some you aren’t. Please get over it.

He's moved On

Luke: You stare down at your plate while your friend begins to tell you about a boy she was beginning to date. You couldn’t help but have thought of Luke, you had broken up fairly recently and you were still distraught about it. You missed him so much.

As you friend continues telling her story, you look up and tune in to her, only to feel sick at the memory of when you and Luke were at the stage. You looked around the table at your three friends and began to feel sort of pathetic, they were all beautiful, sucessful girls who are all content in relationships, and then there was you.

You signalled to the waiter, and he came over shortly, and you smiled at him before asking for a glass of water. He nodded but said he has to serve a table first, so it may take longer than expected. You just shrugged.

You turned back to your friend who was still telling her story, and as she glanced at you you smiled, trying to look as if you were listening. You then looked ahead of you to follow the waiter, your eyes search for the man dressed in black before you finally find him, serving a table, with his back to you. You see him nodding before turning around he smiles at you as he walks past.

You smile back before absentmindingly looking back at the table.

And your heart dropped.

Every sound in the room was gone, tuned out. Every person, and object, and being, was blurred out.

All you could see was Luke

-and his date.

Suddenly tears brimmed in your eyes and everything around you was now moving so quickly. Your friend glanced at you before turning back and looking at you.

“Y/N?” She asked “Y/N, What’s wrong?”

You just shook your head, unable to look away from Luke, they soon catched on, and followed your gaze.

“Oh my god” Another friend says “Y/N I’m so sorry, We should leave”

You just sit there, blankly staring at the love of your life.

Ashton: You stare down at your phone in bewilderment, a nervous feeling errupted in your stomach as soon as your eyes left the last word of the text.

‘we need to talk’

It was never good when your best friend said you needed to talk. A new message lit up the screen from her:

'im coming over now’

You responded with an ’OK’ before making your way downstairs, racking your brain for an idea as to why your best friend sounds so serious.

The knock at the door drags you from your thoughts. You get up and answer the door cautiously.

“Hi” You say, she sends you a small smile before entering the living room, you follow her in and notice she’s standing, awkwardly shifting her weight from her feet. “You can sit” You say, but she shakes her head.

Silence feels the room as knots are formed in your stomach, you felt sick as you stared at your best friend, who was biting her nails, a nervous habit of hers.

“I need to tell you something” She says, barely audible.

“Just come out and say it!” You cry, frustrated by the angst of your conversation.

She appears to have a inner war with herself, chewing on her lip, before finally, she closes her eyes.

“I slept with Ashton” She breathes.

All of the air is sucked out of your lungs. Your hand flys to your mouth, although no noises are coming out. You stare at her, waiting for her to say it’s a joke, waiting for her to say that she could not possibly have slept with your ex - the only man you’ve ever really loved.

No other words came from her mouth.

Michael:Scrolling through your twitter feed, you try to not look at any fan accounts tweets. It would be too painful to see what Michael’s doing or a new picture of him, at the same time, you could not bear to unfollow them.

You give in, clicking on one of your favourite fan accounts and scrolling through their tweets.

'Michael last night performing’

You clicked on the picture and smiled as the photo of the skunk haired boy loaded. He looked so thrilled when he was performing. The fact that what he was doing what he loved brought you so much happiness.

You began to scroll through the accounts photos, feeling your heart warm at all the photos of Michael and the boys performing and meeting fans. You get to the end of the photo roll, and sigh, about to go back onto your home page when a new tweet popped up.

'Michael with a girl yesterday’

You clicked on the link, fully expecting another fan photo. It was taking a while to load, you were just about to exit as the picture flashed onto your screen.

Michael was grinning up at a blonde girl, who mirrored his expression. If you looked really closely, you could see that her legs were wrapped around Michaels torso, and Michael was supporting her with his hands on her bum.

This wasn’t just a fan picture, was it?

Without thinking, you searched the words 'Michael Girlfriend’ into twitter, and hundreds of tweets flooded the screen. There were more pictures - Of them laughing, hugging and kissing. Uncontrallable tears were falling from your eyes as you saw how happy Michael was.

You read through the tweets about them, sniffling at each one saying how cute they were. There was one tweet that stuck out, and stabbed you right in the heart:

'tbh they look so much happier than michael and y/n’

Calum: You laugh at your friend as she makes a funny face with every single food product you were buying.

“You really need to grow up” You laugh as she gets two bread loafs and swings them around, only to have one half of one loaf, fall off. Her eyes widend and she quickly stuffed the bread back on its shelf before hurrying off.

“So how are things with you and Calum?” She asks, reminding you of your sort-of-ex-boyfriend. You two broke up because it was too hard for you both to be with each other while he was so far away, though you both remained in love with each other. He was coming back for a few weeks and at the time of the break-up he suggested seeing if you and he still have those feelings.

“He came home yesterday, I don’t know, I wanna see him but I don’t know if he’ll still feel that way, y'know?” You say, looking up at your friend skeptically.

“Of course he will!” She throws an arm over your shoulder. “Calum’s crazy about you!”

“I sure hope so” You mutter, following your friend down to the cereal isle. She stops abruptly.

“Um wait y/n” She says “Um I need to get some milk, can you, ur, can you get it?”

You look at you friend weirdly as she smiles at you.

“Can’t you get it?” You ask, pushing her shoulder slightly and walking past her. She grabs your arm quickly and turns you around.

“No!” She shouts, which brings attention from pretty much everyone in the supermarket. “I need you to get it”

“Y/BF/N” You start “Whats up?” She sighs and looks at you worridly.

“I don’t want to hurt you” She whispers, and you stare at her. She looks to her left and nods towards that isle, you follow her gaze, and feel your whole face drop.

Calum was there, just about to lean in to kiss a girl. A girl who wasn’t you. You shook your head, no, no he wasn’t gonna kiss her, he’ll lean back and turn to you and laugh, this is a prank, you try to convince yourself - but it’s not.

Their lips meet and you couldn’t help but let out a sob as the girls hand travels up to his neck. They break apart in shock and look for where the noise came from, you quickly pull your friend to the next isle, making sure he doesn’t see you, and see how pathetic you think you are.

oh my god hey. I’m so sorry it’s been like six months or something since I’ve been on, Sorry about that… but i’m trying to get on mroe and stuff so yeah, i hope you like this it took a while… x