and so is the tail

Rigby snagged one of Paul’s socks from under the table (he is the “leave socks everywhere” husband stereotype, definitely), which is like…her favorite thing to do. She then followed me around the house for the next few minutes, and every time I turned around, she would catch my eye and start to wiggle like crazy. 

Finally, I gave in. I asked her if I could have the sock, which is what she wanted me to do. She promptly turned around and wiggled her little tail-nub furiously, walking away. I followed her, asking her for the sock, which she very deftly kept out of my reach. She then collapsed onto her back in the living room, pleading to be allowed to keep the sock. Sure, kid. It’s all yours.

I walked back into the kitchen to get my soup. When I turned around, she was standing right there, waiting, sock in her mouth, her tail a blur from wagging so hard.


I got some of it on video for @barnbabiesmama, of course. It’s badly shot and horribly lighted, but how could I not?

Reacting to their S/O Surprising Them in Bed! (SFW!)


  • you know Rin had been feeling bad recently, even though he wouldn’t confess it - you still knew 
  • you decided to surprise him 
  • you collected as many pillows as you could find and piled them up on ya’lls bed
  • and all the extra sheets ya’ll had - you pinned and hooked and hung on the walls and ceiling 
  • it was a cute little makeshift tent 
  • (it looks really cozy) 
  • when he got back - he was certainly surprised
  • but he started laughing and seemed really excited about it 
  • ya’ll popped popcorn and got ice cream and headed back to the bedroom 
  • ya’ll watched action movies like Batman or Avengers, stuff like that - cause they’re his favorites
  • ya’ll cuddled all night, laughing and joking and snacking
  • he kept his tail wrapped around your waist
  • he felt so lucky to have you


  • when is he ever not stressed?
  • but this time it was more than usual
  • and you knew that if you made a big show of trying to spoil him - it’d just stress him out more 
  • (cause he’d keep thinking about having to clean everything up) 
  • So, you simply cleaned while he wasn’t there
  • cleaned everything. top to bottom
  • changed the bed sheets and pillow cases and everything 
  • you did string up white Christmas lights on the walls 
  • (but you’ve been telling him for a while now that you’ve been wanting to do that - so they kinda become a permanent fixture after this night) 
  • he gets home and the Christmas lights are on and you’re lounging on the freshly made bed and you urge him to come lay down
  • you cut on a movie like Phantom of the Opera 
  • and you rub his shoulders and his back while the movie is getting started
  • he’s in love


  • he’s been working really hard lately (like usual) 
  • and as soon as he’d gotten back he’d started studying immediately 
  • you could tell he was exhausted though 
  • so you disappeared for a little bit (he didn’t really notice cause he was so focused on his sutras 
  • when you come back you have a pile of candy in hand and a bag of hot popcorn - freshly popped and a few DVDs
  • you urge and beg and plead for him to stop studying and come spend time with you 
  • and he finally consents 
  • ya’ll watch something like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and ya’ll snack together and honestly it was a really nice time 
  • he’s really lucky to have you 
Conversations With The Coconut Cat

“Keep petting me, servant”

But kitty, you don’t deserve it

“My eyes are so round and my fur is so soft”

But kitty, you refuse to retract your claws

“My tail is so bushy, my nose is so pink”

But kitty, I was trying to bathe you, you stink

“My tongue sticks out of my plump furry face”

But kitty, you can use it to clean your own mane

“But I meow in protest”

Fine, kitty, but only for a moment.



By…asdfghjkl I’ll find the source and credit right now buuuuut- Pinkie fan art is my #1 weakness. I have too many to share, but this one is really aesthetically pleasing for some reason?? I love the design of that seas pony and Pinkie looks adorable here. There should be some kind of Episode where Pinkie is exploring some kind of ocean and she meets these types of new ponies….pLEASE WRITERS-


  1. Growing up as a teenager, Pinkie went through an ultimate 80′s phase, Something about the style really interested Pinkie Pie so much that she changed her whole appearance for it. ( frizzy Mane, tail, wearing frickin leg warmers,, almost similar to EQG Pinkie’s look from that one friendship through the ages video, which I assume is an 80′s-90′s look?) She once even tried to bring back the whole pizzaz by throwing an 80′s themed party….pretty rad huh? 
  2. AU headcanon that like Dash kinda, Pinkie is a huge fangirl for multiple kinds of things (Like anime or something lmao) She’s blabs about her shows, is in many fandoms, goes into arguments, and even watches marathons with Fluttershy, who is also a fangirl!! overall, Pinkie Pie is still the same, except she’s a huuuuge nerd haha. Guess this could be also be some kind of modern au??? idk,


  1. Go into her secret party cave and fill out info for other citizens of Ponyville, as well as thinking of new party ideas.
  2. Baking, she often over does itm but she loves to bake cakes, cookie, almost about every dessert that exists.
  3. Go outside and hang out with her friends. Or just talk with random bystanders. She does like making new friends.


  1. Lily!! @the-littlest-inkblot
  2. ​Opus @pearpimplesforhairyfishnuts
  3. Sunset Shimmer @scnsetting
  4. Soldan @serpentine-rouge
  5. Fluttershy @flutter-butters
  6. …Everyone else! cx


Pinkie regrets bluntly hurting Flutttershy’s feelings back when she had stage fright. (Filli-Vanilli) She realized how insensitive she was when she pointed out the bad things that would’ve happened to her, and how anxious she got. She thought she was just being her own self…but she wasn’t, she was being horrible to her own best friend! and she felt so, so bad. To this day, Pinkie treats Fluttershy with as much respect and goes by what she said about Fluttershy being sensitive to pranks.

Even if it’s old and has long been forgiven already, Pinkie sometimes regrets ruining Rainbow’s birthaversary back when she felt too much pride and jealously. She knew how angry she felt with Cheese Sandwich, secretly, she hoped he had lost and went back home and never came to ponyville ever again…which was wrong. She’s glad they were all friends again but…she just deeply regrets it. Just as much as her other regrets in the past.


  1. Abandonment.
  2. Parasprites (She covers it up with hate and rage, but deep deep deeeeep down she actually fears them. She fears they’ll destroy everything, including her personal belonging that mean a lot to her.)

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Some shitty theory time

So in these new characters of FT we learned that Zeref has a hidden plan which he revealed to Gray.

I think since Gray says :“ Are you really going to, no , it’s impossible ” Zeref wants to use Mavis’ magic to kill himself and maybe save Natsu from dying?

It’s just a thought that passed my mind after re-reading new chapters. Never before have I wrote a theory so yah, excuse me for the lack of information.

lovelybenny  asked:

so what do you say about REVERSE FAIRY TALES bc i'm so into it like,,,, little mermaid au where dean is ariel and benny is eric and when eric's ship sinks he's so infatuated with this beautiful tailed sea creature that he tries his damn hardest to get to know more about them and he somehow manages to close a deal so he can breathe underwater and grows a tail and he searches for dean in the deep dark ocean bc he wants nothing more than a second glance into those beautiful green eyes (finish this)

okie Reverse Fairy Tales is the greatest idea i’ve ever heard, and i’m serious

like even from a non-fanfic point of view……holy wow

so what if the deal Eric makes with Crowley leaves him dumb (bc reverse fairy tales) and when Ariel comes to know about it she’s devastated bc she loved benny’s voice but benny says he was willing to risk it so that they could be together

meanwhile ariel is having her own issues because she doesn’t want to a mermaid she wants to be a merman and at first she’s afraid eric won’t lover her anymore, but when benny sees ariel trying to use a binder made of shells (see what i did there), he just helps her get it right and ariel almost starts to cry bc she was so afraid to be accepted by anyone that she’d hidden within this body she didn’t want and now she’s found someone ready to love him for who he is

eric even uses male pronouns for ariel when they’re alone

bUT the people think of benny as a mutant and when words spreads that he made a deal everyone begins to suspect him. and crowley, the bastard he is, spreads more rumors and instigates the people to try to kick him out

john and mary try to help them but there’s no stopping the crowd

and then ariel accidentally comes out (the gay is no problem the transgender is) and oH BOY THERE IS FIRE IN THE OCEAN

so they run away with help from Sam and Cas(they could be a ship too?? idk up to you), and find a small cave that they make their home, at the outskirts of another kingdom, which is ruled by Gilda and Charlie and all kinds of cool

on the way they meet a “good” witch Rowena who, for a “small price” i.e. ariels long red hair and a small piece off her tail, transforms her into a man

and so with a small scar on his tail, brown hair and no breasts, they make their way to the queens and introduce themselves as Dean and Benny (he changes his name to his nickname at sea bc it was a reminder of his earlier days but also of what he’s found in the sea. also he’s a sentimental teddy.) 

and Charlie and Gilda totally get it and even send a secret letter to their family telling them that they’re safe and that john and mary and sam and cas and everyone else can visit anytime, no word will get out of the refugees

and…wait for it

they live happily ever after

Top 5 OTP

I was tagged by @theupcomingstorm19 and @alecrazy21. Thank you!

There is no real order in this. I could NOT decide so here are the first 5 from different friendshise

1. Nalu (Fairy tail)

2. Kirito x Asuna (Sword Art Online)

3. King x Diane (Seven deadly Sins)

4. Soul x Maka (Soul Eater)

5. Ren x Nora (RWBY)

I struggled sooooo long with this one

I Tag: @akiraifuin @avnai @lucy-tail @levymcgarden17 @celestialheartmage @fluffyfluffcloud @turnipdoodle @lady-brandy-arts and @black-cats-bring-good-luck ( you dont have to if you already did it)

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Hey, Adam, you remember that girl that you cut off the arm of? The one with blonde hair? Well, she has a mechanical replacement for that arm now, so I gotta know, do you plan on turning tail and running away from the sheer amount of rage that's wanting to separate your head from your neck or do you plan on making her other arm match the new robot replacement?

I will continue to cut until she cannot be repaired…only replaced.

Then i will fill the void she prior filled, and re-unite with my darling~


I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done


The fact that it was Anna who made Natsu’s scarf is seriously adorable guys holy crap ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

*sketches things to answer some of the older asks for a week*

*spoilers come out*

*draws a whole new fucking picture in a few hours* why does this happe n