and so it has since 1950's

Claire deserved better

While I was watching 303 All Debts Paid, I suddenly realized that Claire’s graduation party is basically a metaphor for what has happened to Claire and her story since season one.  

I love Claire. I love her courage, her ambition, her willingness to do whatever it takes to save the people she loves, her no-nonsense attitude, and her ability to heal people. And yes, I love her relationship with Jamie. It’s a true relationship of equals in every sense of the word.

Her graduation party is supposed to be a celebration of Claire and what she has worked so hard to accomplish. Becoming a doctor is huge, but the fact that Claire managed to do so in the 1950s when most women stayed at home makes it even more impressive. She’s a trailblazer and - yes - a true feminist, and seeing that on screen is important. After so much grief and hard work, she is finally able to be her true self and become a doctor. She shares a drink with her good friend, Joe, and beams at her daughter, knowing that it has all been worth it in the end. This is finally her time to shine.

But no.

Before anyone can say the word «gallbladder,» Frank has deliberately invited his new mistress over to crash the party, making it all about him. We have already been told that Claire is a horrible wife because she has forced her husband to cheat on her since she is so cold and heartless, and to make it even worse she wants to become a doctor and not stay at home, make dinner and look pretty for Frank’s boss. What a bitch! Even their neighbour made sure to tell Claire that she won’t find another man as perfect as poor Frank, so she had better make sure that meat loaf is perfect and the potatoes are delicious because Frank is clearly the hero in this story.

Poor Frank invites his mistress into their home, and the graduation party is no longer the joyous, fun celebration of a strong woman. It has now become Frank’s opportunity to humiliate her and show Claire’s future colleagues what a horrible, cold woman she is. «This is a woman who only cares about her ambitions, so I have to seek comfort elsewhere,» he wants to tell them, but he doesn’t have to, because the look on his face says it all. Poor, poor Frank. How dare this woman get these ideas into her pretty little head?

When Claire confronts him about it, he throws his relationship in her face since she was the one who forced him into an open marriage and to cheat on her, perpetuating the old stereotype about how women are to blame when their partners cheat on them because they’re not good enough. Frank is the wronged party here, you know?

Ten years later poor Frank is still hurting (and cheating on Claire,) but now he tells Claire that he’s going to take her daughter away from her since she is such a horrible mother. Well, obviously. Cold women like Claire who work full-time  can’t be good mothers. Of course.

We are left with the impression that this has been the story about a poor man who has had to deal with his horrible, cold shrew of a wife while taking care of their beautiful daughter. Oh, and the shrew was married to some redhead at one point, which hurt poor Frank even more. No wonder he couldn’t stop sleeping with other people.

Because apparently the graduation party as well as the story itself were never about a wonderful and complex woman who managed to survive and thrive no matter what life threw at her. No, this was a story about a poor man whose life was destroyed when it turned out that the woman he loved had a mind of her own.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the story of Outlander. It’s too bad the writers of the show never got the memo.


Aguirre y Aranzabal double barrel 12 gauge shotgun,

So this is the double barrel shotgun I purchased about a week ago for $300. Its a SxS 12 gauge produced by the Spanish gunmaker Aguirre y Aranzabal. Unfortunately, the quality of these photos do not do this wonderful piece justice. Soon, I will have to get a good quality camera. I also know a professional photographer, so maybe someday I will have him take some photos that show the engraving and gold inlays much better.

AyA is a Spanish firm that has been making fine double shotguns since 1915. They are a well known gunmaker with a reputation of superb quality. They are still in business today, making shotguns that prices in the thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. Mine is a really simple model, with a value of around $600 in most auctions. Based on the serial number I’ve found that it was produced in the 1950′s. The left and right hand side of the receiver is engraved, the chambers are engraved, the underside of the receiver and trigger guard is engraved, and of course the top of the receiver is engraved. One the latch which breaks open the barrels, the AyA symbol is gold inlaid, and a gold inlaid “S” indicates if the safety is activated.

This shotgun is a wingshooter, meaning that the front bead sight and cut of the stock makes the firearm ideal for shooting at airborne targets, such as birds and clays.  The right barrel has a modified choke, while the left is full choke. Basically the first shot will have a large pattern, and the second will have a tighter pattern. This is so that if you are shooting at a flying object that is moving away from you, the first shot will have a large pattern to increase the chance of a hit, but if you miss the second shot will have more range since the object is increasing in distance. The chambers have autoejectors, which eject empty shells upon reloading. When the gun is cocked the safe automatically engages and must be disengaged before firing.

The gun weighs probably around 6 lbs, but due to it’s balance feels like it weighs 1 or 2 lbs. The only problem is the stock is kind of worn and beaten up, I’m probably going to refinish it at some point. Like I said the quality of the photos do not do this shotgun justice, and really don’t show how well engraved it is. Will try and get better quality photos later.

If I see the “Marilyn Monroe was a size 16, therefore she was fat and everyone still thinks she is gorgeous” argument again I swear to God I will scream.

Marilyn was a size 16 by 1950’s standards. Sizing has changed dramatically since then, (and is still changing with the trend for vanity sizing, so fatties feel better about themselves), but these measurements show exactly how slim she was.

Fatties need to stop claiming Marilyn as one of them and face facts; she was a fit, healthy woman who was very slim but still curvy. PSA for lurking fatties; curvy means an hourglass shape with an attractive hip to waist ratio NOT one giant globe shape. If you cannot see your genitalia when you look down because your FUPA is in the way you are not curvy you are revolting.

Just stop with the attempts at self-justification and the pathetic excuses. It is proven that to lose weight all you need to do is reduce your calorie intake; not starve, not spend hours at the gym, just put the fork down FFS. Its not a difficult concept.

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I was thinking about this earlier & I don't think I've ever seen you asked about it, given the recent discussion on feeding/habituation I feel it's appropriate. How do you feel about places like Nara Park and the Zao Fox Village in Japan? I've been to both personally and would like to hear your take on it.

I don’t honestly know a lot about either, but I am inherently leery of things that involve large and unsustainable populations of a single species that exist entirely so people can interact with them. You’ve got issues with potential danger from habituated animals, the likelihood of creating entire environmental imbalances through over-grazing or predation or simply trampling things flat, unchecked breeding without natural selection causing really unhealthy mutations to persist in the population, and the potential for nasty disease vectors (and those being in contact with humans). I found an article recently from someone who had visited the cat island in Japan, and they reported that basically all the cats there are actively sick and that it’s really distressing to visit if you even have an inkling of what is going on. Japan has been rabies free since the 1950′s, so at least that isn’t a worry with the foxes, but still…


I know i’ve been really bad about updating recently, but I finished another thing! This time I ventured into the 1950′s, with a casual polka dot dress. This was inspired by a vintage dress I saw on etsy, which has a really unique design.

The darts extend out from a center seam and are parallel to the neckline. And the sleeves are incorporated into the bodice pattern instead of being a separate piece.  

The end result is really flattering, easy to piece together, and super cute! I want to make a bunch of them now since i’m so pleased with this. The dress is made from a self drafted bodice pattern with a circle skirt bottom. I used three yards of a dotted fabric for the front layer, and three yards of broadcloth for lining. It zips up the back.

A video about making it is here

Happy Narnia Day, everyone! Today, October 16, 2017, we celebrate 67 years of Narnia! Since the first book was published in 1950, the series has grown to epic proportions, and to this day is still well-loved. As we hope to make Narnia Day an annual thing, I hope you all join me in celebrating not only this series, but the fandom that we are a part of. We are all Narnians at heart, and we are all in it together.

I’m so grateful for C. S. Lewis, and for his wisdom and creativity in writing these books. But I am also thankful that in doing so he gave me such good friends. ❤️

I made a Vree. You might be saying to yourself, “What’s a Vree?” This is a Vree:

They only appear and/or get mentioned twice in B5, but they are the ultimate homage to 1950s scifi, so how could I not?

So, this little alien invader landed at my house.

He’s a more buff version of his cousin who started out life as a wrestler (WWE Mutant Stardust):

Lest you be confused, the Vree are not shadow surgeons who look like this:

This is a mistake Londo made, and he hasn’t spoken to me since the arrival of said Vree, even after I explained to him that they were not, absolutely not, shadow surgeons. And yet, I feel his presence has caused some consternation among the rest of the crew as well. G’Kar, for one, has in the past declared their eating habits to be horrible. He refuses to be anywhere around them. Sheridan, usually generous with his oranges, has offered the Vree nothing. Oddly, however, the Vree’s natural arch-enemy, the Gaim, have said nothing. However, all of the Xacto knives from my desk are now missing. Unannounced searches have not revealed the stash of dangerous contraband.

I can only hope I will have time to make him his little chest belt before he is murdered by the merry little band of Indians in the cupboard.

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So apparently 72% of likely Trump voters feel the US has changed for the worse since the 1950's while 70% of Hillary voters feel it has changed for the better. Obviously there is a fuck-ton of racism among white liberals and the institutionalized oppression of people of color is alive today but to all the "undecideds" a line has clearly been drawn: one side feels the country was better when people of color were being segregated, lynched, denied education and voting rights and the other does not.

Yeah, that line has been drawn tho.