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thereallukeevans: Tasting the local dishes. My favourite thing to do #thetravellingwelshman #beautyandthebeast #dimsum [x]

All shall love her and despair.

Nacho? The modest one? You jest! Hahahaha~ These three posts were so sweet, thank you! (Being compared to Undyne is a great compliment!)

That would be Nacho!

(Ellipsis, I think they are flirting with you.)

THANK YOU! We’re really proud to have made it this far! Thank you for reading!

Isn’t it more fun that way?

I hope you liked the Jojo poses! I just finished sketching the wedding dress one (spoiler alert: it’s super cute).

Such a heartfelt compliment. Thank you so so so much! Keep drawing and practicing, you will get really good in no time!

We don’t have the time to manage a fan server, but I’m flattered you asked!

Tsunanon… doki doki….

You take Chara yourself too!


We should make Nacho draw Asriel more often.

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i was watching @markiplier and started sketching and this happened,, hope you like it!!

AU – Uni Shawn – The Hamster

A/n: Not requested, but if anyone was wondering what I was doing Friday night, here’s your answer. This is pretty close to exactly what happened with my best friend minus any romantic things and plus a mouse instead of a hamster. It didn’t come like I would have liked, but it took me a while to write so I’m just posting it anyway.

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Its Friday evening so you’re working on a paper that’s due at midnight because you had chosen not to start the paper until earlier this afternoon. You tend to do things like that no matter how much you end up hating yourself for it later. As you’re putting the finishing touches on the paper, your phone buzzes on your desk. It is, of course, your boyfriend texting you. His Men’s Chorale rehearsal had just finished so you’re not surprised at all to see the text from him. Wya? Is all it says, which is just short for where you at? 

So you immediately reply, Apt, just short for your apartment. 

His reply comes almost immediately; I wanna go get a guinea pig. 

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i know people feel like they messed up how magnus showed alec his cat eyes and ruined another first for malec or whatever but i completely disagree i love that it was shown in the way it was with magnus being in charge and just showing the lightwoods and being like “this is who i am” and alec’s little peak of interest… loved it

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caroline blushes & klaus makes a comment about how he'd like to see if that blush extends to the rest of her body. if you want, it could even be combined with another prompt

I went with a Regency setting to this prompt, and I hope it worked out! Thanks for the prompt, anon!

Blush || Klaroline

Having returned late in the night, Klaus felt rudely awaked with a sudden pounding on his bedroom door. “Nik!” a small voice called from the corridor. “It’s time for breakfast.”

He hauled himself out of bed, rubbing his tired eyes as he opened the door to find an excited Henrik waiting for him. “Mate, I’ve barely gotten any sleep. I promise, I’ll spend some time with you this afternoon.”

“Master Niklaus,” their butler Andrew interjected, easing himself into view behind Henrik’s bouncing form. “Lady Mikaelson specifically requested your presence in the dining room.”

Sighing, Klaus gave a reluctant nod. “Thank you, Andrew, I shall be dressed shortly.”

Esther Mikaelson had summoned her errant son to their country home where she was enjoying the holiday with Rebekah and Henrik. While Klaus usually enjoyed the time with his younger siblings, he hadn’t really looked forward to hearing the grisly details of preparing for Rebekah’s first season. It was well known that the only Mikaelson daughter would be a wealthy catch, and Klaus didn’t relish the kind of attention his baby sister might attract in her hunt for a husband.

Worse, Klaus risked his mother’s ambitious eye falling to his own unmarried status. A third son without a title needed more effort than he was willing to expend on finding a rich wife, but he had been fortunate to be recognized as his birth father’s heir a few years before. Marriage suddenly wasn’t a necessity to maintain his lifestyle, and he enjoyed the chance to learn his father’s merchant business throughout the continent during that time.

It appeared, however, that his luck had run out. Esther likely already had a few candidates for his consideration; she would invite them to dinners throughout the holiday for interrogation of their prospects, Klaus was sure.

He trudged down the stairs to meet his fate of heavy expectation, only to bump into a smaller body as he rounded the corner toward the kitchen. Linens burst from a girl’s grasp as she fell to the ground, her servant’s uniform crumpling beneath her. “Damn the world,” she muttered quietly, though not quietly enough.

Klaus’s eyebrows shot up in surprise at the American accent. “You’re a new face,” he realized, watching her gather the linens with a jerk.

“And you’re rude,” she napped as she stood, though she paled at the sight of his fine clothing. Embarrassment then flooded her cheeks with a deep flush. “Pardon me, sir, I thought the family was gathered for breakfast. I apologize for speaking out of turn.”

She was a pretty thing, and Klaus greedily tracked her blush down the neck of her plain dress. “No harm done, love,” he winked. “In fact, a little frankness would go far in this household. I am surprised my mother would hire one so bold, though.”

“Caroline is still learning,” the cold voice of his mother noted from the end of the hall. Esther shrewdly watched as Klaus stepped away from the young maid. “Those linens are hardly suitable for the beds now, dear. Please take them back to the laundry and try again.”

Klaus watched as the girl - Caroline - wilted in front of him at his mother’s admonishment. Her head dropped to her chest and she sank into a small curtsy before shuffling away as quickly as she had appeared.

With an imperious cluck, Esther turned on him. “I will not have you charming the help, Niklaus,” she chided. “They tend to think a pretty smile enough to rise from their station, and Caroline is hardly subordinate as it is. Don’t encourage her.”

Fighting the urge to roll his eyes, Klaus nodded and followed his mother into the dining room. He wondered how she managed to offend her sensibilities enough to still hire an impertinent American, but knew better than to press the issue. It was early, and he just wanted some food.

He looked back, though, just catching sight of the maid as she turned the corner.

Caroline. Her name was Caroline.

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you came like a missile
leaving me the whole world in exile

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How about 17) for McPriceley then? :)

17. Sharing an umbrella

Connor’s heart jumps into his throat when he feels his heel slip away from him on the wet ground; a split second later he yelps when he falls. When the initial shock fades he takes a breath, grimaces when he feels the wet mud covering the seat of his uniform pants, and looks up at Elder Price. “I hate this.”

“What? Rain?” Elder Price asks with all the mildness of someone who is still safe and dry under the umbrella, then rearranges the numerous bags hanging from his hands and arms and holds out a hand for Connor to take. “Are you okay?”

“My pride isn’t.” Connor wipes his hand off on the thigh of his pants, there is no saving them from a wash now anyway, before accepting it, using it to haul himself to his feet. And it turns out that even now, when Connor is soaking wet and covered in mud, his heart flutters from the feeling of Elder Price’s warm hand in his. He is reluctant to let go but forces himself to, especially when Elder Price gives him a somewhat puzzled look. He feels the impending danger of a blush, so he turns his attention to the uncomfortable feeling of the mud covering the back of his pants. He wipes at them despite knowing how futile it is. “Nor are my clothes.”

“Oh.” Kevin rearranges all the bags again, picks up the ones he had let fall to the ground, and holds the umbrella out to invite Connor back under it again- not that there is much point to it anymore. The rainy season in Uganda offers some of the most violent rainfalls that any of the missionaries have ever experienced. Connor’s hair is already slicked over his forehead and water is getting in his eyes. “Well.”

“You’re not very encouraging,” Connor remarks, miffed, then catches the faintest hint of a smile on his face. “Do you think this is funny, Elder?”

Elder Price schools his expression. His poker face is rather bad. “Of course not.”

Connor snorts and before he can force his mind back into the mold that he reserves for being a district leader, he casually wipes his muddy palm over the front of Elder Price’s pristine white uniform shirt.


“Oops.” Connor smiles at him cheerfully and bends down to pick up the plastic bags that he had dropped when he slipped. “Well, better get the groceries back to the mission building, eh?”

Elder Price stares down at the mud smeared over his chest, then raises his eyebrows defiantly, looking about as mature as a five-year old. “Fine. I was smiling, because you look like a drowned rat.”

Connor’s mouth falls open. “Now hold on–”

He’s not sure exactly what he is planning to do, perhaps wipe his hands over Elder Price’s shirt once more, perhaps elbow him in the ribs (is he being inappropriate right now?); either way, the end result is that his feet slip in the mud again and he automatically reaches out for Elder Price to steady himself, causing the other boy to lose balance as well. The umbrella goes flying from Elder Price’s unsteady grip, bags fall to the ground, and they grab each other to keep from crashing to the ground.

They share a moment of panicked eye contact before they gain control of their feet again. Then, Connor begins to laugh.  

“Happy now?” Elder Price asks, straightening and letting go of his grip on Connor’s upper arms, the earlier petulance gone from his voice. He sounds surprisingly at ease with getting increasingly soaked. “I guess I deserved that, huh?”

His shirt is plastering itself to his chest, water is pouring from the tip of his nose, his shoulders are raised somewhat in discomfort, and Connor feels something stir in his chest again. He ducks his head and schools his expression, but is unable to do anything about the blush.

“Yeah. I mean, no.” He reaches for the umbrella that lies upside down on the ground, shaking it off. “I really didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“Right,” Elder Price says, but makes a face like he is joking. It falters when Connor avoids meeting his eyes, and he sounds puzzled when he continues. “Uh. Like you said, better head back to the others, right?”

“Yes,” Connor says, grabbing the rest of the bags. Elder Price is not interested, he reminds himself firmly. “Let’s hurry.”


Progress shots leading up to that werebunny!Stiles wallpaper. I always like keeping WIP shots now just so I can look at them and weep

I’m a day late because I don’t have internet at my house but god I love George with every inch of my being and I hope he is resting peacefully, knowing he still brings smiles to many people’s faces everyday including mine. Last year around this time I wasn’t doing so good, but managed to survive a suicide attempt and I am still severely struggling with my mental health but simply seeing a photo of George brightens my mood plenty and keeps me holding on until tomorrow. You’ve taught me to “be here now” and I’m slowly learning how to let go of the past. I don’t know how I would fight through any of this without his music or his words and thoughts, he’s brought many things to me including meditation and positive thinking. You give me the strength to keep breathing and keep fighting this George! I may not have ever known you but the light you’ve brought to me and to this world doesn’t go unrecognized or unnoticed. Happy belated birthday love you will forever shine on in my heart!💖

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Jonghyun's wrists are very delicate and easily identifiable to me lol, and Taemin usually only does silly stuff with Jinki and touching him when they're alone. Like when Jinki was on the floor during a concert bts, and taem was standing between his legs.

this post
she opened her ask box, eager to see what sort of anonymous message would be waiting for her there. 

“taemin only does silly stuff with jinki and touching him when they’re alone.” 

the words made no sense, she read them again.  & again.  a demonstrably false declaration followed by a flimsy example?  suddenly it clicked: the ask came from a troll. 


being silly:

as for jonghyun’s wrists:

i don’t see any marked difference from the others & in fact they look the same as jinki’s to me.  maybe it’s because they both have thick forearms (at least compared to the others).