and so is the tail

We dangerous ones

Aaah, the Lethifold! One of my favourite creatures from reading the book as a child. Thanks to @zinfandelli for suggesting it as a creature, I was psyched to draw Credence with one. 
(And of course I saw the official design on the bluray just as I was about to start colouring, and had to change up a bunch of stuff from my sketch haha)
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I commissioned wonderful @zippi44​ for this hehe. Inspired by Brock O’Hurn who I saw in the news and was like ‘imagine Freed doing that; tying his long ass hair into a bun while half-naked and whop he getting popular aha. So I went Brock O’Hurn ref pic hunting and… this pose was the result for the commi B) ENJOY and absolutely go commission ZIPPI, as you can see it’ absolutely worth it~

roni commissioned @gonecrabbin for my boys wiley and nice and i’m so in love!!!!! “HE GOT NERVOUS!!!” LOOK AT AT THIS!!! this was such a pleasant surprise and an absolute delight thank you so much to both @ronibravo and jacki!!!! (also consider commissioning her!! look at how sweet this is!! the style just kills me)

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Anders just pools enough money together to get a new (secondhand) car. It's got scratches and bent panels but it goes and that's better than his last one. It's his first time driving it when some guy in a fancy car comes out of nowhere and takes his tail off. Anders is so furious he could flay this guy alive, who is stepping out of his car in his shiny shades drinking a coffee like nothing has happened. Anders is going to kill him, except the guy's looking at him like it's Christmas.

Fill by ponticle (Alistair x Anders)

2p Me (I guess...)

Some character reference notes before I go to sleep, I’m very tired and I got a drama act and an english presentation tomorrow so yeah…

  • Name is Shine (weird I know but fuck it whatever) 
  • She’s mute, never really bothered to learn sign language but she had to anyways. Gives her the chance for some creative expressions when she doesn’t use it.
  • Not really energetic, always tired and wanting to go to sleep. She’s a deep sleeper so barely anything can wake her up.
  • Instead of the cat ears and tail for me, she has the wolf ears and tail (deep sea blue)
  • Wears a light grey crop top and a short black skirt (with shorts underneath just in case the wind is a pervert). A hoodie is optional if it’s too cold or something.
  • Nice to everyone, she’s just a smol wolf who wants to sleep with friends
Speculation: How Kanan and Ezra will vanish from the Original Trilogy narrative...

One thing that has yet to be resolved is the implication that the Inquisitors kidnapped children and infants.

So imagine if Kanan and Ezra find a whole prison of orphaned children being raised as Inquisitors and they rescue them. But due to the sizable amount of Force-sensitive with no homes to go to, Kanan and Ezra have to face difficult choices and there are still Inquisitors and Vader on their tail, tracking them through the Force.

So they have to take the kids far into Wild Space.

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Hi e-vay! You're one of my favorite song artists and your comics make me so happy! I also love how you use the sonic boom look for your characters as well :) I was wondering if you're making more fan comics soon and possibly some new comics of tails and cece? Honestly I ship them so much and I'm excited to see more cute dialogue between them.

Thank you so much! I can’t give an estimate when I’ll be making more comics but I will eventually. I had actually started a TailsXCC comic until I had to open up commissions.

I will draw more art in the (hopefully near) future, but I’m really trying to get financially stable again so commissions and my shop are my top priorities until then.


Here is red.. His owner was on duty in Iran and and he was a stray with chopped off ears and tail so she took baby boy home. I love him with everything that I have

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Aw poor Tony. So do that have full fur or just appendages like tails and ears? Can they shift forms or just the one?

They just have the appendages like tails, ears, and wings. No form shifting. Some species tend to be hairier than others but it also depends on the person. Also there isn’t this stigma where women have to be hairless to be feminine. (Some women shave, of course, but it’s not a thing like it is in our world.)

Of course, some species share their animal features: tigers also have striped skin, chimeras exist so their hair color is split right down the middle, and spotted species have spotted hair. Tony used to dye his facial hair so it was all black but he’s embraced the white patches with age.