and so i tried to an pick a crush

a lil’ something for Adrienette month/Valentine’s Day \(o7 o)\ 

I re-imagined the Dark Cupid episode in the reverse-crush au, so basically: 

  • Marinette tries to write a love poem to chat noir and throws it away in the class wastebasket
  • Adrien picks it up and thinks it’s for him
  • he writes a response love poem to Marinette (on green paper) 
  • Plagg snatches it up to tease him and he forgets to sign it after he gets it back
  • too shy to give it to her in person, he slips it into the Dupain-Cheng’s mailbox
  • Marinette assumes from the green paper that Chat, mysteriously, got her letter and this is his response 
Dating Lance Would Include..


PROMPT?:  Could you please do a dating Lance (Voltron) would include please?

A/N: gahhh I feel like I haven’t posted in forever. Anyways, I’m getting a personal chromebook soon so writing should hopefully be more constant.

  • Honestly kinda hating Lance when you first meet him.
  • Arrogant.
  • Cheesy.
  • Stubborn.
  • Stupidly atttractive?
  • Must you go on?
  • Then, he kinda started to grow on you.
  • It’s gross at first and you tried your hardest to keep hating him.
  • But it’s inevitable.
  • You had a crush on Lance McClain.
  • Every time Lance called you a cheesy pet name, you regretted letting that mutual crush turn in dating.
  • Honey bun.
  • Kitten.
  • Sweet cheeks.
  • Hot piece of ass. (rightfully reserved for special times)
  • Regretting even further the bad pick up lines.
  • Or pick up “limes” (let it die lance)
  • Realizing how clingy he is.
  • Seeing a dark side of Lance sometimes and understanding why he’s clingy.
  • Stopping him from getting in a lot of trouble or doing stupid things.
  • Being like, 85% of him impulse control.
  • Loving your stupid idiot regardless of how much you believe he loves that lion more than you.
Being Clumsy Is Okay || Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Hey!! :))) Can I request one where the reader has a big crush on newt, but thinks that he doesn’t like her because their very clumsy, so one day she gets hurt pretty badly (like nothing too serious but it still needs medical attention- like a broken arm) and she tries to hide it from him and ends up having to sit through an awkward dinner with him and the squad before being able to ask Tina for help, and Newt gets worried because he sees how she tears up while picking up a bowl? Thanks


You were walking through the house, making your way to dinner when you tripped.. again.. however this time you landed hard on your arm, and you felt an intense pain. However you didn’t wanna call attention to yourself. After all you were always falling or dropping things or numbing into doors and tables.. those were probably all traits that Newt wouldn’t like, you got quite embarrassed when tripping in front of him, trying not to be a total klutz. This time, even though your arm hurt very badly, you’d have to make it through a dinner with him and the group before you could go find Tina for help. So you slowly made your way to the table, forcing a soft smile on your face when you saw Newt.
“Good e-evening Y/N, how are y-you?” He questioned, starting to put food on his plate. As the others greeted you as well.
“I’m doing alright, how are you Newt?” You sat down carefully, making sure not to touch your arm too much.
“I’m doing q-quite fine, thank you.” He gave you a smile before going back to eating. You reached to pick up the bowl of food wincing in pain, but still continuing so Newt or anyone else wouldn’t suspect anything. Your eyes held tears in them before you finally let go of the bowl, wondering why you even did that. The dinner was over rather quickly, the main speaking going on between Queenie and Jacob, and you finally excused yourself, hurrying off to find Tina who had left a bit earlier.
“Tina…” you spoke walking into her room.
“Hold on real quick Y/N, just let me finish showering.” She called from the bathroom in her room, so you sat down on the floor, cradling your arm.
“Y/N?” A voice above you spoke and you looked up in surprise to see Newt, hitting your head in the process.
“Oh gosh, are y-you ok?” Newt leaned down and looked over your head. However he touched your arm in the process, making you let out a loud hiss.
“W-what? Why d-didn’t you tell me your arm hurt?” He asked worriedly, taking you and setting you on Tina’s bed.
“Y-you’re lucky it’s n-not worse.. but w-why didn’t you want t-to tell me?” Newt was now pulling out his wand to begin healing your arm.
“I was scared.. that you wouldn’t like me.. because I’m so clumsy and just fall and trip all the time.” You looked away embarrassed before yelling in pain when he prodded your arm to see how badly it was broken.
“Oh love, I wouldn’t stop liking you, in fact I f-find it rather c-cute… well except when y-you get hurt.” Newt explained, smiling slightly at you with a blush before starting to heal your arm.
“R-really?” Your own face flushed, and you couldn’t help but smile through the pain.
“Yes really Y-Y/N, I really l-like you.. like a-a lot..” he spoke, looking at you before glancing away.
“Oh Newt I like you a lot as well.” You leaned over to kiss his cheek before letting him finish the spell.
“Ah this is much better than having it broken.” You sighed in relief, smiling at Newt. That was when you heard the door open.
“Your arm was broken through dinner and you didn’t say anything?!” Tina’s voice carried loudly, causing you to awkwardly laugh.

They had been dating only recently. He thought she had loved him.
He was wrong.
She was so preoccupied in her teenage rebellion that she didn’t barely even think of what she was crushing underneath her combat boots. She tried so hard to be different. To fill her need to be special that she would pick up and drop whoever whenever.
She wasn’t a goth because she liked it. She wasn’t an ultra-recyclo vegetarian because she wanted to. She didn’t push him to become and stay (you can do better Danny, you’re better Danny) a halfa (a hero, Danny. Don’t you want to be a hero?) because she cared.
She didn’t like it. Didn’t want it. Won’t care. Just needed to be special and force people to do what she wants.
Jazz wondered if maybe Sam had projected onto Paulina. Maybe she knew what she was doing was wrong. Danny disagreed. She didn’t regret anything.
Sam Manson was just a shallow witch.

I am pansexual

Growing up, I was one of the schools darkest and overweight kids. Every time I’d try and talk to someone they would bring up my dark skin, or they would blatantly ask why was I so fat. Yes, I had some friends that wouldn’t mention my skin color, or my weight, and they still don’t till this day! But there were downsides still. There were people who’d pick on me, and call me names, they’d even make fun of my family. Hippo, Charcoal, Blackie, Ugly, Fatty, Fat-ass. Those were only a few of my “nicknames.” Then I later on met this girl who picked on me, she was light skinned, had beautiful long brown hair that fell to her feet, and green eyes that would make you stare at them in awe. I tried to befriend her, but it’d only make matters worse.
So one day, I was at home just thinking about her. Did I have a crush on her? I have a crush on a girl?? And me being christian growing up made me even more shocked. My heart raced around her, when no one was looking at me I’d try to snatch a peek at her and I’d.. smile? So I finally came to the conclusion that i had a crush on one of my bullies, and that the bully was a <i> girl. </i> But I also found myself attracted to this one boy. He had pale skin with reddish brown hair, he even had cute little freckles around his nose and under his eyes. They were both so beautiful, and it’s not like i could be with either of them. Can you imagine how my bully would react if she found out that me, of all people was crushing on her? Rumors would have spread in a blink of an eye, more and more people would probably judge me and make fun of me.
About 2 years later I decided to start going to the basement everyday and working out for 30 minutes to an hour. I did this for about 1 month, then I stopped. School was getting super hard for me, the math was killing me, I got easily distracted, and to top it all off my teacher wouldn’t even try to help us if we were confused. So I found myself giving up. Instead of my grades increasing, my missing work did, and the opposite happened to my grades. D’s, F’s, C’s, my mom even threatened to take me to a new school. But no matter who or what my surroundings are, i’ll be an absolute failure.
After a few years I developed depression, anxiety,.. excessive weight gain. I was an absolute mess. Every christmas i’d get an art set, but they were the cheap ones from walmart, so I honestly never used them. But later that day i picked one up and drew everything inside, how i felt, how i saw the world, it was how <i> I </i> , functioned, how <i> I </i> wanted things to be. The older I got the more comfortable I got with who I am.
One day, I made a tumblr, (not this account) I met a bunch of new people who were so nice and sweet. I mets trans people, non binarys, asexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals! Everything you name i’ve met! Tumblr was my way with communicating with people, finally being able to share how I felt! I talked to a lot of people, but it started to seem like I felt attracted to some people.. I was attracted to a non binary, a lesbian, an asexual. I thought I liked only girls and boys.. but i ended up liking more than that.
I ended up researching what this could mean, I read articles, stories, books. I wanted to learn about my sexuality and what I really was! I then found out I was pansexual. The thought took a minute to sit in my head. “Pansexual,” I thought. “I’m pansexual.” I got so happy that i finally found out who and what I was.
But there were cons of being pansexual. Some people didnt treat you with respect, some didn’t even like the fact that they were in the same universe as you. That made me literally so sick, I cursed out everyone that said something about the lgbt+ community. It probably wasn’t the right way to handle the situation but damn it felt good.
My mom and my grandma don’t like the idea of a woman with a woman or a man with a man. They were strict christians when I was being raised. I was forced to sit through church, I was forced to pray. But i didn’t want to, I didn’t want to be a christian, i didn’t want to be anything. They forced me into everything i didn’t want to do. So i drew, and my photos were starting to get a bit lewd? I didn’t think much of it but my mother sure did when she took my sketch book and snooped through it. Each photo i drew, I had to explain why I drew it and why would i think of something so disgusting. She would say, “why would you draw these two women together? Is there something you’ve been wanting to tell me? Do you like girls?” At that moment, my heart fucking dropped out of my body and rolled down the steps. I knew I had to tell her someday, but.. not like this. I at least wanted to tell my family along with her instead of her finding out alone.
So I said yes, I am pansexual. She had a devilish look in her eyes and she ran down the steps to my grandmother. About 10 minutes later I got called downstairs, so of course i went. They tried to talk to me but it ended up getting pretty violent, my grandmother threw a fucking bible at me and told me to lock myself in the basement and read that bible until I understand what it means to be straight/heterosexual. I sat there and cried all night.
Confessing, it doesn’t always work well. It does for some but not the rest. If you feel you have to confess, go on ahead! It might go horrible, it might even be the best day of your life! But no matter what your loved ones do or say, you are being yourself and you are loving yourself for who you truly are. I don’t care if you’re bisexual, lesbian, gay, pansexual, asexual, trans, non binary, anyone apart of the lgbt+ community, you are fucking amazing and I don’t care who it is trying to bring you down, but you can’t let them. You are you, and that’s all someone who truly loves you should care about.

BTS Reaction #40

BTS’ reaction when you (an idol) go on a variety show with them and confess that you have a crush on them.


“Ah, is that so? Oppa will consider it, along with the other ten girls that is!” *half joikingly*

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“Yah… why are you doing this on live broadcast?!” *tries to laugh it off and pretends like it never happened*

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“REALLY? YOU LIKE ME MORE THAN THE OTHER MEMBERS? REALLY?!” *starts screaming louder than anyone else on the show*

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“Oh, really? Thank you so much, I’m really honored.” *tries to act really calm but in reality is screaming on the inside*

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“Oh really? You seem to have good taste, you picked well!” *smug af, will probably brag about it to his members*

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“Aww thank you, I really appreciate it! I also really like you too!” *doesn’t realize that you were actually being serious*

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*freezes up and stares at you wide eyed*

MC: “Yah, Jungkook you have to do something after such a beautiful girl just confessed to you!”

“Oh um uh” *robotically gives you a heart sign* “thank you..”

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Road Trip

Request: Hey may I request Bucky x reader oneshot. Where Sam, Steve and Bucky take reader to a roadtrip. Steve and Sam know reader and Bucky have crushes on eachother. Both Steve and Sam try really hard to get Bucky confessing his love for the reader

Blog Tag: @highchu

A/N: It took a while to get out, but then it kind of got away from me. I made this fluffy and cheesy AF and tried to make the reader figure gender neutral, so…. Enjoy!

Warnings: None.

Word Count Total: 1842

Title: Road Trip

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He hurt me again.

Okay, so this is another request and there´s a lot of angst in it, even though it is so short.
I think the topic that is addressed in here is a really serious one and that it needs to be treated carefully and I tried to do so and I didn´t mean to hurt or offend anyone with the content.

Request:  Can I request a Sam x reader where he has a crush but the reader is dating someone but he abuses her and he calls Sam after one night?

by anon

Warnings: domestic abuse mentioned, angst

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When you picked up your phone from the floor beneath you, your hands were shaking and tears were running down your face.
It had happened again this night and you simply couldn´t take it anymore.
You needed help. Now.

You pressed the number one speed dial and after only two seconds, Sam picked up the phone:
“(Y/N)? What´s wrong?”
You could hear the panic and the worry in his voice and it made your heart ache even more:
“He hurt me again Sammy”, you whispered and your gaze fell on your bruised wrists.
You knew Sam was going to freak out and usually you would have never told him, but you were scared for your life at this point.
When he spoke next, he sounded ready to kill: “Where are you now?”
You closed your eyes: “I locked myself in his bathroom and he was screaming and shouting and banging at the door, but I think he left now or is in another room, I don´t know.”
The next thing you knew was Sam shouting: “Dean, let´s got, (Y/N) needs your help.”
He then started talking to you again: “Okay sweetie, stay where you are and we will come get you. We will be there in twenty minutes. Hang in there.”
You nodded even though he couldn´t see it: “Okay, please hurry.”
Then you hang up.

You pushed yourself up from the bathroom floor and walked over to the sink, almost not daring to look into the mirror because you knew only to well what you would find:
Your lip was bleeding and you could definitely see the spot on your neck where his hand had been shortly before you had kicked him in the balls and run for the bathroom.
The door was barricaded with the little table.
You picked up a wash cloth and poured some water on it, in attempt to get off the blood, but it hurt to much so you just stopped and just stood there, grabbing your phone tight, asking yourself why you always forgave him, always believed him when he said he would change for you.
He never did.
He made you leave Sam and Dean and come live with him only because now he could hurt you in places that were visible.
You never had the strength to get out, never brought up the courage to call Sam and tell him what was really going on, because you were scared, but tonight it was over.
Once and for all.

After what felt like ages, you suddenly heard a lot of shouting, which meant Dean and Sam had arrived.
You still did not dare to come out though so you just listened.
“Give me one good reason why I shouldn´t kill you right now”, you heard
Sam´s angry voice and then Dean: “Go get (Y/N), Sammy, I deal with the scumbag.”
A few seconds later Sam banged on the door: “(Y/N)? It´s me, open up.”
You pushed aside the table and opened up the door, only to get in his arms and cry.
You didn´t want to see the shock on his face when he saw yours, you just wanted to be held, to be taken care of.
“Shhh”, he made, “I´ll get you out of here now.”
He carried you out of the apartment, down the stairs, and placed you in the backseat of the Impala before climbing in beside you.

You stayed in his arms, still crying and your eyes closed.
A minute later, Dean opened the drivers door and got in the car: “Look at me”, he said firm but full of worry and you finally obliged and looked up.
You could see Dean´s jaw clench and Sam tense beside you.

“What…What happened to him?”, you asked weakly.
Dean started the car: “I took care of him. He won´t be hurting you ever again.”
You weren´t quite sure what Dean did to him exactly, but you didn´t want to know either so you just closed your eyes and drifted into a dreamless sleep.

When you woke up, you were lying in your old bed in your old room in the bunker.
Your head still hurt a little, but there was no dry blood on your face anymore and you were feeling rather okay.
“Hey”, you suddenly heard a low voice from the door and you looked up to see Sam, leaning in the door frame: “I´m glad you´re up.”
You tried to sit up, but failed and Sam rushed over to you, sitting down beside you and holding you back: “Hey, Hey, Hey, easy there. Just lay down. You´ve got absolutely nowhere to be right now but here.”
You smiled: “Thank you Sammy. For everything. For rescuing me and all.”
He took your hands: “Hey, you know you can always count on me. Always. You just have to promise me one thing.”
You knew what he was about to say and you nodded: “Believe me, I learned my lesson. I will never go back to him and I will never ever let a guy treat me like this again.”
He nodded and you looked in each others eyes for quite sometime until he looked down at your tangled fingers: “You know, it was killing me that you were getting hurt all the time and that there was nothing I could do about it.
I always wanted to take care of you, to protect you.”
You put one finger under his chin and made him look up to you: “You always did. You´re my hero Sam Winchester.”
And then you kissed him and this was the first thing in ages that felt right.
“I love you (Y/N)”, he said and you could see that he meant it.”
You put your forehead on his: “I love you too Sammy.”

anonymous asked:

"Wednesday" again! So update on the lil situation, the kid apparently had a crush on a fluent speaker and she cursed him out very publicly cause puta is not a nice word. He tried yelling at me and I stated that I would have helped him if ever bothered to be nice to me. Besides that I got a job on campus at the radio station!((as a joke I dedicated 'Come On Eileen' to the teachers first time I got to pick the songs)) Y'all be hearing a lot more classic rock when I get the chance

IT IS WEDNESDAY! Oh snap! I’m ready to listen to Gibraltar University Radio station! Is there a tracklist of what’s going to be played? Excitement~

BTS Reaction : Jealousy

BTS reaction to you fangirling/  You being friends with BTS member and said BTS member having a secret crush on you. //I tried to make it so that you can pick and insert the other group/bias that your fangirling over in this.//

I intended this to be like a one sentence plus gif thing - something when wrong along the way. There might be a part 2 : The Confession Let me know if you guys would want one though!

Seokjin: Seokjin would just be fuming with jealously on the inside - wondering what it is about this idol you find so handsome that you need to comment on his “delicious body” all the time! Not that Jin has any insecurities in terms of appearance compared to this other man.  “Aish! Seriously Y/N do you know how much makeup the coordi noonas put on us he’s probably not even close to being as handsome as I am bare face! I mean don’t you ever even see me!”  Jin would just freeze after his little jealously fueled temper tantrum - realizing that he might have finaly let his feelings for you show.

Yoongi: Yoongi realized that he had slipped into the friend zone with you a couple of weeks back when you started to openly gush to him about your idol crush - and the friend zone was definitely somewhere Yoongi did not want to be with you.  You had just showed him your idol crushes newest cute concept mv - asking him “isn’t he(your bias) adorable?huh?huh? wasn’t he?isn’t he just the cutest cinnamon roll you’ve ever seen Yoongi?!?” and Yoongi tried to be a caring friend- key word being tried - he gave you a pathetic excuse for a smile in response to your enthusiastic fangirling. You having caught onto his true what the actual fuck emotion, looked to him innocently and asked “what you don’t approve of my taste oppa?” 

Yoongi trying and failing to keep his jealousy in control decided to just get up and storm out, but not without muttering “Your taste is…a-fucking-adorable y/n.”

Hoseok: You guys were hanging out - a night out walking around the streets of Seoul after having a nice dinner and enjoying some public entertainment(a real date worthy itinerary as masterfully planed by Hoseok), when you suddenly came across a life size cut out advertisement of your beloved idol group. You decided to stop and take a couple of selfies with it, but when you suddenly mentioned how nice it would be to have said idol as a boyfriend and be able to take real couple selfies, and Hoseok just might have not so accidentally punched the cardboard idol cut-out in the face causing it to break in half. You looked at him in shock and disbelief - did your hobi just lose his shits?why did he just lose his shits being the more important question on your mind. Hoseok just looked at your shocked expression then back at the crippled cardboard cut-out before turning on his heels to walk away - however a few steps ahead he turned around right before he was about to drown out his jealous misery with some music and said to you  “He wouldn’t even look good taking a couple selfies with you.” 

Namjoon: Bangtan was performing at the kpop music festival, so Namjoon invited you to come with backstage access this time.  You showed up to the the waiting room section that held all the idols performing at the festival tonight - and was instantly star-stuck, you ended up just frozen in place for a good six minutes just staring at all your favorite singers in one place. Namjoon had been the one that noticed you first and also brought you out of your slight idol induced hypnotism - he eyed you up and down and commented on how beautiful you looked.  You smiled brightly at him began to blush a little which made Namjoons heart start to give out a little (thinking that you enjoyed him complementing you) - but your next statement just completely crushed and flat lined him. You had said in a rush of words “did you know(idol group) is going to perform today?-well yeah they are~and well I was just thinking if its not to difficult-I mean if you know them-and there here wait OMG THERE HERE THERE-RIGHT THERE! Namjoon-oppa please like pretty please can you introdu-oh wait shit no they’re walking this way! Please Namjoon please~~”  But Namjoon just continued to stand their completely numbed by you once again sidelining him in favor of your ‘favorite oppa’.  Said idol group was getting closer - you simi-harsly nudged Namjoon but he barely even noticed the small attack on his body so in a spark of bravery and determination to meet one of your favorite idol groups you took it upon yourself to initiate contact - that being how you referred to this moment in you head.  “Excuse me?- Hi! um..Im a big fan and I just wanted to say your music really inspires me and your stage presence is just-and like that one dane you did with the flip and wow your(bias name)!–your beaut-uh-amazing!and I'm rambling and probably annoying you..oh my god I’m so sorry it just so nic-” and then some miracle must’ve fallen upon you cause your bias from that group stopped you mid verbal diarrhea “nah, its okay. You’re cute whats your name?” Your cute - of couse she’s cut-wait YOU”RE CUTE??!!nono!hell no dude! she’s my cute!! These two small words is what it took to jolted Namjoon out of his stoic state. “ names is-“ “TAKEN!” Namjoon suddenly burst out. “yeah I’m taken…huh?no! my name is y/n not taken I’m y/n, hi!” you supplied to your bias who returned your smile and introduced himself with his birth name instead of his stage name - and not being delusional but you were able to tell when someone was checking you out and is this real or was your bias from one of your favorite groups openly checking you out! You were low key screeching on the inside which turn into full blown internal screaming when your bias stepped closer to you and suggested you guys take a selfie together - but when he put his arm around your shoulders and pulled you into him to take a picture together - Namjoon’s lost full control of his carefully chained up jealousy monster. “ I said taken T.A.K.E.N.  like shoulder hugging taken! - selife together taken! - MY cute not your cute complements TAKEN!”  And well shit yep by the looks of everyones faces that was out loud - well shit Namjoon thought.  Namjoon wasn’t a mean guy- especially to any of his sunbaes or hoobaes so he quickly apologized to the other group and pulled you away and into the bangtan waiting room where he said you needed to keep Taehyung company or else he’d convince Jungkook to go play a prank on their new favorite rookie group again. “But Namjoon what was that-“ “uh…I uh…y/n…im needed in the bathrooms for a mic test,uh-yeah.bye!” then he quickly left you to question-well everything “Namjoon! that doesn’t even make any sense!’

Jimin: You were both idols. Your company had been in the process of putting together a sub-unit for yourself and another male idol. Currently you were over at Big Hit Ent. Because Jimin had invited you over for some practice.  So you arrived at Big Hit looking for Jimin in the few dance practice rooms they had -but all of them were empty - weird because usually when Jimin asked you to come practice with him he was already dripping in sweat and on the dance floor.  So, you continued to look around going to different recording booths and vocal rooms till you found Jimin in their studio room instead - lying on the floor balancing a soju bottle on his forehead. “Um..what the hell are you doing?” Jimin side eyed you, tounge instantly sticking out trying to concentrate and not letting the bottle fall off him. “what does it look like I’m doing - Im practicing” “..thats practicing?” “yes.” Jimin said as he removed the bottle from his forehead to sit up “well, we’re practicing” “okay, and what exactly are we practicing?” you asked as you moved to sit next to him on the floor - jimin contemplated this for a second before replying “were practicing um…stress relief!” he finished cheerfully.  “..okay, yeah I could use some practice in that too” you laughed cheefully as jimin handed you the firstshot of the night “CHEERS” you sang in unison and down the bitter liquid.  About three and a half bottles already consumed you guys moved to the desk to give your bums a break against the abuse of the hardwood floors and proceeded to drunk search the web, which lead to you guys searching up epic-fail videos on youtube which in turned made you guys laugh way harder then necessary - what could you say you both had the happy drunks personality. One video lead to the next till you were almost done with bottle number five and were now searching up various male idols MVs “oooh lets flay BANGtans” jimin paused to hiccup “newwist music bideo, the fans all say I’m the handsomest-ested in it” he finished with a grin. “no” “pfft why not” “cause I’m on the prowl!” now you were more of the i say weird ass shit drunk compared to jimins i say whatever the hell i want and i’ll slur every last word of it type of drunk.   “what the puck you bowling that you can’t brawl in my sONG!” you side eye him with a smirk “I’m on the prowl for a sex god partner - I need to find the dick and mouth watering chocolate ab portion for my new sub-unit” Jimin just smirked at you as he wheeled his chair right against yours “you have a dirty month y/n-ah” you playfully licked your lips and winked at him “wouldn’t you like to know jimjams” you just laughed and his frozen expression and turned back to the computer monitor playing one of your favorite male groups “dear god, if my company can recruit (bias name) to be my partner I’d be okay with having to do a sexy concept, like seriously Jimin this man makes me thirst I NEED MORE SOJU TO QUNCH MY THIRST!” you were being simi serious but more so you were trying to be funny except Jimin was obviously not amused by your statement. “No” “huh-no what jimin?” “no to that” he motioned to the idol dancing around the computer screen “thafts a no- he’s notf even tphat” then he motioned to his abdomen “whats-” now you motioned to your abdomen “suppose to mean” “SEXAAY!” you gave him your best are you fucking with me face “..and you are?” you challenged -and challenge fucking accepted cause Jimin looked at you and threw his hands up into peace signs as he sent a air smooch your way and said “wouldn’t you like to know y/n” and just pointed down - and yeah you might have followed he’s  downward motion eyes ranking over your best friends body to end up openly staring at your best friends crotch - but you were drunk so–fuck.

Taehyung: You and Taehyung were sitting on the couch watching the Avengers cause even though you two have already seen it multiple times together - it was on - so Taehyung insisted on watching it and you caved as you always did when he pouted and clung onto you.  Currently cuddling - but like platonic friendly cuddling, that didn’t seem one bit platonic by the way Taehyung had his arm wrapped around you and rubbing his thumb lazily dancing on the skin of your right shoulder and you having your head snuggled into the right side of his neck. You guys were enjoying playfully mimicking the actors voices and making comments to the movie then it turned to commercials then a certain commercial came on that featured (idols name) and you wiggled around in Taehyungs grip giggling happily “he’s so adorable tae - like I can’t anymore with this boy” you felt Taehyung withdrawal his touch and overall presence to your body “the don’t” he grumbled - you ignored his rude comment against your idol, you already being use to his growing annoyance to you fangirling over idols - well annoyance over any fangirling that was directed to a idol that wasn’t him. “just wake me up when this turd is off the screen and the cool guys come back on the screen” both of Taehyungs eyes closed before he could see the amused smile grow on your face. “sure thing taetae”

Jungkook: Now everyone knew about Jungkooks HUGE crush on you, except for you.  Now this was a problem - for Jungkook - cause he was your best friend so you told him everything like how you thought that his hyungs were hot af during this performance or damn Yoongis voice is so deep, i’d let him take me or like ‘seriously you don’t get it their like greek gods Jungkook! Jimin must’ve been sculpted from the heavens!’ yeah you especially like jimin you mentioned his abs and ass particularly a lot - and his voice too! - but of douse Jungkook hated the fact concerning your physical attraction to his hung the most.You guys were all in the studio just fooling around taking videos and pictures.  Now, Jungkook was particually annoyed today cause you were being -in his opinion a little too friendly with Jimin and did you real need to take a selfie with Jimin with your cheeks pressed together! Jimin on the other hand was not attempting to piss off Jungkook - the kid had gotten a hell of a lot taller and stronger the past years - and he also wasn’t trying to steal his kookies girl - bro code.  So yeah Jimin new when to back off, like now for instance when you were taking a picture Jimin and Jungkook tried to stepped into the picture as well and for some reason you felt the need to say “ahhh kookie get out~ I wanted a picture of Jimin to make as my screensaver!” Jungkook quirked his eyebrow in a challenge to you “what?” his voice was steady but strong - causing Jimin to retreat - the tension seeming like it would break the second you opened your mouth 

- which it did “i said i wanted a picture of Jimin-oppa fo-” that was it the tension snapped Jungkook rushed forwarded grabbing your arm -leaving you speechless mid sentence - and pulled you out of the room and into the hallway.

//not my gifs//

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Day Four

I’m just post this. PJO/real world clash. 

Nico slugged through the busy sidewalk of New York. He was trying to look relaxed, at the same time looking for any signs of monsters wanting to kill him. He was in Manhatten to get away from camp for a while. His father was driving him nuts so he didn’t want to go to the underworld.

A bus stopped ahead of him and a crowd of people got out. Nico sighed and tried to get around the group, but someone bumped into him and dropped a load of textbooks and paper at Nico’s feet.

“Dammit, I’m so sorry,” the guy said and picked up his history textbook. He didn’t look that much older from Nico, maybe a senior in high school. His black hair was wild like he had a hard day, and his green eyes portrayed embarrassment. Nico instantly had a crush on him.

“It’s okay, I was probably my fault anyway.” Nico knelt to help the guy pick up his books. “Thanks,” the guy said, “my backpack broke and I haven’t gotten a new one yet.”

“Where do you go to school?” Nico asked, wanting to talk to the guy longer. “Goode High. You?”

Nico’s mind raced for a school, but he didn’t know the area. “I’m homeschooled. Online, you know… the computer thing.”

The guy gave him a weird look, but he was smiling. “I’m Percy.”

“Nico,” Nico said and shook Percy’s hand. They stood, looking at each other for an awkward moment, neither one of them wanted to leave.

“Um, hey, can I get your number? Maybe we can talk again.” Percy asked with another smile.

Nico took a second to realize what Percy was talking about. He was born in the 1920’s, and they didn’t have phones at camp. “Uh, I forgot it. We just got a new phone number and I haven’t memorized it yet.”

Percy’s smile faded, “oh, okay. That’s fine. I should go anyways.”

Nico’s heart fell, he screwed it up and didn’t know what to do. “Wait, do you really have to go? We can go do something. I’ll pay.”

Percy looked at Nico up and down, seemingly trying to understand him better. “Um, sure. But I would like to get this stuff home first.” He gestured to the textbooks with his arm.

“Would you like to meet later? We can get hamburgers.” Nico’s been eating junk food since he left camp, he just couldn’t take the fruit anymore.

Percy made a small smile, which helped Nico breath a little easier. “Sure. Is 7:00 okay?”

Nico nodded and smiled back, “See you then.”

So, I’m a bigger girl. I’m 5"2 and 180lbs. And my boyfriend always says I’m beautiful, that he loves my curves that I’m cute and all and that he doesn’t care about my weight. But I feel like such an outsider because all the time when we are hanging out with other couples the guy picks up his girlfriend or she sits on his lap or she’s laying on top of him. And my boyfriend always tries to pick me up and twirl me around and I feel bad and embarrassed when he can’t. And I’m always afraid of putting my weight on him because I fear I might crush him. Because he’s tall (like 6"0) and thin (140 at most) and I just still feel so bad about myself especially when people just assume we are just friends and thinner girls will hit on him in public, like In front of me.

Exo Reactions To Them Having A Crush On You While You’re Teaching Them English

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Baekhyun: *gets shy but makes dorky jokes to hide his shyness, smiling constantly & trying hard to not be obvious, even though he’s painfully obvious*

Chanyeol: *tries to be smooth & confident, saying pick up lines in English but then ends up saying something inappropriate & gets embarrassed when you laugh*

Chen: *makes jokes about his bad English & tries to be charming to woo you without you knowing that he likes you, slowly building up his nerves so he can ask you out*

D.O.: *doesn’t hide his feelings well but respectfully tries not to let them get in the way of learning, wanting you to feel comfortable about teaching him*

Kai: *gets super shy & more quiet than usual, only talking when you have him repeat things that you’ve said & blushing when you smile or praise him for doing well*

Kris: *gets cocky & tries to flirt out-rightly but then falls out of his chair & loses part of his confidence, getting a little grumpy afterwards but still trying to flirt occasionally*

Lay: *gets all giggly & cute, unable to control his little fits of laughter whenever you smile & ask him why he’s staring at you, pretending that there’s nothing going on*

Luhan: *blatantly flirts with you, but then immediately feels embarrassed & shy because of it, controlling himself so that he doesn’t make an idiot of himself in front of you*

Sehun: *tries to be so disinterested on purpose that you end up thinking that he hates you, but he surprises you by bringing you simple little gifts each time you meet up*

Suho: *can’t stop staring & smiling at you, but looks away whenever you look back, then denies staring whenever you catch him, but gives a horribly guilty smile*

Tao: *doesn’t pursue you that much, waiting to see if you’ll come after him first, but he drops tiny hints all the time to see if you’ll pick up on them*

Xiumin: *makes his feelings known but never gives you the impression that he’s pressuring you to return them, not pushing the situation further if you don’t feel the same*

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Lady and the Tramp (Disney AU)

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This is for A Month Of Fairy Tales by  @sincerelysaraahh

Title: Bei mir bist du shein (Lady and the Tramp Disney AU)
Pairing: Pre - Serum 1940! Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: You and your friend decided that you’re tired of the Upper East Side parties and try something different.
Word Count: 1.625
A/N: So guys, this is the first thing I’m publishing and I also haven’t written anything for two years and never before in english. Just FYI. The title is from a song by The Andrew Sisters which means something like: you are beautiful to me. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Translation of the 1940′s Slang: 
cheesy - cheap
chicken - coward
fat - head - stupid person
drugstore cowboy - a man who waits around the corner to pick up girls
knocking it out - dance amazingly
clobbered - crushing on someone

“Come on, Steve. It’s goin’ to be fun. Promise! ” Bucky tried to persuade him with a grin.

Steve grumbled something to himself, while standing in front of the mirror. Buck always said that it’s going to be “fun”.

He let out a snort, shaking his head. Steve couldn’t understand why Bucky kept on setting him up with girls.

He had lost hope long ago. With his scrawny and small body he just looked pathetic next to his best friend.

“Come on, let’s not keep the ladies waitin’.” Bucky said while walking to the front door.

Steve took another deep breath, adjusted his tie one last time and went out of his apartment.

“Why can’t you just stop trying Buck?” he sighed as he followed Bucky down a staircase.


You were trying not to look too nervous, although you probably failed miserably at it. Smoothing out the skirt of your dress and shifting your weight from foot to foot.

That’s exactly how confident people looked like.

It was all your friends’ fault, if she wouldn’t have suggested trying something more “exciting”, as she put it.

Yes, you were tired of those Upper East Side parties where people dress up just to show off.

It’s more about who is seen with whom. It’s about showing how perfectly rich your family was.

So here you were: in front of a cheesy swing bar in Brooklyn with you friend. She said she knew some guys who would show you around.

If your parents or - God forbid - your brothers Jock and Trusty knew where you were…

Being grounded wouldn’t be the worst thing you would experience.

“Stop fidgeting, girl! No one is going to find out, ok?” scolded your friend, rolling her eyes.

You stopped playing with the hem of your skirt. How could she be so relaxed? And since when have you become such a chicken?

You wanted this, so why look nervous?

You would never have to see those men again, if they were total fat – heads.

“So, how do you even know those men?” you ask now, trying to take your mind off the intoxicating smell of alcohol and cigarettes. There was no champagne in Brooklyn and no cigars. It was more like cheap beer and liquor, more like cigarettes and the smell of sweat from dancing too much.

A crowd of people entered the bar and for a split second you could hear the loud music and the chatter of the people inside before it all became just a dull sound again.

You friend opened her mouth to answer, when you heard it.

“Good evening, ladies!”

You both turned to voice which was apparently coming from a handsome, young men dressed in his uniform. He looked like the drugstore cowboys your mother warned you about.

“I’m Bucky, and this here”, he grabbed his blonde, skinny friend by the shoulder, „is my good friend Steve.”

The grin on his face grew even wider.

Of course Bucky was handsome and you could already tell from the smile your friend was giving him, that he was definitely her type.

Your gaze wandered off to his friend Steve. He was smaller, skinnier, his shirt and jacket didn’t quite fit him. They looked at least two sizes too big for him.

His smile was crooked and he seemed as uncomfortable as you were.


When Steve saw you turning around he might, or might not, have let out an audible gasp.

You looked stunning, although you were obviously nervous.

Probably, because you were staring at Bucky, who was giving both you and your friend a kiss on the hand.

Here we go again; he thought when Bucky introduced him.

Steve knew how this would end: him sitting alone in a booth, while Bucky went off dancing with the two dames.

Who could blame him? He looked handsome and Steve would never get his chance to talk to a lady as fine as you seemed to be.

You and your friend didn’t come from Brooklyn, so much he could tell by looking at you.

The way you held yourselves told everyone from what a fine house you must be.

Way out of his league. Basically every woman was way out of his league.

Steve forced himself to smile, which looked more like a grimace he figured by your reaction.


His smile might have been crooked but you couldn’t help but smiling back.

He had those impossible blue eyes, a really boyish smile which seemed cute but also mischievous, and his hair looked incredibly soft.

Yes, he was not the typical man you would expect, but that didn’t mean that you wouldn’t give him a chance.

After you got a booth and Bucky went off dancing with your friend, you started talking to Steve.

At first there was a lot of silence between the both of you which was only filled by music, laughter and other conversations.

You were playing with your glass of water, not sure what you could ask him.

He seemed to be very unhappy to be at the bar. Maybe he didn’t like the smell, maybe he didn’t like loud music or maybe it was because of you.

Yeah, maybe he didn’t want to spend his precious free time with a snob like you.

You shook your head, trying to calm that mean voice in your head.

“So Steve, tell me what you do day in, day out?” you half yelled in his ear.

That’s was good. That sounded confident and it would get a conversation going.

“Well, I draw a lot.” He answered obviously hesitating.


Steve was watching Bucky dancing. He was just waiting for the end of this: him alone. You were probably still here because you didn’t want to be rude.

He didn’t need your pity; he was so done with everyone pitying him.

Then suddenly your warm breath hit his skin. You were talking to him.

Could it be that you were really interested in him rather than Buck?

Steve found that hard to believe.

When he turned his head he saw some kind of sparkle in your eyes, the smile of your lipstick red lips and your rosy cheeks.

“Well, I draw a lot” he answered.

He didn’t want to mention his failed attempts at enrolling. No, that wasn’t first date material, was it?

“You’re an artist? That is so nice. I can only…” you stopped babbling mid-sentence and looked back at the dancefloor where your friend motioned you to join them.

“I think they want us to join them!”

With that you stood up held your hand out for Steve, beaming.

What had he gotten himself into? Dancing. No way he was going to survive that without an asthma attack.

But you looked so happy, so eager. Should he just tell you no?

“Come on, Stevie! I love dancing.” You encouraged him.

Reluctantly he stood up, took your hand and walked you over to the dancefloor.

“I should warn you though, I can’t dance and I am likely to get an asthma attack.”


His smile was just adorable, you thought.

Somehow you both managed a half decent swing. You couldn’t help but the smile the whole time.

Steve was such a sweet guy, always asking if he should get you more water or trying to make you laugh in his awkward way.

Never have you thought to find a guy like him. A guy that wouldn’t care about your wealth, your pearls but more about your mind and your character.

“I think we’ve really been knockin’ it out, Steve.” You panted heavily after the last song.

It was far behind your curfew and you giggled at the thought of your furious parents.

Steve just laughed, leaning forward and propping his hands on his knees.

“How’s your asthma?”

“It’s fine.” For a lady like you I would ways take the risk of an asthma attack, he wanted to add but he just wasn’t that smooth.

All in all you had a blast. Who would’ve thought that a cheesy bar in Brooklyn, maybe a little bit too much of giggle water would get you all clobbered?

While you were talking with Steve outside your friends most likely started something frisky with Bucky. Who could blame her?

The air was still humid, warm and you felt kind of gross. Your lipstick was probably all over your face and you were sweating, yet Steve looked at you like you were some kind of gift.

“Thanks for, you know, not dumping me for him.” He motioned to Bucky who was making your friend giggle constantly.

At first you felt that tingling heat in your cheeks, then it was more of a confusion: “Why would anyone dump you?” you hiccupped.

Yes, definitely too much giggle water…

“Most of the gals are more…into Buck” he confessed, looking at his shoes.

“Well, I’m not most of the girls.”

“I know, you’re too nice of a girl to be in this place.”

“Am I now? Where do I belong then? You joked, raising your eyebrows.


This was his chance.

The taxi you and your friend ordered was arriving; she had already gotten into the car.

“Come on! We are already late!”

Now or never, Steve. Your Ma would be proud of you!

“There’s this breakfast place called Tony’s…” he was scratching his neck, looking up at you and waiting for an answer.

“Sunday, around ten then? Don’t keep me waitin’.” And with that you got into the car.

Steve didn’t want to turn around and face Bucky he would never hear the end of his teasing and how he finally succeeded and maybe he would have sore cheeks tomorrow from smiling too much.

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i have the biggest​ crush on this girl but like,,,

ive already established myself as mostly and very rarely not straight (but ive tried to make it obvious there are exceptions) so i feel like if i asked her on a date i don’t think she’d pick up that it’s in a totally straight way


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How well do you and Spain get along

“The only thing I’ll admit to is having a huge crush on him. Our relations are just as friends. We tried to make it work but we just keep fighting. We’ve had so many wars and I was not happy under the Spanish protectorate. That and his brother Portugal and I used to pick on each other all the time as well. Our relationship has too many problems to physically work, but I still carry the thought in my mind. Spain is so handsome and really knows how to charm a woman. It just wasn’t meant to be for us but hey, I snagged a kiss from him under the mistletoe at the last Christmas party!”

((Art Portrays my Morocco Oc and Himaruya’s Spain. But I am not the Artist for this piece. Please go follow SaMelodii on deviantart, as she is always doing commissions to help her pay for college. Also don’t go hating on my ship. I know it can’t work, but in my mind it’s otp. Don’t care if you love it, don’t care if you hate it))

Socially Awkward, Awkwardly Strange

Steve Rogers x reader
Imagine: You are Pepper Potts super shy and awkward niece. You have to stay at the Avengers tower with her for a few days and you have a huge crush on Steve. Later, you find out that Steve is head over heels for you.

Re: omg I’m so awkward that I literally tried my hardest not to make this the most awkward fic ever xD

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagine

Genre: Romance, Humour, Fluff
Rated: Everyone
Warnings: IT’S SO FLUFFEH! awkward reader…lol

You were really nervous when your Aunt Pepper, or Pepperoni as you called her, had came to pick you up. She had been called by your parents to babysit you since your parents decided to go on a cruise and not bring you. You had greeted her with a smile, saying your usual ‘Hey Aunt Pepperoni!’ And a hug. Pepper had chuckled and replied with 'hey, Cheese!’. When you had started calling Pepper 'Pepperoni. ’ she had decided to humour the name by calling you 'Cheese.’ So together, you were 'Pepperoni and Cheese.’ When you had arrived at the tower, you had bit off your nails and Pepper patted your back.
“It’ll be ok, Cheese.”
“What if they don’t like me?”
“They won’t like you, they’ll love you.”
With that, she got out of the car and grabbed your two duffel bags. You grabbed your backpack filled with art things and walked in with her. You gulped inaudibly and fidgeted your feet as the elevator rose. Pepper had walked out, stood by the doorway and whispered to you.
“Let me get everyone’s attention and I’ll let you introduce yourself while I go put your stuff in your room.”
I nodded and gave her my backpack. Tony smiled at me and waved quickly, making sure to catch no attention to me or himself and I smiled back, waving shyly. Pepper cleared her throat and declared.
“Everyone, I want you to meet someone. Come on, (y/n).”
The Avengers had looked your way as you stepped out. You ran to your aunt and hid behind her, peeking out at everyone.
“She’s really shy so forgive her.”
Natasha smiled and replied.
“It’s ok, Pepps. It’s nice to meet you, (y/n).”
You glanced at Natasha and stated, smiling a bit.
“Cheese. Call me Cheese.”
Tony smiled again and Steve asked.
Tony piped up.
“Pepper and her niece have this weird nickname thing. Pepper is Pepperoni to (y/n) and (y/n) is Cheess so pepper.”
Clint asked, grinning.
“So you two are Pepperoni and Cheese?”
You nodded and Bruce said.
“That’s adorable.”
You blushed and looked down, saying.
You looked at Natasha and observed how close Clint was to her and asked him.
“So you…and Natasha? Do you two….uh…fondue?”
You blushed hard and Clint laughed and shook his head.
“Oh god no. We’re just best friends, sweetie.”
Pepper complained.
“Cheese, nobody uses that word for that anymore.”
You glared at pepper.
“Well I do. You should know I’m a fourties person. I love the fourties so i dont care if something is outdated. I’ll use old fourties slang all I want .”
Pepper rolled her eyes and you turned. You found Steve staring at you and you immediately blushed, looking down. Tony said, clapping.
“Ok, people. Let Cheese sit down.”
Steve made a spot for you and you replied quietly, sitting beside him.
“Thanks, Steve.”
He smiled at you.

-timeskip to week later-
You had developed the biggest crush on Steve since you met him. He was handsome, no doubt, and was the biggest gentleman ever. You loved his personality and he was an easy person to talk to. You had decided to work up the courage to confess your crush on him and currently, you were standing at his bedroom door on his personal floor. You knocked and waited. You heard footsteps and Steve opened the door. He smiled when he saw you and you blushed immediately.
“Hey, Cheese. Do you need anything? How are you? ”
“I uh…came to tell you something.”
Steve frowned a bit but encouraged.
You gulped and took a deep breath.
“Steve…I uh….ihaveareallyreallyhugecrushonyou!!”
You said in one breath. Steve looked shaken at the speed of your words and asked.
“Can you repeat that a little slower?”
“I have a really really huge crush on you. I understand if you don’t return the feelings. I am a really awkward person but i think-”
Steve cut off your rambling by kissing you softly. He pulled back and stated.
“I like you too Cheese.”
You blushed then smiled like an idiot and Steve chuckled. You skipped off as Steve called.
“Dinner at 6, I’ll pick you up!”
“Aye aye, Captain!”
You saluted from the elevator and Steve smiled, biting his lip. Maybe you should ramble like that more often.

Possible plots for Tails' Crush Ep.
I have a feeling that this will be a really really good episode and I feel like it could go in so many directions so here’s some ideas I have that may or may not be dumb:

-Tails is picked on by Sonic (whole gang) and when hes upset his crush comes over to comfort him.

-All of the boys in the show also fall for the girl and it takes something (like the girl having weird flaws or Eggmans attack) to snap them out of it.

-Eggman kidnaps her and Tails is the only one who knows how to rescue her.

-Sonic’s ego takes over and he tries to teach Tails how its done by flirting with Amy (coughsonamycough).

-Amy tries to help him woo her by telling him that girls like a guy who is sensitive and buys flowers and chocolate. Tails takes it a bit far and turns into some kind of Romeo (bonus if he has a mustache and french barrette).

-Tails comes up with all of these wacky inventions to try and get her to notice/like him, but they all fail, leaving Tails to give up at the end where his crush approaches and asks what’s wrong and she admits she thought he was cute all along.

-Tails’ crush’s type of guy is someone who’s brave, big, and strong and everything Tails thinks he isn’t. So he tries to act more like Knuckles and Sonic, and when that fails he gives up and decides it’s always important to be yourself

This is all I can think of at the moment ^^. With my luck, the episode will be completely different but hey! I’m sure it will still be awesome~
Falling Asleep In Class - BTS

Requested: Can you do bts or seventeen reacting to seeing you(theyre crush) fall asleep during class?

A/N: As you can see this is a BTS one~ I tried to pick gifs where they look studious


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*watches silently from his desk, memorizing your sleeping face*

“Now I’m tired…”


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*glances to see if anyone is looking before training his eyes on you*

“This is a good opportunity to let her ‘borrow’ my notes, I’ll talk to her after class.”


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*blatantly watches you without regard to the strange stares he gets* creepy?

“She’s so cute”


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*can’t help but giggle, but tries to quietly so he doesn’t wake you*

“Her face-”


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*smiles to himself at first, but quickly grows impatient with the noisy atmosphere, for fear it will wake you*



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*kindly wakes you without causing commotion since he wants you to study well*

I wanna be in Paris so bad rn

pairing: oikawa/iwaizumi
note: post ch 147; for the anon who wanted to crush my heart T.T


Amidst the cheers of his over-elated team, while Tanaka picks up Nishinoya and Sugawara ruffles Hinata’s hair and Daichi slaps Asahi on the back, Kageyama’s eyes flicker across the court and meet Oikawa’s.

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