and so many good players in the making


Jeremy’s massive thing of Aveeno and tissues. Same.

Will Connolly has nice legs.

Jeremy tucks in his shirt? What a nerd.

The choreography in More Than Survive is legendary.

Chloe is an asshole. Also, I’m pretty sure Jeremy was going to defend Jenna? Good boy.

Jeremy is so gleeful when he sees the sign up sheet? Fuck everyone who says he only signed up for Christine- this boy clearly wanted to do it, he was just too scared to go for it.

The sad look as he realizes that the signup is just going to end in humiliation.

CHRISTINE’S LIP BALM??? Get moisturized!


Brooke’s hair is gorgeous.

Jeremy bops along to Michael’s rap, which is adorable. It also shows that he’s only really comfortable around him- compare Jeremy in the chorus of More Than Survive, where he’s flailing and totally unable to keep with the choreography to Two Player Game, where he and Michael are completely in sync.

Handshake is repeated in Two Player Game! Motif confirmed!

Speaking of which, Michael himself is totally with the choreography. I think this can be taken as either him accepting his place in the hierarchy, or at least having the social skills to navigate it. Either way, it makes sense that he has trouble relating to Jeremy’s frustration with fitting in- in his own way, he already does.

Also, the prop and scene transitions are fantastic? The entire set is ridiculously versatile, and it’s incredible how seamless the transitions are and how they blend into the dancing. Also, the fucking sky bean bags. Who do you think had to stand up on the catwalks and drop those? I wanna know.

At 7:40 we have some quality hand flapping action? I mean, this entire scene is great- Jeremy stands up straighter and looks so genuinely excited, and he runs up to the poster, so ready to get genuinely into this play… and then Rich calls him gay and publically humiliates him.

Speaking of Rich, he’s kind of a dick in this, isn’t he? I mean, the whole bullying thing definitely is not a mild issue- Rich spends most of his time attacking Jeremy. At 2:40 he straight up punches Jeremy in the nuts, he actually lays hands on him during the “BOYF” scene, and when he’s singing to him, at one point he’s clearly about to punch him. Hard.

Speaking of that moment, I want to point out Jeremy’s instantaneous reaction to Rich raising his hand. That’s not a normal reaction. Normal people block their faces, obviously, but the way Jeremy automatically does it before Rich even finishes raising his hand, that’s not normal. That’s what people do when they’ve been hit. A lot.

Anyways, Michael is amazing? Such a supportive friend. So many good friendly touches. 9:45’s little face pat, and the entirety of Two Player Game stick out.


And lemme talk about I Love Play Rehearsal too. I love Christine, and she’s so amazingly extra in everything she does. I also love how happy Jeremy is listening to her, even if he’s too nervous to talk, and how Christine is totally cool with that! They have a lot of great chemistry in this!

I also love how it’s absolutely obvious that Christine is horrible at reading the room and is constantly unaware of the innuendos she’s making. My beautiful, oblivious daughter.

And, she’s so comfortable with him! You go girl! Shout at the sweaty man!

Jeremy is a ball of spastic energy. Constantly. I can relate.

Shout out to Jeremy putting his hands over his lap. It’s okay man. We all have boners for Christine.

Jeremy’s little smile during her song? It’s adorable. 100% wholesome. He’s so in love.

And Christine poking his… like, everywhere? Cute as hell.

And for that matter, Jeremy’s nervous tic of smoothing down his hair? Really cute. He does it a lot too!

Jake is apparently also on the Frisbee Golf Team. Make of that what you will.

Mr. Reyes hugging Christine. Quality comforting. My poor daughter, who then proceeds to harass him during the Hot Pocket Break. Perfect girl.

She also seems really hesitant initially with Jake. Her body language is very much “Leave me alone please.”

Jeremy has canonically had to go to the nurse over breakdowns.

Rich has seen Mr. Reyes urinate. This isn’t important, but like. It happened. Why.

Rich spends the entire discussion before his song urinating while rolling his hips. And doesn’t wash his hands. Then puts said hands all over Jeremy. Jeremy has indirectly touched Rich’s dick.

Rich’s lisp comes back when he shouts at Jeremy, then he slaps himself. Damn, that’s heartbreaking.

Also, irrelevant to Rich, but Jeremy’s hands are in his pockets 85% of the time. Like a bisexual penguin.

Rich at 20:33 keeps touching Jeremy’s face. He still has not washed his hands.


Please, someone make a tutorial for the SQUIP hand gestures. I love them.

Rich makes Jeremy stand straight. Foreshadowing much?

When Rich sings “Rule!” at 22:25, he does the rising fist motion from Pitiful Children.

Jeremy’s flailing at 23:09, beautiful anxious deer child. He’s beauty, he is grace, he’s gonna shove a SQUIP in his face.

“Aren’t you gonna wash your hands?”

Rich flashing Jeremy while he shouts about how the SQUIP makes it so he doesn’t get piss on his hands.

Rich is a nasty boy.

Jeremy’s reprise of the SQUIP Song is great.


Michael has reentered the narrative and they both sound so happy to see each other.

Beanbags, our twin heavenly Lords and Saviors, are made with space fabric.

Jeremy and Michael move in perfect tandem, like holy shit. They straight up swap controllers for a bit and keep playing as they talk and dance and annoy each other? Incredible.

This is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen. So full of holes.

Michael tickles Jeremy? GOOD SHIT.

Jeremy steals Michael’s controller and his face has such glee. So playful. So pure.

Friendly reminder that part of the reason Jeremy took the SQUIP and kept obeying it was fear of become his father- depressed and negligent.

The awkward hell of having to stare at Mr. Heere’s crotch. Every time he shows up. Jeremy, I feel your pain.

Mr. Heere goes in for the hair tussle and is brutally rejected by his son. In general, Jeremy is really upset by his parents, both his dad and his deadbeat mom.

Michael is super insecure.

Honestly, this whole thing is like watching the build up to a tragedy. It’s honestly unnerving to now Jeremy’s going to get the living shit kicked out of him.

Jeremy flipping Michael off at 29:07 is my aesthetic.

Rich and Jake helping with the scene transitions are amazing.

Michael’s constant glaring at Spooky Stock Boy is legendary. Quality moral support here.

Every Time Jeremy’s voice cracks, I triple in power.

The robotic backup singers and theremin during Stock Boy’s reprise are my sexuality.

Tag yourself, I’m massive hat lady.



More quality Jer-flaps at 34:23.


I mean, seriously, that’s an actual goddamn seizure. That’s horrifying.


Christine is so fucking worried, and she pushes Jake away for making fun of Jeremy. I love her.


the new information about Joseph’s ‘cult ending’ makes this game absolutely disgusting.

this game was praised for positivity and diversity for gay people [which was already on thin ice, because many gay men were concerned about the characters in the game being fetishized] 

but the good, saintly Christian dad, who happened to date the player character of the same sex, was revealed as, surprise! a demonic entity.

we already have so much comparison in media of gay people to demons, blasphemes, and sinners. that’s mostly what the lgbt community is seen as. 

not only is it a matter of stereotyping one character, it ruins the player’s enjoyment of any of the other characters, because it’s revealed that Joseph uses his powers to keep those dads single and feast off of their sexual energy, either by having their marriage/relationship fail, or by killing his partner. and then they move to the game’s central town. once the player achieves this ending, they’ll know that none of their replays matter, because Joseph will find a way to keep them single.

the Game Grumps were already known as racist, homophobic, transphobic and otherwise prejudiced people who cared little about fixing their mistakes.

if you still want this game, pirate it. they don’t deserve your money, and they shouldn’t have it. they’re disgustingly wealthy people who constantly brag about their earnings [and no, their charity streams and donations don’t make up for it.]

for any gay people reading this, who feel insecure and shameful about your sexuality battling with your religion, avoid this game.







This dude renovated his whole house by himself. 






And this dude has A+++++++ parenting AND gardening skills. 

He is an expert on everything Victorian, including the language of flowers and arranging bouquets and writing beautiful letters. 





But he also has a sweet and joking side. Despite his Gothic persona, he is actually really scared by horror movies. He takes you out for a date in a graveyard and somehow makes it comforting, enchanting even. He’s always making jokes about things the Victorians COULD have done. 

Damien manages to handle his rebellious teen JUST FINE without making his son feel like he’s being patronized or controlled. He is diplomatic, calm, and loving. He’s a cool dad. 










Damien has lost people dear to him. Yet he keeps moving. He keeps finding ways to make his life interesting and beautiful. He is good with animals and kids, everyone really (except the cashier at Hot Topic). He has not let life make him bitter. I love that about his character. I think his connection with the Player Dad is really special because people judge him so quickly and the Player Dad helps show him that he’s more than just an archetype and he can be his own person. The pressure to be only a small part of himself 100% of the time was making it hard for him to enjoy his hobbies, or to feel free. And I relate to that, I really do. We all have something people expect us to be. 

And don’t even get me started on the GRADUATION PARTY




And then there is this

I have nothing to say. 

I think I almost cried when i SAW THIS GIFT FROM THE GODS




voltron band au

bc i’m a sucker for these, hear me out

  • Lance:
    -plays the tenor sax
    -used the entire box of tenor sax reeds in the first week, is now responsible for funding the tenor sax reed purchases for the rest of the year
    -misses cues bc he’s too busy laughing at his distorted reflection on the surface of his instrument
    -learned the pink panther theme in 2 days and plays it at every opportunity. has played it so much that every time he picks up the instrument the entire band cringes and shoots him death glares
    -it becomes so annoying that one day one of the percussionists gives up and throws a timpani mallet at his head
    -he still plays it
  • Keith:
    -gets bored during rehearsals and practices random shit while he’s supposed to be playing with the rest of the band
    -no one notices
    -except for the tuba player, who is too nice to say anything
    -drops drumsticks all the time, during the worst possible moments
    -*slow & intense piece ends gently* *final note is lifted* *sound of drumsticks hitting the floor*
    -is responsible for every single ba dum tss delivered after every lance roast
  • Hunk:
    -plays the tuba
    -kinda nervous about playing loud, but is always encouraged bc he is always perfectly in tune
    -really nice about correcting the rest of the low brass when they’re doing the wrong thing
    -once freaked out when he got eighth notes, excitedly sent pictures of the score to all his friends
    -everyone thinks he practices a lot bc he’s super good, but really he’s just amazing at sight reading 
  • Pidge:
    -plays the keyboard 
    -loves to fuck around with the sound settings
    -procrastinates practicing & never knows what they’re doing, actually just makes up half the notes and hopes for the best
    -can get halfway through a piece before realizing it’s the wrong one
    -coffee stains are covering all the important bits in their music
    -has never seen a pencil in their life
  • Shiro:
    -plays the french horn and is f ucking good
    -people forget to play after his solos bc everyone is hypnotized 
    -always has extra pencils for anyone who needs one
    -casually knows every instrument’s fingerings, people ask for his help all the time
    -has emergency reeds too ??? has saved the lives of many reed players in emergencies
    -makes sure the other horns get to have solos too, bc he knows he’s not the only good player and likes everyone to have their proud moments
  • Allura: 
    -the conductor 
    -dumps 15 new pieces on the band at once
    -“yes, i am aware that we’ve only been playing this for five minutes. your excuse is…?”
    -has incredibly high expectations
    -but is really proud of everyone & shows it

OH HEY MORE FANART bc i have no chill and also because this fic is currently my lifeblood

based off of that really angsty chapter from that baseball au fic by @moreracquetball that i can’t get enough of

Thoughts on Diamond Options

I actually fully support diamond options. PB is a company and they need to make money to pay their employees and keep providing content, diamond and key sales let them do that. However, I think diamonds should enhance the story, not set up the player to fail/have a less enjoyable experience if they don’t purchase diamonds.

Good Use of Diamonds

Sexy times. Not only does it make sense to make users pay for what is just extra content, but it also lets PB keep the mature content locked away behind a pay-wall. This one is probably never going to change. Though, the fact that these scenes range from 16 to 30 diamonds, depending on the book/scene is inconsistent. 

Bonus content. The Crown and the Flame was good about this. You could buy weapons or allies that helped you in that moment but also gave you bonus scenes later on in the story. Without this content, you could still achieve your goal, it would just be harder (more on this in a moment), but you wouldn’t get the extra content later on. For example saving Tevan in Book One means he’ll appear for the rest of the book, offering us support to make our victory a little easier, but we’ll still win without him. 

Acceptable Use of Diamonds

Making the task easier. As mentioned above, often the diamond choice makes the task easier. The weapons in TC&TF give you an advantage, outfits in The Royal Romance and Endless Summer can make it easier to blend in and achieve your goal. In Book Two of ES, you can buy the winter outfit to keep warm and it means you navigate the snow easier and can lead your friends to safety quicker, plus you unlock a clue. If you don’t buy the outfit, you can still lead your friends to safety, it’s just more challenging and you have to pass a bunch of timed choices.

When the diamond option is better, but the cheap option is still ok. We see this in Rules of Engagement with the wedding options. The free options are nice (except the flowers, the no-flower greenery option sucks) but the diamond options are better. You still get to get married in a wedding dress with a veil, still have a pretty cake, etc if you don’t spend diamonds, you just get more customization options if you do. 

Terrible Use of Diamond Options

Shaming the user for not buying the diamond choice. In Love Hacks, Book One you have to pick an outfit to go to a sporting event. You can pay diamonds and wear the team colors or you can wear the free option which is the opposing team’s colors, this, of course, will get the MC heckled by other characters. This sucks and is just one example of the game shaming you for choosing the free option.

Missing information. In TRR, there is a subplot involving pictures taken at Liam’s bachelor party and the suggestion that someone in the MC’s inner circle may be a traitor. This is first mentioned in a diamond scene back in Book One and is then introduced into the main story in Book Two and the user is given the option to resolve it, in a diamond scene, of course. If the user chooses not to pay the diamonds, they are not told the outcome of the mystery (and it’s a pretty bbig story/character development).

This means that players who are not spending diamonds do not have access to the same information as players who do (basically all of Endless Summer) which can make for a less enjoyable experience. I’m not talking about bonus content that enhances the story but about information that plays into the main story and effects the character’s and their relationships. 

Not Spending Diamonds = Being a Bad Friend. Or basically the entire plot of The Sophomore. This ties into shaming the user. So many times the user has to spend diamonds to make the right choice and be a decent person. Hana, in The Royal Romance, is a good exmaple of this. So many of her diamond choices involve being a good person: running after her when Olivia makes fun of her, attending her party at the regatt so she’s not all alone. It would be nice to be able to be a decent human being without constnat having to spend diamonds.


I have no issues spending diamons in the game. I can afford it and budget appropriately, but I dislike feeling forced to spend them or the way some of the diamond options are presented. 

In my opinion, TC&TF handled diamond options fairly well, especially since they also used power/prestige points to give player’s another option. There was a lot of bonus content in TC&TF but the game was still enjoyable without spending diamonds, it was just a little more work. 

I definitely feel like I need to spend diamonds on Endless Summer or the game will be harder and less enjoyable. I know it’s also basically impossible to romance Estela without unlocking all her diamond scenes, which sucks. I love ES, but I play it knowing that I’m going to be spending money to play it. Same with TRR. 

Allure Korea July 2017 | Lee Jinki

(T/N: Please note that there might be something lost / errors in the translation. Thank you and enjoy!)

Q: This is your last night in Maldives. What are the most memorable things?
First is playing outside. The nature is very very beautiful. Thanks to the villa I’m staying in I could see the ocean just by sitting leisurely, and I also could see it just by opening the curtain. In the morning or at night, my mind got calm when I saw the ocean from my villa. Next is doing sea activities. I didn’t know I could see a turtle this close!

Q: The villa is nice, right? Although the wind sound is a bit loud sometimes due to monsoon.
I saw stingray come and go. The water level changes every hour. I get to know how deep is the water.

Q: What’s a good point of Minho as your travel buddy?
As you see, Minho is always full of energy. I don’t know what I should do so I can’t decide. But Minho organizes the things that he wants to do. Minho’s good point, but also a weak point is that he has too much energy. (laughs)

Q: What did you put inside your suitcase?
I brought four white t-shirts. I always leave some space.

Q: You’re still touring right? What concert is it?
It’s overseas concert and we want to show it in high
quality just like what we did in Korea.

Q: You’re a concert veteran now, right? Are you still nervous when coming on the stage?
No matter how many times I’ve experienced it, I’m always concerned about maintaining my stamina. However, I always fail at the first show. There is a moment where I burst out my energy explosively that I become so exhausted. Different situations also occur when I do the same performance several times, but I overcome them all as I exchange gaze with the members.

Q: Do you understand each other only by looking at their eyes now?
Not everything, but I think Minho kind of knows. (laughs)

Q: Yesterday was your 9th debut anniversary right? How was the past 9 years?
It’s short if it’s short, and it’s long if it’s long… I think the strongest point of a team is that it continues to exist. Our affection grows as we undergo things together over time.

Q: How have the members grown up?
I think everyone has grown up into a good direction. As each of us are trying to find ourselves, individually, our area of capabilities have gradually become bigger. We gain synergy because of that.

Q: It seems that you care about the other members more because you’re the oldest?
I just listen to them when they tell me something. I also whine a lot. Since we’ve been together for over 10 years, there are days when they are like the hyung, and there are also days when I’m like the hyung.

Q: When is the time when you feel it’s nice to have done this career for 9 years?
Because we’re no longer rookies, it’s nice that we’re able to match each other.

Q: Is ‘A team that is always trustworthy’ a thing that comes across your mind when you think of SHINee? They’re like perfectionist at their performances and songs.
Haha! When I’m working hard on a performance there are times when I don’t think much about it when it’s near the last stage.

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Talks Machina Summary (Episode 89)
  • Denise message: “I emerge from the loam to reclaim what is mine.”
  • Brian gives Laura and Liam roses a la Bachelor. Travis doesn’t get one and is v. sad.
  • Critrolestats: The last episode crushed the record for most DM facepalms.
  • Laura and Vex both thought they wouldn’t be able to get through to Vax and would thus have to deal directly with the Raven Queen
  • Laura asked Matt for a bunch of information about the Raven Queen after buying the book.
  • Grog was hesitant to get involved in Vax’s resurrection after his contribution wasn’t heard in Scanlan’s, but Travis couldn’t resist the callback to what happened in the workshop. In the past, he would’ve shaved Vax’s head or something, but the prank-war stuff seemed less appropriate now.
  • Travis after a discussion of which tooth Vax lost: “We haven’t yet addressed dental work in this land of Exandria.”
  • Laura mentions that it was really intimidating to have Liam on-set for the ritual. Brian proposes a Waiting-on-Resurrection cam, and Laura tests some lighting for it. Travis is terrified.
  • Laura didn’t realize Orcus is, you know, a god. She got a lot of tweets along the lines of “you done fucked up”. Travis recounts the story of the time Matt showed him a picture of Orcus and how terrifying he is. They all point out that Matt could very well deviate from the D&D canon in his interpretations of these characters, so they’re trying not to make too many assumptions.
  • Brian: “I went reddit-free like Travis, and I lost 15 lbs of emotional regret.”
  • Grog has been paying attention to all the good things Vax has done for the rest of the party and beyond, and so he’s been moving away from seeing him as just a target for pranks. Both Grog as a character and Travis as a player were really moved by Vax’s words in the workshop, to the point where he couldn’t come up with a response and chose to just leave it at that.
  • Laura is still appalled that Travis tried to steal her donuts.
  • Laura doesn’t think Vex would’ve become the champion if Vax hadn’t made it, and she wouldn’t have put on the armor. She didn’t make that pledge to the Raven Queen, but she wouldn’t have blamed her for what happened. If Matt hadn’t ended the last episode where he did, Vex would’ve blamed Keyleth–unreasonably, Laura hastens to add, but she would’ve lashed out irrationally. There wasn’t really any place to add that in, but she had a callback to that emotion in the apology to Keyleth later in the episode.
  • Everyone discusses how Keyleth made the right call in jumping out with the twins when she did.
  • Liam is choosing to interpret everyone’s successes in their various resurrection rituals from an in-game perspective as Vax deciding that this is a sign that they’re all being pushed along a certain path, and that they all have a purpose together in the Raven Queen’s eyes–he’s Fate-Touched, but they’re all tangled up with him.
  • Grog essentially assumes that the resurrection ritual is gonna work every time, because that’s what’s happened so far. He’d react pretty strongly if one of them permadied, because he’s not used to dealing with the death of people he actually gives a shit about.
  • Grog is mostly just relieved that Scanlan’s alive. He doesn’t have a very nuanced impression of why Scanlan left, but he assumes he’s gonna be back.
  • The twins bicker over whether Vex might technically be older than Vax now since he was dead longer.
  • Travis talks about developing a character with a weakness and playing to that weakness. Makes it much easier to improv a character if RP is an important part of the game.
  • Liam: The point of the game for this group is to make each other laugh and surprise each other.
  • For playing characters that are family in D&D, Liam and Laura recommend sitting down to hash out backstory together, so you can throw in references throughout to tie it together. It also helps that they already kinda treated each other like siblings to begin with.
  • Laura has really been noticing what a great job Marisha’s been doing of building Keyleth’s character, and Vex has been noticing it, too. “Keyleth’s been getting so freakin’ cool because Marisha’s so freakin’ cool,” and she can finally let that start to bleed through.
  • Grog didn’t entirely get what Percy did in terms of the Friends spell, but if he’d asked Grog to do something he didn’t want to do, things might have been different, but he didn’t give a shit either way.
  • Laura doesn’t think Keyleth’s mom is dead.
  • Someone points out that Vex is the only one who hasn’t called VM their family. Laura is startled and says she absolutely considers them her family, it just hasn’t come up explicitly.
  • Liam points out that Vax doesn’t know shit about being a paladin of the Raven Queen. Laura points out that Vex arguably knows more about the RQ than Vax.
  • Laura starts going through all the flavors of donut she had. Brian cuts the show there.

After Dark:

  • Vex would give up the broom to save Trinket, would not give up Trinket to save Grog, but would give up the broom to save Grog… and would probably not give up Trinket to save Grog.
  • When asked if Vax had any criteria that his friends could’ve failed the resurrection with, Liam refused to answer.
  • Laura ran into a Critical Role fan at Target once.
  • Ashley got recognized a lot in New York by Critical Role fans.
  • A fan asks Vax what it’s like to be controlled by a voice actor named Liam O’Brien. Liam, in-character: “Well, he’s a bit of a dad, isn’t he? He’s a doofus.”
  • Everyone is asked which item they’d want to have in real life. Travis: Whisper. Laura: Raven’s Slumber on the long-term, the broom on the short-term. Liam: Deathwalker’s Ward.
  • Laura saw fanart of Vax giving Vex the feathers when they were kids, and she loved the idea. Originally they were just part of Kit’s concept art.
Dear Dream Daddy Devs,


Hello, my name is James. You don’t know me, but hopefully this ‘letter’ reaches you and you get to know me. You recently held an interview admitting that Joseph was intentionally written to have no good ending, and that you were taken aback by the fact that so many people wanted him to have one.

While I understand that you wanted to put a fun twist on things and I respect you for it, making the twist be “well, you shouldn’t have dated him anyway” is probably the most offensive thing you could have possibly done. I’ll delve into why a bit more in a second, but first I want to point out that creating a dating sim where you can’t date one of the characters is basically akin to having the final boss in a FPS one you have to fight entirely through melee. While it sounds like an interesting idea, there’s a reason no FPS has done that before.

I was raised in the middle of Montgomery, Alabama. My father, the man that I am still afraid to come out to, took me to a southern Baptist church every Sunday. It was there that I learned that being gay was a sin, that I should repress any feelings I have and, if I didn’t, I was a disgusting sinner and I deserved to go to hell. I still to this day have trouble admitting that I am a Christian because I have so many terrible memories about that church.

So, you can only imagine how amazingly happy I was that you created a game that had so much diversity that it even included a gay Christian character. I was fucking ecstatic, even! I felt like someone was finally acknowledging me as a person who exists rather than a joke on TV. It was amazing! And then you had a trans dad! And a gay black man!! My God!! It had everything!! I had to buy this game when it came out because it not only spoke to me, but to other minorities that exist that I saw in some of my friends.

And then I finished Joseph’s route. I was shocked, at first, thinking maybe I did something wrong? I mean, my character prompted me to try again, after all. So I played it again. And again, and again. Still, no better ending than him staying with his wife and you either being dumped or a ‘side piece’. Researching the game only made it worse, because now not only was I upset that I couldn’t get a good ending with a character that resonates with me, but so much of the fandom had started spreading posts about Joseph being a terrible man for cheating on his wife.

Let’s actually talk about Mary real fast; you say she was your favorite character and that you wrote her to be misunderstood in the end, and I get that. She’s a really good person, but surely you realize you wrote her as an alcoholic, neglectful wife that actively cheats on her husband? Like, on Robert’s third date, she walks away with a man hand in hand. If that wasn’t you trying to imply that she was going home with him, then maybe you should consider re-writing that entire interaction. You wrote Joseph and Mary into a knowingly toxic marriage, but decided that, in the end, you weren’t going to give either of them a good ending. By not letting Joseph have a good ending, you’ve trapped Mary into a marriage that she in not happy in. You did both say she was your favorite character, yes? Give her a happy ending, then.

Oh, and also while we’re on the morally grey characters, uh, you gave Robert a good ending while one of his routes is basically him sexually manipulating you? You gave him a good ending. Why can’t Joseph get one where he divorces Mary, says that he may need a break, but he still wants to be with you? Like, how is that any different than Robert’s “okay I need a break but I still want to be with you”? But, I digress.

My name is James. I am a gay, Christian man that was raised to believe that there was something wrong with him. I am a man who was absofuckinglutely ecstatic that there was a gay dating sim that featured a gay Christian character in it. A gay Christian character in a failing marriage that reads, at least at first, like so many of the stories you hear from the south where gay men are forced into straight relationships because otherwise they might get fucking attacked in the street for daring to be queer. I’m serious, I remember my mom telling me a story about how a gay club got attacked by someone when I was six/seven years old. Christian gay men getting attacked by another Christian man who couldn’t stand the fact that they existed.

Joseph was my representation, and you wrote him to be a character that you intentionally could not date because you wanted to make a dating sim with an interesting plot twist for, I don’t know, social allegory or whatever.

Thank you for making a game with an amazing amount of diversity. I have so many trans friends that are beyond excited that there’s a mainstream game with a transgender character that you can actually date. I’ve seen black men online go crazy because they have representation in a video game.

But I am not going to thank you for Joseph Christiansen. I am not going to thank you for creating a character that I know resonated with so many other gay Christians out there that you admit was in there to basically just make the player feel bad.

I don’t want my money back because I still want to support you and I’m glad I did because you’ve done so much good with this game. You’ve given representation to people who normally don’t get any of it at all, and that’s amazing! All I want is for you to, please, at least read this and consider adding in a good ending for Joseph. Consider giving him an ending similar to Robert and having him admit that the marriage wasn’t good for him or Mary. Consider giving Mary and Joseph the good endings that they deserve.

Thank you very much for reading,

- James

MBTI types as stupid Rajoy quotes

~ Requested: this is a special post in regards to today’s (failed) motion of no confidence to the Spanish Government. All quotes are by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.
Note: all should be read with a 101% convinced tone.

INTP: “Do you think before speaking or do you speak after thinking?”

: “It will be agreed that being solidary is not the same as being solidary for nothing”. 

ISFJ: “It’s so good being able to speak well of someone who deserves to be spoken well of, and also speaking well of them because they deserve it”. 

ENTJ: The more you know, the better. Being an engineer or a football player can lead to many doors being opened”.

ESFP: “Spain is a great country, which does great things and has Spaniards”.

INTJ: “Sometimes the best decision is not to make any decision at all. Which is making a decision as well”.

ENFJ: “Friends are not made through substitution but through expansion”.

ISFP: “One should not be absurdly optimistic just as one should not be too bleak, because we all know this is an unreal view of the actual world”.

ENTP: “So, let’s see… Uh… Measures to create employment? Well, this very notable thing happened… I have it written right here, but I don’t understand my handwriting”. 

INFJ: “We are feelings and we have human beings”.

ISTJ: “Cars have to be driven on the road and airplanes have to fly from airports”. 

ISTP: “Long live the wine!”

ESTJ: “They’re increasing the value-added tax! That kid! Their candy! They’re increasing the value-added tax of their candy!

INFP: “This is not like water falling from the sky, no one exactly knowing why".

ESTP: “I’m off to watch the football match. The soccer team deserves it and all matters have been solved. I wouldn’t go if it wasn’t the case”. 

ENFP: “And the worse, the better for all. Better for me: yours. Political benefit”
(This is legit. Original version: “Y cuanto peor para todos, mejor. Mejor para mí el suyo. Beneficio político”.)

Just how badly are the U.S. women’s hockey players treated? USA Hockey pays members of the team just $1,000 per month for the six months prior to the Olympic Games.
That’s a salary of $6,000. For four years.
That’s the case even as these players must stay in shape and compete in other events, including the annual world championships, until the arrival of the next Olympic Games.
USOC funding can reach an extra $2,000 per month for top players, but many members of the team make as little as $750 per month. The USOC also pays a one-time bonus to all athletes winning medals at the Olympics, with the most going to gold medalists. In Sochi, the U.S. women could have made $25,000 each if they won gold. Instead they won silver, good for $15,000.
What this means is that quite a few of the players you watched come so close to winning the gold medal against Canada in 2014 rely on their parents to help make ends meet. Meanwhile, USA Hockey is spending most of its $4 million developmental budget on boys in their late teens.

Have you ever read Max’s text exchange with Chloe in the San Francisco reality (during the Dark Room sequence)? I missed it the first time around and it’s lovely.

It also pisses me off, though, because it’s basically the happy ending we wanted: Max and Chloe are together again; Chloe and David make up; Chloe is going to college; Max wins the Everyday Heroes contest.

It’s the perfect end and and Don’t Nod basically said “FU, players, you can’t have a happy ending!” They insist on making us pay a price. There are so many things wrong with both endings and I won’t rehash them here but seriously did they have to show us a good ending and then snatch it away? 

Talks Machina Highlights - Episode 109

Covering for @eponymous-rose​ because she has just moved and has one chair in her apartment, and also her ceiling is apparently making it rain inside. Also, I’m still riding the high of seeing this show live, so let’s get this going! 

  • Tonight’s guests: Liam, Taliesin, and Marisha! Late start; Brian blames Spectrum. I blame Sam.
  • Regular Critical Role this week; Sam’s oneshot is next week! Tonight’s After Dark will be a rebroadcast of the panel from GenCon. 
  • Everyone is a little stunned at how much they packed into last weekend. Marisha is amazed that they’ve gone from 250 people to 2500 people in the audience, especially considering the number of volunteers and staff they need to run a show like this. Brian is very surprised it had so few hitches in the production. 
  • Marisha helped Brian piece together his outfit (it was Ashley’s shirt and pants from New York that Ashley made him get).
  • No one knew what Sam would be wearing until fifteen minutes before showtime. He originally used a Chessex dice box, but Liam “didn’t feel it would read in the back row” so he used a larger, hollow box. 
  • A fan offered Brian ten thousand dollars for that box after the show. Yikes.
  • The art book has been in planning for a year; the first official meeting was at the last ComicCon. Liam’s favorite piece is a group portrait that has not been seen before. Taliesin loves that there are bits of “ephemera” scattered throughout the book.
  • Neither Liam nor Taliesin anticipated how much work the book would be. No release date yet.
  • Liam had no plan to make sure the potion went to Sam. He just wanted a lighthearted moment, and hadn’t planned to use it until the Raven Queen’s trammel almost broke the episode before. 
  • Keyleth suspected foul play on the love potion because she knows Vax well enough by now, but wasn’t worried because she likes lighthearted trickster Vax.
  • Brian was hoping Scanlan would see a mirror first. Taliesin hoped for Keyleth or Grog. Marisha hoped for Vax. 
  • The Gif of the Week is Matt tearing up his notes. It’s still hilarious.
  • Liam feels like the whole night was a scene from 300, including the chant of Vax’ildan. It was overwhelming in a good way.
  • Liam thinks some of Sam’s song/speech schtick was prepared before the show, but Taliesin and Marisha think he was adlibbing some of it as he went. Everyone marvels at his ability to improv so quickly.
  • Taliesin thinks Vex would have taken a finger or two if Scanlan hadn’t backed off. 
  • Marisha thinks Keyleth has come to the acceptance that death is likely, even though she’s hopeful they will survive. 
  • Marisha was slightly concerned that Scanlan would be angry at the prank and leave again. 
  • Liam doesn’t intend the pranks to be as good as they are, he just trusts Sam Riegel. “I just had to hold the football for Riegel and let him kick it.”
  • If Scanlan had seen Vex first, Percy would have been amused at first and then quickly annoyed. Taliesin also notes that Percy doesn’t know there was a love potion involved and is vain enough to think it was genuine.
  • There will be a Talks Machina next week even though a lot of people will be at Burning Man; it just “won’t be a traditional Talks.” 
  • Brian was excited to emcee the live show even though he had to stall a few minutes at the beginning because the merch line was so long. He felt like he had a contact high from how many Critters were excited to see him and the crew, the crowd singing All-Star before the show, and everyone just being generally enthusiastic. 
  • The guy who owns the theater said they have had rock concerts that were less exciting; he apparently thought something had happened after the first cheer and came out to check that everything was okay.
  • Keyleth is okay plummeting to her death these days. 
  • Taliesin, Marisha, and Liam all feel they will be battling Vecna on top of the titan. They don’t think it will stop until he’s defeated. 
  • Liam was certain he was going unconscious when Matt said he didn’t have the dice for the damage. Vax’s HP dipped to the 30s. 
  • Brian sat next to Andrew from CritRoleStats during the show. Hi, Andrew! He does the math in his head for the HP tracking and Brian kept interrupting him by accident. 
  • Percy is very much looking forward to killing Delilah again. “She’s the gift that keeps on giving.” He also says something about keeping her in a dungeon and killing her every week. Marisha: “Geez louise, that’s dark!”
  • Keyleth thinks it’s better for her to be down a high-level spell slot than for Scanlan to be, since he has so many high level Hail Marys. 
  • Brian marvels again at how intense the crowd was. The pre-show panel helped amp them up as well. 
  • Favorite GenCon moments for everyone! Brian: watching the live show in the audience and going to the Logic show. Brian got to lose at MarioKart on that stage as well. He came in 7th out of 8, and six of the other competitors were bots. Liam loved Bobby pulling Hannah Banana onstage to rap. I’m missing a lot of these references, so apologies if any of this is misspelled! The guy behind Brian’s empty seat apparently cheered very hard for him, even though he lost. Brian also loved Travis’s face when they walked out onto the football field on Sunday. Taliesin loved photobombing Critters. 
  • During the standing ovation, Marisha felt “pure, distilled, emotional ecstasy.” Liam was very humbled by the love for something they created around Marisha’s dining room table. Taliesin can’t find words for it. Brian felt like it was a wall of love. 
  • Right before he came out to do the initial announcements, Brian gave Matt a hug and unexpectedly started crying, so he had to compose himself before starting the show. At the end of the show, he looked over and saw Matt had tears in his eyes as well.
  • Liam loves that events from the game feel like real memories, and that what they do matters so much to so many people. 

After Dark: aka That Pre-Show Panel From the Con

  • Everyone is nervous about the show except Travis, who’s stoked. Everyone had a strategy session beforehand, except the rules of the game kept getting in the way. Matt: “Antimagic field does not work against spells cast by deities, sorry!”
  • Marisha and Laura love the game because of the roleplaying elements. Marisha notes there’s still a problem with D&D being perceived as a boy’s game. Liam runs a game for five small girls who love it because it’s not treated as a game for girls; “get ‘em while they’re as young as possible.” 
  • Any two NPCs in a cage match: Marisha picks Kevdak and Groon. Laura picks Trish the Dish and Kima. Matt: “Now we’re just me at home playing with my action figures, and I’m okay with that.” 
  • Marisha notes that Critical Role builds every week, which is different than the pre-produced final product from Dread. She loves Dread’s team-building aspect for the puzzles and atmosphere. Matt: “It felt weirdly magical.”
  • Taliesin and Marisha are very proud of Dread; there will be more to come.
  • An audience member asks about favorite one-liners: “Your secret is safe with my indifference.” “Life needs things to live.” “Where’s Larkin?”
  • They talk about how weird it is to have their game so big. They’re constantly amazed by the fan productions of love. 
  • Matt works hard on the balance between grandiose successes, failures, and heroism, and the importance of grounding the adventure in realism. Liam loves that it runs the gamut from an argument over a pair of shoes to a beloved city crumbling around them. 
  • Matt never imagined this world he made up would end up in a campaign guide. It was originally a generic fantasy land for his friends to play in, but the more life he put into it the more life his players put into it, and it was very daunting to try to capture all that collaboration into a book for other people to play in. He talks a bit about Joey, his co-writer, who helped him with the overwhelming load of work and created some ideas of his own.
  • If Laura could reroll one roll from the whole campaign, she describes a moment pre-show where she was trying to slide on her knees through a troll’s legs to shoot up, except she rolled a 1 and the troll stepped on her stomach. Travis would reroll the skull spike. “I wanted that one bad.” Taliesin feels bad rolls are character-building. Matt mentions the roll in the Sunken Tomb, and apparently Laura has never realized how much hinged on that one roll before this moment. Matt thinks of the roll Raishan failed against the Feeblemind. “Thanks, Keyleth!”
  • Travis prevented Laura from taking a gift earlier, but totally accepts a gift beer from an audience member. The same person brings up how good D&D is for blind and low-vision players since it’s theater of the mind, and as my residency was in low-vision rehabilitation, this means a lot to me. Matt also brings up Critical Role Transcripts as another great method of accessibility. They have over 60% of the whole show completely transcribed, which is over $50,000 in transcribing time. You can sign up to volunteer for five-minute slots at CRTranscript on Twitter. 
  • Matt talks about the importance of writing down details for NPCs you create on the fly and fleshing them out after the campaign if you think they might recur, because the players will remember every time if you don’t. 
  • Senokir was made up on the spot. Serious Alpha technical issues, so I’m sorry if I miss some stuff here. 
  • Matt does not believe in punishing players for being clever. He would rather throw away material and reuse it later. 
  • Sam is proud of the Washington Football Team inspiration and the library sequence with Laura. He liked the pressure of coming up with so many songs on the spot. 
  • Grog would take the Deck over the Alchemy Jug without a thought.
  • Travis will always choose character-based leveling for Grog over meta-gaming every time, especially if it makes Grog dumber. Sam looked up good spells for bards and the mansion was not one of them, but he took it because he loved the idea and hasn’t regretted it. Laura feels the same way about keeping Trinket through the Pathfinder transition. Taliesin never took Luck for the same reason; he feels the potential of the gun backfiring is the price he should pay. “I don’t want to undo my weaknesses.”
  • Liam’s choice of Fated is why Matt started thinking about him being fate-touched. 
  • More serious technical issues, sorry. Matt talks about the fact that all DMs will make mistakes and that it’s important to find creative solutions within the bounds of the world you’ve made. 
  • If Vex could reincarnate as anything, she’d pick “angel babyyyy!” Marisha would like to see Keyleth as a half-orc.
  • Laura is very disappointed Matt didn’t haggle the last time they went to the flea market together. 
Black Companions in Fallout 4

Earlier @instishoot made a very good post analysing why Preston and X6-88 were viewed the way they were by fandom through the lens of them being black men, which as a black fallout fan I’ve been wanting to delve into properly for some time. As instishoot pointed out the two characters make a very good point about the dichotomy of how society views black men being in that they both fit into very specific tropes that have been overplayed in media by black men for decades.

Preston Garvey the Uncle Tom

Preston Garvey is a good example of what is known as an Uncle Tom. He’s nonthreatening, he’s unfailingly subservient to his (inferred to be white) superiors even when they mistreat or betray him (as you can when becoming Overboss). Uncle Toms were in many cases used as a model for the Happy Slave. Preston fitting into the Uncle Tom trope makes a lot of sense for why fandom treat him so indignantly for asking the player to fulfil the job they’ve chosen to do (even though radiant quests are handed out by other people) because it violates the assumption of his meekness and his subservience. He’s meant to be the Good Black Man who never oversteps his boundaries, always knows his place, never challenges the power structure openly and only exists to prop and benefit his (usually white) counterpart. 

It also plays into why fandom keep putting him into roles where he is always coddling the sole survivor and acting as a caregiver, though that also overlaps into a common trope for black women known as the Mammy where the character is question is purposefully desexualised and seems to have no purpose outside of serving/caring for white characters. Bethesda openly encourages such conclusions to be drawn by placing Preston in the position they do when we meet him. Preston doesn’t have to be subservient to the player, he could’ve easily have been the faction leader of the Minutemen. But instead he all but happily submits himself to playing the supporting bit role to their story, even going as far to pledge loyalty to them even when he’s disgusted with them. 

Now before anyone thinks it I’m not saying Bethesda went out of their way to construct Preston this way but biases like this are often unconscious and just feel it’s the way things should be to people because of the way society is constructed. It’s the same reason I think fandom easily fell into allocating Preston the role of kindly, unassuming mammy because it just felt right to them but they couldn’t put their finger on why. It’s a very clear example of how insidious racism and racial biases can be.

X6-88 the Buck

Contrast that with X6-88 who falls into a trope on the other side of the spectrum known as the Buck. In comparison to the Uncle Tom the Buck plays into all the fears that white people have about dark skinned black men in particular, that they are violent, hypersexualised brutish rapists who purposefully target and abuse white women. X6 doesn’t typically fit into what a Buck entails other than being dark skinned and having some references to being aggressive. He’s relatively placid, emotionally withdrawn and articulate which tends to be a rarity for black characters anyway. 

But it just goes to show just how narrow the lens fandom tends to have when given a black character that hasn’t been pre-categorised in that they’ll categorise him anyway. X6 plays the role of the sole’s bodyguard and is allied to what is largely known as the antagonistic faction. He is a synth that is pre-programmed to be an efficient killer who is meant to be callous and emotionally vacant and it makes him easy for people to dehumanise and equate him to a machine (or a beast), ironically, playing right into the way people view and treat synths in the game itself (and I will constantly woe over the racially insensitive storyline Bethesda constructed).

Therefore it doesn’t shock me the way fandom largely respond to him, often writing him with the preconceived notions of black men being violently dominant in bed or physically abusive to women even though X6 has given no indication that he is like that in canon. Once again, Bethesda plays into that by the way they constructed him but X6′s character concept is a lot more flexible than Preston’s, likely because he was originally conceived to be white in the first place. Most of the typecasting in this case is placed solely on fandom’s shoulders.

Anyway the conclusion I wanted to draw from this is that we should all try to become more familiar with racially charged tropes and biases that we all have ingrained in us. When you think something feels right for a certain character, try to analyse why and where you might be drawing your thoughts from. There isn’t much we can do to combat canon other than hold writers accountable for their content and by extension hold ourselves accountable. We all need to do better.

nobody sleeps here before 3am, streets are fucking empty and you can smell sadness in the air. i was twelve in 2006 and i remember everything. probably i wouldn’t love football the way i do now, if italy hadn’t won the world cup in 2006. it’s not only the italian national team who lost today, it’s the whole country, it’s our football, it’s everything we love and stand by. we lost. everyone. we need to make changes, we need a new federation’s president, a new coach. a new beginning. it’s sad that so many players like buffon and de rossi have retired from interantional football, and it’s even more sad thinking about how old insigne, belotti, immobile, bernardeschi, rugani and the others will be in 2022. our legends won’t play their last world cup and that makes me feel so sad and angry. world cup for me won’t be the same without my country but as a football fan i will watch it anyway, hoping all my idols will do good. we have so many problems in italy and we hate each other most of the time, but football has always been that one thing that unites us as a nation and tonight we went to bed with a little heavier heart. football is like everything else in life: it can make you really happy and it can make you really sad. tonight maybe we are really sad, but everything it’s going to be alright. see you in five years. we will be stronger.

anonymous asked:

tbh shiro favors keith the most n personally i think thts why he wants keith to lead voltron even though hes obviously not gna be a good leader + allura or maybe lance should lead

imo, i think Keith actually does have some leadership potential? (then again i think all of them have leadership potential), but the issues i have with him leading is that he’s way too impulsive, reckless, acts like a lone wolf wayyyy toooooo much, not to mention he doesn’t have a very good understanding of how teamwork works. i think he’s better off acting like, a second in command or something.

impulsiveness & recklessness examples:

  • driving off the face of a fucking cliff with 4 other people, one of which was unconscious
  • putting himself in situations where he keeps getting ejected into space
  • trying to take on Zarkon all by himself
  • almost attacking the sentries on the Balmera only to be stopped by Lance 
  • charging off into a village that was on fire
  • forgetting the main point of the reason he and Shiro went into the Blade of Marmora base so he could go through the trials which put the mission in jeopardy to make allies 

like…….. a lot of these things he’s done have only caused/almost caused more problems than not. (not saying his impulsiveness has always been a bad thing, but it doesn’t always benefit the interest of the team either)

acting like a lone wolf:

  • again, the attempting to ditch the team in the middle of the night
  • him also ditching Lance, Pidge, and Hunk even when Lance pointed out it was a bad idea
  • fighting Zarkon by himself,
  • going through the trials of marmora by himself

not having a good understanding of how a team works: 

  • his whole lone wolf attitude keeps him from relying on his teammates and keeps his teammates from relying on him
  • the way he tends to force people to do something when he doesn’t agree with what they’re doing (ex: trying to force Pidge to not leave the team by yelling at her and guilt tripping her, snapping at everyone and saying they have to go into the blade of marmora base when it was suggested they didn’t)

there’s also how he kinda doesn’t really have a good grasp on diplomacy and empathy too cause like

  • in the balmera arc, Hunk tried to console Shay by saying they can beat the robobeast, Hunk turned to Keith and was like “tell her Keith” and Keith was like “can we?”, not realizing Hunk was trying to reassure Shay
  • he was acting really hostel to the Arusian warrior and was like “i will fight you you little shrimp”
  • again the blade of marmora thing where, even LANCE pointed out it was a bad idea to take Keith on a diplomacy mission because what ended up happening is Keith fucking pissed everyone off by bringing a weapon with him and then later almost got the base destroyed when his lion freaked out

so while i do believe Keith has the potential to lead, he certainly doesn’t have the right traits that would make him an effective leader in this situation. i can easily predict him butting heads with Allura a fuck-ton, trying to boss everyone around, getting impatient with them, not knowing how to deal with them emotionally, getting the team in trouble for his lack of diplomacy skills, the list goes on. sorry Keef, but i think you have a looooooooot to learn about being a leader before actually taking that seat in the black lion.

(not to mention his relationship with Red was really really highlighted in this season so what gives anyways???? him and Red are like a perfect match and shouldn’t be split up because Keith is like the only one on the team who is the most compatible with Red)

as for Allura being the black paladin, i fucking love that idea. it would be so awesome to have this beautiful woc leading the team as a princess and a paladin. it would be so! amazing!?? plus, she’d obviously make a really good fit for the black lion. she’s a born leader, she’s strong, she’s diplomatic, she’s empathetic, she’s whipsmart and already holds the team’s respect as a leader. 

HOWEVER, there are ALSO some issues i have with Allura being the black paladin, mainly having to do with what that would mean for the team dynamic, as well as from a narrative’s perspective.

see, if Allura were to become the black paladin, it would just be too easy. it wouldn’t really challenge the team’s dynamic because it’s just swapping one established leader for another, so there wouldn’t really be much character development for the rest of the team.

it would also mean that they’d be taking the two leader roles on the team and conjoining them into one, which, isn’t the wisest choice. it would make things a lot more stressful for Allura because now she’s the only one leading the team and has the burden of being a princess and the black paladin, plus there’s no one else to balance things out. with that said, there wouldn’t be anyone to challenge her authority and her choices because she’d be the only one in charge. and sometimes a leader’s authority needs to be challenged because they do not always make the best decisions, as we’ve seen with how Allura and Shiro dealt with the whole Blade of Marmora thing.

Allura was very distrustful towards the BoM, and didn’t want anything to do with them. but Shiro was able to convince her to work with them. if Shiro hadn’t of been there, they never would of gained the BoM as allies because Allura would have made the wrong decision.

this isn’t saying Shiro didn’t make any bad choices either. Shiro picked Keith to go with him into the BoM base. and we all know how that went. (it was only because Keith turned out to be part Galra did the BoM actually decide to bother negotiating an alliance)

and you know who challenged Shiro for making this choice?

thats right kids, Lance did. aka something a leader would do.

Lance, who possesses SO MANY leadership traits nobody, not even Shiro, seems to acknowledge. 

Lance is a team player, self sacrificial for the greater good, diplomatic, patient, decisive, smart, empathetic, well balanced and well rounded, and! literally a natural born leader! there are so many instances on the show where Lance takes charge of the situation! even before Shiro became the “official” leader of their group, Lance was the one acting in charge of things! 

but i’m gonna stop myself before this post gets way too meta, lmao.

basically i prefer Lance as black paladin above everyone else but you guys already know that ;D

Some things from Story and Song Part 2
  • Travis’s voice crack when he asks Griffin if the voidfish are okay! The ruffboi is also a kindboi. 
  • Full disclosure: I fucking love Travis’s “Girl from Ipanema plays in all elevators all the time” goof because it always reminds me of when Griffin did the shittiest/best cover of it AS MOTHER FUCKING UPSY back in the Crystal Kingdom.
  •  "Hey… Lizard.“ Magnus’ fucking wonderfully shitty comeback to Carey made me choke 
  •  Travis’s roleplaying during the training scenes with the bear was absolutely incredible. Everyone was on fire this week, natch, but this was incredible and basically thank Travis for Travis. 
  • Speaking of incredible roleplaying, it would be remiss of me not to mention Taako’s interactions with both Kravitz and Joaquin, which both had incredible weight and perfect characterization simultaneously. Even though they obviously share the same wit, Taako and Justin are probably the least similar player/character duo personality-wise out of the THB* and it blows my mind how good Justin is at making Taako so incredibly complex while also always making sure he stays true to the character. (Also, bless Justin and Griffin for giving us Taakitz kiss scenes despite the fact that it must be real weird to talk about smooching your bro) 

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My silly emotional D&D post 😖

I’ve been an active player in D&D for almost two years. In that time I’ve learned a lot about myself and it’s helped me in so many ways.

Playing a fictional character is extremely therapeutic, and the laughter at the table alone is enough to elevate my mood for days after a game. I tend to make characters that start out weak or broken emotionally, because (shocker) that’s how I feel a great amount of time. Like so many others I live and struggle with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. These characters inevitably grow and become stronger. It’s a good feeling.

I’ve only recently started DMing for friends. I had a game last night that went so smooth. My past games were clunky and just terrible, but something about this game was different. As a DM, I let go of control. I planned enough to make sure the PC’s were given plot points, and NPC’s, but other then that I just let go. I didn’t hold their hands. I put terrible dangerous situations in their path and did not hint at a safe solution, or nudge them in the right direction.
You see I’m a serial helper. A peacekeeper. In real life I bend over backwards to make sure everyone around me is happy, and comfortable, and sacrifice my time and energy on so many other people.

In my past games I’ve been too in control and afraid to really let the players try things and fail, or make enemies, or a few go completely off script. A player was about to do something really dangerous and she didn’t realize how bad of a move it would be, and I felt myself about to say something, to warn her. I held myself back, and it was such a wonderful plot point.

I realized DMing is really good for me. Helps with Anxiety, everyone is there watching and listening to me be put completely on the spot.
Helps me give up control and let others do things for themselves.
I’m reading more than I have in years.
I can’t let myself sink into bad states of depression because I have to get up and prep for sessions.
I’m learning management skills. I used to be afraid of being put in charge at work. Now I’m confident I can actually lead my team and make a schedule.

This is just an observation I made. I love Dungeons & Dragons. I love the creative community, the friends, the jokes, the fun.


Don’t lie and tell me that you haven’t thought about this Jercy xx Free! xx Haikyuu!! crossover AU before ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

headcanons and a number of drabbles are under the cut

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anonymous asked:

How is Game AI developed? Does AI start acting optimally and then they make it fun? With Dota 2 showing off an AI that can beat the best players 1v1, I wondered why I should be impressed? I thought designing AI that always plays perfectly was relatively easy and the hard part was designing mistakes to make it useful (or fun). How wrong am I?

There’s a pretty big difference between the AI you’re used to and the AI that they demonstrated at The International 7. Here’s the thing - if the rules of the game are simple enough such that there is an optimal strategy, then yes - you can start with that optimal strategy and always win or tie. If such a thing exists, the game is considered “solved”. These games are generally deterministic - you don’t even need to play in order to tell who will win. Tic-tac-toe is the textbook example of such a game - if played properly, the second player can never win. 

However, most competitive games aren’t solvable - there isn’t always one perfect way to win, because the game has play and counterplay. For example, consider the game Rock-Paper-Scissors. Is it possible to come up with a winning strategy for this game? In general, the answer is “not really” - it entirely depends on what the opponent does. If you have a good read on your opponent you can defeat her, but there is no perfect solution. An AI can be trained to play rock-paper-scissors but it can’t always play perfectly because there is no such thing as true perfect play in Rock Paper Scissors.

Another means of gumming up the work is simply to have too many confounding factors for the AI to account for everything, especially in real time. For example, on Wall Street, several firms have set up banks of computers that trade stocks at super high speeds. Super high-end machines running complicated algorithms place buy orders here, sell orders there, often microseconds apart, trying to take advantage of their inhuman reaction times to snap up favorable transactions. However, even these machines aren’t perfect. If they were, they would obsolete every other form of stock trading on the market. However, they are not infallible - they are susceptible to errors in the algorithm, incomplete or incorrect information, taking too long to crunch the numbers and make a decision, and more. The cost of these computers and the internet connections that connect them run in the millions of dollars all to shave milliseconds off of the calculation response time, and even then they are not money-printing machines. They often get it right, but they will also often get it wrong, losing millions of dollars for their owners.

The AI at TI7 was playing a very simplified version of Dota - 1v1, mid lane only, and both players were restricted to Shadow Fiend. With such a setup, there were few enough factors that the AI could process them all and come up with a winning strategy. And even then, it wasn’t a perfect strategy that was made by a human, but it was a set of strategies the AI itself built from playing millions of games against itself and finding points for improvement. Even though it managed to defeat Dendi, there were many human players who managed to outsmart the AI by doing things it had never encountered before, such as dropping items on the floor. Now consider expanding that challenge to a team of 5 heroes selected from a potential pool of 105, each with different builds and item loadouts. The complexity grows by many orders of magnitude. Then consider the actual details of the game itself - items, build, team role, scouting, creeping, and so on - and the complexity grows by many more orders of magnitude. Coming up with the correct strategy here is very difficult - the AI would need to play millions of games against good players in order to construct a viable set of strategies and counter-stratgies that would make it even remotely competitive.

Is there an optimal strategy for Dota 2? Possibly, with enough computing power and data, machines could figure it out. More likely, there will be a metagame that evolves from the available choices - a variety of viable (counter) strategies with reasonably close win percentages. But as it stands, there is no perfect script that we can just tell an AI to follow that will guarantee victory, because there’s so many different strategies and counter-strategies at play that there’s no way for humans to account for all of them.

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