and so much happier tbh

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I NEED TO TALK ABOUT MARRISH OH MY GOODNESS I AM ABOUT TO CRY TEARS OF JOY TBH. BUT PICTURE THIS: They're talking, getting to know each other and telling their favourite memories, and Parrish's is a hand game and he shows it to Lydia, and when they touch THEY SMILE and he shows her the hand game BUT WHEN HE'S FINISHED SHOWING HER HE DOESN'T LET GO AND SHE DOESN'T PULL BACK AND EVERYTHING IS SO FRICKING ELECTRIC AND HE KISSES HER oh my gOD #MARRISH

OH MY GOD YES GIVE THIS TO ME I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING TBH that one of them shows the other a hand game they used to play in their childhood and in the end they just don’t LET GO O F EACHOTHER AND IDK I CAN IMAGINE JORDAN KISSING HER FINGERS OR HER PALM but tbh im also predicting that might be the scene where they do kiss (since lydia does kiss someone new this season) and oh my god I JUST HAVE FEELS NOW

tbh i was so much happier when all i had was the x -files season 10 comics where mulder and scully are still living together, a couple, and go back to the fbi and sharing the same bed at every hotel they spend the night at.

it was a simpler time and i wanna go back.

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I heard Marvel would reveal the full list tomorrow. Hopefully a surprise Cyclops ongoing because I am slightly disappointed.

honestly, not expecting anything from Marvel at this point

I am tentatively looking forward to the ANXM, though

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19 & 26

aaAAAAA I jsu t saw this I’m sorry! I had been on mobile all la st night aaaa 

19. If you had one wish, what would it be?

To be happy again. Like, to not have depression. For everything and everyone to be okay.

26. Best thing that has ever happened to you?

Probably figuring out that I’m trans. Like all my life I’ve felt terrible with who I am and identifying as a male makes me so much happier tbh


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Tbh you have made me so much happier since we started talking as well.. like its crazy how much happiness I feel when we talk..

Awh baby girl! I’m glad I can make you feel the same way you make me feel! 😘

I fucking hate people. I’m so much more happier alone tbh. I don’t have to put up with anybody’s bullshit and they won’t make me angry all the time or emotionally fuck me up.

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ELLE WOODS, Sibella, Amber & Velma, I can see you as Elphie(!!!!!!!!), Galinda, I wanna see you as Doralee in 9 to 5 bc people think you're hot but you are also such an amazing human being with so much more to give than good looks, Ella in The Apple Tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhi, this honestly just made my day!! I love all of this so much and I am so grateful for you and your kind words! 


do they want me dead?

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In all your two recent videos you seem so much happier and that makes me happier tbh...

do i? i think because i actually had motivation to film them, whereas in the few ones before that i only filmed because i wanted to get a video up :/

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wats ur venus in

My venus is capricorn but my mars is pisces so its all good :) My mars makes me so much cuter and happier in general tbh and idk it gives me a whole aspect of love and relationships i guess :) <3


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thank you so so much!!!! I feel happier tbh