and so many dead ships :(

Honestly if BTS doesn’t just come out with a novel explaining the past like… 5 eras… I’m suing… see u in court hitmanbang


i felt some type of way about the casting choices for crowley & aziraphale, so i decided to draw my own interpretation of the boys

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Arms wrapped around one living, breathing firebender, Toph buried her tears in warm silk. “Don’t you ever ever ever do that again!”

“I’ll try.” Zuko held onto her a moment longer, then carefully untangled himself, guiding her hand to the ship’s rails before he let go. “I’m glad you’re okay. But there are things I have to do now.”

“Yeah.” Toph slapped a hand against blind wood. “Like punch one idiot right in the nose!”

Embers, Chapter 81

…Because I recently rediscovered this fic all over again, and have been rereading it for the gazillionth time orz


is this technically Cross faction ships? IDK xD some fun with body parts at least xD

as long as Medic and Sniper are having fun (sorry Spy)

help I'm in love with so many fictional characters

just kidding I don’t want or need your help this is a good place to be

i want Andrew to be a survivor okay i want Nurse and Andrew to meet again 8'l

Every now and then, I will browse fanfics that aren’t sickfic/whump, and I’m reading one right now that is so crisp and so amazing and the dialogue is pulling me in and the flow is so beautiful, and I’m just

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Reylo sleepover confession: I'm a little concerned by our fandom's interest in meta analysis and obsession with whether or not the ship will be canon. My first fandom was Sherlock and it got insane and embarrassing with the johnlock shippers. I really don't want to see this go down a similar path.

I feel this on a cellular level. I mean, don’t get me wrong — I love the meta (I teach this stuff and I love seeing it done well), but I worry when people place so much faith in it that they’re utterly convinced that Reylo will be canon. We saw this week the danger of being so dead-sure about the ship; so many people were flat-out devastated by the VF interview. What happens if TLJ blows Reylo apart? What if someone associated with the film does explicitly say “Rey and Kylo will not have a romance”? 

We got lucky this week — it was a false alarm. But it was still an important wake-up call to leave a little room for disappointment. There were so many hurt people on my dash this week; I think we as a fandom need to measure our expectations and not place all of our enjoyment in whether or not Reylo is canon. It’s still our ship, and we can still love it and do amazing things with it whether or not it ever materializes on screen. 


marvel ladies meme: 5/6 Relationships
↳ Peggy&Angie

this tag has become so dead. so many people have abandoned ship on this season. no one even talks about game anymore. y'all have been arguing about food and Disney movies. this season is so bad.