and so i decided to do them

Vidal: “Aren’t you happy you decided to join us?”

Lady Lucia: “I must admit I was very curious to meet you. I have heard so many shocking stories about you.”

Vidal: But I do hope you won’t judge me based on those tales. More than half of them are lies I assure you.”


Hey y’all a genuine important post here. This person used to be putatriton until they were run off tumblr.

They ship lay/lu/ke, lu/cl/ive, nar/uma/yo and also des/or/ua (Desmond and aurora) and are in general, fucking gross.

DO NOT reblog things from them, don’t interact with them, just block and report and move on.

PLEASE reblog this post if you can.

“Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?” 🌟

I decided to watch Stardust the other night and I’ve always loved the idea of fallen stars and traveling by Babylon candle 🔥 This book is so magical and fun (highly recommend if you haven’t checked it out)

If you had a Babylon candle, where would you go?

I believe in Ben Solo’s Redemption. As an RN I have worked in some unconventional settings; namely as the head nurse for a Juvenile Detention center. I met a lot of kids that society would determine as beyond hope, beyond redemption. Maybe some of them were. But many of them had just ended up doing dumb things. Robbery, drugs, got into fights at school, runaways….and they assumed they were irredeemable even if their offenses were minor. Some of them had done worse, and in knowing that they were facing longer sentences, would just continue to “do bad things” in jail and make it worse because they simply believed there was no going back.

I told them there was always a way back. Who they were now doesn’t have to be who they are tomorrow. That it was never too late to turn back and do the right thing. They aren’t “bad kids” unless they decide to be.

And you would be surprised how much their outlook on life changed the moment someone gave them a reason to believe in themselves.

I’m aware that Kylo Ren’s crimes far exceed the crimes of real-life kids in the Midwest, but Star Wars is also fictional, so…

That’s why I believe in redemption stories. Sometimes when you can’t find the strength to believe in yourself, all you need is one person to have that belief, and suddenly you can do anything.

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What if you are on your favorite youtubers page and comment and like a few post. Nothing weird at all. Sure you find the youtuber attractive and you think they have a great personality.

But what if, they saw your pic and thought, “Hey, they are pretty cute.” And decided to follow you. Cause let’s face it most people, men and women alike do this. So why would it be weird for a youtuber too?

After a while they begin to have a small crush on you. Similar to how you would on a youtuber. It’s nothing major or stalkish. Just a normal small feeling you would get. They decide, “hey, this person likes my content. Theyre cute and They think I’m funny. So why don’t I text them and get to know them?”. In a non creepy way.

However, they are too shy. Plus they don’t want to come off as some big shot who think they are all that. So they keep contemplating whether or not to text you. And they keep​ cringing at every message they begin to write and just erase it all. Never writing the text.

Never texting you or getting ahold of you to start a Convo. So you never know the truth.

So don’t worry. The youtuber you like, they like you back but they are to shy to respond.

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Good vibes! I've been coming out more and more as transmasculine, and everyone has been very accepting (even if they don't quite understand). I've decided that I won't be making my family or professional associates refer to me using they/them pronouns, but I do have a new trans community where I introduce myself with gender-neutral pronouns, which is a comfortable balance for me~ I'm still sometimes overwhelmed, but I'm so relieved to have come out, and not feel like I have some kind of secret.


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Can we see what Bailey and Hector would look like in the respective protag's clothes (can be USUM or SM) and how do they feel about them?

I like the protag outfits for both sets of games. They’re both good sets of designs, and I wouldn’t claim one set is better than the other. But there are some things that I like more and less for all four outfits.

Between Sun and Moon’s outfits, I like the female protag’s outfit a lot more than the guy’s. Something about the colors and how big and puffy the shirt is just looks really good to me. 

Fun Fact: I actually like it so much that I decided to make it  Bailey’s PJs. 

The guy’s outfit is fine, it just looks a little plainer I guess, at least to me. I feel like it was made more with how Ash would look in the anime in mind, cuz the red cap compliments the outfit there much more than the black cap from the actual game.

For USUM, I actually ended up liking the male protag’s outfit a little more than the girl’s. the choice of leggings under the shorts is an odd decision, but it looks much better suited for Alola’s tropical weather and has a more “ready for summer” feel to it. And removing the brown and replacing it with a cyan blue made the color scheme a lot better to me.

The girl’s is still good, and I love the shirt, hat and shoes, but the puffy shorts just kinda threw me through a loop and I thing makes it look a little more awkward. And since the main colors are orange and red, with just barely a hint of green, the balance of colors doesn’t work as well in my opinion. It works fine when choosing either one of the lighter  skinned models, or the much darker model at the end of the line-up because the orange can pop more easily with them. But when choosing the middle tanned tone, like I did for Bailey, the orange and red don’t look as good when they make up so much of the outfit with the only other big color being white. 

That’s why I went with the outfit that I did for Bailey in the comic; the light blue jeans contrasted the orange well and helped balance the colors.

Though I will probably be changing her shirt later cuz the design of the legendary tank from the  game was much harder to draw and color than I anticipated.


For the fourth translation out of the five I’m doing for songs that inspired my current story, I chose “La Nostra Sort” by La Gossa Sorda, which is an anthem for the working class people who fight to survive in a world that decides their fate for them. I did a really poor job translating it, so don’t believe my bad attempts to bring it meaning in English - it is a very good song, and the lyrics are pure poetry. 

La nostra història són les cases de fantasmes
Our story is the ghost towns
que quedaren estancades en la ruïna i la vergonya
that lay abandoned in ruins and shame
El nostre rostre és una història inacabada
Our face is an unfinished story 
d'uns amants que pretenien compartir la seua història
of lovers who tried to share their story
La nostra por és una sala d'hospital,
Our fear is a hospital room,
les retallades decidint la teua sort
government cuts deciding your fate
Els nostre rostre és una història inacabada
Our face is an unfinished story
d'uns amants que pretenien compartir el seu amor
of lovers who tried to share their love

La nostra vida quotidiana és una càrrega pesada
Our day-to-day life is a heavy burden
que arrastrem i suportem amb elegància
that we drag along and accept with elegance
El nostre límit és una arma carregada
Our limit is a loaded weapon
que ens apunta per l'espatlla retallant-nos l'esperança.
held aimed at our backs, cutting off our hopes.
La nostra pena és una pena d'esperar,
Our pain is the pain of waiting,
pels detinguts d'aquella vaga general.
for the detainees of that general strike.
El nostre límit és una arma carregada
Our limit is a loaded weapon
que ens apunta per l'espatlla i amenaça en disparar
held aimed at our backs, ready to shoot

I que la sort que ens acompanya sigua líguida com l'aigua
And that the luck that follows us becomes liquid like water
De tots els versos que hem escrit ara renaix la nostra força
From all the lines we’ve written our strength is now reborn
Jo te la cante sang i foc i carn, som la voluntat de canvi
I’m singing it to you, blood, fire, and flesh, we’re the desire for change

Els nostre llavis es clivellen solitaris com les terres
Our lips crack open, all alone like the fields
arrassades per l'oblit i la sequera
scorched by drought and neglect
La nostra espera són les nits que no dormíem
Our wait is all the nights we didn’t sleep
esperant en la penombra el naixement d'alguna estrella.
waiting in the penumbra for the birth of some star.
La nostra por és una escola sense cor,
Our fear is a school without heart,
les retallades decidint la teua sort.
government cuts deciding out fate.
La nostra espera són les nits que no dormíem
Our wait is all the nights we didn’t sleep
esperant en la penombra el naixement d'un altre món
waiting in the penumbra for the birth of another world.

Les nostres hores s'alimenten de la ràbia
Our hours are fed on the anger
que habitem a les vesprades de la misèria compartida.
that we live in during evenings of shared misery.
La nostra força beu de l'aigua de l'aixeta,
Our strength drinks from the tap water
de l'extensa polseguera que dissipa la mentida
of the massive dust cloud that spreads lies.
El nostre joc és una xarxa d'unitat
Our game is a unified network
que protegisca les persones que estimem
that protects the people we love
La nostra força beu de l'aigua de l'aixeta
Our strength drinks from the tap water
de l'extensa polsegurea que rebenta pels carrers
of the massive dust cloud that blasts through the streets

I que la sort que ens acompanya sigua líguida com l'aigua
And that the luck that follows us becomes liquid like water
De tots els versos que hem escrit ara renaix la nostra força
From all the lines we’ve written our strength is now reborn
Jo te la cante sang i foc i carn, som la voluntat de canvi
I’m singing it to you, blood, fire, and flesh, we’re the desire for change

El cor és una bomba,
My heart is a bomb,
que sempre porte dins,
that I always carry within me,
l'afine amb les idees,
I tune it with ideas,
el cap, el cos, els dits
my head, my body, my fingers

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Do you think Alphys molts, you know, like how a lizard sheds their skin?

this headcanon is awful and disturbing, and I’m deciding right now that it’s true and it happens every few years, and the process is horrifying

Alphys kinda keeps her old skin around just because it’s weird and kind of fascinating, and everyone else lives in a permanent state of fear that her old skin is going to come alive and scare the hecks out of them when they least expect it

monsters are magic, after all, so it wouldn’t even be totally impossible

it probably happens one time when no one is around and Alphys can’t figure out how her old shell could just disappear from her basement, where did it go? did someone throw it out?? she was going to use that for … something, probably, it could probably be used for something

no one ever sees it again, but it’s still somewhere out there, ghosting through abandoned woods far away from civilization

Hey guys! I thought I could give you a small update on my life and why I haven’t posted original content on a while (no that no one cares, but okey)

Edit: this turn to be longer that I thought, I’m sorry!! (The tumblr app doesn’t have the read more option, sorry!!)

So, this year has been kind of a killer. At the begging of the year I decided to change my college career to something totally different, so I had to take all new classes. Luckily I’m doing pretty good, I only have two finals left and if I pass them I officially end first year, so *crossing fingers*.

Saddly my laptop and desk computer both broke ant the begging of the year so I have been living with my dad’s notebook (which is quite slow) and my phone. At the moment I don’t earn enough on my job to buy a new computer and even though I have been searching a lot and I have had some job interviews, I haven’t hear back yet.

Apart from that some interesting AND time demanding things have happened: my sister sweet 15 (which we organized and cook for with my family), my mum burning her arm with boiling water (meaning that me and my dad had to take care of everything in the house for 4 months, she is doing better now), and the remodelation of my house (I still have like half of my things on boxes because we are still remodeling)

And the most important thing: as some of you know from my post on “mental health day” I have struggled with depression, anxiety and eating disorders since I was 12; I’m lucky enough to have been out of medication and psychiatric treatment since April 2016. I’m still doing therapy BUT tbh I’m doing better than I ever was (I’m quoting Taylor swift, fucking sue me) I still have my things, but I learnt that I’m only human; and to tell the truth, I can’t remember a moment where I was more in peace and in love with myself, how normal I feel. This year I have grow so much as a person, and I’m thankful.

My point with this post: this year has been crazy and busy and hard, but the big picture is beautiful *but* haven’t let me much time to do edits, in special cause I don’t have my own computer

But I want to let everyone know that I’m not giving up on this blog (it actually turned 3 years this September, how crazy is that?!). I want to personally thank everyone who is still following me and those who started to follow this year! To those who reblog and like everything I post a and to those who send nice messages, you are the best part of this 💕

Anyway, this blog is my baby and I love it so much, I promise that I will try to be more active during the next 3 months and if the odds are on my favour I will get a new job and buy a new computer to make edits faster *crossing fingers*

Thank you so much for reading all this random stuff, lots of love to you 💜

What do y’all put on your dog’s tags? Just a phone number? I’m not doing a name so I can put it on multiple dogs. I can’t do address because I won’t be living with my parents forever. Maybe email? Or should I do just a phone number? A message of some kind (ie ‘needs medication’ if that is true? maybe my name? like ‘if lost please return to Rachel’, or ‘reward for return’ or something?)? Maybe the vet’s number, or one of my parents as emergency contact? 

Basically I’m trying to plan a tag that can last for a long time. Because Fancy & Expensive tags are not allowed to get out-dated. 

Beast-Possessed Soul is the best frenemy.

@whiteone I tried it earlier when doing Pthumeru Ihyll Root. xD There was few around so I decided to use them to cause some chaos.

I almost regretted it because I charged into a room full of hollows and nearly got owned by them. The fatty eventually got him but he wasn’t buffed. I should try to get one through a fog gate but knowing my luck, I’ll probably fuck it up… xD


I haven’t decided if I really should or not, but I may be taking a hiatus for a little while. I don’t know how long, hopefully not too long.

Things have just been tough for me and forcing myself to write hasn’t been helping distract as much as I have hoped, so I need to figure something out.

I’m going to clear through the requests that I currently have, I’ll try to post them as soon as I can so that you all don’t have to wait too long. But I do feel that I need to take a break from writing for a while, if that’s alright.

Thank you, sorry ♥

Sometimes it helps me to develop characters just by diving in and writing. I can get into their heads.

Idk where else to put this but here, so tada

• • •

I’m standing in the doorframe, refraining from muttering nonsense into my walkie talkie one last time (it’s still the coolest part of the job), ready to close up for the night, when I notice a man sitting on a bench in solitaire, admiring the exhibits.

“Ahem,” I clear my throat to get his attention and the man turns around. “Sir,” I begin, (I have to call all of the men ‘sir’ and all of the women ‘miss’. It’s tiring. And what do I call androgynous people? ‘Bud?’ ‘Hey you?’ ‘Person?’ It’s all too informal.) “We’re closing soon.”

“Oh! Sorry. I’ve been here for a while, haven’t I?” He replies. “I come here to think sometimes. Helps my writing. It’s so fascinating, natural history. Don’t you just love it?”

“What, you mean you’re actually interested in this stuff?” I shrug. Most people I see come by here are parents with kids. But this guy seems a little young to be a parent. However, wise enough. Very wise. Secluded, though… self interested. No, he isn’t here with children. He’ll probably never have them. But he isn’t exactly a science buff, either. He’s a nerd who never grew out of the dinosaur phase, that’s what. Which also means he’s most likely single.
Ugh. You’re doing it again, Sochester…

I shake my head, pulling myself back into the conversation.

“You don’t find it interesting? That’s a shame. How come you work here then?”

What kind of question is that? Does the trash man like trash?

“This job is temporary. Prep. All part of a bigger plan.”
I don’t quite wish to share my bigger plan, but I know I’m going to have to because I made the mistake in being cryptic and this guy is wondering, so now he’s going to ask me questions, and it’s gonna be a whole big thing an—

“What do you mean?”

It starts. I try to describe it simply.

“Stage one. Security guard. Stage two. Police officer. Stage three, detective inspector, and stage four… the world’s only consulting detective.”
It seems so easy when I put it that way. Only… I’ve been stuck in stage one for over two years.

“Consulting detective… Like Sherlock Holmes?” The man’s eyes light up. But he seems amused. He probably thinks I’m some kind of Sherlock super fan. That I couldn’t possibly repeat his work. Pshh. He probably thinks—

“Yep. Like Sherlock Holmes.”
I force the words out to calm my brain.

The man laughs a little. But not like most laughs directed towards me. His is… light hearted. Entertained, but not cynical.

“I’ve always been fascinated with Mr. Holmes. You have no idea how much I’ve read up on him. Brilliant, isn’t he? Heh, I didn’t think anyone else would ever try for that job again. Takes a certain set of skills.”

Yes, I know. I know. Shut up. Stop acting like you know more about him than I do.

“Ah, but I wish you luck.” He sighs and takes one last look at the exhibit while I’m dying to get him out of here so I can go home to my ugly couch, turn on the tv, and eat pasta until I crash. I’m tired of talking. I’m tired of thinking.

“Sorry, I should’ve introduced myself.” He reaches out his hand—who knows where it’s been—and I’m obligated to shake it. “Name’s Booker. Scott Booker.”

“Holmes. Sochester Holmes.”

He drops my hand. If it weren’t connected to my arm it would’ve shattered on the sticky museum floor.

“You’re him! You’re…”

“A direct descendant of Sherlock’s and the last of the Holmes bloodline?” Booker suddenly seems in awe of me. It’s an odd feeling and I’m not sure I like it. I know it will soon be replaced with disappointment when he finds out his only hope is a lazy son of a bitch with numerous mental disorders who lives alone in a cluttered apartment and knows his life is going nowhere. “That’s me.”

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OH HEY. first time managing to ask X"D um. um. uh. i-uh. i have no idea what to ask. screw you!™ has done its job. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. *throws sans into bleddy outertale* *toriel to littletale* *aND PAPYRUS TO PUZZLETALE, IDK HE'S TOO INNOCENT* and, to end dis: boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop

[Sans is torn between being distressed at being ripped away from his family, and amazed to see Outertale this close. He decides to look around a bit before finding a way home. He suspects that the internet person won’t leave him here for long, anyway. None of them ever do.]


[Toriel is … concerned.] “Oh, um … hello, there, little ones. I am Toriel. Would any of you happen to know where I could find someone who knows something about science? I need to … find my way back to my own world, let’s say.”

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no offense but could you not endorse cheating, even if it's caused by mental illness it's fucked up.

i’m not endorsing cheating, i’m against the concept and very specifically tell people not to do it when i’m asked about the subject. posting submissions on the subject is not endorsing it

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You deleted all again? But why? 🙄 I so live your content, ah ❤

it’s annoying, i know. but i somehow deleted a bunch of my tray files and my main save just happened to be one of them. i was gonna talk about it soon in a future post, but i’m here now so… i guess i’ll talk about it now.

so i still had the trays for my sims (rowan & violetta), but i didn’t have any of the houses or families that were crucial to the story saved, and re-creating the lots and families was just not something i wanted to do because it wouldn’t feel right, it’d feel inauthentic.

so instead of throwing a full blown tantrum, i just decided to plan out a story i’ve wanted to do since the start of this blog- but i thought i never had the editing skills to do it. now i’ve discovered that i do and i feel like it fits my aesthetic and the vibes i want to send out from this blog. so hopefully i won’t be deleting anything from my blog again for a while.

thank you so much for asking, though!

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sam receiving a bunch of stuff that says superwoman like a name plate, coffee mug, suitcase w wheels: wow kara thanks but how did you get so much stuff that says superwoman on them so soon? kara forcing smile as her eyebrow twitch: oh these I just happened to have them its not like I was saving them 4 when ppl finally decided to call me superwoman instead of supergirl or something nope. Sam: kara this is a drawing of u titled superwoman, u signed it, & dated it summer of 2000. kara: is it good?

Sam: Of course it’s good. I’m going to put it on the fridge right now. 
Kara: *blushing grinning mess* You don’t have to do that… 

I think Kara couldn’t have arrived before 2002 at earliest, but otherwise I love this post.

aaAAAAAAAHHH This frustrated me cuz I at first couldn’t figure out how to get this from Medibang Paint Pro into Microsoft Paint and when I finally was able to it decided to trigger my OCD by making one of the quotation marks face the wrong way. Still not sure if that’s just how the font is but it’s annoying. Anyways….

This is the cover for my new IT Fanfic Papawise. You should be able to tell what this fic is about just by reading the title. I got so excited when I came up with the idea for this because I’m a huge fan of IT and when this thought came to mind, I just had to do it. It just seemed so sweet. I wants to give an enormous thanks to @ask-the-giant-clown for being my inspiration for this; and because they were such a big inspiration, I’ve decided to make this fic a sort of gift for them. Thank you to the mun of that blog and her Pennywise for being awesome and adorable and I hope you all enjoy this wonderful story!!!!