and so many more but just to name a few

Adoption/parental rights, next of kin, paternity/maternity leave, rights to see someone in the hospital, just to name a few … I know there are many more.

My heart breaks for lgbt people and families that they have to worry this way.

The maid of honor at my wedding is gay. We were talking on election night and her wife was beside herself (so was I). Knowing they’re worried not just for their fellow citizens but also for their own family (they have two boys) breaks my heart and infuriates me.

Knowing too that we could take such a big step backwards after having celebrated such large strides forward just makes it worse.

I pray Trump was just talk and he won’t follow through with his threats… But that also makes me mad because it just proves what an absolute LIAR President Tiny Hands is and it makes me fear him even more since we can’t trust anything he says.

So I’ve been watching The Flash and Arrow, both shows I really like, though not as much as Supergirl. And on both, there have been multiple occasions where a character openly flirts with, dates or sleeps with her boss, and it’s just not considered a big deal at all. It’s not a hindrance. And it got me thinking about how with Cat and Kara, so many people seem to think it’s a huge issue. Even I have written it into my fics as a necessary but surmountable obstacle, because in the real world it no doubt would be. But, I can’t help but feeling like there is much more permission and suspension of the rules given to heterosexual pairings in these stories. If Cat were a man, people would absolutely, undoubtedly recognize the chemistry and possibility between them. It would become another “will they won’t they” moment in pop culture history just like so many other straight ships, like Bones, like Castle, like The Office, just to name a few of the literally thousands there have been. So you know what? I’m sick of all the excuses and heteronormative bullshit that people spew trying to say SuperCat isn’t completely and totally legit. They should not be held to a higher or different standard than any other two people who work together and fall in love with each other. When the chemistry is there, it’s there, and fans see it, and sometimes if we are lucky the writers and producers see it too. Still holding out hope that this amazing, radically inclusive and progressive show will just fucking go for it.

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Negan x Reader (Y/N)

Just over 4500 words (I honestly don’t know when to stop)

Warnings are the usual,it’s Negan.Language, smut and a sexy aesthetic

This picks up right after Rub a Dub Dub - Fun with Negan in a Tub

Some of what I write is not totally true to TWD universe.

Tagging my lovlies.PLEASE let me know if you want on or off the list! I know I lost some names,and for that I apologize! 😞

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Pregnancy Sentence Starters

“You’re getting so big!”

“Just a few more months and we’ll have one more addition to the family~”

“Honestly how many times will you make jokes about this we’re GAY”

“What should we name them?”

“It’s kicking!!!”

“Take me to the hospital- now”


“I hope it’s not a republican”

“We need to make this entire god damn house BABY PROOF”

“I don’t care if it’s not a girl I’m getting our baby a barbie”

“God I hope they don’t get your father’s nose like you di- COUGH - …oh nothing”

“Put the baby music pad on we’re playing Beyoncé so they have a good taste in music”


Hey, y’all! I’ve had my studyblr for a couple weeks and finally decided to make an intro post! I wanted to make this blog to keep me motivated and on task, and to focus more on my schoolwork!

A couple things about me:

  • a lot of my friends call me Lin (my name is Lindsey)
  • I’m a high school sophomore
  • I’m on my school’s swim team
  • I play the piano
  • I love to read, especially sci-fi and fantasy novels!

What classes I’m taking:

  • AP World History
  • AP Capstone Seminar
  • AP Music Theory
  • Honors Chemistry
  • Honors Algebra 2
  • Honors English

A few of my favorite studyblrs are:

@studyrose @soymilkstudies @studyafternoon @universi-tea @the-prudent-student @bookmrk @academiix @etudiance and many more!

I just started a bullet journal, and once I get the hang of it and learn to take better pictures I’ll start posting pictures of it!

I’m so excited to be a part of the studyblr community!


Okay guys so Robin’s birthday is coming up in June so I’m starting this now so that we have plenty of time to get this going around and get this started. I’m going to be making a fan video to say happy birthday to Robin Lord Taylor June 4th on his birthday, so what I need from you is some videos saying happy birthday! 


  • Video’s must be 10 seconds or under (I may allow a few more seconds slip depending on how many submissions we get) 
  • Submissions must be in BEFORE May 15th 2017 so that I will have time to edit the video together
  • You can say anything you want in your message, but as expected, please be respectful, watch your language, etc. 
  • You can say anything you want in your message, you can say more than just happy birthday, but as stated above, please be respectful, and please keep it within the 10 second area. 
  • Please save files with your username or name you want to appear in the description as the title of your file
  • If you would like a link to your blog in the description on youtube, add that into your email when you send it and I will add it in.

The video itself will be given to Robin via Twitter and uploaded on youtube on his birthday. Whether he sees it or not, we’ll see, but I think it would be a nice little project to get the community together, and tell him just how much we appreciate him. 

Please submit videos to the sooner the better! 

And on a side note, if anyone has any non copy-written music we could use in the background, something that would be suiting for a video compilation like this, that you would be willing to let me use, feel free to send that video email as well, I will credit you in the youtube description. If not, then it will be musicless, which isn’t a big deal, I think it’ll be great either way.

@fujoshi16 @helloiliketits @more-contagious-than-laughter @hotgothamite @jokesterwrites @squeebers42 @selene-yoshi-chan @baskervilleshund 

You know what? I’m glad Ben is stepping down as director of the Batman movie. The guy, in every single image I’ve seen of him over the past few months, makes me feel stressed out just by looking at him, so I can only imagine how he feels. Writing, starring, and producing a superhero movie sounds like hell and I’m glad he took the initiative to say that he’s stepping down and looking for a director to work with.

But do you know what this could mean? No more people asking him when he’ll start shooting the Batman movie, not to the extent it was before. Name five script writers from a superhero movie that didn’t come out over the last few years: I can’t think of many that I wouldn’t have to double check first. Now tell me how many interviews those people had compared to the directors of those movies. Keeping out of the director’s seat will give Affleck the time he needs to relax (‘cause the dude needs a nap) and focus on the script and the acting, which is what most people are there for (though a cool director wouldn’t hurt either).

DGHDA Fandom Gothic

- You think you’ve seen every possible variant of ‘holistic’ and ‘dirk gently’ urls, and yet, more and more keep popping up. The supply is seemingly infinite.

- You think you’ve followed every blog there is to follow, but thanks to the infinite url rule, you most certainly haven’t. You keep following so many blogs, yet your dash is still not full enough. You will not rest until every post you see contains your sunshine boy.

- Everyone’s blog title is “Everything Is Connected”. The simplest explanation is that this is just a really good line from the show. The less simple explanation haunts you, the thought that everything really is connected. That is not your blog title… Where does that leave you?

- You’ve seen more yellow over the past few weeks than you have in the past year. Your eyes strain and ache. You stare even harder.

- You see the name Gun Roughly. You either understand or wonder why the hell that would be a name and who the hell that name belongs to. It belongs to Gun Roughly. Everything belongs to Gun Roughly.

- The lack of discourse is utterly disconcerting, so much so that you have to make it, yourself. Even that doesn’t last.

- You want a bigger fandom. You want more art and fics and edits and people to share theories with. You want a bigger fandom, for the show to get the recognition it deserves. You want a bigger fandom. (You don’t want a bigger fandom.)

The thing is Camila is typical as a solo artists. She doesn’t have a stand out quality outside of 5h. She’s just another “relatable” teen who sings about teen romance and talks about White Feminism.

It’s what the industry wants now, but you can tell that era is somewhat coming to a close because they’re adding a “and-!” factor. Alesia Cara is relatable AND has a soothing/deeper voice. Zara Larson is relatable AND the cool foreign bad girl you wish you were.

That’s why there are so many one hit wonders (Talking Body-Tove Lo, Sit Still Look Pretty-Daya, Fire N Gold-Bea Miller, to name a few). Because the demand was up more companies were signing/recording these kind of artists, now the market is saturated and the demand is dropping. It’s simple reasoning.

So, by leaving 5H to go solo, Camila has basically agreed to enter a dying market without a “and-!” factor instead of staying with a standout group that has a solid fan base. The only thing you could say is stand out about her is her fan base, but even then cover artists on YouTube have the same if not bigger fan bases.

Epic knows all of this. So why do you think they did it?

Money and PR. Camila leaving gave 4H the best PR of 2016 to the point where everyone was talking about it, most people siding with 4H. Think about it. 4H’s first official performance was a highlight moment on Twitter, got cover by most entertainment news outlets, and much more. Their first photo as a foursome was tweeted by Ellen, Brittney Spears, and many others. They got all that promo free.

Are Epic possibly favoring Camila now? Yes, but what they showed through the 4H statement about her leaving is pretty simple and scary for Camila and her fans. They’re willing to throw Camila under the bus in a second. They don’t care about her, they care about the money her fanatics can give them and her fanatics have proven no matter what she does they’ll stay.

Camila is basically their back up savings fund and 4H is their investment. They’re betting on 4H (hence all the training and extremely highly respected writers/coaches) and Camila is their fall back plan. It’s the opposite of what everyone assumes.

2016ROOKIES is opening its doors!

We are a network dedicated to finding content for every rookie group and bringing all of the fans together. All of these rookies deserve so much love and 2016 has been such a good year for rookies and we want to help everyone find all these great, talented rookie groups. Just to name a few; Victon, SF9, NCT, Cosmic Girls, I.O.I, Gugudan, Pentagon, BLACKPINK, Vromance, Astro, and so so so many more. Also: 2016ROOKIES will be including any rookie that debuted from January 2016 - February 2017. We are unsure of MYTEEN’s debut date but we will also include them.

We accept everyone that loves the rookies, including gifmakers, editors, gfx makers, rebloggers, you name it.

We are currently looking for moderators who will help us track the network tag and reblog all the posts, you can apply for that here. we are not currently looking for admins, any moderator that is constantly active is very likely to be quickly promoted to an admin


We will accept anyone into the net, but we do have a few rules

1. Don’t bash other rookie groups, it’s okay to have opinions and we will listen to whatever you have to say but please don’t just say stuff like “___ is from a bigger company and had their fame handed to them, they aren’t even talented or attractive and ___ worked so much harder than them” we are in this net because we love the rookies from this year.

2. Don’t be a porn blog!!!! I know we said we would accept anyone but we have some limits ok

3. We love memes. Please put them in our tag. Thank you

To apply, fill out this form. We will be tracking the tag #2016rookies so please start tagging your rookies posts with #2016rookies as soon as you get accepted into the net!

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(different annon) Wait Cullen/solas? i didn't know that was a ship, sounds intresting tho >.> can I ask what u like about it? ^^

So much, anon. On a personal level, it hits all of my wickets. It’s an amalgamation of espionage, angst, military tactics, chess, and supreme nerddom (I mean…in the race for Biggest Nerd in the Inquisition, Solas and Cullen are pretty well up there.) And it’s all tied together by that classic dynamic of a cool, aloof intellectual vs a warmer, more personable commander. 

On a broader level there are so many fascinating angles and tensions that could play out in this ship.  Apostate mage vs ex-Templar, other worldly vs worldly, duplicity vs directness, past vs future, just to name a few.  They also have much in common, enough that I think they would have fantastic chemistry. They both value duty above nearly everything else, they (too willingly) sacrifice their well-being, and both ultimately want people to be safe– although their definition of ‘people’ varies. These two have a lot to learn from one another about how to face failure, cope with pain, and exercise empathy. They could help each other in so many ways. The worst part is they absolutely have the potential to save one another, even if it goes up in flames.

For instance, a common thread in Lionwolf is Solas helping Cullen to cope with nightmares/lyrium withdrawal, in a way only he can– not only through magic and his Fade expertise, but because letting Solas help him would be a huge turning point for Cullen. He’s not a man who accepts help easily, especially from someone like Solas who lives so free from rules and convention. It would be healing in more ways than one, a sign that he’s let go of his tortured past and can finally be the person he was meant to be.

And Solas helping Cullen to overcome his past while holding so tightly to his own is beautifully ironic. Just being with Cullen would make him question everything, because it’s so easy to think of him as just some brute human and a mage jailer. Seeing him for the complex and real person that he is would undermine Solas so badly, which he needs and I think on some level wants. And seeing the way Cullen chooses to cope with his mistakes, as opposed to the way that he does, would torture him with doubt (which all of us Solasmancers love doing.)

Then imagine Cullen finally learning to trust someone who represents everything he fears: a powerful apostate, practically more spirit than person, who doesn’t follow any of the rules Cullen believed kept people safe. Imagine Cullen letting go of all of his old fears, and putting all of his love and hope in this man. And his heart breaking, and every moment of doubt justified when Solas betrays him. f u c k.

On another note, it’s interesting to think of Lionwolf from the perspective of power dynamics. Cullen is a Commander through and through, both in title and in personality. So is Solas, even if he’s incognito. They’re both dominant types in life and in their relationships. Imagine that banter as they butt heads– Solas trying to maintain his facade as a humble beige hobo, but showing too much of his rebel commander side in a heated moment. Cullen picking up on that, recognizing him as a fellow general and tactician and wondering just how an elvhen apostate came by those skills. The ensuing push and pull between two commanding men who are feeling each other out, vying for dominance, planning moves and gambits because they’ve finally met an opponent worthy of playing on that level.

…And behind it all, Solas playing another game entirely. Moving his spies into the Inquisition, pulling strings with knowledge he sees on Cullen’s desk and pulls from their conversations. Cullen getting too close to finding out, and Solas kissing him to distract him (it works), and telling himself that it’s for a greater cause, despite the way he wants to sink into it. Cullen being flustered at first, on the back foot, and then rising to his challenge, pushing back–

All right, I’m getting carried away and this post has gone on for too long. There’s just so much there to work with and I haven’t even begun to touch on everything. I hope it’s enough, though, to have given you a taste of all the potential within this ship.


ok im finally getting around to doing all those selfie tags i got ages ago lol so this is for anyone who tagged me in anything selfie related in the past ?? 3 months i guess lmao ill put it under a cut bc i tend to ramble :/

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Since Fujimaki won’t give us GOM siblings, I’ve taken it upon myself to yolo/headcanon them. Here’s the first set with the precious son!! He has four older siblings, he’s literally the baby of his family cAN YOU BELIEVE.

His parents must have moolah bc - just consider it for a moment. Their kids would grow out of their clothes every few months growing up, all their furniture/maybe even their house itself needs to be custom made, etc.

((also the 17 age was with extra game in mind but then I drew his hair like the main series uh… yolo?))

so i hit 2k a while ago and i’m amazed that so many people like my blog?? like wow i love you all thank u so much so here’s a few little things to celebrate💕💕


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  • i ask that you only choose one of the mb options just ‘cause they take a bit of time and effort, but u can get either one with compliments! 
  • everything will be tagged with #2kcelebration if u want to blacklist

options under the cut!

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He refers to Michigan as “a kind of musical road-trip” - or sometimes, in more high-flown moments, “a geographical tone-poem”. But the remarkable thing about the album is the way its poignant songs of mystical revelation and family break-up retain their narrative coherence, even as exotic and unfamiliar place names - Pickeral Lake, Ypsilanti, Makinaw - fly by like station signs from an Amtrack train window.

“There are so many of these old logging towns with just a few people living in them,” he muses wistfully. “There’s no real economy there, and the only point of society seems to be to supply the next generation of high-school dropouts with a job at the local bait shop. New York [where Stevens currently lives] is sort of spoilt in that way,” he continues. “Everyone flocks there to make something of themselves. It’s a shame we can’t have that kind of energy and enthusiasm for other places - a city like Detroit could certainly use some help from artists and engineers and architects.”
—  The 50 states of rock, 2004 interview with Sufjan Stevens in The Telegraph

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1, 17, 33, 34.

Thank you nonny! <3

1. Who is your favorite simblr?

I answered that question here. :)

17. Sims blogs you recommend?

SO many! I follow 240 blogs right now (not all simblrs but the vast majority are), and I’d hate to name only a few and cause anyone to feel left out. I know that’s a shitty reply, though, and I apologize. :( However, if you or anybody else reading this wants to message me off anon I’d be more than happy to give you some recommendations depending on what type of sims blogs you like.

33. List five facts about your favorite character.

Madeleine is not my favorite character, but I’m going to choose her anyway. Mainly because I just really enjoy talking about her, but also I know that she has this one fan who is simply dying to learn more about her. ;)

  1. Maddie likes being on stage. She enjoys having all the attention on her.
  2. As such, theater was her favorite class in high school and college.
  3. This was also due to the fact that she was sleeping with her drama professor at the time.
  4. Which earned her an A in the class, but he still refused to give her the lead in the spring musical. At this particular university, the biggest roles are always strictly reserved for the upperclassmen.
  5. However, the senior who won the part bombed it. Which delighted Madeleine to no end, right up until she discovered that her teacher was sleeping with this young woman as well and that was how such an untalented actress had managed to become the star of the play.

34. Do any of your characters have a crush on someone else’s sim? Who?

Not really, no. Although I’m sure many of them would if they were ever to meet anyone else’s sims. For example, Westley would be head over heels about @theothersim​‘s Peanut if they ever crossed paths. I discussed why here if you’re curious. <3

So I was scrolling through the tumblr void, and I found this ask that @bananannabeth had gotten. I screenshotted, and replied to it, since her ask was closed and I really liked the prompt. I hope that’s okay! But anyways, here’s a thing. Side note- I did skip the tattoo artist thing… Sorry!

Part 2 here:

Nico isn’t sure how many more hippie sun doodles he can take on his wrist.

“Will you quit doodling those stupid Suns?” He writes on his right wrist. A few minutes later, the reply comes in on his left wrist. “Only if you’d tell me your name already.”

Nico sighed. Alright, so he hadn’t even given his soulmate a hint about who he was. He hadn’t told him anything, his name, his age, nothing. It’s just- he’s not ready, in every sense of the word. He’s learned so much about Will, he’s 17, is a junior at his school’s rival high school, and he wants to be a doctor. From the doodle he drew of himself, he looks like he’ll be tall, blond, with a ton of freckles. He’s funny too, and really witty. He’s happy go lucky, and a bit of a hippy.

In short, he’s everything Nico isn’t. Nico just turned 14, he’s only in 8th grade. Too big of an age difference right now. He wears all black and skull tee shirts and an old aviator jacket he got from the thrift shop down the road from school. He’s quiet and unpopular and awkward.

And the worst? Nico is a he.

What if Will didn’t realize his soulmate was a guy? What if he’d never thought he might be bi, or gay, or anything else entailing him liking guys? And Nico doesn’t even feel ready to come out himself. He’s in 8th grade for crying out loud! 13 year olds are cruel, and he knows he wouldn’t be accepted yet.

So for now, Nico lets Will pour his heart and soul onto his left forearm, while Nico gives little of himself in return. Most days, Will as come to accept that he knows so little about his soulmate, and that he hasn’t gotten to meet him yet. But there are a few days when he’s just frustrated.

“Anything. Please. You know everything about me and I know nothing,” appears on Nico’s arm during Earth Science. He sighs, seeing Will’s messier than usual handwriting. He’s probably had a bad day.

Resigned, Nico writes back “I had a sister, and she was the best person in the world. She went to Artemis Academy in upstate New York.”

Will replies almost instantly. “What happened to her?”

Nico uses his hand sanitizer to wash his last sentence away to make more room. “She died. She was walking to a cafe with some friends, and it was icy. The driver couldn’t control the car, and he hit her,” Nico wrote. Further up his arm, he added “that was when I was 11, and Bianca was 14.”

Will didn’t write anything for a minute. Nico finished his work sheet the teacher had assigned, and as he was turning it in, new words appeared on his left forearm. “I’m really sorry that happened to you.”

“Thanks. It really sucked. She was my only real family so”

Nico could tell Will was happy to learn something about him, even if it wasn’t good things, because he continued to reply quickly.

“What do you mean?”

“Mom died when I was little. Dad-”

“Mr. di Angelo,” his teacher, Mr. Minos said. “Anything you’d like to share with the class?”


“No, sir,” he replied, smirking. He was a jerk, but Nico couldn’t afford another trip to the office, so he repeated the teacher.

By the time class had ended, Nico’s left arm was covered in “and?” “What about your dad?” “Are you still there?” “Haha I’m so funny” “but seriously, you okay?” “Oh god please be okay” “I don’t even know your name you can’t be not okay and leave your soulmate hanging like this.”

More continued appearing, so Nico finally wrote back “Chill, my teacher yelled at me for writing you during class, so I had to stop.”

The writing on his arm started to smudge away, and was replaced by “oh… Sorry…”

“It’s okay.”

“So… Your dad?”

“Straight to the point, huh Solace?”

“I mean, you don’t have to tell me”

“No, I was going to anyways, it’s fine,” Nico replies. He takes the hand sanitizer (bless this stuff) and clears his arm. “My dad runs a huge funeral home business. I mean, really big. He cheated on his wife with my mom… Twice. She had me and Bianca, and she died in an accident when I was four. So he moved us from Venice to the states and had us put into boarding schools.”

“Holy shit,” Will writes back. “That’s… Wow. It’s just my mom and me, as you know, but I still couldn’t imagine not having any family for so long”

Will doesn’t write anything for a moment, but before Nico can reply, “I’ll be your family,” appears on his arm.

Nico’s glad he’s already back in his dorm room, because he gets ready eyed at that.

“My last name is di Angelo,” he finally replies. He’s still not ready to come out, but he’s already given Will a lot today. Besides, he doesn’t have a Facebook, so he can’t stalk Nico and figure it out.

“di Angelo. I like it,” Will replies. “Thanks for today. I didn’t expect to learn so much.”

In reply, Nico just draws a little sun. He’s still not ready to go much further. But he’s making progress, and that’s what matters.

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If it aint to much to ask... will you do a masterpost or just a collection of your favorite Key earrings/piercings? Does he change them per era? 💚

oh boy a masterlist would be never ending because he changes his earrings more than any of us change our underwear, but i can definitely name a few of my favourites!

and yeah i think the general style of earrings he’s worn have changed depending on the concept. like, for 1of1/1and1 he didn’t wear any at all, and odd era was very general balls and hoops to fit the whole normcore aesthetic. everybody era (aka my favourite Earring Era) he was wearing quite bold statement pieces like:

a cross (which he also wore for the toheart album shoot)

and a bullet (which he also wore in the 321 mv)

this claw/spike lookin beauty (i also love the smaller accompanying earrings that round out the look without being overbearing)

and these spiral earrings that i love!!! (which he alternated between wearing one in each ear and two in one ear at times)

i think my all time fave would have to be the pink unicorn though!!! he’s often worn all kinds of interesting things in his conch (is that what it’s called? the one in the middle of his ear lol) piercing. off the top of my head i can think of one that said KEY, a dinosaur, a spider, a ship’s wheel, a screw, and a wrench.

howelldescent  asked:


30. what is your favourite feeling?
that feeling when you finally understand why something is how it is

31. what is your favourite cold drink?
milkshakes, smoothies, vanilla or caramel frappes

32. what is your favourite hot drink?
most kinds of tea

33. what has been the highlight of your week?
well it hasn’t happened yet but I’ll only have three days of school this week and then 5 days off so I’m looking forward to that!

34. who are your favourite tumblrs?
ahhh I have so many! to name a few: for d&p content you’re definitely one, @princessdan @astronautdan @fringecringes @themostfuniveverhad are the other few that come to mind but there’s definitely more I just can’t remember!!
and for aesthetics @peaches-phan @uptional and @goghthedistance are usually my go-to’s

35. what are your favourite sounds?
rain, cars driving by, laughter, and the sound makeup brushes make when they’re against skin

So many things about the last few minutes, but…. “Your name is Jim” AND THEN HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A MORE ADORING LOOK EVER THAN THE ONE JIM AIMED AT SPOCK