and so is spn

I cannot even believe this sneak peek reel. I’ve been dancing since yesterday and singing in the rain since watching the whole thing this morning. Annoyingly I didn’t get to finish tapping out my thoughts before I had to leave for work (I’m at work right now) (shhhhh) But it’ll be up tonight and until then just WOW.

Also, that Dabb quote I reblogged yesterday - that was me mistaking it for a Dabb quote (I’ve put the correct name on there) it was a quote by the remarkable Brad Buckner. Aw yiss. Mr. “There are people, feelings, I want to experience differently. I don’t know, maybe even for the first time” Buckner. Who is calling Cas’ re-emergence the huge piece that, of course, turns Dean back around again. Brings him out of this grief state. Back into focus. Of course, we don’t know precisely what that means. *glances to the ceiling* It could just mean that Cas comes back a Big Bad and takes off with Jack. *small smile* Because having to hunt down and kill Cas would surely be enough to… okay no I can’t even finish that sentence omfg.

Balls out. Slow build, but balls out this season. Dicks in our faces, people.

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Sometimes deep in the night, when the world seems a little darker, he can still hear his voice. Hello, Dean, Cas’ll say, little whispers in Dean’s ear, a voice already blurred with the flaws of passing time. And then, at other moments, when the ache in Dean’s chest will get a little harder, it’ll be the unspoken things, painful things—words that were left unsaid.

The only way that Dean can sleep now is by drowning him out with the words of music that he’d once gifted away to Castiel alongside his own heart.

i have a class where i basically have to edit other peoples’ short stories and oh my LORD, some people just…. i cant. im sorry if this comes off as mean but this is an advanced writing class and some people arent even writing in complete sentences??? I don’t understand this, like this one girl’s story literally made 0 sense?? I have to go to class tomorrow and talk to the whole class and her about what she did wrong and i basically tore her whole paper apart but??? i don’t understand it, im so frustrated bc i dont want to sound bitchy but… i have to?? it’s going to help her but idk, i just wish she would have even reread it at least once.