and so i went and made this for y'all

Small reminder that I love u n believe in u n want u all to know I am proud of u and all ur efforts kissy kissy hug hug good vibes gn✨

So FAHC Jeremy right?

Jeremy who grew up in a bad home. Jeremy who’s dad never made enough money to keep them properly afloat, but was also the kind of guy who wouldn’t let his wife work. Jeremy who had to try to be the perfect student to gain any sort of parental approval, who was no stranger to a backhanded slap if he received anything less than an A.

Jeremy who went to school hungry more often then not, who rejoiced in free school lunch programs during the school year, because that meant at least one reasonably substantial meal a day. Jeremy whose growth stunted because of childhood malnutrition. Jeremy who spent a lot of gym classes as a kid trying hard to keep up on an empty stomach.

Jeremy who graduated high school with honours and almost 20,000 dollars in scholarships and STILL had to work two jobs to make ends meet. Jeremy who had 12 hours of homework a week and worked almost 30 hours on top of classes and still lived off of 99 cent stove top ramen.

Jeremy Dooley who graduated university JUST BARELY, and with so much debt he never thought he’d pay it off. Jeremy who moved to Los Santos praying to god he’d find a job, and just ended up on the street. Jeremy who did a hell of a lot of things that he is not even kind of proud of just to survive. He spent time as a go-for for a few gangs, picking up guns and dropping off threats, who did a hell of a lot worse to keep the crews from throwing him out or beating him up (who still has nightmares sometimes about the things that they did to him when he fucked up).

Jeremy who got picked up one night by a really sweet lady after being kicked out of the last crew he was working for (and left with quite the array or cuts and bruises), tired and freezing and so hungry. He wouldn’t have been able to make it into the penthouse if it weren’t for the gentle motherly hand on his elbow the whole way up. The kind woman who tells him her name is Jack, she gets him a fluffy warm sweater and some pajama pants that he needs to roll up three times to make fit, and sets him up at the kitchen table with a bowl of hot soup and some tea, and sits with him while he eats. She asks him his name, where he’s from, just a gentle probing to get to know this kid she’s brought in. He tells her his name, and that he’s from Boston. When she gently asks if he’s worked for anyone else in the area he clears his throat and can’t look at her for a solid five minutes before he mumbles out a ‘yes’. Jack doesn’t pry, she never pries, he’ll come to learn, and he appreciates that. She just gives him a smile and, very gently and slowly, puts her hand on his shoulder, and gives it a tight squeeze, and tells him not to worry, that everyone in this house has a past they’d rather not talk about, and promises him that no one will ask after his past if he isn’t willing to come forth with it on his own. Once he’s finished eating she leads him to an empty room, tells him there’s a bathroom down the hall if we wants to shower, and pulls some clean sheets out of a linen closet and helps him make up the bed. She leaves him with a gentle goodnight another a fond smile. It’s the first time he’s ever gone to bed full.

In the following weeks he’s timid at first, ready for anything the other boys can throw at him, but not sure he’s ready for the intimacy of the household. He spends a lot of time in his room at first, the door cracked a little because the other boys keep coming to ask if he wants to play video games, or plan a heist or watch a movie with them. At first he declines, but that British Fucker with the beautiful smile eventually wins him over, so he comes out one night and sits on the couch with Gavin and Michael and Ray and watches a movie, and then another, and soon it’s four in the morning and he’s laughing along like he’s known them for years, at some point Gavin falls asleep on his shoulder and he couldn’t care less, because he’s mesmerized by how pretty he is when he’s not constantly squawking and making stupid bets. He carries Gavin to bed when they all decide to turn in, and Gav presses his stupid big nose into the crook of Jeremy’s neck and Jeremy blushes bright red whenever he sees Gav for almost a week after (Gav doesn’t tell him that he wasn’t actually asleep that night and did everything on purpose because he thought Jeremy was the cutest) 

Jeremy who falls so easily into step with the others once he lets himself, who can sit for hours across from Ryan in their little makeshift library reading in companionable silence, who can go toe to toe in a fight with Michael and win at least 50% of the time, who will sit quietly on the floor of Ray’s bedroom playing the same DS games adjacent to each other, trading tips and tricks to get through this puzzle, or to catch that pokémon. Jeremy who shyly asks Gav on a date a few weeks after that movie night and gets a peck on the cheek and an enthusiastic yes to the proposition. Who helps Jack in the kitchen at breakfast every morning, and dinner every night just like he did with his own mom when they had the resources to do it, and who has helped Geoff plan half a hundred getaway routes just in case one gets blocked off during a heist.

Jeremy who never fit in anywhere finally finding the place he belongs in and the people he missed without even knowing they existed.

awkwardnessisavirtue  asked:

Hi! For the positivity sleepover thing: I went and saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie today! It was really really good and I cried a lot lol. I pay a lot of attention to the background music in every movie I watch, and the soundtrack for this made me so unbelievably happy :D But it's kinda weird and sad to think that a whole new generation of kids will grow up thinking of Emma Watson as Belle instead of Hermione Granger, don't you think?

YAY I’m so glad to hear you liked it!!! I still haven’t seen it (or Moana - I know, I know) but I’m getting really hyped for it!! And yes same! I love the soundtracks for movies. Still not over the super duper lovely Fantastic Beasts one. So are you a musician or do you mostly like listening?

And I think that might be the case to a degree - that this generation of kids could come to know Emma Watson as Belle before Hermione - but I think the HP movies will probs end up outlasting this one. (Or they won’t fade away at least.) So it might be more of a generation coming to know her as both simultaneously rather than one instead of the other! Or they’ll remake the HP movies after a while and a future generation will come to know her as McGonagall or something :’) (jk, Maggie Smith’ll reprise her role obvs :P )

Thanks for sharing the happy! :D Have a lovely day/night/morning/evening/dawn/dusk/lunchtime/brunchtime/whatever!!

positivity sleepover!


The story behind this post isn’t something I made up. My cousin went into the hospital earlier today because of bad headaches which I now know were caused by a tumor that had burst. She slipped into a coma when they were trying to remove it and I assume that they just took her off life support. I can’t stop crying and it hurts. It hurts to know that God is so cruel to take her away like that. Because of this I’m going to be on hiatus for a while, just until I can get myself together and come to terms with everything that has happened. Thanks for being so understanding. I love you all and I’ll miss you but I’ve gotta take some time away from the blog, okay? I’ll see you guys when I get back.

1950′s Percabeth 


when you go to georgia for the 4th of July with your Best Hockey Buddy and catch a glimpse of him watching the fireworks on the back porch and your chest starts to feel a little weird

based on this wonderful post about a check please baseball au. i just really really loved it a lot y’all, so i made this. it was just gonna be bitty and then maybe a quickly drawn jack reacting to cutoffs, crop top, and a Very Patriotic popsicle

hiiiii !!! it’s been forever since i made one of these so i figured it was time hehe. i consider some of y'all my ~*bEsTiEs*~ and i srsly don’t know what i’d do without you. y'all make this fandom fun and a gr8 thing to be a part of so thanx for being awesome and beautiful and hilarious. i love u. and to the mutuals on this list - thanx for putting up with me on a regular basis. also i know some of u have changed fandoms but i still love ur blogs regardless !! and to those that write fic / make gifs / post hqs / make fanart etc etc etc - thank u for all that u do. you’re much appreciated xox 

i hope all of u have a happy new year filled with dranks delicious goodies. may 2015 be filled with a shitload of zayn candids and more a+ hairstylez. AND CROSS Y'ALLS FINGERS THAT GLASSES!ZAYN MAKES A COMEBACK. he haw ~~~ !!! <3


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HI, HELLO, HOW ARE YOU GUYS?? this is a thank you to everyone who is following me. It’s been an amazing year and a half and i honestly have no fucking clue how i went through it without ever making one of these!! special thanks to the bands that inspire my posts/reblogs and all of you lovely humans (or robots, no hate) for tolerating me for so long <3 <3 <3 

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Aah! I was tagged by the ever lovely jubbly qunaributts for the six selfie challenge. I had sooo much trouble getting pictures together. Can you taste the sarcasm because I sure can. I went with the trend of pictures I liked but never quite made the cut. Even snuck in a bonus of me with longer hair in there. Can you believe it?

Okay so I guess I have to tag some people huh? tvguro draegonhearted cullenrutherford lightgetsout If you want to. Don’t feel obliged or anything, just doing my part to keep ye olde ball rolling I guess.

Bye 2015. Ya frickin sucked.

Welp the year is done. Hella-lujah, this year was p shitty. But it was also p gr8. Shitty in mental health terms, gr8 in terms of, well, here I guess
So let me talk nice about my friends bc ily y'all are who made this year bearable. If the format messes up, I still have it set to where it’s separated enough to tell whose message is whose in case y'all wanna read it while I have go fix it yo :3c

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