and so i close the last chapter of this book

“I want you, believe me”, he pleads with his eyes.

She takes a deep breath, gathering all her thoughts. This would be the last time she would look him in the eyes and be this close to him. The last time.

“I believe you but it doesn’t matter anymore. I have waited months for you to tell me that, hoped every night for you to say those words to me. I’ve waited so long and it’s too late now. I don’t want you anymore, I don’t need you anymore. You took too long to figure out what you really want and it’s too late now. I’m sorry.”

With those words she turns around and leaves, closing yet another chapter of her life.

—  e.s. // it’s too late.

Okay…let’s get started with my review on the latest chapter of The Freshman Book 3…Kaitlyn lovers, I’m sorry, but I’m about to let loose on this bitch. This will be a long post…

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So…we’re still at the concert with that big ass brawl happening. MC acting all helpless and shit and keeps getting pushed around. Zig, my baby, gets her up and out of the club. MC locks eyes with Kaitlyn, as a signal or something, basically letting each other know that they’ll meet outside. I’m thinking she’s gonna come to MC and ask her if she’s okay but then this bitch does this

Of course, I had this reaction

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Soulmate AU

Pairing: Dean Winchester x fem!Reader (Supernatural)

Prompt: Soulmate AU where you get a book at birth in which each page is a day and each chapter is a year. Each day, you get some information about their day, some things they said, some things they felt, some activities. Also, the last thing in the book will be the first words they said to you. 

Requested?: Yes, by me. 

Word count: 4,500 (Damn, that’s long)

(A/N):  this is not my idea. Normally I write down from who I stole it, but I forgot. So if you know who made this idea, let me know! & I am obsessed with Supernatural and I love Dean! SO, that’s why! Heehee;)

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Dean Winchester had always loved reading his book. The book about his soulmate, the only connection between them. At young age, he was confused as why her parents were so strict. She needed to run, and swim and at age seven, his soulmate got a knife for her birthday. But what was weird was that she didn’t seem to mind. Dean soon understood she was a hunter, just like he was becoming. That didn’t scare him. He knew she, as his soulmate, would be able to handle herself. 

When Dean got older, he loved reading about her even more. She was really smart and good, she worked mostly alone and loved llama’s, which he thought was pretty amusing. He liked how she always was pretty happy, no matter what her injuries or the job was. The book said her smile was one to die for. He liked how she could flirt with boys, just for information. He liked how she was funny and drank tea with alcohol and drank tequila after each job. He fell in love with her, slowly and not because of her looks. He didn’t know how she would look. He hoped she was pretty. 

Dean and Sam were at a motel, there was a job close by, but they wouldn’t make it there until tomorrow. Sam was in the shower, so Dean had a little bit time for him alone. Out of his bag, he took the already large book. Each chapter represented a year, and he was glad the book was so big, meaning she was still alive. The last few days, he hadn’t been able to read the book because of his research and the job. He had to catch up on a few days. 

Walking around, driving in a car. 

“I like chicken nuggets, but tart is better.” 

She winked at the guy, whose mouth hung open. He wasn’t used to girl that pretty hitting on him.

Her eyes  were tired, but this night would be sleepless, she would have to do research if she wanted to finish the job tomorrow. 

Dean grinned, this was how he knew her, totally random, yet very determent. She liked to get a move on things. 

Her boots were tight, she had checked that tree times already. Her dark shirt and pants were tight and easy to fight in. She took her bag and jumped in the jeep. The house was quiet, but she knew that the ghost of Julie could show up at any moment. Pain took over as something hit her in the back of her head. With a groan, she turned around, shotgun ready. She missed. She really needed to find that stupid box. 

After what seemed like hours of reading, Dean relaxed. She was safe, mildly hurt but safe. That was the one thing he always hoped. That she would be alive, breathing and mentally healthy. He knew how it was to lose someone you care about, and he couldn’t lose her, not before they had met. Dean wasn’t really afraid she would die on a job, she had proven how good she was plenty of times. 

“Reading about your soulmate?” Sam spoke and Dean looked up, Sams tone was slightly teasingly. 

“So what? Everyone does.” Dean stated, calm, unamused. He saw Sam grin slightly.

Y/n didn’t like reading about her soulmate. She had read too much over the pain he had been through. She had read about his mothers death, and her parents had explained her everything. They didn’t know what had killed her, but it was something supernatural. She had read about how his father wasn’t really a good father. She had read about him being hungry a lot because he gave his little brother more food. That broke her heart. She wasn’t one to pity, and she told herself she didn’t pity him, but she wished he had had a better childhood, at least. 

She walked out of the warm shower, her hair falling damp over her shoulders when she sat on her bed. Y/n really wanted to read her book, she always hoped she would read he was happy that day, even when he was happy for weeks, she would still hope he was happy. She hesitated. She always did. Swallowing hard, she took the book from the nightstand. The book felt heavy on her lap. 

He and his brother sneaked into the dark building, under the police tape to the house. His brother was first. The remains of the ghost where in the house, they only needed to find it before the ghost found them. They started from the basement, they had no clue where the body could be. He screamed, yelled for his brother to duck before firing. The ghost vanished, but they knew he would come back. He said that his brother needed to search upstairs, they didn’t have much time. He went downstairs, stairs made a lot of noise. His flashlight gave him some light. He opened doors, cabins, closets. But he noticed the newer wall. The bricks still had color. he yelled for his brother, not wanting him to be in more danger then needed. His brother stumbled it, gun ready. Together they broke down the wall, and an old corpse rolled out. Salt and burn. This job was done. 

Y/n wanted more information, she always wanted more. But she knew that she wouldn’t. She hoped they would meet soon. Y/n didn’t want to go to sleep, even though she was tired. So, longing for her soulmate, she read her favorite parts again. The parts where he was happy, where he had a reason to smile. That always made her heart warm. 

Dean and Sam Winchester sat in a diner, talking about the job. 

“So, you think it is a vengeful spirit?” Sam asked Dean, leaning in over the table. 

“Yes, I think it is. I mean, people disappearing near a forest? I checked it, and each year, in one week, this week, every night at least one person disappears. And that for seven days.” Dean took a sip out his cup. 

“Okay, this is a job. But where do we start?” Dean wanted to answer that question, but then something caught his eye. No, a someone. A young woman walked past. Her hair fell over shoulders, decoration her leather jacket. She had a very tight pair of jeans on, and high heels. Dean didn’t notice she stood slightly unstable on the shoes. When she stopped by a table, Dean saw her red lips, flirty smile and low cut tank top. The man she talked to asked her to sit, and Dean couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. Even though there was obvious flirting, she didn’t seen interested. He wondered why she sat by him. 

“Dean,” Sam started. “are you even listening?” Dean teared his eyes away from the beautiful woman. 

“Yes, of course I was.” 


Only a few hours had passed, Dean would talk to a few people, and Sam, Sam would do some more research. Dean chose a house which was very close to the forest. It if was a spirit, then maybe they would know. He knocked on the door and was surprised when he saw the man the beautiful woman had flirted with. 

“Hello, I’m from the police. I wanted to ask you a few questions about last night disappearance.” Dean smiled and the man, a slight hint of envy in his eyes. 

“Come in.” He said and stepped aside. Inside the house it was cold, most things were dark and there were no flowers. he wouldn’t be surprised if he smelled death. 

Once Dean sat, he started to ask questions. until he couldn’t help it anymore. 

“So, you home alone? I mean if your girlfriend is here I would like to ask her a few questions.” Dean asked casually. 

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” the man almost snapped. 

“Easy there, I just thought you had because you are so gentle.” Dean gave the man a sarcastic smile, he had everything he needed. 

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i haven't read jared's chapter in the book, but your last post about jensen almost losing him caught my attention. did jared talk about being suicidal in his chapter?

he did. I read it the other day, and god it was so hard. I always suspected that we came really close to losing Jared back in May 2015, I just had this feeling that it was really really bad. I remember being at work when news came that Jared had dropped from Jibcon, and then his tweets asking for help, and I couldn’t concentrate all day long. god, I remember going to bed that same night thinking ‘god, don’t let me wake up to the worst news, please please.

I woke up to Jensen singing sweet home alabama and crying. and then there was that long radio silence from Jared, and god I remember being so fucking worried, I only relaxed a bit when I saw Jared at the Gilmore Girls reunion, he didn’t look 100% okay but god, he was alive and what a relief. I always felt somehow that it had been close. and Jared confirmed it, he said how he was ready to end it all when he went to Switzerland before he was scheduled to go to Rome. 

even typing that hurts, I just stopped for a couple minutes after finishing the last paragraph. Now I may start crying bc Jesus, I can’t even imagine that. 

funny that I’ve talked to Jared twice during autographs, once before May of 2015, before AKF, and one after. on the first time, which should have been the most emotional one since you know, was the first one, I was strangely calm, I talked to him just fine, it was nice and I was put together the whole time (I only cried afterwards). the second one, on august of 2016, I cried the entire time, I started on the line, talked to him crying, and cried even harder when he linked his fingers with mine, squeezing my hand. A proof that he was very much alive after everything. I mean, I knew of course that Jared was alive this entire time, but actually seeing him for the first time after all of that was so relieving. 

sorry, I got carried away, I just get emotional talking about Jared because he means a lot to me, and god I can’t put into words the amount of pain I’d feel if we had lost him on that May. that’s why I’m so happy about Jibcon, seeing Jared very much alive and happy, and also Jensen, is the best thing in the world.

we should all be very thankful to have Jared with us today, because it was close.

ACOWAR Re-Read: Final Thoughts

In a nice numbered list!

  1. I’m glad that I re-read the book. I was able to find more that I enjoyed about it the second time through, and it gave me a good chance to think about my criticisms and why they upset me in the first place.
  2. That said, it still felt like … a drag to get through. Pacing was a huge problem in this book, and I seriously think if that major problem had been fixed, some of the other issues might have gone with it.
  3. I’m still very frustrated that Lucien was written out of the book halfway through. I wasn’t satisfied that he got a full arc out of the parts he was in, and his trauma was hardly addressed at all. So, generally, I’m not happy with the way Lucien was treated.
  4. I liked the Feysand moments better the second time through, but I still maintain what I said about wanting more conflict between them. 
  5. I feel ripped off that we didn’t see Feyre’s experience in the Ouroboros. It was a lot of build-up with not enough payoff, especially given that the Bone Carver makes very little difference in the final battle. 
  6. Cassian was the best part of the book, hands-down, to the point where I almost wonder if he’s a little too perfect? I just really don’t feel like complaining about it though because so much else went wrong.
  7. I maintain my feelings about this book needing two or three more rounds of edits, minimum. When you’re dealing with a project this big, it needs the TLC to really shine. I’m sad thinking about what this could have been if it had been given the extra time to mature. I would have happily waited. 
  8. In previous books, I didn’t mind that the magic system wasn’t fully developed or explained, but in this one, that weakness really started to show. There was a deus ex machina every time you blinked, and there were always exceptions to the rules, and that made everything frustration because you never had to worry if characters would be able to make it work. They just always did. 
  9. I’m disappointed in the King of Hybern as a villain. There wasn’t much to him at all. Amarantha was far more interesting and compelling, so it’s hard to consider this guy a step up. 
  10. There were some notable, if clunky, improvements in diversity, and I have to give some credit for that if even she arguably botched some of it. 
  11. While tonally I’m happy with the denouement and the closing of the book, there were too many frustrating things about those last chapters in particular. It kept me from being totally satisfied with the ending, and I resent that a bit. I really want to enjoy this, especially the ending, but there was just too much poor craft and awkwardness in the way. This makes me sad more than anything.

Total Count of “Oh Shit” Moments (moments where I stopped reading because I was impressed/surprised/eager to find out what was happening): 4, and this is low for an SJM book for me. 

Total Rhys Lean Count: 8 (I’m being generous–could be 9 but I didn’t count the bridge or table lean as full points)

Total Count of Rhysurrection Foreshadowing Injuries: 7 (this is a lot when you’re foreshadowing the same event)

Overall, I maintain my 2/5 star rating. While I did enjoy it more the second time through, the weaknesses were still too prominent to earn a higher rating from me. I’m sad to have to say that to the follow-up of ACOMAF, but in this case it seems SJM couldn’t top herself. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s also only my opinion. I’m happy for those who did enjoy this book and I’m sorry I can’t be among you. 

That’s a wrap on ACOWAR for me, but we’ll see what fic possibilities lie in my future … 

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How about Chocobros S/O making a deal with the Six - they would give half of her lifespan in order for Noctis and others to survive in the end. How would boys react?

(Aaaaa I got really sad while writing this, but it was fun. I’ve never written post-skip boys before. Enjoy! Also, spoiler warning!)

Noctis - When he wakes up on the last day before he goes to the rubble of Insomnia, he’d see his S/O sitting by the extinguished campfire, knees hugged to their chest and breath heavy. He’d rush out, wrapping an arm around their shoulder. “What’s wrong? C'mon, you’re gonna be fine. We’re going to be fine.” They’d bury their face in his chest and begin to sob, trying to push words out through their crying. “I know you’re going to be fine.” He’d be so confused, trying to understand what they meant. “I found a book a few years ago, and one of the chapters was on-… on how to contact the Six and ask for a deal. Last night, I… you’re not going to die today.” Noctis would be speechless. He’d pull them close to him, still completely shocked at what they’d said. He’d find out about the particulars, that they would now live for only about twenty more years, and he would live for more than that. He’d have a massive respect for them, even more than before. This is a difficult thing for anyone to do. He’d get them to come with him during the battle, and afterwards, when they were all trying to catch their breath, Noctis alive against all odds, he would simply cry. He’d hold them close to his chest, stroking their hair as they both fell to their knees in a mixture of exhaustion, happiness and looming fear of what they had decided to do just so he could live. He would spend their last 20 years rebuilding Insomnia with everyone, but any time he felt annoyed with the work he was doing, he would remind himself that he was living on borrowed time. When his S/O finally died, he would make sure to tell the story of their sacrifice to his children, their children, making sure his love was remembered for what they were: the reason he was around to rebuild the world, the reason he was able to rule. The true reason he was alive, in more ways than one.

Prompto - Everyone would wake with heavy hearts, knowing that this would be the last time they would all be together as the group they had been since their journey began over 10 years ago. When he sees his S/O standing with glazed eyes, immovable, he would be terrified. “I can’t lose you, too, oh my Gods, no, please, say you’re okay, please-” when they snap out of it and fall to the ground, tears welling up in their eyes, Prompto would be half relieved, half concerned. “What’s wrong? What happened?” When they told him what they had done, that none of the boys would be perishing that day, they had made sure of that by begging the Six to take some of their life to ensure they could all live through the fight, he would just break. His eyes would widen, and he’d begin to sob uncontrollably. “No, no, you couldn’t… Please, no… They’re worth it, I’m not! Please, we have to be able to take it back… you’re not going to die… you can’t…” They’d sit there for ages, holding each other, them trying to stop Prompto from trying to take back at least his end of the deal. After the battle was over, he would constantly feel unworthy. He’d obviously feel grateful, but the fact that they did that for him makes him feel bad about dating them. He’d make sure to make their last few years as comfortable as possible, making a photo album of their time together. He’d be by their side, holding their hand as they passed on, whispering “Thank you.”

Ignis - He’d wake up to the feeling of his S/O grabbing his hand, and a damp patch on his shoulder. He’d pull them close and ask them what was wrong, trying his best to comfort them despite his blind state. “I’m sorry… I was desperate, I didn’t know what I was doing, I just couldn’t watch you all die, I couldn’t, I-” he’d calm them down and get them to explain, but as soon as they did he would, which is very rare for him, cry. They would lie together for a while, then try and explain the situation to the boys. After the battle had happened, he would constantly tell them how grateful he was, and how much he respected them. He would make sure they were always happy, even though as a high ranking official he now had duties to attend to. He would spend as much time as possible memorising their voice, and the feel of their hands. In reality, they’ve aged somewhat and are on their deathbed, but as they slip off he tells them how he’ll remember them as gorgeous and full of life, like they were the first time they met. He’d visit their grave often, and if they had children, they’d accompany him, as he told them the story of a brave and strong person he’d once known, who made the ultimate sacrifice for him and his friends. They wouldn’t mention that they saw him let a few tears slip as as he placed a bouquet of their favourite flowers under a stone that read “A noble and strong friend, victorious soldier and loving partner.”

Gladio - At first, he would be angry. He’d yell at them, “No! How stupid are you?! I swear to the Gods…” he’d have to walk away and cool off. But when he saw them crying, mumbling about how they just wanted to keep them all safe, he’d walk over and kiss their forehead, pulling them to his chest. He’d mutter a mixture of thank you’s and apologies, rocking them back and forth in the cold early morning. After the final fight, he’d try to be normal with them, but would always end up being gentle, as if they were were a fragile porcelain doll. He’d often stay up late, watching them sleep, wondering how long they really have. When they do die, he’d rage and cry, comfort from his sister wouldn’t do anything, he’d spend months isolating himself and mourning. When they had the funeral, he’d be appointed as general. At the service, he’d try to keep composed as he awarded the highest military rank to his darling, for sacrificing themself for the sake of the king. He’d keep the badge on their favourite jacket, hung up in his wardrobe for him to take out sometimes, just remembering the shape of them, their smile, their eyes.


Give My Love to Huckleberry Finn - Part Seven

Cece didn’t wake until noon. Harry was still fast asleep, so she quietly slipped out of Louis’ cot and climbed down the ladder. The barn doors were open; Louis must’ve come in at some point. When she went around the barn to use the outhouse, she saw him knelt in the fields, a brimmed hat on his head to block out the sun, which was big and bright that day.

           Another half hour went by before Harry began to stir. Cece sat on Louis’ cot, rereading her favorite passages from Huck Finn to pass the time. When she heard him let out a little groan, she put the book aside and knelt down beside his bed.

           “Harry? You okay?”

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You’re like the book. When the last chapter is finished, you need to close it and start the new one. I find myself turning back the pages, somewhere stuck in the middle, reading the old sentences, words you said and promises we made. Why is it so hard to let it go? Throw the book deep down the ocean and let it wash the pages with words that were never meant to last.

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I would really appreciate 9 with Armin

*MC sits on Guy’s lap and whispers seductively in his ear*
“So… Tell me… Daddy… What did you want to do to me?”

Just one more chapter, he said. An hour ago, how long are the pissing chapters in this book exactly? Because the last time you’d checked, Armin had been one of the quickest readers you’d ever met.

You sigh, opening an app on your phone to distract yourself, promptly closing it again and crossing your legs. You see, you wanted a special kind of attention from Armin, not just the regular kind. And this feeling of arousal pooling in your gut was not going anywhere.

And it was driving you crazy.

God, all you wanted was his cock, was that too much to ask?

You sigh again and then you swallow. No, this is enough. You get up and stretch, acting like you’re getting up to go and get a drink, or to get more comfortable or something.

And then you promptly flop down in his lap, knocking the book out of his hands and leaning in to nibble at his earlobe before he can make any sort of noise or complaint. “So…” you whisper into his ear, in the huskiest voice you can muster. “Tell me… Daddy… what do you want to do to me?”

Oh… wow. He’s that hard that quickly?

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I'm wondering about Soma these days, Is he is a bad state of mind in the current manga? Is he just feeling hatred, sorrow, and despair towards his "little brother"? And lately, Earl Ciel is reminding me of The Godfather. (movie and book) Is Ciel keeping his friends distant, and his enemies close? "Bless you, Don Ciel" lol but seriously, I'm starting to notice that Earl Ciel's mental health is not as well as it could be,

Well, Soma’s state is understandable. He lost Agni after all. So yeah, I’m sure he’s desperate, angry, frustrated,… But I don’t think he suddenly hates Ciel now. Sure, he slapped him in the last chapter but that was like an instinct and if the person who attacked him looked the same as Ciel (if it was the twin) Soma’s reaction is no wonder. He’s still in shock.

As for Ciel, he’s keeping everyone at a distance, but yeah, especially friends. Soma described it well:

Ciel seems to have a fear of commitment after everything that happened to him. Also, he knows that he won’t live that long (as things are now) so he might try not to let anyone too close since they would only lose him again. Maybe he wants to focus on revenge and don’t want any distractions or maybe he even thinks he doesn’t deserve to be happy. And then there’s the danger that being around Ciel means. Because of his job as the Watchdog Ciel has many enemies. And friends of him may be targeted as well (as it happened now with Soma and Agni). So for all these reasons Ciel tries to not let anyone too close.

And yes, clearly his mental health isn’t the best. Especially when he’s confronted by his past his trauma kicks in. We’ve seen it in the Circus arc or in the Green Witch arc. And in the last chapter he was close to losing it, too. He still suffers from what he experienced back in the cult and he never really processed that trauma. His job as Watchdog and always being around a demon probably doesn’t really help with that, either.

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You know when some movies start slow and then speed up through it all, keep speeding up so and so until you crash into a climax, and then it relents for some minutes to give the story an ending? I kinda missed that in The Stone Gods. I felt like it took my ages to read the last pages when all I wanted was to crash against that big climax that'd join all the pieces and would make the story close its circle. That's the flaw I saw. The rest's fantastic. The whole book's a poem. A fav for sure 👌

I’m so so so glad you loved it!!

But I agree, I feel like the ending is very much a case of not with a bang, but with a whimper. I’d have liked a climax too, something that the frenzy of the last few chapters would lead to, but at the same time I think it might have been intentional? Taking account into how very microscopic the book makes you feel, simply someone caught up in the 65 million years of it all, the cycle of birth and rebirth, maybe Billie and Spike simply just slipping away to be reborn, the whimper of the dying earth was all part of Winterson’s intention. 

“Don’t look at my wife” - Bucky x Reader - Part 5

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ Let’s just jump right in the story! I hope you enjoy! ♥

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4Part 6

Summary - After you trained your agents and the Avengers, also fought against Bucky in the boxing ring, you clean the gym, when you suddenly hear a voice behind you.

Words - 1,721

Warnings - swearing, hurt!reader, mentions of abuse, mentions of rape, mentions of divorce, kissing, sexual tension - oh shit…i gonna be banned for this last part

Originally posted by dianaofthemyscira

A/N: One day I’ll write a damn fanfiction about her…she’s so pretty *o*

“What was that?”

You turn around to see Natasha lean against a pillar, watching you clean up. She lifts her right eyebrow and crosses her arms.

“What?”, you ask, turning back to the mess the others made. You already know what she was asking, but you hoped she meant something else.

“Between you and Barnes.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“You better should, because believe me…I’m not blind. Maybe you should keep your distance.”

You turn around and anger bursts out of you. You hated the fact that everyone told you the same damn thing.

“What do you think I’m trying to do? Sam told me to fight him and when my agents noticed the discussion, I had to say yes. I didn’t want to fight him. God damn it.”

Her warning look changes into a questioning one and her muscles in her arms relax a bit. You just turn back around and take two weights and lift them fast, to lay them back on the shelf. Pain rushes through your wrist to your hand, so you immediatly let the weights fall back to the floor and you hold your wrist which hurts even more now.


Natsha rushes over to you, taking your arm and pulling down the sleeve, inspecting the bruise.

“Who did this?”

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The ride to Gridania was nice and slow, no stock coming back with us this time, I spent a little to much Gil on feeding the Manufactory those few times but that’s fine, we still made a decent profit, the wide range of goods was a nice choice, going to have to do that again.

I took control of the chocobos for awhile, while Dante relaxed in the back with Tatari, he was writing in his journal, it’s been so long since I last saw him do that, happy to see it to be honest, wonder what he wrote.

Tatari spent a while reading before she sat up with me while Dante wrote, she kept asking me questions on chapters I haven’t gotten close to, that woman could read for sport and win at it too. Tomorrow’s plan, simple really, I’m going to relax at home again, for the first time in a long time, I’m actually not going to do anything but relax with a nice book and some tea.

G'night journal

I keep finishing my “second-last chapter” only for a new, entirely unplanned chapter to assert itself as a necessary part of the story and thus the cycle continues. 

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*curtsies* I need help! I feel so drained by school and life in general that I barely have to read, let alone write. So two questions: What do you do when you're stressed and how do you make time for personal/creative writing?

*Curtsies* Hi. So, I did a post on handling stress here, and you can find a lot of time-management advice here. But to apply all this more specifically to writing: writing is now literally a job I am getting paid to do, but the interesting thing is that the way I write (and organize writing time) hasn’t changed much. This is just personal proof that if you want to turn writing into a career, you have to treat it like a career even before you’re getting paid for it. Of course, if you just want it to be a hobby, that’s also perfectly totally fine. Either way, here’s what I’d suggest:

  • Plan ahead. Budget reading and writing time into your day. That may mean you don’t get to watch TV or you have to get up a half-hour earlier, but nobody ever said art was easy. I do schoolwork/other necessary life activities all day and starting at nine o’clock I put all that shit aside and work on writing/revising until two or three in the morning. That’s my personal schedule and I don’t deviate from it except under special circumstances.
  • Designate writing/reading time. I have made a rule that I only read ‘for pleasure’ on the Tube. My commute is 25 minutes one way so that’s almost an hour of reading every day. It’s not a conducive environment to close academic reading but it’s a great time to crack open a fictional palate cleanser. I’m also an advocate of reading at least one chapter (or a few pages) last thing before I go to bed. It gives my eyes a break from the computer screen and actually helps me sleep. 
  • Carry a book/notebook everywhere. You never know when you’ll get stuck in a line or have to wait for a bus and you’ll have five minutes to scribble or read. Yesterday I got stuck in a giant mob on Kingsway for half an hour on my way home from the library because there was some kind of cock-up on the Piccadilly line. Glad to have a book handy? You bet.
  • Decide what’s important to you and prioritize. If writing is really important to you, you’re going to have to make time for it. Be realistic about what you can handle and don’t bite off more than you can chew. You may have to say ‘no’ to things and pick and choose your extracurricular activities, but again, nobody said art was easy. You’ll have to make sacrifices. I recently had to turn down a role in a production because when I stepped back to look at it logically, there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to be in graduate school, revising a book, and also rehearsing for a play.
  • Unless you have an editor and a contract, remember you don’t have a deadline. Don’t rush yourself. If you only get five words written today, that’s not the end of the world. You can’t force inspiration. Don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily if you’re not being as productive as you’d like. You have all the time in the world.

Hope this helps. 

Prince Charming – Liam Dunbar Imagine (Feat. Stiles Stilinski)

Prompt: Can you do a liam imagine where they are both freshmen and he’s infatuated with the reader, but she loves Stiles, so it causes alot of jealousy! Thanks you xoxo! Your account is the best (; <33 

Pairing: Liam x Reader x Stiles

Word Count: 1,230

Note: So I got inspired to write this one after watching ABC’s Family Baby Daddy. I hope you like it.

Read Part 2 HERE

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Kira and Y/N sat at a table in the middle of the school courtyard looking down at their homework. Kira was scanning through the AP Bio chapter she was supposed to read last night, while Y/N was trying to solve the last algebra problem from her homework assignment. Once finishing Y/N closed her notebook and placed it in her book bag. She looked up to see Stiles and Liam making their way towards their table. A big smile forms on her small round face at the sight of Stiles and his dark brown hair, creamy chocolate irises, cute little moles, and dimples at the corner of his lips. 

Stiles was rambling to Liam about the Mets game last night, but Liam couldn’t focus because all he could hear was Y/N’s heartbeat increasing with every step he took towards her. He looked up at her to see her smiling, and he couldn’t help but smile back.

“God, could he be any cuter?” Liam heard Y/N telling Kira with his werewolf hearing.

Kira looks up from her book and into the direction Y/N was looking at. “Who? Stiles or Liam?”

Y/N closed her hands into tiny fists and placed her chin on top as she sighed, “Stiles." 

Liam’s smile falters. She wasn’t smiling for him. She was smiling at the lanky rambling kid next to him. Liam didn’t understand what Stiles had that Liam didn’t. What made him so much more special? He thought to himself. His head hung low. While looking down at his feet, he noticed Stiles shoelaces were untied. A smirk formed at his lips as an idea popped in his head. He looked back up and “accidently” stepped on Stiles’ loose shoelaces, making Stiles jerk forward.

“Whoa,” Liam extended his arms out, catching Stiles before his face met the pavement, and hoping Y/N would see what a hero Liam was. “You should really tie those shoelaces, buddy.” 

“Phew!” Stile said, grateful for Liam’s rapid reflexes. “Thanks, bud.” Stiles slapped Liam’s shoulder before kneeling down to tie his shoe.

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Coordinates: Unknown

Anonymous said: Hi! So I was wondering if you could do a one-shot (or maybe a series whatevs) where the reader gets pregnant with dean’s child after a fling with him and she really loves him but knows he doesn’t feel the same and won’t want to raise a kid with her so she doesn’t tell him and runs off. Then maybe like after a while when the kid is older Dean finally finds the reader and she tells him about their child and they confess their love for each other. Fluff! Please and thank you!

A/N: I’ve been trying to write fluff but for some reason I’ve just been so attracted to angst???

Word count: 2945

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: light smut, pregnancy.

“Coordinates” —  Blue of Colors

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“Umbrellas” Part 2


Dean’s hands held your hips firmly, his lips sucking and running over the smooth skin of your neck. Despite the reeking smell of liquor from both of your breaths, you could still smell his scent, intoxicating you in a way that you never thought possible. It was so Dean—everything was Dean. His cologne, the pressure of his fingers digging into your skin, his mouth leaving hot, wet kisses along your collarbone as you struggled to breathe.

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