and so is the tail

like i think th movie thing was jst like animatic style??? god i wish i remember wht it was ab

like i dont think it was particularly overwatch related bsides th characters

tho honestly all i remember is 76 in th animatic thing and hanzo for th previous 3d animation thing i had apparently done

Mashima can't end Fairy Tail without giving us more info on Levy!!!!



Uh oh I’ve made a Ty the Tasmanian Tiger fc and a Tysona! EEEK!!!!

So!! Top left is Ethan. He’s a possum. (Not a fake one like Ty) He’s 18 and studies science. He’s also Gay. Huh.

Then there’s my goddamn furry. It didn’t seem right picking an Australian animal so I chose a tiny British mouse. 🐭 she squeaks and trips over her tail everyday. Just like me!