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Am I the only one seeing this?

Everyone’s so focused on the South, with Jon, Dany, Davos, Tyrion and the whole shibang. And I’m over here wondering why the hell there aren’t any spoilers, pictures, or really anything going on with the Northern plot? It’s almost as if Jon and Dany are the distraction, despite it being the real deal, to keep us involved with them and away from Sophie and the crew down in Belfast. If not, then the security is better down there, and they are hiding something anyways, and just happened to have Jon/Dany spoiled. Which sucks, because spoilers are never fun when you want to be surprised.

It really could be a distraction, their filming down there, they’re so open down in Spain and yet everything in Belfast has been kept down low. Whats going on down there? Why haven’t I seen any pictures of Sansa, Arya, or Bran- of Littlefinger or Tormund? We only have those few pics, and that’s it. I really think they’re allowing all the spoilers for Jon and Dany to happen to keep whatever they’re filming in Belfast under wrap.

Or I’m just losing my mind. But it’s something to think over.

I just wanted to say, specially to all those people that keep saying that Brendon hates Ryan or doesn’t want us to mention Ryan or that still think Ryan is Voldemort to Brendon. Last night (or the night before that, I kinda lost track of time) it was the first time in 8 years since Panic! had came to Spain. The last time they did, it was with the Pretty. Odd. tour. At the show, we showed Brendon this:

He absolutely LOVED it. He looked at the picture and pointed at it with a huge smile, then pointed at his head and said he remembered it, then put his hand on his chest, tapped over his heart. So please, please, stop treating Ryan and his time with the band like talking about it was taboo. Of course you shouldn’t mention Ryan to Brendon in regard to other things, but Brendon loves hearing about the good old days, and Ryan will always be part of that.


Popular *Cristiano Ronaldo imagine*


“Are you going to Portugal for your vaction?”

“Do you have Real Madrid and Portugal jersey’s at home?”

“Have you and Cristiano kept in touch all this time!”

Those where questions I got on the daily about my relationship with Cristiano, and to say they didn’t bug the crap out of me would be a lie. They made me want to go and hit myself with a pillow on the face. “Will Mr. Ronaldo be coming to visit you soon?”

I smiled turning to the reporter who said it. “You’ll have to wait and see” 

My manager closed the door to my SUV and I sighed, laying down on the seats. When he got in the passenger seat he chuckled at me, “Are you feeling it now?” He joked

I looked and him, “I feel everything now”

Both him and my driver Tim laughed. “Don’t worry I’m pretty sure the same thing is happening to him back in Spain”

I sighed, “Who knows”

We drove off with me laying down on the seats in the back, just thinking whether or not I should just call Cristiano or not. Staring at his contact name, and having an internal battle with myself. “Y/N is Riley already at the house?” Connor asked

I looked to him, “I don’t know, I think she is”


I sat up looking between him and Tim, “Tim please tell Connor to just ask her out already”

I sat back and a few minutes later we pulled into the driveway of my house. It wasn’t a big house, a two story with 5 bedrooms 3 of which were occupied by me, Tim, and Riley. 

Connor lived in an apartment about 1 hour away from here. We walked into the house and by the door there was another set of shoes besides Tim’s, shoes. “Connor do you know who’s shoes those are?” I asked

He shook his head, “Tim did you get new shoes?”

Tim shook his head, “No I’m very pleased with my shoes”

I chuckled shaking my head, we took off our shoes that was one thing I was big on I don’t like dirt in the house so we put on our shoes when we’re getting ready to leave by the door.

“Who’s shoes are these?”I said as I walked into the house

“Maybe they’re mine” A voice said

I looked up, and there he was standing in the center of the room looking as handsome as ever. It felt like I hadn’t seen him in at least a month, because he didn’t change but in reality it was 1 year. I smiled running to him.

“Missed you too”

I kissed his lips which I missed so much, but stopped when I heard Connor and Tim’s awkward coughing. “Sorry” I muttered

They both just laughed, “So Cris when did you come?” Connor asked

Cristiano hugged me to his side, and smiled. “My plane arrived here at 1″

Connor nodded, “Have you been getting a lot of comments on your relationship with Y/N?”

“Not really, why? Have you?”

I nodded, “Yeah just the usual stuff though they just ask about the jersey’s, trips, and stuff like that” 

He nodded, “How about we go out?” He asked

Tim’s, Connor, and I’s head whipped towards him. “Go out? Like right now? With all those reporters outside the gate?”

Cristiano nodded, “What’s wrong with it, in Spain I still go out even if they’re outside my house”

I chuckled, “Alright fine”

“Do you want me to drive the two of you?” Tim asked

I shook my head, “No thanks Tim we’ll walk around, make sure Connor talks to Riley like talk talk’s” I said

He chuckled, but nodded his head. “Gotcha”

I took Cristiano’s hand in mine, and we put on our shoes heading out. When we got out of the gates, there wasn’t any reporters so I’m guessing they were sent away. Cristiano and I held hands as we walked towards the strip.

“You know I never would’ve imagined this” He said as people stared passing us

“Me either”

“I missed you in Spain it was boring and to quiet”

I chuckled, “Aren’t you Y/N?” A voice said from behind

We both turned and I smiled, “Yeah”

“I’m a big fan can you sign this for me?” He asked handing me his phone

“Sign your phone?”

He chuckled nervously, “Yeah, um if you turn it like this”

When he turned the phone, I smiled it was a picture of me from a photo-shoot I did. “This is cool” I said as I finished signing it and handed it to him

He smiled, “Thank you so much Y/N”

I smiled and waved as he ran off. “Am I invisible?” Cristiano said

I laughed, kissing his cheek. “No you’re visible and cute”

Cristiano chuckled, as we continued walking. “You guys are dating for real?”

I smiled and nodded, “Can I get a picture with you guys?”

I looked up at Cristiano, “Yeah sure”

We took the picture and the kid smiled shaking hands with Cristiano and I. “You want to go get something to eat?” He asked

I nodded, and we went inside a little cafe. As we sat down we ordered some food, and then talked about things. “How’s Jr.?”

He smiled, “He’s good, he misses you actually. He saw a picture of you on the TV with your new hair and wouldn’t stop talking about it” He said

“Hello I’m sorry to interrupt but Y/N, Cristiano can we get your autographs?”

We looked up at the group of 8 boys, who looked between the two of us. I smiled, and nodded. They set their papers down on the table, and Cristiano & I signed them. “By the way Y/N we loved you in your new movie” One of the boys said

I smiled at him, “Thank you, what’s your names by the way?”

“I’m Dylan, and this is Greg,Tyler, Daniel, Matt, Lenny, David, Roberto”

“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you guys”

“And Mr. Ronaldo you’re the best” Daniel said

Cristiano smiled, “Thank You”

After we finished signing the autographs, the boys left and Cristiano looked at me with a smile. “Look’s like you’re my little popular star” He smiled

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Mexico your papi is back!! :DDD Spain is visiting you why dont you show us a picture of you two when you were a child?

“ Spain used to have such nice legs…. JUST KIDDING HE LOOKS TERRIBLE WITH THOSE LEGGINS. i can’t wait to show him this. “

Okay so,
Spain’s King and his wife are visiting Mexico for the next 3 days,
The main aim of the trip is to promote economic ties between Mexico and Spain; Spain is the biggest European investor in Mexico and Mexico is the biggest Latin American Investor in Spain,  Also the King of Spain has got Mexico city’s key! 
Mexico and Spain share a really close relationship, even when history has been hard both countries have learnt how to overthrow their problems and create a really nice friendship
Raquel used to be really emotionally attached to Spain; however she never saw him as her father (So please don’t call him her father ,she’ll slap you).
She never really saw him as a relative, he was always her boss.
I will like to make it clear that Spain wasn’t nice to her 24/7 he used to be a really stern boss; but he was still the Spain we all know time to time.

However the special connection between both nations since the beggining made her respect and cherish his company (Since he was the only one allowed to visit her lmfao).

Argentina belongs to flopylopez/ ask-argentinaandfriends


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i said i’d post on the 2nd but here i am three days late again ;;

pictured: barebones list of exam prep (ft. many items from my now abandoned, overly ambitious holiday to-do list), spanish holiday homework about christmas in spain and sample q+a questions as preparation for my spanish oral after the winter break! 

+ loving my wallpaper courtesy of @emmastudies! i liked her designs so much that i’m currently using both the white and black versions (っ˘ω˘ς )

Day 6: Corpse Groom!AU

I don’t even know why I’m posting this so late DX This was an emergency picture I did just in case I didn’t have to time to draw. This challenge is not really going as I planned ;A; It’s getting super hard

yeah I don’t like using over the top effects either but I was too lazy ;^;

The reason why it takes us so long to see any Seriker picture
  • Sergio & Iker : *taking selfies*
  • Sergio : *humming cheerfully while edit their selfies with a bizzare frame*
  • Iker : ffs sake Sese what is it with you and THOSE frame?!!!!???
  • Sergio : but it makes our pictures so pretty
  • Iker : no it's not, it's hideous
  • Sergio : it's not hideous
  • Iker : it is
  • Sergio : no it's not
  • Iker : SERGIO
  • Sergio : IKER
I loved you first (chapter 2)

(Because there is no way all this shit is taking away my muse!)

Thank you guys so much for the comments on chapter 1, I’m still overwhelmed every time that happens.
Anyway, chapter 2 is ready, it is pretty fluffy, I really don’t want to make anyone cry this time, there’s been quite enough of that lately I think.

Expect more angst in the following chapters though. And for those of you wondering: no this blog is not going anywhere!

(this chapter was written over a week ago, if it seems fitting it is a coincidence I swear to God so don’t even…)

Chapter 1


I loved you first (chapter 2)

‘Wakey, wakey, sleepy head!’

Haley’s sharp voice sounded way too close for comfort and was too loud for me to ignore.

‘Come on, it’s almost noon,’ she insisted as she poked me in the ribs.

‘Go away,’ I sighed as I fought to open my eyes,’ have some mercy, woman, I’m still jet lagged.’

‘You didn’t come to London to sleep the days away, come on, up you get,’ I could hear her leave my room but not before pulling the blinds open completely to let the sunlight in.

The sudden brightness made it impossible for me to go back to sleep, and it was the only thing I wanted this morning.

Sleep was peaceful, sleep was comforting, sleep was the only state in which I didn’t miss him so much.

I finally dragged myself out of bed after fifteen minutes to meet Haley in the kitchen.

‘So, what are we doing today?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know what you’re doing, but I have to be at work in twenty minutes, we don’t all have extra vacation days lying around.’

‘Right,’ I shook my head in a smile and took a seat next to her on the kitchen table.

‘Are you going to see Tom today?’ she then asked.
‘Probably,’ I answered truthfully,’ why?’

‘Don’t be the clingy ex girlfriend, Em’ she sighed.
‘I was never his girlfriend.’

‘You know what I mean, you guys may not have been anything officially but we all know you were something.’

‘Yes well, something doesn’t count,’ I said,’ and he just invited me for coffee if you must know.’

‘Em, sweetie,’ she leaned her elbows on the table to look into my eyes,’ I don’t wanna come across as bossy…’
‘Since when?!’ I interrupted her with a smile.

‘Shut up, I just want to protect you against yourself. I know how you get when it comes to him.’
I smiled shyly and looked down.

‘Yes well, it’s Tom,’ I then spoke softly and I could see her eyes soften when I looked at her again,’ it’s Tom, Haley. My Tom.’

‘I know,’ she sighed,’ but he’s not…’
‘Yes,’ I answered quietly while I avoided her eyes,’ I know, alright. He’s not mine.’

‘Just wanted to make sure you are aware of that,’ she then said while she stood up and put her cup and plate in the sink,’ I’ll see you for dinner tonight.’


I had agreed to meet Tom after lunch time in a small coffee shop near his place.
The time we had spent together the night before had overwhelmed me, my feelings for him had overwhelmed me, once again.

And in my heart I knew he had felt the same, it was right there in the way his hand had held onto mine the entire time we were alone, and how soft and loving he had spoken those words…my darling.

We may never have been lovers but we had always been more than just something.

I was nervous when I entered the coffee shop but mostly I was looking forward to seeing his lovely face again. But it was another face that greeted me by the door.


‘Hi,’ she had a nervous little smile on her gorgeous face,’ I’m sorry, Tom couldn’t make it, he wanted to cancel on you but I suggested you and I should have coffee together, if that’s okay?’
‘Well…I…sure,’ I tried my best to hide my disappointment,’ I guess so.’

I followed her to the counter where we ordered our drinks before we made our way to a small table somewhere in the back.
It gave me the opportunity to study her without her noticing.

She was still stunning in just the casual pair of jeans and the flattering white blouse she was wearing today, her long dark hair danced across her shoulders as she flashed the barista a disarming smile, the same one she gave me as soon as we sat down.

‘I’m sorry, he had a last minute call for a meeting,’ she explained,’ it happens often, he’ll call you to reschedule, but I thought it would be a good opportunity for us to get to know each other.’
I forced myself to keep a straight face, she was trying really hard to be nice but I couldn’t tell yet whether it was heartfelt or not. I tried to remind myself that she hadn’t given me any reason to think the opposite and I tried to give her a more genuine smile.

‘Tom talks about you so much I feel like I already know you a little bit,’ she continued.

‘Well, maybe we should start with you then,’ I took over,’ because I don’t know anything about you at all, how did you two meet?’
I could see her face light up at my question, ‘ oh it’s all thanks to Emma, she introduced us.’

Oh Emma, I thought you were on my side.

‘Me and Emma worked together on a project 3 years ago and we’ve been friends ever since,’ she explained,’ when she introduced me to Tom we just had this instant click, you know, nothing more than friends at first. But the more I got to know him the more I came to see what an amazing and wonderful man he is. I never met anyone like him, he’s so kind and caring, so open but also so smart and insightful and…well, I don’t need to tell you, do I?’

No, you really don’t.

I shook my head.
‘I couldn’t believe my luck when he told me he felt the same way,’ she continued with this dreamy twinkle in her eyes.

Why did I ask this question? I did not want to hear this, I couldn’t handle this yet.
I needed to change the subject, the dagger was already in my heart but I had to stop her from twisting it around and making me bleed more with her every word.

‘I’m a very lucky woman,’ she said in a happy sigh.

‘That you are,’ I answered quietly, hoping she wouldn’t see me biting back my jealousy while I just nodded and kept smiling.

‘I am, but…,’ I watched the smile on her face fade slowly while she spoke,’ I know he still loves you, Emmy.’

My breath was stuck in my throat for a minute.

‘Catherine,’ I then sighed,’ me and Tom were never really…’
‘I know, nothing ever happened between the two of you.’

Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that…

‘You were never really together,’ she continued,’ which makes you every girlfriend’s worst nightmare…you’re the one that got away.’
I just shook my head in a little uncomfortable smile.
‘And his best friend on top of that,’ she added and she shook her head in a defeated sigh,’ how does anyone even compete with that?’

‘That’s all in the past, he loves you now.’

I took a deep breath and tried to calm down my racing heart, the worry on her face was genuine and, despite my jealousy, in this moment I was actually starting to feel for her.

‘You don’t have anything to worry about, Catherine,’ I leaned against the table to look into her eyes, the expression on her face was one of sadness and even fear. She actually feared me.

‘Me and Tom never happened and I believe there has to be a reason for that,’ I said,’ if it was meant to be between me and him it would have happened at some point, god knows we’ve had enough opportunities.’

She gave me a weak smile.

‘I’m sorry,’ I said as I shook my head,’ please don’t worry about that, me and Tom…there’s nothing there, really. It’s nothing.’

Absolutely nothing.



We stumbled into his apartment at around 3′o clock in the middle of the night, it had been a crazy night out in London. It was the midst of a very hot month of July and the city had been bursting with life and people.
We had been out every single night that week and this was my last day in town before I would leave on a family holiday to Spain.

He had his hands lazily resting on my waist the entire time we made our way up the stairs,  pushing me up in front of him step by step. We were both giggling, partly due to the alcohol but even more so thanks to the adrenaline of an entire night spent laughing on the dance floor and getting lost in the hidden corners of downtown London.

‘Shhhh,’ he laughed into my ear,’ you’ll wake up the neighbours.’

‘You’re not exactly being quiet yourself, Thomas,’ I poked him in the chest as we neared the top of the stairs but he just laughed louder and took out his key to unlock the door.

The apartment was ugly and cramped but he loved every corner regardless, I had never seen him more proud and happy in the 2 years that we’ve known each other now. This little crappy place was completely his and in the middle of London, what more could anyone possibly want? He wouldn’t have traded it for anything and he was happy to share it with me every time I was in this corner of the city.

‘Sit,’ he urged me towards his couch while he took two beers out of his fridge, grabbed his camera from the desk in passing and threw it into my hands before he sat down next to me.

‘Didn’t you want to take a picture of me?’ he then asked, ‘something to remember me by while you’re bored out of your mind in Spain?’
‘Yes, I want one of us,’ I smiled enthusiastically.

He crawled closer to me and I held up the camera as far as I could.

‘Give it to me,’ he smiled,’ your arms are so freakishly short.’
‘Compared to yours maybe,’ I playfully pushed my shoulder up against his chest and rolled my eyes at him.

He took the camera from me and put it up in front of us.
‘Wait, is my make up okay?’ I asked as I try to brush my hair out of my eyes with my fingers.

‘You’re fine,’ he said.
‘You didn’t even look!’

‘Alright,’ he sighed and he turned his face towards mine, I hadn’t noticed how close we were sitting and suddenly his eyes were staring right into mine and the smile faded from my face. I felt myself starting to blush under his gaze.
He wasn’t looking at me, he was staring and it suddenly gave me butterflies.

This could not be happening, this was Tom!
Tom was my friend, the goofy guy I had more fun with than anyone else, the sweet guy that was always there when I needed comfort or cheering up. We had flirted before but it was always just playful and I was always quick to laugh it off. I had seen him do it with other girls regularly, it was just in his nature and I knew it didn’t have anything to do with me.

But this time it didn’t feel playful, and the serious look in his eyes as he stared at me was starting to stir up feelings I never even realized were there.

‘You’re beautiful, Em,’ he then spoke softly,’ with or without make up on.’
I bit my lip and shook my head, unsure how to react to his compliment.

‘No need to blush now,’ he teased me and he put his arm around my shoulder to pull me closer.
‘Stop it,’ I whispered in a smile as I let my head hang down shyly. I could feel him laugh against my skin as he nuzzled his nose against my cheek and clicked the camera.

‘Perfect,’ he then said softly, his arm turned me towards him, forcing me to look into his eyes again as his hand sank down to the small of my back, making me shiver. 

Since when did it feel so good to have his hands on me?

When our eyes met again his smile had made room for that serious look from before.

‘What is it?’ I asked.
‘I wish you didn’t have to leave tomorrow,’ he spoke softly.
‘I know,’ I sighed,’ I don’t really feel like going either, I’d rather just stay here in London and hang out…with you.’

This time he was the one who looked down in a shy smile,’ I meant it, you know.’

He brushed a few stray locks of hair behind my ear, caressing my cheek with his thumb in the process while his eyes found mine again,’ I’m not joking around this time, you are so beautiful, Em.’

He leaned his forehead against mine and I put my arm around his neck to hold him close to me, suddenly overwhelmed by my feelings for him. I didn’t want to leave, not London, not his apartment, and definitely not his arms.

‘Tom, we should…,’ I whispered.
‘I am so crazy about you,’ he confessed in a smile.
I let my fingers run through his curls while I looked at him.

‘Maybe you should do something about it then,’ I challenged him.

He grabbed my neck and brought my face closer to his, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. His breath warmed my lips as he leaned his forehead against mine, putting goosebumps all over me when his lips hovered over mine, working up the courage to do what I knew he wanted to do.
And the longer he waited the more I needed his lips on mine.

Without saying another word his mouth opened to take mine in a soft warm kiss, making my heart and every other part of my body melt into his arms. 

His hands were all over my back, neck and in my hair trying to hold me as close to him as he possibly could. I opened my mouth to kiss him back and gasped when his tongue searched for mine, deepening our kiss and making me fall even more.
I moaned into the kiss and felt his hand slip underneath my top to caress the bare skin of my back but he pulled out and focussed on kissing me again.

‘Don’t stop,’ I encouraged him,’ please.’
‘Em,’ he moaned as I bit his bottom lip,’ wait.’
‘It’s okay, I want this, I want you, Tom.’

He broke the kiss and leaned his face against mine, he was breathing heavily and I could see the blush on his cheeks.

‘If I don’t stop now,’ he then spoke quietly,’ I won’t be able to stop at all. I want to take you to my bedroom so badly right now.’
We looked at each other for a few seconds until I nodded my head and whispered,’ then take me to your bedroom.’

To my surprise he pulled away and shook his head.

‘No, Em, not like this, not with you,’ he said and just like that his hands were no longer on me.

‘I am leaving tomorrow,’ I said,’ you won’t see me again for over a month. Right now, like this, is fine with me!’

‘Please don’t say that,’ he sighed and I could see him pull at his curls the way he always did when he was nervous,’ I’m going to kick myself for this later but…you mean too much to me to just get it over with.’
I stayed quiet, trying to calm down the heat he had stirred up inside me with his heavenly kisses and wandering hands.

‘Not like this,’ he insisted,’ I just wanted to kiss you, I didn’t meant to…’
‘Well, you should’t have kissed me then!’ I said, feeling the sting of pain at his rejection.

‘Please don’t take it that way,’ his hand reached for mine but I pulled away and stood up from the couch,’ you know how much I want you, Em, god fucking look at me!’

My eyes roamed over him, from the conflicted look on his face to the huge bulge in his pants and I couldn’t help but feel my anger slip away.

‘I have waited for you for so long, one months more means nothing,’ he then said, taking my hand again and pulling me against his chest, a smile on both our faces now.

‘We can kiss some more though,’ he then added and he leaned closer and put his lips on mine, his arms wrapping me up in a tight hug.

‘It’s going to be a long month,’ I whispered into his ear when we broke the kiss.
‘I’ll wait for you,’ he smiled.


He didn’t, but then again neither did I.

That summer took us both into a direction we didn’t expect or saw coming, I met a charming Spanish guy during my first week on the beach, whose name I can’t even remember now, and while his kisses were nothing like Tom’s he did manage to keep my mind of him and helped me enjoy every minute of my summer vacation.

And somewhere in my month away Tom got offered a summer job abroad so by the time I got back to London he was gone for another month.

That one magical night in his apartment where we kissed seemed to have disappeared into a summer filled with other plans, other people and other memories. By the time September came around it was as if it never happened and neither of us had the courage to ever bring it up again.

Timing, it was always our biggest problem. I knew my timing right now was worse then it had ever been before but I was not going to let it stop me this time.

This was my last chance and I was not going to let it slip from me, not again.



‘She’s fucking perfect, Hales,’ I sighed.

Haley was sitting in front of me in the small Asian restaurant around the corner from her apartment.
‘Had you expected anything less?’ she asked as she graciously rolled her noodles onto her chopsticks,’ it’s Tom, of course she’s perfect in every way.’
I let out a deep annoyed sigh at her stating the obvious.

‘I was just hoping…,’ I sighed as I fought to catch some rice between my chopsticks,’ I was hoping…’

‘You were hoping she was a complete bitch,’ she finished my sentence while she put up one hand to stop the waiter,’ yes, hi, can my friend please have a fork?’

I have her an angry look as I put down my chopsticks in a heavy sigh.

‘I don’t like to see you struggle,’ she answered with a teasing smile,’ the struggle in your head at the moment is bad enough to witness.’

‘Thank you,’ I sighed and couldn’t help but smile at her,’ well she’s obviously not a bitch, so what am I going to do, Hales?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘How do I break them up?’ I asked and I took a sip from my wine.

‘You don’t,’ she said firmly,’ you’re going to be his friend, like you’ve always been, and if he is happy you’re going to be happy for him.’

‘I am?’ I asked in a sigh.

‘Yes, you are!’

‘What is he’s not happy?’

‘You’re just projecting your own wishes onto him now,’ she shook her head and put down her chopsticks to look at me before she let out a heavy sigh,’ look, Emmy, I know this is painful and I feel your pain, love, I really do. We all thought he would end up with you, and I know he did too but…something changed after last time. He used to talk about you all the time and then suddenly he didn’t anymore, like he knew it was really over this time.’

‘He gave up on me,’ I said defeated,’ after years of trying he finally gave up on me.’

‘I had never seen him that down before in all the years that I’ve known him. Whatever happened between you two really hurt him, Em.’

‘I am aware of that,’ I was biting back my tears.

‘Why did you leave?’ she then asked.
‘Because I was scared shitless,’ I confessed,’ I was so in love with him I couldn’t breathe, Hales, the idea of a future with him…it was just too much for me then. I didn’t feel good enough, and I didn’t believe I could ever fit into his world.’

‘Oh honey, you were his world.’

‘Yeah well…not anymore,’ I whispered.

‘You can’t blame him for finally moving on, honey,’ she said.

‘I don’t,’ I shook my head,’ I just…’

She noticed how my lip was shaking and she grabbed my hand across the table.
‘I just need another chance,’ I then sighed.

I know that wasn’t fair, not to Tom or to Catherine, I’ve had my chances, many of them and I blew them all.

But things were different now, I was ready now and I was not going to let something like a new girlfriend stop me.

He had been mine long before he was hers, I just needed to make him see it.

That time I met Mads Mikkelsen. A two act saga.

Act One

Friday, April 22.

It was supposed to be a normal day.

I almost didn’t sleep the night before because I was studying, so when my friend, flatmate and fannibal @malaperzona came to the kitchen to have breakfast we barely spoke. She went to work and I kept on with my studying. At 2 PM I received a DM via Twitter. It was an Instagram link, I opened it and it was a picture of Mads Mikkelsen smiling next to a tennis trainer in a golf resort near the beach that is 40 kilometers (25 miles) away from my house.

And then I think that all my neurons submitted their resignation at the same time.

Guys, you have to understand this.  I live in Murcia, a small city located in the south east of Spain. It is not Madrid or Barcelona. It was crazy. It was simply impossible. It was like if suddenly Mads Mikkelsen was in, I don’t know, Pittsburgh. 

So I kept staring at the picture and then I realized that it was the official account of the resort. It felt impossible but it was happening. So I called @malaperzona. She was driving.

—   What’s up? I’m driving

—   Please stop the car a moment

—   What? It is something wrong? Something happened? 

—   Please stop the car.

—   (She stopped). What?

—   Girl… girl… I think… I think Mads Mikkelsen is here. He’s on holidays on the golf resort.

—   WHAT?!?!

—   I think Mads…


So, as you can imagine, we started to freak out. After discussing one million of different possibilities (it’s an old picture, we are both death, this is a glitch in the Matrix etc.) we decided that she was going to pick me up and we were going to check it. 2 pm is lunch time in Spain. Neither of us could eat anything.

So we drove there, The Smiths playing on the car radio. We settled the plan: It was almost impossible to see him because the facilities are huge, so we decided that we were going to have a beer at the terrace bar of the hotel and if for any miracle we see him, okay (“OKAY” UNDERSTATMENT OF THE CENTURY). So we walked into the bar and we ordered two beers. We didn’t say a word for ten minutes or so because we were nervous as fuck. When the waiter came by, we had a little chat with him and we told him that there was an actor staying at the resort and that we really really liked him. We showed him a picture and he said “Oh yeah, he is el guiri del cortado, he is with a group of Danish people, playing tennis”. Guiri is a word that we sometimes use to refer to tourists from the north of Europe that come to Spain on holidays (because they are all tall and blond and pale). Cortado is a coffee served in a small cup ¾ parts of coffee and ¼ parts of milk. It is literally “a cut coffee”. Thus it was more or less “the foreign guy who orders the cut coffee”. So yes, he was there. We drank our beers and we discussed other things (mostly philosophy and religion and destiny because of whatever) and after an hour or so we decided to leave and then my friend said (THANK YOU FOR THIS MURDER MUFFIN) “let’s check the tennis courts before leaving, he was there before and I have this feeling”. So we started to walk across the facilities. We asked a couple for directions and they said “keep going and you will see an Italian restaurant, the tennis courts are behind it”. The restaurant name was “DANTE’S”.

Still not a fic.

We arrived and there was another bar with a terrace for the people who go there to watch the games. Then, guys, I look at to the terrace and there he was with his friends. And I froze. I took my friend’s arm and said “It’s him”. And we froze together.

We decided to have another another beer there (at this point we were a bit drunk, but we kept our shit together) but to not interrupt him because we promised ourselves that we were not going to make a fuss because he was on holidays and we didn’t want to bother him or his friends. Therefore we accorded that we were going to wait for him to leave and then we were going to speak to him. We sat on a table and I could see him from my position, so I made my best efforts not to stare at him (I’m very proud of myself because I succeeded). At some point, a waiter came by the terrace with two HUGE glasses of beer and I thought “One of those is for Mads” and OF COURSE IT WAS. You Mads. You. I cannot fucking believe you.

And guys, you know the feeling of looking at him in Hannibal or in one of his films and be thinking “This person is amazingly beautiful, what even is he?”. He is not like that in person. HE IS MORE. Not kidding. He is from another world. He was stunning even though he was wearing sport clothes (we all know that he has a thing for sport clothes, but to be fair this time he was actually playing a sport). Eventually he stood up, smoking, and he reclined over the balustrade like a cat, enjoying the view or whatever and guys, I swore, he was the most beautiful human being I’ve seen. He was… It was like watching a panther.

When his group was going to leave, my friend stood up and said “Excuse me Mr Mikkelsen, we don’t want to interrupt you during your holidays but we are fannibals”. And he smiled the most beautiful smile. My friend was wearing a hairband with a leaves patter and Mads touch it and said “Yeah, I can see your crown!” And then he looked at me and he said “but you don’t have one!” and LMFAO. Those eyes guys, those amazing eyes. They are maroon but with the afternoon sun they seemed golden and I thought “Oh my god, are you a fucking vampire or what”. He said “we should take a picture of us” and he passed his arms over both of us and we took a photo. It wasn’t a good one and he was in a hurry because his friends and wife left without him (LOL) but in spite of that he took another photo with us and said “see you tomorrow”.

And my friend and I walked back to our car in a lysergic state. It was like being in a David Lynch film (or in one of the episodes of the Italy arc).

Back in our house we still couldn’t believe what happened and we started to laugh so hard and we remembered that he said “see you tomorrow” and we were joking, “so that is a date!” and we look into each other eyes and said “we are coming back tomorrow”. We called a couple of friends and we talk about going to have lunch to the resort restaurant. It was settled. We decided that this time we were not going to talk to him because, again, he was on his holidays. And then, thank you brain for this idea, I said to my friend “Girl, tomorrow it’s St Jordi, let’s buy a book and a rose and leave them for him at the reception desk”.

(St Jordi’s day it’s book day in Spain and as a tradition, especially in Catalonia, people gift a book and/or a rose to their beloved ones. Also, Jordi = George, THE DUDE WHO KILLED A DRAGON.)

And then I added “And let’s do a mic drop to all this cosmic serendipity. We are buying him American Gods”.


Act Two

Saturday, April 23.

We bought the book (in English), the rose and we drove there with our friends. We sat and ordered lunch and we had a nice conversation. At some point he came with his friends and his wife (and wow, she is such a beautiful gorgeous lady). They were having lunch (Mads was eating spaguetti like a child. What a cutie) and we were having lunch and just happy of being there. And right after, the most amazing thing happened again. When he was leaving he passed near us and he look at us, RECONIZED US and waved at us. At that moment we could not help it and we stood up and said “hi again” and then gave him the book and the rose and explained briefly that it was a tradition and guys, he looked SINCERELLY TOUCHED and surprised. We said that St Jordi was the knight who killed the dragon and he laughed. And then, THEN, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS PART. I STILL DON’T BELIEVE IT. I imagine that some of you know that Spanish people greet each other by giving one kiss in each cheek. For us it’s daily bread but we all know that this is a pretty invasive thing for a foreigner. But he, Mads, IMPOSSIBLE MADS MIKKELSEN looked at us smiling, said “Muchas gracias” (Thank you very much) and bend over to kiss us in each cheek. And while I’m typing this I’m realizing that my cheekbones touched Mads cheekbones and this post could be titled “How I’m still breathing? I don’t have a clue”.

Afterwards we said our goodbyes and he left. We came back to our table, with a haunting gaze and his friends were looking at us and they were laughing (in a good way, like “Mads again, LOL”). When his wife was going to the pool, she passed near our table and smiled kindly to us like “I know what you did, girls”.

We drank a coffee and then we agreed that we were going to go home, feed our cat (Bedelia du Maurier), freak out properly, rest and going party the four of us. We came back at 5 AM. It was an amazing night.

So this is it guys. It is not a legend. Mads Mikkelsen is the kindest, nicest, most adorable person ever. And let’s be clear, he was not working. He was on holidays with his wife and friends and he had not reasons to actually take care of us. He could just have been average kind but he was fucking great. Put all together, the photo, all the smiling, the waving, the fucking kisses. We also were so polite and restrained but seriously, he could perfectly have done just ONE of those things and yet we would have said that he is a fantastic guy.

And, to put an ending to this incredible story, two pics of the copy of American Gods that we gave to him.

And now I think that I’m going to eat my fucking leg.


After a long 12 hour shift, I was more than eager to get home, have a glass of wine, a hot bath, and a long sleep beside Erik. Yawning, I locked my car and made my way into my apartment building. I checked the time on my watch: 7:30pm. I expected Erik to be home from training, having a beer and watching TV. However, when I opened the door, what I found was a complete shock.

A tuxedo clad Erik, with blonde hair combed neatly to the side and cheeks as pink as ever, was standing in the living room, or what used to be the living room. All the furniture had been removed apart from one small rectangular table adorned with a white table cloth, candles, and what looked like a 5 course meal. The rest of the room was decorated with roses occupying glass vases, tall white candles that gave the room a golden glow, red, white, and pink balloons were found floating above it all, and the hardwood floors could no longer be seen beneath a pool of red rose petals.

“Hi,” he whispered.

I gulped back tears. “Hi, baby,” I whispered back, bottom lip quivering. He slowly walked towards me; I watched his every step. Gently, he wrapped me up in his arms and kissed my forehead, then my lips.

“I made dinner,” he said laughing. I sighed and smiled, gradually regaining my ability to function. “Are you hungry?” I nodded my head and blinked away my watery eyes. “Starving,” I answered, “but may I go change first?”

“Why?” he asked genuinely, which made me giggle. “Uhm,” I began, eyeing his tuxedo and then looking down at my royal blue scrubs, “I think I may be a bit underdressed.” He rolled his eyes.

“I think you always look good, but if you really want to, please hurry,” he pleaded. I escaped his grasp and walked carefully to the bedroom, trying not to knock any of the delicate arrangements over. In a matter of seconds, I slipped into a fitted black dress, ran a brush through my hair, and applied a few coats of mascara. I re-emerged to find Erik pouring something bubbly and expensive looking into thin glasses.

He looked up at me. “I love that dress,” he complimented.

“Thank you,” I replied, walking over to the table. He pulled out my chair and then sat in his own, looking at me nervously from across the table.

“Hi,” he smiled.

“You already said that,” I teased.

“Right,” he sighed, “I did. Let’s just eat.” He removed the silver covers from the various entrees and served us both. The food was delicious, but neither of us were too interested in eating. It was like a first date, filled with awkward silences and nervous laughter, the two of us just kept sharing shy glances as I waited for him to explain what all was going on tonight. He finished off his champagne and cleared his throat.

“I love you, Y/N,” he blurted out and then laughed. I was touched by his nervousness and smiled at him. “I love you, too Erik, so much.” His cheeks burned brighter than usual and he reached underneath the table and pulled out a gift bag. “I got you something,” he said coyly, “or well, I made you something.”

I reached out for the bag and sat it on my lap, pulling out what appeared to be a scrapbook. “Ten Firsts,” I read aloud, looking up at him puzzled. “Open it,” he urged excitedly.

Page one: First Game. It was a picture of Erik and me at the first game I went to when we initially started dating. I was wearing his jersey, sitting in the crowd giving him a big smile as he walked over to me after the game ended. “We look so young,” I exclaimed. Erik’s face was much manlier now and my hair was cropped shorter, for a more mature look.

Page two: First Injury. I thought it odd to include the time Erik had fractured his ankle and looked up at him confused. He laughed. “You don’t remember? When I was in the hospital for a week and you came by every day? We hadn’t been dating for too long—“ I gasped in realization and then laughed hysterically. “I remember,” I proclaimed, “that night in the private hospital room was the first time we…” I trailed off, blushing.

Page three: First I Love You. His birthday, you were lying in bed and he blurted it out. Obviously, you said it back, but spent the rest of the night teasing him for being so nervous.

Page four: First Christmas. The picture was of the two of us wearing pajamas in his parent’s house on Christmas day. It was the first major holiday we ever spent together and this was the day he gave me the silver bracelet that to this day never leaves my wrist.

Page five: First Apartment. Two years ago, Erik and I decided to move in together, so we bought the apartment we were sitting in now. The picture was of the two of us sleeping on the floor because we didn’t have furniture yet.

Page six: First Vacation. Ibibza, Spain. The photo was taken as we jumped off a cliff, into the warm waters of Spain. Nostalgic tears were forming in my eyes. “Remember, I didn’t want to jump, but you promised you’d hold my hand?” I asked. He nodded and smiled, his own eyes slightly wet.

Page seven: First Pet. When we first got Milo, he was just a puppy and was a bigger responsibility than either of us had realized. But he was much tamer now and when Erik and I weren’t home, the neighboring kids loved to watch over him.

Page eight: First Job. I laughed at the zoomed in picture of me on my way to work right after I had graduated nursing school. Erik was so proud of me for finishing school, something he said he could never do.

Page nine: First World Cup. Tears were steadily flowing now. It was a picture of me being carried by Erik across the field in Brazil, both of us unable to stop grinning. I was so proud of him, so happy for him, so in love with him.

I flipped to the next page without realizing Erik has risen from his seat across the table.

Page ten: First Dance as Husband and Wife. I gasped and looked up. Erik was sitting in front of me bent on one knee.

“Y/N,” he started, “the years I have known you have been the best years of my life. I didn’t even realize what I was missing until I met you. I thought I was happy with, you know, my friends and family and football, but when you so fortunately walked into my life, I realized what real joy was. You are the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and the last thing before I fall asleep at night. When I come home before you, all I do is try to keep myself busy until you come home. When I’m gone, I imagine your laugh and your eyes and I miss the way you breathe next to me when you sleep. There is no one and nothing on the planet that I care about more than you. You are so smart and funny and compassionate and dedicated and beautiful and sometimes I can’t even believe you’re real. I want to have so many more firsts with you. Not just firsts, because with you I could do the same thing every day for 100 years and never get bored. I love you more than you will ever be able to understand. Will you please do me the greatest honor of being my wife?”

He pulled out a box from his pocket and opened it to reveal a stunning diamond ring.

I could do nothing but nod my head vigorously, sobbing at the beautiful man kneeling in front of me.

“Yes,” I gasped. “A million times, yes,” I sobbed before jumping into his arms, never wanting him to let me go.

The Zouis Saga - Part 1 “Before 1D“

This is a series of sorts, which will show Zouis in the beginning. Because I am so tired of seeing people claiming Zouis weren’t close until later on. Many L/arries and Z/iams claim that their ship is the realest because it was so from the start. I’m sorry but I don’t think they’ve noticed how Zouis got close since day one.

I wasn’t planning to post this yet, since the second part is barely started on yet. But I saw that @wong-direction is having a bad day, so I dedicate this to you Astrid! I hope it helps to distract at least a little bit love~ (She’s amazing, any Zouis lover should check her out!) <3

I’ll start it of with everything that happened up until they went to the judges house in Marbella, because believe it or not, plenty of Zouis happened.

I mean, the first time we see Louis (properly) is with Zayn so…

But I am actually going to start before the beginning. Because you wouldn’t believe how much of soulmates these two are. You want to talk about fate? This is is!

Keep reading



—Neymar Imagine: New Years in Rio (Happy Birthday) Pt. 17—

The next few months with Neymar were unbelievable. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. The mistake between Gabriel and I brought us closer together, surprisingly.

Work was fantastic, and Neymar was really making a name for himself in Barcelona. His relationships on and off of the pitch were developing him into a phenomenal player and person, and it was exciting watching him grow.

 “Did you tell Coach you weren’t going in today?” Neymar asked, grabbing his backpack.

“I did,” I answered.

He looked at me like I was broken. “Are you going to be okay here by yourself?”

I smiled. “I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself. Besides, Marcela is here. She’ll take care of me if not.”

I looked over in the direction of Marcela who was cooking soup on the stove. She smiled at us then I looked back over to Neymar.

“I hate leaving you when you’re sick. You should go see a doctor,” he worried.

“I’m fine,” I convinced him. “It’s just a little cold, and you’ll only be gone for a couple of hours.”

He leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. “I love you,” he said. “Call me if you need me.”

“I will,” I said. “I love you too.”

He brushed his hand across my cheek and left for the door.

“What are we going to do for two hours by ourselves?” I asked Marcela from across the room.

“I struggle with it everyday,” she teased.

I laughed. She always had a way of making me feel better.

“Are you hungry,” she asked, pulling something from the refrigerator.

“Not right now,” I said, getting up from the couch.

I loved Neymar, but for the few hours he was away at training, I was able to get a lot accomplished. About thirty minutes before he was supposed to be home, someone rang our front door bell. I looked over at Marcela.

“Expecting anyone?” I asked.

“Nope,” she said, looking as confused as I was.

I checked the cameras because it wasn’t uncommon to have fans showing up at the house at all hours of the day and night, but they usually never made it past the gate, so I assumed it was either someone we knew or something important.

It looked like some sort of deliveryman, so I walked to the front and opened the door. On the ground was a huge beautifully put together arrangement of different color roses.

I looked at him and he smiled. “Y/N?” he asked.

“That’s me,” I replied.

“If you can sign right here for me,” he asked, handing me a clipboard and a pen.

I signed on the dotted line and handed him the clipboard back. He shoved it in his satchel and picked up the arrangement, handing it to me.

“These are for you,” he smiled.

I grabbed them, thanked him, and walked back inside closing the door behind me.

“Oh, pretty,” Marcela admired from the kitchen. “Who are they from?”

“I have no idea,” I answered, my eyes big.

I set them down on the coffee table and grabbed the card from the arrangement.

“Read it out loud,” she said.

I opened the envelope and pulled out the card inside.

“Baby,” I started. “These roses are for you in hopes that they make you feel better, but there’s more behind them than what you see. See Marcela for the details. I love you- Ney.”

I looked over at Marcela who was grinning ear to ear. “So you knew who they were from. You sneaky little thing you.”

She laughed then walked over to me with another piece of paper. I opened it and read it.

“7 pink roses for the seven months we’ve been together. Pink roses represent appreciation, admiration, gentleness, and perfect happiness. All of these adjectives perfectly depict how I see you and feel about you. 23 red roses, which represent every year you’ve graced people with your presence. Red roses represent, love, beauty, courage and respect, all things that have built you into the woman you are today. 1 yellow rose, which represents my hope for you to feel better soon, and lastly, one orange rose. The orange rose represents desire, and you, my love, are the only one I desire.”

I had to take a moment to catch my breath. I could barely read past the tears that were forming in my eyes. What man puts so much thought and effort into an arrangement of flowers?

“There’s more,” Marcela said, encouraging me to read on.

I wiped the tears from my eyes, took a deep breath and continued to read. “Throughout the house you will find seven clues that represent either a peak or a pit throughout the last seven months of our relationship. Each clue will lead you to the next. The seventh clue is the last one. Good luck.”

I turned the sheet over, and on the back was a clue that read. “Clue #1- Peak: The first night that I met you was one I won’t forget, but the next day was even better when we flew to São Paulo by jet.”

I looked over at Marcela and she shrugged her shoulders. “Do you know where all the clues are?” I asked her.

“Maybe,” she smiled.

“So you’ll help me if I’m totally off right?”


I knew exactly where he was going with the first clue. I got up from the sofa and went to Davi’s room. There was a toy jet plane that mimicked, almost exactly, what Neymar’s private jet looked like. I picked it up, and the second clue was taped to the bottom.

“Clue #2- Peak: My time with you was limited, so I had to utilize my hours. I never felt so dirty while making love inside the shower.”

He never let me forget about our first time in the shower back in Brazil. It still made me smile every time I thought about it. I set Davi’s toy jet back down and went to our shower. I looked everywhere, but there was no clue. I even checked under the shampoo bottles.

I looked over at Marcela who was following me through the entire process. “There’s more than one shower in this house you know,” she laughed.

I ran to the shower that was connected to a guest bedroom, nothing. There was only one more shower. In there I found the third clue taped to the shower handle.

“Clue #3- Pit: You decided to stay in the states and post pictures on Instagram with some fellas, that was definitely my breaking point, you won, you made me jealous.”

I laughed at his cheesiness. It was obvious he didn’t have help writing these. I had to think about the third clue for a while. Was he referring to Instagram or a picture? I wasn’t sure, so I grabbed my phone and got on Instagram. I went to his page, and to my surprise, there was the fourth clue posted underneath the exact picture I posted of him at training. I don’t know how he did all of this without me knowing.

“Clue #4- Peak: You took this picture of me while I was at training, then I got you a job for this team, this needs no more explaining.”

‘Barcelona’, I thought to myself. I went to his room where he had a case for all his trophies, balls, and awards he’d won throughout his time in Spain. He had a Barcelona flag folded up in the case; so I pulled it out and out fell the fifth clue.

“Clue #5- Peak: You finally met my family and the support to all my fame; you can find us all together in this very special frame.”

I walked over to a picture frame that held a photo of Neymar’s family. The frame had been passed down for generations and was very special to him, so I knew exactly what he was talking about. I picked up the picture, and behind the frame was my sixth clue.

“Clue #6- Pit: We went back to Brazil, where things got pretty heated, I almost lost you that day, when I found out that you cheated.”

I didn’t like this clue. It brought back painful memories of a time I wish I could erase. The only thing I could associate with the clue was Gabriel, but there weren’t any pictures of him in the house.

“I have no idea,” I said, looking to Marcela for guidance.

“What does Gabriel do?” she asked.

“Surfs,” I answered quickly.

I thought about it, but it still didn’t click. She glared at me, trying to get me to think harder.

“Surfboard!” I shouted.

She laughed and I went into one of the rooms in the house that Neymar kept some of his most precious things. In there I saw a surfboard leaning against the wall. I grabbed it and taped to the back was the seventh and final clue.

“Clue #7- ??: We haven’t done this one yet, so I don’t know if it’s a peak or a pit, but you will soon find out in the room where you get fit.”

“The gym,” I said, looking at Marcela.

I walked out of the room and into the gym where Neymar was standing with a ton of balloons behind him and a long slender box that was in his hands. I ran up to him, jumping into his arms. He kissed me on the forehead then set me back on the ground.

“I see you found all the clues,” he said, laughing.

“Babe!” I shrieked. “How adorable are you? This was the cutest thing anyone has ever done for me!”

“Happy birthday!” he said, handing me the box.

I grabbed it from him, eyeing him suspiciously. “What’s this?” I asked.

“Open it,” he said.

“But it’s not my birthday yet,” I said, hesitantly unwrapping the box. Once I got to the beautiful Tiffany Blue colored box, I had an idea of what was inside. I opened it exposing a beautiful diamond bracelet. It was probably the most expensive gift I had ever received. Who am I kidding? It was probably the most expensive thing I ever owned, car and home not included.

“It’s beautiful!” I said, removing it from the box.

He grabbed it from me and helped to put it on my wrist. It fit perfectly.

“Thank you so much,” I said, tears developing in my eyes. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him repeatedly. “It’s perfect!”

I let him go, admiring my bracelet one last time before taking it off.

“One more thing,” he said.

I looked up at him and he was reaching behind his back. He pulled out two plane tickets.

“What’s this?” I said, grabbing them from his hand.

“We’re going home for your birthday,” he said.

I couldn’t even speak. I was in complete shock. “Are you serious right now?” I asked, my voice shaking with excitement.

He nodded and I started sobbing uncontrollably. He grabbed the tickets from me and I hid my face behind my hands. He wrapped his arms tightly around me and pulled me into him, kissing me on the head to comfort me.

I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t sad. It was pure joy that I was feeling and the emotions overwhelmed me. I missed my family so much. I hadn’t seen them in seven months, so this was, without a doubt, the best gift he could have ever given me.

“Seriously?” I asked again, still trying to process it all.

“Seriously,” he answered, hugging me tightly.

I wiped the tears from my face with my hands then stepped out of his embrace. “Is this a set up? Do you secretly want something?” I asked, picking on him.

“I just want you happy and I know how happy your family makes you,” he replied.

“You don’t think I’m happy here?” I asked, grabbing the tickets from him to make sure they were real.

“I don’t think that at all. But your relationship with your family reminds me a lot of my relationship with mine, and I think you need to see them. So why not for your birthday?” he explained.

“You want to get laid don’t you?” I joked.

He threw his head back laughing. “I don’t think I need to buy you a plane ticket for that,” he said.

“Oh yeah?” I asked playfully.

“You’re a pretty giving person,” he said, pulling me back into him. “I certainly don’t have to beg.”

He spun me around and slammed me up against the wall. “But if I just scored points, I’ll take what I can get.”

His thoughtfulness definitely blew me away. I couldn’t find the words to thank him, so instead I pulled his mouth to mine and thanked him the best way I knew how.


Do you love it? Because I do! Whoop!

anonymous asked:

whats ur fav phan pic?

I think this one has to be my favorite:


Well, aren’t you in for a story, huh? (;

To me, this whole picture basically describes their relationship (platonic or not). You could just tell that they have such a strong emotional and physical bond. If you already saw the whole set of pictures, then you would know that Dan and Cat were in the first two. Dan’s smile could be seen as his own original smile; the one where we always see in most of his own selfies. He’s posing with Cat, a good friend of Dan and Phil, and he’s plastering almost like a mask for the camera. It’s a short, sweet, and simple smile. Lovely, in fact.

But then, BAM!

Phil jumps in and Dan’s world just lights up. His smile is so big he has to close his eyes. His cheeks has a light crimson red tone; either because of the heat of the party or because of Phil, but we can all dream. And even though were not physically in the picture, we could just hear his hyena laughter from across the world. It’s beautiful.

And guess who was the cause of all this?



Phil fucking Lester.

Yet, that’s the most beautiful thing. Phil is the cause of Dan’s humongous smile and loud laughter. He is the reason why everybody knows Dan Howell. And even though Dan could’ve made it on his own, he wouldn’t have the love and support Phil gave him. Phil is Dan’s sunshine, and he knows it. But let’s talk about Phil for a second;

Phil is the whole package: He’s nice, generous, smart (really smart), creative, talented, adorable, original, and may I add, he’s a fucking hottie. He’s attractive in the outside, and the inside. Now, we all have our fantasies (just admit it, m8) of either us getting married to Phil Lester or about “other stuff” (you dirty kinky fuckers). And I’m not going to judge, I mean, even I keep daydreaming about how it’s like to be Mr. Phil Lester’s girlfriend and technically, don’t we all want to know? But besides that, we also know that he’s off limits. As a lonely fanboy with a brown fringe, Dan has claim Phil as his own ever since he was 18 and ever since 2009. Even though there were some complications around late 2012 and early 2013, Dan and Phil are still setting unrealistic friendship goals for all of us through out almost 7 years. Goals that I will never get to experience. No, but seriously, where is my Phil Lester?

Anyways, I’m in love with this picture. It’s so amazing how Dan’s life turned into something unexpected and great! He admitted that he was sad and alone before, but now his smile has strengthen and his laughter is like heaven. Dan expected to be some sad Lawyer who will be miserable his entire life, but now he’s a DJ at BBC Radio 1, a successful YouTuber, doing a documentary, presented the Brit Awards, traveled to different countries (Japan, Germany, Spain, Sweden etc.) and has millions of fans all because of a guy who was bored and decided to do his first video vlog with a camera he won in a cereal box. What a story, huh?

I just love the fact that Phil can make Dan’s world light up in a flash. Phil is a literal sunshine. He brightens up our days and also Dan’s. This picture is pure gold; I know it, Cat probably knows it, the phandom knows it, and basically the entire world knows it too.

Sorry this was a long post and my ranting got a bit off topic in the middle somewhere.

Hello Darkness, my old Friend.
I've come to hop with you again.
Because I'm a bunny who has leegs.
Left my friends because they look like eggs.
And the vision that was planted by my Spain.
Still remains.
Within the sound of Sobbing.
attention madridistas, spain nt fans, or fans of iker in general

what has been going on with iker, the amount of hate he is getting has gone out of control, and we know that because he is finally responding to it.

we need to show iker that fans at the bernabeu are not only fans here. we are here, and we support him no matter what and we need to show him that.

if you care about iker at all and you want him to know he is loved and supported, please consider participating in this project I thought of.

I have created an Instagram account “estamosconiker” which translates to we are with iker. to show you are please follow that account, and when enough people follow I will post a pictures in which we can all comment and tag iker in to show how much we love, appreciate and support him.

obviously this project won’t work and he won’t notice us without the help of all of you, so please reblog this everywhere you can so we can show iker we care


Dear taylorswift,

I wrote you a very long thing a long time ago, but recently I’ve been thinking about adding some pictures to that very boring text, and here they are. So now I’m just going to put everything together and explain myself.

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I have this aunt who’s a total badass. As soon as it started getting cold up here in the north she said “fuck this” and temporarily moved to freaking Spain, renting an apartment on this coast in the picture above till March.

She came home to be with us for Christmas, but she’s going back in a couple days. Thing is: last night she told me she’ll go back home and work in February, so her apartment in Malaga will be standing empty for a whole month, so if I wanted to go stay there for a week or two, I could.

Which means I'm totally going to stay in Spain for a whole week in cold February and I’m so excited I can’t even. I’m gonna get a lot of writing done because nothing inspires me more than traveling. HHHHhhhhh!

anonymous asked:

I love your positive spirit and how you stand firm in your always bring a good pick up my spirits when the shenanigans are bringing me down. THANK YOU for your posts and support of those two adorable souls we call Joshifer!!!!

Thanks so much anon!  It’s not easy to stay positive especially when you’re dealing with master manipulators.  And that is what they are - having people post pictures months after they’re taken, random tweets appearing like clock work to let us know when Josh is in Spain - usually a day before we get actual pictures and always leading up to the weekend of a show. 

I know it sucks. I know people are angry. But the bottom line is not to give in to the noise. If mama can get us to stop believing, to turn against our OTP, they win. They get the attention they crave and break up our fandom. 

Don’t be distracted and forget what we know. Jen and Josh are real. There’s no comparison.

My name is Daniel and I am twenty-four years old. I am currently living in Germany, but I grew up in Seville (Spain). My dad brought me into photography with a Canon T70 when I was fifteen. At this time we used to take pictures of Seville´s harbour. He likes empty places and I too, but I like more the way he did it, so I started to take pictures of the very few people who were around us. I sometimes go back to abandoned or deserted places. It relaxes me.

However, photography is not about words. Any critique is very welcome.