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Mieczysław is not the the Polish equivalent for Michael. That would be Michał.

Yup :) But it seems that there is no direct equivalent of Mieczysław, so Miguel might be the most used (more used, in any case) Westernization (discussed here).

It would make sense for Stiles – who couldn’t pronounce his own name when he was little, and who was embarrassed by it as he got older – to have looked into Western equivalents at some point (and, I’m sure, been frustrated to find none). And you can bet he came up with those same examples we did of people with his name who went by Miguel instead.

In my mind, the Miguel comment was absolutely Stiles playing a private little joke for his own amusement and subconsciously laying claim on Derek *cough* nothing. It’s too much of a coincidence.

Der 18.1.**** 

Once again, I coolly celebrate another great Birthday! 

Some people get so worked up over getting older. Everyone should spend more time enjoying the excuse to eat sweets and do something they like. It’s not like denying yourself a simple pleasure is going to turn back the clock, so we might as well have a drink and maybe try to drag a few fun people into a round while we have the chance, right? If you’re lucky enough to have family or friends, use the excuse to spend time with them! And if you don’t, then maybe I’ll adopt you for the day! How about an awesome surprise for a birthday present, Vögel?

Of course, every year does make me just a bit more nervous. How long has it been now? Has anyone noticed anything? Who knows how it’s going to turn out from here?

But of course, the future isn’t for the weak of heart! I’ve survived enough worrying things at this point that such trivial fears shouldn’t even phase my awesomeness. Why should I bog myself down when I could be eating the cake West made? 

Truly amazing! Of course my little brother’s cakes are the best! 

Deserving of the Awesome Me Honor Award as usual, West! 

One more year of being the greatest! I’ll make it happen! 

Watch over me again, Old Man! 

dear lord u guys

calm down i have?? over 160 followers now???? and im thinking of changing the blog to be an occasionally blog instead of a daily blog because i (obviously) cant really keep up with it anymore, ive been feeling exhausted for about 4 days straight from the meds im on for anxiety and im not sure when my body will adjust to them so it might be a little while until im up and running again. I’ll still try to make posts for you guys, but I might be (even more??) inactive for a little bit. thanks again so so much for following, being patient with my constant bs and sticking around here though ;v; it means the world to me that so many of you enjoy this blog, and i hope i can get back to putting out daily content for you guys soon


snk stickers! you can buy them on my redbubble here (x) in these groups or just one character by themself, and I’m gonna add more combinations than just these ones (like levi & eren together, mikasa & annie, etc)

I might make some more of side characters like petra, marlo, zeke, and whoever else, if anyone wants!

(3/3) “I miss that we can’t go out and dance. Or visit other people. We used to volunteer at the senior center every Wednesday. She’d play the piano, and I’d turn the pages for her. The hymns were some of the last things she remembered. Music was her life. But one day she wouldn’t play anymore. And I told the staff that they’d need to find someone else. So we stay here now. But I don’t see this as a curse. It’s an honor. This is what the Lord has given me to do. She has served this family her entire life. And now it’s my turn to serve her. I might not have her mentally. But I have her. I can still make her smile. I can make bubbly noises, and blow on her, and she’ll smile. Every morning we’ll sit in this chair and we’ll cuddle until noon. I rock this lady more than I rock my grandchildren. She likes to slip her hand under my shirt to feel my skin. And she still likes to kiss. Every once in awhile she’ll reach up and give me a kiss. Sometimes she starts ‘yakking.’ She doesn’t say actual words. And it doesn’t make any sense. But I never tell her to be quiet, because it’s better than nothing at all.”

Phew, finally got this to a point I’m happy with.  I said earlier that what initially got me to watch Voltron was Space!Zelda, so here she is.  It was actually kind of hilarious how similar their designs are, I barely had to make anything up.

Also, I love pink/blue color themes.  This might be the heart of why I like Princess Zelda… and why I like space.


listen, i’m just a smol yoonjin babie, drawing my headcanons. 

(headcanon when seokjin tried 2 call yoongi in his v-live)

Fic Recs Masterlist

*Updated 12/16/2016*

This is for all those who are a thirsty hoe for Bucky Barnes and/or Sebastian Stan like myself. I’ve tried to compile my favorite authors into one place. Please let me know if you think I’m missing someone cause I honestly can always use more to read.

Thank you so very much to all of you who write and choose to share your amazing talents with us! 

Happy Reading!

Note: Tumblr decided that if there were too many links in your post, it would just make all of them not work. In order to fix that problem, I’ve broken this out into three separate posts with this being the overall masterlist.

Smut Free Fic Recs

Some Smut Fic Recs

Smutty Smut Fic Recs


I’m tired of the bullshit, so here’s a rant:

If someone interprets a character as X but you interpret them as Y, it doesn’t make them a closed minded bigot. If you think it does, then you might just be projecting.

There’s nothing wrong with having a headcanon that makes the character more relatable to you; there is however something wrong with trying to pass it off as canon and harassing anyone who disagrees with you.

If a headcanon makes you uncomfortable, then blacklist it. Don’t go and actively look for it so you can bully whoever has it as their headcanon and fill the tag with hate.

someone’s headcanon doesn’t change the canon

Stop using bullshit excuses to harass and bully people over cartoons, videogames, and just media in general.

Hey guys so basically I’m no longer using this blog.

It’s been a fun ride, but I’m moving onto a new one.

The main reason being is that I want to stop using Tumblr so much. I’ve been on here since I was 16 years old and my ass turns 24 in June. Y I K E S.

Also over the years I just know there’s a lot of inactive accounts and bots that follow me now, so it might say 47k but I know that’s not real.

I just want to try and have a space of the internet again where I’m surrounded by friends and people I know more than anything.

But I do know a lot of people really enjoy my presence and content so I’m not gonna make it a secret (although I’ve been posting this a lot this past week but y’know not everyone sees it)

Feel free to give me a follow at @baristaboy if you like, it’d be glad to have ya.

Gonna put this post in my queue and have it post like. 5 times a day or so for like a week just in case, then delete them all. 

Thanks for everything and here’s to a “new beginning” 

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Can you bless us again with your sasunaru art ❤️ pretty please (of course please don't force yourself if you don't want to!) Have a nice daaay ❤️

HI THERE ANON im sorry i’ve been putting off this ask bcs i thought i could add more drawings to make up for my inactivity buT UrHgh im just a weak potato so might as well throw this one out here OTL 

but i promise i shall add more drawings as i (very) slowly work my way out of my slump!!! (ง •̀_•́)ง Have a nice day/night to you too!!!

thought on this?

i think i’d like to start tracking my food on here. you know, making a daily post of what i eat every day. yes, i’ve lost 60 pounds in the past year and a half but it hasn’t always necessarily been the healthy way. sometimes i eat really shitty, sometimes i eat nothing. my weight loss journey certainly hasn’t been perfect but i’m trying, and that’s what counts.

SO i think it might help me be more conscious of what i’m putting in my body and be accountable for my health more if i start to write down (type) what i’m eating every day. your thoughts on this?

inktober 24: i have this whole concept for a short comic where little Uhura meets Hoshi Sato that i will have to work up to because: 1. no experience drawing elderly ppl 2. v. little experience drawing kids and 3. uuuggghhhhh sequential art. So here’s a beginning concept of what might, someday, turn into something.

Thoughts about being an animation major

Don’t try to be like others. It won’t make you happy, I promise you.

Don’t be upset if you’re not at the ‘advanced’ level everyone else is at. They were you at one point. You’ll get there. It’s no rush.

Don’t beat yourself up if the things you like and produce don’t fit the norm of other students. Art is different for everyone and you’re no excuse.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. You might like it more than you realize. Collaborate whenever possible.

Make friends to make friends, not to network. Be you. Don’t be something you’re not to have a better network. It may be good at first but those relationships will never last.

Most importantly, focus on you. Have fun. Live and learn. Take time to love yourself. Remember what inspired you. Remember what makes you happy.

Draw everyday if you can.

You can do it. I believe in you.

i'm back

I’ve been locked out of my tumblr for a minute, nobody understands how much i’ve missed it. it’s not the same.. tweets are too short, instagram is an occupation now, snapchat.. is another dimension and i hate my talking voice.. (i think it’s so strange just talking to a phone anyway.. it makes me uncomfortable and i feel lame af) and writing your feelings down in your notes just isn’t enough.. i feel like i’m talking to no one.

tumblr was like a diary for me, super therapeutic.. much deeper than any other social platform.

anyway.. i say this all to say i’ll be getting my thoughts out a lot more now that i’m back on here. i have so much shit to say and i might as well just let it out where it all started for me. i feel like no one checks my tumblr anymore anyway, lol.

whatever, it’s more so me just talking to myself and who ever wants to have a listen, can.


in honour of reaching 1.1k followers (which how?), i present — part two of this au & a fic from this verse, below the cut. thank you all so much for following me, i truly love every single one of you and it means so much that you like what i do here enough to follow me. enjoy <3 (there might be more coming as thanks too so keep your eyes open for that)

au: mama i’m in love with a criminal & this type of love isn’t rational  / part one.

she disappears from his life like smoke — pulls a job and disappears into the night. all he can do is add it to the list of times she’s chosen this life over him; the amount of times he’s come second, despite promising her everything he could possibly give her.

but mike knows without a doubt, it’s never the last time ginny will be in his life. she always comes back… unable to stay away from him; like magnets pulled together. this time; she brings her ex-boyfriend along for the ride, claiming he’s out to kill her for a job gone wrong six months ago… and mike? mike’s left with the question — help the love of his life or arrest her like he’s been ordered to do?

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