and so many good players in the making

Talks Machina Summary (Episode 89)
  • Denise message: “I emerge from the loam to reclaim what is mine.”
  • Brian gives Laura and Liam roses a la Bachelor. Travis doesn’t get one and is v. sad.
  • Critrolestats: The last episode crushed the record for most DM facepalms.
  • Laura and Vex both thought they wouldn’t be able to get through to Vax and would thus have to deal directly with the Raven Queen
  • Laura asked Matt for a bunch of information about the Raven Queen after buying the book.
  • Grog was hesitant to get involved in Vax’s resurrection after his contribution wasn’t heard in Scanlan’s, but Travis couldn’t resist the callback to what happened in the workshop. In the past, he would’ve shaved Vax’s head or something, but the prank-war stuff seemed less appropriate now.
  • Travis after a discussion of which tooth Vax lost: “We haven’t yet addressed dental work in this land of Exandria.”
  • Laura mentions that it was really intimidating to have Liam on-set for the ritual. Brian proposes a Waiting-on-Resurrection cam, and Laura tests some lighting for it. Travis is terrified.
  • Laura didn’t realize Orcus is, you know, a god. She got a lot of tweets along the lines of “you done fucked up”. Travis recounts the story of the time Matt showed him a picture of Orcus and how terrifying he is. They all point out that Matt could very well deviate from the D&D canon in his interpretations of these characters, so they’re trying not to make too many assumptions.
  • Brian: “I went reddit-free like Travis, and I lost 15 lbs of emotional regret.”
  • Grog has been paying attention to all the good things Vax has done for the rest of the party and beyond, and so he’s been moving away from seeing him as just a target for pranks. Both Grog as a character and Travis as a player were really moved by Vax’s words in the workshop, to the point where he couldn’t come up with a response and chose to just leave it at that.
  • Laura is still appalled that Travis tried to steal her donuts.
  • Laura doesn’t think Vex would’ve become the champion if Vax hadn’t made it, and she wouldn’t have put on the armor. She didn’t make that pledge to the Raven Queen, but she wouldn’t have blamed her for what happened. If Matt hadn’t ended the last episode where he did, Vex would’ve blamed Keyleth–unreasonably, Laura hastens to add, but she would’ve lashed out irrationally. There wasn’t really any place to add that in, but she had a callback to that emotion in the apology to Keyleth later in the episode.
  • Everyone discusses how Keyleth made the right call in jumping out with the twins when she did.
  • Liam is choosing to interpret everyone’s successes in their various resurrection rituals from an in-game perspective as Vax deciding that this is a sign that they’re all being pushed along a certain path, and that they all have a purpose together in the Raven Queen’s eyes–he’s Fate-Touched, but they’re all tangled up with him.
  • Grog essentially assumes that the resurrection ritual is gonna work every time, because that’s what’s happened so far. He’d react pretty strongly if one of them permadied, because he’s not used to dealing with the death of people he actually gives a shit about.
  • Grog is mostly just relieved that Scanlan’s alive. He doesn’t have a very nuanced impression of why Scanlan left, but he assumes he’s gonna be back.
  • The twins bicker over whether Vex might technically be older than Vax now since he was dead longer.
  • Travis talks about developing a character with a weakness and playing to that weakness. Makes it much easier to improv a character if RP is an important part of the game.
  • Liam: The point of the game for this group is to make each other laugh and surprise each other.
  • For playing characters that are family in D&D, Liam and Laura recommend sitting down to hash out backstory together, so you can throw in references throughout to tie it together. It also helps that they already kinda treated each other like siblings to begin with.
  • Laura has really been noticing what a great job Marisha’s been doing of building Keyleth’s character, and Vex has been noticing it, too. “Keyleth’s been getting so freakin’ cool because Marisha’s so freakin’ cool,” and she can finally let that start to bleed through.
  • Grog didn’t entirely get what Percy did in terms of the Friends spell, but if he’d asked Grog to do something he didn’t want to do, things might have been different, but he didn’t give a shit either way.
  • Laura doesn’t think Keyleth’s mom is dead.
  • Someone points out that Vex is the only one who hasn’t called VM their family. Laura is startled and says she absolutely considers them her family, it just hasn’t come up explicitly.
  • Liam points out that Vax doesn’t know shit about being a paladin of the Raven Queen. Laura points out that Vex arguably knows more about the RQ than Vax.
  • Laura starts going through all the flavors of donut she had. Brian cuts the show there.

After Dark:

  • Vex would give up the broom to save Trinket, would not give up Trinket to save Grog, but would give up the broom to save Grog… and would probably not give up Trinket to save Grog.
  • When asked if Vax had any criteria that his friends could’ve failed the resurrection with, Liam refused to answer.
  • Laura ran into a Critical Role fan at Target once.
  • Ashley got recognized a lot in New York by Critical Role fans.
  • A fan asks Vax what it’s like to be controlled by a voice actor named Liam O’Brien. Liam, in-character: “Well, he’s a bit of a dad, isn’t he? He’s a doofus.”
  • Everyone is asked which item they’d want to have in real life. Travis: Whisper. Laura: Raven’s Slumber on the long-term, the broom on the short-term. Liam: Deathwalker’s Ward.
  • Laura saw fanart of Vax giving Vex the feathers when they were kids, and she loved the idea. Originally they were just part of Kit’s concept art.
Just how badly are the U.S. women’s hockey players treated? USA Hockey pays members of the team just $1,000 per month for the six months prior to the Olympic Games.
That’s a salary of $6,000. For four years.
That’s the case even as these players must stay in shape and compete in other events, including the annual world championships, until the arrival of the next Olympic Games.
USOC funding can reach an extra $2,000 per month for top players, but many members of the team make as little as $750 per month. The USOC also pays a one-time bonus to all athletes winning medals at the Olympics, with the most going to gold medalists. In Sochi, the U.S. women could have made $25,000 each if they won gold. Instead they won silver, good for $15,000.
What this means is that quite a few of the players you watched come so close to winning the gold medal against Canada in 2014 rely on their parents to help make ends meet. Meanwhile, USA Hockey is spending most of its $4 million developmental budget on boys in their late teens.
MBTI types as stupid Rajoy quotes

~ Requested: this is a special post in regards to today’s (failed) motion of no confidence to the Spanish Government. All quotes are by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.
Note: all should be read with a 101% convinced tone.

INTP: “Do you think before speaking or do you speak after thinking?”

: “It will be agreed that being solidary is not the same as being solidary for nothing”. 

ISFJ: “It’s so good being able to speak well of someone who deserves to be spoken well of, and also speaking well of them because they deserve it”. 

ENTJ: The more you know, the better. Being an engineer or a football player can lead to many doors being opened”.

ESFP: “Spain is a great country, which does great things and has Spaniards”.

INTJ: “Sometimes the best decision is not to make any decision at all. Which is making a decision as well”.

ENFJ: “Friends are not made through substitution but through expansion”.

ISFP: “One should not be absurdly optimistic just as one should not be too bleak, because we all know this is an unreal view of the actual world”.

ENTP: “So, let’s see… Uh… Measures to create employment? Well, this very notable thing happened… I have it written right here, but I don’t understand my handwriting”. 

INFJ: “We are feelings and we have human beings”.

ISTJ: “Cars have to be driven on the road and airplanes have to fly from airports”. 

ISTP: “Long live the wine!”

ESTJ: “They’re increasing the value-added tax! That kid! Their candy! They’re increasing the value-added tax of their candy!

INFP: “This is not like water falling from the sky, no one exactly knowing why".

ESTP: “I’m off to watch the football match. The soccer team deserves it and all matters have been solved. I wouldn’t go if it wasn’t the case”. 

ENFP: “And the worse, the better for all. Better for me: yours. Political benefit”
(This is legit. Original version: “Y cuanto peor para todos, mejor. Mejor para mí el suyo. Beneficio político”.)

anonymous asked:

tbh shiro favors keith the most n personally i think thts why he wants keith to lead voltron even though hes obviously not gna be a good leader + allura or maybe lance should lead

imo, i think Keith actually does have some leadership potential? (then again i think all of them have leadership potential), but the issues i have with him leading is that he’s way too impulsive, reckless, acts like a lone wolf wayyyy toooooo much, not to mention he doesn’t have a very good understanding of how teamwork works. i think he’s better off acting like, a second in command or something.

impulsiveness & recklessness examples:

  • driving off the face of a fucking cliff with 4 other people, one of which was unconscious
  • putting himself in situations where he keeps getting ejected into space
  • trying to take on Zarkon all by himself
  • almost attacking the sentries on the Balmera only to be stopped by Lance 
  • charging off into a village that was on fire
  • forgetting the main point of the reason he and Shiro went into the Blade of Marmora base so he could go through the trials which put the mission in jeopardy to make allies 

like…….. a lot of these things he’s done have only caused/almost caused more problems than not. (not saying his impulsiveness has always been a bad thing, but it doesn’t always benefit the interest of the team either)

acting like a lone wolf:

  • again, the attempting to ditch the team in the middle of the night
  • him also ditching Lance, Pidge, and Hunk even when Lance pointed out it was a bad idea
  • fighting Zarkon by himself,
  • going through the trials of marmora by himself

not having a good understanding of how a team works: 

  • his whole lone wolf attitude keeps him from relying on his teammates and keeps his teammates from relying on him
  • the way he tends to force people to do something when he doesn’t agree with what they’re doing (ex: trying to force Pidge to not leave the team by yelling at her and guilt tripping her, snapping at everyone and saying they have to go into the blade of marmora base when it was suggested they didn’t)

there’s also how he kinda doesn’t really have a good grasp on diplomacy and empathy too cause like

  • in the balmera arc, Hunk tried to console Shay by saying they can beat the robobeast, Hunk turned to Keith and was like “tell her Keith” and Keith was like “can we?”, not realizing Hunk was trying to reassure Shay
  • he was acting really hostel to the Arusian warrior and was like “i will fight you you little shrimp”
  • again the blade of marmora thing where, even LANCE pointed out it was a bad idea to take Keith on a diplomacy mission because what ended up happening is Keith fucking pissed everyone off by bringing a weapon with him and then later almost got the base destroyed when his lion freaked out

so while i do believe Keith has the potential to lead, he certainly doesn’t have the right traits that would make him an effective leader in this situation. i can easily predict him butting heads with Allura a fuck-ton, trying to boss everyone around, getting impatient with them, not knowing how to deal with them emotionally, getting the team in trouble for his lack of diplomacy skills, the list goes on. sorry Keef, but i think you have a looooooooot to learn about being a leader before actually taking that seat in the black lion.

(not to mention his relationship with Red was really really highlighted in this season so what gives anyways???? him and Red are like a perfect match and shouldn’t be split up because Keith is like the only one on the team who is the most compatible with Red)

as for Allura being the black paladin, i fucking love that idea. it would be so awesome to have this beautiful woc leading the team as a princess and a paladin. it would be so! amazing!?? plus, she’d obviously make a really good fit for the black lion. she’s a born leader, she’s strong, she’s diplomatic, she’s empathetic, she’s whipsmart and already holds the team’s respect as a leader. 

HOWEVER, there are ALSO some issues i have with Allura being the black paladin, mainly having to do with what that would mean for the team dynamic, as well as from a narrative’s perspective.

see, if Allura were to become the black paladin, it would just be too easy. it wouldn’t really challenge the team’s dynamic because it’s just swapping one established leader for another, so there wouldn’t really be much character development for the rest of the team.

it would also mean that they’d be taking the two leader roles on the team and conjoining them into one, which, isn’t the wisest choice. it would make things a lot more stressful for Allura because now she’s the only one leading the team and has the burden of being a princess and the black paladin, plus there’s no one else to balance things out. with that said, there wouldn’t be anyone to challenge her authority and her choices because she’d be the only one in charge. and sometimes a leader’s authority needs to be challenged because they do not always make the best decisions, as we’ve seen with how Allura and Shiro dealt with the whole Blade of Marmora thing.

Allura was very distrustful towards the BoM, and didn’t want anything to do with them. but Shiro was able to convince her to work with them. if Shiro hadn’t of been there, they never would of gained the BoM as allies because Allura would have made the wrong decision.

this isn’t saying Shiro didn’t make any bad choices either. Shiro picked Keith to go with him into the BoM base. and we all know how that went. (it was only because Keith turned out to be part Galra did the BoM actually decide to bother negotiating an alliance)

and you know who challenged Shiro for making this choice?

thats right kids, Lance did. aka something a leader would do.

Lance, who possesses SO MANY leadership traits nobody, not even Shiro, seems to acknowledge. 

Lance is a team player, self sacrificial for the greater good, diplomatic, patient, decisive, smart, empathetic, well balanced and well rounded, and! literally a natural born leader! there are so many instances on the show where Lance takes charge of the situation! even before Shiro became the “official” leader of their group, Lance was the one acting in charge of things! 

but i’m gonna stop myself before this post gets way too meta, lmao.

basically i prefer Lance as black paladin above everyone else but you guys already know that ;D


Have you ever read Max’s text exchange with Chloe in the San Francisco reality (during the Dark Room sequence)? I missed it the first time around and it’s lovely.

It also pisses me off, though, because it’s basically the happy ending we wanted: Max and Chloe are together again; Chloe and David make up; Chloe is going to college; Max wins the Everyday Heroes contest.

It’s the perfect end and and Don’t Nod basically said “FU, players, you can’t have a happy ending!” They insist on making us pay a price. There are so many things wrong with both endings and I won’t rehash them here but seriously did they have to show us a good ending and then snatch it away? 

My silly emotional D&D post 😖

I’ve been an active player in D&D for almost two years. In that time I’ve learned a lot about myself and it’s helped me in so many ways.

Playing a fictional character is extremely therapeutic, and the laughter at the table alone is enough to elevate my mood for days after a game. I tend to make characters that start out weak or broken emotionally, because (shocker) that’s how I feel a great amount of time. Like so many others I live and struggle with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. These characters inevitably grow and become stronger. It’s a good feeling.

I’ve only recently started DMing for friends. I had a game last night that went so smooth. My past games were clunky and just terrible, but something about this game was different. As a DM, I let go of control. I planned enough to make sure the PC’s were given plot points, and NPC’s, but other then that I just let go. I didn’t hold their hands. I put terrible dangerous situations in their path and did not hint at a safe solution, or nudge them in the right direction.
You see I’m a serial helper. A peacekeeper. In real life I bend over backwards to make sure everyone around me is happy, and comfortable, and sacrifice my time and energy on so many other people.

In my past games I’ve been too in control and afraid to really let the players try things and fail, or make enemies, or a few go completely off script. A player was about to do something really dangerous and she didn’t realize how bad of a move it would be, and I felt myself about to say something, to warn her. I held myself back, and it was such a wonderful plot point.

I realized DMing is really good for me. Helps with Anxiety, everyone is there watching and listening to me be put completely on the spot.
Helps me give up control and let others do things for themselves.
I’m reading more than I have in years.
I can’t let myself sink into bad states of depression because I have to get up and prep for sessions.
I’m learning management skills. I used to be afraid of being put in charge at work. Now I’m confident I can actually lead my team and make a schedule.

This is just an observation I made. I love Dungeons & Dragons. I love the creative community, the friends, the jokes, the fun.

Deep Space Nine RECAP: 3x07

It’s ONLY LOGICAL that I don’t leave Season 3 out in the cold (vacuum of space) as the only Star Trek: DS9 season for which I haven’t written one full episode recap. I gotta. And it’s gotta be ‘Civil Defense’, because like, have you seen ‘Civil Defense’? Here let me tell you every fantastic thing that happens in

Season 3, Episode 7: ‘Civil Defense’

‘Civil Defense’ — a Season 3 episode! — begins with Chief O’Brien hard at work converting an old ore processing unit into a deuterium refinery with the help of his engineering intern, young Jake Sisko.

…It is actually only just now in this moment that I’m realizing this ore processor from the Terok Nor days was probably that same godawful Metropolis factory they sent Bashir to, that first time he and Kira ended up in the Mirror ‘Verse of Manic Evil Pansexual Doppelgängers. Hah, neat.

And yes I realize I got all of 30 words into this recap before sidebar-ing about continuity like a fucking nerd, but hey you choose to sit around this internet campfire.

WHERE WAS I. Oh ok, so Commander Sisko has shown up because O’Brien has kept his kid past dinnertime. I would now like everyone to keep in their mind for the remainder of this episode the fact that it was the end of the workday and everyone was ready to kick off and head home.

But before they can do that, Jake is having trouble deleting one of the old operating files from the computer, some mysterious unnamed thing that O’Brien can’t make heads nor tails of either. O’Brien tries to transfer it to a central system and deal with it later, but the computer is like ho ho ho, not today buddy, not on your life, threat intended. With headspinning quickness, the computer is already announcing they have just five seconds to enter the correct access code.

Jake: “Or what?!”
O’Brien: “Well I dunno, but I better stop it—”
Alarms: “BLARE. BLARE.”


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Leon Draisaitl #4

Anonymous said:hi! I was wondering if you could write a leon draisaitl one about being shorter than him and being teased about it and something cute really, please? thank you!

A/N: sooo honestly i just got this idea of working out with leon for an imagine and since you sent in this request i just decided to throw it in somehow. sorry if it’s like not good enough or whatever haha :)) also sorry for saying chin up and pull up and not just picking one lol

Word Count: 1,406

Originally posted by mcdraii

Never again, like ever, were you letting Leon drag you to Rogers Place this early - to work out. Last night when you two were talking about it, you thought it’d be cute, but now you were on your back and sweating through your t-shirt. Definitely not cute, that’s for sure.

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schmidtyho  asked:

hey!! im tryna get into the nwhl and i was told you would be a good person to come to just to ask about your fav teams and players just to tell me some basic stuff about them?

If you’re completely new to the league i’d recommend reading THIS & THIS it has basic facts on how to follow the league + links to all the NWHL twitters which you in my opinion must follow to follow the league & they give insight on the players & the teams ! + They’re really cute and have a bunch of interactions.

OK this turned into more of a me talking about some of my faves on every team + some basic info about the teams! And since I have a lot of strong feelings about this league this post is kinda long so I’m putting facts about my fave players on the 4 NWHL teams under the cut!

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Power Level in EDH

It is no secret that EDH is a very diverse format - probably the most diverse format out there. A deck builder can build almost any kind of deck imaginable - from the typical control, combo, aggro, and midrange decks; to decks like Stax, chaos, pillowfort, and anything in between. However, not all EDH decks are created equal - the possible disparity in power level between any two EDH decks is potentially as large as the difference between a bad draft deck and a tuned Vintage deck - and any sort of deck in between.

Most people tend to classify EDH decks as either “Casual” or “Competitve”, but the divide between the two is both subjective and blurry. However, a good way to classify EDH decks is needed in order to better communicate what kinds of decks you are playing to the rest of your pod or playgroup so everyone can have an enjoyable experience. It would also be good to have a metric for discussing certain cards or deck-archetypes. As such, I have decided to try creating my own classification system for EDH decks:

Type 1: Jank, Draft Chaff, and Gimmicks

Everyone was new to EDH at one time. Whether from inexperience or lack of funds, many players of EDH have decks that are barely functional - containing little more than draft chaff and starter-pack rares. Their curves are nonexistent, their decks are incoherent, and their cards are unsleeved. Some may  be monstrosities containing 65 random green creatures and 35 forests, or “troll decks” containing 5-drop removal spells and Divinations with literally zero win-con. Other decks of this type tend to be gimmicks or “theme decks”, created by a more enfranchised player as a form of self-expression. Decks like “Ladies Looking Left” or “Chair Tribal” or “Mono-Red Samurai” - full of a whole lot of flavor, but almost nothing else. Decks of this type are often composed entirely of cards most players would never give a second look at, and typically cannot stand up to anything much stronger than a precon, if that.

Type 2: Casual

As opposed to Type 1 decks, Type 2 decks tend to have some amount of selectivity in the cards they play. You probably aren’t going to see random French-Vanillas in a deck like this, and they typically tend to have some sort of strategy and coherence. This is actually where I would rate the precon decks that Wizards makes every year. I would also consider decks built with some sort of arbitrary restriction - EG “no rares” or “no cards over $2”, as well as builds of “grouphug” and “chaos” that just do not have a way to win to be in this category. These types of decks are typically not exactly “good”, still containing many suboptimal choices and often with abysmal mana-curves, but the decks still tend to have some bite to them. If there are any combos in these decks, they are horribly janky and inconsistent ones, requiring so many pieces to function that it feels fair.

Type 3: “75%”

The name of this type is based off the “75%” deckbuilding philosophy, that states that the way to build an EDH deck that can handle the most competitive of players while not being unfun for the most casual is to make one at 75% power. While such a deck is actually impossible to build (anything that wants to even attempt to have a chance at so much as participating in a game with the most competitive of decks has to run the sorts of cards that more casual players shun entirely), decks of this type can pretty happily sit at a table with anything from a “type-2” deck to a “type-4” deck. While not all 75% decks out there are of this type, and not all decks of this type are 75% decks, the types of decks that philosophy builds are exemplars of this power-level. These are probably the most common types of EDH decks out there, and if you are going into a new group or store blindly, your best bet is probably with one of these.

Type 4: Pubstomp

Y’know that guy who claims he is so amazing at EDH and that his deck is unbeatable? That guy that plays Kaalia or Jhoira or Rafiq, that you just can’t beat? Well, this is probably the kind of deck he plays. Type 4 is where the gloves come off and anything goes - MLD, combos, Stax, Infect, Extra Turns, and everything else under the sun. These decks are mean, and tend to crush more casual decks out there. If you asked the average player what the best decks in EDH are, they would probably list off decks of this type. And they would be dead wrong.

Type 5: CEDH

These are actually the best decks in the format. These decks are truly degenerate, capable of consistently winning on turns 3-5 through disruption. These decks are not fair in any sense of the word, full of a who’s who of broken cards and mechanics, and anything that can’t kill everyone at once is too slow.. Storm, Doomsday, Stax, Ooze Combo…decks more broken and tuned than most think is possible in this format. There is a good reason that decks like these are often referred to as “singleton Vintage” decks. But we promise we aren’t bad once you get to know us…

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in the campaign im dming soon, i want to open in a burning tavern. i have the entire first couple scenes and npcs panned out, but i cant think of a reason for all of the characters to be there. we have so many varied races, from a genasi to a serpentblood to an elf, and i cant think of a good reason. ideas?

I usually tell my players the world and basic setting then make them figure out why they’re all together if I want them in a generic spot. Makes for fun story telling and role play right off the bat.

A friend of theirs just so happens to know all of them, and has invited each one to celebrate his birthday.

A NPC has written letters to dozens of adventurers leading them to this bar. He wants them all gathered so he can steal from them, or rob them, or hire some of them. 

MariChat May - Day 6: Game Night

First of all, I want to say that this is the prompt I wanted to write the most. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with it and I got so excited I made graphics to go with it to help you all visualise the game. I got so impatient writing this because I wanted to get to the punch line already!

Okay, I know they’re French and so they should be playing Scrabble in French and none of these words should intersect this way as a result. But I don’t speak a word of French so I can’t really do much about it this one time (I usually research French stuff or reference that everything is happening in French despite it being written in English, but this one was just…far too complicated for that.

Also, you have no idea the level of research that went into the rest of this. I do not play Scrabble. At all. I had to read the rules and check what letters a good player would be aiming to use, how many tiles you get etc… Then I had to find an image of a board and place the words on to make sure it was possible to fit them all on the way I wanted and try and relate the words I picked to puns of some kind… All while making sure they took turns in the correct order.

PS. Yes, that really is an accepted word in the Scrabble dictionary and yes, that is really what it means.

<<Chapter 1     Chapter 6     Chapter 7     Chapter 8

The Bet

As Chat listened to the rules for Scrabble, he decided this was definitely going to be an easy win. Not necessarily an easy win at Scrabble, since he’d never played before and had absolutely no idea how to take advantage of all these double letter and triple word score squares, but Marinette was absolutely going to be more embarrassed than him before the night was done.

She’d taken his challenge stubbornly, insisting that she could hold it together under her parents incorrect teasing. She was so sure he’d be humiliated into silence before she was, she’d made that the penance for losing. Whoever lost could not talk for a whole hour. Couldn’t tease or defend against teasing. Oh yes, he was going to enjoy winning this one.

As soon as he’d arrived at her skylight, much earlier than usual, she’d told him to brace himself and accompanied him down to the main room. Once there her parents immediately moved from the counter where they were clearing away dinner dishes and setting up the board to greet him. Marinette’s maman had reached him first, her hands either side of his face, pulling him down to her level so she could place a kiss on each of his cheeks. As he was still spiralling from her casual familiarity with him, Marinette’s papa stepped in and gripped him in an enormous bear hug, which might have been painful from a man of his size, had Chat not been wearing his suit. He’d barely gotten a hello out to them before the teasing started, no mercy offered.

First of all, they’d ceased all attempts he made to call them M. Dupain and Mme Cheng, with a flick of a hand as they insisted he use their names. Sabine had implied they could be family in the not too distant future and said it was therefore unnecessary and downright silly to stay so formal. Chat’s face had burned a little, which was thankfully hidden by his mask, and Marinette had rolled her eyes behind her mothers back as he reminded them that Marinette and he were just friends.

“Suuure,” Tom had said with an exaggerated wink at him. Marinette had squirmed in place and blushed faintly and though she’d tried to do so discreetly, he’s noticed.

“Papa…” she’d whined.

“Why Princess, you’re not getting embarrassed already are you?” he’d smirked at her and delighted at the glare of determination she immediately threw at him.

“You wish Chaton.”

It hadn’t gotten any better from there for either of them, especially since Sabine loved to coo over their nicknames for one another, but he was surprisingly good at appearing to keep his cool despite the uncomfortable wriggling in his gut every time they alluded to something. Marinette however was looking more and more distressed as time wore on. And they hadn’t even started playing yet.

So now they had settled at the table, Chat a little awkwardly as he and Marinette had no choice but to sit at a table corner each to leave room for her parents on either side of the them. The table was only really meant for three after all, but they could make it work. Tom explained to him that they would all take a letter from the bag of tiles and try and see who got the letter closest to A in the alphabet; this would decide who went first. They each took a little wooden square from the cloth bag sitting in the middle of the board and Sabine won first turn with the letter B and a soft victorious smile. He watched as she and Marinette picked out seven tiles each and discreetly hid them on their angled stands before handing the bag on to him.

As Chat took his turn choosing his tiles he started to consider if there was any way he could tease Marinette himself to make sure he won. It would mean her parents would have a field day and he’d get some of the mocking too, but he was sure he could wait till he got home to hide his face in his pillow and relive every mortifying detail against his will before he finally fell asleep tonight. Plagg would cackle and quote them while he pretended not to hear.

He passed the bag on to Tom and waited whilst Sabine studied her tiles before she started to pour them all back into the bag and select new ones.

“You’re allowed to use a turn to swap tiles instead of putting down a word,” she explained to him, when she spotted his confused expression, “We all usually swap our tiles on our first turn before we start, but it’s up to you if you want to do the same.”

“The game is over if you swap your tiles two turns in a row though,” Tom added as an afterthought.

Marinette followed suit and swapped out her own tiles as well and, realising he couldn’t make anything with what he had anyway, Chat chose to do the same. Tom continued the trend and as he arranged his tiles on his stand, his eyes flicked to the two teenagers with a smirk.

“Are you sure you’re both comfortable like that?” he asked, referring to their positions at the corners of the counter-top, “It might be tight but I’m sure you could both fit against that side of the counter. Not that you’d really mind being so close together, I’m sure.”

Marinette spluttered and his own stomach flipped but he pushed down the feeling to give her a smug look, knowing he was in the lead now after a noise like that.

She glared at him and he grinned, turning to watch as Sabine started to rearrange her new tiles, a smile lighting up her face as she did so.

“It’s okay dears, you know we’re just teasing,” said Sabine as she placed the word PACIFY  vertically on the board, the Y (which he noted was worth four points) sitting on the central star spot to give her a double word score.

Marinette groaned. “I forgot to mention,” she told him, “they like to try and relate their words to whatever they’re doing or saying. She’s trying to make us relax again so…pacify,” she gestured at the wooden letters now staring at him on the board.

“So…it’s like a pun,” he said, grinning wider. This was definitely a way to play he could get behind. Marinette only groaned louder as her parents both grinned along with him.

“Oh come on Princess,” he said, glancing at his tiles, “Take that bad attitude and…begone.”

He placed the word AWAY on the board, using Sabine’s Y before replenishing his tiles.

“I hate you all,” Marinette said, grabbing a croissant to chew on as she placed the letters R, E and A beneath the first A he used to make AREA.

“You can’t hate us honey,” her father added, “we made all your snacks remember?” He used the R in Marinette’s word to spell out BAKER across the far left of the board.

It continued on in this way for a while, Marinette groaning each time one of them made a pun. Sabine made a reference to Chat’s cat-like behaviour and placed down the word BOX while asking if he had any attachment to them like his name-sake. Marinette glared particularly badly at him as he placed all of his tiles on the board to make the word PRINCESS, with a little help from Tom rearranging the wooden pieces for him until he saw it. He grinned as she blushed at her mothers giggled comment about “sweet nicknames” again, and he managed to overlook his own embarrassment because he appeared to be winning their bet.

Marinette turned BOX into MATCHBOX and Tom placed MISFITS while telling them they were an odd couple but perfect for each other. They both flushed red at that one and Marinette whined at her father to stop. “Aye, aye Captain,” Sabine snickered as she added ABOARD to the game.

Chat looked over his tiles, face still far too warm for his liking. It had become close between them again and neither one was winning anymore. He was perhaps, slightly in the lead but there was a long way to go before the evening was over and he was starting to react badly to some of the teasing comments before he could stop himself.

Trying not to dwell on it, he glared at his seven tiles as he realised he couldn’t make anything from what he had. He glanced up pathetically at Tom, who took pity on him and held out his hand for the letter stand. Chat lifted it across the table, careful not to let Marinette see his letters, where the larger man studied the wooden pieces for a moment before handing them back with a defeated look.

“Looks like you need to miss a turn while you swap out your tiles,” he told him apologetically.

Chat grumbled but did as suggested, arranging his new letters, G, I, F, L, two R’s and Z on the stand. He glared at the board as Marinette grumbled about just wanting “the game over already” and assembled the word END.

“That’s a pun! We’re getting through to her!” Tom shouted, laughing and pumping his fist. His daughter grumbled in response, replenishing her tiles before dropping her chin onto her hand, pouting in a way Chat found more adorable than he wanted to admit. He glanced back at the board as Tom placed his tiles, even more determined to focus on his next move now to rid himself of that confusing thought.

“That’s not a word!” Marinette started screeching at her father, “You’re cheating Papa!” He looked at Tom’s latest move.

“Zas?” he asked. He was pretty sure she was right; that wasn’t a word.

“Read it and weep!” smirked Tom, presenting them with the Scrabble dictionary, opened to the entry for ZAS.

“Slang,” he read aloud, “The shortened version of PIZZAS.”

“That shouldn’t count!” Marinette continued to screech beside him. His brow furrowed. It really didn’t seem fair to use slang.

“It’s in the dictionary, so it counts,” Tom finished smugly, “That’s twenty-two points because it’s a double letter square.” Even Sabine was glaring at him at this point.

“Have you been reading the Z’s again dear?” she accused him before turning to Chat, “This is how he’s so good you know. He reads the sections for the high scoring letters, like some kind of illness.” She smirked suddenly as she looked at her wooden tiles. “You could almost say it’s like a cancer.”

She picked up her tiles as she finished speaking and placed the word MELANOMA on the board, a blank square in place of the E.

“Yes!” she said as Marinette put her face in her hands, “You see dear, we can make every word have a meaning. There’s nothing that can be placed on this board that we won’t turn into something funny.”

Chat blanched as he heard her words. He was gawking between the board and his tiles in horror as he realised there was a truly excellent word he could play, but that he would seriously regret the consequences if he did, based on what Sabine had just announced to them all.

He stared at the wooden letters again, hand in his hair, determined to find something different. He’d just missed his last turn to swap his tiles so he couldn’t do the same again or the game would be over. There had to be something he could do. Maybe -

“You need a hand, son?” Tom asked, and suddenly Chat was very aware that all three members of the Dupain-Cheng family were scrutinising him closely.

“NO!” he yelled and immediately slapped his hand across his mouth to contain any further suspicious outbursts.

He watched, terrified, as Tom and Sabine shared a look which obviously conveyed something he wasn’t privy to and Tom reached across Marinette to pick up his tile stand. Chat briefly considered stopping him but he knew that would be futile. He could only hope Tom somehow didn’t see what he could see amongst his letters.

Tom looked at the letters for a minute or so, before he looked at the board and at that moment Chat could practically feel the revelation wash over the man. The larger man started to rearrange the letters on the stand, leaving a couple of gaps between some and pushed one off to the far side to mark it as unimportant. He smirked a little, then grinned before practically exploding in a rumbling laugh.

Chat’s entire face bloomed a bright rosy colour as Tom began to place his tiles on the board for him and he buried his face in his arms on top of the tabletop when Sabine’s giggles joined in with Tom’s booming guffaws.

He whined audibly and risked lifting his head enough to reveal one eye, glancing up at Marinette. Despite a small dusting of pink across her cheeks, she seemed to find the whole thing more amusing than humiliating. A small smile played across her face.

She looked up from the board where her father had finally finished placing the word GIRLFRIEND, the first I intersecting with his word PRINCESS from earlier. As she glanced at him, he groaned with unease and flushed redder than he had ever thought possible.

“Well, Chaton,” she said, bopping his nose with her index finger, “Looks like I win our bet.”

Me and my lovely friend @aboxfullofocs thought about doing a discord for simblrs interested in ‘supernatural’ stuff - dragons, vampires, aliens, werewolves, witches and many more! Of course any kind of players are welcome - we’re here to make friends, right?

So whatever you play (aliens, vampires, humans, etc.) - join us for fantastic conversations (we’re nice and funny!), lots of good memes (this is the real reason for joining us, trust me!), meeting new people (we’re all shy so worry not), helping you with basically everything and having fun!

Send a message to me or Jo.  We’ll tell you all the details and help you installing discord if you don’t have it ♥

Things you should know before joining:

  • We’re all LGBTQIAP+ friendly and also any kind of racism is strongly against our rules.
  • We welcome people who play all sims games, with any kind of sims, stories, legacies or just are here to find friends.
  • We would love to welcome people who write any kind of story. This discord has been created with a thought of helping each other with writer’s block, having brainstorms and talk about character development as well as creating more original plots when your ideas are on vacation. But don’t worry if you don’t write anything - we love you and we’d love to know you ;)
  • On discord you can join our group chat (text or voice*) or message people privately.

* If you don’t want to use voice chat - that’s ok, so please don’t be afraid of participating our discord. I won’t use voice chat because I don’t feel comfortable with this.
****I’ll say it again - we’d love to see people with same interests as ours (aliens and dragons) but we also want to have F U N and we’d love to meet some new friends and talk more with the ones we have. Talking on discord is really great and I bet you’ll love it!

How to DM for Tabletops

Now If anyone is actually reading this, you’re probably already into Dungeons and Dragons or another type of tabletop game, or at least into fantasy shenanigans since that’s all my blog posts have been so far. Maybe you already run a game and maybe you’re already good at it and that’s just fine. Maybe you also do things differently, and that’s alright too, but it’s always good to share new ideas and even old ideas for those that aren’t quite sure how to make it happen, so I’d like to share what I know.

So the first thing that you need to know is that it’s ok to make mistakes and fuck up as you go along, especially as you’re learning. Sometimes players can get pretty critical about things and we can definitely be more critical on ourselves, but don’t let that stop you if you really have fun doing it. Ultimately, the game is about having fun and as long as you guys are having fun there’s really no reason to stop over silly screw ups. Some amazing examples of stupid dungeon mastering, you can check past posts I have about character’s I’ve played and their adventures. The Vinyr Alkafyn character I wrote about is actually my very first character and my first experience playing D&D, as well as my friends’ first experiences DMing, and there’s a ton of great examples in their story.

That being said, the best way to go about learning in my opinion is to join a group as a player. When you’re a first time player with a group that has already played the game, you can watch and experience the rules first hand which allows you to pick up on a lot of the mechanics of the game and learn a lot about the role playing aspects. Then I would recommend reading the books themselves. If you don’t really know anyone who plays the game and aren’t comfortable, or have trouble finding groups online to play with, then instead I’d say start with the books and go from there. The games are typically very easy to play anyway, most of the “learning curve” as a DM comes from learning what your players enjoy doing, and what kind of challenges are appropriate for your group. Luckily, I haven’t seen a tabletop game that doesn’t have the “challenge rating” of most encounters or monster included in the books, so it’s easy to pick up on what is supposed to be balanced.

Well what if my party is larger or smaller than the party size in the books? Alternatively, what if our party is made up of classes and races that weigh mostly on one end of the balance? Well the answer is simple. You kind of just make your best guess at what the challenge should be, and learn from the mistakes you will undoubtedly make. When I started hosting my own group regularly, I had this problem because I had a group of about 7 or 8 players, which is about twice the number recommended for the challenge ratings in the book. In addition to that, I allowed them to play whatever they wanted since most of us were pretty familiar with the game already as a player. There’s many times where I tried to use an enemy of a higher CR or too many enemies of a lower CR to try to balance the situation, and in the beginning it was almost always strongly weighted on one team or the other and the encounter didn’t really have a “challenge” to it. It was either too hard or much too easy. Eventually I got a feel for the encounters and for the most part my players are pretty satisfied with how they go.

That being said, try to remember that encounters aren’t all there is to the game. In fact, if you aren’t using an adventure path, the best way to go about becoming a dungeon master is to start building a world or setting for your adventures to take place in. Now if you don’t like to build your own material, there are usually plenty of pre-made adventure paths and setting books that you can buy to get your game going, and those are great recourses, but if you’re like me I find that one of the more fun aspects of being a dungeon master is creating your own world setting and story for your friends to adventure in.

I like to start by getting the old imagination going. Think to yourself “what does my world look like? Why does it look like that? What are the important races and kingdoms of the world? Do they get along or don’t they? Basically just try to think about how the real world works politically as well as how your favorite books and movies do things and choose what you like about them. Don’t focus too much on being “realistic” as most of us don’t know everything there is to know about this or that. For instance, I’m terrible at understanding how geography works in terms of world forming and landmasses. Every time I make a map, such as the one I’m working on now, I show it to my friends to review and one or two of my pals will always have a question about why things are where they are, because they don’t make sense in a real world.

I recall one time when my group had a mission that required they sail a warship down this grand canyon-like river to get it to the ocean, and one of the players got hung up on the current and the rocks and how the ship in real life probably wouldn’t have been able to even sail down that river. Don’t let stuff like this discourage you, it’s perfectly ok to simply say “magic shenanigans” or “this is how this works in my world”. Sometimes player’s aren’t satisfied with those kinds of answers if they are the type of person to get hung up on what’s realistic and what isn’t, but that’s perfectly ok as long as everyone still has fun in the end. If you don’t know how something works, you simply can’t incorporate it realistically without doing research and if you don’t find that sort of research or learning fun, it’s ok to use magic as an excuse. After all, this is a fictional fantasy setting the majority of the time and if real rules worked dragons and liches would not be a thing.

That being said, you do want to make sure that regardless of your rulings, that you are as consistent as you can be. Many dungeon masters, myself included, either do or in the past have had a habit of being far too story oriented. What I mean by this is that it’s good to have a story, but your game should be about the players and making them heroes, or villains, or whatever they’re setting out to be. I used to get upset because I’d put so much effort into planning out what I thought was this great and deep story line, only for the players to say “fuck it, I want to spend the entire session making trouble in town and dealing with the consequences!” I used to handle it poorly and kind of just chase them into the story or have them wait to react until the villain is done with his speech instead of allowing them to try to throw a knife at him id sentence. Or even say “too bad you can’t do that” or “just because” when trying to justify my reasons for not allowing them to attack an enemy who was supposed to be appearing briefly for theatrics.

Now that sort of railroading, or even true railroading where your characters get specific missions and go specific places is fine as long as that is what you’re group enjoys, but the biggest thing as a DM is making sure you are open to giving the players what they enjoy as well. That’s not to say you have to sacrifice that super awesome story and dialogue you thought up, it’s just so say to be considerate and compromise. What I started doing is taking the dungeons and the story parts and finding more appropriate organic ways to work them in instead of writing them only to work in specific locations or not allowing players to avoid going where they don’t want to go or doing what they don’t want to do.

That all being said, DMing isn’t really very hard to learn at all. Hopefully my experiences and advice, as well as my way of doing this was helpful for any of you looking to learn the game. To review, learning to be a DM is really as simple as; learning the rules, creating a world or using pre-made adventures, learning to balance the game for your players, and learning the player’s styles as well as their preferences.


A little more advice

           Should I let my players be evil?

Well, as long as they play with each other nicely there’s no problem with evil characters. The main concern people have about evil PCs is that people tend to stab each other in the back or decide to kill another player over an argument rather than settle it peacefully. If your group doesn’t have that problem then great, but if you aren’t sure or if you do have players that don’t handle being evil very well, just lay down a few ground rules or expectations. Maybe if someone wants to be evil everyone else has to be evil and make their goals line up so they are less likely to back stab each other, or maybe just let the player know that the setting is designed with neutral and good NPC’s in majority, and that if his evil character doesn’t behave himself he might end up with some serious in game consequences. These are two good examples, but really you can implement anything that works.

           What if one of my players’ character dies?

Ultimately as a DM your challenges and enemies and even sometimes the NPC’s should behave somewhat realistically, or at least realistically to the setting, and players will always be at risk of death. As long as you aren’t out to get the player, if a death happens it happens. Players should have this expectation, and they should have an idea of what kind of actions might lead to lethal results. For instance, if a rogue character gets into an argument with a shop keep, or gets caught stealing and resists arrest, the guards would likely try to apprehend him. If a fight breaks out, you as a DM can make it less dangerous by giving the guards a nonlethal weapon to fight with, but if the rogue starts stabbing them then it might be more realistic for them to draw their long-swords. If the other players don’t back this character up and it’s four guards to one player, and the player refuses to submit, then yeah that player might die if lady luck isn’t on her side. Alternatively, if you have a level one party walk into a room filled with like 10 or 15 bugbears, and the cave caves in behind them, if they die it’s probably your fault. The idea is to be as fair as you can be and make sure that you are consistent with the expectation of what is and isn’t potentially dangerous. In addition to that, some things just can’t be helped. If the group is a fairly high level and they fight an enemy with a death effect, and the player just happens to fail their saving throw then yeah it would kill them. There is a reason resurrection spells exist in the games, and more often than not the higher level players will be able to heal up a dead party member. Sometimes stuff just happens, and your players probably know it isn’t your fault as long as it really isn’t your fault.

           You may be able to see a re-occurring theme in my advice. Essentially no matter what the problem is, if you are trying to be fair, consistent, and setting the proper expectations, then you shouldn’t really run into many problems in your games. I hope this was helpful!

Let the Games Begin (strip soccer)

“Let’s play a game.”

I roll my eyes at Tyler, not exactly in the mood for games after the extremely draining task of weeding through, then responding to all of my emails.

“C'mon, it’ll be fun, promise,” he pleads.

“What game?”

“So it goes like this: there’s a soccer ball and two goals.  I try to get the ball in your goal, and you try to get it in mine.  Whoever gets the most goals wins.”

“…Tyler, that’s just soccer,” I sigh.

“Yep.  Only in this version, every time you get a goal, the other person has to remove an article of clothing,” he smirks.

“Oh my god,” I groan.  "I’m not doing that.“

"Pleeaase,” he pouts, shoving me around a bit to annoy me.

“Go away.”

“Fine….pussy,” he says, cracking up when he sees my expression.

“Shut up.  I’m better than you at soccer, you’re a basketball player,” I mumble.

“Yeah?  Why are you so afraid then?” he taunts.

“I’m not!  Fucking come on, I’ll play your stupid game,” I seethe

Tyler just chuckles, grabbing a ball and making his way down to the basement.  I follow him reluctantly.

When we get down, Tyler gathers random objects from around the room to make goal boundaries.

“So how many goals should we go up to before someone wins?” Tyler scratches his chin thoughtfully.

“Well I’m only wearing so many articles of clothing,” I roll my eyes.

“Good point,” he grins.  He pauses for a second before shouting “Threetwoone Go!” and before I can react, he punts the ball through my goal.  

“Go ahead,” Tyler smirks, motioning for me to remove my sweatshirt.

“Cheap shot,” I grumble, pulling the hoodie over my head and quickly discarding it.  I then go to retrieve the ball, feeling more determined than ever to rid him of his annoyingly cocky attitude.

I race towards his goal while he’s still basking in his victory, intending to catch him off guard, but he catches me at the last second and pulls the ball out from under me.

“You’re gonna have to try harder than that if you wanna beat me, babe,” Tyler taunts.

“Just go,” I growl.  "You don’t even stand a chance.“

A half an hour later, we’re both sweaty and out of breath.  Tyler stands across from me in just his gym shorts, watching as I pull off my t-shirt and grumble about how unfair his latest goal was.

He rolls his eyes at me and I decide that that is the final straw.  I lunge at him, knocking him down and easily tapping the ball into his goal.  I grin widely and turn around, fully prepared to gloat to him; but when I go back to face him, I see his limp body on the floor a few feet away from me.

"Jesus!” I cry out, rushing to his side and kneeling beside him.  "Oh my god, oh my god.“

"Ah-hh, baby?” he says weakly.  

“Where does it hurt?  What happened?” I scan his body, trying to find the source of his pain.  When I reach out to feel for any broken bones, I feel him grab my arms and pull me down on top of him.  I struggle against his bare chest, shifting on top of him to look at his face.

“Fuck you, Tyler, do you know how worried I was?” I screech, shaking my head at the smug grin decorating his face; all traces of his previous anguish have completely vanished.  "You are such an asshole.“  I wrench myself from his grasp and clamber to my feet.

"Aww I’m sorry babygirl, I didn’t mean to scare you.”


“I guess I’ll just have to make it up to you then, huh?” Tyler gets to his feet.

I am about to ask what exactly he means by that, when he scoops me up and throws me over his shoulder.

“What the hell?!”

“C'mon, love, we’re already half naked, the rest is easy,” he laughs.

When we get to our bedroom he lets me down, but quickly shoves me back down on the bed.  He licks his lips as his eyes graze my body.  

“God, you are fucking perfect,” he mumbles, quickly ridding me of the rest of my clothes.  Tyler crawls on top of me, still in his shorts, and gently presses a finger against me.  "Mm, someone got wet playing soccer.“

He finally slips a finger, then another, inside me; and begins to thrust and curl them.  He chuckles at the way I squirm under his touch.

"Fuck, just get inside me,” I groan, having had enough of his teasing.

“Oh no, you’re not in charge here,” he chides softly.  "Maybe I should just leave you here for a while, make you beg for me.“

"No!  Please daddy, please fuck me,” I smile when I see his jaw tighten from hearing the pet name.

“Just because you’ve been such a good girl for me,” he says, slipping out of his shorts and briefs.  He slides his tip into me, waiting for me to grind down against him and beg him for more.  When he gets what he wants, Tyler slams himself into me all the way.  I arch my back against the sheets at the sudden feeling, and he quickly begins to set a pace.  Tyler thrusts into me quickly and harshly, and I find myself close to my orgasm already, having gotten so worked up during the game.  I begin to clench around Tyler, and he groans, slipping a hand between us to rub at my clit.  He pushes me over the edge, and I bite my lip to stifle the moans spilling out of my mouth.

“Good girl,” he breathes heavily, coming up to his own end.  He manages a few more sloppy thrusts, before spilling into me.  Tyler then collapses on top of me, trying to slow his breathing.

I press a kiss to his lips, and he smiles down at me sweetly, saying: “I think I have a new favorite sport.”

Real talk for a minute, we need changes. We don’t need big stars from other countries or clubs, we have young home grown talent who are waiting for their shot so give it to them. Ancelotti isn’t used to this team, he keeps trying to make us a chelsea or a real madrid but that doesn’t work here. We don’t play flashy football, we don’t sign big names, we play the game with heart and passion. And to be honest i think that’s what we’re missing. We have a system that works, we have good players, we need passion and drive. This season is so disappointing compared to previous ones, i’ve felt it since we played our first game, this team is not the Bayern Munich i know.

Shakespeare Starters
  • : "This above all: to thine own self be true"
  • "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so".
  • "All the world 's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts."
  • "True is it that we have seen better days."
  • "Blow, blow, thou winter wind! Thou art not so unkind as man's ingratitude."
  • "Conscience is but a word that cowards use, devised at first to keep the strong in awe."
  • "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
  • "Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast."
  • "The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose."
  • "The miserable have no other medicine but only hope."
  • "The smallest worm will turn, being trodden on."
  • "Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind; The thief doth fear each bush an officer."
  • "Of all base passions, fear is the most accursed."
  • "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him."
  • "Cry "Havoc," and let slip the dogs of war!"
  • "Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more."
  • "There 's daggers in men's smiles."
  • "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;"
  • "[Exit, pursued by a bear]"
  • " We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother;"
  • "Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand?"
  • "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!"
  • "I am a man more sinned against than sinning."
  • "Have more than thou showest, speak less than thou knowest, lend less than thou owest."
  • "I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for daws to peck at."
  • "To mourn a mischief that is past and gone is the next way to draw new mischief on."
  • : "Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them."
  • "Everyone can master a grief but he that has it."
  • "Thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges!"
  • "The common curse of mankind, - folly and ignorance."
Why Aren’t There More Women Magic Players?

Finally posting my article! It’s really long and I don’t want to clutter people’s dashboards with the full thing, so please click Keep Reading to read it. Thank you to everyone who responded to my “interview” questions! It was so helpful, and it certainly gave me a good look at what’s going on in the community. 

Special thank you to @gaytog and @ally-encampment, who are most heavily featured in the piece. Your responses were phenomenal and I’m grateful for your help on this. 

Secondary shout out to @chelsea-beleren-vess and @zoe-of-the-veil, neither of whom I interviewed but who both have been outspoken about this issue and thus who I mention in the article for their public posts.

Again, thank you, and enjoy the article!

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One of the main criticisms I’ve seen of the PoE story is that thematically, it’s kind of all over the place - basically, that it had no idea what it was about. But now that I’ve finished my second playthrough, I realized that I really appreciate that.

I mean, there’s no one big, all-encompassing, “what can change the nature of a man”-level theme, but a number of smaller threads that may seem unrelated at first but eventually come together in different and often unexpected ways, and as more PoE-related content gets released, it becomes even more evident. Like, there’s this whole thing about memories going on, but it’s not just one individual’s memories, it can be memories of the past life, or memories of the world itself, the knowledge, the history - what should be remembered, what should be forgotten, is it right to make someone forget? But I think it’s really cool how there’s no one big answer, how at the end of The White March you can make your case for different points of view and find a compromise. Same with everything else.

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bitter-sister  asked:

I'm so glad dbd finally came out on console!!! it's so fun!! Do you have any tips for new players?

tldr: be bold, make mistakes, and whatever you do, don’t play it safe.

I’m really happy console players get to play DbD now! Truth be told, I haven’t played DbD in quite awhile now aha– but for an advice that’s universal to no matter how many updates DbD goes through… everything is fair game, but there does exists a code of sportsmanship!

And it just so happens said code of sportsmanship is also one of the easiest and effective methods for bloodpoints– the good stuff both survivor and killer want. While camping is indeed a legitimate and consistant tactic for a killer– it ultimately wields an unsatisfying and unhappy result for both players and your blood points; vise versa for generator rushing.

There’s a lot more you can do than just maxing out your sacrifice or objective points– but to put it straightforwardly: let the survivors get unhooked, make attempts to save your fellow survivors, keep chasing survivors, knock stuff down, then break them.

Many new players like to play it safe and follow through with the simple camp or generator rush (both strategies come very naturally to someone new to the game– they’re your main objectives after all). But there’s a reason why each category of bloodpoint (ie: boldness, altruism, objective, survival) has a bloodpoint cap– you get the best game play possible offered by Dead by Daylight by varying your methods of getting through a match; the game rewards you for playing with a dynamic strategy with more bloodpoints!

It’s okay to follow through with the safer methods of camping or gen rushing until you get more of a feel of Dead by Daylight, but I greatly encourage new players to be as brazen as they dare: taunt the killer, teabag a beartrap, torture a survivor and never let him truly die, terrorize survivors with everything that doesn’t involve your weapon. Take advantage of what lies in the bounds of Dead by Daylight instead of only trying to get in and out of a match– I promise you that you’ll have a lot more fun and intense match this way (and the entity loves you more for it via bloodpoints haha).