and so it was nice to just watch a chick flick and enjoy almost every minute

To Hell and Back

Pairing: Dean x Reader, previous Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam goes to Hell and the reader finds her comfort in Dean.

Word Count: ~2,500

Warnings: crying, mention of depression, fluff, angst?

A/N: I woke up from a nap and had this idea in the forefront of my brain. I’m just writing without double checking my facts from the show (because as much as I love it, I can’t remember what happened in each season down to the last detail), so I apologize if things aren’t as they were written into the show. Ex: I don’t think they lived in the bunker when Sam dove into the cage, but for the sake of this story, you bet they did!

I hope you guys like it. ….And don’t think it’s too weird *laughs nervously*

*gifs are not mine

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He really did it. Sam had fallen into the giant abyss that opened up in the ground, giving himself to Lucifer. He was gone. You screamed out for him through your tears, Dean being the only thing stopping you from jumping in after him.

“[Y/N], c’mon, let’s go home,” Dean said, his arm around your waist to hold you up as he pulled you toward the car.

“It - it’s not home anymore, Dean.” You cried and shook your head.

He sniffled, grunted and nodded, trying not to let you see that he was just as torn apart as you were, if not more. He opened the passenger door of the Impala and helped you in. You put your face in your hands and cried even harder. You never sat in the front seat - it was Sammy’s.

Dean let his tears fall as he walked around the back of the car but wiped his eyes and regained his composure before he got into the car with you. He knew he had to be strong for you. It’s something Sam had specifically asked him to do after he’d made his decision. Of course, Dean agreed, promising to keep you safe no matter what.

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Cold - Request

Requested by anon:  Hi, I was wondering if you would write a request, in which Dean and Reader are together, but she doesn’t hunt (researching though), and one day when the boys are on a hunt she gets terribly sick but tries to hide it from the boys so they won’t worry? Obviously with loads of fluff and worried and caring Dean in the end! ^-^ Thank you!

Summary: (Y/N) is sick and trying to hide it from the boys, of course Dean notices and his mommy side rises from the ashes.

Pairing: Dean x reader.

Warnings: None.

Word count: 1,878

A/N: I got sick recently, and this is my own vision of what I would like Dean to react like… Hope it is your too.


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It was usual for people to get the flu during winter, what it wasn’t usual was to get it while living at an underground bunker. Of course, (Y/N) went out to buy groceries every so often, but even so it was almost impossible that she could’ve gotten sick just by that. Then again, it was the millionth time she blew her nose and she still couldn’t breathe.

Sam and Dean were out hunting one last case before going back home. According to Dean’s messages, none of them were sick. (Y/N) hadn’t told him she was sick, she didn’t want Dean to worry and drag Sam back without finishing the case.

She wasn’t a huntress, but even so, unfinished cases were her nightmare. Not only because of the many victims that would continue to die, but also because of the moral weight of being part of that community. She was an investigator, the modern version of the Men of Letters but without the fancy bunkers.

Investigators were born after Abbadon appeared. They would research for money, and would often give a place for the hunters to crash. Ash, Bobby, Garth… The brothers had met many investigators, but only a few went by the name.

(Y/N) belonged to a family of investigators. Her great-grandfather had been a Man of Letters, and after Abaddon the rest of the legacy continued as a low-key source of information for any hunter that needed them. And that’s how she met Dean.

It was supposed to be a strictly-business kind of thing, but once the green-eyed hunter laid eyes on her… he just couldn’t let her go. And, of course, only a fool would say no to Dean Winchester, so they ended up dating and, when the boys found the bunker, (Y/N) was asked to move with them – turning their distance-romance into a serious relationship.

Dean was the most caring, over protective and funny boyfriend and (Y/N) knew he wouldn’t rest until she was healthy again – in case he found out – therefore, she sat there, at her bed with her laptop right beside her. She would drink all kinds of weird teas and loads of chicken soup. However, none of it seemed to matter, because she was still a red-nose mess and Dean would eventually find out and overreact.

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Honey Bunch

content: Castiel starts using very embarrassing pet names and Sam has got the time of his life.

word count: 1800

The first time it happens on a Thursday morning.

“Hey, Cas? Can I have the syrup?”

“Of course, honey bunch.”

Dean freezes, his eyes wide. For a second he wonders if he misheard the angel since Castiel looks totally unfazed while placing the syrup in front of Dean. As if nothing’s out of the ordinary.

But then Sam bursts out laughing and nearly falls off his chair.

Dean immediately shoots him an offended look but his brother is way too busy with his heart attack to appreciate the effort. So Dean focuses his attention on Castiel instead since he’s the reason for Sam’s early death in the first place but the angel doesn’t seem to realize he did something wrong.

And yeah, maybe he thinks it’s absolutely acceptable.

He probably watched some cheesy chick-flick-movie the other day and is now convinced that people in serious relationships need to call each other stupid pet names.


“Cas, don’t call me ‘honey bunch’,” Dean makes himself clear. “Ever.”

“Alright, Dean,” Castiel agrees without twitching a muscle. But before Dean gets the chance to tell him that he doesn’t want to hear any other allegedly cute nicknames as well his phone starts to ring, demanding his attention.

Nonetheless Dean glares at Castiel one last time and hopes the angel understands the hidden message behind his eyes.

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juliadelg hi !! i love your fics and i miss them !but well i would like if you write a history about sheldon jealous about amy pass more time with penny and bernie … well i hope you write also happy 2015 !! (Greetings from Argentina)

Hello my friend! It’s been awhile! Thank you so much for the prompt! Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy this little story as much as I enjoyed writing it! <3

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Anchors (Part 2)

Title: Anchors (Part 2)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: After meeting Dean and Sam in high school, the reader forms a strong connection to the oldest brother. 

Word Count: 2,766

POV: Readers, 1st Person

warnings: subtle hints to abuse (not explicit in this section, but in upcoming chapters)

a/n: Thanks for the wonderful feedback on the last part! Really means a lot :) Hope you enjoy!

part one

It was beautiful. Two double cheeseburgers loaded with the works. Not to mention a heaping side of homestyle fries. I could cry. 

“This was the best idea you’ve ever had.” Dean said before biting into his burger. He grinned. “This is heaven itself. Beautiful, delicious, fattening heaven.”

I watched him as he closed his eyes, nothing but pure bliss across his face. It was a cheeseburger. A damn cheeseburger, and this kid was grinning like he won a state championship. He’s an interesting guy, I’ll give him that. 

“You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Dean said looking at me, laughing as he shoved three fries into his mouth. I knew he was kidding. Hell, I knew it meant absolutely nothing, and yet that damn tingling sensation filled my stomach. Stop it, I cursed myself. Dean wiped the corner of his mouth with his sleeve. “I swear I would have died in this crap town if it wasn’t for you.”

I grabbed a fry, throwing it into my mouth, trying to ignore the butterflies consuming my stomach. “Speaking of dying alone in this town… how long are you boys sticking around?” It wasn’t a question I wanted to ask really. I knew their story, so I knew they didn’t stay in one place for very long. It just kind if slipped out since it had been on my mind from the very second we met. 

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Preference: Late Night Talks

{ So I kinda ran out of ideas at the end.. so Luke’s is kind of short, buuuut I hope you still enjoy it ;) }

Request Here

Preference: Late Night Talks

“Baaaabbeeeee,” Michael rolled over in your bed, onto his side, and closer to you; so his front side was pressed against your back. “Why’re you still up?” he said, groggily, sleep obviously still overcoming most of his senses. 
You lay wide awake, scrolling through your twitter timeline. After Michael had refused to watch a movie with you and went to sleep, you weren’t the slightest bit tired, so you decided to stay up a bit longer. That had been not less than two hours ago, and had Michael not woken up, you probably would have lost track of time on social media for even longer than you had. 
“I got distracted,” you replied, yawning, as you turned off your phone. You turned around to face Michael, who seemed to have woken up a bit more, staring at you intently. 
“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he said, brushing a stray hair out of your face; making you blush in response. “Mmm,” he mumbled, stretching a little, pulling you into his chest, and holding onto you with a tight grasp. “I’m so fucking lucky to have you. I love you so much you don’t even know.” 
You sat up, using your elbow as leverage for your head, “no, I know. But I love you more,” the words rolled off of your tongue, like you’d been rehearsing them in the mirror for hours. 
“Mmm I don’t think that’s possible,” he smirked, “I love you all the way to the moon and back.” 
Easy. “I love you to the moon, and to all the planets and back.”
He laughed. 
“What? Can’t beat that?” you challenged. 
“No, it’s just we’re so cheesy!” 
“Sooo? Cheesy is good. I like cheesy.” 
“You’re cute,” he answered, pushing your nose with his index face; causing your face to scrunch up, as it would have if you’d ate a lemon. 
“We should probably go to sleep, hey?” 
“Mhmm,” he replied, pulling you down into his side, where you fell asleep almost immediately.

You woke abruptly, to a dark room. Expecting it to be no more than 3 or 4 in the morning, you rolled onto your side, outstretching your arm to wrap around Ashton’s body, but not finding it. You patted your hand on the fabric next to you, before sitting up and realizing that his side of the bed was completely empty. 
“Ashton?” confused, and still half asleep, you noticed the light in the hallway shining from underneath the doorway. 
You made your way downstairs, and found Ashton sitting on the couch, where he sat cross legged, screaming at the TV over some soccer player, whom hadn’t done what he wanted him to do. He looked up at your petite figure, and immediately stopped screaming. 
“Did I wake you?” 
You shook your head, climbing over the couch and sitting onto his lap. You rested your head against his chest, at an angle, so you could still see what was happening on the tv screen. 
“Why’re you up? It’s almost three am,” you let out a short laugh. 
“Couldn’t sleep. Plus the game was on, so I figured I’d watch it.”
You two sat like that for a good couple minutes, in silence, eyes glued to the tv, until Ashton began playing with your hand. He looked at it as if he were inspecting it for some kind of clues. Starting with your thumb, he examined the finger, tracing around the fingernail, before repeating the same process with each finger; until he reached your ring finger. This time he looked closely at your knuckle, whispering something to himself. 
“One day I’m going to put a beautiful ring right here,” he pointed to the spot, before kneeling his head down, and kissing it gently. 
“How can you be so sure?” you asked, as he grazed over the area with his thumb.
“I can be so sure because I know how much I love you. And there’s absolutely no one else in the world I’d rather spend the rest of my life with.” 
“Awee,” your heart fluttered as you reached up, and kissed him, “I love you too.” 
You both continued to cuddle on the couch for a couple hours, until you fell asleep, and Ashton carried you upstairs.

You and Calum were sat on the couch, watching a lame movie. (According to Calum) Your head was placed in his lap, and your body took up the majority of the couch, forcing Calum to sit up; ever so often playing with your hair. 
The story line so far had been of a young couple, who fell in love and gotten pregnant. Which, frankly was probably the reason Calum hated it so much; a typical chick flick. 
“How can you watch this? Terrible acting and cheesy storyline. It’s so predictable, and this would never happen in real life!” he had repeated these words at least ten times to you, since the movie had started. 
You’d shush him, telling him the movie was good and could have been far more cheesy. 
Almost near the end of the movie, Calum finally seemed to shut up, and get into it. You could swear you saw him shed a few tears as well. 
“Are you crying Cal?” you asked, almost sarcastically as you sat up, off of his lap. 
“Nooo,” his voice almost croaked, as he wiped his eyes and nose on the back of his hand. “It’s just,” he pointed to the screen, referring to the end scene, where the baby had been born, and they’d shown a flash forward to a little toddler running around the house. “I was thinking about how one day, you and I would start a family, just like that,” he paused, bringing his eyes up to you, smiling, so his eyes crinkled. “Our first born would be a girl, definitely. And then after that we’d have a boy or a girl, it wouldn’t matter. But preferable a boy, because there could really only be one little princess in the house.” 
You grabbed his hand, squeezing it in awe, you’d never thought Calum had thought about this before. 
“So you have this all planned out?” you chuckled a little. 
“So how long? How long ‘til this plan comes through?”
“Maybe a couple years?” 
You frowned, “that’s so far away!” you pushed out your bottom lip, exaggerating your sadness. 
“I mean, we could always get a dog in the meantime,” a smug look crossed his face. 
Of course Calum of all people would turn this around into getting a dog. He’d asked you before, but it’d always seemed like a bad idea, considering Calum was rarely home, so you’d have to take the majority of the responsibility. But this time you opened up to the thought a bit more, it would be nice to have someone keep you company when Calum was away. 
“I like that idea,” you smiled, and he immediately shot up from the couch in excitement, cheering. 
“Yay yay yay!! I love you babe!” he ran around the couch, before running up the stairs, leaving you alone. 
“I love you too,” you laughed to yourself.

You rolled over in bed for what seemed to be the millionth time, and looked across the bed to Luke, who seemed to be doing the same thing. 
“Lukeyyy I can’t sleep,” you mumbled, making him rollover. 
“Me either,” he frowned, now facing you. 
“Humph. What should we do?” he pulled you into his chest, kissing the top of your head and closed his eyes. 
“Let’s just talk,” he answered. You could see his eyes flicker open, and began staring at the ceiling. 
“What about?” 
“Honestly babe, I don’t know. I’m just really craving tacos right now.”
You sat up on your elbows, using them to support you. “Really Luke? It’s almost 3am and you’re craving tacos?” you stifled back a laugh. 
“Mhmmmm and some chocolate covered m&ms. Those would be really nice right now.” 
“You are actually insane.” 
“No!! Actually I’m just hungry,” he smirked. 
“I can go and fix you up a snack if you’d like.” 
“Hmm, as great as that sounds, I think I’d rather eat something else,” he roughly placed his lips against yours. 
“You are crazy,” you said against his lips, pausing between every word. 
“Crazy for you,” he smiled against your lips.

Hope You Enjoyed! :))

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Stupid Little Things: Chapter 12

masterpost x

Luke’s POV:

“Thank you Dublin, you guys have been amazing! Were 5 Seconds of Summer and we’ll see you next time!” My voice bounces around over the screams. I take one last look at the crowd before spinning around, lining up beside Calum and Mikey in front of Ash’s drum kit, watching as he flips his drumstick up in the air one last time before we synchronize our last three notes. Cal lifts his bass in the air before we all file back off of stage, dropping our guitars off to the techs.

“Boys!” J’s voice rings out through the hallway, reverberating off the walls. She’s bouncing a little, the excitement on her face still just as evident as it was every time I glanced at her on side stage. Were all jogging, but I speed up so I reach her first. My arms automatically coil around her waist, lifting her up as her’s lock around my shoulders, her legs around my torso. The momentum spins as a few times and I bury my face in her neck.

It’s odd, how reassuring her hugs are. The thoughts of the single note I missed or the fact that my jump was a little later than the rest of the bands seem to fade away.

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Where the Lines Overlap: Chapter 2

Aka, bellarke roommates au part 2/5. Part one (here)

(Title and chapter titles from Paramore’s ‘Where the Lines Overlap’)


Tracing patterns (across a personal map)

A few weeks later, after they’d both made it through midterms relatively unscathed, Clarke asked if he minded her having her friends over that Friday to watch a movie.

Which maybe sounds strange, but with their rocky start they’d both been hesitant to bring people to the room, for fear of their friends witnessing their less than pleasant interactions.

Bellamy voiced his consent with little resistance.

“Thanks!” She smiled, “Oh! And um, you and O should watch with us…If you want.” Bellamy would have described the invitation as shy if he didn’t already know that there was absolutely nothing timid about Clarke Griffin.

He raised an eyebrow, “You really sure you want to expose your friends to your asshole roommate and his crazy sister?”

She seemed to consider this for a second, then deadpanned, “Oh. Yeah, true. You guys are pretty horrible. Maybe you could, you know, just make yourself scarce that night…?” She grimaced at him in mock pity and he glared in response until she broke into laughter, causing him to crack a smile a second later.

“You said it, not me!” she said defensively, still laughing.

“Yeah, okay, okay. I’ll see if O’s free. What are we watching?”

She opened her mouth to respond, but then her brow furrowed and she seemed to think better of it.

“Nope,” she said, ignoring his incredulous expression, “You’re going to have to wait, because you’re definitely going to make fun of me for it, and I don’t think I can handle living with that for three days.”

Friday rolled around and Jasper and Monty were the first to arrive, aside from Octavia of course, who had already staked out a spot on Clarke’s bed.

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Preference 2: You meet in an awkward way

Louis: You had just moved to London a week ago and were still trying to get the hang of things. You decided to head out to the mall and go shopping, hopefully you would get better acquainted with your new home while simultaneously buying some new clothes. After about an hour, you had built up a healthy supply of new dresses, shirts and shorts so you decided to hit the bathroom. The mall you always went to at home always had the ladies room to the right, so by instinct, thats the direction you went. First things first, you went to the mirror to reapply your lipgloss. Might as well try to make an impression.  It wasn’t until you heard a male voice clear his throat and call out to you, that you realized you probably should have paid more attention to the signs on the wall. “Um love, this isn’t the bathroom you’re looking for.” You do a complete 180 and are shocked to see a line of urinals on the opposite wall and a boy, who was awkwardly pulling up his pants and shifting his entire body into the corner to keep it all decent. But of course it wasn’t just any boy, it was Louis. Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. The boy band that all of your little sisters back in the states were obsessed with. For a few seconds, you were completely frozen in shock. I mean, who wouldn’t? Meeting a famous band member was pretty cool. Not to mention he was cute. But then it hit you like a sack of bricks. You must have walked into the guys bathroom instead. “Oh my god I- I’m so-” Then you ran out of the bathroom as quickly as you could. A few minutes later, once your cheeks had returned back to their normal color, you decided to leave the confines of the woman’s restroom and try to forget the whole thing. Just as you stepped out of the entrance, you felt a hand grab onto your upper arm. “What in the-” Then you looked at who had grabbed your arm. Louis was standing in front of you, the hood of his jacket pulled up over his head, and you could only see his eyes because his other hand had tipped his sunglasses down to his nose. “Sorry love, I just wanted to apologize for startling you.” You stood dumbfounded for a moment, unable to squeak out any words. “You're…apologizing…to me?” You ask, taking long pauses between each word. “Yes.” He says with a chuckle, a small smile appearing on his lips. “And for what it’s worth, that lipgloss looked fantastic.” You subconsciously put a few fingers to your lips and look at the ground. “What’s your name dear?” He asks, grabbing two of your bags, greatly decreasing the load. “(Y/N)” “Well (Y/N), I’d love to take you out for a coffee, care to join?” He offers, extending his free arm to you. “It would be my pleasure.” You say with a giggle as you link your arm in his and you head off to the Coffee shop in the mall.

Liam : Being an assistant at Syco had all sorts of perks. And one of those perks was going to the album drop for a new artist. The party was in Simon’s mansion and thanks to your numerous phone calls, all sorts of high profile artists had been able to make it. Including One Direction. For the sake of your job, you had to pretend you weren’t the big fan you actually were. Mostly you just listened to their music, but who were you kidding? All five of them were hot. The moment they walked in the doors, you could barely contain your excitement. But in order to keep your cool, you decided to just sip on a cocktail and make idle conversation with a coworker. About an hour later, you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned to see a pair of bright green eyes and curly brown hair staring right back at you. “Hello, me and the boys were wondering if you might be interested in playing a game?” Eagerly you nodded your head and placed the empty glass on the table next to you. Following Harry you eventually found yourself surrounded by the other 4 boys and at least 10 other 20 year olds, such as yourself. “Hello fellow employees of Syco!” Louis announced with a large smile. “To kick off this party how about a rousing game of ‘7 minutes in heaven?” Niall exclaimed. You couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped your lips. “What, are we in high school?” You muttered. You guessed it had been louder than you thought because you suddenly heard someone laugh and agree with you. “They’re really big kids at heart, but I agree. I don’t think I’ve played this since I was at least 16.” You chuckle as you turn your head, only to find out you were joking around with the Liam Payne. “Alright, you two, since you think it’s so funny, you’re up first.” Louis said, grabbing a hold of you and Liam’s arms’ and shoving you both into a closet. You hear the click of the door lock and Louis’ muffled voice as he says “Your time starts now!” “Well this is awkward…” You trail off as you both stare at the locked door and than at each other. “No kidding. I never got your name, what is it again?” “(Y/N)” You say with a little smile. “So (Y/N), here’s the thing. I haven’t played this since I was 16 but I didn’t really like the girl I got paired with so-” You took a deep breath and cut him off by pressing your lips to his, and not taking a break until the closet door unlocked and opened again, seven minutes later. 

Niall: You worked part time at a Children’s daycare while you tried to balance your College classes. As much as you loved the little kids, your boss was a nightmare, and it was almost like her life goal was to make sure your life was hell. Today, your boss had ordered that you go pick up the flyers from the printers’. What she didn’t mention was that there were at least 4 large boxes of them and you had to park a block away from the actual store. Thanks to a shortage on employees, you were forced to try and pile all of the boxes in your arms and headed out to the car. Just as you thought you were almost at your car, you heard a gasp of surprise and the boxes flew out of your arms, as you flew on top of someone. “Oh my god I’m so sorry, I just I-” You cut off as you looked into the sparkling blue eyes of a guy. But thanks to your luck, it wasn’t just any guy. One of the little girls in your daycare was a huge fan of One Direction. And her favorite just so happened to be the blonde you had landed on top of. “Not going to lie, I normally have girls falling over their feet for me but this is a first.” He laughed, trying to relieve some of the tension that had built up. You remained silent and just looked at him in shock. Then suddenly it occurred to you that you were still sprawled across one of the most famous people in the world. You jolted up and dusted yourself up, then heard a light chuckle as he stayed on the ground and propped himself up on his elbows. “What?” you asked, unsure of why he was laughing. You extended your hand out to help him up then turned back to the scattered boxes of papers. “Nothing…need any help with that?” He asks. Without waiting for an answer he kneels down and starts to help you put the flyers in a box. “Thank you.” You finally say once all of the flyers have been put back in their boxes. “Want me to carry some to your car for you?” He asks again. “It might be helpful. I wouldn’t want to fall on top of another guy again.” You laugh as you both pick up 2 boxes of flyers and head over to your car. Once you both place them in the back seat he taps you on the back. “You know, I never got your name.” He says with a slight smirk. You feel your cheeks heat up as you stutter out “(Y/N)” He grabs your hand and kisses it, earning a small giggle from you. “Well (Y/N), it’s nice to meet you. I’m Ni-” “Oh I know who you are.” You say abruptly, cutting him off. He raises an eyebrow at you. “So you’re a fan?” You look at the ground and nervously play with your hands. “No um, You see…” You spin around and grab a flyer from one of the boxes in the back. “I work at this daycare and one of my kids is head over heels for you.” You explain, placing the paper in his hands. You watch as his eyes glance over the paper, then he pulls a pen out of his pocket and rips the flyer in half. “If you don’t mind, I would love to come visit the daycare with the lads.” He says as he jots down something on the paper. “And I would also greatly enjoy it if we could go out some time…Here’s my number, you write yours down so that you can’t blow me off.” He says with a smirk and hands you the other half of the paper. “How do you know I won’t write down the wrong number?” You question as you scribble down your cell. “Because even if you don’t like One Direction, I doubt you’d pass up the chance of going on a date with me.” He says with a joking tone as he switches his paper for yours. “I’ll see you around then.” He smiles as he saunters away with a smirk on his lips and with you clutching the paper to your chest. 

Zayn: As luck would have it, Mother Nature was kind enough to grant you a beautiful gift on the week of finals. AKA, Your period. With groan and sigh you went to the bathroom in your apartment only to see that you were completely out of tampons. You threw on some shoes and shoved your hair into a ponytail then hopped in the car to head to the nearest drug store. Thanks to the intense level of classes that you were taking, you had been studying all night every single day, leaving very little room or time for things like dressing up or putting on makeup. So basically you looked like a zombie with a taste for chocolate and chick flicks. Finally you made it to the drugstore and jumped out of the car, grabbing your purse with you. You took one of the small baskets from the front and headed over to the woman’s department. After grabbing a box of tampons you walked to the candy section. Might as well give yourself something to feel better. As you grab a 3 musketeers bar, your phone goes off. Your subconscious kicks into gear as you whip out your cell and start walking forward. Only to run into another body and completely drop all of your purchases from the basket. “I’m so sorry!” a male voice says from above your head as you lean down and start to hurriedly pick up the tampons and candy. A large hand reaches down and grabs the box of supplies before you get a chance to pick it up. You slowly look up and examine the man that has just embarrassed you beyond your belief—and it turns out to be a popstar. You would be lying if you said that One direction didn’t have catchy music. You had listened to a few tunes and looked into the band, but the only one you ever really found attractive was Zayn. And he just so happened to be the one holding your box of tampons and 3 musketeers bar. “Oh my gosh you are not supposed to see those.” You nervously laugh. “It’s fine.” He replies with a smirk as he hands them back. “I have sisters so it’s ok. I understand.” You smile back at him. “God I can’t believe I just spilled tampons onto Zayn malik.” you chuckle. His face falls slightly. “You know me?” “You’d have to live under a rock to not know who One Direction. But don’t worry, I’m not a not a superfan.” You assure him as you both head up to the register. “What are you doing here?” You ask subtlety as you make it up to the register. He nods to the worker behind the counter and points to a pack of cigarettes. Well there’s something you didn’t know. “You aren’t going to start lecturing me about the fact that I smoke and I sing for a career, are you?” He questions as he takes out a credit card. “No.” you begin to reply as you step up and put your purchases on the counter. “Well that’s a relief. My ex used to grill me all the time for it.” He states. “I won’t now.” You say, emphasizing the last word,  "I’m not gonna say I agree with it, but I don’t make a habit out of lecturing people I just met. If we went on a date that would be a different story.“ You laugh again. He looks at you, with his eyes going back and forth between being impressed and being amused. "So all I need is a date and then you’ll start to lecture me?” “I don’t know maybe. You’d have to ask me out to see for sure.” You flirt, feeling braver this time. “Well then let’s make a bet shall we? I say it’ll take one date and if I’m wrong, you have to go on another one with me.” You look at him, a large smile on your face as you finish paying. “Deal.” You say, shaking his hand. The two of you exchange numbers that night and as it turns out, he was right. But he insists on another date and what do you say to a popstar who’s begging for a change? Not no, that’s for sure. 

Harry : You were late. Was it shocking? Not by any means. You were always late to start your shift that the little breakfast joint around the corner. Which probably attributed to the warning you had received yesterday from your boss. If you’re late one more time, you would be fired. So you ran to the car, slipping you hair into a quick pony-tail and hurriedly shoving the key into the ignition. The parking lot by your apartment was strange to say the least. You’re parking spot was right by the exit, meaning that you had to back straight into the street and go. So you quickly throw the car into reverse and start to back out only to hear a disgruntled groan as your car slams into body. Forget your job, you just hit someone. You continue your panicked frenzy and throw yourself out of the car and hurry around to the back. You look to see a shirtless boy with a head full of dark brown curls flopped on the ground, groaning occasionally. “Oh my god! Please tell me you aren’t dead!” You practically scream as you fall to the ground and start to shake him. “oof, I’m fine just a tad sore.” his deep voice grumbles as he opens his eyes and looks at you. You heart freezes again as you stare into his green irises. “I did not just run over a member of One Direction did I?” Your sisters were huge fans and you liked their music to a point, but didn’t go out of your way to listen to it. You only knew through osmosis that the one with green eyes and curly hair was Harry. They had taught you the basics on each guy so that you could distinguish them if you ever ran into them when you moved to London. Or in your case, literally run over them. “I’m used to being attacked but this a new one even for me.” He chuckles. You stand up and brush off your knees, extending a hand to help him up. When he stands he clutches a hand to his stomach and doubles over. “Are you ok?” you exclaim as you swing his arm over your neck. “Just in some slight pain from being hit by a car.” He groans. You bite your bottom lip, praying that he won’t sue you and take you to cart. The last thing you needed was a reputation as the girl who ran over Harry Styles. He glances at your worried expression and snorts. “What’s so funny?” you defend as you open the passenger door to your car and ease him down onto the seat. “I’m not going to sue you if that’s what you’re worried about.” You let out a sigh you didn’t know you had been holding in. “But I would love it if you could bring me to the hospital so I could make sure nothings broken.” He states, giving you hopeful grin. “That’s fine by me. I didn’t like my job much anyways.” you laugh as you head back to the drivers side. “Your job?” He asks, curious as you start the car up again. “I was told if I was late one more day, I’d be fired. But I didn’t like it there too much.” You assured him, watching his face grow worried. “You sure? I don’t want you out of a job because of me.” He replies looking at his fingers. “You’re the last person who should be saying that, for gods sake I could have killed you! Talk about losing a job. I’d have half the teenage population want me dead, including my sisters.” You scoff. He lets out a deep laugh then looks at you. “Tell yah what, if you lose your job, I promise to find another one for you in Syco ok?” He offers. You look at him while taking a left and turning into the hospital parking lot. “Deal.” You smile at him, then you both shake hands.