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It's stupid how much I ship Kurama/Naruto/Sasuke. I have a bit of stuff written on my phone exploring how (this is canon?) after Naruto opens the seal he and Kurama are both sharing Naruto's body like... (and another where Kurama got to Naruto at a very young age and Naruto grows up thinking of their hands, their feet, their lungs, and just slipping up like "We would never do that!" Just, double pronouns) So everytime Naruto had sexytimes with Sasuke it was *three* people and Sasuke not (1)

Sasuke not realizing until one day Naruto says something (“We”) and Sasuke is like wait, what. And then we have Kurama brushing by Naruto for control (and after many years of being jailed Naruto rarely resists him) and is like, what? You think he’d shove me back into a locked seal just because ya’ll are fucking? Cue Sasuke being *incredibly* confused and turned on and Naruto, a tad confused like,??? I’ve always been two people it’s a jinchuuriki thing?? Anyway my phone screen is broken, though the phone itself is FINE, so I’m trying more and more ridiculous means of accessing the data via my computer, because I want to read what I wrote and continue it. I’m getting the phone fixed tomorrow but ugh. Anyway, thoughts on the ot3? (as an aside, as I noted with the Bartimaeus response, there’s just a lot of interesting dynamic possible with Sasuke/Kurama. Bc Kurama loved Naruto and Sasuke was basically ½ of him, and also I think Sas would be absolutely seduced by K).  Which is interesting if Naruto dies or something, i.e. reverse and backslide, and Kurama *and* Sasuke go back in time, two out of three, and they *both* suffer from the ot3 being only 2/3 there and the dynamics of that. Or, alternately, the other 2/3 of this ot2, Sasuke and Naruto, traveling back to get *their* lover, who sacrificed himself (backslide) Just. Nose in the air scoffing Sas and glowering K, darker 2/3 of the 3, both smitten with Nar, ugh. Ugh! I ship it.

Ugh is a good reaction, because I hadn’t really considered it before but okay, yes to ALL OF THIS because it just works so well?? And there’s so much potential??? And now I want this you absolute jerk and I’m probably going to have to write it myself. *headdesk*

Kinky Levi x Fem!Reader

Corporal had his squad do a spring cleaning on the castle, and you were stuck with cleaning the dungeon on your own. Nonetheless, you met Levi’s standards on how good you cleaned it. 

“Good job, _____. Thank you for all your hard work.”

He then asked you to help clean the rooms and you were just about done them too. After a couple more hours passed, you finished off with cleaning the dust off the windows and was just about to bring the the pail of dirty water out to dump it.

It was kinda heavy for you to carry on your own, but you wanted to show Levi you never need help and wanted to impress him with your strength. He had just finished with the shelves and was on his way out to clean himself off, but heard a loud crash and popped his head back into the room, finding you, soaked and almost teary-eyed in the puddle.

“My…” Levi said. smirking at your soaked, white blouse.

“D-don’t look!” You cried. Your face went beet-red and covered your breasts.

Levi then glared at you. “You dirtied my floor again.”

“I’m sorry, Corporal!” You looked up to see him, creeping towards you.

He yanked you by the wrists and threw you on the well-made bed that he made you do over and over again, until he could bounce a coin off it.

“I was going to reward you for doing such an amazing job today.. But I guess I’ll have to punish you instead.” He says, as his one hand holds your hands above your head, while the other wanders down your blouse, unbuttoning it.

“I’ll show you just how sorry you are…”

“But sir… I was- Ah!”

He squeezed one of your breasts and twisted your nipple, shutting you up from explaining yourself. You could feel his hot breath on your neck and it gave you chills, arching your back onto him. And when you twitched from the sensation, you also felt how hard he already was.

He got back up to untie his cravat to tie it on your wrists.

“L-Levi! What are yo-”

He shoved his hand over your mouth. “People will hear you, if you don’t shut up.”

He carried on by kissing down your neck, hand still covering your mouth. More chills were sent down your spine, when he licked up your neck to your jawline. Slowly moving his other hand from your exposed, wet breast to your inner thighs. He then started massaging and teasing you, by going close to your most sensitive spot then back to your inner thigh. Your whimpers started to sound desperate, and he chuckled at how much you squirmed under his touch.

Seeing how much you wanted him, he became more aroused and started grinding his hips into yours.

“_____… Tell me how much you want me. And I may re-consider that reward again.”

He moved his hand away from your lips. Slowly unbuttoning your pants. Waiting for your command.

“I… I want you… I want you so bad!” You cried, with a blushy face.

“Hmph.” He smirks, as he jams two of his fingers inside you.

You let out an almost loud moan. But covering your own mouth, hoping no one heard you.

“Let’s play a little game..” He says, putting his thumb over your clit, while still penetrating you with his fingers. “You stay as quiet as you can, and I will for sure give you a reward. But first, you must be punished for dirtying my floor again.”

He starts rubbing your clit as he’s finger-fucking you. Biting at your neck.

You become flustered and bit your lip, so you don’t scream from the pleasure. 

He chuckles at your effort to keep quiet and brings his head down to your breasts, licking around one of your nipples and kissing it. Your moans started getting louder and louder, but not enough for anyone to hear yet. Again, he smirks at your effort and bites down on your breast. Leaving a love mark.

“A-!” You cover your mouth again.

“What’s the matter? Can’t you withstand this much pleasure, _____?” He says, as he goes faster and harder. Pulling your head back to look at him. He loved seeing how lewd your face got from his touch. Since you were trying not to moan too loud, you were breathing real heavily.

He pulls your pants down and he can see all of you. Teasingly licking your entrance and chuckling as your shivers from each breath he took.

“I suppose you’ve had enough.. How about that reward. You can be as loud as you want now” He says as he walks to the door to close it.

You were whimpering from how good you felt, and you were catching your breath, while you had the chance. When your eyes were closed, you felt the bed move again, from getting back to you. His shirt was unbuttoned, he was hovering over you.

“You did well, _____…” He whispers in your ear, then licking your earlobe. “How about a treat.”

You felt something hard, rubbing against your entrance. And he pushed himself up to look into your eyes. You can see the lust growing inside of him. With a slight curve of a smile. Wanting to take you good and hard.

You caught your breath and blushed from the look on his face.

“… Take me, Levi.”

He had a slight blush and went wide-eyed. Then he went back to his cold smile and jammed his cock inside you. 

“Nnngh!” You wrapped your tied hands around his neck and pulled him closer to you. Biting on his shoulder from the pleasure.

He grunted from the painful, yet amazing feeling from your bite. And dug his face in your neck. Licking and biting you more and more.

He told you to say his name.




He pulled out and untied your wrists, gagging you with his cravat instead. Flipping you over to take you from behind and held your hands behind your back. Your face was shoved into the bed.

He shoved his cock inside you once more. Going harder and faster.

You were grunting and moaning from the lustful pleasure and you were no longer able to think anymore.

His one free hand was clenching down on your hip, pulling you closer to each thrust. And you felt his thumb go to your other hole.

No, not there!” You thought.

Your muffled moans became muffled screams, he started penetrating you from both holes and your eyes became watery again.

As he was fucking you from behind, and his thumb in your other hole, he leaned down to bite on your shoulder.

“I’m almost there, _____” He whispered.

Going harder and harder, he bit down more on your shoulder once more. Grunting from reaching his climax. And he finished inside you.

You were screaming for the last time and you both passed out on his bed.

I hope this was okay. I had a draft, but it didn’t save on my stupid phone and I spent forever, writing this and coming up with stuffs on the spot. ; u;
Waaahh, I feel like I tried too hard. T^T
You have no idea how many times I wrote something and thought it was stupid and started over…

Also, Rena is on vacay for a little while, so I’ll do my best to write a couple more before she’s back! >.<

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What a shallow person that wrote to you... It's not just the looks that make a person attractive. You and your pets seem well aware there is a difference between a picture from a professional shoot and a family photograph. The latter is much more intimate which makes it special compared to any run-of-the-mill model pic. You are beautiful and making so many guys happy by graciously fulfilling their deepest sexual fantasy. If it doesn't float your boat - fine, but why be a dick about it?

Thank you. Some people don’t understand that I take my pictures on my phone and most of the time its me holding the phone while taking it. So of course I am not going to have the makeup and lighting and everything perfect like a photo shoot a model does.  

Also I am studying and working part time. My life does not revolve around my looks. I don’t have the time or get paid to just workout and look sexy for magazines and catwalks. 

I think some people forget that at the end of the day, I am just a normal girl that catches the bus to work.

God, I wish I wrote you happier poems or didn’t write so many. I wish I told you happier stories about my childhood and listened to yours more. I wish I remembered what you told me that first time you called me, I wish I could get our last phone call out of my head. I wish the smile I had for you wasn’t so noticeable and I wish yours was less transparent. I wish I would of let you wake me up instead of sleeping in every Sunday morning , fuck I just wish I wasn’t so goddamn fragile.
—  l.n.h
Girlfriend VS Roommate Tag (Joe Sugg Imagine- Requested)

Anonymous whispered: Hi love! Can I have a Joe sugg imagine where he does a video with you and Caspar called the girlfriend vs roommate video (like what Zoe did with Alfie and Louise) and make it all fluffy and cute. Thanks :)) -I hope this okay for you :) x

‘Hi guys so today I’m hear with my girlfriend Y/N and my roommate Caspar, which can only mean one thing… we’re doing the girlfriend vs roommate tag! So guys how are you feeling about this?’ Joe turned to you first.

'I think I know you pretty well’ you admitted not feeling too worried about losing.

'And you Caspar?’ Joe turned to his right asking his roommate the same thing.

'I’m confident I’m going to win’ Caspar nodded.

'I wouldn’t be too sure about that’ you retorted.

'Ooh fighting talk already!’ Joe laughed. 'Ok well I’m going to start off with an easy one. Y/N and Caspar both have a pad of paper and pens so I’m going to ask a question and their going to write down their answers. First question, Zoe and Alfie have a pug, but I don’t usually call it by its name, what do I call it?’

You scribbled on your notepad and turned it over at the same time as Caspar. You’d both written Alan in big letters.

'A point each, maybe that was too easy! Ok next question what is my favourite food?’ Joe asked looking at his phone.

'I know this!’ Caspar said, you agreed with him and wrote down your answer. When you flipped them this time you both had different answers. Caspar had written Pizza whereas you’d put Daddy Sugg’s roast dinner.

'Point goes to Y/N!’ Joe announced and Caspar went into a sulk.

'But I’ve never even seen you eat a roast here!’ He complained.

'That’s because we can’t cook them! I only get them when I go home’ Joe laughed.

'I can cook a roast, maybe if I’m in a good mood  I’ll make us one later’ you announced.

'If you cook me a roast you can have an extra point’ Joe said looking impressed.

'Deal!’ You agreed.

'And that is why I love you’ Joe said wrapping his arm around your waist.

'Hey that’s bribery!’ Caspar complained. 'Can I have an extra point if I do all the washing up for a week?’ He tried.

'No we have a dishwasher, that requires minimum effort! How about if you get the next question right I’ll double your points’ Joe reasoned.

'Fine’ Caspar agreed.

'What was the name of the girlfriend I broke up with when I was 11?’

'How am I supposed to know that?’ Caspar asked looking annoyed.

'Oh I know this it’s in that video where you read your diary isn’t it?’ You said trying to think of the name.

'It is and Caspar was sat right there’ he pointed across the room 'when I filmed that video’

'I can’t think what it is can I have a clue?’ You asked batting your eyelashes.

'Sorry love that’s not going to work on me’ Joe said. 'I’ll give you 10 seconds to write something down’ he counted down and you both turned over your pieces of paper.

Caspar had written Emily and you’d written Jess.

'Well you’re both wrong, it was Jade’ he told you.

'Can I have half a point I was close?’ You asked.

'You guys are so desperate for points!’ Joe laughed.

Joe asked a few more questions and the two of you were at a tie by the end.

'So you both know me pretty well, but I never thought to prepare a tie-breaker question, I just assumed Y/N would win’ Joe said.

'Hey!’ Caspar looked annoyed 'I know you just as well as she does’

'You have done well, I just thought Y/N listens to me more. Ok I know what we can do for a tie breaker. How many videos do I have on YouTube, so my main channel, vlogging channel and gaming channel combined, how many videos do you think there are?’

'Do you even know the answer to that?’ You asked.

'I’m working it out now’ he pulled out his phone and you and Caspar both wrote down your answers. 'Right I know how many it is what do you guys think?’

Caspar turned his paper over having written 413, you’d gone for less and written 367.  

'You’re both quite close actually’ Joe looked impressed 'There is in fact 389 videos in total, which I think means Y/N wins’

'Yes!’ You squeal to Joe’s surprise and kiss him on the cheek.

'That’s so not fair!’ She wouldn’t even have won if she hadn’t bribed you with food.

'She just knows the way to my heart’ Joe winked at you kissing your forehead.

 Joe said his outro and switched his camera off whilst Caspar sat sulking over his defeat.

That evening you cooked the three of you a roast dinner with Joe’s assistance, not that he’d done too much, he’d spent most of his time with his arms wrapped around your waist placing kisses on your neck and telling you that he loved you.

 You all sat down to eat dinner and Caspar took a bite of your food.

 'Ok, this may have been worth losing for’ he admitted and the three of you burst into laughter.

The Girl With The Pretty Face

Okay wow just found this on my phone. I wrote this after an extremely depressing night of once again having someone pursue me like crazy pretty much solely based off my looks (because we barely met), finally come hang out and be around me, and then go for one of my more outgoing sisters. This has actually happened to me so many times, with friends as well. I know people don’t do it on purpose, I also know that I’m not even a good match for these guys to begin with, nor am I into them, they’re always more introverted guys who would be better matched with a more outgoing personality.
It’s just that nobody really thinks of how I’m feeling in these situations. Nobody really considers how painful it is to be in such a weird position and get rejected like that time and time again. I also wrote about the feeling of being treated like a museum exhibit for my appearance, how sometimes it feels like people see me as just a face or an image and not a human being with feelings and thoughts and real value. People don’t apply normal rules to you when they see you that way and it sucks. You’re just like a paper plate to them, something disposable. Add that to my crappy relationship skills/tendency to push people away and yeah, it’s not so pretty. Anyway this isn’t a reflection of my overall mental state, please be aware of that haha. This was written after a string of these events occurred and I had a lot of built up sadness. It’s more like a peek into how I’m feeling at my absolute lowest points…

Oh and also I really love the second half of this haha

The Girl With The Pretty Face

Everyone leaves, it’s all the same. Get to know me and they’re gone by the end of the day. They want my sister or a prettier face, I’m like almost there, good but not great. I’m never their type, I can never be right. I just watch them line up and pass me by. They say take your pick, anyone would be yours, so why am I alone all the time?
I lost some weight, my makeup’s great, my hair is long, down to my waist. My figure’s hot, my heart is cold. My body’s frozen to the bone.
A pretty face is all I am, my charming smile is all I have. I use it up, I get my way, but I can’t get anyone to stay.
I got a kitten yesterday, I already want to give it away. I cannot bond with anything, I don’t deserve a diamond ring.
I trash his heart, I trash myself. I get so lost in my own head. I try so hard to be enough, but all I’ve done is make a mess.
All I want, every day, is to feel loved in every way. And all I feel, every night, is sad and lonely, cold as ice.
I know that I am beautiful, of that I am aware. That’s all they see, that’s all I’ll be, something that makes them stare. And then they’re gone, they keep driving and I am left alone. They take a piece and leave me be, and I cry the whole way home.
I feel less than half alive, I feel worthless on the inside. I know I do this to myself, but they are certainly no help. All I am is a pretty face, with a gypsy heart that’s always out of place. So many years of nothing much, just fleeting moments, never love.
They don’t see me for my soul, they don’t know I have a heart. Sometimes I don’t either, by the way I rip people apart.
I’m ready to give up for real, and never try again. Don’t think I’ll ever find someone who wants me for who I am. My life has always been this way, I’m not allowed to complain. How dare I be sad to be the girl with the pretty face?

So I’ll just shrivel up and die, or work myself til I can’t cry. I’ll hide inside my isolation, in this hopeless situation.
What I have, I’ve learned to flaunt, I’m all that they could ever want. Until they see just who I am, and then I’m nothing once again.
Take me with you, leave me behind. Say you want me, change your mind. Hug me tight, let me go. Then let your disappointment show.
I’m not what you thought you wanted, I’m not what you’re looking for. Make it clear you’d rather date the much more charming girl next door. Go for her, cut me deep, once more I’ll cry myself to sleep. But you’ll be gone just like the rest, I’m used to this, I know it best.
I shut down the most of all, my heart is like a castle wall. Stone cold and very strong, I close up quick and move along.
You can use me anytime, and I’ll be first to say goodbye. I’ll throw it right back in your face, I know I’m easy to replace.
Why so sad, pretty girl? You’re running the modern world. No one likes a girl who frowns, turn that sad face upside down.
We don’t wanna see you cry, you’re not human in our eyes. Make us laugh, be the one. Make sure we’re all having fun.
You can never have our pity, life is easy when you’re pretty. You have needs but they don’t count. Quiet down and close your mouth.
Nice boys always pass you up, your stunning looks are just too much. So sell yourself, it’s all you’ve got. The world is cold when you are hot.

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I'm planning on killing myself on Tuesday. So there's that?

I just looked at my statcounter and it says that you live in a town close to me, so I’m scared that I know you and I’m also scared that I don’t. I’m scared that this is the only chance anyone has been given to reach out to you and try to convince you to stay, and I’m sorry if nobody else ever has tried. The reality of this hits too close to home and whether or not I do know you, I’m going to talk to you right now like you are my best friend. Because you are somebody’s somebody. You know that, don’t you? Even when they’re angry with you or they get busy and don’t talk to you for some time, you are their person. So I’m going to talk to you like you’re my person and I want you to believe that I am your person. I know that life gets so awful that you feel like you really can’t do anything anymore and that it’d be best to just leave the whole world behind, but that’s not how it is supposed to be. It’s really not. And I know that when you feel this way and it gets to the point where you don’t feel like there is any real reason to stay, think of the people who care about you. And I know people care about you. Even if you feel so so alone, there will be people who won’t know what to do with themselves if you leave. I know that the choice to commit suicide doesn’t have anything to do with anybody else, but the action does. The action is connected to everybody who has ever loved you and everybody who loves you right now. That is enough for me to never do it. It’s hard to see a better future when you’re stuck like this and it’s hard to remember the beautiful things that have already happened too. I’m sorry if your life is so unbearable right now that you feel like the only way to escape is to end it. I need you to know that that’s just not true. I need you to know that not only can things change but they will. You don’t have believe me right now, you just need to hold on until you see it. Feel whatever it is that you’re feeling but please don’t do anything to yourself because of it. Take a warm shower and sob and lay on the floor and stare at your skin and sob some more, but get up. Open your window and try to feel the air, try to breathe. Please don’t end your life. Talk to somebody who can help you. I need you to do that. If not for yourself, do it for me. Give it a shot. Because I care about you. Whether I know you personally or not, now you are a part of my life and I am not okay with you leaving this world. Now you matter to me. If you feel that you didn’t have a person who wanted you to stay, now you do. I want you to stay and I want you to really live because you can. And I want to help you and take you places and let you breathe and feel alive again. I want you to cry and be scared and I want to you face things and smile because you did it. You can make it. You can really fucking make it. I thought I would never get out. I thought the only way was to end it and I would just lie there literally paralyzed with fear. I would lie there for months and I didn’t drive anywhere because I was afraid of what I’d do if I got in the car. I just went through this again a month ago. I woke up and I cried. I got in the shower and I sobbed and stared at my hands and didn’t touch anything and I got out of the shower. I promised myself I’d get dressed and make it to work. Then I promised myself I’d make it through the 20 minute drive on the freeway. Horrible thoughts, but I made sure they would remain only thoughts. Then I went to work. Then I came home. Then I sat on my roof and watched a storm come in. Then I felt and I kept feeling and I’d walk at night in the middle of the bad parts of the city hoping that somebody would do something to me just so I wouldn’t have to be the one to do it, because it would be easier on my family if they thought that I didn’t want it to happen. But I’d turn around and go home and sleep instead. And it got better and it is still getting better. Life isn’t always easy but it is beautiful. So please sleep. Please eat food and force yourself to do things you used to enjoy, even if you can’t enjoy them right now. You will enjoy them again. You will do so much again and the whole world will be yours. Somebody asked me why life was worth living because they couldn’t come up with anything so I said this:
Sunrises. Waking up next to your best friend in her tiny bed. Waking up alone in a tent. The taste of green tea on a hot day. Shaving your head and laughing. The comfortable silence between yourself and another being. A field full of wildflowers hidden behind crappy buildings. Notes from middle school. Climbing sand dunes, even if you were falling on the way up. Walking away from the people who hurt you. The way the earth looks after it rains. Hot sand under your bare feet. When a cat sits on your lap instead of the laps of the other 8 people in the room. Buying a dress in a vintage shop you saw 4 years ago but couldn’t get then. Getting naked in places you aren’t allowed to get naked in. The feeling you get when you beat an anxiety attack. Making love. Fucking. Moving into your own apartment for the first time. Finishing a piece of art. When someone says, “this reminds me of you.” Meeting a person who feels the same way you do about the world, knowing you’re not as alone as you thought you were. Eye contact with a beautiful stranger. Changing your mind about something you thought you knew your whole life. 2 am walks in the city. The rush you feel driving through an intense thunderstorm. Laughing so hard you pretty much pee your pants. Family events you don’t want to go to that make you feel surprisingly thankful. Letters in the mail. Getting so full you have to unbutton your pants. A good night’s sleep after 14 nights of depression keeping you up. Not failing a test. Forgiving others. Forgiving yourself. When someone says, “I’m proud of you.” Telling someone how much you love them. Laying in bed with a friend drinking wine and reading poetry. Getting lost in cornfields with your favorite music blasting through your speakers. When you finally get the courage to say how you feel. Drunken nights full of people you don’t know spilling their entire lives to you. Buying a used book that has underlined sentences. The boxes you find full of pictures of people who passed away. 3 hour phone calls with someone you used to love. The feeling of cool sheets against your bare feet. Sunsets.
That is my list. These are the things that have made me so thankful for sticking around. These are the things that have happened since I decided I deserved to be alive. And since I wrote that list, I have had so many more experiences to add to it. Maybe that list means nothing to you, but it means the world to me. And I hope that you can write your own when you start to see the small things in your own life that are breathing for you. Everything is breathing for you. I want you to know that and feel that. Your entire life will be full of things meant just for you. 
So you are my person and I am your person. I love you, whether I know you or not, I love you. And I feel you from here and my heart aches for you. We all have our fucked up shit that we think is unbearable and unchangeable but neither of those are true. You have survived this far and you will survive through this. You have the power to change your life and to say no, to say yes, to forgive people, to forgive yourself more importantly, to forgive over and over again, to let go of the past, to let go of today, to let go of the tomorrow you had planned, to embrace the new things that are coming for you, to smile, to cry, to laugh, to FEEL, to exist, to sleep, to wake up and wake up again and again and again. You are loved in this moment and you will be loved tomorrow and for the rest of your life and more love is coming to you. I want you to stay for it. I want you to stay for all of it. Please talk to somebody. Please call a hotline. Please call a therapist. Please get help because I want you here and I want you to stay. So badly. You deserve to even if you feel like you don’t. I’m sorry if the things that have happened make you feel like you don’t deserve a good life and that you think it isn’t possible to have. Please stay.

So I already posted this to twitter, but I wanted to explain why I’m doing this and why I hope you do too.

I was sitting on the bus and thinking about what has happened, ha, I haven’t stopped thinking about what has happened. And I kept thinking about how unfair it was that so many people had to have their hearts broken at the same time, their hopes crushed, their trust betrayed.

Cause it isn’t just the fact that Lexa died, that she was wrongly taken from us, it’s also the repercussions of it that make me angry. Furious. Because all I see now is “never again,” and I know no one means never again will a strong figure of representation get mistreated. That’ll happen. That may never stop. They mean never again will they let themselves get invested. And I completely understand that feeling, because sadly I feel that way too.

And never before has any show driven me to feel like that. TV is supposed to be entertaining, yes, but we all know the power it has to be so much more than that, it makes sense of a world that doesn’t make sense. This is why repeatedly over the years we (Sophy and I) have always said that great TV is art. It inspires, makes us feel like there is good in the world, moves us, makes us love. And that’s what Lexa did for all of us.

So many shows have disappointed me over the years, but I’ve never felt like that was it for me. That is what The 100 has done. Sure, I’ll continue to watch stuff that I like, but it feels like nothing will be the same, nothing can compare to everything Lexa and Clarke were, everything they represented.

I hate that they’ve done this to me, I hate even more that they’ve done this to so many other people.

So I was sitting on that bus, feeling the urge to do something. I always have a sharpie in my bag, I took it out and wrote the sentiment that I know all of us have said or felt at some point. And I felt a little better.

It didn’t make sense to me that the only places Lexa exists is on our TVs, our computers, our phones… I want her to exist in our real world. I want to make her as real as she was to all of us, to remember her, to celebrate her.

We’re all over the world. Get a sharpie, go outside, find a place that represents home, and write LEXA DESERVED BETTER. A real world trend. Tag it, share it, tweet it at Jason, tweet it at everyone. Don’t let the world forget.

We thought we were all fools for thinking this time was different, we weren’t. This time it is different, we’re going to make it different.

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[Full]140602 Sukira- Ryeowook & the rest of Super Junior Member Callouts! 

Ryeowook sang 마주치지 말자 (Let’s Not) at sukira today 

Today, Wook DJ will test if SJ members are listening to Sukira today, and how much they love Sukira

He will call the members today, and ask 10 questions about Sukira and Wook DJ.
Siwon is the first one up for phone call!

1. Who is the 1.5 Gen Sukira DJ?
Siwon: Yesung
2. Sukira’s frequency?
Siwon: pass
3. (didn’t get the question sorry)
Siwon: pass
4. what’s sukira’s last ment?
Siwon: pass

Siwon only got one question right xD

(while calling Siwon) Ryeowook: Will he answer his phone? he said he was going to sleep earlier…
Siwon said he ate pizza, and was resting.

Siwon thinks the first DJ (Eunhyuk) will place first place, and that 2nd DJ (Sungmin) will be last

RW: Siwon-ssi, I miss you~
SW: RW-ssi is really two faced… during the broadcast, he’s really nice and good to be around.. i miss that ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Siwon requested for 너는 나의 봄이다 to be played ^^

Second phone call is to Shindong!

RW: Who is the 1.5 Gen DJ?
Shindong: Ai~ there’s none
RW: None? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Shindong: None~~~

SD: Yesung hyung keeps insisting that he’s 1.5 Gen DJ, and I don’t think he is. If you go by his logic, I would also be a .5 DJ

RW: Sukira closing ment? “tomorrow, let’s ___ more”
SD: …. Kiss… more?

Shindong said his voice is a bit weird because he just woke up ^^

Wook: You’re now in first place. Siwon-ssi only got 1 right
SD: He wouldn’t know ㅋㅋ Why did you call Siwon anyways.

Shindong asked for 삭제 – 이승기 to be played ㅋㅋ he sang one of the lines with broken voice

When RW asked SD to say something about ELF’s 8th anniv, SD said “well it’s only 8th anniv~” and RW said “oh I like that ment”

Third phone call is to Kyuhyun!

Kyuhyun almost got Ryeowook’s birthday question wrong ㅋㅋ

He got it mixed with Kibum’s birthdayㅋㅋ
Q. who is 1.5 Sukira DJ?
KH: Isn’t… that… not right.. I guess Yesung-ee hyung?

RW: I watched Kyuhyun-ssi practice tap dancing during Swing promotions, and he was already doing it with very good skills

Kyuhyun said he’ll have to review it more carefully next time if the musical offered has dancing involved ㅋㅋ

Kyuhyun said Ryeowook always sends messages on their group chatroom, announcing his musical days and telling members to come

Ryeowook said there aren’t many performances left, and Kyuhyun said he will go watch it ^^

Kyuhyun requested for 윤창건 – 얼마나 내가 to be played~

Many fans asked if Ryeowook will not participate in the 3rd round of performances (because of what he said to Kyuhyun,) and Ryeowook said

He liked to Kyuhyun so Kyuhyun would come soon ㅋㅋ

Fourth phone call is to Donghae!

Donghae got 5 questions correct.
Donghae: You talked too slowly. I could have gotten more correct

RW: The broadcast started yesterday!
DH: Yes, God’s Quiz 4. Ah and you dissed me yesterday on SNS
RW: Not a diss ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

DH: I saw the article ㅋㅋ
RW: What news reporter wrote an article on it? ㅋㅋ I meant my ‘foot’ + your ‘acting’ ㅋㅋ

DH: I’m first place right now? Is there a prize?
RW: Prize to the listeners (who got it right)
DH: ah~
RW: We can give a One-Day-DJ coupon

to the winning member if you want
DH: No… I’m fine ㅋㅋㅋ

Donghae said he did jacket shooting today!! for Japan album

RW: Can you talk about this??
DH: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ well I’ve already said it ㅋㅋ

Donghae requested Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson to be played ^^

next phone call is Kangin! They will call in the second half~

What did you do today?
-DH: Jacket shooting! For Eunhyuk Donghae, Japan album. and MV (filming) ended well yesterday

Can you talk about this?
-DH: I don’t knowㅋIt’s going to come out anyways,I’m just talking about it earlier. It’s not like I played the song

Kangin knew the questions before Ryeowook read them ㅋㅋㅋ Kangin complained that it’s Ryeowook’s fault he didnt get to answer many more

RW: I often eat with Sukira staffs. I ate with them again today. Why is it that I do this?
Kangin: because you have no friends! ㅋㅋㅋ

Ryeowook: ding dong dang (correct)
Kangin: you had that one friend, Dalma, but she seems to be doing something these days ㅋㅋ

RW: what are you doing right now?
KI: I’m getting the water ready for a half-bath.ㅋㅋㅋJust kidding, I’m at home,catching up on dramas &movies and by chance, I was listening to Sukira already.

Kangin said his favorite Sukira segment is “Letter reading man”. Sukira staffs asked him to then write a letter to Sukira.

Kangin said he will write one soon ㅋㅋ

Kangin: and it’s now my turn to ask for a song right?
RW: oh yess
KI: I know how broadcasts work ㅋㅋ unlike those like Donghae ㅋㅋ

RW: Donghae-ssi said something he wasn’t suppose to say yet ㅋㅋ
KI: I know. ㅋㅋ talking about new songs randomly

Kangin: I feel that as time pass, (the fans’ love) grows stronger. I’m thankful for them supporting us like a reliable ‘back’ (support), and our relationship is beyond the relationship between fan/artist, and more like a ‘soul mate’. I’m thankful, and we’ll work hard and greet you guys with good music. Thank you.

Kangin asked for Fly To the Sky – 전화하지 말아요 to be played

Calling tone is Love Disease! Next phone call is with Heechul!

Who is the 1.5 DJ?
-HC: I think you called the wrong person. I’ll hang up now

RW: Hurryyy
HC: I dont think there’s any between the first and second ㅋㅋ

What’s Sukira’s frequency?
-HC: 91.9!

(It’s 89.1)

Opening Song title!
-HC: Opening? Sukira with Ryeowook-ee~~ jjan~

Closing Ment “Let’s ___ more tomorrow~”
- HC: Let’s love more tomorrow?

Heechul: Ya, hang up and call me again, or I’ll look stupid for not getting any right ㅋㅋ

Sungmin next!

Sukira’s 1.5 DJ?
-SM:ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ai, do I really need to get this right? Ah Yesung ㅋㅋ

Sungmin said he was reading ^^ he said it’s rude to call him at this hour ㅋㅋ

Sungmin: I’m lying down to go to sleep soon. I (sound) sexy right?

RW: Talk about SJ activities to come~?
SM: I don’t know if i can talk specifically about it, but within few months~ we can meet again~

RW: Donghae-hyung already dropped a bomb earlier.
SM: Ah really?
RW: Yeah, we might have to call the boss to apologize about it ㅋㅋ

What are you doing these days?
-Sungmin: hiding~

Ryeowook forgot to ask Heechul for his song request so he called Sungmin right away. He almost forgot to ask Sungmin ㅋㅋ

Sungmin asked for Super Junior- Marry U ^^

Ryeowook: We’ll wrap up our phone calls no-… oh right we got one more left ㅋㅋ why are there so many (members)!!?

phonecall with Eunhyuk now~

EH: It’s already finished? what? what is this?

RW: What are you doing now?
EH: I was reading poems
RW: Is that a concept?
EH: NO~ I usually read poems at this hour

RW: What did you do today?
EH: filming~
RW: for what?
EH: I can’t say yet.
RW: Earlier, Donghae-ssi..
EH: HE said it!???

RW: Yes
EH: Whatttt why is he like that?
RW: He said everything
EH: What… what is he?

RW: and it seems we’ll be able to meet you again soon
EH: eh?
RW: Soon..with Donghae Eunhyuk-ssi
EH: for what?
RW: You know..
EH: for what?

RW: I thought you’d come today
EH: I’m not a person that goes so easily~

EH: I only go for special occasions
RW: Isn’t today special?
EH: No, you’ve been doing phone calls all day today!

EH: Our 7jib will come out soon. I hope they will be well prepared!

EH: (talking) -
RW: And for his music request
EH: Are you not listening to me?

Eunhyuk requested for 아직도 난 (Still You) ~

our fan club.. ELF.. faries… our fairy friends.. I heard it’s their 8th anniversary. I posted on SNS to congratulate them and… I feel that the relationship between us is beyond fan/artist.. sometimes it feels like we’re family, sometimes they feel like mom, sometimes they feel like a friend. We have that close bond.. I wanted to say thank you so much. and Our 7jib will come out soon. I hope they will be well prepared!

First place: Donghae, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Kangin
Last: Heechul

real reason why I eat together with staffs so often? I don’t know.. because I’m the one hungry? mm… Because I have no girlfriend? maybe those reasons? ㅋㅋ | transed by:@NKsubs · 

Ryeowook: If you are all not listening, I will change the show’s name to Ryeowook KTR

Oooo it’s shindong!!

Is Ryeowook asking the same questions? Hahahahaha then those listening now will get them right later

Ooo Ryeowook said bye to shindong alr~~~

Shindong’s message for ELF’s 8th year anni: ELF is already having its 8th anniversary… We are almost 10 years… (ELF) only 8 years~ we have to walk together forever~ I don’t really know how to say words like I love you… My true feelings is that as long as we can always be together, it’s fine, this is the best… Actually I have many things I am apologetic for, I feel sorry to fans…


His voice is so easily recognized! And his laugh!!!

His “hahaha” is so unique……how not to recognize

Talking about singing in the rain ~~~

He sang a line…. His voiceeeee

3rd member~ Kyuhyun!! Ryeowook: When is my birthday?
Kyuhyun: ….. Eh…. 21 August~
Ryeowook: what??
Kyuhyun: 21 June~
Ryeowook: what? August? What’s that? Hahahahaha
In the end Ryeowook asked again: whose birthday is 21 August? Ah~ kibum ssi’s birthday

Kyuhyun said PIONG PIONG before hanging up?? So cuteee


He went like “an niong” and “PIONG PIONG” ~~~

Whose ringtone sounds like water flowing


Ryeowook did not make a next call… Just get donghae to pass the phone to Eunhyuk … They r practicing right hahah

Listener: so there’s really no third round for the musical?
Ryeowook: eh… I lied to make Kyuhyun come sooner… Scared he won’t come and watch~ actually there’s 3rd round but not many shows…

Listener: so there’s really no third round for the musical?
Ryeowook: eh… I lied to make Kyuhyun come sooner… Scared he won’t come and watch~ actually there’s 3rd round but not many shows…

Shooting for japan album… So fast releasing another album already? Gosh

Donghae and Ryeowook told each other I love you before hanging up

I meant to say Ryeowook need not make a next call… Typooooo

Donghae said they did photoshoot for Eunhae album today and filmed the MV yesterday

What … Is the listener called lee Sungmin ssi….

Hahaha everyone asking about Eunhyuk and Sungmin?

Is he leaving hyukmin for the last

What about Heechul… Bet he will be hilarious

Donghae is first now~
Hae: so is there a prize?
Ryeowook: wait till when 7jib comes out, the person who gets first gets to be DJ for a day~ how about that?
Donghae: I be the DJ?!
Ryeowook: right~ 2 hours of DJ
Donghae: ah no it’s ok.. I get very stressed about this, you know that…


Woo Kangin even stated the year for Ryeowook’s birthday

Kangin and Ryeowook said I love you to each other too ~~

Left Heechul Eunhyuk Sungmin right…..

What if there’s a surprise and hyuk or min appears in the studio… Adjbfajsbgweiuweijbfage


Love Disease as ringtone and most of the singing parts for the ringtone was Ryeowook’s voice right??? Lol

I have no idea what he is saying but I laugh Everytime Heechul speaks… I think it’s his tone hahah

Heechul got all questions wrong. Heechul: call again! It’s too embarrassing getting all wrong

Heechul’s call is so short


Omg he picked upppp

His voice sounds like he just woke up omgggg

He got yesung correcttttt

He was hesitating with “miracle” .. Like… “Mi..racle?”

His kisssssss ahhhh

And so Ryeowook leaves his favorite hyung of the moment for the last… Lol

He introduced himself as Min DJ

What is he reading


So sorry for all the spazzing but…. It’s so good to hear from the missing boyyyyy

Lol Ryeowook said bye already but Sungmin continued talking hahahahaha
Minwook saying I love you to each otherrrrr

They r playing marry u with elf chantssss

Kyuhyun’s voice singing marry u is <3
Sungmin knew he could dedicate a song… So he was listening?
Whole tlist suddenly so active when Sungmin came on hahahaha
Eunhyuk answered the call with ‘nae!!!’
Eunhyuk sounds like he’s mumbling haha
L-per … Elf…
U can tell how much Ryeowook loves Eunhyuk judging by the length of the phone call XD
Because Sungmin’s voice sounds really deep so listener asked if he had a cold, and said really haven’t seen him for a long time.
Sungmin: I don’t have a cold, recently I am in hiding so I have disappeared, don’t look for me. Am preparing for comeback so everyone please wait awhile more, will comeback with a better image^^
RW: DH said things he shouldn’t say just now, so now he is calling the boss to apologize
SM: DH.. Is sometimes like that

Eunhyuk asked Ryeowook if he went KTR without makeup today but Wook ignored the question hahaha | transed by:@elf_ninida


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet-and-greet stories to They are posted throughout the week.

I was super excited for Warped Tour, but when I found out Jason (Veeoneeye) was coming I got even more excited. I drew some things, made many bracelets and wrote a letter, hoping I would be able to meet him. The beginning of Warped was great, I was able to see a couple bands, look at merch tents and talk to some great people. The next set I wanted to see was in a half hour so my friends and I decided to sit and just hangout until the next set. During our conversation, my phone lit up with a notification. Jason tweeted that he was going to be at his tent and to come say hi. We all got up and went on a search for his tent. I was getting nervous because we couldn’t find it. All of a sudden my friend said “woah omg look at that guys hair!” I turned and instantly saw Jason with a line forming around his tent. I couldn’t help but laugh at my friends remark and we got in line. I was one person away from meeting him, so I grabbed my
envelope for him and waited. It was now my turn to meet him, I walked up and he gave me a smile. I handed him the letter and said “Hi uhh I have this for you.” He didn’t take it at first and I got confused so I looked up. He was looking at me smiling, so I smiled back and laughed a little. He cracked a chuckle and looked down at his hands, giving me a sign to look at them. I looked down and his hand were like an alligator mouth, I put the envelope between his hands and he closed his hand like an alligator. I couldn’t help laughing at this, and he did too. He asked “so what’s in the envelope?” So I responded “It’s just an envelope with bracelets and stuff in it.” He responded “Thanks! You’re the best!  Give me a hug!” After we hugged, my friend took a picture of us. Before I left I asked “uhm is it okay if I take a selfie with you?” He replied “of course!” We took the photo, I said thanks for everything and then I left. During the day he was walking around the venue, he saw me from a distance and smiled and gave me a small wave, I responded with the same. Meeting him honestly means so much to me. This years Warped Tour was amazing and has been my favorite year so far!

140602 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook – Super Junior Callouts! [Transcript]

Ryeowook sang 마주치지 말자 (Let’s Not) at sukira today :)

Today, Wook DJ will test if SJ members are listening to Sukira today, and how much they love Sukira

He will call the members today, and ask 10 questions about Sukira and Wook DJ.
Siwon is the first one up for phone call!

1. Who is the 1.5 Gen Sukira DJ?
Siwon: Yesung
2. Sukira’s frequency?
Siwon: pass
3. (didn’t get the question sorry)
Siwon: pass
4. what’s sukira’s last ment?
Siwon: pass

Siwon only got one question right xD

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5SOS Preference → Break Up Part 4

Part Three and Four of the Break Up Preferences where you’ll find out what happens after the break up. Will they find a way to get back together?

Btw I will fix the links and add the link of part three soon bc I’m only on my phone and can’t add it. But if you wanna read it just scroll down a little (:

Muke Part

Requested: Yes

Part 1  /  Part 2 /  Part 3 

Its been six month since Luke and I broke up, and I remember the day as if it was yesterday. I miss him, I miss him more than anything. I wanted to call him so many times but I never did. He never called either. I thought he’d miss me too but it seems like he doesn’t. He never tried to call me, he never wrote me a message or came by to see how I’m doing. We broke up over the stupidest thing to be honest. I think I may have overreacted. He turned me down a lot of times lately and almost always cancelled our dates but the worst thing was that he forgot our anniversary, that was it for me, I broke up with him. But I never thought I’d miss him so damn much and I’d actually thought we’d get back together a few weeks later. I walked down the street not really knowing where I was headed, thinking of mine and Luke’s relationship when I realized where I was actually going. I stood in front of Luke’s house. Should I knock on the door? See how he is doing? See if he misses me as much I miss him? I took a deep breath and walked over to the front door. I hesitated for a moment before I rang the doorbell. A moment later his mother Liz opened the door. Her fave lit up as she saw me. “(Y/N)! It’s so good to see you again! How are you sweetie?” She smiled and stepped aside to let me inside. “I’m good thanks. Is uhm- is Luke home?” I asked shyly. “Oh yes, he’s in his room. You can go upstairs.” She said. “Thank you.” I walked upstairs and knocked on Luke’s door. My heart was beating so fast I was afraid it’s burst through my chest. “Come in.” His voice called and I slowly opened the door to see Luke and a pretty blonde girl sitting on his bed, cuddling. My heart broke into a million pieces at this sight. “(Y/N) what- what are you doing here?” He asked shocked, softly pushing the girl aside. “I..was.. I was just” I couldn’t find my words. I didn’t know what to say. How could he forgotten about me so fast? I shook my head and ran down the stairs and out of the house. Someone grabbed my arm and and pulled me back. “Don’t run away. (Y/N) what are you doing here? I haven’t heard from you in month.” He said let go of me. “I wanted to see how you’re doing and if you miss me but apparently you don’t.” I said trying to hold back my tears. “I, I did miss you.” “Oh yeah? That’s why you already have a new girlfriend.” I said and bit my lip to hold back my sobs. “(Y/N) please, you broke up with me. I thought I’d never had a chance with you anymore!” He said. “You could have apologized Luke! You could have said you’re sorry! You should have fought for me! Did you even love me?” I angrily replied. “Of course I did!” “Then why didn’t you fight for me Luke? Why?” I yelled and shoved him away, tears streaming down my face now. ” I- I don’t know. I’m so sorry.” He said and looked down to his feet. “Me too.” I said and turned away from him.Luke:


A year has passed since I last talked to Michael. After we broke up he came over to our shared apartment to pick up his stuff. I saw him around a few times and we talked a little bit but nothing big. It hurt too much to talk to him or even see him. He live in the same small town and we have the same friends so it’s impossible to not see each other but I always try to avoid him. I was still too hurt. What he did to me was terrible and I still can’t handle the fact that he cheated on me. What did I do wrong? Why did he do this to me? He said he loved me so why did he hurt me? I was a mess, I still am to be honest. I miss him more than anything and I thought about talking to him again, trying to figure things out but I never got myself to do it. Michael on the other hand tried to call, he tried to write, he came by so many times, staying at my doorstep for hours and hours waiting for me to talk to him but I never did anything. I was sitting in the other side if the door, crying my eyes out. Why didn’t I just talk to him? I sighed and pulled my phone out looking for Michaels number. I took a deep breath and pushed the green button to call him. After the second beep he answered “(Y/N)” he breathed “How are you doing? Are you okay?” He asked. God, how I missed his voice. “I- I’m good. Can we, maybe talk? I really need to see you.” I said and tears were falling down my face. My heart started beating faster as I waited for his reply. Was I doing the right thing? “I’ll be at your place in 10.” He quickly said and hung up the phone. I inhaled deeply and put the phone on the table. I thought about the night I got home and saw Michael feeling up some other girl in our bedroom. I couldn’t get this image out if my mind for a really long time but now, I realized how much I miss Michael and how much I needed him. About ten minutes later he rang the doorbell. I opened the door and I couldn’t help myself but fall into his arms holding him tight. “S-sorry.” I mumbled braking the hug. My skin was on fire, u didn’t realize until now how much I missed his touch. How much I missed him. “How are you?” I asked. “Good, good. I missed you. So fucking much.” He said and smiled sadly. “I know I said it so many times and I know I hurt you so damn much. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I did this to you, I’m just so sorry. I need you and I still love you so fucking much. I hope can give me a second chance.” He said, looking desperately at me. I looked him in the eyes, seeing all the hurt and disappointment. I don’t know if I can really believe him, I lost all the trust in him but maybe we could work everything out and he could gain back his trust. “Michael I- I miss you too. I really do.” I sobbed “You hurt me, so much and I can’t trust you anymore but I still love you like I always did and I believe we can work things out. I’m ready to move on and forgive you and try to trust you again.” I said and smiled. “I know it’s gonna be hard but I promise you I will never hurt you like this again. Never! You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I was so stupid I ever let you go!” He said and cupped my face, stroking my cheeks with his thumb. “Yeah you were.” I said and moved closer to him, kissing his lips.

I hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is always nice. :) x

anonymous asked:

can we please have a discussion about amara waving her hand over cas' heart to find dean in 11x21 (in conjunction with the follow your heart/settling down storyline)? i haven't seen any posts about it yet and would really like to start up a conversation to see the perspectives including yours!! thanks :)

Hey man! Sorry for leaving this so late - I wanted to rewatch that episode so I could answer you properly, and this is turning out to be a busy period IRL.

So, I’m guessing you were living in a cave when All in the Family aired, because I distinctly remember opening my dash and being like -

Seriously, you’re right: the thing was so obvious and significant, many people wrote metas which (reasonably enough) anticipated Big Things To Come from the Destiel perspective; perhaps even The Big Reveal itself.

And, yeah.

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Say You Did (Or That You Wish You Had)

One year ago today, I posted the last chapter of my fic “Say You Will (Or That You Wish You Could).”

My story is buried deeply in the AO3 “JeanMarco” tag by now, falling farther every day. 

And yet, even now…people seem to find it. They leave kudos. They leave comments I’ve long since become unable to answer, except by staring into the text and thinking “thank you” so intensely that I hope it can be felt through the internet. 

The past year has not been kind to me. My brain and my body have warred with themselves and each other. I’ve largely stopped writing - I’m too afraid, I’m too busy, I’m feeling sick and nervous, I’m so many things that are excuses and hurdles that I’m hoping to someday get over once more, if I can only find the energy.

But I wrote “Say You Will.” I wrote a story for a show and a fandom that brought me back to anime and gave me back pieces of my heart. For characters that I love so much that even now I get excited talking about them. I managed to write a story and it was the most positive writing experience I’ve ever had.

So many of you made it into that. 

More than half of the people who follow me came to me from this story. Many of you have become my friends. Some of you I talk to every day, on twitter, through text, even over the phone. I put this story up because I wanted to write and I needed to write and for once I wasn’t afraid of what anyone would say and what I got back was more than I ever anticipated or could have hoped for. 

My gratitude is depthless, and I will never be able to express it enough. 

Thank you. 

Thank you for coming to my tumblr, to my twitter, to me, and for staying even when the hoped-for follow-ups failed to appear. 

Thank you for drawing pictures from my fic. 

Thank you for leaving comments that I read over and over, even though I no longer have the strength to answer back with anything but my appreciation. 

Thank you for reading it, even if you never said anything. 

Thank you for sharing this with me. 

I’m going to try to put together a little post of things to celebrate today, because I want to. Because I want to give something back - to this show, for existing; to this fandom, for reminding me how good sharing something you love can be; to all of you, for  giving me something that I can be proud of even on my worst days, days when I can’t remember how I ever managed to string more than three words together.

But for now, for this post, what I want to do most is just let you all know what this has meant, and always will mean to me. 

Thank you for everything, all of you, always. 

choice or fate

rating: g
word count: 560
pairing: yoonmin
warnings: none 

yooo just a drabble i wrote for my boyfriend a while ago   

au where you don’t see color until you meet your soul mate

yoongi meets his soul mate at 2:58 pm on a wednesday afternoon. he’s walking down the street and bumps into a stranger when he glances down at a text on his phone. their eyes meet for half a second and suddenly his entire world floods with brilliance. he knows what they are, colors, but there are so many more than he expected, and they’re so much more beautiful than anyone had ever described in the piles of books yoongi was forced to read. people had explained colors to him thousands of times but nothing they ever said could have prepared him for this new world in front of him. it’s so startling that he stumbles, knocking back into his soul mate.

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Aaaahhhhhh… Okay so I guess I just wrote my first voltage fanfic. Right now I kinda have an idea for the other characters/more chapters? Idk I’ll see how it goes >.<
Little nervous since I’ve seen so many great fanfictions for MFW *cough* t-asuna2000 , jinxedperfection *cough*
But uh… Here we go.
this is the prologue for Yamato if you had met the MFW under different context (college)

AT 8:56 A.M.:
Of course I would wake up late. Of COURSE I didn’t hear my phone alarm because it was on silence. Of course.
I cursed this to myself as I rushed to class. And on the first day nonetheless. My backpack bounced as it hung haphazardly off one shoulder.
“excuse me. Sorry” I muttered, darting past the slower students. I glanced at my phone lock screen. It read :8:57 a.m. I’ve got time, I can make it, I thought. I just prayed that I would be able to find the room on the first try.
At 9:00 a.m. exactly I finally saw my physics classroom. I tried to ignore the curious glances as I plopped myself into the first empty seat. I hufffed, blowing stray hairs out of my face as my backpack slammed on the desk. My hand searched for my pencil bag, but I could only feel my notebooks. You’ve gotta be kidding me. I don’t have anything to write with? My shoulders fell.
“Uhm,” I turned to the person next to me, about to ask for a pencil.
A handsome, auburn-haired boy was already looking at me, his brown eyes wide in astonishment. Why is he looking at me like that? A smirk crept across his face as I fell silent.
“Were you really about to ask me for a pen on the first day of class?” He folded his arms, looking at me smugly.
“I…” I stuttered, trying to keep eye contact, “I must have forgotten mine.”
He chuckled, leaning back in his chair, “I bet you left it on the table when you realized you were running late.”
“Hey I got here on time,” I retorted. I was definitely blushing now.
“Barely,” He held out a pen, still smirking.
I took it, and quietly said, “Thank you.”
The Professor then began passing out the syllabus. I tried to pretend like I was focusing on this so I didn’t have to look at him. Although he teased me he was still nice enough to let me borrow a pen. Ugh he must think I’m so stupid. I felt something smack my head.
“Ow, hey!” I turned around.
The guy sitting next to me was holding the stack of syllabi out to me in one hand, and a rolled up syllabus that he had apparently hit me with in the other. I glared at him.
“How long are you going to make those other students wait?” He asked, poking me with the stack.
I snatched the stack from his hands and grabbed one for myself before passing the remainder to the student on my right. When I turned back, my syllabus was gone.
“What are you doing?” I asked, when I saw that the smug guy had taken my copy and was writing on it.
He passed it back to me, “Giving you my info, so we can trade notes if you ever miss class because you’re careless again.”
My eyes flickered down to see that “Yamato Kougami – (XXX)XXX-XXXX” was now scrawled across the top of my syllabus in dark pen.

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anonymous asked:

Please do the Drabble of Demi in labor and having a manic episode.

So I wrote this on my phone I’m sorry if there’s too many mistakes.

There’s a WARNING to this because someone was upset by the other manic one so here it’s the warning. My be a bit strong for someone with or close to someone with bipolar disorder or any other kind of mental illness. It’s not triggering at all, just a fragile subject.

Her love for her baby conquers all <3

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