and so is her face

I can’t believe Stephanie Cordato Patrick accidentally ended up at a sketchy Halloween rave party in an abandoned warehouse without a floor.

I am incredibly interested in how she ended up there, especially considering she said you had to pay some guy on a street corner for a map.

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How would RFA + Saeran (not V because he's too precious) would react if their child happens to be blind/deaf/mute?

Please don’t hate me - Michelle Xx

- When your precious bundle of joy was almost a year old, she still hadn’t made much progress in her development
- She got tested and results showed that she was blind
- You both struggled to find ways to make sure she still experienced most of the world
- He would sing to her, walk with her wherever she wants to go
- He would get his script in braille so she could read it too
- Always lets her touch his face when she cuddles with her daddy
- Gets a service dog when she’s a little older to become more independent and have a buddy with her

- There was one little girl in the orphanage that nobody wanted to adopt
- Simply because she was mute
- Without hesitation, you two adopted the young girl in a heartbeat
- Got to know everything you could about raising a mute child
- Always makes sure there’s a way for her to communicate
- Learned sign language just in case
- She and your daughter made their own sign for her name ‘Angel’
- It warms you heart to see the two of them communicate so intently with each other

- He didn’t know what to do
- His son can’t hear your voices or any dangers this world will have
- He gets really stressed about this to the point that he has to take some time off of work
- In that time he learned alot about how to raise a child that’s deaf
- Lots of sign language and light devices to help the little boy around the house
- Makes sure his boy is always safe, but never hindered from leading a normal life

- He had multiple tests done to make sure they were right
- There was no doubt; their daughter was blind
- He did everything he could the get the best people for her
- He considered home schooling, but his little girl begged to go to a school with other children
- Trained Elizabeth the 3rd to help her navigate along the house
- Always supported her, even when she wanted to take over the family company from him

- He blamed himself for his little boy being a mute
- He blamed it on his genes
- Took him alot of time to get over that fact
- Starts to invent little communication devices to help his son
- Gets deeply involved in his development to make sure that he’s just as strong as someone who can talk
- Learns him sign language in multiple other languages

- Due to all the drugs he was given at Mint Eye, it left some spores in his DNA
- It caused his little girl to be born deaf
- Blames himself and doesn’t want anything to do with her at first
- He thinks she’s better off without him
- But when she’s crying for help, he seems to be the only one to understand her and calm her down
- Learns to sign and reads her favourite bed time stories to her in sign language
- Gets her parrot that understands both sign language and how to speak
- A parrot? Yes, a parrot
- Anyone who bullies or makes fun of his little girl or her beloved feathery friend better move countries, change names and never return

V (why? well, I like to make people cry over fluffy angst)
- They didn’t know how it was possible, but it was true
- Your little girl was blind too, just like her daddy
- He tried to take the blame for it, but everyone told him (even Yoosung) that it wasn’t his fault
- In some way it gave him a deeper bond with his little girl even more
- He would get her a service dog to help her when he couldn’t
- When she’s a little older, she decorates their canes with ribbons that have their intials embroided on them
- He starts to create 3D pictures so she can ‘see’ them too


I got into Rose on sunday night because I got really bored and I haven’t gotten to do her makeup in awhile.

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Serious question guys. Why do u think Dinah reacted the way she did during the WFH BTS, when Camila said there's so many hot guys today

I’ve been trying to rationalize that too when I first saw that because I don’t wanna be delusional.. But I’ve only come up with two reasons.

1. (Straight angle) Maybe she thought Camila was usually shy and reserved when it comes to boy talk so she was surprised when she heard her speak so openly about them. “There’s so many hot boys today!” Probably was a sentence she wouldn’t expect from a shy girl.

2. (Gay angle) She knew Camila was either gay af OR gay for Lauren at that time, so she looked at her like bish whatchu talkin bout? Which was then affirmed by Lauren because of her sus reaction lmao. Her face screamed sarcasm.

So yeah, idk.

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talk abt your gf !

omg yes…. my fav thing to ever talk abt.

so.. my girlfriend is the best human to ever exist tbh? shes so ambitious, smart, educated, funny, sarcastic, loving, caring aND JUST PERFECT.

she is able to talk about the same topic all over again without boring me, she makes everything exciting and shes so adventurous. like honestly, my girlfriend could talk about her love for cats the whole time and i will be like WOW BABE UR SO SMART AND SO COOL and completely forget the time.

shes a very good driver tho, like? she drove me 24h with only one 1h nap around and was still able to drive perfectly like how are you doin that? and nothing is annoyin her??? like i talk all the time or nap and then randomly get scared and ugh im awful.

she is so beautiful. she has such soft hair which perfectly rames her face, her eyes are so light and blue, it is like directly lookin into the sky and she has such a cute button nose with tiny little freckles on them and i want to count all of them. sometimes i honestly can not stop staring and smiling at her, it is kind of embarassing but she is so handsome and lookin at her makes me feel safe.

she is so caring and super invested into making me happy. and so creative? she wakes up early to bring me my fav food or drinks, she plays with my hair until i can breathe properly again, she orders food for me, she holds my hand and lets me squeeze it hard when i get anxious, she drove me to 7 different mcdonalds stores in 5 cities bc i was so hungry, she took me to abandonded buildings bc i wanted to so badly and took me at 10pm to an old haunted psych ward and visited the local cemetery with me and then took me out again and etc etc etc TO BE CONTINUED BUT IM TOO LAZY ughh.

she is such a gem, she always wears black and skates and she is such an angel. she goes to a lot of concerts and festivals and when i am sad, she sends me a lot of puppy pictures or memes to make me happy. AND SHE SMELLS SO GOOD???? she smells like fresh laundry that got blessed with sweet vanilla and ughh hsxksks i spend all day smellin my gf shes so perfect

she is so intrumental and talented and artistic, and her voice is so ! pretty ! soft ! calming ! stab me tf away! and her skin is so soft oh god and she has the comfiest lap on earth and she always has warm hands and :( we are so petty and shady tho its awful dude……………

sleeping on top of her is so good, sometimes her heart beat gets so fast (especially when i get close to her neck with my lips) and it is so cute. i love layin on her chest to tell her all the the things i love and admire about her and when she says that she has the best gf i get so confused bc uhm ? who is she ? last time i checked im a cockroach ???

her music taste is so good :( we listen to the same bands and shes my best friend? like we literally talk about everything and i never feel ashamed for tellin her things that would make me uncomfortable talkin about with other people.

sometimes i cant even realise that i got blessed with her? we either eat the entire day together (my gf always makes sure i had a proper meal bc i forget to eat a lot) and we go to ikea and all of our conversations end with “i love u baby” and when she calls me baby i melt inside… im like… bye world… God Is Real? and she teases me so much about my bubble gum addiction bc i do not chew it, i eat it?? and i cant stop?? i just eat it like its food. and shes teasin me sm for bein so clumsy its so cute. we also stargaze a lot and always point at stars or the moon like? our sexuality is the night sky???

and we have so many inside jokes it is so awful like sometimes i end up tellin them other ppl and they dont understand them and i die inside bc me and my gf would be weak asf and cry bc we legit think we are the funniest ppl out there hbshsklsks and she always tells me how pretty i am! like im casually eatin a donut and shes like “ur so pretty baby” and im likfe stfu! i love u! dont make me drop my food bc im so excited!

my gf is also such a scorpio, shes rlly cold to other ppl, but has such a soft spot for me and only me :’) and we are goin to be kitty parents soon! we are goin to adopt a kitty and act like we are parents, we are awful but nobody is stoppin us. and no straight person is goin to stop me from showin pda to my gf!!! no het woman that is with her child at the toy store that my gf gave me a piggyback ride in like no hets sorry yall.

like i am really grateful that i have my girlfriend, she is such a kind and lovely soul and i do not think that i deserve her, she is so charming and hot and i always wonder how someone as perfect as her…. is in a relationship with me….. im literally shrek :( AND IT IS SO DIFFICULT TO ACT LIKE IM NOT TICKLISH WHEN SHE TICKLES ME BC I WANNA BE TOUGH AND COOL BUT THEN I START TO GIGGLE AND I HAVE TO FORCE HER TO WALK IN FRONT OF ME OR GO ON DISTANCE BC MY TUMMY IS UNABLE TO HANDLE THIS

i know shes never goin to see this but she also ruined my life bc she got me addicted to orange is the new black smh BUT YES I FUCKIN LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND I LOVE HER SO SO MUCH ITS AWFUL IDC IF MY FAMILY WILL DISOWN ME YALL CAN PRAY TO ALLAH WHILE IM HAVIN FUN AND ADVENTURES WITH MY GF

A Standing Ovation Ch. 5: Game Abandonment, Pt. 2

Refer to: Cast, Part 1

The Sixth Parlor Room

“Huh? Where’s Izaya Orihara-kun? It can’t be you, could it?”

The place Yuuki Usubara was taken to is in a parlor room underground.

When Yuuki looked around the area, there was two children and a young woman wearing a bartender uniform.

The man who guided her already left the room and at that moment she sensed the sound of the door locking.

However, more than worrying about that right away, one of the children - the boy - calls out.

“Eh? Onee-chan, do you know Izaya-san?”

“Ahh, seriously, To call me ‘onee-chan,’ you’re good at flattery.”

In actuality she is in her twenties with a child-like face so it should be a normal thing, but perhaps because of her self-awareness as a widow and Ayumi’s step-mother she was under the impression that she is a great mother.

Patting the boy’s head, the woman in the bartender uniform moved towards them.

“Hey, ummm…..What type of connection do you have with Izaya Orihara?”

“Eh? Yeah, right. Izaya Orihara-kun, you see, is a friend of my son!”

“Your son’s….?”

Hearing her answer, Iroha Mayuzumi was confused.

If it is her son, no matter how old she is her son would be around five years old.

So what does it mean he is a friend of Izaya’s?

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thank you :D

 katie is so hot tho her face alone makes everything look 10000x times better?????

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"right before his KSI promo, " "hadn't been mentioned together in six months" sure it's been said before but 1. suggesting tom and Taylor haven't been mentioned together since the breakup is very untrue. Some street photographer went so far as to set up a picture of tom running past her face because of the clicks it generates. As for right before promo, the whole point of those profiles is not to talk about the film but about the person. And lbr he was always gonna be asked. He said nothing bad.

to clarify, when i said mentioned their names together,,… i was referring to the fact that practically every news outlet known to mankind besides the NYT and LA TImes picked that story up. Tv, radio, print, online, you name it, that story was run. Some more than once. The whole tom-running-past-the-cartoon was not reported as such, mostly seen on twitter and tabloid sites, and it had a lifespan of like a day. “Most” people (you know outside fandoms) had dismissed hiddleswift from their minds. It wasnt on access hollywood or ET or TMZ or any of those shows, or major celebrity mags like People or Us Weekly, since september. Thats where the gen. pub is getting their celeb news. 

The GQ article came out on Feb …7? and it is still breathing now a few weeks later, To me there is quite a difference there… look how it was the lead in on a bunch of the interviews that aired in the last 2 days. But yet… notice how  no one..thus far…has asked specifically about Taylor Swift. The closest they can get is how does he manage having a public persona and a private life. So i’d contend he wasnt gonna be asked, or it’d be on the no q list, if he hadnt brought it up. Because the press is there about KSI, not about his ex girlfriend.  So i disagree with the ‘lbr he was gonna be asked.’

And yes of course GQ runs profile pieces. Like VF. Nothing new there. Profile pieces talk about the person, their dreams, goals, childhood, upbringing, family, pastimes, and yes sometimes the celebrity’s love life. But Tom, being the adult he is, is in full control of what he chooses to share with a reporter, and what he does not. I think even the Tom fans will agree with me here…….there is a lot more to talk about regarding Tom Hiddleston that is super interesting to people besides Taylor Swift.  

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What sort body type do you think Elektra should have? Height? Muscle and fat? Scars, etc? I kinda figured 5'5" - 5'8".

  • miller based her look on a female body builder called lisa lyon so like she definitely should definitely look like she can kick your ass. not overly buff bc she’s stealth and speed too like lean but well built maybe??? arms particularly. for stabbing
  • def not skinny but her build would be more muscle than fat bc naturally she does a lot of exercise w the whole assassin/vigilante thing
  • i can recall a few times where she’s mentioned to be pretty scarred so definitely that too, even if just from the skrull thing when she was abducted n tested on and then obvs the bullseye murder scar. i feel like her face would be less scarred because she has to do disguise stuff and a beaten up face wouldnt blend in so well
  • i like her taller than average because i feel like she should be super threatening and imposing so somewhere toward 5′8 seems about right. taller than a lot of dudes