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Sim Request - Kiara Quintyn

A casual laid back sim for @unicorn-princess-kiara! I hope you like her!



Note: I only dressed her for everyday, so you will have to decide her other outfits.

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Eyes |  Skins 1 2 | Eyeliner | Hair | Lips | Top | Tattoo | Jeans | Freckles | Earrings

Thank you to all the creators!

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I have a prompt! (If you don't mind?) 2BX9S. Something intimate but Not lewd, that involves French kissing? Something that borderlines the SFW boundary's? Something That pushes the boundary without the characters going all the way? (Ijustlike9Slegsandkissing)

Her breath is hot against his skin, close, so close and yet so far and away, to his face as she lovingly grazes her thumb over his lips. She’s waiting for something, looking for it in his eyes, which are exposed to the world in a rare display of intimacy. It’s one of those things that’s unique to YoRHa androids, something that the Resistance kind never can understand.

Their eyes are always exposed, it’s never a secret, never a surprise, never a reveal when they finally see the colored optics gazing back at them. They can never understand what it feels like to see the eyes of your lover for the first time because they’ve always seen them. It’s normal.

But to him, 2B’s light grayish blues are an enigma that he can’t unravel in this short period of contact. He’s glimpsed them before, but never had the opportunity to stop and…

She’s still waiting, thumb anxious as it twitches where it lay pressed against his flesh.

He parts his lips slightly as he comes closer, brushing her hand aside and taking her mouth against his. Androids aren’t warm, their systems keep them infuriatingly cool and metallic, but he can’t deny that he feels heat where they connect, crawling down his skin and finding its way to lodge in his throat, causing his breath to stay and become erratic.

Her eyes have closed during this exchange and he’s slightly disappointed, but understands the appeal. In the dark, they can pretend far easier that this moment isn’t a violation of so many protocols and regulations and that they are the only ones in this world that matter.

He wonders…he’s heard…things…from other Scanners about intimacy. They’ve shared data on their own exploits – few and far they may be – and he wonders if she would…

His tongue boldly darts out, swiping her lips before making a hasty retreat back into his own mouth. Her eyes flash open in surprise and she pulls back, much to his growing anxiety and disappointment.

He can’t tell if she’s going to deck him or tell him off.

Gingerly, she touches her lips with two fingers, feeling the small trail he’s left on them. He’s going into a full pandemic, dread creeping into his spine that he’s completely fucked this up.


He flushes, embarrassed.

“Er…I-I was just trying to–”

“You’re doing it wrong.”


She grips his cheeks in her hands, causing his face to squish a bit in her grasp.

“Stick your tongue out. I’ll show you how to do it properly.”

Properly, turns out to be something he can’t quite describe with words other than “heated”. She dominates him in a way that he’s perfectly fine with, his skin exploding into shivers each time her tongue drags along his teeth. She instructs him that he’s supposed to put some effort into it on his own end, but he ends up following her lead, his own muscle being pushed and teased by hers.

“Incoming transmission from the Bunker.”

She tears away from him, wiping her mouth on her glove before he can even resister what the hell happened. He’s still dazed and almost drooling while she stoically receives orders from 6O, who seems a bit more chipper now that she’s found a new YoRHa member to fawn over for the day.

He’s still in a daze when her eyes come to rest on him again.

“If we can finish these orders in a timely fashion, I’ll show you the proper way to fight back.“ She says dully before leaping off of the building and gliding the drop with her Pod.

His pulse rate nearly explodes as he hurries after her, not caring what he has to do to catch up with her again.

Of course the Bastet skin is ugly as fuck. Ugh.. The picture was so pretty too..

And then of course Neith’s looks good because they care so much about her and her skins like she even needed more.

For the @mlcalendarproject I got assigned July (my birthday month, actually!)!  

You know what that means…?



There is a real imbalance, from the very creation of the stories and who’s telling them, how, and why. Change has to happen with the writers, the studio, the marketers, the directors. That’s got to be diversified because there is a hunger for the expansion of the role of people of color in the center of narratives.


❝ I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change.
I am changing the things I cannot accept.❞

- A N G E L A   D A V I S

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When thinking about dreams, we have to talk goals, what are some of yours in 2017?

I really want to eat a lot healthier. I haven’t been eating so healthy. I really want to start preparing my own food, I think that’s very important! And hopefully being able to spend more time with my family, and landing roles that challenge me to become a better actress and a better person. I like focusing on being the best version of myself that I can be.