and so happy again

You will wake up one morning and you will want to live. You’ll be happy again, I promise you, my dear. I know the sun is nowhere to be seen right now but it is right around the corner. It is ready to shine when the moment is right so be patient, my dear. You will be happy again.
—  ck.writes (on Instagram)

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so I hadn't touched the piano in like three years after the six years of lessons i had when I was smaller- I quit because my last teacher called me hopeless and untalented - but I actually went and printed out the YOI theme song and I'm really enjoying it?? It's making me enjoy playing the piano again and I'm so happy about that. YOU ALL CAN DO IT!

OH THAT’S BEAUTIFUL, KEEP ON GOING, YOU LOVE IT!? KEEP ON DOING IT, it’s hard not to care about what others think or say, so I’m really glad you found your love back to keep on playing thanks to YOI. I’m cheering for you!

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Hi mom, I enjoy your blog! I have a few questions about Ymir's backstory that I wondered if I could pick your brain about? I agree with you that Ymir's backstory story worked in the narrative and was quite poignant but I keep coming back to that herring can. The language on the can looks like the ancient writing that even Grisha can't read. I know Ymir would be older than Grisha, but not by so much that such a language gap makes sense. The titan who recognizes Ilse seems to confirm her story tho

The herring can has been a source of endless speculation! It’s the meta gift that keeps on giving. Some of my favorite old crack theories and posts are about that herring can. A long time ago, @snkception and I discussed this and had great fun using the term “herring language” for the writing on the can, and “herring people” for the speakers of the language. Good times!  

So let’s do this… here are some things to consider…

  1. Ymir can read  the “herring language”. 
  2. Reiner may also be able to read it. He might have pretended not to in order to set Ymir up. He already suspected her of being from Marley, this was a good chance to find out.
  3. The herring can and bottle of wine may have been left at Utgard by Zeke, It’s likely he was using the castle as a base while looking for Reiner and Bertoldt.
  4. Ymir, Reiner and Zeke all natively speak the same language as those living in the Walled World.
  5. Commercial canning began in 1813 so the can of herring can’t actually be that ancient. The herring language must be in use somewhere at present. And who would eat ancient canned herring anyway?

When I look at all these facts and speculation, I begin to wonder if the canned herring is actually a series red herring. We thought it was a clue to something significant, but maybe it means nothing. 

The best and easiest answer is that the present day Marleyans are the herring people and natively speak the herring language, while the Eldians speak the walled language. If true, it would make sense that the Eldians living in Marley would be fluent in both languages.

I’m open to any other thoughts and theories about this!

I’m so hyped for Nioh, I really need some more Souls gameplay in my life, and from what I’ve seen in the alpha and beta the combat is pretty neat. I just hope it has great bosses and world design and lore as well.


So…. it’s been a while???

But guess what! CASS ( @letsgiggletogether ) AND I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE:



Basically this post is to let you know that if you’re into our writing you should go follow THIS new blog! 

(and just you wait, kids…. because your patience for our lack of posting is about to be rewarded)

okay so i’m really sorry !!! i’ve had such an offline day today & idk if i’m gonna really be online much tonight. i actually did real stuff today though!!! i went to the sales and found 2 super nice jackets for £10 each which i’m super chuffed about :))) and (most importantly) i filled out most of my ucas application !!!! that’s it !!!! it’s decided !!! i officially took the first real actual step towards going to university and i CANT STOP SMILING !!!!! :)) i just have my personal statement & reference to do now and then i can press that apply button & send my name out to uni’s again omg i’m sorry it just still seems so surreal :)))))

My nanny kids’ grandparents were with us for 2/3 of the day. My kids were cooperative and sweet. Their grandparents seemed impressed and happy.

When I left tonight, 2 chased me down the hall to the elevators for one more kiss and one more hug.

I feel stressed out and anxious about the things that need to be done in the next week and some odd days, but after 9 months, work is finally not one of them.

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Can I just pop in and say really quick how happy I am to have found your blog and your AU? In the span of a couple days, you're the sole reason I'm drawing again and I'm really happy to be contributing it towards your creation, so thank you for having such wonderful ideas that we all can enjoy <3

This is so sweet! I feel so honored to be part of your artistic journey, your stuff is honestly amazing!! I’m so happy you are feeling inspired again, it inspires me in turn!! I wish you all the best, my friend! :)

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5 fine frøkner scene makes me so happy i just saw it again and my insides r all rainbows 🌈 🦄 EVEN DANCING. and desperate isak. kill me

i LOVE that scene somuch

I lied, I just edited this one but other than that, nah this is it for a little while.

I’m so happy to see him so… perfectly normal again. After such a traumatic injury to his withers in October, pictures and moments like this won’t be taken for granted.

@jossab-gfromrm replied to your post: Why do I have the bad feeling that the Malec scene…

mmm i feel the same tbh. Hope there will be more Malec scenes tbh.At least at the end,after all the shit that will happen,also to Alec.Btw,said that,I’m very excited for the episode.It’s gonna hurt imo

I just want these two idiots (and the rest of the squad tbh!) happy for 1 second. They need a fucking break. And so do we.

And I am sorry if this make me look greedy but I really wanna see them smiley and happy and just relaxing. Those 1,5 minutes made me so happy after the last ep killed me over and over again.

I mean I still here for their own arcs but right now I just need a break after that emotional rollercoaster that was ep 3. Or maybe somebody just need to tell Freeform to take a chill pill. Like…the fandom is still recovering, kthxbye. lol


I woke up in the morning to all generous people who sent or tagged me to this screen shoot again, Thank you y’all, so happy to be in this fandom C:

@irina291992 @bmp-slbp-matchup and @hikaru9799 also @viridian99 @laurifakristalina for yesterday

His line is so ironic to me though  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lovely!

I’m sorry Milord but these people help me a lot to find it, wheee~ *sticks out tongue*

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Duuude!!!!! Butch and Frost are legit my new Brotp!!!! Like honestly, they're now best friend goals, and literally all these feels came from just one interaction! ❤❤ love your story so far, can't wait for more, and I love ya hon ❤❤

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! I was sitting on the idea of that for a while, cause I think from watching gotham and the frost we got in SS they just seem like they would click. I imagine they were like small time criminals together and moved up in the world together and then life and opportunity brought them to where they are ya know? SO happy you liked them together!! Thank you so much again, love ya too doll! :)


Leo: You said you had something to say to me too, what’s up?

Annabeth: I’m glad we’ve made up because….I’m pregnant! You’re going to be an uncle! Again!

Leo: AIUSFHSEOJAPOKASOFOSR! Yay! I’m so happy for you sis! 

Annabeth: Well I’m happy that you’re so happy, because I wan’t you to be the babies godfather.

Leo: What?! OMG! I can’t! I can’t even! Yes! I mean yes of course I’ll be their godparent.