and so goes another rant

sevenlockets  asked:

Glitter, sheet mask, silver, wine! (You can pick any one or combination!)


glitter: describe someone special to you.

Someone special to me? Well, there is the person who is most special to me! He’s the most kind, thoughtful, intelligent, caring, and romantic man I’ve ever met!~ If he wasn’t in the room with me right now, I’d say he was merely a figment of my imagination. I would do anything for a moment with him, I swear it! Elias is my soulmate and my everything, if anyone were to dare hurt him or come between him and I, they’d merely be a crimson stain upon the cobblestone~!”

sheet mask: what’s your favorite lazy activity? 

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say there have been days where I’ve laid in bed with a bottle of Merlot and my laptop, watching entire seasons of Real Housewives. Elias is so kind to join when he’s not working, but he doesn’t know that I see him slyly reading the Odyssey out of the corner of my eye.”

silver: do you have any obscure hobbies? what are they?

“Not many people know that I paint! I love doing impressionist oil paintings, or anything more abstract, with lots of beautiful, vibrant hues! Though I don’t always have time to truly hone my craft, but it’s always relaxing to sit outside in the garden and paint the roses I have grown!”

wine: what kind of drunk are you (happy/affectionate, angry, sad, fun/wild)? if you don’t drink, what kind do you think you WOULD be?

“Though it depends on what exactly I am drinking, I would say I am a mixture of an affectionate drunk, and a fun drunk!~ When I used to do tequila shots with Ronald before our staff meetings, we’d certainly be more wild. When I’m drunk with Elias though, I always, without fail, recite Act 3, Scene 1 from Hamlet while sprawled out across his lap! Though I promise I am a lady while we’re in public, if we’re at home, I’m absolutely not above losing a few layers of clothing a couple drinks in~”