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spring is coming really soon so here are some green things🌿im reading the book “mosquito land” and its so good aaa!! ive also begun planting lavender seeds, the second picture is what they look like after a month or so of being planted. im going to need to repot it soon… today was v chill v productive and the weather is lovely :)

recently ive seen a lot of taakos in crop tops n short skirts n thats good content, but also, ive seen almost no fat taakos in crop tops OR short skirts
thats a crime, that ones punishable by crime

B debunking her own stunt like the larries haven’t already done that a thousand times and over a year ago. Get in line, dear.

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Guess what tonight is!

I had this in my drafts for quite a while but I think tonight would be the perfect time to post it.

Look at these cute meteor gazers

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I headcanon Hazel as a trans girl ~ and also I can't remember where I saw it but genderfluid Leo and it's actually so perfect and he'll never be cis in my brain.


and yesssssss trans hazel is so good…. i love trans girl hazel levesque, the most precious girl in the entire world. i have a half-finished post about trans hazel lost in my drafts somewhere…. ill have to dig it out soon!! im so sillyheaded sometimes, i go and lose everything… ANYWAYS,

trans hazel is such a good and wonderful headcanon - she’s buff and noticeably so, which makes her a little shy, but all the other girls at camp were always buff too from training, so even though her old-fashioned brain tells her its unladylike, shes begun to see it as a normal part of the female body (and she IS female, she wont let anyone tell her differently). shes not In The Closet about it, but she doesnt broadcast it often, cuz shes nervous about it, though she will occasionally use the word, transgender, this word she connects with so strongly. she wears the colors, too, when she can, but not as often as other people might, for obvious reasons. violence towards people like hazel is something shes quite familiar with. the seven are supportive, however, and nico of course, her brother, sees her as nothing else but his sister. he tries to do little things he remembers to be gentlemanly in italy, things a man would do towards the women he shared familial bonds with, and she notices and appreciates him to the end of time. being from, what, the 30s? makes things hard for hazel, but if she’d grown up there and not died, she probably wouldve been a loud voice for the civil rights movements, being a trans woman of color. shes intensely proud of everything she is, even if it scares her too. but, shes, what, a second generation witch with cursed metal powers and the ability to swing a giant ass longsword with little effort? hazel is the biggest badass in the series - and she makes sure everyone knows it. in the sweetest ways possible, of course. i just. wow. i love hazel levesque.

They're gonna make television history?

Just like every other Sherlock fan who entertains spoilers and was following SDComicCon news, I’ve been thinking about Amanda Abbington’s comment about this season being so groundbreaking (while Sue Vertue is in the background doing the most epic eye-bug). Now, we know AA is known for blurting and ill-advised comments on Twitter, but I also think they must have prepped her pretty hard if she was the one they chose to do the cons and so much of the post-s3 publicity with them.

When you back up Vertue’s reaction with Mark Gatiss’s facial shift as BC talked about s4 and got to straying beyond the presumably safe topics of hair and coat, that does start to look like neon arrows pointing at “relationship” as the real (character arc) theme for s4.  Fans, of course, immediately jumped on the TJLC bandwagon and threw their hands up with a mighty shout of “CONFIRMED!!!”

I’m not going to parse all that we so far have gotten from the con and setlock in the light of tjlc—there are dozens of other fans just on my dash doing that. No, what I’m going to wonder about is in the other direction. Bear with me a moment here because I want to poke at things a bit.

No matter whether the s4 secret is johnlock on the screen (in whatever flavour you’re envisioning) or not, what AA said was “television history.” And I don’t see putting two men together doing [sex] as all that groundbreaking any longer: other shows, including Ben Whisaw’s recent “London Spy” have been there. Effects on a tv show? Hasn’t Doctor Who been going there for 50 years now? See, I’m having trouble finding something implicit to just making a tv show, absent plot developments, that qualifies for this. Even if they go really modernist in plotting, a la “Parade’s End”, or even further timey-wimey, these developments aren’t going to be the kind of novel that merit’s AA’s breathless gushing. And they’ve so freely admitted to the appeal of “all a speculation in the mind of Victorian!lock” that I’m fairly well convinced that they’re not going there, either.

I think she was perhaps choosing her words poorly and more likely means making Sherlockian history. And that’s a different thing.

Here, anything tjlc has plenty of room to cover new and novel ground, following on TPLOSH, certainly, but moving further to accomplish what Wilder was held back from. A big splash in Sherlockian circles, yes; I’m not sure the casuals really will be that historically dazzled but perhaps that’s a failure of the crew’s imagination in terms of popular involvement in the Sherlock canon. And I don’t really feel as though the element of surprise is of the scale that their responses merit: we all know and a huge portion of the casuals know and recognize that the relationship between our two heroes is close and the heart of the story. It’s been there since the beginning, and I’m not sure it’s exciting enough, groundbreaking enough or hidden enough to merit the reactions I’m seeing and hearing.

Parsing the writers’ comments for the true situation is like listening to the nighttime for the moment that dog isn’t barking. We have to find the negative space in the tease, because that’s where the real hints lie. Remember how they made that one comment back in s1 about not going into the whole drugs thing because that’s not the right connotation for Sherlock Holmes today? One comment, we all bought it, and we’re all still reeling from the s3 reveal of, oh no, the drugs.

I feel the same way about the family thing. Pointing us at Moriarty for the villainy that drives the mysteries but hinting at a family history hanging over both Sherlock and Mycroft is just their kind of bait and switch. One line in s1 commentary about having a childhood headcanon for the brothers’ relationship problems but that they decided not to do that…and we were again blindsided by Holmes parents in s3 and intrigued by the hints of steel in Mummy. We know they dipped into Baring-Gould for William Sherlock Scott Holmes and Sherrinford, we know that we’ll see “lots more of Mycroft,” and we know MG doesn’t mean in the fat suit. BC said that he and MG still have 26 pages of dialog to shoot together, and that’s a lot compared to all of their previous interactions summed together.

I wonder if the real surprise is that they are going to give us what no one really has before: the childhood of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes and what made those men what they are in canon and in every adult rendering in popular productions. And it’s going to be shocking and horrible, because that’s what’s going to make Sherlock growing up into that better-balanced, caring man we already know from canon all the more triumphant. I don’t know if it’ll mean making Mycroft the actual Big Bad (I sorta hope not) or killing him off or in cahoots with The Moriarty; I don’t know if it’ll mean that someone is a twin with Sherrinford (but I think that “never twins” line has an absolute ring of promise to it) or who and what Redbeard is. But I do think that if there’s something they’ve been tiptoeing towards all these years while desperately pointing in any other direction, I think it’s more likely to be this than just two men finally getting together. I think that if the two men get together in this show, it’ll be backgrounded, uncommented, simply accomplished as another production detail while our attention is on the foregrounded story about what made Sherlock Holmes.

I think that just might make a bit of history, even though I think that it’s still likely to be of more interest to Sherlockians than to the history of television itself. But also, pretty damned smart.

You know when you have your hat pulled down to your eyebrows and your scarf wrapped over your nose and your hood drawn tight, but there’s still that tiny window of vulnerable flesh that gets pelted by ice pellets for the twenty minutes it takes to walk to class?  And then you wish that you just had a nice fur coat to protect you from the elements?  No?  Is that just me? 


Meanwhile Galaxia’s regretting bringing that whip out if this is what’s going to happen.


First, the truly divine level of “innuendo in the face of danger” we have going on here, because oh my god. This is something unique between Haruka and Michiru that Stars has cultivated over the course of the season, and I really can’t say enough wonderful things about it. S was such a powder keg of tension between the two of them, all these EMOTIONS that neither Haruka nor Michiru were able (or willing) to express. I’m reminded of times in that season where they faced imminent death, and yet weren’t able to draw strength from each other. Remember when Michiru tried to take Haruka’s hand and Haruka pulled away? (BECAUSE FUCKING HANDS, RIGHT??) It’s such a quiet and sad moment, particularly because it’s Michiru putting herself in a vulnerable position, and Haruka refusing what’s being offered.

Now here we are in Stars. From the first episode of the season, we learn how different things are between them, and gods know I WORDS all over everything at the time. What’s so fantastic though is IT’S KEPT GOING. That wasn’t a one-off, it wasn’t an isolated joke, IT’S WHAT HARUKA AND MICHIRU DO NOW. They’ve gone from “oh no we can’t allow ourselves this tiny moment of barest physical comfort” to “three seconds from making out in front of the ‘queen’s throne’”.

I love that this is their reaction to looming death and fear. I love it for a bunch of reasons I”m going to talk about, but I don’t want to let that idea pass without comment. Because make no mistake, Haruka and Michiru are FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. Galaxia is killing this planet as effortless as she killed countless planets before. She’s already killed the Inners. Michiru’s attacks were brushed aside. Haruka’s sword was caught one-handed, cracked, and tossed away effortlessly. They’ve just been hit directly with Galaxia’s power and I’m going to take a guess that it didn’t feel great. But not only is is a logical conclusion that they’re worried, the creators went so far as to give us visual proof.

Like I’ve said repeatedly, details are everything. This is particularly true when it comes to something visual in animation (especially in this time period when everything was done by hand and so required a substantially higher investment). Basically, characters don’t sweat without reason. We’ve seen Haruka and Michiru get their ass handed to them in a myriad of exciting ways. They’ve looked scraped and bloody and beaten and disheveled, but they never sweat. Sweat isn’t a shorthand for “hurt”. It’s shorthand for “nervous”.

Haruka and Michiru look fine and they sound completely relaxed and so not bothered with what’s going on around them, but it’s all a front. Galaxia may or may not be picking that up, but WE do, and that’s the point. It was vitally important that we know two things here:

  1. Haruka and Michiru are seriously concerned.
  2. When they’re seriously concerned, they turn to each other.

This isn’t just breaking the tension by dropping a high energy sex-fueled bomb on the unsuspecting populace, ALTHOUGH THAT ALSO. It’s about Haruka trying to disguise her fear with bravado, and verbally reaching out to Michiru for reassurance. (Note, by the way, that this time it’s HARUKA opening that door.) And Michiru responds immediately. Their banter is charged, but easy. It’s comforting, but intimate. They’re turning this moment of fear that’s outside of themselves into something personal ONLY about themselves. It’s a reminder of all the other times they’ve done this, and survived. It’s a promise for all the things waiting for them when they survive this, too. (”Later, when we’re alone.”) It’s an affirmation of all the truly personal things they’ve shared that are only for them, just in case this time they don’t get to walk away.

This moment is so many things, in so many ways, and it’s wrapped up in nothing but filthy innuendo between two loving and committed badass ladies and it’s beautiful.

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So what, all they talk about is how they started their careers so young and mutual friends and stuff? I've got tons of people who are similar to me in that way but were not compatible. No shared interests at all, both run in different circles and have different goals in life that don't match

Bullshit. There are very few people who meet this brief. And they are probably part of the small circle that both girls hang out with.

Mutual friends:

Cara/Lily d/Lily a/Martha/lorde/ed/selena/gaga/Drake/Mickey Hess/haim/Kimby/Austin/Blake/Suki/Dakota/Serena/jack/Lena/etc

Other than science i can’t think of any interest they don’t share.

Blah. Stop being an idiot