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d a y f i ve
spring is coming really soon so here are some green things🌿im reading the book “mosquito land” and its so good aaa!! ive also begun planting lavender seeds, the second picture is what they look like after a month or so of being planted. im going to need to repot it soon… today was v chill v productive and the weather is lovely :)

Got7 Showcase (and me)
  • JJP praises maknae for raising the mood compares jjp showcase vs got7 showcase
  • Talking about bambam videography
  • Bambam got inspired on youtube
  • It’s YOUNGRISH TAIMU!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Words he learnt in nyc: ‘thanks a lot’ in a very ny accent
  • Yj went for vocal lessons in ny
  • Jackson – talking about papillon g6 goes aite aite aite aite loool
  • Yugie – learning a new genre of dance OMG SMTM6 TWISTED BY JUNOFLO I AM DYING
  • *cry* why do I love yugyeom so much
  • Yugie does more sexy dancing
  • OMG THEY’rE GONNA PERFORM PARADISE I AM DED and its not even begun yet omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
  • Hahahah they all holding mic for yugie hahahha so cute
  • Youngjae giving us all the vocals yesssssssss
  • Vocal7 dance7 my soul feels blessed
  • OMG GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS YASS awwww that was so long ago
  • They look so cute doing this dance now I wonder if mark and js will do the flips omg
  • O shit I had missed jackson’s hip thrusts more than I thought
  • OH HERE COMES omg markkkkkkkkkkkk shitttt still killin it
  • Got6 cheers for Mark haha
  • SHITMARK I  missed that ‘every lady wants a piece of me’ <3
  • Jackson dougieing oooooooo flips oh babies I love you
  • Hahha omg mark looks so done
  • Album spoiler beautiful songs
  • OMGGGGGGG they look soooooo gooooooooood in their casual outfits OMG
  • BAMBAM being praised for lyric vid hahah BAM DONG NIM
  • You Are MV bb starts explaining story… ahgases says not to say more hahahha ahgase basically saying they don’t want to be spoiled. Hhahahhaha
  • Bambam making fun of other members in the video
  • Yugie says bb was a pro – bb spent all night editing. Bb makes a bad joke
  • Aww bb
  • Talking about JB writing you are
  • Jb: about someone that we’re thankful for…expresses relationship with fans, parents, etc
  • As I was writing the song…. He watched animation that had beautiful skies.  Beautiful Sky was the title but suddenly it was called You Are  - JYP DID THIS LMAO
  • Teenager – once u like someone you feel young oooo chorus is by rappers in this aww jb so cute… hahha bb saying they got more parts,that’s why bb asked for it to be title song LOL yg and bb chose teenager
  • LOL YJ made a joke no one got it
  • bb first time doing a song Remember You. Director n producer bb ahahha ‘I wanted to kill it this time’
  • senti lyrics… it was meant to be in arrival but didn’t get included
  • he didn’t want it to be like a foreigner wrote it so he made many many edits
  • yugs – hahahaha so cute he’s so shy lol at got6 picking on him he is so embarrassed
  • to me – uses a different beat, latin influenced beat ahhahhah JUNOFLO COMES OUT AGAIn  OMG I’m dyin why is he so darn cute
  • hahahhahhahah omg yugie pls
  • amerithaikong wrote face :D
  • hahahha got6 making fun of bb
  • missing your face isn’t just for gf bf it can be anyone you miss like your friends
  • hahahha mark is quiet
  • mark: LA gangsta coming out hahahha
  • ‘the song is old’ ‘recorded this a while ago’
  • Theyre abt to play remember you
  • Bb: I think I need to go to the bathroom after this
  • Ommmmggggggh
  • Jackson singing OMG
  • You can tell it’s v emotional… everyone is feelin it
  • They just performed FOREVER YOUNG <3
  • Bambam really went to the bathroom LOL
  • BB is back hahha
  • Jb: I was surprised, he wrote it well
  • Bb: I KNOW
  • Jb: im proud
  • LET ME <3
  • Rap line singing the chorus is the best thing ever
  • THANK YOU JB for this beauty teenager certified bop
  • Bb: this is why I wanted this to be title.. this is the bright concept u wanted
  • OMG over 250 mil hearts.. members are happy
  • Bb: sings teenager
  • Memebam came out while singing his own part in remember you
  • Jy yj: makes bb dab
  • LMAO they’re making the host do aegyo OMG DED
  • Jb: does ‘chic’ aegyo
  • Yg: rap LMAOOOOOOOOOOOoo o god hahahha im already laughing
  • Yg too hyped by himself. OMG :’D
  • Got6 making fun of papillon hahha aite aite aite aite
  • JS does papillon everyone cheers
  • Ahgase: JINYOUNG!
  • JY: waeee~ *so cute*
  • Jy: talks about how happy he is that the title was by a member… I saw things I couldn’t working as 7 rather than 2
  • Got5 pervs: what did u see
  • LMAO
  • Mark: worked really hard on this, I hope u like it 
  • Mark: love you
  • JB: pretends to read from card (lol him and his gdad jokes honestly)
  • Thank you for coming aww he asked ahgases if they could see alright from far away
  • Jb starts recoding yj… yj poses whilegiving speech hahaha
  • Yj recording bb now hahhaa
  • Aww bb dnt worry we love you no matter what
  • Js: I’m got7’s Jackson, thank you for coming *cutie*
  • Bb: now recording JS
  • Js: more than words i will show with my actions of working hard (I CAN ALREADY SEE IT BBY)
  • YOU ARE coming up next
  • I AM DED

James/Miranda/Thomas Appreciation Week:

Day Seven: Free Choice 

“Desde que tú has partido, ha comenzado para mi la oscuridad. En torno a mi, vive el recuerdo de los días bellos de nuestro amor. La rosa que me has dejado ya se a secado, pero la guardo en un libro… que no termino más de leer.”

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What do you think about the Cactus Kanda headcanons?

((kanda and cacti is 100% canon, confirmed,))

((based off of @simply-m-a-d‘s post here!!))

So I’m here guys! Been subtly lurking for maybe 40 mins. But so far I see nothing. There are film trucks but it’s clear that the filming is being done inside (at least for now). Apparently, David was here yesterday. Came across this pic on facebook and it does look like this building. I am anxious and trying to be discreet, so I haven’t asked any crew standing outside. There is also a cop on either side of the building. I did see a guy wearing an x-files t-shirt! Couldn’t tell if maybe he was another phile or possibly crew. Gonna do another loop around the building now. Does anyone actually want a play by play like this? Cause otherwise I’ll just post again only if I catch something really interesting.

EDIT: I’ve been informed the pic is from last season. Sorry all. My bad. I’ll try to snap a real one myself, if the opportunity arises. So far nothing. ☹️

tried inking + watercolor for the first time ever wwwww

Safe. (Calum Hood Series, AU) Part 4

Calum has a secret to keep, Y/N was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Warnings: Swearing?


It had been eight days since Calum had brought Y/N to Los Angeles, and she had settled in to her temporary arrangement. Except for the fact that she hadn’t been sleeping very well, despite the bed actually being comfortable. Of the eight days, Y/N had only slept through the night maybe 3 times. Every other night she would wake up at varying times and fall in and out of sleep until morning. Usually, she would handle the sleeplessness well, but it had begun to take its toll on her. So when she awoke from yet another mostly sleepless night, Y/N trudged downstairs to find Calum standing in the kitchen, looking through the cabinets as his fingers tapped out a beat on the door. “Hey, Calum?” Y/N sleepily mumbled. “Oh hey, you’re awake.” Calum stated as he turned to her. “What’s up?” “Is there any way I could convince you to either take me or accompany me to get coffee from somewhere?” Y/N questioned, attempting to stifle a yawn as he thought about it. “Sure, why not? I could go for some coffee.” He agreed, and Y/N smiled. “Great. Let me go change, I’ll be right back.” She mumbled, stifling yet another yawn as Calum chuckled. After changing and putting her hair into a ponytail, Y/N grabbed her purse and phone from the desk in the guest room before walking back downstairs again. Calum stood in the hallway by the front door, spinning his key ring on his finger as he glanced at his phone. He looked up at Y/N as she joined him, and he put his phone in his pocket before giving her a smile. “Ready?” Calum inquired, to which Y/N nodded. Y/N walked outside first, allowing Calum to close and lock the front door behind the two of them. “So are we taking a cab, or what?” Y/N wondered aloud, and Calum shook his head. “Nah, it’s only like a ten minute walk to the nearest café.” He answered, provoking Y/N to laugh. “Alright. As long as I don’t nearly get attacked because of you this time.” She sighed in response. Calum rolled his eyes. “You won’t.” He groaned, mumbling something about how she was never going to let that go. The walk, as Calum had stated, proved to be close to ten minutes. After going to the counter inside of the café and getting drinks, the two of them sat down at a table in the back corner of the building. It was silent for a moment before Calum spoke. “ mentioned you were going back to college in the Fall.. what are you going for?” “Well, I’m currently getting my basic courses out of the way. I’m not exactly sure what I want to spend the rest of my life doing yet.” Y/N answered, taking a sip of her coffee. “Nothing wrong with that.” Calum laughed. “I mean I had to take these courses anyway, so I figured I had some time.” Y/N stated bluntly, which made Calum laugh harder. She smiled down at her cup before speaking again. “So, what about you? I mean you told me you that you and Luke, Ashton, and Michael were staying in L.A. but you were all from Australia, which is obvious from your accents. But you never went into any detail. Like do you guys ever go home?” “Yeah, I mean we aren’t really stuck in L.A.” Calum responded, picking at the side of his coffee cup. “What about you? You told me the first time we met that you had only been living in Hoover for a year.” He added, trying to keep the conversation going. “My hometown is actually a much smaller city. I wanted to get away from home for college. I felt like everything was too familiar, so I got into the college in Birmingham and set out on my own, basically.” “Basically?” “My parents helped me out a little. And how did you even remember that??” Y/N stated, partially amazed that he actually remembered what she had said about Hoover. “Because..I was worried that the man that was after me may try to actually go after you.” Calum admitted, which made Y/N even more curious. “I’ve been in L.A. with you for over a week now, and you still haven’t truthfully explained much about that day. I still don’t truly know much about you.” She prompted, and he sighed. “What do you want to know?” He questioned, his gaze shifting from his coffee cup to meet Y/N’s. “Well.. let’s start with the day we met. You said the man was after you, because you have something that somebody wants.” “That’s true.” “What is the ‘thing’ they want?” “I can’t tell you that. Not right now, at least.” “Okay.. what about your family?” Y/N inquired. “What about my family?” Calum responded. “Siblings?” “One older sister.” Calum found himself saying, and Y/N smiled. “What about animals? What’s your favorite animal?” “What does that have to do with my family?” “It doesn’t, I’m just trying to get to know you.” Y/N shrugged, reaching for a napkin to wipe the coffee from her mouth. “Dog. Anything else?” Calum responded, to which Y/N grinned. By the time the two of them got up to leave the café two hours later, Y/N wasn’t so in the dark anymore. She learned quite a bit about Calum, from his favorite color (which he insisted was completely irrelevant), to what he and the boys did for a living. She didn’t exactly believe him at first when he said that they were songwriters, and they actually did perform sometimes, but he convinced her otherwise when he pulled a page of random song lyrics from his pocket. “You just keep songs in your pocket?” Y/N inquired, eyeing the paper curiously. “Sometimes.” He answered as the two of them threw away their cups on the way out of the café. As soon as the two of them made it back to the house, Calum opened the front door and Y/N stepped inside. The entire house was dark, and Y/N was a little afraid to move, for fear of running into something.. and also because the last time she went into a dark place, a strange woman was hiding in her apartment. Calum saw the look on her face, and stepped around her, feeling along the wall to find the light switch. “Sorry, I thought that they might have been back by now.” He explained. Y/N nodded before following him further into the house, shutting the door behind herself. “So, thank you for the coffee. I definitely needed it.” She said, glancing into the kitchen before Calum’s voice answered from the living room. “You’re welcome. And now you also know more about me.” Y/N joined Calum in the living room, and the two of them sat in comfortable silence, watching TV.

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Part 4/?

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