and so is aimo

funny bios

mandando eu mesma tomar no cu todos os dias

bem vindo ao mundo dark

tentando morrer

se eu falar de qyem sou fa minha mae me bate

sinsivel demais eu so um alguem qye chora

socorro serio eu nao to nem ai

mo fome


mto loko

eu ja nasci assim me desculpa

sereia gótica&vampira

nao me sigam voces vao se arrepend

simplesmente n entendi exatsmente nas circunstancias extrema q nao

qnd q vc vai me da aquela famosa chance

bejei sua bochecha mas qria beja sua boca #fikadika

eu nao #ligo

calma a culpa eh do meu signo

fazer oq a vida tem dessas

me inclua fora disso


You’re welcome, iceyfrog! glad to know that you’re playing the game too! It also flew off my radar (purposefully) until 2 weeks before gametime, so it was like Past Aimo gifted the present one with a belated xmas present ^o^

Also, happy that you enjoyed the Varric AU romance comic! And you do realise mentioning him in a PoE-related ask will result in a crossover, right?


Walked into Woedica’s Temple CRAWLING with mercenaries, completed objectives while in disguise, and swaggered out without shedding even a drop of blood.

I mean, I could’ve gone all medieval on ‘em all, but when I actually get more EXP not resorting to violence, why not??

Alas, weekend is over, back to ~measured & controlled~ gaming sessions T_T


It was the last day in Comic Fiesta and I managed to ask my sister to take picture of me (I was cosplaying as Booker that day but I didn’t cut my hair, just tied it) with Hanie and Aimo.

And now, pictures of stuff I bought in CF. The Assassin’s Creed badges, Doctor Who postcard, the Hobbit sticker and some of the duplicates I gave them to Bekah as souvenirs. 

Last photo is a picture of Frozen arts that I commissioned (so worth it). Illustrated by Hanie (left) and Aimo (right). I’ll scan them as soon as I get back to work on Monday.

Playing around with mixed medias.  Asides having new Gouache I wanted to try out, I had yet to really use the lovely Pentel pencils and gold paint pen that @momochanners sent me so I figured Josie would be the best trial for those.  Thank you so much, Aimo, they are super fun to work with! :)

Media: Copic Markers, Pebeo gouache, Pentel Coloured Pencils, Uni Ball White Gel Pen, Gold Paint Pen, Hahnemuhle painting and drawing paper (200gsm)