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This week I decided to do something a little different–video recs instead of fic recs! Which will return next week, but today I wanted to cry over STAR WARS videos for awhile and, sure, there’s some absolutely hilarious vids or really exciting, awesome vids, too! But there’s also a bunch of them that totally put tears in my eyes because why are you like this, Star Wars?

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Fuck This Shit, sequel trilogy
  I thought, okay, I’m going to rewatch this one to write a quick rec, I’m not going to laugh this time. I STILL BURST OUT LAUGHING, even knowing it was coming.
Firework, sequel trilogy/cast
   I laugh every single time I watch this video, this is it, this is me as a Star Wars fan. It’s one of those that takes a serious moment and puts a fun song over it and the result is magic.
Turn Down For What, prequel trilogy
   I will rewatch Satine’s epic speech with dramatic background music every time.
Palpatine Shooting Stars + Shooting Star, prequel trilogy, original trilogy, sequel trilogy
   I love this song more and more every time I see these videos, they’re hilarious. It’s kind of the epitome of meme culture but goddamn if it doesn’t make me genuinely laugh.
BLOCKED, prequel trilogy
   Never has this been so accurate. 

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anonymous asked:

top 5 snowbaz fanfics?

Oh man anon that’s a hard one but I’ll try XD (I’ll link them too)

1. The start of everything by CanadianSnow (ShelbyCelina) **************

2.Love Is Always In Style by rainbowbaz

3. Video Killed The Radio Star by thegoodthebadandthenerdy

4. Stuck On You by muffliato13

5. Promise by EllsKay

(If anyone wants a fic recommendation list let me know I have so many more)

*********** This is my favorite snowbaz fanfiction in the entire universe so I really really want you to read it and then come back and talk to me about it

self-rec saturday

Or Sunday, oops, as it crossed midnight while I was typing. I saw a few people doing this and thought, what the heck. Here are a couple of things I wrote more recently.

proof of life 2550 words, explicit, warning for intentional self-injury (see end note). In which Hux is Secretly Disgusting, and I actually wrote a proper summary instead of just picking a quote!

Ren is far from the Finalizer, at an outpost with unreliable communications. He has been there for almost a month, and even optimistic forecasts have him there for another. Hux has reviewed the data, analysed the evidence. He does not want to think anymore.

Observations on Treachery, In Which The Case Against Maj. Armitage Hux Is Fully Refuted, Written By Himself 5600 words of the most dedicated crack (so far), rated M. Familiarity with the actual Reynolds Pamphlet, or the song, not required.

The charge against me is a connection with one Luke Skywalker, for the purposes of delivering classified First Order intelligence. My real crime is an amorous connection with his apprentice, for a considerable time while our true identities were concealed.

shadowplay 2400 words, explicit, started out as crack but then I upset myself and thought I’d share. I might be writing a sequel that’s even worse.

“Why are you still here?” Hux asked, as if it wasn’t obvious. He tensed in Ren’s grip, just enough to make him push back, and his weight felt good. “Don’t you have mystical things to do?” He punctuated the mystical with a squeeze of his thighs around Ren’s. “Somewhere else?”

“I’ll be away at least a month,” Ren said. “Maybe I’ll miss you.”

hidden 1440 words, rated M, part 2 of what I came to think of as the December Suffering Trilogy (these last 3 fics, connected only by my writing them in December and the gross amounts of Suffering, most of it Hux’s. And mine).

For all the comfortable familiarity of the morning, Hux’s heart races as if it is the first time, Kylo’s body and care luxuries he is still reeling from, eager for. Something inside is urging him to take this chance and use it well, before it is taken away.

fever to tell 7900 words, explicit. My longest single work, and one I wrangled and rewrote for MONTHS so I’m extra proud to have published. Dub-con elements, please read the end notes or shoot me an ask if you wanna check of this is the fic for you.

Hux was waving the thought like an obscene placard, and when Kylo latched onto it he made a low sound, half surprise and half pleasure, grip tightening around Kylo’s wrist.It was crude, but appealing nonetheless, and it rose up on a seething mass of images and emotions that Hux hadn’t a hope of concealing now. Kylo took a deep breath, centring himself, resisting the temptation to just take and take.

Hux thinks he understands what Kylo Ren wants from him. So does Kylo Ren.

So. Yeah. Please read my things?? I’ve been finding it hard to keep up with fic lately, so I’d be interested to see other self-rec lists in case there are any I’ve missed from folk (or any I desperately need to reread!).