and so i ended up here

“It’s time to go.”

((So yesterday me and @lookingmarvellous were chatting, and I think I might’ve come up with how exactly Warfstache and Darkiplier ended up in this universe at all, if they didn’t start here. And this post from @apocalyptotyler gave me another idea I could work into it! Therefore, instead of making a basic theory post, I figured I’d make it a headcanon, because why not? Enjoy!))

“… Celine?” Dark heard the Colonel call one more time from around the corner of the hallway. At the sound of her name, Celine’s arcane power began to stir in his fingertips. He opened and closed his free hand, the other still occupied by Damien’s cane. With both halves of himself fully present, he knew what it was he must do.

“Colonel,” he said, softly, still learning how to use his voice again. “Colonel.”

The hysterical man stumbled back his way, giggling and wiping his eyes beneat his eccentric glasses.

“Th-this… it has to be!” he stammered once more, through deep belly laughs that were almost more like sobs. “Damien! Celine! Where the hell are you hiding, Damien and Celine! It’s not funny anymore!”

Blinking, Dark spoke once more.

“Here, Colonel.”

William trembled, mortified, as he looked on Dark again.

“Wh-who are you?” he asked him quietly, then ramping up his volume in violent fear. “Who are you!? What have you done to them– where are they!?”

Dark cracked his neck again, still getting used to the body that was not his own.

“They're…” he began, pausing to rub his neck as he cleared his throat. “Here.”

“Here? Where the hell is here– who even are you!?” the Colonel continued to panic.

He then noticed Dark was holding a very familiar cane…

“Let go of that! That doesn’t belong to you!” he shouted, louder than anything, and he lunged to take it from Dark when–


A blast of radiant color came from Damien’s token, fizzling hues of scarlet red and cerulean blue that followed the outlines of everything near the two of them.

The Colonel stopped, mortified, even after the effects of Celine’s power faded away.

He began to stammer.

“D-D-Damien… C-Celine…? N-n-no, no, I… I- I didn't…”

“Yes, Colonel,” Dark cut him off, the words breaking whatever heart he had left. “You… did.”

“I… I did?”

The sound of grainy coughing sputtering from the radio interrupted the conversation and got both men’s attention.

“Colonel… if you can hear this, you better run.”

The Colonel, frightened, looked back at Dark for one more second, and then took off doing just that, running right out the door.

“You stay away from me!” he shouted as he made good distance.

Dark gave chase, finding that he was caught up to the Colonel within mere seconds.

“Colonel, stop!”

William turned furiously on him.

“Only my friends get to call me by that name!” he yelled to Dark’s face, his fingers fumbling for his holster to pull out his gun again, but finding it wasn’t there.

Dark had it and was holding it just out of his reach.

“William…” the shadowy, shattered man said, the use of his voice still returning to him. “We are your friends.”

“We? We? What in the blazes do you mean by we? You’re just one…”

“Yes, Colonel.”

There was a pause as William came to realize who exactly this figure following him was.


“Yes, Colonel.”

“… C-Celine…?”

“Yes, Colonel.”


“Yes, Colonel.”

William’s hysteria melted into horror, and he fell backward onto the grass as his legs went weak once more.

His words came through the shallow breaths catching in his lungs.

“Y-you’re dead! I– I thought it was just a j-joke! H-how…”


The Colonel turned over onto his front side, his fingers pressing his temples as his body began to curl up in fear.

“You're– you’re dead! B-but–”

“William, stop.”

The Colonel looked up to see the dark man standing before him, looking at him with a knowing, pained expression in his gaze.

Dark fell onto one knee before him, holding out Damien’s cane toward William in one hand.

“It doesn’t have to be this way.”

The Colonel crawled backward slightly on all fours.

“Wha… what do you mean?”

“You don’t have to run, Colonel. I can take us both to a new place, somewhere far, far away from here.”

Dark nodded a little towards William, assuring him it was all right to come close.

The Colonel slowly reached a tentative hand for the cane as Dark continued.

“It’ll be somewhere so far that no one from here will ever find us, and no one there will ever have to know about this.”

“B-but… but how?”

“Celine can take us, William.”

“And– and Damien?”

“He’ll be with you, too, because I won’t leave your side.”

The Colonel still hesitated to hold the cane Dark was offering to him. Without anything being said, Dark knew exactly why.

“And I can change this awful memory, Colonel. I’ll make it so you won’t have to live in fear anymore. And once we get there, this awful nightmare will only seem like exactly that; just a fading nightmare.”

“I… I won’t remember Damien and Celine anymore?”

“No, but… they’ll remember you, Colonel. And all of us will make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.”

Shakily, William’s fearful fingers finally grasped around Damien’s cold cane, and he could feel Celine’s power stirring inside of it.

Dark nodded again.

“Close your eyes, Colonel,” he finished calmly, and William’s eyelids were already feeling heavy as Celine’s power came into him. “When you wake up, everything will be just fine.”

Just before the sleep took hold of William and the mirage of cyan and crimson began to dance, he murmured one more thing.

“Damien? Celine?”

“Shh,” the two of them whispered to him as the colors whisked them away. “It’s time to go.”

outline for “a playground proposal” … doubt I’ll write it but here’s what I was thinking 

  • the engagement happened in april, and craig doesn’t want tweek to panic about their marriage, and knows it needs to be soon
  • so he comes up with the perfect plan, it’ll be set us as a “end of school” picnic in may, “hosted” by token, but it’ll actually be their wedding- craig doesn’t want tweek knowing about it at all…
  • he buys them mood ring wedding bands and tricia hides them so there’s a 0% chance of tweek finding them beforehand
  • only token and jimmy know all of the details about craig’s plan (clyde can’t keep secrets)… wendy knows about it, but she’s sworn to secrecy
  • tweek was extremely excited for picnic when he heard about it (he loves late spring) and wanted to bake a cake for it… which craig thought was funny given the context 
  • it was held on a beautiful sunny saturday at stark’s pond, everyone was playing around… the gals were making daisy and dandelion flower crowns (wendy had offered to make them for the grooms), and tweek was having fun too
  • shortly after the picnic started, craig told clyde to run to his house and get stripe- and that tricia had something else for clyde to take, and then to meet him back by the willow tree… clyde was confused but went anyways 
    • when he got to craig’s house, tricia answered the door dressed in her sunday’s best, handed over stripe, the pillow, and the rings. while she went back into the kitchen to grab the basket with flower pedals she had prepped (craig had no clue about this but if she wasn’t the damn flower girl she was going to scream), clyde was trying to piece everything together 
      • it took him a thick minute but once he connected the dots he almost fell over 
  • meanwhile, tweek was now sunbathing with all of the gals, and attempting to make a flower crown himself… he was failing, miserably… so the gals gave him one of their flower crowns and decided that they should all make bouquets instead, so tweek started making his own with random wildflowers around the park 
    • red ran over and gave craig one of the crowns, who decided to wear one too, cause romance… plus since he wasn’t wearing a hat he felt weird and wanted to wear something on his head…
  • at the same time, craig was making sure everything was perfect. 
    • jimmy was going to ordain the wedding… which he was ready for…
      • he had almost forgot about the bible to make it look official and managed to snag the first book he saw on the way out of his house, which happened to be his mom’s copy of “fifty shades of grey” on the coffee table … it’ll do.  
      • token was all set to go, and had placed bluetooth speakers in the trunk of the weeping willow tree they were going to get married under, and had a playlist of light classical music ready to go… it’ll set the mood! 
      • clyde and tricia showed up and tricia got an earful from craig… but meh, she was his sister, and did bring flower pedals, so he lets her sprinkle them around the tree where tweek would see when he arrived
      • clyde was still too shocked to do anything and just got behind craig with stripe in his hands (stripe had a pillow tied to his back with the rings neatly tucked in) 
      • when everyone calmed down enough token sent a text to wendy… “ready.”
  • wendy was with tweek, still looking for flowers, when she felt her phone vibrate in her back pocket… “hmm, I don’t think we’re going to find anymore… should we go find craig so you can show him?”
    • of course, tweek thought… so they started to walk around and look for craig… wendy seemed to know where she was going though, so he just followed her down by the pond
  • tweek heard the light classical music before he saw anything… “what the hell?” he started following the sound, which seemed to be coming from his and craig’s favorite weeping willow (it overlooked the pond and it felt magical) 
  • that’s when he saw craig in a matching flower crown... and jimmy to his right… holding a book out… and clyde behind him to the left, holding stripe? and token? and trixie? in a dress? what the hell was going on?
    • “craig? what’s happening?” he whispered. craig just smiled, “want to get married honey?” married… marriage… married to craig… today? now? oh jesus he wasn’t prepared for this… Wendy just lightly shoved him forward, and he walked through the willow branches with his bouquet in hand. ah, the bouquet was planned the whole time, wasn’t it?
  • jimmy cleared his throat and started the service, and while he spoke, tweek noticed a shimmer in craig’s eyes… was he crying? he’d never seen craig cry, let alone from happiness… he doesn’t think he’s ever been so flattered… he made craig cry? they were both crying from happiness… 
    • they both felt like they were on autopilot the entire time… when the vows came, they didn’t need to say anything more than “I love you”, because they knew the raw love that radiated off of them was worth a thousand words.
  • when it was time for the rings, clyde brought stripe to them… and when tweek saw the little pillow on his back he choked and cried harder… he could taste the salt from his tears in his smile
    • craig’s never felt prouder than when he slipped the mood ring band on tweek’s finger and when tweek slipped a matching one on his own finger 
  • unknown to them, since they were so absorbed in their wedding, everyone around them was practically in tears too (clyde was full on crying)
    • stan and kyle heard all of the crying from a distance away, walked up to wendy by the tree… and stan blurted “did the guinea pig die?”… wendy smacked him and called him a dumbass… kyle just groaned in dread when he realized they were getting married because this only meant that they were going to get sappier…  
  • tweek and craig barely registered when jimmy finally stuttered out “you may now kiss the husband!” and tweek grabbed craig’s head and pulled him down so fast that craig’s flower crown fell off… it was technically their first kiss but like hell they were going to let anyone know of that 
  • afterwards they had a great feast with all of the picnic food, clyde was the one to catch the bouquet, and tweek and craig had never felt so happy

#Inktober 17 - #Google #doodle reminded me about #Selena today. I ended up playing all the gems I’d hear my fam and friends in DR play while getting their life or cleaning the crib. Such an uplifting and angelic person. Never drawn her so here’s my first rendition - #gouache and #watercolor x mechanical pencil and #ballpointpen.

Mars Moved. Commissions Resume.

As you all know from my post HERE, I was doing a flash sale on commissions to make enough cash to get me through my flight/move to start my new job. Like I mentioned in the post, it’s going to be a hot minute before a get my first real check BUT it’s not the end of October, it’s the first week of November! 


So! I’ve gotta make it way longer than I thought. 

What this means for you all: I’m taking social media commissions until further notice! Email if you need help sprucing up your social media and/or have a project that needs social media help.

I’m still only asking $10 but you can give extra if you’d like. 

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Jet Wolf Summarizes Act 43, pt2

The manga and I kind of hate each other. This is unfortunate, but still, I’m determined to come out of this with something. Rather than spend energy on a liveblog that’s increasingly negative, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I won’t pull my punches. There’s going to be criticism and snark about the manga, either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!


So for exactly no reason whatsoever, Rei, Ami, and Mako are wistfully lamenting the absence of the Outer Senshi and the many, many, many times they provided succor to their adoring young counterparts. 

Minako says, wondering how much of that vodka she’s gone through. As it turns out, Minako’s hiding a deeper secret. For reasons unknown, she’s lost the ability to transform.

Later, she confesses this to Artemis – and Luna, and Tiny Kitten who happen to be the room. Minako would, naturally, be completely blasé about sharing deeply upsetting and personal information with them, so this makes perfect sense. Artemis gives Minako a pep talk, beginning with his confidence that Minako has the power inside of her and she can totally do this, and finishing with one of my favourite panels so far.

If you were following my posts earlier today, you know where this is going. We hurtle toward it, unable to alter the course of our destiny, ineffective passengers strapped in our seats and riding the bullet train to hell. It comes.


But I’m going to skip this for a moment. Before I loose my shit entirely, I want to talk about what COULD have been good about this issue. It brings up such an interesting idea, and I would have dearly loved for the manga to have done absolutely any of the work necessary to set this up (see also, This Summary Part One), or follow it through.

What’s blocking Minako from being able to transform isn’t (I’m assuming, this is sort of a two-parter) anything the Dead Moon are doing, it isn’t some fiendish enemy plot. It’s Minako’s own feelings of inadequacy because her friends and teammates won’t shut the fuck up about how awesome and inspiring the Outers are. And, by implication, how unnecessary SHE is.

I have no confidence whatsoever that the manga is going to follow through on this, BUT. I love so much this as a problem Minako has to overcome. She’s finally maybe coming to terms with her own fame and notoriety fading before Usagi, she’s enjoying the benefits of being part of a team rather than going solo. Only there’s this hole in Minako that she’s always trying to fill with the attention and adoration of others. It’s why she wants to be famous, why she wants to be a pop idol or an actress. And in her “real” job, it’s her girls that fill that need. The way they turn to her for confidence and strength, for support and strategy.

Except the fucking Outers are doing all that now, AND THEY AREN’T EVEN HERE.

Minako feels she’s losing the respect of Rei, Ami, and Mako, and it fucks her up so badly that she can’t even transform any more. As you can tell just from these few paragraphs, this idea is SO INTERESTING to me. What it says about Minako, what it says about her feelings for the others. That she gets so immediately obsessed about being special in SOMETHING that she falls right into a blatantly obvious Dark Moon trap. IT’S LITERALLY PRINTED ON THE BUSINESS CARD.

I’ll get back to the actual summary here in a second, as the concept begins to fall apart as the issue wears on. Minako makes increasing stupid and bad decisions, which are by far more of a threat to her credibility as leader than Ami imagining she and Pluto had a conversation once. But the IDEA is so interesting and solid, and as with all the most frustrating things, it’s the unrealized potential in it that gets to me most. Takeuchi CAN come up with really interesting character-driven ideas, she just doesn’t give a fuck most of the time, and nobody in editorial seems to have either the power or the will to hold her feet to the fire to see it through.


So having had enough of listening to the others sucking some quality Outer Senshi dick, Minako runs off. It should be HER dick, dammit, HER DICK. As she’s running and crying, she gets spotted by a talent scout, who invites her to an idol audition. Attention soothes the savage beast, and Minako returns to her friends with a business card and a hair flip. “Minako, this blatantly says ‘Auditions by EvilCo, Death Guaranteed’,” Rei points out. “WHAT’S THAT THEY LOVE ME YOU’RE RIGHT REI NO MORE DICK FOR YOU BYEEEE.”

As soon as she’s out of there though, Minako curses herself for not noticing (IT IS LITERALLY HALF OF THE WORDS ON THE BUSINESS CARD MINAKO), but then decides to turn this into an opportunity to bust the Dead Moon Circus herself and prove she’s a great leader.


When she gets there, though, there are so many people that she isn’t sure she’ll be able to save them all herself. She considers putting out a call for the others, but there’s a problem.


I honestly feel torn between all of this. On the one hand, Minako is CLEARLY not reacting rationally, and that not only makes sense given where she’s at right now, but it’s pretty consistent with Minako’s character to lash out in extreme ways that have absolutely no bearing on good decision making. On the other, I don’t trust Takeuchi’s ability as a writer whatsoever. So is Minako doing this because it’s in-character, or because Takeuchi’s just not thinking it the fuck through? HOW MUCH DO I WANT TO ARGUE THIS SHIT I GUESS IS WHAT I’M ASKING MYSELF.

And the answer is “It’s 7:30 and you’ve been on this one issue since noon”. Yes, good, well argued, Me.

So Minako keeps flying solo through this entire fucked up audition that includes a group of children trapped up on a trapeze platform. YES REALLY

Minako will abandon them for a little bit later, by the way. Since noon, since noon. Right. Moving on.

Everyone at the competition begins to go evil and shit’s not looking good for Minako. She’s about to be crushed by boulders (yes, boulders, I’ve looked five times and I can’t figure out where they come from, just go with it) when Mako shows up out of nowhere, hops between them and Minako, and blasts them into a thousand pieces, because Makoto Kino is all that is good in the world.


Seriously, Mako simultaneously loving Minako enough to be nearly CRUSHED TO DEATH BY BOULDERS to save her, and so pissed off that the first words out of her mouth after are “SHUT THE FUCK UP” is some goddamn A+ Makoto Kinoing. As frustrated and furious as I am at this issue, I give it up for this moment.

The others are pissed because Minako went to fight the bad guys without them, and I just have to say again I would so love if this were an ongoing THING with Minako, that they’ve had honest to god “YOU CANNOT KEEP DOING THIS TO US” talks about it and shit. And you KNOW Minako would lose her shit if any of them did it to her? Imagine her FURIOUS that Rei risked herself by storming off and going it alone, and then Rei calling her right the fuck back on her hypocrisy. How fucking delicious would that be, jesus wept, I want it so much.

ANYWAY WE DON’T HAVE THAT WE HAVE THAT WE HAVE THIS. Under pressure now, Minako tries again to transform, but can’t. Completely unable to face her friends, she runs off again. She pulls herself together though and tries to save the kids. SURPRISE THEY’RE NOT KIDS. Minako’s fallen right into the Quartet’s trap now. They brainwash her to take the ginzuishou from the others, but before she can try, Artemis appeals to her sense of innate goodness and reason.

But the Quartet spring yet another trap! Minako is plummeting to her doom! Artemis saves her again, disregarding all known laws of physics.

And with boulders raining down on Artemis now, that’s where the issue ends.


There are SO MANY levels on which I’m so fucking upset and furious about this Artemis thing, including:

  • Takeuchi’s repeated genuinely distressing thing about animal/human romance
  • The idea that any meaningful non-familial male/female relationship must inevitably have that element of sexual attraction
  • Artemis not just violating Minako’s privacy and trust, but sneaking around as he does it, meaning HE HIMSELF knows it’s wrong, he just doesn’t care
  • The introduction of this as a thing he’s both willing and capable of, forcing the question of how many times he’s done it in the past
  • The soiling of their friendship and partnership, which is one of my favourites in the entire franchise fuck you so hard Takeuchi
  • Some extra creepy issues centered around how Artemis is Minako’s MENTOR for fuck’s sake

I love the idea of Artemis saving Minako. I love that he’s in this with her, looking out for her, believing in her even when she believes in herself so little she can’t even transform. I wish I could just adore everything about this.


I can’t, because for NO FUCKING REASON I COULD EVER FATHOM, we’ve now introduced lust into their relationship. We now know, incontrovertibly, that some part of Artemis views Minako as sexually desirable. It colours his motives entirely, however much I wish they fucking didn’t. And because it came out of nowhere IN THIS VERY ISSUE, FOR NO APPARENT REASON, it makes it even MORE dubious that there isn’t some part of Artemis trying so hard to save Minako because he’s “in love” with her.


This has utterly fucked Artemis and Minako’s relationship in the manga for me. I can’t unsee this, I can’t wipe it away. THESE HANDS ARE TAINTED. I may have to go try and flush my brain with some Artemis and Minako hijinks from the anime, to try and prevent rot from setting in there, too.

And I’m so … ANGRY that this is where I am. And why? What payoff could there possibly be? How myopic was Takeuchi that she didn’t see a problem with that? Or that she thought it was what, sweet? Romantic? NOT LITERALLY SKEEVY AS FUCK AND RUINING SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL

That this is a thing I’m having to deal with, though, it’s such a microcosm of the manga for me. It came from nowhere, it wasn’t thought out, it was probably decided on a whim, and it fucking sucks.


I Can’t Remember (Part 2)

Summary: A frat!calum fic about frat boy Calum and sorority girl Y/N who are bitter rivals but end up waking up next to each other one morning after a drunken night of shenanigans and have to figure out what happened before anyone finds out.

Hey y'all! Here’s part 2 to my frat boy Calum fic! You can read part 1 here!

I’ll be posting part 3 when this post gets 100 notes!

Hope you guys like it!

Words: 1,843

Warnings: just language!


“So how was everyone’s nights last night?” you asked your sorority. You were all having lunch together at the house as part of your weekly chapter bonding.

“It was pretty good for us, but how was your night Y/N?” asked a sophomore named Vanessa.

“Yeah, we all noticed you left the party early last night.” chimed in Mallory with a smirk on her face. All of a sudden a chorus of oohs and aahs erupted in the small kitchen.

“Oh enough,” you laughed.

“Her face is turning red!” someone shouted from the end of the table, which just made you laugh more.

“So who was the lucky guy?” Vanessa pried.

“Just a guy from my philosophy class.” you lied and waved it off when you noticed your phone light up with a text from a number you didn’t know. You unlocked your phone to look at it which caused another eruption of cheers from the girls.

“That’s probably him now!” Vanessa shouted excitedly as she got up and tried to take a look at your phone, but you were too quick. You walked out of the kitchen and into the main entryway before taking a look at what the text said.

Hey this is Calum. Meet back at your apartment in 10. I have a plan.

How did you get my number? You texted back.

From Jason. You know, my frat brother that you slept with twice last year and then never talked to again. You rolled your eyes at his comment. He acts as if he hasn’t done that to multiple girls before as well. Before leaving you popped your head back into the kitchen to tell the girls where you were going.

“I’m leaving again, I have some business to attend to!”

“Ooh is it another booty call?” Mallory joked.

“This early in the afternoon?” Vanessa laughed.

“I’ll see you guys later!”


“Okay so according to Mallory’s snap story you were still at the party at 11:38 pm, which means I was still there as well.” Calum explained as he watched Mallory’s story again for the twentieth time.

His big plan was to make a timeline of our night based upon what we could make out from our friends’ snapchat stories. Which, admittedly, wasn’t a bad plan but it wasn’t completely helpful either. We had already determined that neither one of our stories would be helpful. My phone had died at around 9:30 pm, which we determined based on Vanessa’s picture of me with a sad face captioned “her phone died :(”. And Calum had only one video on his story from 4:42 pm of one of his frat brothers doing a keg stand with the caption “pre gaming”.

“ So Mallory’s next video is from 12:47 and it’s her sitting by herself saying ‘all my friends left me’ so obviously we were gone by then.” you added.

“But here on Luke’s story I was still there with him at 12:16 so we hadn’t left the party yet .” Calum showed me Luke’s video of him and Calum taking jello shots in the kitchen with the time stamp across the middle.

“Jello shots, really? Are you a 15 year old girl?” you asked Calum with amusement in your voice.

“Shut up.” Calum said with exasperation.

“So I guess we just have to figure out what happened in-between 12:16 and 12:47 and when we left.” you told him.

“Wait, wait,” Calum suddenly got up from the couch and squinted at his phone screen.

“What is it?“you questioned as you jumped up beside him to try to get a look at his phone, but he’s so much taller than you that it was useless.  

"What were you wearing last night?” Calum asked, his eyes still glued to his screen as he watched someones story over and over.

“A red crop top and jeans I think. Why?” you asked.

“Is this you?” Calum held out his phone to you and you took it, waiting for the video to start over.   When it restarted you saw it was Ashton’s story you were watching and that he was taking a video of himself with the front facing camera of him chugging a beer and swaying to the music. In the background, you had a slight view of the front door and you could see a flash of a bright red crop top and (y/hc) hair glide out the door.

“Well I mean, thats my hair color and the color shirt I was wearing but I doubt I was the only one there wearing red. There were so many people.” I explained.

“But it’s the best lead we have.” Calum said. You shrugged your shoulders and nodded in slight agreement. He was right.

“I say we take this information and run with it.” Calum suggested. You nodded yes.

“Ash took this video at 12:42 so that means we left the party at 12:42 and went somewhere else.”

“Well no shit Sherlock.” you replied and rolled your eyes at Calum.

“Hey-” Calum started but was interrupted by the front door opening.

“I’m back bitch! Did you miss me?” Tatum’s voice rang out. Tatum was the vice president of your sorority, your roommate, and most importantly, your best friend. She went back home for the weekend for a family wedding and was getting back today, which you had completely forgotten about until this moment. You and Calum both looked at each other frantically.

“Hey!” Tatum said with a faltering smile as she rounded the corner into the living room area.

“Who’s that?” Tatum asked with a look of confusion on her face.

“Who?” you asked innocently.

“The 6 foot giant you’re trying to hide behind your back, I’m not stupid.” Tatum retorted as she she nudged you aside to look at the person behind you.

“Calum?” she gasped before looking at you with a look of disappointment on her face.

“Are you two a thing now?” Tatum fumed, angrily gesturing to the two of you. You were the most serious sorority member when it came to the whole Alpha Phi and Theta Chi rivalry but Tatum was a close second, so she was none too pleased about seeing Calum in your shared apartment.

“Hell no-” you tried to explain.

“So then what is he doing here?” Tatum snapped. You looked back at Calum with pleading eyes. He nodded at you, giving you the okay to tell Tatum about what happened. You ended up explaining everything to Tatum in detail starting from the moment you woke up that morning to where you were now. She was very upset with you at first at the fact that you might have slept with a Theta, but she’s your best friend and can never stay mad at you for long, and calmed down not long after.

“So you guys figured out when you left, but you still don’t know where you went or how you got back here?” Tatum asked. You and Calum both nodded yes.

“I would help you guys but I wasn’t even here last night. There’s no way I could know what happened.” Tatum stated apologetically.

“It’s okay, you can still help us though.” you told her. She looked at you questioningly.

“By not telling anyone.” you could tell she was about to protest but you stopped her before she could.

“At least not until we fully figure out what happened.” you reasoned.

“I guess.” Tatum agreed. Calum started making his way to the door to leave when Tatum turned to him.

“Sorry for snapping at you earlier.” she apologized to the both of you.

“It’s fine.” Calum said quickly. You could tell he wanted to get out of your apartment. He probably didn’t like being around Alpha’s.

“Bye.” you called out to Calum with annoyance in your voice as he shut the door behind him without another word. Didn’t he know it was rude to leave without saying anything.

“I guess he’s not that bad.” Tatum said.  

“For a Theta.” she shrugged and you rolled your eyes and laughed at her.


“So where have you been?” Ashton asked Calum as he reentered the Theta Chi frat house. Calum just stared at him like a deer caught in headlights.

“Y/N’s apartment maybe?” Ashton whisper questioned with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyebrow raised. Calum hung his head in defeat. Ashton knew.

“How did you find out?” Calum asked quietly. He didn’t want any of the other brothers in the house to hear them.

“I saw you two leave together after the party last night. I went outside to get some fresh air and you yelled at me from the road saying you were going to the diner downtown and I saw her draped all over your arm.” Ashton whispered with disgust.

“Wait, I said I was going to the diner?” Calum asked confused. He was so drunk that he couldn’t even remember that he had a short slurred conversation with Ashton.

“Probably going to eat to fill up on energy before your bone session.” Ashton rolled his eyes, completely ignoring Calum’s question.

“We didn’t have a ‘bone session’ Ash.” Calum scoffed. It’s very possible that you actually might have, but he decided it would be best to leave that part out.

“So then where did you go with her?” Ashton spat out 'her’ like it burned his mouth to even say it. Ashton hated Alpha Phi almost as much as Calum did.

“I don’t know. We were drunk and can’t remember, but we do know that we didn’t fuck.” Calum lied. Calum knew for a fact that the only way Ashton would keep this a secret was if he didn’t know about the whole waking up in the same bed thing. So Calum didn’t think telling a little white lie would hurt anyone.

“What were you saying about the diner?” Calum inquired again.

“You said you were going to the diner.” Ashton elaborated as he uncrossed his arms and slightly relaxed his posture, meaning he wasn’t as mad as he was before.

“Which one? The one on Fifth?” Calum asked, trying to dig a little deeper.

“I’m assuming so. Thats the only diner we ever go to.”

“Thanks Ash. Can we keep this between us for now?” Calum asked. Ashton opened his mouth to respond but was cut off by their fellow fraternity brother Michael.

“What up boys?” Michael asked loudly as he entered the room.

“What are we gossiping about?” Michael smirked as he slung his arms around both Calum and Ashton. Calum looked at Ashton with pleading eyes, begging him to not say anything.

“Just talking about boobs.” Ashton replied with a shrug and a look to Calum that read 'you owe me’.

“Alright.” Michael laughed and gave high fives to both the boys.

“So who’s boobs were you talking about?” Michael asked Ashton as they walked into the kitchen together, but Calum strayed behind to send a quick text to Y/N.

Meet me later. I know where we went after the party.
Sick Son - mandaree1 - DuckTales (Cartoon 2017) [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Sick Son

Summary: Louie and Dewey scramble to take care of their sick older brother.

Setting: Pre-Canon

Eyyy, a sick ‘fic. I haven’t done one of these babies in a while. So here’s Louie and Dewey being bumbling but caring bros.

Which Series do you want?

Here are the ideas I was sent in! All of them are so dang good! So you guys let me know which you want! Whichever one has the most votes, is it! I may end up doing some of the others later or as little blurbs here and there. Let me know!

- They don’t get along, Harry is always rude to her but they have mutual friends

-Boss AU, he is a mean CEO and you are his secretary

-Reader is a superhero and they try to make their relationship work

-Developing a relationship together

-Soulmates AU, but hate each other until he falls for her and they realize they are soulmates

-Dated but reader hurt him so he hurts her back because he feels she deserves it. She tries to win him back.

-Reader is a famous actress/singer and Harry has a crush on her

anonymous asked:

Do you have any swan queen fic recs?

oh boy! yes i do!! this isn’t going to be an extensive list because I haven’t read all that much but all of these authors/fics are Quality 10/10

i’ll add more when i remember but these are all so good. i promise.

shanhammer  asked:

I've been looking and there isn't much good information on what is and isn't protected in housing in my state (Missouri) online - where should I start looking? It almost seems like ESAs are protected but PSDs are not (While SDs for physical disabilities are protected) from what I've found so far, and I've found no info about size being restricted/protected for ESAs or PSDs here. Help?

I was also wondering if there are any good resources I should check on fitness of various breeds for PSD work? I’ve seen a few for other SDs but wanted to see if any were PSD specific. I’m considering several breeds (If I end up getting a PSD, nothing is certain yet), and one is an Old English Sheepdog, but I’ve seen only a handful of opinions about the breed for service work.

Housing rights in Missouri will be the same for the whole United States. No size restrictions and no restrictions on the kind of service dog, Do you mean fitness as in body condition? I’ll put this here just in case. 

In general, this is a good thing to follow on weight for most breeds.  

If you mean fitness as in “fit for service work”, we don’t answer breed questions. You need to pick a dog that fits your lifestyle as well as a puppy that has the temperament. 

Good luck!


grabnok-destra  asked:

Is SCAD good? I had a...I guess a dream to become a game developer. Tho I’m on the fence with that. Tho I think that’s just because I’m a horrid and unmotivated person that doesn’t think they can actually accomplish anything positive. Sorry. Ranting. Tho I am legit afraid to start college. I’ve always been afraid I’ll screw it up and end up in debt with nothing to show for it.

This got pretty long so I’m putting it all under the cut.

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OC Blog!

I caved and made one anyway! This isn’t really an RP blog but interactions are welcome, but if you wanna keep tabs on my squid OCs specifically:

You can go here! I got their profiles and some rules up so, any minor doodles/story writings/etc will go here from now on! If this blog does end up dying then I can just move ‘em back here.

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Ut and uf sans and us and sf papyrus reacting to s/o asking them to paint them like a skeleton for Halloween to make sure it’s correct

classic- he blantently syas no but does it on your hands for holloweene but just buys you  body suit with a skeleton on it. “I aint painting. I don’t know how”

red- red grinned and did it but was slower and tried to do all your ribs even across your chest and but and ahem “privet areas”. “well doll I aint the best but its(hot) good!”

blue-he blushes and runs away not coming back till the day of holloweene. he is NOT doing that to anyone.”sorry iwas gone date-mate. I just. don’t wanna do any of that” (oops)

orange-he sighs and pulls out his sucker from his mouth and paints your feet and arms but refuses to do anymore so you end up wearing heels and tights and a dress. “okay come here.”

pup- he doesn’t. he isn’t even going out nor allowing you to. too meny small children. he hasent gotten over his phobia of open spaces.

decadentvoidprincess  asked:

author asks: 5, 19, 24 :D

Thanks for the ask!

 5) character you were most surprised to end up writing

In general, fanfic was never something I saw myself writing. I read it on occasion, but never thought I would want to write it. But it was freaking Cullen that started it all, and now I can’t bloody stop, lol. So that would have to be my answer. Why Cullen? Well…I think I wrote before what drew me to the character, I’ll have to find it again. It’s here somewhere, ha. 

Also, I think I was surprised by how much I have gotten into his head with the slowburn, I think initially I just planned on writing third person limited with just my Inquisitor, but eventually I shifted to his perspective, and I have to say, I really enjoy writing through his lens. 

19) when it comes to more complicated narratives, how do you keep track of outlines, characters, development, timeline, ect.?

I have a giant word document, 50 plus pages, that has a bunch of reminders and things I need to remember. I also keep notes on my phone. Interestingly, character development stuffs is the easiest thing for me to remember, probably because I write in order, so I know where the characters started from, and where they are going. I like for development to happen organically. 

With timeline, I do have to write it down, whether it be word document or paper. I don’t always have to though. 

24) have you ever become an expert on something you previously knew nothing about, in order to better a scene or a story?

I write things that I am passionate about, so usually I already know a lot about the things I write. I do have to do more research though on WW2 era Britain for my original fiction. 

Also, for school, I had to become an expert on Anton Chekhov and his Russia, and I am proud to say that I know a lot about Russia and Russian culture in the early twentieth century :)

Writer Asks


Since he’s coughing up blood, I’m going to assume he must have picked up tuberculosis somewhere in his travels.

How long ago did he set up a laboratory down there though? I’d assume that the school was built sometime within the ten years between the end of DM and now, so he might have been down there before that. I bet he just came up from his lab one day and was like “Hi, I’m a teacher here” and everyone else was like “Yeah okay, seems legit.”

Also apparently he decided to make his new body rather buff. ^^;

“listen to me, i’m completely serious here.” marlene said, her hands resting lightly on her hips, looking at the fellow student. “i’ve got friends in high places, me breaking the rules doesn’t have the same consequences, so sod off.” she waved them off, pulling the cigarette from her mouth as she did, tapping the end off into the air. it was all a bluff, she knew lily wouldn’t give her a free pass all the time when it came to the rules, she wouldn’t be head girl if she did. but marlene wasn’t about to let anyone else in on that secret. she had to keep a few tricks up her sleeve. it was her final year, she was seventeen, allowed to do magic outside of school, preparing to join the order the moment she graduated. she was an adult and like hell was she going to let someone stop her from acting like one.

vikki1018  asked:

Just wondering, did you find your husband and bf at the same time? How did you end up working with this agreement. Does the bf get jealous ur married sometimes?


I had actually been married to my husband for 6 years when I met my boyfriend! (dating 8, but married 6)

My boyfriend gets…. a little jealous. But he knew the situation like, 10 days into us meeting. So he immedietly accepted that this is just how I am.
My husband on the other hand got really jealous. We actually view monogamy very differently (background: here) which made it a hard start. 
The agreement was very fluid. We talked about my dating others but very very seperate from our family. I didn’t predict that I’d ever fall in love with someone as deeply as I did, and when I thought we should add him to our family it took lots of talking to D to warm him up to it. There are some things he’s still awkward about, but we get warmer everyday!

flower cloak.